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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 4, 2011 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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dad asks. >> do you love your grandparents? >> no, no. >> do you love bath tame? >> no, no dangers hidden below your feet. a report connected to the deadly gas line explosion four months ago, there were suggestions to pg&e and regulators, tonight we look at the report and gets reaction from one lawmaker who demanded accountability from the beginning. kron 4's dan kerman has details. >> bob: it's still unclear what caused the pipeline explosion. the recommendations are designed to -- the ntsb ordered
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pg&e -- pg&e to do a record search. thoseioid are to have their pressure based on the weakest section of pipe and if that can't be done, additional testing need to be completed. >> operators need to know what is under the ground, if they don't know then they can't be confident that the pressure that they are using is safe and acceptable. >> bob: at a news conference monday, jackie spear applauded the ntsb for their recommendations. and sited pg&e about the wrong information. >> the documents, the drawings assert that the pipeline was seemless. we all know now that it is a
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seemed pipe. and a seemed pipe needs to be addressed differently. the question becomes in this whole region, how much of the pipeline system that pg&e operates is indeed seen and how much of that system has never, ever been inspected. >> bob: the ntsb recommended the california public commission conduct oversight of pg&e's record search and pipeline testing as well as inform other operators so they can implement corrective measures on their own pipelines. pg&e is reviewing the recommendication indicates this record search in regards to its pipeline is always underway. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> you can go to for a complete look at the
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recommendations. i jerry brown do solemnly swear -- >> jerry brown once again becoming governor of california. this was the scene in sacramento, becoming the 39th governor of the state. he is facing serious problems in sacramento. the state faced budget deficits for years, it is now facing $28 billion short fall through june of 2012. >> the budget i present next week will be painful but honest budget. spending will be matched with available tax revenues and specific proposals will be offered. it's a tough budge for the tough times. >> and to help prove he is serious about being fugle, his luncheon featured hot dogs and
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chips. >> he tackthals state's growing budget problem, kron 4's jonathan bloom talks about the cuts we are likely to see. >> bob: jerry brown said he plans to make difficult and unpopular cuts. and here at uc berkeley, jack says those cuts are likely to try to patience of leaders on both side of the aisle. but jerry brown may be a man who is uniquely positioned to take on that job. >> i think you might see cuts across the board, education, higher education. health programs. brown said -- achieve imaginary balanced budget through various kinds of accounting gimmicks. if that is true, then it makes, you know, makes the cuts more
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real and painful. in a way he is better positioned to do this than almost anyone else would be. >> reporter: why? >> one because i think he comes in at a stage of his political career where he can do difficult things. he doesn't need to run for office again. secondly, i think there is a general recognition thin state, mong the pub -- among the public that this is real. could it be messy? yes. will it be? probably. >> while a ballot measure just got rid of the requirement to pass a budget, that requirement is still there if the new budget includes a tax increase. brown may have no choice but to go to the voters if he wants to raise taxes. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news.
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a inauguration for oakland's mayor, jean quan, the first chinese american elected to that job. she talked to us about her plan tew tract business to the city. >> first of all, we are going to win the a's stadium and i will meet to talk to keep the jobs in oakland and the stimulus grant and the advantages. enterprise zone, huge tax credits and oakland has a business tax for new businesses. i plan to do a better job of marketing those and i will reach out to the businesses. >> jean quan says getting oakland's young people working is part of her top property. kamala harris was sworn in
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today as california's attorney general. >> i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> the first woman, first affricken american to hold the job. she says she will reduce truancy in public schools by going after parents. temperature said cold out there in a number of locations. north bay temperatures dropping into the 30s. 35 fairfield. 38 conquered. we saw the clear skies today. that is going lead to chilly conditions over night. helps that the cold settle in. overnight temperatures into the 30s. patchy fog expect. into the afternoon, sunny and mild conditions with temperatures into the 50s. another cold night for tuesday. we will keep this weather
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pattern going for a while. as jerry brown took office, governor schwarzenegger created controversy. he pardoned california convicts and angered the
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possible. a body was discovered in a car port tonight. police found the body about 5:30. the victim had not been identified yet. no word on whether the police suspect foul play. a coroner was called to the scene and the investigation is ongoing. an overturned truck closed 101 tonight. you see it there on the left.
