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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 16, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> a woma real crime. >> this 65 year-old woman left in the age of the suspect. he is only 14 years old. shocking >> i received a phone call saying to not come to work tomorrow. >> hostess workers leaving
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striking workers jobless and consumers getting as much as they can. >> it is going to hurt me, it is going to hurt me really bad. >> brian, it has been dreary and radio all day. >> it is still riding all night. it has not been that heavy but we have seen some heavy rainfall through the north bay. that agreement but it has t-riding on night. from a decent rating-raining through stinson beach but lighter shower for a fall activity not much through walnut creek. we do have some light rain in san mateo, san francisco. still, the heaviest is offshore the yen and it has been dry
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all evening but there are some showers for the santa cruz mountains. pressing for the selfish of most of this polite and up. we will see most of this-lightening up. and overnight. the overnight bay bridge over view it is certainly wet out there with rainfall totals have been nearly one-quarter of 1 in. in santa rosa, the highest amounts are the sonoma county hills and nearly one half inch. otherwise, just traces in oakland, concord, san jose. if we take what is left for tonight and at its into the second storm for tomorrow night we could see 1 in. by the bay. higher amounts to the north bay with nearly three-4 in. at the higher elevations. if marin county, when these storms are point to pass through the bay area. >> this 14 year-old is accused of liberal, crime he
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is facing 10 felony charges. phillipe djegal explains what happened to. it >> this is bizarre chain of events that started and ended in this parking lot the suspects capture of the victim is a live in the hospital this 14 year-old boy kidnapped a woman from gateway plaza. they say that, barking held the woman up at gunpoint. the woman was sexually assaulted, beaten, and left in a ditch. >> it gave me a chills. >> a 14 year-old. pretty crazy. >> someone from the woman called police but meanwhile, the 14 year-old boy, king... allegedly
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called one of the victim's family members demanding money for the woman's return. but when the police returned to the gate 3 plaza parking lot they spotted king and the victims' vehicle with their replica hand gun by his side. he was arrested just yards away from joyce fashion where michele bito workers . police say it appears the attack was random but have not ruled out it was premeditated. the victim was likely survive her injuries kaviar king. was booked into juvenile home. solano county court on monday in vallejo, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> shell said the hostess
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shops were empty as fans of twinkies, snacked as many as the could carry. >> i would to when to get something but many are gone is going to hurt me. ever but describes something off they could at the shelves. several baked goods are sold out. people waited in long lines to get their favorites for the final time me. >> i got my money and get whatever i can get >> i think that i should go back and get some more. >> if they're going to save them or eat them now they hope that this is not really the end. >> i really feel that and some other company will pick it up and produce the hostess name is been around too long. >> this taste of childhood gone forever. >> the cupcakes with the cream in the center. so it is a loss third of this
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store had a few twinkies left. the manager is not sure when the store will be closing permanently. and the san leandro, kron 4. >> the not only casualties are the employees. 18,005 but workers are being laid off across the country locally that index one of 40 workers at colombo bakery in oakland. we talked to the vice president of the bakers union. >> of they knew that it was going to possibly happen and implemented this. they knew. and we are still, 24/7 until we hear from our international what would be the process. >> a working strike crippled if there ability to make and deliver a product. they warned that this could happen if they did not return to the job overnight. it >> coach jim harbaugh it
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returns back on the job today taking part in drills as though nothing had happened he had a procedure yesterday at stanford medical center for an elevated heart rate he told reporters that he is fine and ready for some football. >> everything is fine, everything is normal. fanned it was just a little bit of an irregular heartbeat i've had it before and now that the procedure the cardio ert. it is amazing how it gets the heart rate back to normal the cardio--vert. it is. craig they have that technology to get that done. the atrial flutter is something that i have had for nearly all my life. with the doctors, they said that they could go out and and remove them this and get this procedure done. and i'm not going to be stubborn
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like a mule. i will do with the doctors tell me >> harbaugh is on medication and will be working on his diet to. after one week from the resignation of cia director, michael petraeus he was on capitol hill. -- david petraeus wanted to know what he knew. emily schmidt has more. >> the cameras ready before dawn hoping to get a glimpse of david petraeus about the deadly attack in benghazi one week after resigning in disgrace. he came but nobody saw him if they said that they protected petraeus because he came voluntarily with a whole about fear that deadly attacks after september 11th. his testimony did not seem to care much of weather or not he downplayed information about terrace involvement.
