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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 18, 2010 3:00am-5:00am PST

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live, from the bay area's news station, this the kron 4 morning news. >> this morning flam on the kron 4 morning news is monday, as we take a look of the is a damp monday morning things to all the rthanks to all the ring. >> good morning james. we we are seeing abyss of a slight warming today, yesterday temperatures really cool. still below average day. there is a chance of rain as we head toward next weekend. here's a look at what we're dealing with some thought, it settled in at just through south bay won the one,
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morgan hill, san jose, fremont. senior floating around that delta debt and added to portions of the north bay as well. the northern portion not quite as sock in it with fog. temperatures cool of debt we're dry the about just a slight warming trend it will be quite as close within dealing with, caring temperatures, still chilly pretty much every rego. 60 degrees to oakland, 54 concord, antioch. as we take it on to the day sitting in the '50s, '60s. by noon over in the '60s back into the forecast, afternoon highs topping out in the warmer locations into the '70s. there's not many of those either. here's a look of those
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numbers, 71 some of the warm response. upper 60s and 62 san francisco, this is better than the fifties we said yesterday pretty much widespread every lunch. 71 discuss those. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we're going to continue to see plenty of credit ever starting to warm we could begin to about 80 degrees,: love as we head towards the end of the week. etiquette. >> witness a set of your monday morning commute all lanes and opened a fix the problem that they are working on pretty diligently over the weekend all lanes are now reopened the san
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mateo bridge and the westbound direction as to make your way towards foster city city experts in significant delays at this traffic is moving up the limit. bay bridge ride is looking pretty good just a couple okras on the close the meeting lights of not dealing with is and the road along the upper deck. good judge of time the minister and the foot of amazing to fremont. that the gap with the look of the golden gate this late traffic additional a little bit foggy a couple of callers within camera shot had its of the band really good drive * the above and the san francisco 22 minutes i with 57 released today clocking in it and they manage it. james. >> thank you, a new story police a warning residents and berkeley and that three people have been robbed at gunpoint while walking in the northeast and north- central. here's a map showing
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you the three locations in question. officers say the first of and september 30th, just of the cedar street, the second will someone was walking on october 7th streets and then last tuesday they try to the pedestrian on senate officers have descriptions and at working with detectives on investigating these robberies will let you know as more developments. for contestant a reality tv shows signs 50 years-life for moscow. jamal you see him here was convicted of the shooting of 28 year-old suit, an eyewitness says why did true shot her three times in the back at april 80 in the valley neighborhood he then ran up to the victim and shot
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her six times in the lead close range. he appeared on the i love new york to program. san francisco police are looking further suspects allegedly stabbed the victim and had another one man had bruises and cuts on his face another was set in the lower but of his body both were taken to a hospital. investigators do not know if it was gang-related or the suspects and victims knew each other. the extras are teaming up to teach people how to be prepared for the next biggest quake and this of course was the scene after the quake in 1989, history was the 21st anniversary of that. thursday's statement of quake drill will take place. here in the latest on decision 2010, california's have until midnight
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to register to vote with three weeks ago near a 17 million californians currently registered. six napa of eligible. if your mailing forms they have to be posed march by today. bill clinton was in san jose last night before president drumming up support for jerry brown and gavin newsom kron4 dahlin was there. >> former president bill clinton at a rally at stanford university sunday night the popular president told the hundreds of supporters this upcoming election will shape the direction of the country and california. his mail in goal was to drop support. polls suggest that ron is suggesting a very close race. for someone who
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never voted, and they're the most. no. did anything about government. and she was sort of the top. the former president praised them as an academy for the future, cities always been an innovator. he made california the very first date in the country to have a new appliance standards strategy efficiency and bring building and agency officials. we bet >> when. his other objective is to get out about roe, combined with conservative banker could cause democrats demanded the surrender still still because you like or things and he says if the republicans take your calendars things will get worse. bill clinton has had a busy year, he's almost like a rock star, going on tour. this is '84 campaign stop. san jose, mullen,
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a kron4 news. >> >> politics disports the phillies hooking up for game 2, the phillies pitcher was on his game striking out nine going eight innings. the jets could that get anything going until cody ross, the right of the giants were the only offense, the fifth the phillies will take game 26-1. >> this purchase them back at 11. the scoring run as high you win ballgames. if you no. anything across the really doesn't matter if >>. which you consider making some budding changes specifically >> for smart these are things to talk a girl in the flight back.
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i will lay in no tomorrow. >> jensen phillies whole work at the 18th the park today came three is to draw afternoon. we'll take a break, but with more minute. let's give you another look inside a damper interstate 80, shot out of albany with those had led to the westbound. we will be right back.
