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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at a real* dot com. and now abc world news. this. this is bbc world news america reporting from washington i'm john o'brien. the president stands by his son the speculation swirls over a meeting with the russian loya. the controversy is also the focus but lawmakers as they quiz the man picked to head the fbi ali. brazil's former president is convicted of corruption and sentenced to nine years in prison needed to still vote will appeal the verdict. and forget about fake news in mexico journalists face threats and even death at the hands of drug cartels. we spend the day with one of them.
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welcome to our views on public television in americ. around the globe the fallout from the meeting between a russian law and the didn't some donald trump junia is intensifying. it was a focus of lawmakers at the confirmation hearing for the proposed new director of the fbi. he said the russian investigation was not a witch hunt. the trumpets defended his son but tonight the white house is once again struggling to contain an issue which is threatening to derail the president's political agenda. all chief correspondent gavin hewitt reports. tonight we have donald trump junior with donald trump psalm out defending himself. after revelations from emails that last year he met a russian julia who he believed would offer him. incriminating information on hillary clinton and i think in retrospect. i probably done things a little differently. again this is before the russian mania this is before they were building it up in the press. for me this was opposition
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research in his and. he had referred them. is father. it was such a nothing. there's nothing to tell. now i wouldn't even remember that until we start scouring through the stuff it was it was literally just a wasted twenty minutes which was a shame. president trump was quick to praise his son's television performance treating the donald junior was open transparent and innocent. this is the greatest witch hunt in political history sad he said. so who are the key players involved in a meeting last year. the initial approach to donald trump junia about a potential russian meeting came from rope goldston a british publicist. he helped federally appointment with natalia vessel that sky a russian lawyer. also in the room was pulled manifold trump's campaign manager and jared kushner. trump son in law a clear sign they thought the meeting would be significan. the email shows an intent. and a desire to have the a
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foreign government interfere in the american election of the president. asking for. that kind of assistance if that was the assumption of the meeting. that event itself can be a crime. the white house is being active pointed out that there has been no illegality no you know a broken nose sensitive information exchanged. but that doesn't mean there are no risks in all of this for the trumpet administration. in this atmosphere of political crisis focus turned towards capitol hill and the confirmation hearings for the new director of the fbi. he was asked whether he agreed with the president of the investigation by special counsel moolah. into russian meddling in last year's election. amounted to a witch hunt i think he's a evil you got that in light of the dying june your email and other allegations. that this whole thing about trump campaign in russia as a witch hunt. is that a fair description of what we're all dealing with an american. well senator i can't speak to the basis for those comments i can tell you that my experience with direct
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i'm asking you as the future fbi director you consider this endeavor which i. i do not consider director muller to be on a witch hun. what are you think he in an interview with the christian broadcasting network today president trump try to refocus attention back on to his legislative agenda? and away from the questions about russia so preoccupied his administration. kevin hit there just a short time ago i spoke to gavin who is at the white house. alvin this controversy is getting closer and closer to the man in the building behind you. is there any sense that the white house is actually changing its approach to how we can contain old place. well jane there is said to be huge frustration and indeed some fury over the publication of the emails yesterday over russia. the fury comes about because the trump administration believes that the media and others have become obsessed by the russian connection. and then a big fear is that this could lead to some kind
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of paralysis. and that the administration is seen to be not performing normally so what they're trying to do what they hope to do is to change the agenda to get people to think back. over things like obamacare. taxation reform and other issues like that but that's very difficult in these circumstances up particularly after the drummer of those emails and the language used yesterday. but that's the challenge for the administration they are really desperate now to try and get the focus back on the matters which they think so the president both favorable. kevin here at the white house first thank you very much indeed. for more on what lawmakers think about all this michaeli katty kay spoke with democratic congresswoman jackie spear who sits on the house intelligence committee. into the response of the bbc's one hundred days plus program. so call us when the president tweeted today that his son is open transparent
