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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  July 3, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing solutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from ewers like you. thank you. latest headlines for viewers in the u.k. and around the wor. the great summer getaway. from next week, dozens of countries will be exempt from france has a new prime minister, jean castex. as pubsla in e reopen tomorrow, boris johnson issues a clear warning to the public. pm johnson: this government will not hesitate in putting on the
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brakes and three imping restrictions. >> plus, nigeria's nollywood on pause because of the pandemic, but ther is hope one of the biggest film industries wille soonback at work. ♪ >>ng thank you for jois here on "bbc news." the gernment in england finally published its list of countries exempt from u.k. into effect frida due to come thee most of the e.u. is on safe list, those visiting america, or tickle in brazil, visitors need to self isolate on the way back home. tom berridg reports. tom: en route to france by
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train, soon, anyone traveling on the euro tunnel will not have to quarantine in eithertion. >> it will make a tremendous difference. >> i am working down there. it is big for me because i amck t work. tom: people arriving from 59 countries and overseas territories ar to be exempt, though half the countries have restrictions when you arrive t here. for those desperate to sell holidays abroad, it is a rare piece of good news. >> [indiscernible] on a flightai to -- far. not have to be that far, tom: in a weeks time, if you travel to low risk areas like spain, italy, france and germany, youve will not o self-isolate in either direction. greece is also on the list,
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though they will not allow u.k. holidaymakers in until at least july 15. countries like thean.s., brazil d portugal are not on the list. anyone arriving into the u.k. have to quarantine4 days.ill it means, has canceled her holiday. >> i am disappointed not to go to portugal. i was due too go friday t visit a friend with other friends. we go every year. there was a spike last week, but i thought there would be a chance. tom: getting the policy to this point has not been a smooth ride. the near blanket quarantine has put peop off booking summer holidays. it haseen deeply unpopular with struggling travel businesses. as the governments tries to relax quarantine, there has been real confusion. tonight, the prime minisr defended the way it has been handle pm johnson: we always said we
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would have a stronquarantine regime in place and that is what we are going to have for large numbers of countries around the world where the disease is still prevalent and becoming more prevalent. tom: there is a added complication. ifea you l from an airport in scotland, wales or ireland, quarantine rules might differ on your return. the scotsh government wants more time to decide as it has concerns aboutome countries on the u.k. government's list of exemptions. >> to illustrate the point about the shifting signs of the u.k. government's position, l thet of countries they were yesterday demanding the scottish governnt stand up to in suggesting we get an agreement on is not the same as the list they have shared with us today. we need, as the scottish navernment, to analyze proposals properly and raty. tom: but it might be hard for
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nmthe govts not to follow the new rules in england. because what if somebody living in wales drives to bristol and flies in and out from there? a negati result at a lab like this one could be a way of avoiding quarantine if you are arriving from a high risk country. testing passengers for covid is expected to beon at heathrow. the test will cost around 150 pounds. tomerridge, bbc news. >> president macron has named jean castex as the new french prime minister following the sudden resigtion of philippe. the court that deals with misconduct would open an inquiry into the way his government handled the pandemic. from par, lucy williamson reports. lu france's republican guard
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divides little protection from politics. power was transferred at arms length, no handshake allowed, to mark a fresh start for president macron's government or its new post coronavirus look. the new prime minister is rightg wing with a st southern accent, described as a swiss army knife with connections everywhere. je castex was propelled to the front lines, after years in the shadows as a senior civil rvants and assistant to former assiant to president sarkozy he is known as mr. confinement, the man who wrote the plan to get france out of lockdown. less than two years from the next presidential election, that is a success president macron will want to own. the coronavirus epidemic has left mr. macron with tough decisions, tryg to marry his
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liberal economic agenda with a cew focus on justice and environmental cs. >> the times demand we set a new course. it iso or each of usinvent ourselves. together we must do things differently. i apply a this to myself fnd foremost. lucy: edouard philippe was seenf as a s pair of hands during epidemic and is popular with center-right voters, so, castex brings many of thee. benefits witho the 10 point lead over macron. mr. philippe won as a center-right mayor. macron's party did bly, a reminder perhaps it is dangerous to outshine the president at any time, let alone when he its talking abhange. lucy williamson, bbc news,
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paris. >> let's take a look at the day's other newspaper the first hearing has taken place in turkey as the trial of 20 saudi arabia and nationals over the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. his fiancee was the firnc to give eviover the killing of khashoggi ands -- cite the consulate in istanbul. a series of explosions at a fireworks factory in turkey has killed four and injured 97. video footage shows a huge plume of smoke rising to the east of istanbul. a little-known kurdish group claimed responsibility for the deadly factory blasts. the european commission authorized use of antiviral drug remdesivir to treat new cases coronavirus. it comes days after the u.s. bought nearly all the manufacturing stock of t drug for the next three months, securing more than 500,000
