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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 3, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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-- what can we do for you? >> and now, bbc world news america. bbc world news america, reporting from washington. celebrations in tahrir square as the egyptian military announces its removing president mohammed mursi from power and suspending the constitution. onlyore see says after years democracy, this is a military coup that sets up an uncertain future. >> the big question for egypt , the country's experiment with democracy over the last 12 months has been disastrous. >> welcome to one of the hottest places on earth. in death valley, there used to
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heat, but scientists warn that the weather is going to new extremes. >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. extraordinary scenes in egypt tonight after the army ousted the country's embattled president, saying he has failed to meet the demands of the people. mohammed morsi had only been in power for your, the first leader freely elected since egypt's revolution two years ago. tonight, his supporters have held a mass rally in cairo, calling this a military coup. but in tahrir square, opponents celebrated news of his downfall with fireworks and cheering. we go there now to been brown. wild, joyous celebrations are
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continuing through the night. you can see some of the people here in tahrir square behind me, tens of thousands have been setting off fireworks ever since the army leadership announced that they were effectively pushing mohammed morsi out of power and suspending his constitution. still shooting off those green laser beams as well in celebration. these people in many other egyptians are very happy tonight, but there are plenty supporters who are angry. they cannot understand why the army has opposed a man who was democratically elected just 12 months ago. an extraordinary day in the history of egypt. the moment they had dreamed about in tahrir square.
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days of it took 18 protests to remove president mubarak. it has taken three days to oust president morsi. since sunday they have been here and outside the presidential palace in huge numbers, against a leader they blame for egypt near economic collapse and political turmoil. for every single blood that has been shed in this country. >> it is different from when mubarak went. then, expectations were sky high. behind all the joy, there is considerable anxiety. army andof the minister of defense went on tv to announce a move that is bitterly resented by the of muslim brotherhood. and more the calm
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military would confront any forces that used violence. spoke,hours before he his men fanned out across the city. the army denies there was a coup, but they are still seizing power from freely elected president, which fits most definitions of the word. the general said his men would keep the peace while a judge ran the country, until new elections. he said they did not want to intervene, but now he is suspending president boris's constitution, condemned by many egyptians as too religious. i am afraid of those stubborn insistence, most of them muslim fundamentalists, are going to clash with the army. this would be very dangerous. >> the army struggled to separate supporters and opponents of the president around cairo university.
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the tension shows the danger that egypt faces. at least 18 people were killed in street battles here last night. thel people, opponents of brotherhood, built barricades. and showed off blood stains where they said a boy had been killed. many other local communities, supporters as well as opponents of mr. moore's, will be just as nervous. down the street -- opponents of mr. morsi, will be just as nervous. , whichid the brotherhood held power for one year after working for it since 1928, would never give up. >> this is democracy that we fought for.
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>> men drilled, waiting for a fight which many have said they would have died for. the big question for each of now is how much violence will accompany these events. this experiment with democracy of the last 12 months has been disastrous. calm, ata tentative worst, the crisis is about to get much more serious. the celebrations and tahrir square will go on for hours, but elsewhere in cairo, there are already reports of clashes and gunfire. the army's move against the muslim brotherhood will reverberate across the middle east. the brotherhood has looked -- had looked to be the big winner in the arab uprising. not anymore. dangerous days may well lay ahead for egypt and plenty of questions as we were hearing their, what is actually a
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military coup d'etat. to what extend the the americans actually endorse this action against president morsi, or at least not do anything to stop it going ahead? the other key question really now for egypt is, what now for democracy in this country? havel in the future democratically elected leader feel? willie always worried there could be a coup against him as well -- will he always worried there could be a coup against him as well? rise and fallular of mohammed morsi is hugely important. the leader of the world's largest arab population plays a key role across the middle east. but the man who met world leaders at egypt's first freely elected president divided his
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own people and lost the crucial support of his military. >> in the long term, the egyptian people and made their choice clear. they want a democratic system. they were upset with mohammed morsi because they thought that was not what he was bringing them, that he was going to bring them another one-party system, and they rejected that. but of course, the cure of the military forcing him from power may end up being worse than that disease. but no doubt the scale of the dangers divide across egypt. he's running battles across alexandria are a stark reminder of president more see's popularity plummeting recently, partly because he put religion ahead of a failing economy. >> we don't think that god should be of -- involved in this political dispute. for the basic needs, housing, these are the issues we need, not the religious wars.
