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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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theory will tell you what you need to know to steer around the traffic. mark faceoff in oakland, the city is 40th homicide of the if. >>darya: we have new information in the california mad cow discovery. we will tell you what federal officials just found out here e.f. far from a cliff of the on bay area weather and traffic for. >>james: for look at how for the this shot is from not fanfare e.f. five beautiful for friday with high level of. all in all, clear and cold as the head out the door fifth fake a look at how the weather will develop for of the day fury if like a win for of with cool. 50 the and in some tough love with her around the bay. this afternoon, the son will be out and we will have plenty of warmth. this evening another clear and a mild night overnight. >>george: is a quiet start
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to the morning commute. we do not have any hot spots. here's a look at a quick commute check. we are problem free on 101 southbound. hercules to berkeley's 12 minutes from now. >>mark: a developing story out of the south bay, this is a standoff between police and armed residents. when police arrived they found a man with stab wounds who later died at a hospital. the residents who reported the stabbing locked themselves inside of their home is saying they were armed and would not cooperate with police city of sirte if >>darya: fails to our viciously zazzle fax law officials, chief of the for philosophize a fan for a fifth of for a fifth of the ferry hit a half enfeoff
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ephraim 50 if get ready for if traffic nightmare for. they will have to close them down while they finish the for fairfield and on oil dry fury if jackie, you have been out there for many days of the half of leaf and i have been watching it, if obviously they will be walking through the weekend. most of the foot of life is in play for. the workers have done most of their for for fear if of about a week and for the fifth if the entire front for have to be cleared by 5:00 a.m. on monday for. it has been up for some 75 years and only have about 14 hours for the gulf without a
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hitch for. as he said if her calf at 8:00 p.m.. what will life by monday morning for if mark year in an animation to show you what the approach will will fly fears of the new car for fitted the area that had a under confection for a while. that, will eventually be 50 one-way travel if. but it but it ahoy i cannot imagine what will happen abroad is not done by monday morning. i do not even wanting about at european call for the weekend, with. do not come down here. nor is a lot you will see 44
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machines like this one working simultaneously down. it will be in, and a ton of dust. it is best to avoid the area altogether. >>mark: ferry service could be better way to travel. the number of ferries will be doubling of the weekend. there will also the fear is that will take passengers directly to at&t park for the giants games tonight, saturday is sunday. we already have word of those trips are already sold out. the biggest alternate will be the bay bridge. dan kerman tells you where you can expect there. >> there are no additional toll takers expected to be added despite the fact that officials are expecting heavier than usual traffic due to the closure of the
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oil drive approach to the golden gate. as you know, with that close to many people opt to take this bridge or the richmond san rafael. officials expect that these bridges can handle the extra capacity. still, they say there will be back up. typically on the weekends, these bridges get back up around 11:00 a.m. or 12 noon. if you can get into this city before then, that would be good thing. another thing to keep in mind is the giants game on saturday at 6:00 p.m.. that means that traffic will probably be heavy around 4:00 p.m.. again, that is something to keep in mind if you are headed into the city on one of the alternate bridges. >>darya: the latest developments out of oakland, the search is on for whoever murdered a man in west oakland.
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paca, this is the area where this happened. this is the city's 40 if -- a 40 it's harder this year. walter and is live with details. floor samples a zazzle sauce as phyllis year flit adelines and seven colleges a major thoroughfares here if half cal harriet l. cahoon how there are businesses and homes. i can tell you, this is a the third murder in oakland since saturday. there was also a murder on wednesday couple of miles from this location. if >>darya: and another developing story, police are looking for a group of men who stole a cabdriver's taxi and forced him into the truck. it happened around 11:00 p.m..
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a cabdriver picked up three african american man from the bart station, they asked to be taken to an apartment complex on don't appear below are in in stock. when they got there, one of the passengers pulled out a gun and robbed the cab driver of his money, jewelry and cell phone. they then forced him into the trunk of the taxi, what can in there, drove around for an hour and released him after midnight in the oakland hills if before driving off. police looking arf -- please are looking for the yellow cab this morning. there is the california tech no. 0. udc someone driving a cab they say consider them aren't in danger is and be where. the leaves are still interviewing of the cab driver to get for a more detailed description of the suspect's 3/5 >>mark: we're getting more information about the dairy cow that tested positive for mad cow disease here in california. for officials said they
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recently discovered the cal had been euthanize after it became only info for fury half for the u.s. department a of agriculture has repeatedly said hiram lawrence state. >>justine: here is what we'll watch live healthfully. spacial enterprise will be riding on top of a modified jumbo jet carrying out these are live pictures showing as enterprise piggybacking on top of that 747. these are live pictures out of dallas. the enterprise will leave dallas on a jumbo jet making its way to kennedy airport but before landing at jfk it is going to do a flight over of some of the date landmarks in new york fight the statue of liberty and the intrepid on the manhattan westside. that is where he eventually after a little delay, how the enterprise will end up
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making a home. this is supposed to take off at about 6:30 a.m. our time. we are watching that closely, stay with us. drama of the adult iguanas
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and spoke of the one of the poll but everything not afraid but
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>>justine: an update on a story of how last hour, a minneapolis airport has not reopened. a suspicious package set off
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an alarm and several hundred people and a the bomb squad was called and into the bags owner has not been identified and is being questioned by airport police. again, the minneapolis st. paul airport is that open. we will be right back.
