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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  July 12, 2016 3:59pm-4:29pm PDT

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♪ >> this is "bbc world news america." >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and e-trade. >> e-trade is all about seizing opportunity. >> cut. >> so i am going to take this opportunity to direct. thank you. we'll call you. evening. film noir, smoke, atmosphere.
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you are a young farmhand. e-trade is your cow. milk it. >> e-trade is about seizing opportunity. >> and now, bbc "world news america." >> this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am katty kay. paying tribute to the five police officers who died in dallas. president obama challenges the country to reject despair as racial tension runs high. president obama: we are not as divided as we same. i know that, because i know america. i know how far we have come against possible odds. katty: 2 passenger trains collide in southern eddie lee -- in southern italy. in life becomes art.
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one artist from iceland has a personal connection to his work that is on display for the world to see. ♪ katty: welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe hit president obama called on americans to have a new heart on the struggle of race relations in the country. speaking at a memorial service in dallas to honor the five officers gunned down last week, sympathy talents to for policeman with honest grievances of african americans facing discrimination, wrapped in optimism for the future of the country. it was not an easy juggle. here is the bbc's nick bryant. nick: dallas varies the loans of the shooting.
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holes in downtown office buildings, policeman reliving the horror of the sniper attack that killed their colleagues. city cametraumatized president,lack joining his predecessor, george w. bush, a resident of dallas, for the singing of the national anthem at a time of national division. barack obama addressed the community morning the killing of five officers and a country in the midst of widespread protest addressed to the police. it was a time for understanding. hard obama: it is sometimes to think that the center won't hold and things might get worse. i understand. i understand how americans are feeling. but, dallas, i'm here to say we must reject such despair.
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to insist that we are not as divided as we seem. i know that, because i know america. i know how far we have come against impossible odds. the speech balanced praise with it a schism of racial discrimination. this gifted speaker acknowledged the limitations of his words in bridging the racial divide. pres. obama: can we find the to openr, as americans, our hearts to each other? i confess, that sometimes, i too experienced out. i've been to too many of these things. i've seen too many families go through this. nick: the election of barack obama brought the hope that america could finally overcome the legacy of slavery and
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segregation. despite his prayers, and those of the people who listened to his speech, no man can repair the racial breach. katty: nick joined me from dallas. the president was making a determined, serious effort to talk about an america that he says is more united than it seems. was he being realistic? do not seem to bear that out. they suggest race relations have reached a 20-year low. mostalso show that americans think race relations have gotten worse since he became president. you remember, his presidency brought so much hope and optimism. he seemed to personify the idea that america could come together racially, and overcome the awful legacy of segregation, of slavery. that he could be a unifying figure.
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today, he accepted his limitations in that role. i thought he spoke with frustration. this is the 11th time that he has addressed a city that is mourning a multiple shooting. he is deeply frustrated. as he enters his final months of his presidency, he has not been able to do more to bridge of the racial divide. you know what a divided country we live in. there are people on the side of law enforcement to have criticized this president for not doing enough to stand up for police officers. today, he says the killing of those five officers was an act of racial hatred. you think he has managed to reach out to the law enforcement community today? nick: it is such a carefully calibrated speech. it seems to work for many officers in that auditorium who are listening to him. they applauded at certain points in the speech.
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there are senior figures within the police union, for instance, that do not think obama have been supportive enough of policeman in the country. they say the black lives matter has created a millure in which atrocities like in dallas in dallas occurred. such poison what he was trying to achieve. there will be a debate that will follow from here, whether he will manage to strike the balance. katty: nick bryant, thank you very much. 20 three people killed and dozens injured after 2 trains collided in southern italy. emergency crews shifted through the wreckage trying to find survivors. the collision occurred on a bend in the track in the open countryside. the devastating result of a deadly head-on collision.
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and powerfulsudden it is hard to tell the two trains apart. each had four carriages, many torn from the tracks, some of literary. most passengers had no warning and no chance. don't know what happened. it all happened so quickly. i saw my mother on the ground, my father and my sister bleeding. they helped us. i'm eight months pregnant. correspondent: this is a rural stretch. difficult for rescuers to reach. some survivors were flown to hospital, that a desperate search for loved ones. >> there is no news from the hospital. want to be optimistic and hopeful. i have no news. the mobile phone is off. they say 20 people have died. correspondent: look at the
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wreckage, and you can understand why. the force involved was immense. like a plane crashed, one witness said. if this was earlier in the morning, more may have died. this is still one of italy's worst rail disasters. the prime minister came to see it after promising a full investigation. express myo condolences to the family's. i've ordered, with no holding back, to find out who is responsible. absolute clarity must be made. we will not stop until we understand what happened. tears for the dead and prayers for the injured . as recovery work goes into the night, questions on how this could have happened.
