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this is a bbc is america. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny
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days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the reebok dot com. and now abc world news. this is bbc world news america reporting from washington on over trevally and. president trump undermined his attorney general jeff sessions. first onto itself and then again in case you missed it. i told you before very disappointed with the attorney general. but we will see what happen. time will tell. time will tell. the case of charlie god takes another emotional twice. his parents ask if they can bring him home to die. the hospital says his cat it's too complicated. and what's the secret to a happy life. they might not have the onset that researchers have kindly given us some helpful clues.
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welcome to well news americ. the fate of the embattled attorney general hangs in the balance tonight. unlike a regular what place disagreement this hong kong be resolved by a chunk. jeff sessions as being cold we can beleaguered by his boss. now the president says he's disappointed in his top legal officer. or because he recused himself from the russian investigation. speaking of moscow. house of representatives has just passed a bill which would impose new sanctions on russia. the president says he'll decide shortly if hell back it. we'll have more on that in a moment the fastest report bio north america editor john siple. jeff sessions the man who presides over america's judicial system seemingly about to face rough justice from his boss. a one time close friend the president.
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for the past two days donald trump has taken pot shots at his top law enforcement officer. via twitter. today. attorney general jeff sessions has taken a very weak position on hillary clinton crimes. yesterday say while the committee's investigators and of course up a leak it attorney general looking into cricket hillary's crimes and russia relations the president of the united states and the president of the council of ministers. look of lebanon. and the president heaped fed the ignominy on the attorney general in a rose garden news conference this afternoon. over sessions decision to step aside from the russian investigation i am disappointed. in the attorney general. he should not have recused himself. almost immediately after he took office and if he was going to recuse himself he should have told me prior to taking office. and i would have quite simply pick somebody else but come on reporters demanded are you going to fire the attorney general. i
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told you before very disappointed with the attorney general. but we will see what happen. time will tell. time will tell. if sessions does go over the whole rusher investigation then he'll join the former fbi director james comey sacked over this issue. and the former national security adviser michael flynn who was fired off the lying about his contacts with the russians. all of which begs the question what happens next to robert miller the special counsel called on to investigate the spiraling russia. investigation. if he goes that's bound to lead to charges that the president. is trying to obstruct justice. but who knows where that will lead. with these bewildering developments in the senate the democrats fired a warning shot. many americans must be wondering. the president is trying to pry open the office of attorney general. to appoint someone during the august recess. who will fire special
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counsel muller? shut down the russian investigation. even if the president has disagreements with him. which i think are well founded. self centered. and wrong. you don't ridicule him in public. someone who is your close friends. that's speaks to character senator jeff. yeah sure. jeff sessions was the first senator to endorse donald trump during the campaign giving his candidacy a massive boost. and has given the president unswerving loyalty ever since. it's not been reciprocated jon sopel bbc news washington. and joining us now from capitol hill is republican congressman scott taylor from virginia. and congressman taylor if the president's ari public. a system of his it honey general acceptable to you. is it acceptable lately guy you know i i can understand why the president would be frustrated with the attorney
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general having just you know just assigned there that he recuse himself i i understand that at the same time. the attorney general's done some great work as well too and let's face it looks and the the attorney genera. he he he's there at the at the pleasure of the president but it's of of course his loyalty is not what the president it's with the constitution so. i understand the frustrations but i i think some of it's a little bit overblown but no. i understand. but if the president was to find add jeff sessions or if jeff sessions with to feel that he was forced to quit for the next few days. would you be concerned. i think so i i think i would be concerned of course and as i said. he serves at the pleasure of the president for short but his loyalties with the constitution not with the president. so i i think that i think you'll be put equipping a be a mistak. now in the house you have just voted to impose new sanctions on russia because of that meddling in the election the white house has been sending. really makes messages about this how strongly would you urge the president to back fuel bill imposing the sanctions on
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russia as a punishment for what they did. i think it's important i think there's no question that that dom that the russians tried to come into the election of course they tried they tried to do it in several different ways that we can discuss on here righ. now but that being said they didn't impact the vote that's important and you know in america of course you had this political football. russia russia russian from the dams are using it as a political hit java on the president vice and the president obviously is. taken aback by a little bit but that doesn't alleviate the responsibility to deal with the fact that the russians did try to and i think that we get the stripes and a strong message and i think in a bipartisan. fashion we need to have a policy that tells the world any country that you will not mess with the integrity of our elections. but let's say the president is in persuaded by your argument just how consent would you be given as you say this is of rad bipartisan move on russia. well i look i know i i again i think i think the white house understands that that that russia did. try to love did mess with our elections again not affecting the vote that's clear as well too but it's important we send that strong message i think