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and mayor back, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it was a wet yesterday, damp this morning, those clouds will be with us throughout the day to day morning fog in the mix, 71 degrees although we will get in the inland spot 68 from the bay area warming up as we head into tuesday and wednesday temperatures warming up all will englund and then cooled and right back down for the end of the weekend friday-sunday the chance of a wet weekend building as we head towards the weekend we will get a more refined
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forecast as we get to that and louisa will be up and a bit. new free this morning ever trouble in the u.s. may be on the client but the summer months are more people flying in in that the san francisco international airport here's a live look for air travelers made more than 1100 trips between june and august that is more than 4 percent in a gain from this time last year summer travel has climbed 18%. by comparison air travel u.s. white has dropped more than 13%. marty barrett taking trips to asia and the middle east contributed to the increase traffic at the airport. check on wall street see was making news stock futures were down ahead of a slow corporate earnings and economic reports are readings on manufacturing and housing to moscow on a " refined city to is
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due to release its results apple and ibm are scheduled of their earnings after the closing bell. hitachi is teaming up with johnson controls of milwaukee develop and make batteries for green vehicles their research was set up around a lithium ion batteries. wall street is reporting that dozens of facebook and ups have been breached tend popular applications have been transferred users purple or zero. according to the newspaper the breach also includes users to set all of the information to be completely private. a spokesperson says the company will introduce new technology and is taking action to disable on most maps are made by independent companies not by facebook. the u.s. government is looking at ways to make computer use safer while preserving privacy u.s. officials are looking an australian program
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that will allow and answers for writers to alert customers with their computers are taken over by hackers it could limit online access the people go fix the public officials to try to stick on of between internet and girding americans privacy. we will take a break, a lot more news straight ahead. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] new real fruit smoothies from mccafé have taken center stage at mcdonald's. spun from real fruit -- in strawberry banana and wild berry. experience the intense and spectacular burst of fruit, starting at just $2.29. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ welcome back as the kron 4 morning news, we are seeing a drier days they however temperatures still on the cool side, not the schools on site test it, here's a shot of albany currently temperatures are 53 degrees by noon jemmies the upper 50s high-temperature about 62 in downtown santa does get back down and the '50s ready to clark air elsewhere temperatures are open to the '60s and some locations. still
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low fifties for redwood city mid-50s rebounder mountain view and sanders said. in the afternoon we're still in the season cloud cover up their 74 to santa rosa 74 napa the upper 60s during the rotor and valero. upper 60s and places like hayward. antioch is topping out for around 71. all of that grain starting to push off to the east, we are in the clear for today not dealing with the wet weather however still seeing some clubs really get a bit more in bridge and sunshine which will allow us to see this debitors what but ever so slightly. staying cool today, here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. in los '70s and some of the watersports. upper 60s around the bay. morning fog do the next couple of days we
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will see a bit of sunshine. it will get warmer as we head into tuesday, wednesday. club cover on thursday, friday started dealing with a little bit of light rain out there. six seasons of a warmer locations keeping that wet weather around for the weekend, at this point it does look like sunday brings is the best chance of some warm weather. for 4:00 pm, let's go get aircraft. >> all lanes are now reopened the san mateo bridge is should not be a problem for your westbound route, and new incident on our traffic of, westbound 92 before 101 but to vehicle accident moved up to the shoulder a little bit of a delay be aware of that. chp is on the scene, across the span traffic is moving well in both directions, taillights headed to foster city. still just about 12
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minutes from end to end. bay bridge right, pretty good shape, no signs of any road work along the upper deck in keeping a pretty good drive time of 8 minutes from the foot of the macarthur maze into fremont. carotene is grist to the macarthur maze 17 minute trip. golden gate nice, easy conditions just a couple of headlights had the south band. rocking up with a quick shot of the upper east shore freeway was spending zero. a little bit more company in the traffic senator but traffic conditions just as golden gate fields down to dinner offensive of cisco 16 manager. james. >> thank you, the deadline for muni writers to make the switch is fast approaching kron4 is maureen kelly explains.
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>> the commuters to pay 70 bucks a month for a type a fast pass to read muni and bart will have to get on board using a clipper card instead starting november 1st is our across the of a good thing about clipper is you can put more money on the light here at these clipper vending machines. to use the new system writers hold the current flat on the clipper reader to get on board the ticket office is in front of many transit stops. and it purchased operating retail outlets. the kurds are free for now but will cost five but starting in june. did you will use these will be set ones with
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the clipper ago when they expire people who qualify for senior and you will not have to make the switch until next year for the vast majority to use the ms nonce the director were roaming the change and some that spring maureen kelly, kron4 news. >> california's have till midnight tonight to registered road and the november 2nd election we will write about that there the day today nearly 17 million californians are registered but there's still six and a half million or still eligible have not registered if your mailing in your forms know that they have to be postmarked by today. in other news the weekend campaigning included a big name rebel in helping out the u.s. run for senate. john mccain and joined the scenery and in san diego. >> a motorcade of motorcycles
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escorted carly fianna arena and to the memorial museum. but she did not come along. please give allowed san diego welcome to senator john mccain. >> and a crowd made it minivets tossed it the kind of. >> busily partisan most anti defend senator in the united states senate today i know that because i've had the unpleasant experience of hard to server for >>. she is no friend to the military. she and not boxer is the two friends of those years of >> earth. she rode against orenthal orderly increase of military play this is not a senator who was a friend of america's heroes it is something that we must after the rally
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outside of the museum or a group of veterans your support boxer refuted the claims labor working in the arena. >> alfonse does the senator are of little other support them. >> his test >> simple. quick to support slow descent. >> she is just gaining by one. a reminder rosa it's just an important the next two weeks will be. >> as of close to a much more here today in the weeks. meanwhile coming up san francisco's of the he shouldn't room has reopened everyone from tony bennett to ella fitzgerald has made a museum world more
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coming up. here's a shot from rooftop camera maureen is on the way for the end of the week the walnut between now and then. one the forecast coming up. the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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in a more delicious world, there would be more smoothness, more creaminess, more rich just-for-me-ness, more hershey's bliss-fulness. hershey's bliss. it's not just chocolate. it's bliss. and we had bet, project bay bridge approach, here you see traffic on westbound 80 moving well in new issue on the span
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and it's an easy ride. san mateo, we have traffic in the westbound direction, the right hand side this taillights, those debts your commute direction moving at the lament note issues, one last of traffic coming under saran moving also at the lemon traffic is unimpeded for novato all the way down. will keep an eye on that elaine of anything changes. world headlines one man in the philippines has drowned as super typhoon mcgee hits the city. it is a strong dislike run to come in years. the storm is expected to turn the where authorities have barred the evacuated hundred there's a view or from the coast stars while renting it to vietnam where flooding has 30 been reported. sustained winds of a hundred and 40 mi. per
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hour. guests have been clocked up to hundred and 62 mi. per hour. hope is fading for friends and relatives and central china and seven miners remain trapped underground the number of miners confirmed dead. they're doing a whole to release pressure another excursion happened two years ago the same mind. meanwhile in chile the rest of miners are back at the scene after spending a couple days in hospital they're taking part in a religious ceremony their in all homecoming party was held this past weekend. despite the accident he was still back to work in the mines, he says his
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fellow miners work together to survive there were arguments often spend some time together but in the end the group working set. pope benedict has given austria has for same. speaking on the sands of st. peter's benedictus exile may read the names of the six years since declaring each one worthy in all of the cap for a church. tens of thousands is see their fates will for the ceremony. married patella was the 19th century and then who was excommunicated in part because her orders rose to a pedophile priest. the historic domination is reopening for the first time in more than 20 years instead to discuss the fairmont hotel venue is a cabaret style theatre. >> the venetian room opened as a
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summer crop for the first time in 1971. sandra's as is our lead would tend to watch musicians perform like the supremes bay area carries executive says the nightclub was very popular back then. >> it was somewhat of what it was the epitome of elegance. city royals sold cigarettes. of course. it closed because it's very expensive to run a nightclub night after night. the family and shareholders suffered quite a bit. financial >> it. 21 nearing years later, the reopened after she made her dream reality only this time the performances are not every night and sunday, and thomas performed. vicki here was year 1962 off when singer tony bennett reformed i left my heart in san francisco for the very first time.