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and innocent and that the democrats are guilty of conducting a witch hunt. as is the press against other trump administration is that effect reduces ma you democrats. on a witch hunt as president try bring him down well first of all. i'm it is an investigation that is being undertaken by a number of sources we have a bipartisan investigation going on in the senate a bipartisan. investigation going on in the house of a special prosecutor. arm and now you've got the new fbi director who the president appointed. i'm testifying before the senate today saying no this is not a witch hunt. a further more the fact tha. his son disclose the email chain was done only because it was about to be released by the new york time so that's not so much transparency as it is. trying to get an upper hand. is he innocent those of us any legal misdemeanor there seem to be quite a few lawyers who is saying that there was. actually nothing illegal in war don junior
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did. so the fec is very clear that no candidate. or operative can recieve anything of value from a foreign national. now value isn't determined by money it's determined by something of value getting dirt on hillary clinton would be something of value. it's the equivalent of off research but you're not getting it from someone in the united states are getting it from a foreign government or foreign nationals. that would subject him i believe to an fec action. you sit on the intelligence committee do you have anything else in terms of communications. of that the public doesn't yet know about all of this nature. why would be able to disclose that to your caddy? i can assure you that. donald trump junior is going to be someone that i want to see. i come before our committee and the question are you convinced that there will emerge during the
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course of bold mona's investigation or the house or the senate's investigation. more evidence that reveals the the trump campaign colluded in a way that was illegal with the russian government. some things are pretty obvious and if bread crumbs that actually give you a pathway. palm to a certain and then you follow on and there are so many the problem bread crumbs that have been dropped by the president himself. find any number of occasions on a number of different issues as it relates. to this investigation that i believe personally. this is me personally not based on what i'm seeing in the intelligence committee i think that there was collaboration coordination and conspiracy. congressman jackie spear thank you so much for joining us. thank you. the latest twist in the russian investigation is consuming washington but not so much the rest of the country. is going to the problems engulfing the white house mr trump enjoy solid backing from his core
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supporters with eighty five percent of republicans still behind him. the bbc's nick bryant has been to nebraska state that's voted republican in every election since nineteen sixty eight. you're not going to turn on a twelve. in the rollicking ride at the trump president. you also wonder how long he'll stay on the whole sky more now. the day seems to bring in you wrestle in the bar. with the media congress international leaders. but here in nebraska a trump stated the election the still strong support for his presidency on despite the attempts of opponents to ensnare have no. family. if you vote for yes i did you have to do the job. you bet or is a good businessman. and that's what the country needs to get this thing. get the country back out of it get a lot of people working and i think that's what he's doing. on the night that doubled from juniors bombshell emails were released the pigs were more agitated than the peak. no one we spoke to with this
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county fair was in the least bit concerned that team from my tipping telling pulled his cock about its contacts with russian figures. they echoed the white house line that the controversy is a nothing perga. the media's taking it out of proportion. but there is. the mile pre finaz yeah. some i guess i don't know why but fall that for awhile now because of that. but does it worry. now i think is is a farce spun by the left but they lost. it was noticeable about coming to the hotline is that people aren't glued to their smart phones all the time. now not following this presidency minute by minute. tweet by twenty. but you do get the sense that some people fill the double trumpets fixated by his problems. rather than theirs. that's the said that the local republican met joe from learning what i hear from people is. less tweeting and more doing i think there's kind of a bewilderment about the compulsion to. tweet about
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anything and everything and so i think. i think people like to see in focus more on working on some of his campaign promises. i saw. in america's fiercely we also. ames anomalous that voters aren't that concerned about russia meddling. but here they seem more mistrustful of the media. the moscow. nick brought bbc news nebraska. political scandal is also causing turmoil in brazil where the former president has been sentenced to nine and a half years in prison for corruption. recent asio knew that the silver has long maintained his innocence and will appeal his conviction. all correspondent casey wilson is in rio de janeiro i spoke to her earlier. katie this conviction is one of the most high profile in the sweeping corruption probe what's been the reaction that. well the reaction is the case that's divided brazilians you've got millions of brazilians who fail that you know. this is this is a political witch hunt that leads over as the
