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tv   Nightly Business Report  PBS  February 27, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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businessep r"ort, whiter tyl thmaisen and s huea.erer >> my personal oloutorok f the ecomyas h strgtendhene since deercemb. r>>inisg od.ds th fed sheet raiseths e psiontybili of frount iertes ra hikes this .year antod scks th.urn sout s tay tuned. ctasdi reaes a surispreid b othuke ad brocaster sky, segttin off aos psiebl ocbltekbusrat btle bweeten three media nstita. ky ris business. otprrseste arere purssg in mpcoiean ss to teveries with the nra. but do boycotts work? os setories andor me on eth on "nlyight binusreess po"rt for tuesday,ruary 27th. >>ooevd g,enin erevy,ybod and isomwelce. thno ecomy is stngreintheng, thabe lor etmark, ghtingtani, inflation f nearing the's
5:01 pm ithats atwh n theewed fef chi ejero plowel told lawkemarsn i nir figst bon csigresonal testimony ohe emycono datoy. wheil all that sndou like aoo gd hg,in to trsradet means the silib oityf more interest teik heshi ts yreaha tet wall stre exctpes. ndt tha sentd bon yields a tt bleitig hanher d stosck r.arply lowe thowe des jon itrndusia algevera drpedea nrl y300 psnt to .:25,410 thase ndafeq ll 91. tandhe 5 s&p00 was off .35 stevesm lieasan h more on the fed chair's public det.>> reporter:ed f chanairmom jere llpowen i his inaurugal testimon byeefor cgron gessivgin anatupbeie vw on theco enomy ngsayi h eetsxpec itinflaono t returnth to e 2%ar tgetnd a s saheng ted fal reser ive ying toal bance bringing h a ation up and dealingit w teianterl ovheedatpe comtent economy. anha tt vega msphearket a k. unl po'swell pmireeree h pedenhe t droon i aub stleay w
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a potenalti frtouhat ree hik this year. e skepo with specificity on ag regulations sayine waedo tuc rede rategulions on .m aallnd mediumed siz ba was less cceon wrnedith inequalityha tn yelnle had. of skas aed by a mbeemr ngcoressho w take did he have that the fed wldou cngha olicyn oth tehe reatik hes this year. > t i ehinkach ofs us i gngoi btoeak tinghe t delevntopmes ncsihee t demecberee mting into coac auntndti wring down our new ate paths as we go into the mahme eting. j d iou wtldn' want to prruep . >>mo jp rg iann a commentary rafte t themoestiny ,said otque, dato cy'somntmepps aea trpeo on dtheoo fror others on the oitmm tteeo revise their fostreca as they see fitnd thatow pell hlfimse me ay b es nclo ed tlo fokouor frik h is year. h ue.s. tearn-ye certainly got he msaesge at :410 when powlel de those res,mark the ten-arye
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hot up five basis psoint iont ea.e2792, 932. ar rkset nowee s a 97%ha cnce of a rate hike in mah.rc 1 of aon secd rate hike in june and a66% chaenc of a december rate kehi. faouhrte rat kehi, 27 ity.ab at l'sutow bhe higrha tn it swaor befeis h iftesty. hees ttiesfiga ain on trshuday ebefo theen satend a hisst fir eonstimyex nont mthhe wnhe t ferarel eserv mtsee i ands exctpeed tnhe to raise iesntert. rate fonir "ghy tlnebusissep rort" i'mte sve liesman. >>oi j unings to tkalbo aut the taaykeawsf o mr. powell's teimyon and wtha may lay ahead tforheco enomy is micelha if a roly of jp nice tveo ha w youithnk news tha yo w>>t as ithe posbisi olityf a outhur reatik heha tt sktruc y th most in his stteimy?on eror we there other thisngha tt eou f oundteinreinst > there wer lot of inreinstg gsthin. tnlai ty, ihink his talking ab touthe pblossieis revionth t