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katty: such sad images coming out of italy. other news from around the rest of the world, ash carter has arrived in afghanistan on an unannounced visit, where he met president ashraf ghani and other senior afghan leaders and senior military commanders. last week, president obama said washington would be slowing down his military withdrawal from the country. on saturday, nato promised to continue supporting and training afghan forces into next year. the indian prime minister narendra modi called an emergency meeting to discuss kashmir, where 31 people have died in clashes with police. most casualties were people protesting after security forces killed a young militant leader. a curfew is imposed in some areas. opened fire oni protesters in a northern city. 2 have been killed several lending very people were demonstrating the introduction of a new authority in the region, which has been unstable following the rebellion by islamic fighters in 2012. an international tribunal has ruled that china has no legal
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right to claim islands and reefs in the south china sea. the chinese have been building artificial islands to back up their claims. the permanent court of arbitration has ruled against beijing. it was immediately rejected by the chinese as nolan floyd. it is likely to add to the significant tensions -- as well and void. it is likely to add a significant tensions in the region. correspondent: these pictures were shown on state television to demonstrate how strong china is, and how angry. even the diplomats were using belligerent language. >> china will take resolute action, he said. if any party dares to challenge china's interest. in these specs of land in the waters around them -- through which trillions of
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pounds worth of trade passes. over flying the south china sea can be scary, as a bbc news found last year. >> this is the chinese navy. you are breaching. correspondent: this was march 2014. five months later, the reef has been transformed and much of the coral destroyed. by january, it was an artificial island, all totally illegal. the spratly islands hearing lasted for three years. china boycotted it. chinatuation in the south sea is complex. this is the area claimed by the philippines, who won the case. plenty of others have their case . brunei, malaysia, vietnam, and taiwan. this is the so-called 9 dash line, china's claim. bigger and more sweeping.
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the philippines bolstered their claim to the spratly islands by turning a wreck into a military base. a chinese foreign affairs specialist in beijing said the hague ruling was dangerous. miscalculation on the part of the philippines, or especially the united states, it may lead to military conflict. correspondent: philippine generals observing and exercise aboard a u.s. navy ship. the u.s. has a military treaty with the philippines, which gives them american protection. >> no one wants this to come to conflict. we have concerns over the tensions. there has been activity that has raised concerns. overall, our assessment is that there is no party to this dispute that wants to see open conflict.
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correspondent: maybe, china is just reacting angrily toward off warnther countries -- to off the other countries from pressing their claims in the south china sea. haps china feels it is so strong it can force its neighbors to do what it wants. bbc news. on the rolling and china's response i'm joined by the former u.s. defense secretary. what does this ruling change? >> it sets forth parameters in terms of what is acceptable, in terms of proof under international law, and what is insufficient. on the ground, it has no mechanism to enforce it. nothing will change in terms of the enforcement procedure -- there is none. what it does mean is that we have to lower the rhetoric. i think you used the word about equipoise. about president obama's speech.
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we need equipoise here. we do not need -- the united states army has taken no position on this case. it does say that it is time china does have real interest, real serious interest in legal issues involved in the south china sea, that it should present them in a way consistent with international law. trying to change things on the ground or in the sea by building will not alter the ground or water. it is incentive to get back to the chinese. they actually have good arguments. they have very good maritime experts -- they should use that expertise and testimony to lay the foundation for legitimate claims. katty: there's not a lot of equipoise coming out of china. the ambassadors are saying this will intensify conflict, even confrontation. does he mean that? >> that is what we need to
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avoid. i know they feel strongly. i've been to china. i have met with a leader just this past week from china. to encourage a reduction in the rhetoric, not to exaggerate this. i do not like to see headlines that say "china is humiliated i " or rejected. china has legitimate claims. they need to make them in a way that lays out the legal issues, not simply drawing a line and saying "that's ours." katty: what is the feeling. a year ago it was a hot issue at the summit. is it still? countries wither competing claims. what is important for the united states is that we need to recognize the conventional law of the sea. we are a signatory, but we have
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not ratified it. this is something the united states navy is in favor of the united states to ratify. we are abiding by it, but we are not a official -- an official ratification member. they are making decisions. interests,ffect u.s. russian interest, chinese interests, and others. we need to be in the room as these interpretations are being made. this may affect us in hawaii, in the arctic. we have the big issues involved. we need to be a ratifying country to this treaty. we cannot be on the outside criticizing it if we are not part of the solution. katty: thank you for coming in. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come on this program, bernie sanders makes it official. he is endorsing hillary clinton to be the next president of the united states after a long primary battle.
