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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  November 21, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> this is "bbc world news." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to know your business, offering specialized solutions and capital to help you meet your growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses and major corporations.
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what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i'm katty kay. held as slaves for 30 years in britain, three women are described as deeply traumatized. >> they had been in that situation for a very long time. the 30-year-old may have been in her situation for the entire life. >> the security agreement for afghanistan hits a hurdle before it is signed. wants to waitai six months to ratify it. a press conference monty python
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style. the comedy team announces when and where they will reunite. it is all a bit chaotic. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. three women that say they were held as slaves for 30 years have been rescued. all are said to be deeply traumatized. a man and woman in their late 60s have been arrested. there are a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the case but british authority say they have never come across anything like it. mark has the details from london. >> hidden in plain sight. somewhere near the streets amid the city bustle of london, three women kept as latter-day strays. police have dealt with similar cases but this was
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extraordinary. they said they had been confined in a house for 30 years. the three women are a 69-year- old malaysian, a 50 seven-year- old from ireland and the 30- year-old british woman who is thought to have been born into slavery. all three are said to be deeply traumatized. in this situation for a very long time, one of them a 30- year-old might have been in that situation her entire life. it is important to put things into context. >> it is thought the women might have found the courage to break free from their captors after seeing a tv news report. also lead this bbc story featuring the freedom charity broadcast last month. one of them called the charity helpline shortly afterwards. >> one of the key things is being veryst and gentle and soft in order not to overwhelm. not too many questions.
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making sure they were happy to disclose information in a positive way. >> a man and a woman in their 60s expected to be part of you slave trade. described as an evil in our midst, and evil that can hide in a city. people minding their own business is half of the trouble. we don't think about what is going on around us. >> a lot goes on. >> people hide in the middle of people. in big cities, it is quite easy to hide that kind of situation. everyone is going on about their old business -- own business. >> cities keep secrets.
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tonight, one of london's darkest might have been exposed. >> people hide in the middle of people. in south london where the women were alleged to be held captive. there are so many questions we don't know. are you getting an indication of how these women were freed? >> we have a pretty good idea of what happened. on the workbc news of the freedom charity in relation to forced marriages was shown last month. he women apparently watched that. calledthem watched and wa the charity helpline. it opened up that discussion. later, it was possible for the police to a rescue -- to rescue those women and put them in a place of safety.
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we understand that they are deeply traumatized. old,f the women, 30 years the suggestion is that she has never lived in anything other than slavery. she was born into servitude. there is huge psychological damage that has certainly been done to all three of them. they will try to heal, if they ever can. to afghanistan where president karzai told a meeting of afghan elders that he supports the terms of the security pact with the united states that would keep american troops their past 2014. it sounds encouraging, but he added no deal should be made until april. after a new president is elected. the white house says that any agreement needs to be completed by the end of this year. drawn from an ancient tradition, men and women from around the country are participating in a council of
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elders in the capital kabul. it is a modern challenge whether to give their backing to a key security pact which sets up the terms of u.s. troops remaining in afghanistan. it is also about money. it it will secure billions of u.s. dollars in years to come to bolster security forces. but there are details of the deal, if american troops have the right to search afghan homes. something that has long been a sensitive issue. it was a personal letter from president obama from the afghan leader that appeared to break the deadlock. only an extra ordinary circumstances do troops need right of entry. extraordinary circumstances do troops need right of entry. but is that way of doing things actually worthwhile? >> this gathering is a waste of
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time and money. it is creating problems for afghan security and the economy. president karzai has said that the americans are not pulling out of afghanistan. the government has done nothing but sell our government out. karzai diffused national pride with a sense of pragmatism urging those to approve the security pact. even if the assembled elders gave it the all clear, it would have to wait until elections in april for the final deal to be done. disagreement,e to america should be committed to sign it when the elections are done. our security should be guerin teed and we should be assured we are moving on the path to security -- guaranteed and we should be assured that we are moving on the path to security.
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>> president karzai appears to have introduced fresh conditions about when this vital document will be signed. that can only mean further delays to what was already a projected -- protracted negotiation. without a deal to enable troops to work, america could simply walk away from afghanistan. time is running out. were they to leave, other nations made it clear that they would also follow. kabul.wss, >> how much of a pitch is this new deadline for karzai? >> it is impossible to know if this is just another negotiating tactic to squeeze the last concession from the u.s. or if it is more serious. he has been such an erratic partner. this demonstrates it is really never over. even when it is over.