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s revionth to eat re fostreca tt hawe c souldeen i h,rc that was sprurglisiny can d.da usyualled f cs hairareui qte utcaious in how they pctredi erwh ientesertat res a going. ybutou laid out are p cttylear ca fseor revising growth esmatites higrhet nex month retilaove the t ltas set of refo wnsthich is occurred i .bdeceer ohi i tnk aot l ofnt iertiesng retoday.ieren t buhi i tnkea rllyhe t oidceen in growthnd a what houly cld imp for theirat p iernt restat wesaso t me at t leasth me ostspringkiinethg. >> hse ud ad wor at one pntoi th watvee haot nea hrd ined f fchie testimony in a long time. h andhawat overathe wing,it retspeco tthe economy. oudo y s aeeny snsig of ?that dyoo eu se anyns iipntiet sor ofel bow the rfsuace, where the oacrsk u bulbs lie iade of that? >> tnkhi rhtigow n yreou a lyonin seeg vueagin hts ofatth. inioflatns i wellel bow most ti rasfes o ilanftionre all ar faiit bow bel 2%t tha idsa,
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ou owkn,he tsre i a fouams sang thatet monary picolctth as wi lgon and viaar blelag. theyon d'tt wantoai wtit unl y u allctuayee s ovaterheing before theighten the rates. i in iknhe t year worn m alfisc smutilusic kks inou y want to have interest rates in a n moes rtitricvenc staeha t eyre at roo n.ow ghrit now, youav he to look unrde theag minnifygla g to seeig sf ns oovheerg.atin i inthhek t conrncethes at thosignsre aor mere p sent han they were threer o six mo f her gngoi a toct proactively th peyroblbayt wan to s movi ingesntertat rses aar ely ast nex month. >> alsoas wtr sucky b how exicplheit t new fedhi c efwas. ishi as new,h muc more plexicit and trspantaren fed? ans d ithear mket ryeall ready rfo th?at th ceyinertalyener't readyor f y. dato you owkn, i think there is on tehing y houave toee knp i ind, whichs ias whi ts a
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dienffert chaeng inty sleti rela to yeln?le or t hadhe facts actlluay wod? in other s, the ltase tim we hedarm froel ylenas w beeforhe t dispenng orbill, befthe tax bi. an so a lot has chaedngn i the iinme scee wea hrd from ynelle rs wushen we heard from powell toy. isonk thit' is kind of diicff tulto disngtiuish in the gechan w aas ceng inse mesnger or what i think in wtha is feafg inthe economy. that idsa,hi i tnk llpowe's rd yl is more sghtraitfwaor anit eherer benank or yellen wh ao lreifeg lon adacems.ic e dow pellas he morprativ seorxp enceriee. rhpe hapse gis toingo be more caidn it tha spect. w>>hoe suld fnasteur o seat s.belt . michl lyfroe with jp rgmoan >>n> a istlraructure bil may mnotak iet out othf e seenat this year. s rton joh cornyn, the gop' numberwo tay sshe t agenda is paedck and ptiutng theetr an
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asinfrtrtuuceare msu wre boulde chlealg.ngin eaierlhir ts month the presintde inodtr aucedn tlouine and the arst ptingoi fntoreg nottiia ons bu itemt seso thave hit a he.ol >> aew nor reptn o hngousi datoony cfiedrm psrice accelerated toin e thend ofas lt arye. according to case schleilr th ehori pcend iex prisceos re idecember. th'sat the mostin sce mid-2014. an whit aim litedum nber of ofsitil avaableor f lesa,om he uye brsid up prisce which a siring fasrte tnhaag wesnd a inioflatn. >ls ao inhe t omecony, new rrsor fg lon lasting goods llor mhae tn expteecd last h. nrdd oers for so-called raesbl,an rgi fngrom washers dancr airaf ftell 3.7%. that is thege bigst dropn i six months. onectsomis say theec dli cneould point to ait lbitle t of a wdown in business spendgin afr ais reat le last year and essuggte edmiconoc ghrowt m ay aveod meredatly earn ithe fiqurst arr.te i deals new datoy, cstomca ade aur sepris $31li bilon bid forheri btish brocaad stersky,