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now he is the casualty of the army's judgment that he failed the state. the military sided with protesters who accuse the president of ignoring all opposition, a pushing an islamist agenda -- agenda, and of neglecting the essential reforms. at least reduce believes the muslim brotherhood angry and potentially dangerous, infuriated that their man was given only a year and arguing that it makes a sham of democracy. >> whatever else you said about president were sick, he was elected in a fair election. there is a great danger here -- whatever else you said about president morsi. why cannot happen to other presidents who are democratically elected in the future? cracks in just a year after what looked like a triumph of democracy in egypt, the victor has been forced out.
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egypt is no stranger to military coups, but president morsi's downfall is different and will have consequences far beyond each of its borders. >> events in egypt being watched very closely from here in washington. you heard the cries of jubilation there when the announcement was made. what has been the reaction this evening from the supporters of the president? >> i think it is fair to say they are furious that the man who day saw being democratically elected but more than 50% of the popular vote, tens of millions of individual votes cast, just a year ago, is suddenly finding himself out of power, kicked out of power by people power, if you like, the people who are down
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here in tahrir square behind me. it would not have happened without the intervention of the military as well, who decided on this occasion to side with the people. those supporters of mr. morsi, no doubt many of them will be bitterly angry. the real danger now for egypt is, will the division between mps pro and anti-morsi ca get even worse? in the past few days we have seen some bitter clashes, got a few people getting killed on the streets of cairo and other cities around the country and a lot more injured as well. will those clashes continue, or in the words of the army general, will there be national reconciliation and unity? it is hard to see how that is going to happen, but as far as these people here, and you can see the fireworks to going off, they are not worried about what his supporters think or feel,
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they are celebrating what they see as an enormous an historic victory. much for allvery your reporting their from cairo. among those calling for him to go is an egyptian american journalist who is a vocal supporter of the revolution which toppled hosni mubarak. she joins me now from new york. i know you are on your way to cairo. you must be excited about would you have seen today. today is a bittersweet day for me. although i celebrate and say good riddance to mohammed morsi , i am also very wary of the ministry and i want to make very clear that whether -- whoever is coming egyptians and the egyptian revolution will not allow anyone to rule us or oppress us in an authoritarian way. even though the military has been bob clearly what happened today, this has to be seen as a victory for the egyptian people.
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we must make it clear that they are not welcome in the ruling of egypt. this revolution must continue until egypt is free. >> was this a coup? >> this is the question of the day. what i have seen is millions of egyptians who have been frustrated along every step of the way by it mohammed morsi. we asked him to hold elections and he refused. raised more cases of insulting the president than half the mubarak did. what other avenues did we have the side street protests to protest against mohammed morsi? millions more protests against him and voted for him. the situation for too long has been either the muslim brotherhood or the ministry. we must tell the military, do not interfere in egypt.
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>> are you concerned that the military is back now, they spend 18 months after mubarak and that it does make a sham of democracy in egypt? >> mohammed morsi himself made a sham of democracy. after the people elected him last year in november, several months after he was elected, he made a sham of democracy by seizing tremendous power and are rushing through a constitution. this is the irony. he sensors the very people who intervene on the side of the people. my point here is, during those 18 months, we fought. we fought every step of the way. readgyptian general who that statement today must
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understand will fight every step of the way against any ministry rule just as we did against morsi. >> thank you very much for joining us from new york. the state department has said tonight is ordering all non- essential u.s. diplomats and the families of all american embassy personnel to leave egypt. for more on u.s. reaction to events unfolding, i am joined by the middle east program director at the center for strategic and international studies. saying we will not tolerate the army seeing this as a way of seizing power. how can they trust the military? do you trust the military? are they seriously committed to a transitional process back to democracy, do you think? >> it is unclear that the military has much faith in democracy. military has not been a proponent of democracy. i think the challenge in all of
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this is once you get by the- agenda, you do not want hosni mubarak, you do not want the muslim brotherhood. what do you want? that is where the opposition has always come up short. and have been very good at saying what they don't want, but in making a coalition to move forward, what you do want is much harder, and they have not figured out how to do that. >> i assume they are meeting at the white house as we speak. what can the white house do to make this turnout in as good a way as possible for the united states? >> they are trying to figure out who can we talk to? they have been talking to everybody and they continue trying to bring people together. the immediate problem is the problem of u.s. aid to egypt. the american law says you cannot give assistance to a country
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that has had their government deposed by a coup. the u.s. gives $1.30 billion a year to the egyptian military, about a quarter of the budget. it helps maintain egypt's -- have you sustain that in the current environment? how you win congressional support for having an unchanged relationship with egypt? >> senator patrick leahy is the chairman of the senate subcommittee that oversees foreign aid. he says they are going to repeat that aid now. presumably what washington wants is a pragmatic response. >> the reality of the law says you cannot obligate funds to the government. then you say it is not a coup. >> i don't know how you make that case. it felt to me like the army telling it mubarak he had to go was a coup, and this is a coup.
