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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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thank you america. >> president obama giving a speech due to his reelection. >> it has been six months since the president ticked off his reelection efforts. a poor performance for the first presidential debate left in a tie. as election i got closer the president continued to rack up key electoral bows. ohio put him over the top and this was ground 00 for both candidates. after his v winning he stated that he will work with romney. >> in his victory speech he took a bipartisan tone and
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stated that america voted for action and not politics. in >> mid romney took the stage before 10:00 p.m. our time. he spoke brief than about one that he planned to give. >> mitt romney stated that he only had one speech prepared and that it was a victory won. he did not run this pass his family or his adviser said. >> he gave a last of five minute speech where he congratulated president obama on his win. >> mitt romney stated that he had called president obama and he knew the race was over. >> the nation chose another later and so my wife and by and join with you to pray for him and this great nation. >> i believe america and i
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am running for president. >> you guys are fabulous. thank you so much. >> the nation is at a critical point and a time like this we cannot risk partisan victory. >> we may have battled fiercely but is only because we love this country deeply. we care so strongly about the future. >> i believe in the people of america. i ran for office because i am concerned. this
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election is over. >> after mitt romney spoke he was joined on stage with his family and paul ryan ceramic. he told reporters earlier that he had no thought of losing but that he had a wife and family that are important to him whether he won or lost. >> at 6:25 a.m. we will have a live coverage from president of obamas campaign. >> we would tell you how wall street is reacting to the election. >> right now is 6:03 a.m. and you should not be surprised that it is cooler today. >> the heat wave did not last long. this is a
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transition day and between that and the wets weather we are anticipating for tomorrow. the temperatures right now are in the '40's and 50's. that afternoon will be sunny and will have breezy conditions. with all the climb into the low 70's. here is the big picture. high pressure is no longer am playing and below is going down. they should approach us by tomorrow morning and it will impact the bay area in the late morning. you will certainly be an umbrella and this will continue into friday. i will walk you through the timing coming up. >> here is a quick commute to check spirit and back up and started to form at the
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toll plaza for the westbound side. the metering lights have not yet been activated. the slow as traffic is still on interstate 580 and highway 4. the south bay peninsula is still pretty light with easy driving. >> as expected republicans still maintained control of the house of representatives. the voters want both parties to find common ground on issues such as repairing the economy. in the meantime democratdemocrats maintained the senate. democrats also put down republican challengers in
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virginia and ohio. if president obama will still be dealing with a divided congress. >> the governor proposition 38 has passed. it is temporary and it will be a tax increase on sales tax and an income tax increase for those making over to london and $50,000. he was trying to fill a budget in hiwhole in his budget. the biggest boat was at one of the wealthiest counties in the bay area. it was marin county who voted it 60%. the competing measure was prompt 38 and with down. it would guarantee that the money raised would have only
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gone to schools. the argument against prompt 38 was that it would raise taxes for all of your bodeveryon california. >> we will have more on the proposition and the election results as kron 4 continues. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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>> it is now six on-line a.m.. >> the u.s. senate have their first openly gay centsenator. she stated that she realizes that her sexual orientation will gain attention. she stated that this is not with this is all about. >> (cheers & applause) >> i did not run to make history but i ran to make a difference. >> she takes over for their retired-- >> maine and maryland have
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become the first states to approve the same sex marriage by popular vote. gay marriages is already legal in six other states. this is by popular vote. day marriage bills have been rejected in every state who had up for vote. >> voters in washington and colorado passed ballots to legalize marijuana for recreational use. this drug will be subject to state regulation and taxes. this can lead to a supreme court battle with the federal government carry it oregon has something similar but this went down in defeat. >> let's take a listen in reaction to republican mitt
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>> it is now 6:14 a.m. >> the forecast is changing