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>> he was not the famous at the time he was well known, but not to the show i looked at him i never heard us long about san francisco he said did you like it? i said yes. so please do that here. to the opening of this beautiful club. it is time, it is overdue, we needed a cabaret, for wonderful new orders >>.as this. but this >> be starting at dan, will dry out gradually, but then temperatures drop. a chance of rain comes right back. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. .
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and we're back, things are mild
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this morning, maybe they will stand up to the week but we have rain, more red on the horizon. >> i will see to the timeline in just a few minutes today slate warming, yesterday barely at of the '50s, temperatures still below average. not quite as close as i guess bay we do is james mentioned having chance of rain for this weekend, afternoon highs, get rid of the numbers to give you an idea of how cold will be. not too bad and santa rosa sticking in the '60s in places like richmond '60s rid around the bay, the upper 60s to hayward. chang disagrees that a few '70s. also getting to about 70 degrees through livermore.
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early friday morning we could step pricking up a few sprinkles just some light rain however kicking off in the morning and continued through much of the morning. even by 5:00 a.m. we could continue to see some showers open to the north bay, most of your friday looks to be a wet one. saddam, are few sprinkles into the morning. by the afternoon we should clear up. here's a look at here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. with a warming up a bit will see them on the way of sunshine, warmer temperatures released here tuesday and wednesday. a few more club throwing to the picture light rain friday. traffic now, iraq. >> job now nice easy conditions along the span that is because all lanes are open. all of that road worker you're dealing with is officially over and done
4:32 am
with, we are falling in new brummell westbound 92 bridge before it reaches 1 01, to vehicle accident causing little bit of slowing be aware that, other than that one minor accident traffic conditions are pretty much in the clear. pretty easy conditions coming from all approaches for a horse run ride giving it a greater dry time of the minutes. so pretty quiet here at the golden gate, just a couple cars the roadway deftly moving at the limit. quick shot of the upper east shore for a wet westbound 80 moving to albany if traffic is building custom of is that the late. james. >> news story berkeley police a warning residents to be on alert they see three people have been rocked a gunpoint while walking in the northeast. we put together a map showing you the three locations we're talking
4:33 am
about officers say this one happens on september 30th. just out of cedar street, you see that on the far left. the second one took place was someone was walking on mill the history. and then last tuesday and man of again tried to rubber production on c revenue. officers to the descriptions, a couple of them are similar they're working their leads as they were to investigate the reveries really know. an oakland resident and former contestant every eddy's tv show has been sentenced to 50 years to life for murder. jamal true love was considered but did friday of the light 2007 shooting death of soup. and i witness testified that he shot her three times of the but in the party. then he ran out to the victim and shot him six times in the head. true love in
4:34 am
2007 appeared on the beach one program i live in new york2 police are looking for suspects allegedly stabbing victim at candlestick park yesterday afternoon when man had bruises and cuts to his face the other was stabbed in the lower part of his body both victims taken to a hospital expected to be your right, the investigators do not know of the fight was gang- related or if they knew each other. also this morning, tx research shaming up to teach people how to prepare for the next big earthquake. this game marked the 21st anniversary of the quake, this coming thursday a state would drill will take place as part of the great california shake up. on this decision 2010, california's have come midnight to register to vote in the election, just three weeks away nearly 17 million
4:35 am
californians are registered another six napa are eligible if your mailing your registration farms know that they have to be postmarked by today. man of bill clinton was in san jose the former president drumming up support for the jury brown. kron4 is the lin has more on the event. >> what is the university of former president however rally ejected hundreds of reporters asking them to vote for jerry brown in november. the poll suggested brown is running a close race against his opponent will equipment. he praised brown as a candidate from the futures saying that brown has always been an innovator. , president bill clinton has had a busy year he's almost like a rock star green on store. this event is 84th campaign stop. san as a state university, dahlin, kron4 news.
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>> to sports and the giants to hook up with the phillies for game 208 was. he struck at 9, and going eight innings. the giants just could not get anything going and tell toady came to the plate. there is, he sent one solo to a home run in the fifth inning phillies still take the game 6-1. meanwhile it looks like the force was with the niners, is resisting current list of in half. not much of france until alex smith threw a 32 your touchdown. frank the war front his legs in the second half smyth's i looked at through behind a live. the nuggets led to get their first win 17-9.
4:37 am
>> every time you get a win is exciting from guys and it gives them energy and motivation we gotta practice. you've got to start somewhere. you genetics the negatives, now get a win east of the w, that's always going for. >> things are slow, but to get me some place. try and get ourselves in rhythm. we don't have to make a dramatic always let roentgen proved. we'll take this win with confidence. >> you just turn from choosing campbell the quarterback from the raiders it was a dismal day
4:38 am
for him he finished 8 of 21. we're going to take a break, as we go live pictures of the several conditions will keep an eye on it. in the meantime it is 53 degrees warmer. we'll be right back.
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and we're back, his look of the san mateo bridge, a tropical slate. this the right hand side of hayward from foster city complete check coming up. in the meantime political news, the latest with decision 2010, for the first time since 08 president barack obama and the first lady or back on the first minute drill. it is the latest in a series to turn of the vote for democrats first lady as and
4:40 am
other cities including chicago, denver. the new poll suggests the president is facing a tougher more dispirited audience the knowledge network server from the president's winning coalition has crumbled. one- quarter of those who voted for him are defecting to the gop or considering voting against the party. half of those surveyed said they with the relational november 2nd and the republicans should not take too much satisfaction in the dilemma the same poll shows people who voted for mccain are equally disgusted and our other supporting democrats or still undecided. furor adults are getting married a possible result of the recession new figures show more rebel of dolls are not married as opposed to those who are the recession may also be behind the fact of your people are getting divorced.