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saviors of brazil when he was in power in this shouldn't have ever happene. and that you've got other brazilians who feel that he's now just a symbol and of what's gone wrong in prison fight later tonight is going to be. kind of people coming to windows and buying that i'm that possum hunt is. as a policy and a two to vote for the conviction and of it is also really is divided hey it is very much. add a device buttons very if you'd like and because of this. what's going to be the effects on the election because he knew it was actually one of the front from the schools into. so in the polls he's the front runner and he's hinted at the fact that he might want to run. and the presidency again and this actual sentence won't change anything in my eyes of and afoot now so if he decides to run and announce his candidacy he could still do it. and it would only be if the. superior court upheld and the conviction that he would not be able to do it but it's a it's a long process the appeals process could
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take a while saving not time he gets. announces comes the but as yet of course but still it days and certainly at approval ratings when he left office was. in twenty ten and were around eighty percent so you still go through lots of. and support him in prison over the world so you sent me a lot of people who opposed. you mentioned a divided country what will it take at this point to bring people together. well i mean what we've seen in the last few years with operation costs which is what's this case is connected to it brazil's biggest up. corruption investigation people you know it it is seen as a good thing about it they going through and. i'm trying to weed out corruption but it's also created a kind atmosphere just to show how corrupt the politics. have been so i mean at the moment you need today we've seen. leader in the spotlight the last few days and probably the next few days. michelle time of the current president will come back in the spotlight. earning issue is is it is corruption cases willow grinned brazilian suck me
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and i getting a little fed up katy wilson there in rio de janeiro thank you very much. look not some of the day's other news and iraqi government forces are continuing operations against suspected members of the islamic state group in west and may still be. two days off to victory was declared over the jihadists. eyewitnesses say that military helicopters have funded areas where some clients fighters all still believed to be holding. they say exchanges of gunfire continue throughout the day. the united nations says it has identified an additional thirty eight probable mass graves due to recent violence in the democratic republic of congo. bold and three thousand people have been killed and a million more displaced in fighting which erupted after militia leader was killed last august. the king and queen of spain are in london on a three day state visit came for the joint the duke of edinburgh. to inspect troops on poor scott's parade in a speech to the british parliament he called for britain and spai. to work towards an arrangement on the status of gibraltar that would be
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acceptable to everybody. on one of the biggest icebergs on record has broken away from antarctica. a huge expanse of ice which is about a quarter of the size of wales had been sharing away for several months. scientists say it's a natural phenomenon on global warming is not to blame. it's not expected to stop breaking up though some of the ice cloud. some of the ice could remain in the area for decades. watching bbc world news america still to come on tonight's program. lighting and economic file across its border how china is reaching into central asia for growth and opportunity. that you hear in the u. s. get ready to take a deep breath when you go on line today because some of the most popular websites will be running slowly. companies like facebook netflix and amazon all taking part in a protest against changes being made to the u. s. in
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two u. s. rules. which govern net neutrality it's a principle which makes short all internet traffic is treated equally and it's something many countries have rules about. all technology correspondent david lee has this explanation. right now more internet traffic is treated the same no matter where it comes from. where it's going or what it is during? that's something we call the net needs. without. lori the ins service providers bobbi admits it intentionally slowed down you in second mention. unless you pay more for things like pretty much streaming or they warn that could. kind of incidents off line web big rich companies coul. it's a bike show that starts the idea quickly. but other small assigned to be stuck in a slow right it's that. throughout weddings my major incident pennies will signal i think what we like to slow down that websites.