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ic whouldxp eand mccoast's reho t keyur eopnea t the deal is complicated. 21sten cturyox f oswn a s itaken ,sk andt' is been trying to taulke flon c otrolf .it the bid fmro comstca cldouls ao disrupt sndiey's pnsla to acirquosx' mt of fo tsasse. essharf o all teehr media mpcosanie flelth on e news. julia boor citizen takes loo at the saagr ove y. >> cable anded mia gntia cstomca making a big bet on teiniornat lexpansion. inlookg btouy y,sk a uk media company with similar assets. and 23il mli stcus.omer skffy oersat s ghlit,ad broband nd mviobile sers brus oaasdc itingncdiluewng ns and ports whit vuaalbleig rhtso t enhisremier lgueaeke socr. c>>stomca and sky are the peecrft we're both ldeearsn i catre ing andtr disibuting content. wi i anowe vaguet the heart of do. we ca comster offing$3il1 blion
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al cash for sky, a 16% pmireum h fatffox oered forhe two t hirds of the comnypa fox dotesn' rr own. mct'aseos c sinaye g hwodul ike to own allf othe cpaomny touy out fox's cnturre stak e. >> a a eeauropn marketea lder skyou w accelerate ascomct's inrntenaatioltr syateg increangsiev rens uefrom osiutde th ue.s.o t 25ro fm cnturre .9% nds w a saide wwillng bri inmevestnt cteonnt and hicapaliesti to drive the gwtro rhe tbi comned businesses. >>s thiit ps comcast astgain dieysn a densl wel as fox and dhsocch whiav he enbe stggiinitg wh a regulatory -- l touy b thehe t wheheay t dneisy fox deal isuc strtudre t isre is a nslidgca s.le f fox ends up
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nsicreangts i bid for y,sk i esneyndsp u paygin for that hug thhis mechanismn i their acisioitn of fox. relyalha, wts doeis dney want to . > s foxay r it quoteains coitntmeoed t its romecedmend cash offeror f sky ouaynsedn o the 15thsf o dembceer, 2016. uld hadai sd its dealho s os bey t ehend ofju ne. no word fmro dyisne onhe t bid andst comca would not cmeomnnt o speculation that it'snt ieserdte in bngdi more for all of fox. rfogh "nitlbuy sssine rorep" i'm julia boorit cizen in los anles. om cca tsthear pent c ompany of cnbc, which produceshi ts rogm.ra >> teim t toake ak loo ateom todasy' big upadgres and down esgrad. teinod tay citi's top stli. ethk banit ses c thehip rske' strong cpeartsa les. redicts the company llwior reptro pfits avebo exctpensatio tshi year. inndtel spod rinisge morha tn 1% to 9.$491 on thi oswitherseow dn day.
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tchiplell mexican gri upedgrad toouertpform fromeu ntral at d. thire fm says theew n ceo could elpes salnd aff traicrvehe t xt one to two years. g.pceri taetrg, $4 the stockned 2% to 19$3.1 5. > winbaneawgo s itsat ring raeou c ldtpourmerforo fm maetrkfo perrmve or at obm capital mas.rket rv aestnaly thereay ss the ooms i abouto t enter it's eectations are for thear mketo ton cetinu to grow. the risev pedricege tarts i $60 a itdespehe t upgrade, the stock fell 5%1. to 45$43.. s>> tilleaahd, as theat debe nu to tr conolon ces athe up,al cls for cpaomny botsycot a breeing heard. budooy bs cottrelyalk?or
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> azoman to buy digit smort smt doorl bel maker ng makes a poparul line of ovideam cera door s.bell th pe triceag wasot n scdid.lose butew nf odethe alt senre shas of raliv home secituryom cpany adt lowe r. t he areepre rortsig tonht atth talks betenweal wgrn'ees and isamerouebrcnerge lestald. ly stagelo exptory talks beeen thewo t cpaomesni eedth wiout agenreemt. witlsas ao not tedmehat etgsin cod suret me aany ti
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ethor repten stre shas ofot bh ng cksow lner i latera t y. o he tic mag of macy's has reedturn. at lstea forow n. e thrtdepame snttore reported ttngroni earngins theos mt recent quarter thalu incdes the iod.yayolider p e retailer also issdue an ou upbeat ook for the .year hat helped send sshare% 3 higher in trading today. cotnurey reanga tesak a look at atwh's wkior fngor macy's. >> reporter: the holidsay was ngstro for macys. jaar ysbe.tter ethar deptmten storeot ny onl eat fasorects but its coarleable stasxc eeedde peatct.ions acy's said nbeovemrnd a december sal grew more than a percent. while they expected sales to slow in arjanuy, typical aly ppite anc mthon theos ppha.ened les inan j iuarympvero d3%. the aravegeri pce oaf item ma scy'sold in nujayaras w than it was a year there was less left over holiday inventory to sell onle carcean danho sspper bouughtor meew n mchds. more shoerpps ceamnt io macy's
