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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 28, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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into the relationship. >> but this prankster is well aware that two can play at this game. >> we'll get you back. [ screams ] george is one lucky guy this is the bay area news station. kron 4 news at 8:00 starts now. >> closure, a big task for construction crews near the golden gate bridge this weekend. would we'll look how it affected traffic and how work progressing. next thing i knew, seconds later i was hit from behind. >> giants fan beaten after friday night's game. we'll talk with one of the victims about the -- victims about the violent attack. >> we weren't other than defend ourselves to fight back. >> ff, thortsz track a -- authorities track a murder suspect to a mountain hideout. we'll tell you what happened during an after > a live look at the
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golden gate bridge tonight where traffic is almost nonexistent. you see a couple cars opt bridge right there. -- on the bridge right there. it's a different story on the bay bridge. let's take a live look. you can see the headlights moving right along. that is where we turn now to kron 4's dal lyn who is stand by at the doyle drive project. how does it look out there? >> getting in and out of the golden gate bridge wasn't looking too bad which is good news for drivers. traffic coming towards us, that's the southbound direction of highway one. the main detour getting into the city of san francisco. that's where we saw slight congestion today. it was stop and go entering san francisco from marin county. a lot of brake lights and traffic at times backed up throughout the pre saido out to the golden gate bridge toll plaza.
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it only added 10-15 minutes to the drive time. >> there was traffic, but we were expecting more. >> reporter: there weren't any other major hot spots related to the closure. some drivers say traffic was lighter compared to a typical saturday. >> very night nice. traffic was pretty easy. i felt today we came one hour. usually it takes more time. >> reporter: transportation officials had worried that the giants baseball game saturday night and the warm weather would bring a lot of north bay residents into the city. it looks like people got the message and stayed away. >> i work. i did before i started i did look at google and see how the traffic condition and the maps and everything is green, so i said let's give it a try. i was surprised that it was pretty easy today. >> reporter: there are also a lot of police officers directing traffic in this area and that perhaps is helping to relieve congestion in this area. live here in san francisco, i'm
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dal lyn. >> work on doyle drive will continue through monday. here is the look at the area under construction. red line indicates the area shutdown doyle drive known at highway 101. kron 4's nicole tells us how crews are coming along with the project. >> construction crews are in the midst of a 57-hour demolition project tearing down what was doyle drive. they've made a ton of progress. i think this is like nothing like anybody here has ever seen before. it's pretty amazing how much work has been done to take down doyle drive. the demolition started friday night at 8:00 p.m. and is phase one of replacing doyle drive the original skyway built in 1936. the old doyle drive will be replaced with a new parkway, one that will be a seismically safe approach to the galedden gate bridge -- golden gate bridge. crowds gathered in awe of the demonstration and cheered as
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large foundations were knocked down. >> i'm delighted to see the old structure going down because it was seismically challenged. it's better to take it down this way than an emergency which would stop the entire flow, northbound flow across the bridge. >> reporter: this first phase will include the completion of a new bridge, tunnel and temporary bypass which is expected to create 65,000 tons of debris that will eventually be recycled over the next few months. >> concrete is generally pulverized and used for road base and the steel gets melted down and then reused as well. >> reporter: cruise are work -- crews are working 12-hour shifts throughout the weekend to finish this project on time. lucky thing it is progress as expected. we're on schedule. we need to finish the demo and then they'll start building up the road base and we'll be ready for traffic on monday morning. in san francisco, i'm nicole shannenfield, kron 4 news. >> we have more on the doyle drive closure. it's all on our web site in a
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special section and find updates on the work and traffic on our twitter and facebook pages. it has happened again. a giants fan is beaten after a baseball game, but this time it's a father with his son as well as several other people. you may recall last year fan brian stowe was hit so far at an los angeles dodgers game he suffered brain damage. the north bay resident said today all he could think about how this fight could have been worse. it's a story you only see here. >> reporter: this is what the north bay resident looked like in the emergency room following the beating. he believes the cuts were from his glasses which shattered when he suffered several blows to his face. on saturday, he sat down with stewart. he doesn't want to give his last nate owm -- name out of concern that those who beat him and his family and friends are still out there. he says it all started friday night after the game. that's when his group walk on third street were attacked by several men.