4:41 am
>> we first introduced you to sally gibbs than 18 months ago and found out breaking up really is hard to do. kelly and her husband of 15 years were getting a divorce but still living under one roof. >> my husband lives in the guest from him someone was in its early to have dinner to kids, and the other nights he comes home late to give me my space. it is not perfect, it is been difficult. >> as legal bills piled up the couple's west to a less expensive media but the situation with the house wasn't as simple. >> once and now they're 20 red on the house. then the buyers. my broker has pretty much prepared me the has been set for quite awhile. >> for sally remaining finance a son by remaining under the same roof but for some getting a
4:42 am
divorce is an even an option the american academy says 57 percent of attorneys polled coded for a bit fewer divorces during registration couple stayed in the hall before try this idea a motion trucked finances. >> difficult, emotional. we made the decision to sell the house and it could easily set a target for your i did not want for my kids to the because it was tough enough. a twisted to cell and resold has ridden right. i'm not a live will loss lot of money and never >>. salley started over changing back to her maid named to downsize the starter small business other for new >> on. i discovered and niche where i am working with all my clients were divorced or separated and so that is kind of nice to work with you provo and similar circumstances. >> if there's a silver lining in
4:43 am
their smaller, >>? we spend a lot more time together because there's your prices for the lighter weight to. >> also for you this morning one of america's favorite tv moms has died. >> well hello george, did to call me >>? yet. >> 0. >> their use of rubber billings to play the warm and affecting june cleaver on a leave it to beaver died saturday at our home, she suffered from retreat disease, she acted in a number of movie roles to the 40's and 50's but it wasn't until 57 when she played her most iconic flow.
4:44 am
roll. >> is a live look from the golden gate bridge is a good break. walking across the stage is like a culmination of all of the hard work and effort you've put in. oh wow, it's going to be great. i think i'm going to cry. [ laughs ] it's gonna mean so much, because i've made it. you know. i'm going to realize "i did it". and nobody can take that away from me. [ man #1 ] it's sort of bittersweet, only, because it's the end of something that i've put a lot of time and a lot of effort into. but it's also the beginning of something new. ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to the kron 4 morning news you are looking at a shot of the bay bridge approach, actually free of but, but as you head for their cells were dealing with a little bit of fog, if you're an oakland a 52 trees, as we head towards noon will jump into the upper 60s, high temperature of 71. this is one of the warm response to the backdowns the '60s by 8:00. here's a look at what your looking at some fog, floating at the peninsula pushing into portions of downtown san francisco, the livermore valley you can see the bulk of the fund is down and do san jose, morgan hill. kron center 60 degrees or oakland, the common numbers to concord, fairfield and done it
4:46 am
to the south bay. mid-upper 50s, as we take it on to the day really slowed to one, will warm up more than we did yesterday, still in the '50s by 10:00 a.m., then in '60s. that's a bit different than yesterday. afternoon highs topping out into the '70s, that tended to the '50s-'60s and early across the color. at the the north bay temperatures in the '70s, fifth real-concord staying in the upper 60s. 62 today. in keeping in the mid-60s for redwood city, could screes 57 days. also in two livermore. we also have a chance of rain for the end of the weekend into the weekend you can see light rain on your friday, saturday, sunday and looks to be the better chance of rain that moves
4:47 am
in on your sunday over the next couple of days will see a warming trend but of the changes by the weekend. but to the check on your traffic. >> we're not tracking in the hot spots yet, looks like public transit and raise living there and it comes very clear condition that the bay bridge toll plaza. and many back at a cash plan but that is cleared out. very easy conditions. it looks like the meeting lights are still some of all. san mateo looking good, trucking and earlier accident westbound 92101 has been cleared of all lanes are now reopens. as you make your way towards foster city. were not expecting any delays, golden gate still quiet traffic is moving up the lemon heading on done to the set bay shot of one no one in san jose you can see that those taillights making their way up north dry drive
4:48 am
from downtown san just a 14 minute trip. james. >> trucking can be difficult enough for some drivers but when the signs that this roaster tell you don't make sense what you do? >> and read them lives with the hardware to obey sons. but what is the science are confusing for example on 18th and demonstrate right in front of the post office this sign reads " and an approaching from 8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. " except sundays. but the credit data but city is slightly different. it reads tenant parking for 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. i guess known blood to read the sun when it paid to the curb. already 18 candelabras yet
4:49 am
another green's account with another confusing message. because on a curve reid's 10 and a parking 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. which seems fair but if you read the street sign it says towaway no stopping from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.. so which officials lined you believe. or assisting in sanchez the city of graded the street fighting in a new consulate and adding rams. they even moved hydrant but apparently it was just little too large to remove the red zone with a hydrant. this year the hydrant and here's the red zone. this is the proper way to pin the curb or of a hydrant. three free bread goes up, and city hall. all run pitch and again that this judge and has a 30 ft. red zone did his this no stopping side to fix it. although it appears with the sun
4:50 am
and there's still an extra 10 free of red zone. it broken. i'm sure there's more of these around the city seven jobs for you i want you to see if you've inspired one and send it to me instead of the scope, stanley roberts, kron4 news >>. as always if you will, story idea if you're confusing since let stand now. send an e-mail. also in headlines this morning more than 20 dozen women joined in the women's marathon incidents as go their race or raises money for cancer research hear some of the video of them making the long jump. it's the union square taking runyon's through golden gate and around at ocean beach. if you think road someone be able to do chemotherapy. it was the only tough. the front of saving
4:51 am
lives. i'm giving back. i'm running for my daughter. i think your tune of years of chemo much went through and the torture of it and nothing compared to that >>. the runner at 31 you're of mia of little rock she had a time of two lovers and 46 minutes. now for some technical is to will see these are not on the market kron4 as gabe slate tiles were there are about. >> to ltv's are on sale now you can buy them on sundays website or with a couple weeks and they will be in the spy stores a google tv is our regular but screen hdtv but it has the internet built-in to read you do not need to corrected your computer to the idea is you can surf the web bridge from your courage, do things you during an unemployed to rewrite your tv.
