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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 3, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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between california on i 5. >> as we tire track are whether it can see things are clear and quiet. no rain to come clearer about today or for the whole week really, looking at our roof so far, so good. >> dry conditions which is great news we will see dry through the week, that is a big headline. north bay fog we've had a bit of a building, otherwise it's a mild dry start. this afternoon sunday with mid-50s, over night to clear, a bellvalley fog over night. san rosa 36, 39 napa, everybody else in mid to upper 40's right now. slowly
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warming it up as we head toward sunrise. this afternoon take a look, mid-50s, dry, blue skies, 54 san francisco, 54 out in concord, delta low 50s, as you can see around the bay 55, 56, up 57 around that range towards the afternoon hours. as for the next seven days these temperatures will climb as we head towards mid-week. by thursday 60 degrees, morning valley fog sticks with us for the better part of the week, cultural and friday, saturday overnight sprinkles but the afternoon looks great. george with your commute. >> our last check what was looking at this bay bridge thinking we may see some heavy traffic this morning. but now
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i'm not sore sure. doesn't look like there's enough traffic to trigger the meter in lights though it is more than we saw last thursday, friday. for the last few weeks we have had back up free drive to. no hot spots, or problem spots. the volume is building slightly at the san mateo bridge this is the lighter than usual commuted the westbound direction. golden gate bridge ride stillman problems here they have now configured the bridge from the morning commute. they added an extra lane southbound. interstate 580 still low delays coming in from tracy, through the altamont pass, and on and to dublin. highway 4 ride is lighter than usual as well. >> developing story out of novato, two people shot in a
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safeway parking lot. more news faster return to a solo reporter jackie says alive with the latest. >> novato police investigators are still out here on scene. investigating to people being shot in the parking lot. according to the police department slightly after midnight last night, or this morning i should say, two men sitting in car right there when they were approached by a suspect and shot multiple times inside of the vehicle. they were transported to a local hospital their condition is unknown, multiple gunshot wounds each and they both were in surgery as of our half ago. the investigation continues out here. the police say they don't have any suspects to release at this time, we're hoping at some point this
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morning and maybe later this morning to get a press release, or press conference from the police department to give us more formation not only on the status of the suspects, but the victims themselves. >> thank you we will check back with you. >> another story governor schwarzenegger is out and jerry brown is in, jerry brown will be sworn in today. will tran is live with the details. >> when he takes office officially at 11:00 a.m. at the memorial auditorium after he gives his speech with the beliefs could the last between 10, 20 minutes. he will be the oldest governor as 72 years old when he took office but in 1975 he was the youngest. lots has changed since he took office this time in herod's but $28
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billion budget deficit it is the problem that people voted him into office hoping he would fix. already he's turned down invitations to the white house to meet president barack obama which is allowed but instead he stayed back here. he had a public sessions on how to tackle the deficit. what he will do is he looks to extend the income and sales taxes which they not extended will expire january 1st, keep in mind he ran on the campaign he would not raise taxes without voter approval. it looks like he will go to the voters at some time in the next couple months to see how they feel about that. i can tell you that if this budget which has been a big problem for years about being late. he says hopefully this time he will have it within 60 days of the deadline. the judge could be easier this time because they
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approved a measure that calls for a simple majority to pass the budget and not to third. after he finished here he goes about 3 mi. where he has his reception at the railroad museum. unlike other governors to spend a million on their campaign and party he will spend $100,000. he is probably only going to give out free hot dogs because he's a man of the people. >> if you want to cut down on that expenses hot dogs is a great way to do it. >>, harris will be sworn in today for statewide office and the first woman for attorney general is holding it at the california museum of history, women, the arts. that takes place at 1:00 p.m. but >> gabon news and taken over as governor is unclear right now we
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do know when the party will be he was suppose to be sworn in today with brown and harris. but he wants to stick around to make sure that since francisco gets a new mayor that he approves of spirit he wants the board of supervisors to pick his successor hence the delay with him taking over as lieutenant governor. >> we will be back as a morning news continues until 11:00 a.m. coming up after the break the latest on this note in california and the closure of the grape vine. people! look at you!
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a lot look at the golden gate bridge. the pavement trying out and we are looking for sunshine. a chance dry dryout finally this week. >> claims are nice and dry. but
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lookit southern california. palm trees and snow, not something new shall receive. southern california getting his rear dusting of snow. everybody screaming their cars. we know what happened to the grape vine. we can tell you it is closed in both direction on i 5 because about blowing snow and ice from the storm. driving conditions have been horrible. it is see the green and yellow cells that is intense. hawking it is closed indefinitely. cars were slipping, sliding and wind gusts of 90 mi. an hour. they expect more snow as low as 1,500 ft.. more than an inch of rain in the l.a. area through today. they
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have temperatures dipping into the '40's. >> body of man and woman found in a saratoga home deputies discovered the bodies of this couple yesterday afternoon, they say relatives called a '40's before 1:00 p.m. asked him to check on the man and woman. they think it could be a murder- suicide. we will be back after the break. james lick right now quiet and dry.