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on us today and gone are the mid '80s. to >> say goodbye to the 80s and that may be the last time that we see them for 2012 periods the conditions are chilly for this morning. it is 50 degrees ever where else. this blanket of cloud cover is impacting the bay area right now. we just have a mile of visibility for santa rosa. you should certainly drive with extra caution and be careful of the cars that are in front of you. at 3:00 p.m. the highs will be 60's are around the heart of the bay. everywhere else was the low 70's and as we head into the evening hours a o'clock p.m. or later on will be chilly and you should have a jacket handy. >> the wins will pick up and
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the fault will return to the coast. it will be cooler and you will notice this compared to yesterday. we were talking almost 80 degrees for downtown san francisco and today we're talking about 64 degrees for downtown sampras's go.san france do have a pretty cool cold front coming in the bay area. it looks like it will be early tomorrow morning and it will be--later on in the morning will ride to the bay area and we will see some scattered showers of associated with it. we will see arctic air push and cloudy conditions in to the as-was still concealin to not bf
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you see lingering showers for friday and it may be considered a thunderstorm. we may see small hail and gusty winds. friday looks a pretty bit more smiled. temperatures wil >> we are monitoring a normal commute this morning. we have not said anything in the way of hot spots. there is a back up as the metering lights have been activated. you will see that the ride looks good here both west and east bound. for your ride to the golden gate bridge there is a lot of fog but not a lot of traffic. we
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will look at the shore freeway next and the drive time is at 19 minutes. and this is from hercules to berkeley. the westbound 580 ride is still heaviest in the all month passed way. we are just beginning to see a little slowing on 1 01 but otherwise the rest of the for way looks great. >> it is now 6:18 a.m. and this is a developing story that we are following. >> a fire in new work happen overnight and his family was inside. >> crews are out here finishing of their investigation. this is after
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a two alarm fire broke out just after 2:00 a.m.. officials stated that five people were in home to adults and three children. one of the most of the smelt the fire and then the call for help. with the assistance of the new work police department this family managed to get out of the home safely but clearly they are upset. they do not want to talk on camera but one of the stated that there door no k but they're very upset. as see what. is just completely destroyed. there is a lot of fire damage and crew stated that it may have started the battle of home. authorities credit a quick wrist fine to make sure that this family is safe. >> the crews did a great
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job by getting man and extinguishing the fire. >> you can see a fire fire now on your screen and he is going through this home to make sure there is no more hot spots. they do not want this house to catch fire again. there tried to determine the cause of this fire and there is no word yet what caused it. the family is ok but understandably they're very upset. >> no word on how old the church and were but there was a mother holding one of the kids that were about maybe two or three years old. >> we continue to watch the propositions of the state of california. let's talk about prop. 34. this would of banned the death penalty. it was leading and it went
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down 53 to 47%. the argument was put into play about financial cost. $4 million of appeals. and there were only 13 executions since 1987. we have not had an execution in the past seven years with legal injection being reviewed. with this proposition going down it appears that once the legal battles are over that executions will resume in the state of california. they are currently 13 inmates wore on death row who have exhausted all of their work skills.repeals. >>
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>> president obama and his supporters gathered in his hometown of chicago to sho celebrates his win. to > >> what is the president on right now? >> he is waking up in chicago but he will not linger here very long. he will be hopping on the plane and heading back to washington dc. this is all about getting back to business because there's so much on his plate.
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>> what's your stories and your struggles i return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever. >> the president may be dragging today because he has a big job in front of him just as he has had the last four years. >> we lost rene so we will have to get back to her in a few minutes. >> as the results came ma end. we saw the shouts erupted everytime a stay was called for which presidentcandidates. s
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interesting to see how they are in victory. this was a private money where the president and his wife were putting that made a big uproar. >> and wall street is reacting to the election. we are waiting for the opening bell and it looks like it will give it all back this morning. >> we will have more on the market reaction and the concern with the fiscal numbers.
