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tv   Newsline  PBS  July 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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welcome to "newsline." it's friday, july 26th. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. investigators are trying to determine the cause of spain's worst rail accident in decades. at least 80 people were killed after the train rounded a curve and jumped off of the tracks.
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more than 140 others were injured. police suspect the driver had pushed the train well above the speed limit. public broadcaster tve aired video of the crash. the force of the impact sent cars tumbling. the train was traveling from the capital madrid to the northwestern city of el ferrol. more than 240 people were on board. the train went through a tunnel as it approached the city of santiago de compostela. then it entered a curve. the speed limit is 80 kilometers per hour. but the news reports that the driver said the train was traveling at 190 kilometer ps per hour. they modified a car and installed a diesel generator to move the cars on a track that was not electrified. a japanese expert says the modifications may have raised the car's center of gravity and that may have upset its balance as the train went around the curve. prime minister mariano rajoy visited the site of the accident. he declared three days of
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national mourning for the victims of the disaster. the city of santiago de compostela is known as an ancient catholic pilgrimage route. the residents were getting ready to celebrate an important day on their calendar. now they're trying to deal with the aftermath of the tragedy. nhk world's takayuki kastsuki has more. >> reporter: crews have pulled the wrecked carriages off the tracks. what used to be one of spain's newest high speed trains is now evidence in an investigation. emergency workers rushed to the scene soon after the accident. rescuers encountered a chaotic scene. overturned cars, scores of people who needed help or were trapped. seats and luggage scattered everywhere. >> translator: i heard an explosion when i arrived. one of the carriages was already
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over the road. >> translator: the derailment was very violent. one train carriage landed on another track. >> reporter: hearses carried bodies to a temporary morgue. people gathered outside to mourn and comfort one another. >> translator: we're missing an uncle and an aunt. >> translator: it's my niece. the daughter of my sister. we're as broken as you can imagine. >> reporter: elsewhere they line up to give blood. after officers put out an urgent call for donations. the accident happened on the eve of a catholic festival in santiago de compostela. some of the passengers were on their way to the annual event. thousands of christians from all over the world visit the city to honor st. james, one of jesus' 12 disciples.
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but the festivities have been canceled. instead of celebrating, people here will mourn. and investigators will work to answer a growing list of questions. takayuki katsuyuki, reporting for nhk world, santiago de compostela, spain. thousands of residents are still waiting to go home. vast tracts of land are still waiting to be restored. and more than half of fishing ports on the pacific coast must be rebuilt. people in northeastern japan still face challenges following the 2011 disaster, but step by step, they're moving forward. see their stories every wednesday on "the road ahead" right here on "newsline." the operator at fukushima daiichi says it will remove leaky equipment designed to
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treat radioactive water. last month tepco detected a leak in the welding of a tank used to store pretreated contaminated water. the tank is part of a system being tested to remove radioactive substances from tainted water. tepco workers found two holes and several small dents in the tank. they suspect the breaches were caused by sea water and a chemical to remove impurities. the company will stop all three treatment systems using the tanks for about 90 days from the beginning of next month. the utility plans to cover the insides of all the tanks with rubber to prevent corrosion. the fukushima plant sees 400 tons of water accumulate every day due to an inflow of groundwater. tepco plans to store the tainted water in other tanks while the treatment equipment is offline. tepco officials hope to put the system into full operation from next month, but they predict they'll have to delay the plan. the head of japan's leading national association of fisheries has launched a protest
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with tepco. the company recently revealed that contaminated groundwater at the fukushima power plant has leaked into the sea. the organization's head kishi visited tokyo electric power company headquarters. he handed a letter of protest to president hirose.power company . he handed a letter of protest to president hirose.electric power headquarters. he handed a letter of protest to president hirose.power company . he handed a letter of protest to president hirose. >> translator: you must stop leaking contaminated water into the sea we have repeatedly asked your company to do this, but you have ignored us. we feel betrayed. >> kishi demanded that ten poe tepco state how it will contain water accumulating in the complex. he said the company must take immediate measures to stop the leakage. he encouraged the company to increase monitoring for radioactive substances in waters near the plant. hio rose said he would work to comply with the request.