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good morning think you for waking up with the kron 4 morning news with the back to work monday, all live shot of san jose the big story is we are dry finally. >> that is great news shot of san jose and one show this once more because we do have some fog out there it's in the south bay
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and san jose, north bay as well. visibility is down 4 mi. in san jose, 3 up near petaluma, as everybody else can see cleared no big worry out there just might fog. otherwise a dry afternoon. mid-40s for the most part 36 in san rosa, they have clear skies with all the heat escaping. redwood city feared 42, 44 in antioch, 48 in san francisco. will warm things up in the middle week mid-50s this afternoon. 54 san francisco, 54 concord, 54 fairfield, you kind
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of get the trend. in san jose we are seeing 56, 54 half moon bay, here's 74 cast as promised we will see temperatures slowly build 64 year high on thursday, friday, saturday, the morning fog does persist but the look dry weather is the headline and that is the take away as we head into this first full week of 2011. >> and the first full week of normal commute. we are seeing a back up and the left hand lanes. i checked with air, and she said the meter lights have not been activated it is not unusual even before activation dysphasia bit of a back up in the cash lanes. there is a shift lock change and that is why we see a back up their even on normal commute
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days in advance of the meter lights being activated. we could catch a lucky break here but we will wait and see. it looks lighter than usual but there may still be meter lights, a meter in back up. albany camera lighter than usual traffic for the westbound direction but it is definitely heavier than one hour ago. san francisco still very light and the good news is it's dry pavement for your trip around the bay area. still looking at the sensors lighter than usual on 580, highway 4, 80 westbound, san jose, they all look good right now. the grape vine still remains closed. >> if your ride cattle train the fare goes up 255 a as own today. kron 4 scrag has more.
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>> with the first of the year to help train riders have to expect to pay more to ride between san jose, san for cisco. that is a factor of life as a first-rate come through. it walked up to the ticket booth and we credit- card annual pay more every day, every month. it adds up. a full run between the two cities will be 255 his own poor way. it's an extra $54 round trip. it adds up. the monthly pass will $20. they are raising fares to cover a deficit and will save to a half-million dollars a year. they plan to cut service off hours and on weekends. >> on weekdays trains will only run hourly from ninth until 2.
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california cab tablecable cars l be shutting down for mechanics. they will be repairing some sidewalks and ramps to make them handicapped accessible. starting today san mateo county will have access to a system. it is a composting system and its services more than 92,000 homes in the county. you don't have to separate your recyclables and pick up will happen every week. >> get ready for changes in pg&e bill some will see rate increases some will see it go down. those who use little power will see their rates go up of people using large amounts will get a cut of about 2 1/2%. this will help people with larger homes and those in the central valley to have been dealing with
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larger electric bills for this summer's heat wave to. republicans holding the majority and the house democrats still to control the senate by a small margin. among the promises they will cut spending and help healthcare. they will explain and defend their positions and they want the public to watch the proceedings on mine. >> first responders to september 11th will now have medical expenses paid for. president barack obama signed the bill from his vacation yesterday afternoon. this will help officers who responded that day and guarded crown zero after the attacks. many of them suffering from respiratory diseases. republicans tried to block the measure. >> we will be back with more
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just a couple of minutes alive look at the bay bridge toll plaza in you can see the approach, just a bit of a wait and it is still light for monday. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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will allow 60 korea it will be 57 and we're warning of 58, 59, by thursday, friday we're looking as 60. will have partly sunny, leak and as well. >> the raiders or the niners will not be going to the bulls this weekend.year. the blew offe
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cardinals. alex smith threw two touchdowns and what could be his last game as a 49er. the vice president balky is the front- runner for and general managers. he met over the weekend is the with the franchise for six years. this said he would contest the national risearch fr a replacement. the new jail and will south san than it had to coach. cela raiders became militant since a 1970 merger of the afl to go unbeaten in their division passed along to make the playoffs. oakland beat the chiefs in kansas city. jason and
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campbell threw a touchdown espn says, is unlikely to return as a coach. >> and we will be right back in developing story from novato table shot in the state would are in the latest details and more.
