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tv   BBC World News  PBS  April 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> and now "bbc world news." >> is a miraculous escape in virginia. a u.s. fighter jet crashes into on apartment block. both pilots ejected moments before impact. thousands of refugees flee across the syrian border, turkey says it may need u.n. help. a warning from french police, a serial killer might be responsible for shooting four people. welcome to bbc news broadcasting to our viewers on pbs in america and also around the globe. coming up later -- [singing] >> 20 years after the start of the civil war, bosnia remembers. why america has not built a national monument to commemorate world war i.
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it is being seen as a miraculous escape for all concerned, an american navy jet crashed into a residential building in virginia but there was no fatalities. several people on the ground were injured although not seriously. we have the latest details from washington. >> a scene of suburban devastation, but could it have been worse? the smoldering wreckage of an apartment building and still in gold and flames, the twin tail fins of the navy jet. gulfed in fl ames, between tail fins of the navy jet.
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>> all of a sudden, i saw the plane come down and then because i'm on the courtyard, it shifts. the whole backyard was on fire. then, things started to explode. >> emergency services raced to the scene. >> they apologized for hitting are complex. they said, don't worry about it. >> both pilots were taken to the hospital along with five other people, none of them thought to be in danger. this was clearly a shocking episode. they managed to dump the fuel moments before the crash, action which may have saved many lives. >> we can speak to a resident in virginia beach who live near the crash site. i know it is night time there, can you tell us if the
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investigators are at the scene? >> yes, they are. the last of what we heard, one of the interior buildings is still being investigated to see if there are any bodies in there. they put it off because it was the most damage and there was a lot of jet fuel. they had to spray some substance on it to make it safe for the fire men to go in and investigate to make sure no one was in there. >> to your knowledge, there are no missing people on the ground? >> as of now, yes. >> i know you have lived there for a relatively short time, but everyone has to sign a disclaimer, do they? they know that jet training takes place overhead. >> yes, when you sign your lease, you have to sign that you are aware that you live in a training ground for the jets and that you live in the pathway of
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them landing. >> i gather that you are now thinking twice about living in that particular area. >> well, i do have to agree, it has crossed my mind. yes. >> this is a fairly constant thing to get the aircraft noise and many people are thinking similar things, you think, after today? >> yes, when it first happened i walked up and i saw some of the buildings on fire, and some of my neighbors, who i have never seen before. they told me the same thing that i was thinking, this makes you think twice about where we live. this puts into perspective how dangerous it can be living as close to a flight path. >> thank you for joining us. a humanitarian crisis is growing in turkey's border with syria. a number of refugees fleeing the violence is increasing and the turkish government has warned
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that they might need united nations help. the flow has doubled since the syria to an end of military operations next week. from istanbul, our correspondent reports. >> the flow is becoming a flood. more than two and a half thousand syrian refugees in the space of 24 hours. they are struggling across the countryside to the border. there might be many more to come, given the intense attacks by government forces they have been reporting. >> this morning, we were surrounded by 100 tanks. they started shelling us. people are stranded and no one can go in to collect the dead. >> i have a 3-year-old bogirl and a boy. what kind of system is this? i don't know where they are. isn't there the u.n. to stop him?
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>> there is an efficient system for documenting the refugees and transporting them to the shelter. turkey has built two large camps in addition to the six they had but even these will not be enough, but the numbers keep rising. if that happens, turkey says they expect the u.n. to step in. >> our expectation is that the promises given to kofi annan must be kept. it is essential that the operations must stop immediately and the army units must withdraw. >> whatever syria has promised, that withdrawal is not happening yet. if anything, the bombardment of opposition neighborhoods has become more fierce than at any time in the conflict. just days before the deadline, all of this is supposed to stop. >> the nominations for presidential elections in egypt closed this weekend. despite the overthrow of hosni mubarak in an uprising, tensions
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remain over the country's future. the muslim brotherhood, the dominant political movement, is being accused of lying and hypocrisy after going back on a promise not to contest the presidency. >> muslim brotherhood supporters celebrating what they think is now inevitable, that the millionaire businessman and former political prisoner will be the next president of egypt. the movement has gone back on an explicit promise not to stand for the presidency. >> i am quite confident that whatever the decision the party takes, it will be the best for the egyptian people. >> we're not going back to a one-party state? >> know. >> they already dominate the egyptian parliament. the movement says that they support the democratic, albeit, islamic government.