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you can put a government in power, but it is very hard for the military to make a case that you have a freestanding governor that will really pass scrutiny. >> thank you very much for joining me. it will be fascinating to see how the white house response to this. not very many good options. >> for egyptians, this is when history is made, and it is not made in the white house, is made in the streets of egypt. news,e of the day's other including just as record temperatures bake the western united states, top scientists said the climate is changing. would travel to death valley. bitterh africa, the dispute within the family of nelson mandela over his burial site, with three of his children, intensified today.
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this report from south africa. >> south african police on the strangest of missions. have come to find and dig up the graves of three of nelson atdela's children, hearse the ready. they were brought here by his grandson two years ago against the wishes of the family. locked today to try to keep the police out. inside, the search begins. the gravesed that were moved in order to assure that his grandfather is buried with them in his home village a few miles away. in court earlier today, the rest of the mandela family implied that he was looking to make money from tourists. they asked for a quick decision, saying nelson mandela's held this perilous and that he is or
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has been on a life-support machine. the judge ruled that the body should be returned to this village where nelson mandela has always said he wants to be buried beside his children. the timing of this could hardly be more uncomfortable. the tensions within the extended mandela family have been no secret for years, but now it is all coming to the surface and the south african public can hardly bear to watch. >> that is very nice. >> it is not good for mandela? >> tonight, police say the bitterly contested remains of three mandelas have been found and removed. >> after a very busy day in
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egypt, let's get a quick look at other news from around the world. the 79-row king of belgium has announced he will stand down later this month in favor of his son. king albert said his agent held no longer allow him to carry out his functions as he would like to. a court in turkey has canceled the controversial redevelopment of a square in central istanbul. there was a national wave of anti-government protest. plans to reshape the square were said to violate preservation rules. for those in the western united states, the past few days have been unbearably and dangerously hot. it follows a trend in which un, to say the first 10 years of this century with the world's hottest since records began. 56 countries set new temperature records. even death valley, california, one of the hottest places on earth, is reaching new highs.
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>> don in death valley, the air is making even as the sun rises. no part of the planet has ever recorded greater heat and there is the heat wave right now with a chance of a new record. at the death valley weather station, a check on the latest maximum temperature, 52 degrees celsius. the worry here is about life if it gets even hotter. >> it would be pretty tough. system start failing. we are already having some electrical problems and those rooms get really hot. we have to keep fans on them. when we get a hot stretch like this, it is pretty tough to manage. >> this part of death valley is known as furnace creek, for good reason. it is like a furnace, and holds the record for the hottest ticket you are on earth. that was set nearly a century ago.
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united nations weather experts are now saying that more and more places around the world are experiencing new extremes of heat. globalw assessment shows temperatures decade by decade since reliable measure of first party. the most recent decade was the hottest. today in geneva, it is called a decade of extremes. >> 94% of the country's experience their warmest decade between 2001-2010. >> heat waves are now killing more people. flooding such as in pakistan in 2010, is claiming fewer lives because of better early-warning. still, scientists say the climate is changing. >> whatever the cause of those changes, we are living in a different world. consequently, we have to take actions and develop policies that will address being in this different world than what we had
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in place 100 years ago. >> the notorious heat across tourists from all of the world. globally, the rise in average but ittures has cooled, is the extremes that matter. this place may soon experience a new one. out west in the united states at the moment and it looks like only getting hotter there in death valley. as the back to the top story and a quick reminder of that political crisis and all the events that happened in egypt. the military has removed president mohammed mursi from power, suspended the constitution, and installed an interim government. mr. morsi has called it a full crew. -- a full coup. his whereabouts are not known.
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american diplomats and families have been asked to leave egypt. check out your local listings and you will find us there. thanks so much for watching. >> make sense of international .ews at >> bunning this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, newman's own foundation, given all profits to charity in pursuing the common good for over 30 years. and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry operated end, working to nurture new ventures and help provide
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: crowds jammed tahrir square and fireworks erupted over the city tonight, as the egyptian military ousted president mohammed morsi. good evening, i'm gwen ifill. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the "newshour" tonight, we get the latest on the dramatic developments, including the appointment of an interim leader and suspension of the country's constitution. >> ifill: then, the obama administration gives employers a one-year reprieve on the mandate to provide health insurance. we ask what the delay means for businesses and workers. >> brown: ray suarez examines the diplomatic saga unfolding as the world wonders where edward snowden is and what his fate will be. >> ifill: fred de sam lazaro


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