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listen to what happened next. >> this melee ensued hitting or yelling. my son immediately went into protect one of our friends who was being pummeled literally. somebody was on top of him and just beating him. he was face down on the cement. this individual that my son had tackled and taken off. >> reporter: this is a picture of stewart's son. >> got back up and started hitting my son and knocking him back across the sidewalk and trying to push him into the street. >> reporter: and then there was a good friend of stewart's also injured. >> my friend said that i can't see out of my eye. i can't see. i'm blind. i'm blind in my eye. >> reporter: in total, five out of his group were injured. stewart says that they all feel lucky saying that he knows it could have been worse, but healing, he says, will take time. >> i'm really not sure what incited it, but i know it wasunprovoked on our part. this was heal.
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it's uncomfortable right now. hey, but the emotional part of seeing my son being beaten in front of my eyes and trying to help him and then not being able to help him and then becoming a victim myself, it was -- it's -- that is going to take a long longer to heal than this. >> reporter: in the north bay, theresa, kron 4 news. >> we reached out to the giants, but they have not responded. san francisco police are investigating. meantime, brian stowe is recovering after last year's beating at facility in the central valley. his family says he still has a long ways to go. police find missing teen now stands at $25,000. she was last seen march 16 in morgan hill. today b-150 -- today, about 150 volunteers searched for any signs of her. they'll be back out wednesday to continue the search. state found a body in --
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authorities found a bod state in a bunker. the sheriff office believes it's the body of peter keller, a man suspected of killing his wife and daughter. april williams has details on the investigation. >> reporter: the standoff between peter keller and investigators began friday after they found evidence leading them to this hillside bunker outside seattle. >> this isn't the hole in the ground. this is a large, builtup structure, but hidden. it took time to find it. our stact cal -- tactical team smelled the wood smoke. >> reporter: he had been missing nearly a week after a fire at his home where they found the bodies of his wife and daughter. he was known as a caring father. >> he just adored her. one of the things we had seen was him going over and hugging his daughter. >> reporter: the sheriff office obtained an arrest warrant this
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week. deputies did not go inside until saturday because of safety concerns. april williams, kron 4 news. well, it was certainly warmer out there today with temperatures rising another 5- 10 degrees over yesterday's readings. we were in the upper 70s dplt inland -- in the inland this afternoon. it was 77 in redwood city. temperatures closer to the coastline kept in check because of sea breeze winds and it was breezy out of the north can i kept fog out of the picture. let's look at our current conditions. still mild in our inland valleys in the low 70s in a couple of places. closer to the coastline, 54 in half moon bay where we are seeing a little fog at this hour. it's really only a small sliver around half moon bay. the fog is on the coastline this evening. taking a look at the golden gate bridge, we see clear skies here. minimal fog expected along the coast overnight. winds along the north should keep it at bay.
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we'll see mild temperatures overnight. low 50s as we head into tomorrow afternoon. mostly sunny skies and warmer than today's conditions. fog will return into early next week and will cool things down. we'll take a look at temperatures tomorrow and extended forecast coming up. coming up at 8:00, we'll look at how president obama plans to use the death of osama bin laden during his campaign. we'll take you to a mcdonald's where some people are behaving badly. we'll feature a latest bionic hand and how a reading program in california gets kids interested in books.
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it's time for our start up of the week. our tech reporter is introducing you to cherry. gabe slate tells you what it can offer. >> cherry is the car wash that comes to you. you can check in on our web site or your mobile app and we will send somebody out in real
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time to wash your car so you don't have to worry about it. >> it's a start up of seven people based in san francisco and bring car washes to people in the bay area. this is not a new idea. car wash services that come to you have been around. what makes cherry so different? >> well, a few things. >> reporter: one, their business is based on using modern tech. customers use a smart phone app and texting to make the car wash happen in realtime. other services make you make an appointment. cherry is real-time so you can order a car wash any time and they'll give your location in around 20 minutes. other services charge between $100-$200. cherry charges a flat $30 for a one-hour thorough wash. that's a great deal for a detailed car wash. they text you when they're closed to arriving, when they arrive and send you another text when they're done. if you don't want to leave your car unlocked, they'll text you to come out and unwash it. this is how you order a wash. launch the app. gps finds you.