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treatment courses of remdesivir for american hospitals. with the easing of some lockdown restrictionscross england on saturday, the chief medical officer has warned the coronavirus will be with us fore a very long the professor says relaxing some rules was not a risk-free step. prime minister boris johnson reiterated he will not hesitate fo reimpose controls is our political correspondent, alex forsyth. alex: is in the diary, the tables books, businesses preparing to open up after months of lockdown. some restaurant owners not sure >>at to expect. nobody knows. weno hav idea who will come, who is not. alex:s thitourist town in cotswold is opening up. >> anxious, nervous, excited. alex: it is a nervous time for
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number 10, too. have they got the timing right, or the tone?pm johnson: as we tt step, our biggest step yet on the road to recovery, i urge the british people to do so safely. alex: this is what the government wants to avoid last wee crowds crammed onto the beach, seemingly ignoring social distancing. imcritics claim the minister's public messaging was in part to blame. tomorrow h been described as per saturday. have you struck the rightee balance bethe country's health and the economy and are you confident you have the rig messaging? to the scientist, are you comfortable with the pac pm johnson: we think this is the mont, cautiously, to reopen the hospitality sector in the way we are doing. our advice to everybody is to respect the guidance. >> there is no perfect time, no
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perfect exact way of doing it. what this is is an attempt to balance as best we can the multiple risks in a way that makes it possible for society to be as close as possible to normal. usthis vs a long way from gone, but it will not be gone for ae. very, very long t alex: this is a significant moment for the country, but a significant political moment, too. the government has faced criticism for aspects of this crisis. ministers can only hope they have this right. just days ago, leste was the first place subject to a lockdown after a spike in cases. a reminder, if we needed one, this pandemic is unpredictable and far from over. alex forsyth, bbc news, westminster. >> do stay wh us on "bbc news.
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" still to come, the washington redskins launch a review of its controversial name after a demand from major sponsors. we get a reaction to that move, next. ♪ >> china marked its first day of ruling --ule in hong kong with a series of spectacular celebrations. a huge fireworks display was held in the former colony. >> the chinese president said unification was the start of a new era in hong kong. >> the world's first cloncehas been prod of an adult memo. scientis in scotland have produced a she called dolly that was cloned in a laboratory using a cell from another sheep. >> for the first time, russn-american spacecraft have docked in orbit in an era of cooperation inpace. >> challenger powered past the
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lighthouse at almost 50 knots, shattering a record that stood 54 years. there was no hiding t she relation of richard branson and his crew. ♪ >> this is "bbc news." the latest headlines --songland liftme strict quarantine rules, b only for people coming from a select list of france has a new prime minister, jean castex, the man who manage france o of lockdown. the formula one season has -- is finally getting underway, four months late, due to the coronavirus pandemic. hamilton made a statement by unveiling a new helmet with black ves matter messaging.
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andrew sadie's repainted their cars lack to show solidarity. for more on how forma one branding is changing, here is our reporter, jenny gao. >> i think it is a positive step that they are embracing their world champion and embracing globally. we have to get greater diversity to all elements of life. sthat is what formula one saying boldly and proudly. we haven't got it right at the moment, but we want to do as much as we can to change it. lewis hamilton spoke at length yesterday h about his newmet, black and purple, with "still i rise, still we rise" on the helmet. what a great spokesperson for your sport right now. he is in a unique situation where he can drive change. he really wants to be responsible for that. instead of h the commissio wants to provide answers to
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questions people do not know at the moment. i think it isos genuinelyive news for all involved in motor sport. >> meanwle in the u.s., the washington redskins nfl team has agreed a review of its controversial team name,ne following d pressure from its main sponsor, fedex, a mor team's stadium.e a the they are asking them to remove the controversial name come along considered osive to native americans. the latest calls come after a fresh focus on racism sparked by worldwide protests over the death of george floyd. for more, let' speak to cindy pressure.ore about thisst." is it coming just from fedex or is it much wider? cindy: wider. fedex has the naming rightsom the stadd the ceo is one of the minority owners of the team.
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at carries extra weight. pepsi has weyden. overnight, nike removed all redskins paraphernaliae.rom its webs you cannot buyedins-themed jerseys and shirts. that is around $600 billion of companies sending a strong message. [crosstalk] >> this is not the first time we are hearing these calls to change the name. what might be different this time? cindy: what has changed in the past month, the protests in the street after the death of george floyd andths. also, a reazation the nfl commissioner put out a statement did not get it right and theyfl
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were sorry. as far as n the is concerned, black lives matter. they want to be at the forefront of diversi. most up-and-coming stars in the league, the quarterbacks, are black oriracial. this is where it is headed and it makes sense. they are making a purely business decision on one hand. and decision with their hearts and wallets. >> that said, why has the team been so resistant to change? what reasons has it given in the past? cindy: the owner, dani snyder, grew up rooting for the team, he loves it with a passion, almost to the detriment of the team for the last 20 years. he has said, put it in all things have a way of changing. wa alss to build a new stadium and put that in washington, d.c. e stadium they have now is in maryland, the suburbs.
