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tv   12 News Today  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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today.... new information on a deadly shooting at a phoenix light rail stop. police say they have video of a suspect... president elect donald trump... busy filling out his cabinet... and stirring up controversy over is flag burning tweet. we've all been there... sleepy from a big meal... but sometimes you just have to power through. the video that's going viral this m from the 12 news studios in downtown phoenix, here's what's coming
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adlib welcome adlib & toss jimmy adlib weather adlib traffic senator john mccain and
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donald trump may have one thing in common - when it comes to those who burn the american flag. team 12's bryan west is live from the newsroom with the details.. they both do not approve of burning the flag and say there should be some sort of punishment... although it's incredibly controversial...
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1989 and also 1990... both times the court ruled saying it's symbolic speech. yesterday the debate resurfaced when the president elect donald trump tweeted "nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag - if they do, there must be consequences - perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!" when asked on the hill... us senator john mccain told this to supporters. there has been legislation introduced for the past few decades but due to the supreme court decision - those have been turned down. this is an incredibly sensitive topic....
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everyone would agree it is disrespectful burning the flag is protected by the first amendment. we want to know what you think... should burning the american flag be a punishable offense? let us know by going to 12 news dot com slash your voice... a murder at a popular light rail stop - still a mystery this morning.. but new video may help police catch the killer. team 12's brandon hamiltion is live with the latest.. taking a look at
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a one year old boy is dead this
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was run over by a pickup near his home. phoenix police say a neighbor. backing up his truck hit the toddler in a driveway at the mobile home park where they both lived. that driver told the boys parents who then rushed him to hospital in critical condition. police found the family on the way - and then firefighters took over - frantically trying to save the child. despite their efforts the one year old later died at the hospital. detectives say the driver of the truck didn't see the little boy. new this morning... an elderly last night in apache junction. it happened between university and apache trail. rural metro tells us she was airlifted in critical after being pulled from her burning home. arizona superintendent of public instruction diane douglas released a new funding proposal... aimed at giving pay raises to teachers, repairing school facilities and buying new buses. douglas' 20-17 "a-z kids can't wait" education plan was unveiled yesterday. it would give arizona's public schools 680 million dollars to
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changes. douglas will need to work with governor ducey and the arizona legislature to make the plan a reality. ad lib toss to morning juice we get it.... sometimes it is hard getting up this early in the morning... the sleep... still in your eyes... but take heart. at least you aren't this kid..... midway through eating a spaghetti dinner... she just couldn't take it any more.... and but - sleep... just wasn't an option for her so she powered on through...or at least tried to... parents... you know you've seen this at least a few times with your kids... ad lib take a look at these decked out football cleats. the jacksonville
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posted this photo tonight showing off jaguars quarterback blake bortles' new gear. the n-f-l usually fines players for wearing custom cleats like this.... but this week the national football league is lifting the restraints for a good cause. it's called my cause my cleats. bortles is supporting his foundation which provides support to our local first responders. the cleats will debut on sunday as they take on the denver broncos. time now for your juicy question of the morning.. 30 percent of us admit to doing this as children.
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about this. what is this? adlib wildfires leave a devastating path through east tennessee.
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still developing story... and if you are trying to stay fit this holiday season... we have tips all morning that will help you fight your personal battle ofthe bulge...
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what is making headlines this morning... at least three people were killed in wildfires burning in tennessee. more than 150 structures were either destroyed or badly damaged as winds of up to 87-miles per hour fueled the flames near the resort towns of gatlinburg and pigeon forge. more than 14- thousand residents and tourists were forced to fires have burned an estimated 15- thousand acres so far. black boxes have been recovered- from a charter plane that crashed on its way to colombia yesterday. it was carrying a brazilian soccer team-- and -71- people onboard died, while -6- survived. just before the crash-- pilots spoke with air traffic controllers- and said they were having electrical problems. crews will go through all the data on the black boxes now- to find a more exact cause for the
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responded to a large pipeline explosion in northwestern, missouri. the pipeline was owned by louisiana-based enterprise products partners. the company says the pipeline was transporting an ethane/propane mix from conway, kansas to the midwest. no injuries have been reported at this time.
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adlib weather staying in shape this time of year... is very difficult.. but we can help. tips on this weight loss wednesday to help you build a solid core - while you have an extra cookie or two...
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staying in shape this time of year... is very difficult.. but we can help. tips on this weight loss wednesday to help you build a solid core - while you have an extra cookie or two... and if you want to live longer? staying in shape this time of year...
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but we can help. tips on this weight loss wednesday to help you build a solid core - while you have an extra cookie or two... and if yont the secret might not be in those running shoes.... just pick up a tennis racket! ####break####
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weight loss wednesday here on 12 today.. and it comes at a good time as a lot of us are fighting holiday weight
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calories at home. one way to do that is with a plank. personal trainer bobby hodge from advantage training shows us the right way to do it. bobby :04 - :09 stick around.. coming up in a bit
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continue the ab circuit and show us how to do leg lifts. in your morning health check - perfecting your tennis game ... could also improve your health! researchers in australia looked at how participating in six different sports affected a person's life expectancy. racquet sports -- which topped the list -- was linked to a 47-percent lower risk of death from any cause ... followed by swimming, aerobics and cycling. soccer and running ... did not reduce the risk of death. late to quit smoking -- in order to live longer. a new national cancer institute study found a person's smoking history ... has a huge impact on their risk of death after age 70. current smokers were three times more likely to die than never- smokers ... and former smokers were less likely to die the sooner they quit. but even those who quit in their 60's ... had a lower risk of smoking- related death. some encouraging medical news this morning ... fewer americans have health care
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government data, about 16-percent of people under 65 -- live in families that struggle to pay their medical bills. that's down from 21-percent in 2011. despite the improvements -- families with children are still more likely to have problems paying health care bills ... as are families without medical insurance and those living in poverty. more and more car shoppers are underwater on their trade-ins. according to a recent report by edmunds-dot com, an estima32 trade-ins toward the purchase of a new car from january through september had negative equity. that's the highest rate on record and up from 30 percent during the same time period last year. so-called "upside down" car shoppers had an average of nearly 5 thousand dollars of negative equity at the time of trade- in... that's also a record high. and in the spirit of small business day, today has been designated hashtag choose women wednesday... in support of women in business. consumers can log on to the website "choose women dot org"
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retailers who are supporting the movement, including bobbi brown, lilly pulitzer, and spanx. when you make a purchase through the portal, a percentage of the sale will fund microloans to help impoverished women around the world start their own business. the tribute to the fallen 19 granite mountain hot shots is open to the public today. that story is still ahead at 5:30... phoenix police....looking for the guy on this bike. they say he is a suspect in a deadly double shooting and they
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right now on 12 today...
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today... police... searching for the person they say... is a suspect in a deadly shooting on a light rail platform... -------- the flag burning controversy - not going away anytime soon - thanks to a donald trump twitter rant. and its still gaining traction this morning...
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players show some style... all for a good cause... adlib & toss jimmy adlib weather adlib traffic right now -


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