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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  January 3, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> this appears to be a gain related homicide the first of the new year. gang- related-- >> they're not sure if there is a connection between the suspect, the victim or if it was the way that the person was addressed. or through acquaintances of the victim. but a shrine to the slain teen continues to grow outside the front door. >> members insist that he was not involved in any gang activity. >> he was too young. and he acted older, for his future. it is sad. >> the final acts of governor, are not schwarzenegger notes schwarzenegger, the son of fabian and unions. the son was serving 16 york
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sentence, with a pointed year-old college student. that sentence has been reduced to 07 years. then the members of the victim are outraged by the governor's decision. >> we are very, very disappointed we cannot believe that he... think it is despicable. a rotten, backroom deal. the last hour of his office. completely unnecessary. and i think that if this happened to his family? or have his kids have been killed? the sentence would nearly not be enough not be enough. >> and the previous sentence was excessive because he was not the person who stabbed the victim. in gone up governor arnold schwarzenegger defense. >> and the stabbing of this woman. sarah cruz, now 32 had been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. for
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the 1994 murder of george howard she has been reduced we took 25 years sentence. >> in novado, accused of shooting two men in this shopping center parking lot. investigator that alexandra coral shot the man after midnight. both were taken and hospital and serious condition. she is taken to the american ideal. >> already double homicide, she is taken to the marin county jail. -- >> and a double homicide already cured through san francisco. you concede this locations. >> a live look outside you are able to see those men applications. >> and as the sunshine coast down very few clouds.
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and you can see some cloud coverage over the mountains and the health diablo range. >> * this afternoon the been fairly chilly. breast. the winds are dying down. brisk-- >> livermore, 49 degrees, 50 in concord. and it is going to be a very chilly night tonight. that wind is going to continue down and the temperatures will die down. quickly reach 40's by 7:00 p.m. stuff and a number of locations will see twenties. and also expect that fog in the inland valleys in the north locations. and nearly warmer temperatures. and if this will stick a robber? details on your upcoming forecast. if this will stick around. , a delaware landfill. john will of the third bodies found w of a
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lan this dollar medical examiner found this body. the 56 year-old was killed. he was an aide to several previous presidents. >> and after no trash pickup for over one week. here are pictures taken this morning. trash pickup resumed today. and it was suspended after the big blizzard. >> and also, the garbage trucks is the sound of music for many of residence. >> the sanitation was hard at work in riverdale hauling away piles of building up from the burlesons last week blizzard dumped 20 in. of snowfall in the bronx. >> this is what and getting done. >> connie mitchell is hoping that this garbage is going to get on by the time she gets back from work. >> you do not want to walk down that side of the street
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because a possible rett could jump out. you just never know!. and this is clearing snowfall from bronx side streets. >> trashed his nearly two- weeks old with the city's it, accumulating in every corner of the borough. >> there are dozens of bags like this powerhous a black car projects, to even furniture, is piled high. you can see just how much garbage is actually here. >> now that the sanitation crews are of the main reaction is understanding to say the least. >> you have to be realistic and understand that they had to fight stoke snowfall, simultaneously. >> they always find ops reasons to be upset so it is nice to we can talk about garbage the more serious things. >> for now, the pentagon is not going to step into the lewd videos by a senior officer in the navy. inch a
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reporter, kimberly sakamoto has a look at the studio. >> internet reporter. , these are four years old but just yesterday it was spread around to the web. here are some of the parts we are able to show you. >> and elvis get my favorite topic, which is something foreign to the geek kid, is checks in the shower. >> with anti-the slurs in explicit sexual items with implied bestiality. and this was started with the highly regarded naval officer currently in command. the uss enterprise in which these videos were shown. the navy has spoken out that these were not acceptable bed or now. >> the family of the shares affect some killed in ohio.
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sheriff's office-she was looking into reports of gunfire when the suspect, 87 year-old shot her. and we spoke to the father. >> they told us what had happened to. that she was deceased, that she was gone. the 57 year-old shopper. >> and from that point on, it was pretty much downhill. >> quiet outside the home where suzanne crew up. half grew up-- >> and instead of silence it was filled the love, the support from people that knew her. >> we've been pleasantly inundated with friends, family yesterday and today. >> they're talking about a single gunshot wound 5 mi. from where they live. >> that is not the way it is supposed to be. >> could hit so close to home.