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i hope that americans. touches that politicians. some people think cnet. seventy thousand website. we'll be pushing people toward the fcc to make their voices heard will also be pushing people toward members of congress. and what we want the fcc to hear what we want members of congress to hear is that net neutrality is wildly popular which it is. and we want them to stop trying to murder. but net neutrality does have some very powerful opponents includes companies like verizon i'd seen say ibm cisco nokia. and crucially the new head of the u. s. federal communications commission has also spoken out against net neutrality. those who are against it say it adds unnecessary new regulations say the incidents. place i net neutrality makes it harder for instance service providers to make back the money they invested. in building the infrastructure gives people isolated so that's. by most estimates mexico ranks behind only syria and afghanistan is the most
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dangerous country in the world for journalists. eleven were killed and twenty sixteen and already this year seven have been murdered with almost complete impunity. and in the day to day work many local journalists face intimidation and violence from both drug gangs and corrupt security forces. pogrom spent the day with one of them in the dangerous eastern state of veracruz. but what does he has established that that elliot genius presents the bread for show on her local radio station. the headlines include a bank robbery a quiet night for drug cartel violence. the possible extradition of a former state governor. these enormous stories vera cruz one of the most violent states in mexico. after the show and he shows me a few stories she's covered recently. from shootouts to funerals they all share one theme. the turf war raging between two main cartels in the region. set us and the holy school and waved a hand at asean. only one. killing a day is the minimum we have to go to
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the crime scenes so we try to unite us reporters i wear media might want us to get an exclusive but he's your life on stage. it's too dangerous to go alone. the most recent example was a gruesome mass killing on the outskirts of the town. well this thing and he took us back to the crime scene. these are the stories that local journalists run most risks when reporting. an entire family including four children were murdered in their home by unknown gunme. the youngest victim just three years old. unfortunately such events are becoming part of daily life in veracruz. and as such an increasing part of a reporter's job what covering it kelly said she was intimidated by a police officer. when she complains she received a death threat on line. maybe i was scared obviously and i took down my social media comes tweeter facebook or my photos everything many mexican journalists have paid the ultimate price for
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reporting on the drug cartels. like well known reporter have via valdez gunned down in may outside his office. but the dangers of reporting the drug war dangers come from the cartels. will say from corrupt elements of the security forces. in some states say campaign as they are one and the same thing. when you kill a journalist such as how to get around this. your killing a messenger. and that and in order for him to become the message. back in that occlusive has been a day without drug violence fairly arena. instead she spent the afternoon on report about abandoned vehicles. stories local journalists use to right before the drug and worsened. these days though the merger of colleagues is increasingly part of the job. that i think feelings never end sometimes we ask ourselves what more can we do yet. they continue to kill us with the young family to think about and he doesn't want to die for her profession.
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so she tries to tread the most careful part she can. while still reporting truthfully about the state of veracruz. will grounds bbc news collects a quite cost mexic. and we should add the bbc repeatedly requested a response from mexico's federal police and the state governments office in veracruz on the issue of violence against journalists for this report. button on the walls provided. now this week we've been costing a light on china's one trillion dollar infrastructure project building a new silk road. the rail reet access. cross three continents promises to based world trade but critics see this as a bit of a power grab by beijing all china meditech carrie gracie has been traveling along the route. and now looks at china's challenge to russia with this report from kazakhstan. two centuries central asia was russia's backyard. catholics them got its independence when the soviet
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union collapsed. but russian remain the language of business. until now. nmsiis is china's new silkroad in action. the economy slowing back home state construction companies put to work abroa. must build a sushi when delivering a cutting edge urban railway so what is a good. shinya living a john is advanced technology is bringing convenience and more competent safety. travelers in kazakhstan. if this project as well it will serve as a model for a. china says its plans are for the benefit of all. but that's alright. but most jobs he will go to chinese workers. and the loan was tied to a chinese designed. it's not just building across central asia china's buying into banks and oil fields to.
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but that wasn't some locals say they see no benefit. in one village kindergartens become a hostile the chinese workers. at the lecture. what does you know? yeah on october shaver complains of pollution and jobs going to outsiders. yeah. effects of two if think. chinese have done nothing. there is a huge oil industry hey but no jobs of facilities for young people author. result. why don't we want to live decently so that we won't be ashamed of our village? government intimidation makes many catholics cautious on camera. but privately severn accused chinese companies of using bribes to cut corners. china says its presence abroad is a win win a win for china and a win for the people in its path. but that's not the experience here they say that oil wealth is going elsewhere. and that win win means china
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wins once. and then china wins again. back because almost teasing cove cathedral doesn't suck pie of says the nations of central asia. alike be liberals in a game between the big players russia. and china. chad no i believe will be is like if some threats following dependence. why? because for china khalistan is not equal partner. and for china because us done only is like it's one of the play. is a big china geopolitical did. that game stretches far beyond these mountains. but already it's changing lives shaping the destiny of young nations in the shadow of the chinese giant. carrie gracie b. b. c. news because xtime. and tomorrow carries journey along the new silk road continues with the next stop in poland. and remember you can find
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much more know the dates use of the website and see what we're working on at any time to check out. facebook page i'm jenna brian thank you for watching bbc world news america . since i've been. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends
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can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at a real* dot com. bbc world news was presented by casey team los angeles
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