4:52 am
because of the remote that is a full keyboard. if you love watching tv in your to surf the web you just hit a button and a search box appears. you can also book read your favorite sites for quick access popular applications are built-in for a quick easy access city watch is on your tv is made easy, if you run as a movie what do twitter you can do that blending the web ntv has a lot of bandages example of georgian sports you can shut down the game every of the website. you can monitor fantasy sports and watch a game at the same time. for this tv to work your to help broadband internet in your home. it next year and i via a cable from their it will work that way with no cables needed. no monthly church, register one dime price for the ltv a 24 in. is $600, 32 and 8 under, 40 in.
4:53 am
a thousand dollars, a 46 in. $49. it does seem expensive, but asher like those prices they seem very adult tv is about $300 more. the you do get a lot more, if you one quick, easy access to the web on your tv i think this is a good deal. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> will take another break, and of a live shot from these bay. suffolk is fine, weather is not the other senators in the '50s. wages made the system market oakland will get to 657 in. >>
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the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint pattie. get the sensation. while the mexican farm morning news, for 54 this monday morning and it is still going to be cool love said, not quite as
4:55 am
cold as this family are dry right now a temperature above 56 degrees, by noon when it happens in the '60s not escaping but that is better than the fifties we saw yesterday. but down to the upper 50s trade abroad. current temperatures, 53 san francisco 52 xenophobe. also for napa and the low 50s and your redwood city and the afternoon or mayor to 71 that is pretty much the warmest to get. about 71 for santa rosa, fairfield. upper 60s to standard file done to the south bay temperatures into the upper 60s, the mites cruz issues '70s satellite, all of the rain from yesterday the kind of just under area now pushing of the east we're going to stay dry for today. we'll get much more in the way of sunshine today. so why are below
4:56 am
livermore area survey. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. producers some big changes to talk about we're not done with the rain. the next couple of days a fairly present at least the most pleasant of your week. a bit more in will fall, sunshine into the afternoon as a real tuesday, once it fly thursday increasing cloud cover temperatures start to drop off even cooler by friday off and not as fun reed began that chance of maybe some light rain. we have a wet weekend ahead of us it looks like at this point the best but will be on sunday. james. >> a quick check your what was big at the box office, debuting at first place jackass' 3 d. if futures sons and pranks, it made 50 million making for the
4:57 am
biggest october debut ever. albania's second the star field lead. they all play secret agents targeted by the cia that movie broad and covered 22 citing a the third a social network big money. is bad movie about the creation of facebook, a lot of fans still love their for the we will take a break, we'll back with more of my straight ahead. we also falling your forecast it traffic as well. his live look at the golden gate bridge incidents as the 53 degrees 62 this afternoon,
4:58 am
4:59 am
and the merrimack, police are warning berkeley resident armed
5:00 am
robberies in city streets in just a handful of weeks. warning for travelers that headed to europe officials have received reports of a potential attack against france. details ahead, the giants returned to san francisco after last night's loss the series now tied up. what weekend a lot of folks getting a desert rain. a live picture of the san francisco we're not done with the rank, louisa is tracking more. good morning. >> i know it is bad news when you have been in the forecast but we will get the details and a few minutes, for today we will be dry. warming up from yesterday which is not saying much because we did have a typical day. temperatures below average but just a little bit warmer, chance of rain for this weekend will get to that a few minutes, rate your numbers 71
5:01 am
degrees for santa rosa, fairfield also went to concord. '60s for standard file and richmond. about 62 degrees temperatures reaching from the mid to upper 50s. the kids visit some '70s. along the coast is still in the 50s today. here's where you can expect as the head towards the weekend, we could see the chance of ranking and rally early. talking about some light rain it could continue rid of your the morning hours. 10 a.m. still seeing a widespread jets are rain. 5:00, summary and lighting up. still continuing over the north bay this will continue into saturday. but about adm still that the a good chance of rain. as we head into the afternoon that chance of
5:02 am
rain lives. as we headed your sunday a better chance rain by this weekend. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the next couple of days we will warm and up. we might even get to ready tomorrow. cooling down by your thursday. the reasons that friday the breezes that light chance of rain. not get at of the '60s. sen date we have another chance of rain. time rain now 5 02, quick check-in your commute with america. >> smith conditions, but not tracking in the hot spots good news here dec. tell all lanes are now reopened all of that road work is all over and done with nice, easy conditions across the span you can see this taillights living without delay towards the west rows section the red beds making their way into hayward tracking an ideal
5:03 am
12 minutes for men to end no back up at the toll plaza, they bridge looking pretty good, very clear conditions coming from all approaches. nummulites are of. still pretty quiet just a couple cars on the road this said that having southbound in the commute direction about 23 minutes highway 37 or these bay is a short a manager. but coming muni come a strained all running on time today starts ultralight but weak. so but it is bigger worries surprises you the text on your phone the code that the from the platform. be aware of that. james. >> thank you, but the police warned residents to be alert
5:04 am
they see three people have been robbed at gunpoint in the process to weeks, we put to better map showing you the three locations reported date next to each one officers say the first one happened on september 30th. the second one took place or someone was walking on will be done even last tuesday on the troubles of the early man with a gun and try to rob a pedestrian on scenic avenue near cedar street. officers of descriptions they're working with detectives to try but the pieces together we will let you know we get more of formation. also making headlines at warning if you're traveling to europe french officials say they raise supports armored potential of the fact but al-qaeda the latest is in a series of alerts that put security forces on alert. this is video of french security running about the other folks
5:05 am
are keeping an eye on everything france's they receive these reports from saudi arabia and north africa. that hearing california, we had to midnight to register to vote. three weeks to go until the election. nearly 17 million that are registered there are so six and half million the eligible the of our registered yet. there have to be postmarked by today. on discords the gens, a visiting every game to this one was all about right of salt you can see in their striking out batter after batter. the giants could not get anything done until this moment that his career rask once again running the giants with a home run this was a solo shot in the fifth inning. the film is still taking game 26 s one.
5:06 am
>> 10 a game, we give is rarely runs in the first inning or nozzle stored. 11 game at that point we give them some extra out. zero players as well and there was a clean game. the giants and the film is more road worker that at&t today game 3 is good overdraw afternoon. we will follow lot of his late tomorrow. a sharp dresser of fissuring u.n. 01 right by the over cross chuck is moving all right now but. they get up to 67 is an engineering and again as is on the forecast to not put him rosa ridges yet more rain on the horizon for the weekend.