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ultimately the president will support it. i think if he didn't i think that he may get override a veto would get a ride but i think that the president would die will support it. right now the senate of course voted to start debating healthcare today finally that was an emotional return to the floor by senator mccain. just diagnosed with brain cancer and he urged democrats and republicans to work together because this is so important to the american people. do you support his play and and can happen. well the first day i think everybody which is a quick recovery for senator mccain. tom i think that this this is no time to have weak knees i think american public spoke very loudly and clearly putting republicans in charge to deal with this obamacare and the aca. ultimately we would like to have bob bipartisan and democrats republicans come together for healthcare absolutely. but you know that being said of course you had the democrats with a ca years ago pushed it down our throats. and that's why the american public responded i. if we could do a repeal straight repeal that that didn't harm folks left enough time there did that didn't harm the you know the american people but forced
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the hand in force. senators and congressmen democrats republicans to come together to work for the meg people sure i think ultimately that would be the best thing. but this is not a time where we should where we can have in action we must lead. but you're talking about a straight repeal of a bomb a cat that the congressional budget office has estimated that would leave more than twenty million people without health insurance is that really the way to go could you just apply. that to your constituents well and i will absolutely because you you it you don't it doesn't happen automatically i mean you set a time frame to force folks to come together to work together to get some to put in. place for the american people now that being said to me the house i voted to to pass a bill that we believe the threaded the needle that address enough concerns. from the conservative wing and the moderate wing of the republican party to be able to help us help americans and fix healthcare. there's no question about it there's a huge swath of our country who are hurting who deductibles are super high i can't pay for health care there walk around that insurance card that said their cover but they're really not. there nineteen million people who refuse which i believe is a fundamental issue for fused
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to be forced to buy a product that they. may not want and that there's a philosophical difference for sure between a democrat republican party in terms of that. congressman scott taylor thank you so much for joining us from capitol hill you. thank you. while the parents of time they'll baby charlie god will land on wednesday if they can take him home to die. having abandoned that fight to keep charlie live in mother returned to court to us that has some be able to leave the hospital where he's receiving cat. johnny's parents in a pleading for a specialist doctor to come forward and help them. our medical correspondent focus will ship pulls. the legal battle over this desperately sick boy now centers on where and how soon he dies. charlie needs a mechanical ventilator to breathe is cheap fed and cannot move yesterday his parents gave up their fight to take him to the united states. agreed no more treatment could help him. but charlie's mom connie was black could cool the softer
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noon to make it clear. she did not want him to die in the intensive care unit where he's been since october. the parents lewis said it was their last wish that charlie dies at home for a few days of tranquility outside the hospital settin. the hospital says it won't stand in the parents way and yet is putting up obstacles. lawyers for the parents said they would pay private nurses to take over his car. and then later seek to recover the costs from the nhs. but the court heard there were practical issues to be resolved. for example whether charlie's ventilator would fit through their front doo. in a statement great ormond street hospital said it wanted to honor the parents' wishes but the cap plan must be safe. it must sped charlie old pain and it must protect his dignity. charlie is a child who requires highly specialized treatment his care cannot be simplified it must be
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provided in a specialist setting. by specialists. the dispute over way and how soon charlie should die. typifies the auto breakdown in the relationship between the parents and the whole spic. the justice assist said this is a matter that was crying out for mediation. great ormond street says it's all for that. but the parents have refused. the judge said the parents were entitled to decide where they spent the next few days but they should not extend into weeks. not would be unacceptable as it would simply extend the grieving process. show me an evans lost to some guy when he was five. he was profoundly disabled and cheap fed. she too had search for a cure for his condition. i've got to learn to let him go. at all sorts of levels they got to know whose it. stuff happens and they mustn't be better because i delete conveys no pointing
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now what they've got to do. is look at all the positive things. the hospital has offered a compromise. the charlie to be transferred to a hospice why don't choose from great ormond street would supervise his palliative care and death. after a period of some hours. johnny's parents say they won't days not hours. and a hospice is a second best option. focus walsh bbc news of the high court. so desperately sad another news now from around the world. palestinian president mahmoud abbas so said you keep up the freeze of relations with israel. even off to israel remove metal. now acts the mosque in jerusalem's old city. i'll be replaced with cctv cameras. the new security measures were put in place after two israeli policemen were killed. palestinians fed the israel was extending its control from days of deadly violence followed. i people have died off for a four story building collapsed in the indian city of mumbai. majesty what is a