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>> it is an on surmountable turn of the dense. for whatever reason. >> it is a loss for this community. she began her career on fabric first, 1999. >> from that moment, the deputy wanted to work in law enforcement. and he worried that as of august daughter would always be in danger. >> it was not a career that you think of your daughter being and. or your son, but not your daughter. and she loved it. >> she was never short of duty in that was a type of person she was. >> to this person, she was more than just a person with a badge, issues a friend, a daughter, and the mother of two children. now they're using their faith to move forward. >> i do not expect that this will be something that we can have been in vain. i think there is going to be a purpose that fulfill this. >> and trying to find in his heart to ----2424 give
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the man that killed this daughter. >> got a said that vengeance is mine. he is trying to find the strength to forgive the killer. traffic is moving well in both directions, stay with us. we will be right back. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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>> it is going to cost more to ride caltrain. this increase is an ongoing effort to close a big budget gap. >> with the first of the year, caltran commuters are going to pay more from san jose-to san francisco. >> that is effective like as the first train comes through here. >> and as you put your credit card to the ticket booth, ever more, every day, every month and that will add up. >> and caltran, to san
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francisco. >> an extra 255 per zone, each way. patroness of the in the city, an extra $150 run drop. however, it will add up, and the monthly pass will go up by $20. and with the growing deficit, by raising fares, to cover the growing deficit. and they're also going to cut service on of hours and on weekends. >> on weekdays, trains will run hourly from 9:30, until 2:00 p.m. instead of every 30 minutes. >> after a rainy weekend, things have cleared out. we will talk all about or forecast, coming up.
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>> and in world news, malaysia is experiencing devastating flooding. >> into one of the people of been deplo displaced to wonder thousand people and australia. the military is air and supplies and damages. damages are estimated at over $1 billion. >> and with our current futurecast, and our future tracker. a very chilly morning tomorrow. 33 and santa rosa, at 7:00 a.m. as to make our way into the afternoon by noon. temperatures will be warming up into the low 50s. by 3:00 p.m. we are looking at low mid '50s in the north bay. and were in the south bay. warmer in the south bay. this is a picture we've not seen with lake tahoe or
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heavenly cam. you can see clear skies with cold conditions of the next couple of days. with calm condititions and the same thing on tuesday with increasing cloud coverage. we could potentially be looking for a storm this weekend but right now it is out of the forecast. slim if any chance. here is what we can expect this week. mild, and temperatures only and in the weekend, increasing cloud coverage, and we are increasing our rainfall forecast as we get closer will keep you posted. >> the struggle to keep the new year's resolutions. if it is paying off debt? smoking? we lost? and nicole collins takes a look. weight loss? >> no matter what your views resolution is. >> to be a better father.
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>> and it seems that there is a cap for that, kick it in shape? trainer, there is a free-ac and aapplication for >> and people underestimate how the eat. and over estimate much they worked out. >> and >> and to see your spending you are bringing in? >> and if it is smoking? >> to live strong, is a roug your lookin for an
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application? for your smart phone. and happy new year from washington. these will help return news resolutions. >> and even on the top right hand of your screen. the lower deck. stay with us. we will be right back.
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>> stuart e-mailed a copy of the speed it to the chicago sun-times. and the famed critic of said it had an unbelievable technical proficiency adding that the film really deserves to win. an academy award for best live-action short subject. he built this to roger ebert. >> still, a big testament to this technology that he's able to create this through this primitive technology. and it only takes one day to create. >> lindsay lohan is out of rorehab. she is left the body for summer. she is left thd center.
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>> is not so new face, with the jury kron being sworn in. 28 years later. >> and i'm not here to embrace, did a >> right now, the state railroad museum. and the series of events will go on, and with people showed up right now this is a private party. 4:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. and we show you video earlier about 11:00 a.m. this morning. jerry brown was sworn and the forest third term. previously, he was governor 28 years ago for his third term. this time. he spoke about the tough times that are ahead in tough choices he is going to have to make. promising, no more smoke and


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