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also staking their claim, ultraconservatives. they had abolished the treaty with israel and curtailed women's rights. political discourse here is dominated by islamic parties. egyptians from all backgrounds, secular and religious, fought and died in this very square a year ago to oust the mubarak regime. many secular egyptians say that their revolution is being stolen from them. this is where the muslim brotherhood draws much of its support, running clinics and schools for the poor and needy. but moderates warned that the darker side to it -- but moderates warn that there is a darker side to the islamic parties. >> we really do expect a lot. if they try to do that, i think
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another wave of violence can erupt here and the instability will continue. >> a year after the popular uprising, egyptian islamists have outmaneuvered their secular rivals and a pattern that has been repeated across the region. >> security forces in bahrain have fired tear gas and water cannons to disperse thousands of protesters who rallied in support of the leading human rights activists. demonstrators held portraits of the imprisoned activists. he has been on hunger strike for close to 60 days. supporters say he is close to death. he is appealing against a life sentence he received for his party's anti-government protests last year. leaders of the military coup in mali have agreed to stand down and return power to civilians in a deal with negotiators. the president of the national
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assembly is expected to become the interim head of state. the country has been split in two by tuareg-led rebellion in recent weeks. authorities in france say that a serial killer might be responsible for a series of shootings in a suburb. athe same weapon was used to kill four people. >> it was in a hallway that a woman of algerian descent was shot dead. her killer used a semiautomatic pistol. >> the weapon used, according to an initial list examination, is the same one that was used to kill three other people. but this element alone is not enough to confirm it is all connected. >> there are other reasons why a serial killer is expected. four people shot under similar circumstances within a 10 kilometer radius. on the 27th of november last
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year, a woman was shot dead at her apartment block. three months later, her neighbor was shot. on march 19th, a man was shot in the head outside of a similar apartment block. then, in a similar suburbs, the latest victim was killed. the former victim -- the first victim's former boyfriend confessed to killing her but then retracted the confession. >> this series of killings it deserves attention and we will put all of our resources into this affair. >> france has been on edge 7 cents people were shot dead last month. with this case, there is no suggestion of a racial or religious factor. -- france has been on edge since seven people were killed last month. >> tens of thousands of tourists
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and romans flocked to the arena to see the pope. he did not carry the cross himself during the procession. instead, he listened to mediations on family unity that lamented divorce, abortion, and infidelity. this is "bbc news," still ahead -- 95 years after america entered world war i, debate rages over why a memorial has never been erected in the u.s. senior mps are calling for a wider investigation into allegations of racism in the metropolitan police. 80 officers and a civilian member of staff are under investigation. in total, 10 separate incidents of alleged racism are being looked into by the in defended police complaints commission. a man and woman who were arrested on suspicion of murdering a girl at a camp site
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have been released without charge. police say the results of a post mortem examination suggest that the death was not suspicious. police in northern ireland say they have recovered a bomb containing a significant amount of explosives. the device was left on a grass birth close to the 8-one. the chancellor says he would be very happy for the british government to consider publishing the tax returns of ministers. the "daily telegraph" has reported that the chancellor says it is personal principles to make the rules more transparent. this is "bbc news." a u.s. navy fighter plane crashes into an apartment complex in virginia beach, but miraculously, no one is reported to be critically injured. thousands of refugees flee across the border from syria, turkey says it may need help
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from the united nations. malawi is preparing a state funeral for president bingu wa mutharika a day after he died from a massive heart attack. there is still no word on who his successor will be. we go to johannesburg. >> malawians woke up to a state of confusion. hours after the president was admitted to the hospital, they got word that he was dead. >> i am morning. this is a sad moment. i know that some are not concerned but this is a serious development. >> the president's body has been taken to south africa while crisis talks continue over who will assume power. when the president secured a second term in office back in 2009, he did so with 66% of the
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vote. as years went by and the economy nosedived, so did his popularity. many were accusing him of heavy handedness and mismanagement of the economy. now, with his death comes the succession battle. the vice president should take over in line with the constitution, but she was expelled from the ruling party. the president's brother himself a minister, has been groomed for the job. while the body remains here in south africa, the future of malawi is clouded in answer to the. mr. mitchell is urging a peaceful transition. whoever takes over faces enormous economic challenges in one of africa's pour estimations. -- poorest nations. >> there is concern about the
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millions of tons of debris floating in the pacific ocean following the tsunami in japan. the u.s. coast guard has already sunk a ghost ship. japan's tsunami debris coordinator in hawaii says that it is extremely difficult to track marine debris. >> immediately after the tsunami occurred, there was field of marine debris detected right off the coast of japan through aerial surveillance from search and rescue teams and also through satellite imagery. within about a month after the tsunami occurring, we could no longer detect those fields of debris because it was too dispersed, and because it is so dispersed and the pacific ocean is so vast, the debris is really difficult to detect. you're using ocean models that we have for other purposes and applying them to the debris to