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100-gallons of oil leaked on to the road. the driver lost control on a turn. responding crews realized the truck was leaking oil. the driver was taken to the hospital, he injuries are not life threatening. the weather has been rainy and dreary for the
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patent applications to energy saving ideas, product recalls to home buying tips check out because the country runs better when we stay connected. . governor schwarzenegger is coming under fire for one of his last acts of governor. esteban nunez, there is his photo, son of fabian nunez, pleaded guilty to monslaughter in the killing of a 22-year-old college student from conquered. his sentence was shortened to 7 years. the family is outraged by the
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decision. >> cowardly politician move. we can't believe he would do such a thing. it's despicable. backdoor deal. that last hour of his office. completely unnecessary. if it happened in his family, they would think seven years wasn't enough. >> reporter: she is the mother of santos, seen here. by commuting the sentence esteban nunez received, governor schwarzenegger is making a joke of the justice system. >> he got 16 years and he has been trying to make appeals for that. he has been denied by all the court procedures. but he did the back-door deal with governor schwarzenegger. >> reporter: in a statement, governor schwarzenegger says he
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believed esteban nunez's sentence was excessive. he pointed out esteban nunez had no previous criminal record. kathy says she doesn't know what she can do but she hopes those involved feel a political fall out. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> it's maybe not surprising he is leaving office with a donation from a corporate supporter. one of his accounts received a $15,000 contribution from blue shield california. it's chilly out there right now but it will get colder over night. tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the 30s. some places in the 20s. couple places in the low 40s.
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patchy fog in the valleys. afternoon, quick warming. by 3:00 temperatures in the 50s. let's get a look outside. warmer drier air. the storm digs down to the is out. that's the story over the next several days. dry conditions, cold mornings, warmer afternoons. here is a look at tomorrow. 31 in napa. could also be seeing patchy frost in napa and fairfield. 35 in conquered. fog inland valleys. temperatures in the upper 30s. 40 degrees in san jose. and oakland. 42 in san francisco. afternoon, 50s in the north bay. 55 santa rosa. 53 san francisco. upper 50s down the peninsula.
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south way 57. a look at the seven day around the bay forecast. little change. temperatures the same all the way through friday. increasing cloud cover into the weekend. right now doesn't look like that storm will clip us. headlines tonight. the grapevine has been re- opened. the chp had to shut it down because of snow and ice. cars were escorted through the pass in groups of 500 today. president obama might be close to name agnew chief of staff, sources say william daily might get a top white house job. he is right now serving as an executive at jp morgan chase. thousands of birds fell from the sky in arkansas over the weekend. dead black birds were on
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rooftops, streets, fields. scientists will test for disease. but other theories include fire works and thunderstorms killed them. the raiders wrap up their best season in eight years and stanford caps off one of
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here we go. taylor, the star of virginia tech. scrambling. stays inbounds. 11-yard strike. he had a conversation on the sidelines and coach, back and forth we go. taylor sacked six times. the orange bowl mvp. touchdown. luck. 287 yards. 4 touchdowns. cementing his choice at the nfl number one draft choice if he leaves college. 40-27. stanford's first bowl win in 14 years. >> reporter: is this your final year? >> please. please. give me a break. it's about the performance of the players. i love them. >> reporter: how difficult a decision do you have to make about whether you want to play
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on sundays right now? >> there are worst decisions you have to make in life. >> that kid is going to be terrific. you figure luck will be the number one pick at carolina and he will have four teams, including the 49ers making offers. top cable, the word is, if you believe people who are on the raiders inside, mr. davis, everybody is going wild, mr. davis remembers the glory years, his cable. >> i would like it to go away and just have alabama and i sit down and discuss it, which we will. i know what we have done. everybody knows what we have done. you can't call us losers anymore. >> all right. if he stays, cable sweats for a few weeks while he sees who is
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out there. 49ers say good-byes tonight. michael crab tree. 49ers finished 6-10. is alex smith going to in anyway be back? probably not. what do you say, alex? >> reporter: last hew raw? >> good question. no idea. nothing has change. a lot of uncertainty out there, that's for sure. don't know enough tomeric any decisions. >> i guess you are right. warriors on the road against a good team, no. the magic and howard, maybe they are not miami, maybe not the lakers but they are good. steph curry had the warriors up by 11 points in the second quartert and as they did in miami on saturday night, when they led the heat by 20, the
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warriors aren't good enough, howard 22 points. the good teams lay around and turn it on when they feel like it. anderson, out of cal. 110-90. warriors are blown out. sharks doing their thing against the canucks. mayors from heatly, 3-2 lead and alex scoring. the breaking goal from out front. todd calls for the high stick. check the replay. >> above the cross bar. >> there it is. i will give her credit. she is with it. florida 3, vancouver beat the sharks tonight, they lead with 55 points. and you are terrific. i thought because of a wild holiday season you might not be into the hockey
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