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a man approached a third grade girl on canyon crest drive, steps away from the school. police are investigating a suspicious circumstance, a man approcahed a girl asking her if she needed a ride. she said no and ran to the school.
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cooler along the coast. upper 60s and 70s. here is a look at your 7 day around
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the bay. really good outlook for the weekend. here is a bridge check. traffic is
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slow out of dublin. here is a look at decision 2012, joe biden is slamming mitt romney's view on fireign policy. biden says
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the president has a strong backbone when it cmes to foreign policy. > > romney has criticized some of the president's foreign policies. > > a hearing is going on right now in the hearing for george zimmerman. his website has been shut down,
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but had raised 200,000 dollars. there is the judge talking.
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> >heisman winner went second to the redskins. > > here is a look at space
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shuttle enterprise. things are progressing already. it is making its way from washington to jfk. it will do a fly over before making its way to the museum. > > getting ready to ring in the bell with dow futures up 23 points.
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> > opolice are investigating a car jacking. the cabdriver was locked in the trunk of his cab. the
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enterprise is headed from d.c to jfk. > >it is friday, a quick look at weather. mt. tam cam giving us a gorgeous look at friday morning. here is a look at current temperatures.
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new video of this developing story, a standoff between police and armed residents. it started around 2am. the residents who reported the stabbing locked them selves inside of their homes. a traffic nightmare. starting at 8pm, the approach to the golden gate will be closed down. molly
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grahm will talk more about this. we are taking a look at our live shot. we understand that there will be 44 giant jackhammers? > > this weekend there will be an enourmous amount of demolition.
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>> we want people to pay attention to our progress over the weekend. there has been an enormous amount of planning. we want people to track our progress is to make sure we are getting a more marked. >>darya: is there any possibility they you could finish early? >> there is the possibility. optimistically, really optimistic would be midnight, 3:00 a.m. is possible. we will open the roads as soon as we can but there is a lot of work to be done. >>darya: will we know this esthetically that this is this a better approach to the golden gate?
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>> absolutely. it is a great design. ultimately this is the end of the first stage. we still have to build the rest of the project. it will be a really great improvement for the presidio and the entire area of the northern water from. >>darya: we are going to have to share one's tunnel monday morning. there will be a lot of traffic in there. >> come monday morning, the new road will have five lanes like the wheel drive has now. we do expect that it will take a while for drivers to adjust. it's we do expect some
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delays. >>justine: here is what is just in, we are watching the space shuttle enterprise, that is what is on top of the jumbo jet. these are live pictures out of dulles airport, we are seeing movement on the runway. here is what we know will happen once enterprise and of the jumbo jet takeoff. they will leave dallas and make their way to new york before during a flight around. it will be a low altitude flyover. it will stay at jfk until june and then make its way to the museum.
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tsongas that will happen until june. we are hoping to see the takeoff right now and for the landing at jfk. there are a lot of cool things happening right now. this is a very special trust. some fun facts about enterprise, it has never been in space. it was just a prototype.
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>>darya: it is always fun to see them piggyback. i know that george is a huge aviation enthusiast theories half cough [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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>>darya: there is. as the shuttle enterprise it's being piggybacked in a high-profile flyover in new york as a part of nasa's process of wrapping up the shuttle program. >>mark: it was billed as a prototype an e eventually going to put engines and a heat shield 01 a bill columbia they realized they had to change some of the design. enterprise has always just been a mockup. a shuttle with no engines or heat shield. it has been at the
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smithsonian museum installation over at the airfield at dulles. they're moving enterprise of the coast to new york. ice sphere thing >>darya: we have fabulous whether headed our way today and through the weekend. here is a live look in walnut creek. traffic is a nice and light. and concord it is almost 50, looking for a high as 71 this afternoon.
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for third costs
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half > >her eis a quick view on the weather. clear a andnd c andrisp. chilly compared to temperatures over the last few days. on all the new brother the into high gear he said in his ear and his eye- stinging canton student honor can see a lanes
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the warm weather will be
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>>erica: in a buzz, actress sarah michelle dollar and her husband are expecting
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their second child. the two already have a two year-old daughter named charlotte. the couple is said to be thrilled about the news but no word about how far along she is in her pregnancy or what the sex of the baby is. >>darya: we want to take a look at the stock market. we have the numbers live from new york's fall on wall street. the dow is looking good, it is up 15 points right now. we have a higher open following gains in europe. amazon stocks surged 16% after amazon reported a big gain in shipments. procter and gamble fell 3%. >>mark: others stories we're watching, employees at cal state will finish voting on whether or not they will
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declare a strike, more on tactics. the coast guard temporarily suspended issuing permits for offshore racing. we will tell you why. police in the east bay are investigating a carjacking. more on these stories plus weather and traffic as the kron4 news continues into minutes.
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in >>darya: we are hours away from the closure of the san francisco approach to the golden gate. we will tell you what you need to know to steer around it. new information in the california mad cow discovery. we will tell you a federal officials just found out. >>mark: a quick update on weather and traffic. >>james: here is


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