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etesornd, ahe ty recdeoroud dbl digits rates for the 34thht traigquarter. >> 'smacyav gehe tm the want to end. ras were able d to come outh witte ims ppleoe wanted. seed to w cyma's ceoef jfet gays he is confident withhe t changing sas ledtren andla pnso txc eeed alan eystsxptaecstion tshi year. macy'sla p tnsoro gwal s es thugroh a cbiomonnati of four cts,ortr a songsu conr vinmro ent,aloverl betrte xecution, aew npa comnyid-we emoyee incenveti anpl, dan ndexpaingtr satieegts i tteesd lastea yr, including a new ltloyayro p aseamnd merchandi chgeans. gatil wlse u part ofav sings fr tomax fore trmoeld hp fun the new inndseive plan, giving all plemsoyee what ganet classifies as skin in the .game ganetay s tshere pseencf oack batage aare in ato srehi wch s acy's outlet cceonpt stliingal snes iho tse
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ocations --ti lifngal ses in the locations by a full percentage point. a metric that's been improving over time. he coennsts in i 45 storesow n nla pns to expdan to 100 more hi arye. analysts t their sattregys i eglpin improve sales butls ao ndinto tanpp nd for aently a a geren sallytrgon. u.s coernsums. icwhouh cldod b wl elcofor al's njcpeeynd aer oth reertails enhe t ryestsule comat ler this we. ek >>il d'slardor repts a strong arr.te wthat is where bineg tigonht's maet s.focu the reiltaers saidtr song demand teboosd mesare sto sales, revenue breettedna alyst focarests. prsofitpe topd estimates. shesum j16p %,lm aost 17% to .91 es>> dpite fginri pcing pressures, the drugaker mallen tcrof ssee a numberf o opunportitsie g forrohwt this ye u.
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shares 15%o t $18..66 >>nd> ahe thi cp r,make icrochip technology repteordly rgin d aeal tore acquihe t mi mroic sa.mi ghrisr' says the penottialie t upld coual vueic mroom sy around it csnturre scktoic pre. dea oual clde b reached as elyar ashi ts ekwe. mihicrocpha c rirsose .2% miomy sem up a fioractnf othe 51$64.. >> heerve arage sellingri pces heedo t brothers issue a itprof huruxyomeui blder saw an ti.ecrea in deor shares inily roseol fnglowi ethor reptut bis finhed down 5% d'o5.$410. sea worl ceo is sinteppgn dow mfr his pioositn as thehe tme park orapetoron cesnu to coenntitd wh fngalli pkar atndte.ance jo melanbyil wl leavehe t company a hand the resin over to john lyreil. ethpa comnyas h struggled toin w
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back ctousrsmeft aer the medocuntyarck bla fhis eosxped sea worlsd' aeglled remistatntme caors. . esar off 4% to $1924. >> forlocoing mpy anerlumb liquidatorsne ward thatts i prioomotns maye b losing steam dou cld rtesuln i a dropn i salesn i the quarter qutearr. arsh plunged 9% toin fisthh e seiosstn a $2432. aft terhe , bellhe payntmeom cpa snyequar trepoedig hher sesal as the mpyand sai meorin busesssedv took atage osf it eanxpded seesrvic. ive comnypaid d howerev y gou eniar ngsouootlk forhe t cuen qteruart tthara tiled tiess.mate ar wes vereolilate tnhe dexteedta s btionut eednd the rela drayp. >> georgisa' lenieutant veorrn threatened to pntreve ran ali fneromti getng a rivataxe tre bak wch is cuenytler und csiontideraonn i