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and and bell on wall street that nest egg is now looks like we will have a good start to the beginning of the trading year. will bring you the latest through the warnings. >> developing story out of novato to people were shot, in the safeway parking lot to gain more this restaurant kids go to
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jackie cecil bliss been following the story. >> you can see officers from the bottom of this department, are still out here collecting evidence. according to the police around 1215 last night here at the same plane near hamilton field, to people were sitting in a car of the white toyota when they were approached by suspects, or suspect and shot into the car multiple times striking both victims inside the car. they were taken to a hospital with multiple gun shot wounds. an hour-and-a-half ago they were in surgery, condition is unknown at this time. the police say they don't have a suspect description, obviously as the time goes on this morning we hope to hear back from the police department. they expect to have a press release, the press conference later this morning or later this afternoon.
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>> think the decade. >> bay area weather and traffic star with a mother-in-law of look over the san mateo bridge, some fog out there. a. it's not raining. >> that is good news will rain if this clear lake now we got rid of the weekend rains sixth ballet is having trouble plane and on the grapevine as well. st. ice and snow accumulate. we will talk about more about that throughout the day. as for temperatures at the current hour we are still in for a cool cooler and the north face san rosa coming in at 35, now above 39. everybody else with 40's no matter where you are. dry start that's the important thing. this afternoon we will be in the mid- 50s in this north it north bay
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we are allowing that 54 novato, 54 and vallejo, san francisco, and any of there. in the south bay 55, 56 degrees, 52 in antioch, that is how we will ship on for 3:00 p.m. >> the sunday for caithness shows a lot more sunshine so agreed way to welcome in the first week of january. temperatures of the new kansai thursday we get into 60, clouds coming the end of the week but they only have a sprinkler to. that is a look here forecast and now let's check your ride. >> a little more traffic than two weeks but still a great ride. we still long have any meter and light is activated for the west bound commute. left
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hand casually and is backed up to that extent. still light enough they have not kicked off the meter lights. interstate 80 is the lighter than usual, 580, 580 through the livermore valley, all lighter than usual street san mateo bridge a little heavier but still allowed as heavy as we usually see it. no reports of the latest year, knows loading at 880 at 92. some are in the right is still trouble free, and still trouble- free and the golden gate bridge. >> 6:33 a.m. governor schwarzenegger is out and then there brown is in. he will be sworn in at 11:00 a.m. of taking over what will be his third term. will tran is a sacramento following the story. >> this ceremony will take place
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right behind me news ban is to cover this event of such as change since 1975 when governor brown was first governor at the age of 36 the youngest governor in history. he will be the oldest, 72. when he takes office he will inherit $28 billion budget deficit is the problem plus tackle which is why it turned out of our to an intimate president barack obama. he decided to stay in the state and hauled to sessions on how to tackle the deficit. when he ran for office in the campaign not to raise taxes without approval but there are sources that say he will probably try to keep those taxes in place. if he doesn't do something about that that will expire july 1st but he hopes to keep that in place.
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after the swearing-in he will have his party about 3 mi. from this location at the railroad museum. unlike other governors to spend a million dollars or more on the party he will spend about a hundred thousand dollars. he will have free hot dogs at the party. for now reporting from sacramento will tran kron 4 news. >> and in the hours before governors schwarzenegger left office. he committed sentences. the governor said he thought the 16 year prison sentence the best of on was serving was excessive and reduced it to seven years. he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter for his role in a fight that killed a 22 year-old man. >>: who was 16 when she ambushed and killed her former has been
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granted clemency by gov. schwarzenegger. she is 32 years old she listens to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the shooting death of george gilbert. they said she was no longer looking working for him when he was shot. >> the story we're following jean antoine will be sworn in later today last night she held a party at the science center. several hundred people attended and she said she will focus on crime and job creation. she will recruit's 2000 volunteers to serve as mentors for at risk to children. 10 months we will sit back with adjustable of less alive love from our roof on in the last avenue. it still lights on and we still have the christmas lights up. it is still
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clear and dry. we will be right back.
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national news johnson and johnson's will announce an effort to bring added cancer blood test to. it can spot a single cancer cell on a billion healthy cells. in dispute over the safety of shift day to lithium batteries is wrong the it obama and administration must treat them as hazardous cargo. if they catch fire they bird hot and it is hard to put out. other countries worry about increasing shipping cost. the
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ploy of electronics like cell phones and laptops. lithium batteries could be blamed for the crash of ups plane that crashed in saudi arabia several months ago. >> ohio are investigating a shooting at a trailer park a deputy was shot and another one seriously injured and this is the big deal. >> >> that officer was hit right there there's a mix of them from the local police and exchanging fire with a suspect inside the trailer. they are being rushed off to the hospital the gunman was killed but they don't all fit was from the hizbollah or one from the officer. one deputy was killed and one share of is still one hospital. >> arkansas for a bigger tried to figure out why bunch of birds
6:42 am
fell from a sky and died. an aerial survey found no other dead birds outside of this immediate area. the birds could of been hit by lightning or were startled by fire was. tests come back on the birds have been inconclusive. >> we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. traffic is light you have some company but no fog and a nice dry deck. @
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welcome back alive look from the san mateo bridge. at least is not raining james has more. >> and it won't for the rest of the week. this morning mild, dry, we do have north bay fog and some of these bay as well.