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onre is a real frustration the part of the administration. secretary john kerry intervened personally in the final days to get what he thought was a deal. this is a very unwelcome surprise for the u.s.. >> why would karzai said he wants to wait until after the election? >> for leverage. he is leaving office with the elections next year but he has signaled that he wants to maintain some measure of power through proxies. this gives him leverage well in the next year. precisely what his game is, i don't think anybody fully understands. he is just a difficult and erratic partner. >> presumably another element of uncertainty, whoever is elected says they are not going to sign it. it is possible the next president could repudiate it. it throws it open to the taliban and other political forces to
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their own attempt to extract late concessions. , think this administration their willingness to walk away from this should not be mitch judged -- misjudged. >> what does that mean? >> it means the counterterrorism efforts would have to be based outside the country instead of inside. i have the feeling if the u.s. really showed that it was leaving the negotiation, you would see concessions. karzai wants some continuing presence. exit there are other talks i want to ask you about like the nuclear program that has failed to produce a deal. negotiations will continue tomorrow. them weres between considered serious. the white house is pressured to get a deal done soon or give up on the talks.
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the senate indicated it would only give president obama until next month before pressing ahead with new sanctions against iran. david, we don't know exactly what came out of today's talks. they are keeping a tight lid on it. is it a good sign they are carrying on tomorrow? >> i don't think the negotiation has blown up. 24 hours ago, white house officials were genuinely optimistic that a deal was very close. there was discussion of secretary of state kerry flying to geneva. >> he will wait until there is actually a deal? >> he won't go until he knows there is a deal. a basic elements of this deal have been negotiated. whether it is last-minute pressure from one of the u.s. negotiating partners -- we don't know. for the kind of a proxy saudi arabia negotiation.
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a quick look at other news from around the world. a drone attack in pakistan has killed six people. among the dead is the senior leader of the hu networ that the u.s. considers a terrorist organization. it was used as a rest based for militants fighting in neighboring afghanistan. at least three people have been killed when the roof of a on the store collapsed shoppers below. one of the casualties was a firefighter trapped while trying to clear some of the rubble. it is not clear what caused the roof to collapse but a garden of trees and plants was being built on top of it. the ukraine has suspended a deal on close integration with the european union that was to be signed next week. it was dependent of the release from prison of the countries former prime minister. the parliament has refused to change the law to allow her to
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receive medical treatment outside of prison. there were encouraging signs for the u.s. economy, the dow broke a record closing above 16,000 for the first time. new figures show that the number of americans filing front appointment benefits has fallen sharply. -- for unemployment benefits has fallen sharply. we spent some time talking to the white house. some glimmers of good news in the u.s. economy today. in the jobs numbers, for example, how do things look from your perspective at the moment? are better.umbers retail sales are better. fundamentally, we are on a positive trajectory. down, what slow you happens in washington is probably the biggest negative. >> political dysfunction. >> the stalemate and the
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inability to get major reforms done. >> what are the things you would like washington to be doing for the long-term health of the u.s. economy that they are not able to do at the moment? >> we've got to get fiscal rationale around it, get her head together. immigration, corporate tax reform -- those are the accelerators of the economy. >> good luck with that. let's talk about obama care and the effect it is having on business communities. i spoke to some yesterday that said there is reluctance to hire at the moment because of uncertainty surrounding health care reform. how concerned are you about obamacare and what that is doing? particularly, the way it is being rolled out. >> the affordable care act has obviously had some challenges in terms of the rollout. >> diplomatic.