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you confirm your location putting newer why car model and type, put in your credit card info and request a watch. you can cancel at any time and there's no canceling fee. >> it saves you time and energy. you have a chance to spend time doing more -- being more productive like spending time with your family. coming up, how the president's re-election campaign is using the death of osama bin laden in the race for another term.
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it's been nearly a year since navy seals killed osama bin laden in his hidden pakistan compound. now the obama re-election campaign is reminding voters of that achievement. jessica has more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: if you need proof the general election campaign has begun -- >> he took the harder and the more honorable path. >> reporter: here you can. >> the president is the decider
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in chief. >> reporter: the obama campaign is out with this video as we approach the anniversary of osama bin laden's death. >> suppose the navy seals had imon in there and it hadn't -- gone in there and hadn't been bin laden. supposed they had been captured or killed. >> reporter: it comes the same day the president and first lady visited troops at fort stewart. >> i made your generation a promise. i said that when your tour comes to an end, you'll be coming home to an america that will forever fight for you just as you fought for us. >> reporter: the same week, vice president biden summed up the president's accomplishments. >> osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive. >> reporter: the campaign is playing up one of the president's strengths. polling shows he beats mitt romney by 16 points when asked who can better handle the job of commander in chief. now the campaign is taking it a step further asking whether romney would have gone in for
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the kill and pointing to this quote from 2007. >> it's not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person. he was referring to the hunt for osama bin laden. what did he mean by that? >> reporter: at the time, romney clarified it this way. >> we'll move everything to get him, but i don't want to buy into the democratic pitch that this is all about one person, osama bin laden. after we get him, there's going to be another and another. >> reporter: with soarts so focused on the sput -- with voters so focused on the sputtering economy, will anybody remember osama bin laden's death on election day? republican pollsters say bin laden is one of the area's crucial independent voters see as a positive for the president. taking a look at video from earlier today, alamo square people out enjoying the sum sunny skies and -- sunny skies and warmer temperatures. high temperatures were up about 5-10 degrees over what he we saw -- what we saw yesterday.
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80 degrees in santa rosa, 79 in napa, 75 in san jose. closer to the coastline, temperatures were a little bit cooler. taking a look at our weekend outlook the rest of the weekend into tomorrow, we'll be seeing mostly sunny skies and even warmer temperatures. as we head into monday, the fog is going to return to the coastline and then we'll see more widespread fog on tuesday. notice temperatures start their downward trend as we start the workweek. let's get a look at fog tracker for tomorrow morning. you'll notice it's not showing any fog at the coastline. we're seeing the sliver of fog at half moon bay. the computer model is not liking the possibility of fog in the forecast for tomorrow morning. the winds out of the north are more than three times as strong as the winds coming into the coastline. that should keep fog at bay into tomorrow morning. that means sunny skies, the giants game tomorrow 105 start -- 1:05 start and temperatures will warm a few more degrees hitting 70 degrees by the time
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the game wraps up. most slow sun i didn't skies and pretty nice temperatures. let's take a look at temperatures around the area. hitting 80s in portions of the south bay and 82 in los gatos. 78 in san jose and 75 in mountain view. 81 in concord and 83 in pleasanton, # 0 in -- east bay shore warming into the low 70s. breezy conditions along the coastline, but at least we'll see sunny skies. 64 in ocean beach. 70 in san francisco. upper 70s and low 80s in the north bay. a look at your extended forecast. one more day of warm weather before things cool off. fog returning monday morning. we'll see afternoon sunshine. temperatures will start to cool and cool even more into tuesday, wednesday and thursday as we get a chance of showers in the bay area. mainly in the north bay. it's still a long ways off. we'll keep you posted on that as it gets closer.
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as you just heard a-warm weekend in the bay area. kron 4's jeff pierce shows us how people spent the day enjoying the weather in the east bay. >> reporter: it is no longer the spring of a few emerging california poppies that only provide a hint that the cold winds and rain are behind us. no, what has arrived is spring in full bloom. a carousel of colors that assures us we can truly embrace the promises of the season. yes! >> reporter: like an 8-year- old's first taste of baseball. >> good game, guys. >> good game. >> reporter: the youthful introduction to what it means to be part of something larger than self. it sing nals the -- signals the time to sweep the less essential in our lives. >> you have april and may, you have to sell everything and we're moving back to sweden so we have to sell everything. >> reporter: perhaps a time to imagine new endeavors.