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the state leslgie.atur e qteuodil i wll kil anyax t eslation that bitenefsta del less the company ceshangts i tiposionnd a fully restin ates it rsioelatnsphih wit the nr c. coorrpnsatioan ct aacttk rconsvavetinds a etxpec us not fghtac bk. >>exas h dideced to keepts i scntou for nra mrsemben i ede. in its statement f said ewhil i dt noesotgr aeeh withe t my va'siews on assltau rsifle it larified tthahe t duniscot prmogra is for members not the gaortinizaon se eddsicai sd it nerev pderovid any daton oionrns spooripsh to eth nra. e progun colontrpo suprtser ha clealdor f a bcooy ottfhe t coympan on social me dia. rk? doy bcosttct auayll wo he trealo tkbo aut atth, eric ngord, pssrofeort a the versity of micgahin's law scolf obusiness. esprofso gr, toodo veha you whit us here, some pro gun colontrol fks
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haai sd boyttco fedex because th aeyotre n cngutti the ir oudiscntit w thhe nra. dooy bcotts work? >> theyal usuly n'dot. sometimes theyta srtff o preytt strong. . t of vilisibity six to 12 months lar,tehe t r.disaea .l wmostitutho a pprile work.sually do not >> you know, ofpresr,so it seems and tug th dhisissscuion - we menontihied tsas ligt nht withhe tue gst that we had -- is mu mchore headte tn other ci ialsssue he avbeen in the rentcet pas ywanay. do tthaha cng te dynamicor t?a comnyr o no >t thald cou make this one- - is bcooythtt, ese bootycts, atreenedoycotts the wh watbeill inteserting itos seeth whe the tireacon, the seenntimt,he tti emoonars e just astrgon 90 dsay fromow as atheyre y.toda uft ihe ty e,ar this cou blde hxce eeponti where the bcooytt . lyal dsoeav he an efctfe >>f c anypa isre pedssur t o
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sodo meinthg, and let'sak thee t sef o fex,de getid r of its counts for nemra mbe,rs codn't you tnhe have a rcondespoen btttoyco tthaay s yoam daged me i amn a anr rppter we areoi gngo t you?ot >> yeah, for eryve tiacon, there is anoth ertireacon. ethpa comnys i in a vyer tough thep f.he t favor one si, de he srhaide te sthem. if theyon d't forav theth oer deatsi, the other side h emth. th aeynre i a lyreal,ea rlly itghua sitti fon wromhich i'm no sure there is not much . pe >>of presr,so w aree w,no aas soet ay,nday mbe as sheharrsolde,f i iist a publlyicde trad mpcoany,ie vng tly?sses diffener knowth, eor mal senset tha apntparely thexp eectation is at a cnyompa ndsee to have,o theight thing,ha wterve ttha t righthing is, in the um>>rcstance. e dool hd cniompaes to ramol stdards. the olda ide of,el wl business
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isin buses asnd hasot nhing to do with moritaly, those days are long .gone people looko tpa comnies to be tngroal moror fces whereal mor oes mean that theom cpany do wthaou y agree . eeth >> you s to be sinayg that coumnseroy bcosttd ten toor s t f run outf o steam, tsshe iue gets out of thes cyclend a mosve on toom setnghi else. t wthabo aut disiesnvt?tmen awhatboutnv itment cpaom nies yhatul peil thr sshare out because theon't like a pcosany'nv emeironnt alcestan, r the pctrodus that tyhe sell, ?r whaterev >>ahye t,hat can htur a me,an no ceoiv leso t see otrhe dayf i the sckto price tanks. tsoshat' o wnefay o pngutti a lot ofre pessur othn e mpcoany. th qstueion ,is aet th inmarg, honyw ma srehas work thatay w and m howanyrehas areus jtn i inxdeds funre whehi notng
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aenpp . uh-huh >>s thi hasee bn raised in extlachiy tsontextec b ause lkacro ck, theig b indexd fun coympan s a molor hr of a upcof le othgue nan mtuufacres atthe mak 5-ar-1steyl assault .iesfl an the coanmpy,ck bla ,rock has had a socliaes rpoibnsyilit .e so it's ay ver tckriy issueor em. eroric gdon with theni uitversy of michin'ga rsawch sool of .ebusiss thyoank u for yourim te y>> m eapl. ngre comiup, ala pne maovkeer. will changing theid inse of an raaircftri devve ren huer?ighe oe bing and thesi predent