5:07 am
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and we're back, a look at the weather, 59 degrees as you ligature westbound it's your approach will get to 63 and lunch. at a high this afternoon and will cool down the other hand full of trees. only 62 hours so and oakland. market headlands, start futures are down ahead of a slow economic report. readings on infection today housing tomorrow. apple and ibm will close their quarterly earnings after the bout. hitachi is teaming up with marquee to develop and make batteries for green vehicles senator on lithium ion batteries
5:11 am
wall street journal is reporting that dozens of these red caps have been breached 10 popular face work obligations have been transmitting personal reformation to dozens of advertising in internet jargon companies that also includes users to set of the information to being completely private. the company will introduce new ration to contain that as the action to disable the absence violated the terms. here's a quick list of the 10 most popular basic apps farm bill, phrases, texas column, for material, it causes, a cafe world, magyars, treasure isle, i heard. some of those search really popular. we will take a break, back with more in a moment. and you never live look in san francisco from a rooftop
5:12 am
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we it simpleto ma your fi. what's youory? tibank canp you writ.
5:15 am
is this it to get could get there, and " is called the recess. candy and the contest is said or fifties happening now in, or eight more try. it house coat sad to chile sit there and san jose a here's a look at your current temperatures did get it set the damages and to mid-50s as we taejon today really slow dorm temperatures only in the
5:16 am
'50s by 10:00 then by about noon a few sixties that also pop been some seven days. 50s, 60s by o'clock. the no. 71 in some of the war locations 74 napa keeping is assisted to send a file. 65 degrees as you have further south. 55 red red city. along the coast keeping it cool at about 57 degrees. this one does have rain and the pressure. it is really the end of the week that brings us the chance of rain. the next couple of days warming up. those set of clubs to warm it, temperatures drop of a fax they will continue to die down into friday and saturday. light rain starts to
5:17 am
move into the area there's a chance of rain. never did dublin on the weekend but your sunday brings us the better chance of some showers. >> thank you, for those of you having at the door were not dragging in an odd spots or delays clear conditions around the bay area as we did get inside nice, light traffic for your westbound ride meeting lights of we're not dealing with any roadwork. he ride to remove nicotine is bridge to the macarthur maze 18 manager prisms conditions all lanes are now reopened in the westbound still ahead the golden gate, just a
5:18 am
few cars nice, clear conditions traffic is moving at the limit. set big, not of spry yet. those headlines making their way towards out this about the direction of the more co., moving without delay as you make your way toward trade accused >>. politics decision 2010 just around the corner, for president bill clinton wasn't in as a last night to rally support for the jury brown, he told hundreds of supporters this election will state the direction of the country in the state of california polls suggest that brown is running a tight race against is a prominent women, he was praised as a candidate from the futures saying that brown has always been an innovator. >> we believe in a green energy future most of you thought it was crazy he made california the
5:19 am
rear first-aid in the country to have a new appliances standards for energy efficiency of plants and green building energy standards wave (applause) back then >>. the former president has other very busy year this event was his 84th campaign stop this election season. also making news around the bay standards as the police are investigating a stabbing that happened in the candlestick parking lot uphill police found one man stabbed in for lots of his body another man with a swollen eye ancaster's face both the victims are in their 30's both were taken to moscow over not life-threatening injuries. one is described as hispanic, 30, 5 b-10 in. tall, he was wearing a 49ers jersey. this description of the second suspect is currently unknown we'll let you know we get one. investigators do not notify was gang-related or the suspects in
5:20 am
new the rectums. meanwhile a for congest and the reality tv show was sentenced on friday to 50 years-life for murder, you are looking at four or oakland resident jamal truelove, he was convicted of the july 2007 shooting in debt of 20 co suedca. and i win this testified that he shot her three times the back and a party, then he ran out to the victim and shot her six more times in the head at close range. true love but in 2007 appeared on the vh-1 program i love new york to. more soldiers are expected on the witness stand, to determine whether or not army psychiatrist the ec here will go to trial, for last year's deadly shooting. the hearing will resume today for major hassan who is stretched with 13 counts of murder and 32 counts of attempted murder. more than two
5:21 am
dozen witnessewitnesses have testified. we will take a break, we'll be back with more in a moment. here's the july shock and a peninsula of the x rays these bayside, from a wood elf to foster city here's a quick look good traffic, not bad, the temperatures on my outside a lot of folks in the upper 50's, low 60s, it will get wet once again. will have a this is your captain speaking. we are 14th in line for takeoff.
5:22 am
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will the national kron4 morning news. we do everything in the forecast for this weekend backed by friday will see a chance that could be a wet weekend all the details and the timeline coming out. james. >> world news at least one man has drawn to the philippines as super typhoon mcgee the
5:25 am
strongest to come along in years hit the country this is the latest video you can see how violent the wind and rain has been the storm is expected to davits way to china where authorities have or be evacuated by hundred thousand people from the coast the storm could eventually head towards vietnam 24 dead saturday been reported because of flooding. thousands of filipinos, slot belter, windsor hundred and 40 m.p.h. that does not include the . utilities and out in a good number of areas thailand for the trains have devastated the northeastern part of the country triggering flash floods people up to the waist in water the worst flooding in the decade has left more than a million people under water. hope is fading for friends and relatives in central
5:26 am
china as seven miners remain trapped underground following an explosion on saturday. this is video of the area that is unaffected, he is reporting a number of miners confirm debt has risen to 30. saturday's blast happened as workers were drilling a hole to release pressure from the buildup. another explosion at the same mind two years ago killing 23 people. in chile, some of the rescue miners are back at the scene of that collapse, after spending a couple of days in a hospital there taking part in religious ceremonies there. a homecoming party was head forbid their security of the 15th minor he says he's a changed man. despite the incident he was to go back to work in those mines he says is file miners were together to survive although there were arguments at times especially after spending so much time together but in the end of the group worked things out and stick together to survive. meanwhile at the
5:27 am
vatican pope benedict has given astra yet its first st., one of 60 saves yet industry. speaking on the stems of st. peter's he bet read the names of the six new sense declaring each one worthy and all the catholic church. tens of thousands converged for the ceremony you can see the kron. australia's marry philip was the 19th century down who was excommunicated in part because her order is both a pedophile priest. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. more headlines ahead on the kron 4 morning news, let's go outside a live look at the golden gate bridge to assure you when things are much of this morning, still ringing at of yesterday's rain. santa rosa 52 degree range. up ringing at of yesterday's rain. santa rosa 52 degree range. up to 71 this newspaper said it best: hometown "meg whitman has demonstrated a loose relationship with the truth" "a poor understanding of government" "pat solutions for problems whose depth and complexity
5:28 am
clearly elude her" "she utterly lacks the qualifications to be governor" jerry brown "offers california exactly what it needs" "good ideas, strong principles, a reputation for telling the truth" and the ability to "get things done in sacramento" meg whitman's hometown newspaper and newspapers across the state have endorsed jerry brown for governor.