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4-time golf winner roy melchor has -- rory mcilroy defended his decision to pull out of the real olympics over the zika virus. its debut as an olympic discipline. why are so many not going? >> it is under one month until the start of the rio olympics. one of the biggest issues facing organizers is a virus. it is threatening to overshadow the world's greatest sporting spectacle. tens of thousands of brazilians have contracted zika, which has flu-like symptoms and is believed to be responsible for microcephaly, a disorder that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and brain defects. the top 4 golfers will not built on a course built on
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reclaimed swamp lands near infected waters. critics claim the zika virus is being used as a convenient excuse. ahead of the open championship, rory mcilroy defended his decision. >> i did not get into golf to grow the game, i got in to win championships and major championships. i will probably watch the olympics, but i'm not sure that golf will be one of the events that iwatch. correspondent: organizers insist the games should go ahead as planned. after facing criticism over the 2014 ebola virus, they say the recommendation is evidence-based. >> your risk of getting the zika virus is low. it mutates in specific measures. you can make this risk their he, very low to you and your family. it is a manageable risk. the olympics is very special. do not miss it for the wrong reasons.
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correspondent: as far as olympic organizers are concerned, the show must go on. richard conway, bbc news. for months, they engaged in a bitter battle for the democratic presidential nomination. after a long wait, bernie hisers finally threw support behind hillary clinton. mr. sanders said his former rival was the best candidate to fix the country's problems and beat donald trump in november. i was joined like our north american reporter, anthony zurcher. anthony, does this apparent increase hillary clinton's chances of becoming president of the united states? anthony: it helps. she can go into the convention without worrying about too much revolt from bernie sanders. hopefully he will campaign for her and bring his people to her side.
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endorsement was interesting. it was tough at first. he talked about all of the votes he got, the money he brought in -- it was ready much a stomp speech. in the end, he said he endorsed her. everyone cheered. that is what she needed so she can move on. katty: there were people and "we love, no" bernie." either things he can do to persuade the young people that turned out to his rallies that they should turn out to vote for hillary clinton? anthony: good question. will he campaign for her? there has been no indication he will campaign. he made a pitch about how donald trump was a not acceptable alternative, the victories that his side has had in getting the democratic party
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to endorse the ideals, and how they can go forward. that gives him reason enough to push for hillary clinton to become president. i think he sees a pathway going forward. he talked about his revolution. this is the first step. he does not want it to end here. katty: you talked about how progressive the platform could be, is it? anthony: a lot of people fight over the platform at the convention and move on. it calls for a $15 minimum wage, a government option on the health care reform, his free college tuition plan. there are a lot of things on there that he could be happy with. it did not talk about trade or israel -- those are two battles that he lost, which is interesting. katty: thank you. one of iceland's acclaimed avant-garde artists will exhibit his work in the u.k..
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it includes creative and performance art which is a testament to iceland which has gained success over the financial crisis. 's this has become ragnar signature work. a nine screen romantic lament marking the divorce from his first wife, who provided the words, which he performs and that's to music with friends from the icelandic art scene. what is the big idea? a check over and state of mind that i am exploring. it is beautiful and sad to be a human being. made the parents. that is ragnar's mom and dad acting in the first icelandic full-length feature film, which
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is part of his performance piece. --i find fiction and reality they are so intertwined in our lives always. i just remember this. being raised in the theater. someone is on stage and you are like -- this work casts a satirical eye on the western culture and the cliche of aspiration with a dark side of death and disappointment. >> of course, there was an attitude in iceland after the crash. for me, you really lost faith in government, then there were scandals in the church. ,ll of the pillars of society and the whole financial system, crumbled. >> and that created the environment for artists to flourish? it did not create an
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environment to flourish, it gained confidence because in iceland there has always been a respect for poets. they are always a little irritated by society. they speak truth. crates a quasi-gordian scene set near the brutal facade. whimsical and important. ragnar kjartansson is part of a new wave of icelandic artists, musicians, and film makers that have lifted the country out of the doldrums by creating a vibrant, flourishing, creative economy. katty: very interesting show. that would be something to see. that brings this program to a close. you can find out more in the news on our website, including president obama's visit to dallas. you can find us on twitter.
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. am @kattykaybbc thank you for watching. i will see you back here tomorrow. ♪ >> make sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. newman's own foundation, giving all profits from newman's own to charity and pursuing the common good. kovler foundation, pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and e-trade. >> e-trade is all about seizing opportunity. >> cut. >> so i am going to take this opportunity to direct. thank you. we'll call you. evening. film noir, smoke, atmosphere.
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