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struggling to rescue of a still trapped under the rubble. fifteen people have been rescued so far. local reports suggest part of the building was used as a nursing home but it was being renovated at the time. british luxury shoemaker jimmy choo has been bought by the u. s. company michael course finelli one point two billion dollars. jimmy choo is famous for its high heels worn by the likes of michelle obama don't say and the duchess of cambridge. like about market brands been struggling as a result of heavy discounting. in syria u. s. backed kurdish forces and now thought to have gained control of nelly hoff the city of raqqa. is the last remaining stronghold of so called islamic state. the offensive is led thousands to flee the city. treating the medicines families. the bbc shama honey other spoken with my* winds being held on the outskirts of the city. they came from different parts of the world with one name. to join the self proclaimed
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caliphate. now they've escaped. and are being held by the kurdish forces in northern syria. i love. him and her husband left tennessee of four o'clock. the so called islamic state stronghold. an associate of zone of the net gift that i scanned the. but the studio at first i'm a nasty stomach and then she'd gift it comes out on that. i submissive got out. he wanted to be a fighter. she says she wanted to live a proper islamic life. i had many questions. and i managed to send them to her. even i'm just wondering if you saw other videos videos of beheadings of. them burning people alive were you not put off by that she muttered puts you job tunis gifts yeah because those costs set up. a bottle into the hey i'm a thieves and put us in good you would like yeah. that pulled up to a day make explosive head
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that fear. how did you think that was proper islam? i done that visit ip said beating. a law what muscles a lot and he was on them. there is a bonus cut them to listen is hiding on and. face the bed sticks out. but if i'm in the side of medical problems that they had a head among the best. but she says when the arrived. it wasn't what they expected. submit it here as she kurdie rucka. it's hard to determine whether the women who escaped are all victims. at some point they were all part of the so called islamic state. the man's son was born in rock. now she's hoping he'll grow up as far away from the islamic state is she can take him. do you think they'll take you back. easily and how do you expect them to believe you or
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forgive you when you've been part. of the so called islamic state. let me say that i know what it must be able to find it. or not how you are you ever. you know who heineman had no one that i was just the schematic yeah i suppose you would get if it must that's. not what we are but i'm does a lot but not. yeah no less a must see. these children know nothing but life under the islamic state. for now they and their mothers are stuck between the caliphate the flood. and homeland i'm have islame fighters you watching bbc world news america. still to come on tonight's program. hoping to find a little more happiness in your life while some canadian researchers at the inception for the keys. finds raging across the
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south of france and corsica are being found by high temperatures and strong winds. some two thousand firefighters have been mobilized bbc set the tone has the latest. firefighters battling a fierce blaze on the holiday island of corsica. it rips through nine hundred hectares of forest. people left their houses and could do little more than watch. the fly came threateningly close to their homes. native we we were woken up by the smoke it was stifling so we stayed in the house and then evacuated to children. a my sister in law who is pregnant. a combination of heat and high winds and making the five difficult to contain. the bbc journalist on the island says people are now becoming increasingly concerned about their homes and businesses. yeah it's still burning. still looking like sing out as this winter continues is a real sense of worry here that.
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they won't be able to get this under control and that life if in indy lights could be threatened. and carol sin the hills above niece plain sprayed water from the ad. below the florist continued to burn. and crews on the ground damps down amid the damage. there could not perform we were up to seventy hectares some phone. particularity this far is that we had hundreds and hundreds of houses the with friends in the forest areas. elsewhere in fron spies also race need lou brown and here in the vault region. another battle to stop fire spreading just ten kilometers from the seaside resort of st tropez. this mobile phone footage gives a sense of the high winds feeding the flies intensity. wins that are not expected to abate until thursday. so if you don bbc news.
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now its own being said that money com buy you happiness but now scientists in canada have put the saying to the test. i question six thousand people and discovered that it can. only if you use the cash to free up time. they found that spending money on chores like cleaning cooking or gardening is more likely to make you feel happy and spending it all material goods. don't guys been sorting through the findings. plenty of smiles in plymouth itself in a. but what makes us truly happy. psychologists have been all over the world asking thousands of people from all kinds of backgrounds. one. simple question. if i was to give you thirty great yeah what would you spend it on. boca. what? hope does nice payment of on the fly.
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hot girlfriend. i think. books. what would you spend it on often find something? but whether she spends it on a meal out or even a yacht the study found it's not material things that make us happiest. but buying ourselves a bit of free tim. seven couldn't agree more she says she would sacrifice pretty much any other luxury to pay for it plena once a week. she does extra fifths so she can pay for rachel to blitz the house from top to botto. even though it's often a stretch sellin says the extra time it buys her with her family. is worth far more than any holiday or ham back unlikely risk with what goal than any spend money goes on. i'm quite sure. you wouldn't rather have that i'm back sometimes are may lag so nightcaps nine that signal not. an offering to buy.