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it is antiquated, awful the d.c. government leadership says, uh-uh. not until you change the name. there are pressures to bear on him. you hope he has a little more altruistic reasons for wanting to do it. >> thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. as the retail sector battles to findafe ways of operating during the pandemic, the cosmetic count can make the act of trying and buying makeup difficult. south korea, praised for its handling of the pandemic, may have found the answer. >> spot t the differencs is cosmetics shopping in south koreaea via the augmentedty experience. technology that aims to let the customer try and buy, while
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minimizing the chance of getting covid-19. the mirror shows the real you, takes a photo analyzes it and suggest products. what makec thisology useful is that it allows people to test cosmetic colors without ever trying them on. translator: due to coronavirus, it was uncomfortable to test cosmetics after someone had used it, but this is very connient. i can see actual color on my reality image, without even touching my face. it is very hygienic so i can try out without concerns. reged: south kor already has guidelines that recommend shoppers try cosmetics out on the backs of their hands, but this is an industry where nearly the entire shopping experience is about putting product on your face, which means and inventive approaches needed to keep the counters open. that includes qr codes next to
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products. customer can scan on their phones and avoid contact with south korea never really locked down in the same way other countries have. the trace, test ands treat methf controlling the pandemic have been widely praised. the case numbers remain relatively low. even so, the country isli still ba persistent outbreaks, triggering even tighter social distancingeasures. some augmented technology is there is no guarantee once you have taken the product hwie that yo fall in love with the real experience. but south korea's innovative solutions given insight into how the future shopping experience might look in the age of covid-19. rege ahmed, bbc news. >>hat is not the only industry experiencing change. the film and television dustry around the wld is taking a
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substantial hit in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. atwhen you consider n nigeria, nollywood, is the country's second-biggest employer and signifint contributor to gdp. it is definitely worth hundreds of millions of dollars and understandable now why the industry is keen to t receive go-ahead from the government to get cameras rolling again. we have the report from legos -- gos. >> i was counting on this deal to give us both a new start. [indiscernible] >> nollywood is the second largest film producer in thed worlter india's bollywood. a lockdown in march forced productions to come to a halt, gnificantly affecting the industry. la femme angela was one of the
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films put on hold due to the pandemic. it was one of the most anticipated movies of 2020, because it features one of nollywood's biggest stars. >> we have spent money, there are stars, agreements. all of that stuffbe is moot now use of this pandemic. reporter: over one million by thea employed industry, but because of covid-19, their income has been frozen for almost four months. so many people, crewmembers, depend on these jobs. reporter: nollywood generates millions of u.s. dollars annually. because of the halting production, thindustry has lost millions of dollars. production houses are looking to start filming in the next two months, but they areaiting for official confirmation from the nigerian government.
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production center,ction,der training, and what talents we have earned, ancillary businesses, i would not be surprise that number was nearer to 15 billion to 20 billion. rtre: this is one viewing halls of a film house in lagos, nigeria, a pular spot for lovers of nollywood films. they do not know when they will be allowed to reopen. the impact of the coronavirus goes beyond the boinom line of thstry. story lines and life onset are about to change. >> they are anxious, but they are open. actors are ready to go back to work, but what are the guidelinessafety measures? is everybody going to get tested
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reporter: film producers anticipate production costs will rise because they need to ensure the safety of castnd crew. >> there is no vaccine in the next few mths. that means we have to be working during this pandemic. online streaming platforms playn a role in the consumption of nigerian films, like rol -- roku tv and netflix. the film industry anticipates when it can return to full production. with uncertain times ahead, covid has forced to the industry to rely me on online streaming platforms and television for distribution. bbc news. >> from nollywood to news out of bollywood, where stars are
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paying tribute to a celebrated choreographer who hadied at the age of 71. >> she choreographed nearly 2000 songs including some of bollywood's most iconic and popular tunes. she became renowned for her choreography in the 1980's. her work in movies won her numerous awards, including a prestigious film fair. she died of cardiac arrest in a hospital in mumbai on friday. before we go, ar remin our top story e british government published a long-awaited list oo countrieswhere travelers will be exempt from coronavirus quarantine requirements on arrival england. theon restric have been lifted for more than 70 countries and territories, including many popular holid destinations.
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however, people arriving from portugal, the u.s. and several other countries will have to self-isolate. scotland and wales said the plans to wrist -- relax restrictions have been in shambles and that the regional governments are in charge of their own policies. stay with us on "bbc news." narrator: funding for this presentation of this program is provided by... language specialists teaching spanish, french and more. raymond james. the freeman foundation. by judy and peter blum kovler foundation; pursuing sutions for america's neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you thank you.
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