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>> also the overwhelming amount of evidence was showing spontaneous demonstration and was not a terrorist attack. >> that was the republican however the democrats have been consistent. >> it is all about your perception of the information you receive he also said in a group there were extremists. and also backed was set in the very beginning of. >> and lee schmitt, kron 4 news. >> we're joined by michael yaki. that was heavily shreemily schmidt.... >> that does not solve the question of when to the president of the white house know about al qaeda that was in the classified set of talking points that it not make their way. the journal patristic not know when they the general-petraeus
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did not know of those lines of questioning is that could be the line of questioning from republican to the next couple of months. >> do think it will for the last of general for tourists in a relation to benghazi? >> no. he will be probably talking to these again. >> michael yaki, thank you. the with the most politically charged portion is over you had an ambassador susan rice comments after the attack. she is blaming this demonstration that turned into a mob scene is not clear but it was known to be a calculated terror attack. and republicans are upset because that was not the store the american public was hearing. democrats say that rice received classified information and intelligence officials did not indicate how much they knew. the republicans are not buying that if the price even under president obama, al qaeda had beaten it decimated and in fact al qaeda was responsible for
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the attack on the consulate. >> coming up as the rainfall roles and what could pay a another met the mes muddy and a passenger was found with mr. suspicious materials and a possible another committee me for the raa possible muddy mess and the also wiiu
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>> a man has been arrested at oakland airport after authorities say a wristwatch was wearing a might have been a bomb. the passenger are arrested, 49 year-old jeffrey began-- georggrey mcgann..
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authorities say he'd been trying to get through security when a t s a agent spotted something suspicious. he was trying to put through the x-ray machine. >> there was a toggle switch. there was a series of fuses and wires protruding from it. a circuit board and a reset button
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>> he was also warm boots there were two sizes too big with modified inserts i guess you'd call them. perhaps to make them look taller. and what appeared to be a homemade cavity. sir john nelson the saying that this is still very much under investigation. he was attempted to return to los angeles on a southwest airlines flight. he claims that watch was an art project and he was in town only briefly >> the rainfall has people in daly city particularly worried about the possibility of another modest light. charles clifford spoke to city officials about what they are going to prevent that. >> we've worked our way back with the excavator. >> patrick's we lend is the
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director of water they have been working to ensure that any rainwater will not create additional problems. this large gouge in the hillside is for this month's lights started. there has been this and ditch that will funnel rainwater safely although officials are expected 1 in. they do not think the hillside will be a problem. >> that was created a very short amount of time we are not going to get that type of water. >> they've also put out of straw bales and sho--jute netting. police crews will be out on the scene all weekend. >> we wanted to make sure that everything is going to work. >> in daly city, charles clifford, kron 4 news. >> that rainfall is just beginning. a wet weather
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although not completely solved rainfall saturday, sunday. stormtracker 4 we're watching the rain fall and were used to the green. the yellow is indicating heavier rainfall but it is heavier in the north but not as much in the south bay. and some of green you through in sunnyvale, cupertino, milpitas and the lalmadden valley and the heavy rainfall is sometimes to the santa cruz mountains. and generally light through san francisco. and along the coast but as i mentioned the heavy rainfall is right. for marin county hill was for west marin, would incur, san rafael, catching some of that yellow card and the h
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ills and the live look at the span of the san mateo bridge and the core is working its way on the shore. the heaviest will be north. shower activity early. however there will be a break but there is another system, the second storm system for the saturday evening that will bring more rainfall for a saturday morning. the first storm is pretty much onshore but still heaviest over the ocean. storm no. 2, will be near the afternoon and evening. the futurecast showing snowfall there could be 6 in.-12 in. for locations at past levels. even two-feet at the higher elevations. there is a
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winter weather advisory until 10:00 a.m. on the sunday with a snowfall persistent. however it could be dropping to 6,000 ft.. here is the rain fall. not that wide spread but hit/ mis with showers diminishing by 7:007:00 a.m.-8:00 a.m. with a round of dry weather. and there is that the second storm system as we go towards saturday evening. your kron 4 7 day around the bay residual showers on sunday morning of your sunday however, looking pretty decent with sunshine and mostly sunny skies by late in the day. dry weather but another storm on wednesday. the day before thanksgiving we could see drops even on thanksgiving. >> coming up later this is a big night in sports.
