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tv   BBC World News Outside Source  PBS  July 23, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the freeman foundation. by judy anr blum kovler foundation; pursuing sicutions for ams neglected needs. and by contributions to this pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. ro hello. welcome to "outside source." we start with the new warning from the world heagah orzation. it's his intent transmission of coronavirus's we striven to a handful of countries that says people should not be complacent as global cases continue to rise. >> more than 50 million cases of
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covid-19 have now been reported to the who. >> a tiny scientist accused of concealing her links to the military is hiding in china's san francisco consulate. boris johnson goes on and offensive in scotland as polling ows rising support for scnctish indepen china's mission to mars, the latest lodge in the world's race to explore the red planet. welcome to the program. we start with the world health organization, which has released the latest coronavirus figures. here is the director general. >> moreas than 50 million of covid-19 have now been reported to who, and almost 620,000 deaths. we continue to see transmissio
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and a relatively small group of countries. almost 10 million casesr two thirds of all cases globally are from0 countries, and almost half of all cases reported so far are from three countries. >> one of those countries as brazil, where 2.2 million confirmed infections has the second-worst worst outbreak after the united states. this graph shows a number of new set a new unwantedd withd has 67housand confird cases in the past 24 hours. th virus has now affected smaller towns in remot areas with fewer medical facilities and brazil's huge interior area. indigenous groups are among .those increasingly h >> covid-19 is still accelerating in at least half a brazil's 27 state after it hit hard the northern part of the country, the disease
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is spreading the south, affecting the end factories -- affecting meat factories. and infecting a number of indigenous communities. more than 2000 indigenous were already infected in eight different communities could well part of the country is starting to open up,n i those places, quarantine are being implemented the number of deaths has been stable for the past few wks, but at aeally high level. more than 1008 a. as images of large gatherings on the streets on multiplying some epidemiologists fear some are starting to normalize what i actually a tragedy. president is tting positive for covid and has been isolated for a few days. he is quite active on social media, especial to advertise the dication he is taking, hydroxychloroquine,ro corsial drug used to treat malaria patients, and with no
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hard evidencthat it actually works for covid. >> let' go to the u.s., which has the highest number of confirmed cases. the total is almost past 4 almost 70,000 of them were reported in a 2hour period. york as the state with theew highest number of infections. there was more bad news for the u.s. labor market.ll 1.4 n additional americans applied for unemployment benefits. chelle fleury is a new york. >> there is a couple of things to take away. weave, away from those highs of weekly claims we saw in march when the pandemic firstit that being said, we're starting to see weekly unemployment claims begin to rise again after 14 consecutive weeks of decline. wh this suggests is the recovery we have been seeing in america's labor market seems to be moving back. that should not be tooen
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surprising ghe reports we have been hearing about ronavirus cases increasing, forcing some officials in some t stat put the reopening plans on hol ride in soma bumpy bars, restaurants, and businesses face restrie.ions to oper >> the economic cast is being felt in europe with a recovery plan facing a new hurdle. parliament has voted to withhold support tt the e.u.'s budget r which includescue deal unless changes are made. the president of t european council urged mp's to back it sayinghe stimulus package would help reverse year's massive recession. let's run through the sticking points with our correspondent in brussels. >> there are a large number of pitches, a very broad political spectrum of mp's from centre life -- from center-right,
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centerleft, ander ls that includes, number one, the fmot they wan progress on how the money, how revenues will be raised to counterweight some of this borrowing, like through taxes. they are unhappy that the price of this budget deal t, the price of unity forhe.u. budget to cut a lot of joint endavors, such as science research and during theme pandemic, p's said this is not right. the final thing some are unhappy about is the fact that they see as very weak, the provisions which try to link the disbursements of theoney to the rule of law and good governments, so they wort there isn' enough of a break on giving money to corrtries where tion is rife, where government is showing autocratic ndencies. >> the economic cast hasn
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becoming clearstralia. the result, the country's biggest budget deficit since the second world war. australia is heading for its first recession in three decades. they said the unemployment rate is expected to pass 90% by the end of the year. here is more. >> australia is experiencing a health and economic crisis like nothing we have seen in the last 100 years. these harsh numbers reflect the harsh reality we face. the economic outlook remains very uncertain. >> onto south africa where researchers say the death tollro isbly significantly higher than the official figure. nearly 6000 deaths have been recorded. an election -- an extra 11,000 have been unaccounted fo >> south africa has the fifth
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highest number of coronavirus cases ithe world, and the highest in africa. record 572 deaths were recorded in the last 50 hours. but wit these figures, local research now suggests the number ofavirus deaths may be going under reported. researchers of souths africa' medical research council say the figures for natural deaths are much higher than usual. they have been tracking overall deaths across the country for the past and weeks, and have found 17,000 more people have died than is usual for this time of the year. this does not mean that all of these are covid-19 related deaths, but health experts are worried that it's a given fitted number of those -- that a nsignificantber may be from the virus. one excellent nation they give some people have died at home -- one explanation they give is that some people have died at home. hospitals are overwhelmed. hundreds of health worcors have racted the disease in both
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private and state hospitals. nsthis mhat while more people will be needing hospital re over the next few weeks, there are fewer hands help, which could affect the quality of health care they get and places lives at risk. >> let' turn to the tensionse between .s. and china. the u.s. has arrested thr chinese in -- three chinese due tora. it is a visa fraud cases. shhas been arrested for lying on her visa application about being a chinese military scientist. and is allegedlpa of a chinese program to send undercover army scitists to america to spy and steel information. the prosecutors say that she alsoied about being a chinese military scientist.