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high concentrations of radioactive substances have bee comply with the request. high concentrations of radioactive substances have bro comply with the request. high concentrations of radioactive substances have been detected in monitoring wells near the shore since may. north koreans are preparing to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the armistice that brought an end to fighting in the korean war. the peace today was hard earned and called on kim to refrain north korea from doing anything to provoke neighbors. kim said he supported those efforts. now kim said north koreans value their traditional friendship with the chinese. the two sides have gone through a period of tension. the chinese imposed sanctions on pyongyang after the north
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koreans carried out their latest nuclear tests in february. negotiators from north korea have been meeting with their south korean counterparts to try to reopen a jointly run industrial zone. they metaphor a sixth time but failed once again to reach an agreement. they were upset between the military exercises between u.s. and south korean troops. in april they with drew their workers from the industrial complex. it's been closed ever since. the north koreans said they are not obliged to make such promises and they said if the talks failed, their troops would occupy the complex. officials from the south korean unification ministry said the project now faces a critical turning point. a south korean expert gave us insights into the armistice
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ministry. c choi kang works for the asan institute for policy studies. >> actually, there are three pending issues. among them i think the most difficult one to make agreement that north korea's not going to take any kind of measures created the current situation. south korea from the beginning demanded north korea's pledge for the prevention of similar cases in the future. but it's about the responsibility of the past. so i think it's quite difficult for north korea to make a pledge on that issue. on the other hand, south korea cannot accept any other than that. actually, from the beginning administration asked north korea make a pledge. otherwise it cannot start the kaesong industrial complex again. it seems to me there are three motives behind it. first, north korea observed formation of trilateral cooperation among united states,
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south korea and china on north korean issue. so they felt isolated and pressured. so drive a wedge among these three countries and also get out of the international isolation. north korea has made a series of diplomatic activities asking for dialogue and also sent delegates to china and russia as well. the second reason actually is about south korean issues. actually, north korea tried to weaken the people's support for park geun-hye policy or peace building process. over the past six months the administration has enjoyed strong support for that. north korea propose a dialogue actually that is intended to create what you call south/south dispute over north korean policy.
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third, by having, if it's possible and successful by having dialogue talk with the united states north korea can get what it wants from the united states, such as food supply or other humanitarian assistance from the united states. i think one possibility i strongly believe is that maybe north korea is going to reveal their new weapon system such as intercontinental ballistic missile as they did in previous year. maybe they claim it's a more capable and more reliable deterrent weapon system they have. so it is intended to consolidate kim jong-un's leadership domestically and send signal to outside the world it is rather capable of deterring hostile war against north korea. time for the latest in business news. economists knew the day was near. the consumer price index a key gauge of inflation is in positive territory here in japan for the first time in more than
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a year. ai uchida joins us now from the business desk with more on that. ai? >> catherine you know who must be excited about these numbers is the prime minister. shinzo abe may be taking this as a sign that he's winning his battle against deflation. consumers here in japan saw a range of prices increase in june for the first time in 14 months. internal affairs ministry officials said the consumer price index rose 0.4% over last year. importers had to deal with a weaker yen pushing up energy related products. people paid about 10% more for electricity bills and 5% more for household gas. they also saw the cost of gasoline go up more than 6%. consumers found the price of tv sets down, but officials said the price dropped more slowly than before. the government excludes fresh food price autos from the index. now on to markets, u.s. share prayses erased earlier losses to end higher thursday
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following some positive data and earnings reports. the dow jones industrial average inched up 0.1% to 15,555, and the tech-heavy nasdaq was up 0.7% at 3605. facebook shares jumped nearly 30% following its encouraging earnings. and to see how all that is affecting stocks here, let's go to ramin mellegard who is at the tokyo stock exchange. so ramin, earnings are in full swing on both sides of the pacific. how are stocks here starting off this friday? >> very good morning to you ai. straight to the opening levels for today because we're seeing quite big moves here into the negative for the nikkei and the topix. 14,279, down 1.9% for the topix. i can tell you that we are almost down 300 points at one stage so quite a big negative move there. now the nikkei also closed lower for a second day in a row yesterday at a two-week and
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hitting new lows as the dollar rose against the yen which weighed on exporters. we may continue to see that again today. the dollar remains on the back foot overall following media reports speculating any further signs of weakness in the u.s. economy may cause the federal reserve to actually hold off on tapering its bond buying program which has really been helping to boost the u.s. economy over the past few years. that's a big focus. let's have a look at currencies. that's really the big mover as well today. 99.14-16 right now. quite a few big swings in the dollar/yen. we've seen the trading between the upper 98 levels to the mid 100 yen levels. it rose after the higher durable goods orders, but then fell again following the media report regarding the fed's monetary policy stance. the euro/yen the euro is weaker against the yen compared to this time yesterday when it was at the 132 yen levels. you can see 131.61-64.