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back in the nineties michael the right he won millions of pounds on the lottery and could afford almost anything he wanted. two decades later ease back selling antiques in plymouth and he says he's much happier doing things for himself. instead of paying all those. some people use to having things done for. and so they got the money sis it's easier but i i i i'm bad things done for me you know it. who the past twenty years different things garden and in? but tim love tom not preferred himself. get more enjoyment. critics say paying others is all well and good if you're comfortably off in the first place. but the researchers behind today's study claim investing in time rather than possessions makes us all happier. whatever our income or spending habits john kerry bbc news deferre. and a brief time ago i spoke with caroline adams meta author of getting great in creating a past life. so caroline does the finding of the study surprise you that spending money on a clean now robin handbag can
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make you happy. note we've known in the field a positive psychology for well over ten years maybe longer that money does not buy happiness so investing in things doesn't make people happier it's experiences that. that make people happier but i think the interesting thing behind this particular study is it's our perception of time i think that really matters is what we think about the time that we have available. so what if you're actually buying you know cleaning and gardening and other kinds of things but you're not spending the time that it gets you. on anything that's meaningful so that's really where my concern would be because you can fill it with anything but is it meaningful okay if you think this is particularly applicable to women who have salfen the head of the household. who do so many chose a maybe don't feel that they comply someone else because they think it's their responsibility should they go for it? yes the answer is yes and so my concern really is about women because we see this worldwide phenomenon. that women at middle age or dying younger now from diseases of despair and some of it some of that is because they
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don't feel purposeful. and so if they do free up time but if they can do to with it so you have to have a purpose you have to have what we call in positive psychology. in each key guys what do you wakeup for what are the things that you plan to do that are meaningful to you. because if you free up time and you're not ready to answer that question. and you don't have goals particularly hard goals in place you can just take that time and frittered away and when you have multi tasking going on. you can perceive that you don't have time to so simply being distracted creates the same anxiety a case and how do we find all goals for what we should do with that time that we free up if we get. a cleaner. ask yourself what will i regret not pursuing if i don't start now if i'm looking back on my life what have i done it if i haven't started now if i don't have a plan to go after the things. that are really important to me women in particular. them what we have is this coulda shoulda woulda phenomenon and if you don't go after things now. the risks you take now are the
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things you will not regret. the ones that you don't take are the ones that are really going to make your life difficult and toxic and in particular. you have to have this quality of grit because hard goals are what bring us the greatest joy hard goals are important to us. but you have to have this quality of great but you won't be a finisher and rye and you feel like with all current culture of instant gratification feel by social media and likes that that. works against a long time quick culture and flooding happening we can't pay attention to things anymore again technology takes a soft task. and so we as human beings can't even focus as long as a gold fish anymore so human beings can focus for seven seconds and goldfish for eight. and so we do have an instant gratification our culture such as i've written a lot about this because we have to learn patience. after learn self regulation but we have to have our goals ready for the time we did great for create for ourselves wonderful advice caroline and john smith got a thank you so i'm unable to inning off.
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how to be happy and remember you can find much more and all the day's news a tall website tend to see lower up to any time make sure to check out? a facebook page. i'm your companion thanks for watching wild means america. make sense of internet. funding of this presentation is made possible by. the freemen foundation. and coal fuller foundation pursuing solutions for america's neglected me. planning a vacation escape that's relaxing inviting. and exciting. is a lot easier than you think. you can find it here in aruba. families couples and friends
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can all find their escape on the island with warm sunny days cooling trade. and the crystal blue caribbean sea. nonstop flights are available from most major airports. more information for your vacation planning is available at the rubric dot com. bbc world news was presented by casey team loss and
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captioning sponsored by newshour productions, llc >> woodruff: good evening. i'm judy woodruff. on the newshour tonight... >> aye. >> woodruff: a dramatic return for john mccain, as republicans muster just enough votes in the senate to move ahead on health care, but the future of replacing obamacare is far from clear. then... >> i am disappointed in the attorney general, he should not have recused himself. >> woodruff: president trump takes aim at jeff sessions, publicly airing frustrations with his own attorney general as talks of a replacement ramp up. plus, mr. trump's son-in-law and top advisor jared kushner heads back to capitol hill. we talk to two members of congress who were asking questions about russian


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