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they allege after claiming to have known no knowledge of the luke perry logo, an investigation uncoveredhotos wearing a military uniform and a search of her home fou evidence of her if emulation -- evidence of further affiliation they believe she is currently staying to avoid prosecution in san francisco. the situation comes a day aft the u.s. ordered the closure of china's consulate in uston, texas, saying it w a spokesperson accus the u.s. of using excuses to limit, harass, or crackwn on chinese scholars in the country. >> what america has don seriously violates the legitimate rights and interests of tiny citizens. it is an outright political persecution. we urge the u.s. to all kinds of excuses to limit, harass, or cracked out onin
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e researchers in country. china will take all necessary meases to protect chinese citizens and safeguard their legitimate rights. >> let's speak our correspondent. good to see you. s thnds pretty extraordinary on the face of it, allegationsin of s hiding out in consulate. what is going on?ha >>we know so far is all from this american indictment. they did not -- she did not disclose her ties in her visa interviews. and she claimed she is not a military officer. she said she came to the u.s. for research she went to the chinese consulate in san francisco, and is believed to remain there. we learned that the u.s. has searrested three chiationals fraud, according to the
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this is what the u.s. calls which is a kind of chinese espionage activity that the fbi has been closelyonitoring. the fbi director saidwi the fbi open a new case about chinese espionage, but at the same time, there is concern the u.s. investigation often focuses on chinese researchers or on chinese-american backgrounds, and this will lead tci xenophobia, profiling in >> science a technology. >>it feeds in this catalog, disintegratingelations between e two countries. where are we going now with this? >> we are all waiting for a speech, which is going to be by
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secretary pompeo. his speech is based on what is believed is going to be sensational. it is going to be hard-hitting on china. expected to urge u.s. allies, and the chinese people, change the communist party's behavior. s remarks are among up a series of hard-hitting speeches made by u.s.g high-rank officials mainly, focusing on different aspects of the china/u.s. relations would pompeo will tie up the loose ends. he really suggest the chinese people should overturn the counist party, he is -- is speech will infuriate beijing -- his speech will infuriate beijing. beijing says anyone who tries to separate the chinese people are endangering it. >> thank you very much for that. that mike pompeo speech coming up in a couple of hours. it is not just the u.s. that has
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been clashing with china recently. british and chinese relations are so strained. the latest issue is passports. many people in hongho kon u.k./briti national passports. but china is considering not recognizing them as legitimate. to apply for special visas to live in brain. >> the u.k. has neglected china's seriousrgent, and has politically been ambulated the bno issun . it has bros promise and violated international law and basic norms. the u.k. has intervened in both hong kong and china's domestic affairs. the u.k. broke its promise first. that china will consider not recognizing bnl as a vad travel document carried china
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reservesak the right to further actions. >> our correspondent was at the news conference and you told us what it could meanor the people of hong kong. >> what it means is, just say, you are in hong kong and you want to leav there? if you have an id card, you can go acrossmahe border into land china. but if you want to travel overseas, perhaps, what will be said to the airlines is, you cannot accept travelers, say ying to london, with a bno passport. the other thg they could say is to y enter the terminal,ou have to present a ticket and your passport, a then they will say, you have a bno passport, you cannot go into the terminal at all. illy people in hong kong have a local hong kong passport as well. that is ok for them. they can travel, but lots of others do not.