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>> there is the uncertainty element and i think you are right that people are waiting to see what happens. fundamentally, most businesses you health care as part of the compensation and they want to see how this plays out. what does it do for them and the people they employ e the story has yet to be written. >> given concerns, for example, about health care reform. they have tried it before and they didn't manage to bring you on board before. >> i was in there the first time, so i can't speak to then versus now. i can tell you the willingness to listen and the willingness to engage and accept a different point of view. to translate that into actions is still complicated in washington. our point back to
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earlier, however willing the president is to get to improve the american economy, he is up against a congress that doesn't work. is definitely complicated and partisan. until we get past the notion that we are not democrats or republicans, we are americans, let's do that issue first. >> sounding cautiously optimistic about that. watching bbc world news america. still to come. looking back at the day president kennedy was killed. we hear from a nurse. as details of china's economic reforms emerge, there are signs that global investors who shun the chinese stocks are being tempted back. linda reports on the decisions
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of the so-called third kingdom. >> in the race for development, china has eagerly awaited economic reform for the next decade. but it was very uneven. leading the pack are eye- catching reforms like loosening the one child policy for parents who are themselves a single child and allowing more migrants to settle and seek a better life in the city. it all tallied with china's themes to create a better welfare system to support the middle class. where they made less progress is fighting the power of state owned enterprises. they only pay up to 20% of their dividends to their owner, the government. but now, they will pay 30% more to fund social welfare. struggle is awer
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win for the chinese leadership. area is between what the central government wants and what the local governments do. equal schooling for migrant children. local governments say there is no central funding so they can't implement that program. that is the problem. china needs a better split between revenue and spending powers of the center versus local governments. reformsess of all the hinge on it. " thein rural parts say mountain is high and the emperor is far away." they may find their cause -- calls for reform go unheeded. >> there are a few seminal
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events in history where they say, i remember the moment i heard the news. tomorrow, the president was assassinated in texas. americans alive at the time, the day is etched in their memory. residence inn dallas, new york, and washington share with us their reflections. >> there are numerous people running up the hill. [sirens] is patricia. i was working as a nurse at parkland memorial hospital. i drove my car towards the hospital and i could hear the noise of the sirens. it seemed louder and more urgent than normal. >> the president and his body cradled in the arm of his wife are rushed to the hospital -- >> there were people milling around and i think i saw mrs. kennedy.
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that he died,old it hit us all very hard. >> i have written two books about john kennedy. on broadway.rtment it was a small crowd gathered around an automobile listening to the radio. they seemed quite agitated. i said, what is happening? has said, the president been shot. i walked home and turned on the television said. author cronkite was announcing that the president was dead. atpresident kennedy died 1:00 p.m. central standard time. 2:00 eastern standard time. 38 minutes ago. gentlemen, we have a report that the president of the united states has been the victim of an assassination. [gasps and murmurs]
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we will play the funeral march beethoven's third symphony. >> my name is peter crane and i was a 17-year-old high school entdent when presid kennedy was killed. >> november 22 was a friday and the funeral was monday. we had a balcony overlooking connecticut avenue and i took pictures of the procession. at the head of it was mrs. kennedy with robert kennedy on her right and teddy on her left. the three of them are casting long shadows before them as they walked down the avenue. it was very appropriate and moving. texas and washington,
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they remember the day. it is a moment or membered around the world. people will tell you i remembered what i was doing. we will have coverage throughout therrow on the anniversary, 50th anniversary of his killing on bbc world news. now for something completely different as monty python would say, the moment comedy fans have been waiting. today, theconference five surviving members of the legendary comedy group announced that they will perform together in london for one night only next sunday. ♪ >> monty python -- >> is coming back in a new live show announced today at a press conference where the five remaining, even with a combined age of 357, they could still land a punch line. >> please don't tell me because of the money. >> nobody expected the spanish
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inquisition. >> nobody expects the spanish inquisition. >> they talk about their motivation for getting back together. >> i have to make a bit of an attempt to fill the large hole in my finances. what a lot of the things i do are fun. if you can earn some money and have a lot of fun doing it, you know, you're lucky. show won't be so much something completely different, but a greatest hits compilation of familiar catchphrases. >> i don't like spam. >> it comes after years of argument in a company. >> we are all very different people and come from different lifestyles. it kind of works when we come together to write and perform comedy. that is more important than any .ifferences between us
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>> a lot has changed. back then, a stadium where comedians played pubs, clubs, and theaters. on sort ofic's take arena tours and it used to be preserved for international pop acts. they are laughing all the way to the bank. although with an artificial hip and knee, he won't be doing any silly walks to get there. >> before we go, the happy and to a story getting attention in america this morning. pitchers of the 747 jumbo cargo jet taking off safely after getting stuck at the wrong airport.
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a boeing spokesman says the total dream lifter should have gone to mcconnell air force base and ended several miles away. a memo to pilots, read your map. i'm katty kay, thank you for watching. please tune in tomorrow. >> funding of this presentation make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation, newman's own foundation, giving all profits to charity and pursuing the common good for over 30 years, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: it's the most sweeping change in a generation in how the senate does your business, as the democratic majority voted to end filibusters on most presidential nominations. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. also ahead, afghan president hamid karzai complicated a key security agreement with the u.s., telling tribal leaders it should not be finalized until next year. >> ifill: plus, some familiar faces look back at the assassination of president john f. kennedy. >> the air was filled with the most incredible screaming. it was like choirs all singing out of tune.


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