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ha redeachn a informal dlea on new air force one rcai.raft crdco tingo eth wtehi house, president trumpotiated a 3.9 billion fedixce pri cora fctheor tew npl.anes thisol flowsea yrs of intense tinegoatnsiowe betenoe b aingnd the air e.forc he w hhiteouse s tayshe deal as taxyepaorrs me tn $1.4 iio cnreompad with the e.inal icpr et j blue isep rdlortey okg inepto rlace some of its .jets acrdco tingo reuter's, the inairleet mh wit cadianla pne markeom bbaierdndr ansla to wmeetith a brazianlipa comny .honis mth hreey a loongki r tolace the eet of 60 planes. nge cpaomayny sst iis exprilo ullan rge of its onoptis. >>ir> alisne t arerying a newch approao griv gerreat s.prot atheyreet rrottfi tinghe riinteor osf tirhela pnes so they all have the same number of seats. it could lead to fewer passengers getngti bumd from lights when aircraft when puedro fm service. ph liluebea is inve ery rhett,
5:24 pm
on. in rorep cter:al ilnt a aplirane .akeover maneric aliir iness retrofitting its flef binoeg 777s,ip strping out somef othe lsane' sndtaard main economy seats and rlaepcing them with t are m economy seatsha slightly bigger and have more leg omro. icameran belveie ifferentiating its cabins with more seat ceshoic will appl eato ustomers willingo pay a t mle foreor a higher level icserv >>he arere cerintadu procts hat customers are willingo t pa fornd a certain theyenar't. h be easiccomynoay tods i a prtoduc o fthat, and it allows toat mch f theares tt haare n the trulalow cost carerris ikehe t sripitsf otheor wld t dbu itsn't havehe tam se amenties like thebi a tlityo anchouge yrea srt ohe tlibity enve bring on a bag tha t can't fit under the seat. >> reporter: it takes less than a weeko t give a 777 a workers not only put in new seats. they are also rewiring the entire plane. when they are done, american llwie hav i standardizedts fleet
5:25 pm
of777s so they all havehe t mesabe numrf o atses. atthmp's iorntta bauecse for years different plasneit whin an irline's fleete hav oenft had diertenbe numrsf ose so ifne o plane haso tbe eac bed aynoertht a theas lt minute due to an unexpected t issue,here are not always nghouts sea for theas psengers boedn othe fls.ight om sesim the fghlit gset ovso fldorha wrteve reason. oneli fghtet gs cancelled and they have toon csodaliteeo pple on theem rngaini fls.ight mthateans there is a bitf o uiassn rleoutte gngoin ond a sodymebo gset bumped dow airlines want the reduce that from happening. >> reporter: american says the should be fewer lt-asteminu inbookgea hesch once it nifishes rroetinfittg sit pl.anes th satdhoul hpel the bottom lein dak meor f happierra trsvele nwh theirla pnes are rceeplad at theas lt mitenu n il beleau, everettas whitong iglyhtin busesres ."port
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h>>se' another lookt a how mtheajornd iexes arave ged itas ao- y of a day. dtheow droppedrl neay 300 to ,425.10 the nqasdaas w off 1.25%. 5.the s&p 500as wow d 3 17. 8 i n ot20 t' is not. by tay wt' is nice to be back .> iist tly t'has itor f "ghni sissneorept" tonight. > we wi sllouee y ainga torr.ow
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>>s thiisbb "rlc wowsd ne america." fug ndinofhi tess prentitason i pmadeosblsi te byhere feman dafounti,on ankod fvlerouatnd pion,urinsug sotilufoons r era'ica' neglected >> planng a vacaontiap esce that is relaxing, inviting, and exciting is a lot sieahaer tn you can find it here in aruba. families, couples, andri fends sucafiall ndhe tscir eapone the island with warm, y days, cointrg wiade nd as,hend t crtal blue caribbean sea. nop nstoflhtige s aravlaaible fros mt major airports. nf


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