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>> on highway 24. this
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accident happened in the eastbound direction but it will have a impact on the westbound direction. isn't overturned tractor trailer that came loose. all of the latches on high with 24 are blocked because of this accident. the biggest impact will be felt in the west of direction. this is located close to the bart station and we may catch a break here. the eastbound lanes of highway 24 will affect your route. the traffic is backed up through the tunnel into berkeley. you should expect delays and if you cannot use 580 as your alternate route. >> the dollar is up by 33.all on
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wall street is due to the election. the want to know whether not the congress will do something about the tax cuts that will be expiring. even though wall street usually sides with republicans if you look historically the dow jones performs much better whedemocra since president obama has taken office it has gone up 44%. >> as 6:30 a.m. we would like to get you going. you may have a little bit of the election hangover this morning. >> it is pretty chilly and the north bay. it is difficult to get out of the bed because it is a chilly one outside and we will continue to see cooler conditions as we head into afternoon. the temperatures will only climb into the low 70's. big changes are
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shaping of for tomorrow. there are scattered showers expected. the temperatures will be in the low 60's. the wet weather will stick around for friday. >> president obama wins the 2012 election and now he goes into his second term in oval office. if this is video from the big celebration in chicago last night and here he is with his wife taking the stage. all right if you concede mitt romney's get rid in boston. >> i have just called president obama to congratulate him on his victory and his supporters. they all deserve congratulations and i wish them well and particularly the president's, his wife
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and his children periods this is a big challenge for the country and i do help hope that he will be successful. >> we made a battle for slate and it was because we both love this country deeply. we care so much about the future of this nation. from george to love nor to mitt romney family has chosen to give back to america the public service. this is the legacy that we out there and a plot tonight. >> one of the hot topics was proposition 30. it was strongly supported by the governor jerry brown. >> will tran is that lincoln middle school in alameda because prompt 30 has big
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benefits. >> this will give $6 million towards education and we are here at the school waiting for parents to our ride. we will get reactions from them and no doubt parents, teachers and children are given a lot of their support to governor brown. the money if it had not been passed there would be cut to education. >> take a look picture screen. now that it has passed about 54 percent was a yes. it did not look good for a while and is start off very slow. but it all smedley got the most support from people in california. what is want to happen is that it will raise the sales tax by 25¢ for every dollar. also it will raise a contact for anyone making more than two and a $50,000 a year. it
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wi$250,000 a year. some of the money could be used to shore up the budget and now it will present some of the automatic cuts that the governor stated that he did not pass. he will have to implement--k through 12 for now should be fair and we did have a chance to talk with the governor a couple hours before we knew what the results were. even at that time he felt pretty good. >> decor reason that brought people together was proposition 30 it was because of the belief in our schools and the capacity of the state government to make it wise investment that will benefit all of us. that is what proposition bart was
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all about. proposition 30 is a uniform force and we had to overcome a lot of obstacles. we did overcome them. yes on 30. yes on our children and yes on california. >> the governor stated that all the california was something like this happen. he plans to have a news conference today at noon in sacramento. we will be there to listen to what he has to say. according to the exit polls the young kids that went to vote helped him out a lot. there are under fire with tuition and they are the ones that the government target the most. he went to the campuses and spoke with him and told them why they should support proposition 30. this was the driving
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force that it got this pass. >> a quick note prop. 38 the competing bill with down in defeat. >> proposition 32 when down to humans. prompt 32 where prohibited money coming out of tune workers' paychecks for political contributions. the critics of prompt 32 stated that it would have silenced unions but not special interests. it was found out that over $11 million came from a group of arizona. the basic tram was that it was money laundering on proposition 32 >> prompt 33 was for insurance rates and if you maintained insurance your race would have gone down for those getting all our
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shores for the first time you would have sought higher rates. this bill was primarily sponsored by one man. he is ahead of mercury in insurance and this went down 55%. this was a similar one that fell on the 2010 ballot. the >> the dow is down all over 200 points and i will have more with rob black coming up.
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>> major problems for highway 24 this morning. all of the eastbound lanes are reported blocked. a big tractor-trailer lost his trailer. he was struck by several other vehicles. there is no word on when this will be back open. the
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traffic is now backing up from lafayette. >> our economy is recovering. a decade of war has ended. a long campaign is now over. >> this was president obama part of his victory speech last night. >> we're also fall with the local propositions. >> proposition 37 was for-- it went down 53%. the argument was in favor that people wanted to know what was in their full. currently 70% of full the we is modified. this could be with weeks and pest resistant. >> richmond voters said no