5:29 am
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and we're back, as we chatted dryout from the ring. we will stay dry today, a dry shot of the golden gate bridge. slight warming today temperatures well above where brest lay still below where we should typically be around this time. there's another chance of rain in the forecast for the streak end. will get to that a few minutes, stirring tempter 53 degrees for san francisco, 59 and oakland. in the afternoon, we could wind up since the '70s today getting up to 74 degrees santa rosa, fairfield, concord at persichetti's, here's a look is
5:31 am
a satellite picture, showing us all the rain from yesterday well-off to our east, we're in the clear for today in terms of the wet weather, we will stay dry still seeing some cloud cover hang around however it is expected to bring in some breaks are sunshine which is different than yesterday allowing temperatures to warm-up just a little bit. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it brings us that chance of rain come friday it is really going to be some light rain on friday but it could continue reagan to the weekend, sending it looks to give us a better chance of rain. temperatures dropping back down into the '60s. let's get a checked and your commute with erica. >> hotspot free start monday morning clear conditions all around the bay you can see were still in pretty good shape but the bay bridge toll plaza cars are brill building as you make your way westbound still looking pretty good for all approaches
5:32 am
those meeting lights are still cycled off. san mateo, still tracking pretty easygoing conditions you can see that we're bumping up your drive time to about 14 minutes from and to end, all lanes currently in the westbound direction of the san mateo bridge. golden gate, pretty good shape, still very few cars headed outside in the sunken direction. novato-city limits is about a 23 minute trip. less that 80, you concede is headlights heading towards the macarthur maze and moving without delay. south bend direction of the great highway is now reopened which means slow at skyline provide no more de torte. james. >> thank you, a developing story awarding really if you're traveling to europe, french officials say they received intelligence reports warning or potential attack by and light ride a group against europe. it's the latest in a series of
5:33 am
alerts the part french security alerts on high. france say they receive these latest reports from saudi arabia. that in the bay area experts are teaming up to teach people how to be prepared for the next big earthquake. here is a video of the earthquake that hit back in october of 1989. yesterday was the 21st anniversary of this quake. this coming thursday dubious statewide earthquake drill it will take place as but that great shake up. police are searching for two suspects believed to be involved in a weekend shooting of a man while he sat in his car. the suspects are in their mid-late 20's and are known to the victim this is all according to police the victim's injuries are not expected to be life-threatening pleas of not determinative is gang-related but the shooting is began to have stemmed from some form of verbal altercation. sports, a giant, phillies but
5:34 am
for game 2 at it was wrong or it was one of the from start-finish the phillies pitcher striking out one after the other nine in all going well into each inning the giants could get anything going until this moment here that is when cody ross perot to run out of the park a solo run it was not enough. phillies take game 26-1. >> he's a really good picture. he was on tonight he had good stuff. we knew we had to work around sanchez i thought he'd do well. with his command he was a chance but there as on the pitcher will tonight. >> the giants and fillies will hold workouts at at&t park and game 3 will be tomorrow and the afternoon to keep it to tear kron4 will be following the giants as they make their way to the crops. the looks like a force was with the niners. this
5:35 am
game was a stinker all the way up to the second half not much offense for the niners, and alex smith threw the touchdown strike. offering gore would find his legs in the second half. as the ninth offense started to get active. the niners of finally getting their first win 17-9 over the raiders. >> anytime you get a win, it is exciting for other guys. it gives them an edgy, motivation, a practice, we practice. we practice for the hurt. >> you got to start somewhere each at a fixed the negatives ago on the positives of the last five weeks and now to get a win your stop vw. that's all this time goes into. >> your the make some plays. try
5:36 am
and get less and read them. we didn't really get in rhythm until the second half. >> that's why i say we still have work to do. will take this one right here with confidence. >> that montana is a sound bite you heard he had arrived day yesterday finishing eight of 21. we will take a quick break, when we come back to the latest at berkeley or the head string of armed robberies we will tell you about them. here's a live look at sites from san francisco approved document sharing in a mild beginning to this monday morning. 50 by lunch. we'll be back.