6:46 am
if you had towards sacramento, the foothills and gets heavier. for now it's the north bay. temperatures in the '40's for the morning, '50s this afternoon, as we head over night it will be clear except for valley fog. that will be the weather story every morning as we head into the first part of the week. this is where temperatures are right now mid- 40s. a general temperature of 45, 46 degrees for the bay area this morning, this afternoon mid-50s, 54 novato, 54 not napa, everybody 54 this afternoon. 56 in san jose, 54 livermore valley. it will be a mild afternoon and plenty of sunshine. we will see that repeated each day as we work through the forecast. by
6:47 am
thursday temperatures climb five degrees for more they are now. our overnight temperatures flat. mid-40s for most of the week, again you see clouds rolling in friday, saturday an off chance of out over night sprinkle or two. as for the afternoon and it will be beautiful. >> good morning james a look at interstate 80 in the westbound direction where once again lighter than usual traffic here. no delays here as you head down towards the off ramp to the lorry shore freeway. we did have a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza it was in the left-hand cash lanes, those have gone away, we have no meter lights for the ride. judging from the volume you can see it's hard it required, it looks as though we
6:48 am
are in for another day of light and easy traffic here. 1 01 san jose, northbound, still good ride up pass trouble occurs road san jose to 80 also light there. we did check for heavier traffic and it is as might be expected through any ockeghem pittsburgh on highway 4. westbound 580 still looks great. >> thank-you georgia somebody has and i phoned several online reports say software flaw if you set the alarm for one time use that it doesn't go off. the bug was triggered by the start of 2011. apple said the rip-off lot problem should resolve itself the several iphone users have had problems at all has not said what if anything will be done to correct the problem. i just
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cited miler one-off fine. toshiba was up the larger screen and an ipad. their customers to applet public computer the toshiba tablet will be unveiled in las vegas this week. numerous other companies have tablets as well. >> other news if you need more proof for a rise in may be soon get an iphone is your this could be it. river rising trend marks services is purchasing a iphone domain names. interestingly for eyes and trademark services also owns rise in .com. >> flooding in australia and the
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military now working to restock homes as more flood waters, and stranding people in homes. the drenching rains here in the outback started before christmas, if flooded an area the size of france and germany combined. the flooding has killed three people since saturday. >> heavy snow in japan caused fishing boats to capsize. this is from japan most of it capsizes wait about 3 t. fishermen say it was a surprise to find some many vessels capsized by this snow is after one night. many say they don't have any idea how the fishing will survive in the coming days. magnitude 7.1 the quake sent sent thousands of people seeking higher grounds. chilean authorities saying there's no threat of a tsunami. inventory
6:51 am
of washer more than 500 people were killed by an 8.8 magnitude earthquake. >> we will be back with more a couple of minutes severs the gulf from our roof. you can see the sun will come up and we will see it today. would that be nice. we will be right back.
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a lot of rain this weekend brought some snow to highway 29. it has been reached opens this it is too dangerous. this is one of many cars that was towed out of the area thanks to the snow. >> no precipitation with us with enough of it over the weekend. 7 day around the bay forecast sunday skies evening getting warm. picking up a few degrees tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we
6:55 am
have fog for the next few days after we get through clear morning today. i again sunshine, and dry weather. >> how about a good start for wall street. 30 minutes into trading of 113 to 11,00690 nasdaq up 35, s&p up 13. $50 billion that the estimate made by investors by facebook. cul- de-sacs and russian investor has invested $500 million in the social network facebook will use the money to put a fund to the hire of top tech talent. maybe of them by smaller companies. they have declined to comment for the story of the $50 billion/tuition is accurate it would be worth more then tyne warner or disney. still not as
6:56 am
much as google. >> even the white house cannot escape the housing market. the white house has lost a quarter of its value. their real estate websites the 1600 pence of the elite new avenue depreciated to be will >> the obama is have made in pursuance of vegetable garden, and they put in that swing set. i don't know if that will help. >> they might think about a home equity loan. >> linseed nil and will be released sometime today. she faces legal hurdles. she's under investigation on a battery charge, she has dissatisfied she
6:57 am
has been compliance with pro bashan. >> and judge of the war will have part of her leg amputated. they look the other lesions and decided did she should return to a hospital game green is setting and and if they don't amputate she could die. >> we will be back with more a couple of minutes. a live look at the golden gate bridge. a lot more company here it is back to work but no back up at the bridge.
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lisa novato the king and for whoever shot to people outside of the safeway in nevada.


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