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>> who knows. maybe i'll pickup an instrument. you know. you have to start somewhere. you know? music stand is a good start. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it was those who knew that spring in full bloom is but a fleeting moment. who took the time to sing in the sunshine. ♪ as we lay down in the meadow came the whispering breeze ♪ that spoke of the one who swang with me on the tree ♪ and the setting sun spreads across the alder pine ♪ singing mermaids, synchronized swimming across the sky ♪ >> reporter: in the east bay, jeff pierce, kron 4 news. coming up, it's a mickey d. with a prewritten police report posted in the window.
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why is it there? i'll explain in the next edition of "people behaving badly."
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here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> reporter: this is a police report dated april 18, 2012. posted on a door of this mcdonald's on the 800 block of market street in oakland. the reason? see this man? he's hitting up customers in a drive thru for money. in fact, here he is is on my dash cam waiting for me to
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drive through so he can hit me up for cash. for a couple of hours, he goes between the drive through and the doors hitting up people for any money they will give him. then, later here he is leaving on his bicycle apparently getting all the cash he needs. but he's not the only one. there is this man with the cowboy hat who according to the owner is a regular beggar. this is ed smith, the owner of this and four other mcdonald's chasing away yet another panhandler. he says his employees are constantly trying to keep panhandlers at bay like this woman who asked a customer for a dollar. >> don't take no picker of me, senior -- picture of me, sir. >> reporter: when ed asked her to stop tbegging for -- begging for money. >> you don't know me. you've never seen me have before. >> i never have. you need to get out of my face. >> i know that man. he's like an uncle. i asked him for a dollar. you better not take my picture because i will call the police
8:27 pm
right now. >> i wish you would. >> reporter: customers say they've come to expect this. >> i'm just like i know he's going to ask me and then i've waited for him to get distract and i got out of my car and went in real quick and am came back. >> the key is to walk by -- >> reporter: another customer told me one of the panhandlers demands cash from visitors. the last time i checked, that's called robbery. ed smith, a retired oakland police captain says he's had this problem at other restaurants as well. >> you're not asking my customers for money -- >> no. >> reporter: these panhandlers seem to have the attitude they're entitled to be here and that's not fair to the employees or the customers. in oakland, stanley roberts, crime 4 news. >> if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, e-mail us at a bill offered by house
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republicans would keep a federal student loan program in place. that's what the president wants, however he plans to veto the bill. we'll tell you why. plus, the latest technology that's changing lives for some people. we'll show you the bionic hands used by two california men. and how man's best friend is helping kids improve their reading skills. that's coming up.
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let's go live to kron 4's dal lyn who is live at the park preside saido. how -- pre saido. how does traffic look? >> not too bad. it hasn't been bad getting in and out of the golden gate bridge today. that's very good news for drivers. the traffic that's coming toward us, that's the southbound direction of highway one, the main daye tour that's coming into san francisco -- detour that coming into san francisco. that was the only hot spot we saw earlier today related to the doyle drive closure.
8:31 pm
it was stop and go entering san francisco from marin county in the afternoon hours and traffic at times backed up throughout the presaido and on the way back to the golden gate bridge toll playsia, but even then it -- plaza, but even then it only haded another 10-15 minutes to the -- only added 10-15 minutes to the drive time. >> not as bad as we were expect ago pretty nice. traffic was pretty easy. today i came within one hour. usually it takes more time. >> the only hot spot that we had earlier today, obviously is now gone because you're looking at it. you can see traffic slowing very -- flowing very freely right now. a lot of space inbetween cars. very good news for drivers who were anticipating the worst. it looks like a lot of folks got the message and they're staying away from this area, staying away from the golden gate bridge. live here in san francisco, i'm
8:32 pm
dal lyn. the project will create tons of rubble. here is what caltrans plans to do with it all. >> reporter: one of the big questions about the demolition of the approach to the golden gate bridge is what happens to the nearly 65,000 tons of twisted steel and piles of concrete once it's taken down? according to project managers, most will be recycled. >> otherwise, it would be a bunch of debreese. i -- debris. i think it's a great element it is reused. >> reporter: once on the ground, equipment like this crushes the concrete and separates it from the steel. eventually, the concrete will be sold and reused as road base and the steel will be melted down and reused also. >> it has to go somewhere. there's brokers for this sorts of things just same with when you're digging a tunnel. somebody has dirt. somebody wants dirt. same with this. somebody has debris. somebody wants steel or road base. it's a good way to work it out.