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it has gained against the dollar, its highest since the third week of june due to strong german economic confidence data, so quite a bit of volatility in the currency and stock markets. ai? >> and ramin, regarding earnings, major companies in japan have begun to report. tell us more about that. >> yeah, we're in full swing for earnings reports here, of course, and numbers came out for nissan after the bell yesterday, first of the major automakers to release numbers and the three months to the end of june. nissan showed a net profit gain of 14% on a weaker yen and strong u.s. sales. however, sluggish sales in china and europe led the company executives to maintain its profit forecast. now on friday, you may want to look out later today when markets close, nomura holdings japan's biggest brokerage and next week toyota and honda it's expected they'll show some improvement as well. big focus on automakers and high
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tech, consumer electronics and heavy industry companies will be releasing their earnings as well so quite a lot for investors to take in as earnings season really kicks into gear here in japan. ai, back to you. >> ramin, thanks for the update. ramin mellegard from the tokyo stock exchange. the latest round of free trade talks under the transpacific partnership ended in malaysia. the delegates from the 12 nations reached a basic agreement to present their pro posals on tariff elimination at next month's talks. it's scheduled for late august in brunei. the countries including japan formed the agreement as they want to break the log jam to conclude the talks by year end but they could not find a way to reach an agreement on tariff elimination, that was due to conflicting interests which are slowing the talks on removing tariffs from industrial and farm products. japan joined the tpp talks for the first time this week. its delegates failed to confirm
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how far the other nations intend to free up their markets. this is because such discussions have been under way behind the scenes on a bilateral basis. japan's main governing liberal democratic party already decided to exempt five farming products from tariff elimination including rice and wheat but japan's attempt to maintain tariffs on many items is expected to trigger strong opposition from other participating countries, including the united states. more headlines for you in business next hour. i'll leave you with a check on markets.
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japan's foreign minister is going down the path many of its counterparts has gone before. >> reporter: the agenda included regional infrastructure projects proposed by japan. the initiative is known as the corridor for peace and prosperity. kishida visited one of the projects and a cultural complex in the west bank, now under construction. operations in some facilities are expected to begin next spring. processed vegetables will be exported to other countries through jordan. kishida made another proposal to promote local tourism. the region offers a variety of historical sites. >> translator: i hope the
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projects will nurture mutual trust between japan and the three parties. and help support the peace process there. >> reporter: kishida later visited jordan and met with prime minister abdullah ensour. he promised japan's continued support for refugees from syria where the civil war continues. he also pitched japan's nuclear power technology. jordan plans to construct a nuclear power plant. japan's air force came just after remarks by the u.s. secretary of state john kerry. kerry says a basic teal had been reached with israeli and palestinian officials to revive direct negotiations. japan hopes support for u.s. peace efforts in the region will strengthen the u.s./japan
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security alliance, but it's not sure if japan's air force in the middle east will lead to peace in the unstable region. mari sakamoto, nhk world, jordan. a court in india has again delayed handing down a verdict related to the fatal gang rape of a young woman. on a new delhi bus last december. the delay is the second from the juvenile court trying one of the defendants in a case that caused outrage in india and around the world. a defense lawyer said the verdict was delayed until august 5th because of a pending case at the supreme court that seeks to change the legal definition of a juvenile. the defendant was 17 at the time of the attack. he's being tried as a minor on charges including murder and rape. a 23-year-old woman died after she was gang raped and thrown out of a moving bus in new delhi in december. a total of six men are standing
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trial but only one as a minor. the victim's father says he wants them all to receive the death penalty. if convicted, the juvenile defendant could be sent to a correctional facility for a maximum of three years. people across indiana have demanded a severe punishment for the defendant regardless of his age. militants in pakistan have attacked a heavily guarded compound that houses the office of the intelligence agency. at least seven people were killed. the assault raised new concerns about security. gunmen attacked the regional offices of the interservices intelligence agency in the southern town of sukkur. a security official told reuters five attackers were killed, along with an intelligence officer and a civilian. at least 40 people were wounded. the incident has raised questions about the new government's goal of opening