5:37 am
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5:40 am
and we're back. in chronological order these go from left to right, september 30th at active street just of the cedar, a week later on october 7th a suspect with a similar description to the first appeared here struck again this time around again finally lost monday another person in broad daylight near scenic ave in cedar street. kron4 is a will tran is in berkeley. >> berkeley police believed it to the robberies might be a team effort in each incident a man robbed the victim and then got away by hopping into our car with a second suspect driving the getaway car. a similar description was given by two of the victims they could not make out the second sub subject the one in the car but they did say the kiowas and aldrin 1980's to
5:41 am
appeal to call up. and that the color was beat up. the suspect in the third did not averse to is a good thing to say is that none of the victims appeared to be ensured. from berkeley, will trent, kron4 news. >> the wall street journal is reporting that dozens of facebook apps have been breached. 10 popular facebook applications have been transmitting users' personal information to dozens of advertising and internet trucking companies that reach also includes users to set their formation to be completely private. the company will introduce new technology to contain the breach and is taking action to disable this sounds almost absurd made by independent software companies, here's a quick list, the 10 most popular farm bill, phrases, texas hold on, front your bill, causes, not a world, a mafia
5:42 am
wars, treasure island and i hurt it again some of these books most popular of spirit we'll take a break, we will be back with more headlines and a complete check and weather and traffic never faller away. south bay, of 56 trees and set out the san jose,
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
tokamak, a shot of the san mateo bridge, at today's going to be in a cold one not quite as cold as we were yesterday but we will stay dry. 54 san mateo, in getting it to 60. a high temperature only about 64 back down to the '50s by the clock or, 71 today in santa rosa, fairfield, concord those of the water spots. upper 60s for san
5:46 am
afoul and richmond. along the coast, in bill be pretty cool today and not getting out of the '50s, south bay mid-upper 60s might squeeze is a few '70s. we also have a chance of rain for this week we will start of the office friday that is when the chance of rain begins just a light rain that starts pretty early. plenty of rain widespread. this will continue or until 10:00. afternoon into the evening less of a chance of rain a potentially a better chance to the north bay. this will continue into your saturday. early saturday morning you can see a chance for widespread rate continues, the good news is we could see it let up as we had to the rest of the day in the afternoon clear conditions of the afternoon. none of that chance of rain moves in on your sunday. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., the next couple of days
5:47 am
we have for the warm-up still continuing with the morning fog but a bit more sunshine, whatever temperatures it does not last issue a letter to we start to drop off by your thursday, friday. but the package if it pictures, brain begins on friday and it could be a wet weekend. temperatures not getting ahead of the sixties under 5, 7, sunday for some of the war inland spots cities around the bay and '50s for the coast. chile forecast a headdress. quick check on your commute. >>. bay bridge toll plaza not hot spots yet, we harassing some backups and so the cash lanes i just checked in a meeting like the other cycle of but we still have no incidents, we'll seeing a little bit about that and the cash lanes and looks like fast- track is moving well and so is the 880 bridge. jet and nine- stroke lead to the foot of the macarthur maze as you make your way to sit and discuss. san
5:48 am
mateo, the good news, that right hand lane is now reopened. we are sealed about about directions of the span but still keeping pretty good drive times. still look at the toll plaza on wrapping up with a quick look at the golden gate, a few more cars on the rug, support still pretty easy conditions moving without delay you can see those satellites moving without the right here red from the bottom of the city limits is 23 minutes quick check on public transit does look like but, muni, a strain of running on time. james. >> thank you, a lot of trouble in the u.s. may be on the decline but summer months after some more people flying in and out of santa as the international airport, as several officials say a trouble is made more than 11 million trips to the airport between june and august that is more
5:49 am
than 4% above last year's summer travel to as several has climbed some 18% since 2006, air travel nationwide has chopped during the past three years officials say more flights offered by low- cost airlines and more cubans taking to the stage and the middle east contributed. more than 20,000 women joined the 19,000. this is a view of the races which will raise money for cancer research the americans started to union square to lenders through golden gate elan lake merced and then ended at ocean beach. >> is the people we're running for you think being able to do chemo what the mile. it was definitely tough. >> the fact of them singing lives in giving back. i get out people are running for my daughter. i think of to that
5:50 am
years of chemo and what she went through and the structure of that and nothing can compare to that. >> the weather was the one neuroglia burleson of little rock ark. she had the time of 2 hours and 46 minutes. elsewhere incidents as of the historic benicia in rome has reopened for the first time in more than 23 years it is a cabaret style theatre and reggie kumar tells about its history. >> and open it as a club for the first time in 1947 at the fairmont hotel san francisco is a leap would tend to watch musicians perform on the stage like the supremes bay area cabarets says the nightclub was very popular back then. >> it was the epitome of elegance perhaps women wore a light gloves and or cigna are a girl's circulating selling of
5:51 am
course cigarettes. closed because it is very expensive to run in a club one night after night you have entertainment acts and the kerman shareholders suffered quite a bit financially. >> it reopened 21 years later after she was able to make your dream reality only this time the performances are not every night on sunday morgan analyst performed victor was here in 1962 when tony bennett performs i left my of in san francisco for the rivers time >>. not that fame is a bad time but was after the show i walked up to him and i said mr. bennett i've never of a dozen awards ever discover for the city to like it? i said yes. i am so pleased to be back here 48 years later to the opening of this beautiful room. it is time it is
5:52 am
overdue, we needed the cabaret setting for these wonderful new as it is. >> and we'll take a break, 552, and a live look this morning of the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is stacking up just a bit, as we approach 6:00 a.m.. traffic is stacking up just a bit, as we approach 6:00 a.m.. will be back. you know it's bad when the press asks if you'd take a lie detector test. meg whitman didn't tell the truth about not voting or about how long she lived in california. she got caught in insider deals at goldman sachs. she changed her story about physically abusing an employee. she campaigned as tough as nails on immigration knowing her housekeeper of 9 years was undocumented. her tv ads have been condemned as false and misleading.
5:53 am
and even her hometown newspaper said meg whitman has demonstrated "a loose relationship with the truth"
5:54 am
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5:55 am
andrea that parking can be difficult enough for some drivers but the signs that tell you where you can and cannot but conflict what you do? >> to read and knives we have had a right to a science. tolan. press office to this and read 10
5:56 am
minutes prior to and from 8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. except sundays. but to contain it is different. it reads tenant parking from 9 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.. i guess no one bothered to read the sign or a ticket to deter it. at the decree reed and other greens out with another confusing message. on the current it reads 10 and a parking 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. which seems fair, but if you read the official street sign it says tollway, no stopping from 4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.. which officials find you believe? over at 16th and sanchez had in in chronic. they even moved-and, but apparently it was too tired to move the red zone with the high drama. it is here's the hydrant in here's the red zone.
5:57 am
this is the proper way to paint it and never on the hydrant three feeder red of both sides that a city law. over on page in the gun that is-has get this, eighth city but red zone but the place this note stopping side- effects it even though it appears what the sign there's still an extra 10 ft. of an expert redstone brilliant. i am sure that there is one of these, i have a job for you, i want you to see if you can sign and send it to me in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron4 news. a quick look at what made it big in the box office. jackass 3d set a record for the biggest october debut, beating the $48.1m which is about a cast performing potentially self- harming stunts and pranks. action comedy red, starring bruce willis, helen mirren, john malkovich and morgan freeman, opened at number two with $22.5m.facebook film, the social network, dropped to third spot after spending two weeks
5:58 am
at number one. here's a quick look at that is san francisco as we go, we'll get to 62 this afternoon. rule the tweet.
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