8:33 pm
>> reporter: because of the amount of demolition working done on the project this weekend, most of the 75-year- old structure debris will remain on-site until the contractor can safely remove it. in san francisco, jackie sisle, kron 4 news. we have much more on the doyle drive closure. you can find it all on our web site in a special section. that's you can also find updates on the work and traffic on our twitter and facebook pages. temperatures were warmer out there today. we were in the upper 70s, even low 80s in some spots. right now temperatures remain mild especially in our inland valleys. it's 72 in antioch, 66 in pleasanton. closer to the coastline, half moon bay 54 degrees. oakland, 57. it's going to be cooler coast side through the overnight hours. taking a look at our wind speeds, it was fairly breezy along the coast this afternoon. winds out of the north really kicking up. that kept the fog out of the picture today, but it also kept
8:34 pm
temperatures a little bit cooler. right now winds as you can see again dying down. so, as we head into the overnight hours, a little bit of fog near the coastline. other than that, mostly clear and mild conditions as you head out the door tomorrow morning into the afternoon sunny and warmer temperatures. so slightly warmer. tomorrow will be our day of peak heating. it will reach the 80s, but the fog will approach tomorrow evening and back in the forecast for early next week. i'll tell you what it will do for your temperatures as you head into the workweek coming up. two california men will be the first opt west coast to try out -- on the west coast to try out latest on bionic engineering. it's called bionic hands. it works by connecting censors in your -- sensors in your forearm that moves your hand. this one is able to not only pinch items, but it can gently grip them. the two men who had it installed say it's changed their lives. >> it's been a game changer for
8:35 pm
me. the reason why is all of a sudden i have a real second operational land again for the first time in 28 years. i was at the kings game downtown and i was able to buy a bag of pete nuts in the shell and eat them -- peanuts in the shell and eat them out of the shell for the first time. >> you don't realize how many things you take for granted until they're gone. >> the costs $00 thousand -- $100,000, however there are some insurance companies that will pay for it. some young students in california are getting a helping hand with reading. it's not a teemp giving them -- teacher giving them a hand. it's a dog. >> it feels like that -- that it's like my friend. >> reporter: man's best friend like luna can be found every friday at the elementary school. seven therapy dogs who help 60 students improve their reading skills. how did they do it? we asked cind her in --
8:36 pm
kindergartner jessica. >> it helped me a lot and it helped me read the bookmrs. v. to the kids says eliminating anxiety to reading is why it works. >> the animal is not going to judge them, correct them or make fun of them. >> reporter: the principal here at the elementary scl started -- started therapy dog fridays two months ago. basedded on early success, he only -- based on early success, he wished he would have started it five years ago when he became principal eye want to give opportunities for all -- principal. i wanted to give opportunities for all kids to be successful. >> reporter: will it really work? sips the -- since the program is so new at this school, but a recent uc davis study found students in california who read to dogs once a week for 10 weeks cited improvement in reading skills. the dog owners are volunteering their dogs and their time. both have to pass a test, background check and belie
8:37 pm
sensed once a year. -- be licensed once a year. it's a lot of highlands -- at solano high lansdz, the program -- highlands, the program so far passes the test. >> the couple who started the reading program were doing it for years in arizona. just in time for this year'sbaita breakers, -- beta breakers, krohn 41 giving away a big screen tv. >> reporter: the best way to watch the race on a 46-inch flat screen tv which is exactly what we are giving away. to enter, you have to go to the kron 4 facebook fan page, click on this icon at the top of the page very important. in order to enter the contest, you have to like kron 4 on ourfacebook page. visit our special section on the big rate and we want your photos of you getting your
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costume ready for this year's race. we want to see the glitter, tape and hot glue action with information on the page on how to send photos either by e-mail or packable app and we'll bring you the race from start to finish. we'll have cameras throughout the course keeping up with elite runners and capturing the wild, wacky costumes. it's a san francisco tradition you will not want to miss. watch it sunday morning right here on kron 4. it's a bill that would help college students save money on their student loans. coming up, why president obama plans to veto it even though it's a program he wants to see extended. plus, the hot, new restaurant in san francisco with a celebrity chef and a hollywood past.