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stanford upsets the no. 1 team in the nation. we will hear from jim harbaugh that is ready to go and bad news for the chicago bears of the warriors play tonight and lis--alicia is ready ...
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>> the highly anticipated wii u hiit is costing $300 new technology to the game consoles. gabe slate tech report a preview. >> i got my hands on the new onu you with this wire system wii u one of the new products for the new wii u counsel but it is flat and larger with a much more powerful machine it. full
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high-definition graphics and the visuals looked much cleaner and sharper than the original wii. the new has a talent like a comptroller called the game pad. this is a tablet like device with new ways to interact. and also a regular control with a joystick and controls. you can even walk around with this wireless wii u consul system. you can continue to work this on the game pad if the television needs to be used for something else. and in this television and the team had are very much in the sink. watch this. if the enemy's get too close you could stomp them with your fingers. and this game pat
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controller displays a matter related to the game. the second can also be used. super mario wii you is a unique interaction with several players involved. this person operator can make it easier or more difficult for players by placing blocks in their path. depending, it can assist or make it more typical. and this game, there are four people that are running from an invisible coast. using their flashlights they can reveal and kill that -- ghost. it is also using the interaction with the villain against the players. it will be great with a three-five people.
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>> one of oakland's most wanted suspects is behind bars and tonight. he and offered to the police officer had a similar tastes and fine dining. its shares deputy is accused of being on the wrong side of the law he was caught in a local robbery attempt. tito's, he was caught in a local robbery attempt. tito's, coming [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves. [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up.
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>> this 14 year-old boy is behind bars of a sexual assault 15 major forced- this 65-year-old woman was forced into our own vehicle. she was found unconscious in a ditch. >> hostess is going out of business. they are asking the court to allow it to shut down with 80,000 people are expected to lose their jobs. 18,000 -- and over 100 in the bay area. david petraeus was on capitol hill asking questions and answering questions. they talked about the testimony. some republicans want to
8:31 pm
know if he downplayed the information about terrorist involvement. they insist that he has been inconsistent. this violent east oakland became a member has been caused. as a dan kerman tells us this man was spotted by off-duty officer that was having dinner at a san francisco restaurant. >> this is runny he was one of the most violent individuals. >> with multiple agencies, as far away as las vegas they are arrested flaenaugh... after he was spotted by an off-to the oakland police officer. >> he was enjoying a romantic evening with his wife for her birthday and as more of his law was have aoff
8:32 pm
this law was have it, they found them for >> instead of confronting the suspect and his entourage, he contacted the oakland police department and sent over a team in contacted the sacsan francisco police department. he arrested without incident. >> he has been involved in multiple shootings and it is only going to be a matter of time. with the physical evidence of the eye witness testimony. >> they hope that that will lead to a decrease in shooting not only from his gang but from other gangs and also send a message to other violent criminals. there is no officer that is really ever off duty. they will use every resource is accountable to hold suspects accountable. >> a shares deputy is behind bars accused of robbing a
8:33 pm
bank in the outer richmond to neighborhood last week. 36 rolled philip tong handed a teller a threatening. >> security has never been before but now there is one. sheriff's deputy, pphilip tong is being charged. >> it is amazing that the people tha our tr. trusted artful turn on you and to this. >> if the deputy when inside the bank and handed the teller a demand note and the teller handed over $1,700. he has been with the sheriff's department for seven years he was arrested at the county jail on work on friday. >> he did not think of his
8:34 pm
colleagues. that is a stupid thing to do he did not think that he would be caught. >> the 36 oldest charged with burglary, robbery and both are felonies the 36- year-old. this outer richmond neighborhood residents are in shock. >> is embarrassing. and things happen. >> a spokesperson says that he will be suspended with unpied sleeve and will be terminated. his bill is at $150,000 and he will be placed on unpaid leave... >> a 20 year-old is confessing to this plot after officers were attempt off by his mother if they said that he bought movie tickets and decided to target a wal-mart instead.