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talks with the taliban. the prime minister pledged to engage with them earlier this year. japanese women have reclaimed their world title for longevity. they fell to second place behind hong kong two years ago. health, labor and welfare ministry officials say the average life expectancy of a japanese woman was a little over 86 years in 2012. that's an increase of one year from 2011. the large number of people who died during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami brought the average down. until then, japanese women's lifespan had been the world's longest for 26 years in a row. for japanese men, ministry officials say the average lifespan was a record high of nearly 80 in 2012. the average lifespan of all japanese people also rose last year for the first time in three years. the death toll from a summer
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heat wave in 2010 and the 2011 disaster had caused the average to fall. time for a check on the weather. it seems people in central europe are doing whatever they can to cool off. mai shoeng shoji tells us more in world weather. >> yes, catherine, good morning. it is hot in central europe. let me first show you a picture. >> yes, catherine, good morning. it is hot in central europe. let me first show you a picture coming up from italy. residents and tourists from parts of italy sought shade and air conditioning to escape the scorching heat. hot air continued to flow in italy, forcing authorities to issue heat warnings for seven cities on thursday. in the capital people are making use of water fountains and shielding themselves with parasols just like this cute child. temperatures are expected to further increase into next week. so for those of you traveling across central europe for your summer vacation, i know that you want to see everything you can while you're there, but the temperatures are scorching hot as you can see.
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it is baking in florence, for example, at 38 degrees. a lot of these areas are seeing temperatures well above the average range. so if you're out and about, try to take -- cool down yourselves at cooling shelters nearby from time to time. this is due to this african high pressure system just sitting across much of this continent and making things very hot. the jet stream is moving all the way to the north and pulling all the hot air. this is where the unstable weather will be continuing. we have numerous reports of lightning in germany that damaged houses and people as well as lightning strikes and funnel clouds found in france, we were france, low countries and western germany still looking at thunderstorms in the forecast. this system is bringing wet and windy conditions to the british isles on your sunday in edinburgh you'll see thundershowers on saturday in london, very heavy rain. as for now, for friday, nice temperatures at 25 degrees with sunny spells.
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now for your -- excuse me, asia, here across continental asia, we have a low pressure system. it's an upper cold low sitting on top of the southwestern tip of russia. it's a typical pattern where the southeastern edge of upper level cold brings weather. so the target is tohoku region in japan today with 150 millimeters of rainfall to slam the area. so it's going to be heavy downpours, also some thunderstorms and it's going to be quite thundery across central japan again today. it's going to be a southern weather change. so do carry your strongest umbrellas if you're going to go out today. here across china we have a couple of places where we're looking at very heavy rain to the north and to the south. especially here 100 to 150 millimeters of rainfall into the next 24 hours is in the forecast. but between these two rainmakers we have a heat dome still in place. temperatures are scorching hot at 40 degrees in chongqing, do
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stay hydrated and shanghai at 39 degrees. moving over to north america, we've got a cold front that's still hugging the coastal line. so here across the area, thunderstorms, new brunswick and new england these areas will find about 100 millimeters of additional rainfall. due to this cold front, severe weather is possible. we have three tornado touchdowns reported in the midsection of this country. so this is still capable of spawning these tornadoes. we're looking at 20s in bismarck and in winnipeg. these are mid-september temperatures and the morning low will be in the single digits. i'll leave you now for the extended forecast.
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and that is all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
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captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> brown: attorney general eric holder wants texas to get federal court approval before changing election rules, part of an administration strategy to challenge laws it says discriminate by race. good evening, i'm jeffrey brown.


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