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detroit's automakers are making a big comeback. chrysler says profits quadrupled and now despite the
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rising numbers, they are still offering great deals on new vehicles if you play your cards right. allison explains what you need to know when buying a new ride. >> reporter: the days of massive losses, government bailouts and overflowing inventory seem to be in the rearview mirror for the major automakers, but there are still some big discounts available on cars and trucks. here are some tips on how to drive home a great deal. first, stave off the hard sale. the minute you walk on to a dealer's lot, you'll be hit with sales tactics. know what you want ahead of time and stick to your plan. next, shop your old car at used car dealerships to see what similar models are selling for or go to a used chain which isgood up to a week and compare the real cost of ownership. it's not all about the purchase price. the real cost of owning a car includes gas, oil changes, maintenance, insurance and appreciation, so do your homework. another great idea is negotiate
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from home. are web sites that allow you to anonymously negotiate with several dealers at once to get the best price. you can workup inventories at different dealerships on-line and call around and negotiate a price over the phone instead of on the show room floor where the dealer has the upperhand. find out what kind of financing you qualify for. go to your local bank or apply on-line to see what local payments would be. you can concentrate on negotiating your bottom line rather than calculating your monthly costs in your head. google has released a newproduct called google drive, their free cloud service for anyone to use. it offers you a way to store, organize your digital life.
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the president plans to veto a house-approved bill that would help the nation's college students. it would keep the federal student loan rate at 3% which the president wants but the other part of the bill cuts billions from health care which the president does not want. kate has more on the heated debate from capitol hill. >> on this day, the y ea -- >> reporter: defying a veto threat, republicans pushed ahead to pass a bill extending lower interest rates for federally funded ledge -- college loans. >> there is no fight is just silly. give me a break. >> reporter: house republicans accusing president obama and congressional democrats of manufacturing a fight. >> people want to policize this because -- politicize this because it is an collection year. do we have to fight about everything? >> reporter: democrats are
8:46 pm
accusing republicans of turning a noncontroversial education measure into a war on women. >> what we're saying here today is stop your assault on women. >> reporter: and president obama hammering republicans all week while speaking to college students in election year battleground states. >> you've got one member of congress who compared these student loans -- i'm not kidding here -- to a stage three cancer of socialism. stage three -- i -- i don't know where to start. >> reporter: the thing is both sides insist they support insuring the student loan rates don't spike, but once again how to pay for it is at the center of the dispute? the republican measure covers the $6 billion price tag by cutting funding from part of the president's health care law focused on preventative care. >> we would prevent screening
8:47 pm
for breast and cervical cancer. that would be the action that they would undertake if this fund is eliminated. >> reporter: republicans call that outrage hypocritical since democrats voted for similar cuts to the program earlier there year. >> he may have already forgotten that several months ago you all voted to cut $4 billion out of the slush fund while they pass the payroll tax credit bill. so, to accuse us of wanting to gut women's health is absolutely not true! >> the u.s. senate has its own version of the bill. it pays for the student tax rate break by eliminating corporate tax breaks and the republicans said they will fight any such proposal. we saw beautiful weather out there today. sunny skies and warmer temperatures. this is video from alamo square. you can see plenty of people out in the park enjoying the nice weather today. we've got one more day of nice conditions before we start to
8:48 pm
cool back down. look at our high temperatures from this afternoon in the 70s for the most part. closer to the coastline, we were stuck in the 60s. 60 in half moon bay. 66 in san francisco. we even saw a couple low 80s out there today. 80 degrees in santa rosa. it was nearly 80 in our inland valleys. in the overnight hour, a little fog at the coastline is possible tonight. we have strong winds out of the north and that should keep most of the fog at bay especially anywhere for our bay shore. i don't think it's going to make it past the coastline if it makes it there at all. mild temperature into tomorrow morning as we head into the afternoon. warmer conditions on tap a few degrees army with. we'll see more 80-degree readings tomorrow afternoon. the fog will return for ex next week and that will help to cool things back down. take a look at fog tracker this evening. mostly clear skies. we're seeing a little sliver of fog along the san mateo coastline. fog tracker does not like the
8:49 pm
possibility of fog into tomorrow morning. that's because the wind out of the north are so strong t should keep the fog well offshore. as we head into tomorrow afternoon, we are going to see those sunny skies and warmer temperatures f you're planning on heading to at&t park for the final in this three-game home stand against the padres, it's a 1:05 start. we are going to be seeing temperatures in the upper 60s rand low 70s under -- and low 70s under mostly sunny skies. take a look at the morning lows. high temperatures mainly in the low 50s tomorrow morning, but 49 degrees in half moon bay. warming into the 08s in a few spots tomorrow. 81 in cupertino, 82 in los gatos. low 08s for our inland valleys. 81 in concord. 83 in pleasanton. we'll be sitting in the low 70s for the east bay shores. near the coastline temperatures will be kept cool because of the gusty winds. 64 in ocean beach. 70 in san francisco. 81 up in napa.