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i can imagine now they would be thinking, i better hurry and get myself a local hong kong passport as well, lest i be straed here and i am not able to travel to the u.k. to take up this offer, this path to tizenship, which is now been granted to me. you can see where this is going. what they could in theory say is, all right, you can choose, ouu can apply forhong kong casper, but you have to give up your bno passport in order to do so. so, they screws are certai tightening on those in hong kong and i think many of them are, quite worried about this right now. >> that is theatest from hong kong. stay with us on "outside source." still come them a boris johnson virks his first year as prime minister with a t to scotland. ♪
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>> ministersre pledging to commit almost 600 million pounds of england. network in the north much of the 589 million pounds will be used to electrify the transport mainline. in a new acceleration council is being set up. here is our correspondent. >> is 599 million will begin by exhilarating -- the infamous route between leeds and manchester where we see so many commuters. on top of that, they will double the number of tracks so those horrible times when your fast train gets behind a slow one, no more. will be ableo wor its way around. they will set up this northern transport acceleration council. whathat means is senior ministers from the department of transport will be in regular contact with northern leaders to make sure these improvemen happen in the right places and
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happen quickly. ♪ ♪ >> this is outsideor," live from the "bbcor peer the w health organization says intense transmission of covid 19 is restricted to a handful of countries, but warns people not to be complacent as global cases continue to rise. next to the u.k., boris johnson was in scotland. he is with some crab fishermen. as you can see, never wanted to miss a photo opportunity. it is far up in the north of scotland. the choice of location to emphasize the reason for his trip, to make the case for the ited kingdom staying s the prime minister. >> the union is a fantastically strong institution. it has helped our country
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through thick and thin. it is ry, very valuable in sterms of theport we have been able to get throus out all corn the u.k. >> the prime minister was referring to the u.k.-wide response to the coronavirus pandemic. he did not meet with the first minister of scotland today, but nicola sturgeon was impressed. >> i put myself in this. we should be -- we should not be trying to use covid in the situation as some kind of is ademic that is taken thethis lives more than 50,000 people across the u.k. >> because of opinion polls in scotland doge s across-the-board, people think the scottish government has done bater job of handling the coronavirus crisis than the u.k. united kingdom. -- in the , as well as the u.k. parliament in london, thereas a scottish
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parliament, welsh parliament, and a northern island assembly and they have various degrees of powers scottish govnment, which nicola sturgeon heads, has key areas like health and social care. here is a professor to explain how crucial that has been recently. >> i think the coronavirus pandemic over the last three months has mad the aleutian -- has made devolution across the whe of the united kingdom, but it does mean that within scotland, crucial decisions about the nation'sublic health, life and death decisions from affected everybody's life, these have come out of london concerned and itns to bend are the case despite the fact that in many respects, the rord looks similar. until recently, the scottish government.
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handling of coronavirus is rateh much more than is boris johnson. and it looks as though, alongse that, there has been up -- there haveeen signs for 12 months. it looks as though perhaps in the wake of the perception thata boris johnso not handle things well the nicola sturgeon has. the support for independence has been -- further. we are seeing3%he polls a pay -- 53%. >> just to bring home that last point, this is a poll aggregate from the scotlanwebsite. you can see the green line of people who would vote no and another independence vot that line is been consistently higher than the blue, people who would vote yes. until recently.
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that has reversed.k. the overnment has ruled ou another independence refereum and it is easy to see why the guardian called boris johnson's comments wishful thinking. this ctent -- this cartoonth makesame point that johnson's visit to scotland may be helping their party, rather than his own name for boosting the union. here is sarah smith paris sarah: for the last four months, people in scotland have been wanting nicola sturgeon trying to cope with coronavirus. boris johnson wants him to remember it is his government that has theower to borr the money that has been funding things like the job retention ndheme and extra sg for the nhs. by coming to scotland, the prime miniser is demonstrating he realizes he has to start makingu the case for ton if he wants to stem rising support for independence. >> china has lost its first ever solo mission t mars at the
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start of what will be a busy time for slowing the red planet. the rover blasted off on water rocket on the southern island of wound chang. if all goes well,everal months from now, the probe will reach its orbit around mars and prepared to land. when or if d itoes, the rover, which is about the size of a small carnd using solar power to get around, but what is it going to do when it is there? it will test samples for water, ice, and minerals, but conducting research on the red planet is not easy. here is the head of china's mission. >> cpared with the previous lunar rover, improvements in various areas, including the power system, have been made on the mars' rovct. we are cong a detailed survey on the landing zone to give the mars rover more data so we can travel and a more stable and better way. >> it is the second of three separate missions to mars in the space of 11 days. they knighteadverb your merits
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-- the uae launched their mission, expected to orbit mars to study the climate. nasa will send its own rover called perseverance a week from now, which will search fns s of past life, and also carry a drone-like helicopter to test powered flight in the mars' atmosphere. y such a busy period for missions to mars? it is because the earth and mars are aligned to make the journey shorter. shorter journey doesn'tne help withf the most important parts of any mission to mars, the landing. for china's rover, that challenge is some way off and will not beginrbiting until february of next year, but for now, things are going well, and they have a plan for when they arrive. here is our science correspondent. confirmation of the rocket has put the probe on the right path to mars, and now, it is seven
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months to wait until they tryge aninto orb at the red planet. they are not going to go down at the service straightaway. they will use a strategy the americans used back in the 1970's. yomay recall the viking in the mid-1970's. it went into orbit around mars, and kind of looked at what the nditions were like, to pick their place, to pick their time, to g they were successful global viking one a viking 2. viking 2 got io the same place that the china rover will target, which is the utopian plain. we will see what happens, but so far, so good. >> a bus time heading to mars, and we will bring you the nasa ssion next wee a quick reminder of our top story. e world health organization says intense transmission of coronavirus is now restricted to a handful of countries, but is
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