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try to predict the movement of the debris. -- we are using ocean models that we have for other purposes and applying them to the debris. we expected this debris to go to the east. we believe that based on our models and observations that the most quickly moving objects started arriving along the west coast line and alaska this winter of 2011-2012. >> how much debris have you discovered so far? >> well, because it is so dispersed, it is very difficult to detect. also, the breed is not a problem that is new with the japan tsunami, this is a problem in the oceans. -- debris is not a problem that is new with the japan tsunami. it is difficult to distinguish it from what we see coming in every day. in order to try to detect it, we are using satellite imagery and
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we also have a call out to the vessels at sea and along shorelines for people to report any significant observations that they think might be associated with the tsunami. >> what effect does it have on the marine life? >> we don't exactly know what kind of debris we will see from the tsunami or how much but we know from the debris that we see every day coming into the coastline, the ocean, the types of damage that it can cause. it causes injuries to marine life and they can become entangled in debris. we see every year, whales, seals, sea lions with debris like fishing nets and fishing lines in tangling them which can drown them or cause them to starve or more vulnerable to predation. initially, marine debris can cause destruction to habitats such as fragile coral habitats,
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especially fishing nets and lines. the habitat is important for other species. of course, the debris is a hazard to navigation because it can get caught in propellers and clock in takes. lastly, when it comes ashore, it becomes an esthetic problem across our coastline. >> a concert has been held in sarajevo to mark the beginning of the civil war. the conflict lead to some of the worst atrocities in europe. 100,000 people were killed across bosnia. some of the physical scars have healed, but after two decades, bosnia remains a divided country.
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>> 11,541 dead. today, each of those killed in sarajevo had a chair set aside for them. picture those who should be sitting here, the old, a very young. sarajevo today in the spring of sunshine is a modern european city. but it is hard in the balkans to escape the past, hard to forget the slaughter, the suffering. >> nobody thought there would be a war. we all thought this was some kind of a skirmish. it is hard to believe this happened in europe. >> no 11 and that is a great shame. they all wanted everything and they got nothing. -- no one won and that is a
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great thing. >> 1992, the muslim and croat populations voted for independence. the bosnian serbs rejected the decision. 20 years ago today, five people were killed when serb nationalists fired into a crowd in sarajevo. the wall -- the war had begun. the siege of sarajevo lasted 44 desperate deadly months. the city was shelled, bombed, almost obliterated. sniper alley, just being there was enough to get you killed. bosnia was brutalized, carved up, the serbs, croats, muslims fought and killed for territory. ethnic cleansing came to europe.
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international diplomacy proved useless. the united nations sent in peacekeepers, they managed little. their failure the most bloody in the enclave of srebrenica. there, ratko mladic promised his muslim prisoners that they were safe. they were not. more than 7000 men and boys were killed in cold blood. it was this massacre that finally led to nato's intervention, forcing the serbs into retreat. >> on the sixth of april, 1917, the united states entered world war i where some 5 million americans would serve. 95 years later, the memory has faded, but there's still no memorial. >> it has been 95 years since 5 million americans joined the
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battles on european soil. no one is left who can say that they fought in the great war. frank buckle's was the last non- american who could. >> we had a sacred responsibility. if you are representing those who have gone before. ♪ ♪ >> he died last year at the age of 110. before he passed, he campaigned for america to remember its sacrifices in the great war. other wars have come and gone, and the monuments sit on the national. but world war i still without a national monument has faded in america pause collective memory. in kansas city, the national war i museum reminds people of the
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sacrifice. >> they know that it was before world war ii, that there was an armistice, and that president wilson was the president. beyond that, not a whole lot. >> how the war was seen at the time has played a part in how it was remembered now. many in the u.s. wanted to stay out of it. they saw no reason why americans had to fight and die. >> without a clear understanding of what came out of it, you got to deal with the question of this sacrifice. this is uncertain on how we will move. >> then, the great depression came and world war ii. was 20 years after world war i, world war ii started. >> be aims were very clear and we knew what we were there for
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and we emerged victorious. >> what has not been clear, for nearly a century, is what else should america do to honor its sacrifices in the great war? as the u.s. winds down two modern wars, how they honor the dead is a question they must continue to answer. >> the first of the three mega millions lottery winners has come forward in the u.s. to claim a share from last week's $650 million jackpot. they presented a check for $218 million to a cardboard figure after the winter asked to remain anonymous. -- after the winner asked to remain anonymous. seven people have been hospitalized after an american navy jet crashed into an
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