8:50 pm
not a bad day to go wine tasting tomorrow. here is a look at your extended forecast. tomorrow, staying sunny and warm. as we head into monday, the fog will return in the morning. we'll see sunshine in the afternoon. that will start our cooling trend. cooling trend continues into the week. we'll see more fog, more cloud cover and a chance of showers by thursday. >> now time for the kron 4 tech report with gabe slate. >> this is the logo of google drive. get used to seeing that. it will soon be all over the web. google drive offers anyone five gigs of free storage in google's cloud. another way to think of a cloud is servers that hold data. google has massive servers that holds tons of data. they will hold it on their servers and you can access it anytime you want on-line t offers you a free, easy way to store, organize and store your digital life. it's like an on-line locker for pictures, videos, documents, anything digital you can store in there and you can access the
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contents stored in your google drive whenever you want from anywhere in the world. you just need an internet connection and a free google account. if you have a document stored in your google drive, you can access that document on your computer, smart phone, tablet, lab top, even an internet cafe. you just need access to the web. same thing with videos, photographs, if it's digit 58, store it an -- digital, store it and access it. you can access it on your phone if you need to. goog drive is -- google drive is a place you can create, share in real time. it offers a great advantage a- way to say good-bye to bulky e- mail attachments and send a link from goog of drive -- google drive in an e-mail and everyone has the same file automatically to view. it offers a lot. i suggest you sign up and play around with it. at the very least, use it as a free, on-line storage dumping ground. to check it out, log on to and look for our news link section. coming up after the break,
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vicky shares her favorite dishes at one of san francisco's hot, new restaurants. that's now in a building with a hollywood past.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
fans of private eye sam spade may recognize a hot, new restaurant? san francisco. foodies recognize the chef. kron 4 takes the new tavern in this week's dine and dish. >> if you're looking for a place steeped in san francisco history with a film noir feel,
8:55 pm
follow me. >> reporter: it's named for biewrt alley in the famous movie with detective sam spade. it has a speak easy apple bee yawnsia full -- he apple bee yawns with a full bar and in the kitchen a famous face celebrity chef charlie palmer. palmer and executive chef ashley weaver are whipping up something san francisco style. >> chain -- chinatown, local. >> time to dine and dish. >> reporter: all right. chef, what do we hit first? >> here we have our carmelizeed brussels sprout salad. >> it's awesome with chinese sausage. everybody loves it. >> reporter: this is quite the taste. >> this is a terrace major steak. >> this is our vanilla mass -- marscapone and a strawberry rhubarb and fenl compote and
8:56 pm
sorbet. >> this is what we dub as modern tavern cuisine. it's very straightforward. there's nothing anyone is going to say that sounds weird. i think the response so far has been fact. it's a very simple approach to food and what people want to eat. >> reporter: there's a lot of alchemy going on here. >> absolutely. we're obsessed with cocktails. they're amazing here. we're a crowd pleaser we came up with this -- >> reporter: that's your baby, isn't it? >> it is. >> reporter: you're the inventor, mad scientist as it is. >> yes. lots of tequila, a little spice -- >> reporter: my top picks, fried brussels sprout salad, the panecote desert and the cocktail. to find out more, go to our web site at in san francisco, vicky, kron 4 news. >> that looks so amazing. >> i know. >> now we're expecting warm weather. warm for the next few days,
8:57 pm
right? >> yeah, it will stay warm out tomorrow. temperatures reaching 80s in more place. the fog will come back and temperatures will slowly creep back down and be cooler next week. >> you need to take advantage when you can. we'll be back at 11:00. hope you have a good night.
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