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to a tax increase on soda. they stated that the sow does are the reason for obesity. opponents stated that businesses will lowe's a lot of money in sales and that prices will go for consumers. by 21 margarine voters said no to this new tax. it was only able to get 33 percent of votes. >>
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>> there is a big drop on wall street. the dow is down 186. . our financial expert rob black is here. >> i think it was actually
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up. this is a little less dramatic. when we go forward here the best news of all is said at least the markets know-- >> this lowers interest rates and there is no need to solve a fiscal issues. as long as the debt is low. the thought that banks are tanking. because romney would have been more pro banker. >> any company a that ships holcoal is being heard. we will privacy that a we look forwaras we look for we see a
6:47 am
congress that one as to default on our debt. >> i take because he stays we have a low-cost the money and low interest rates. that means we can push this down the road and you will see an extension of all the tax cuts. this will give the republicans a mental victory but we did not raise taxes under us. >> it just prolongs had been a little bit and some democrats won the defense spending to go off the cliffs and at the end it will be a 242--and then we go-- >> if congress can get this worked out where we have a smooth ride? i like small riot
6:48 am
>> historically wall street performs better when democrats from the white house. >> there other compare bows based on a been a split congress. the tea party is a variable and do they look it this as basically a mandate. it was basically a split fold. as far states though it was clearly obama. >> he didas he did four years at americans are divided and his very clear this morning. >> a developing story that we are following. some of the major airlines are canceling flights out of the north east because there is another storm system coming. united airlines is grounding
6:49 am
some flights between noon today and noon tomorrow. many of the passengers have been rebuilt on other flights. delta air lines and u.s. airways had issued a fee waived related to sandy. >> let's take a look at our weather. >> i want to bring the satellite and radar just to show you that this storm system that is coming in is not as impressive as sandy but you do have to keep the mine that it threatens about a foot of snow. this was just a week ago and there's a lot colder air associated with the storm. one of the real concerns is a potential for cahill a- stashed the yellow on the screen indicates a moderate to heavy shower. it will be a cold rain so this can
6:50 am
certainly bring in flooding. all of this area is showing snowfall. we have already seen a great devastation from superstores sandy. >> a blanket of cloud cover is in for the morning. there is been an hour delay on arriving flights. you should check with your carrier. look at the visibility is half a mile for nafta. it highway 1 01. this fall will stick around and will start to burn it off by the afternoon. with this in mind the temperatures are in the upper 60s. mostly sunny conditions into the east. there will be low 70's as will trickle into danville. a pretty mild day is in
6:51 am
store for that stashed nevadr-trash will be tracking a cold front that will be coming in from the got of mexico. we can of tomorrow morning it will be a little dry just scattered showers. you can see that this system is not as organized. there will be spotty showers throughout the day so you should keep your umbrellas handy. there will be cloudy conditions and will persist into the evening hours for tomorrow. friday will be left over showers. there were temperatures will start to climb as we start the next work week. >> all lanes are blocked on highway 24 east bound. this
6:52 am
is backed up to the tunnel and it is now born into berkeley. but the westbound ride is backed up to stevens' drive. all traffic is being hailed what every position the emergency vehicle. this accident occurred in the eastbound direction it is still having an impact on the westbound side. your best option would be for you to use 580 westbound and it may save you some time. and again their big delays. >> checking our bridges. it is a 16 to 18 minute drive time. looking at your san mateo bridge the drive time is loss slowing down in the 7:00 a.m. hour. for the golden gate bridge is still quite foggy but no problems.
6:53 am
this commute has not began to slow yet. >> less quickly update you on the propositions. >> prompt 37 is the labeling of genetic tools. it would require labeling on all process fooled that had any genetic material inside of it. as you see here borders by large enough margin said no. 53 percent of voters turned down. >> we will have more on kron 4 news as we continue our election coverage. as we leave you will hear a sound bite from president obama. >> what are earned your vote and not i have listened to you. i have learned from you. and you have made me a better president.
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what appears on the surface to be an understated example of unequaled american achievement, is actually an extremely sophisticated apparatus of goodness and flavor, bonded together by a perfectly aged, all natural, tasty... gooey... blanket of love. it has been six months and more than over a hundred raleighsrallies. that's the
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election i wore on president obama kept wrecking on key electing states. ohio put him on top. the president's stated that he looks forward to working with romney in the future. >> romney spoke with people and is different from the speech that he planned to state. pennsylvania or all i did not go to running. he was not able to pick up the 270 bows. he said that he contacted president obama and gave him his best. >> in the last election 37% of americans did not use social what size. two-thirds of them use them. twitter
6:56 am
saw ratings go up 327,000 tweets. facebook--instant gramm follows have problems with photography. >> this is some of the stories we're following and you can always get information on kron 4.
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>> 37% of americans stated that they use social websites. two-thirds said they are socially engaged. tour to receive a lot of tweets and facebook people used variations of the word vote. instant gramm raised issues about photography at polling sites. >> the president and his supporters are celebrating his victory. there will be four more years for president obama. will have live reports coming up. >> proposition 30 was a big initiative that was supported by the governor. will let you know where this stands. >> a toulon fire that is
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