8:35 pm
he said that he would get more ammunition at the walmart's if he ran out. this was in that ms. therese. missouri if the state f missouri. >> also the latest on the salmonella outbreak found that the fda says that included on clean the equipment that were exposed to birds and not having an area for employees to wash their hands. the new mexico plant was the source of the outbreak that left more than 40 people sick in 20 states. >> petaluma, there is a little bit of rainfall and heavy through novado about 15 minutes ago but that is beginning to diminish. it is picking up towards sebastian and i think that it could
8:36 pm
continue to come in the direction of the north bay for most of this evening. this is a moderate/have a and this is looming towards marin county. through san francisco and for the peninsula and oakland will continue to c rounds of light rain for this evening that is certainly the case in the south bay. who will continue to-see rounds and of light rain. just light sprinkles are round santa clara. for this evening, wet conditions and breezy. through the golden gate it is certainly grainy for tonight. we are going to have periods of rain fall with a-certainly rainy tonight with showers early but i think that by 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. they should be dissipating we could even see portions of the debris that could be dry. portions of the day tomorrow could even be dry. >> my package is over here.
8:37 pm
and we're at oakland international airport and the next edition of people behaving badly.
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>>catherine: today's market of state reports of progress in the fiscal cliff helping stocks and a three day losing streak. the dow jones finished the day of 46 points although it was still down for the week. the s&p was up 7 and the nasdaq was up 16. j.p. morgan if and also credit suissse will have to pay $400 million to settle allegations that misled investors. federal regulators allowed both banks to settle the case without admitting or denying guilt. critics argue that washington has not done
8:40 pm
enough to hold walter responsible. >> artists will perform to help with the benefit concert for victims of super storm sandy with on the chilly, billy joel, paul mccartney. it will be of new york's madison square garden december 12th. >> this tragedy during this texas parade the emergency brakes were used on the train but it is not clear how close it came to the parade floats. for veterans were killed and 16 people were injured. the trend is going below the 70 mi. per hour limit from a crashed into a flatbed trailer. carrying the wounded veterans touring in military-style parade. sports director, gary radnich is coming off with
8:41 pm
hoops, stanford women and warriors' first-round pac
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. they have a slight problem. >> their luggage is over here and there s u v is over here. do not laugh, it happens often to oakland international airport. if you wait a moment you will see some interesting things. since we're on the subject of waiting there are signs that say everywhere, to not wait. however for this driver i do not think there she is aware. but she has something to ask me >> i was going to tell you that my daughter is on her way out. >> you said that there is no waiting! >> and she only moves up a
8:44 pm
few feet. remember when they say tamale vehicles unattended unattended vehicles will be ticketed and towed. they really mean it. if the driver of this car left it unattended for too long and when asked to move it five parking patrol they took their sweet time. even though we drove off he will still get his ticket in the mail. at oakland international airport, kron 4. if you have a comment or
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story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >> there are two storms this is the first one for tonight in the next topic tomorrow about the same time the stormtracker 4 showing rather rainfall is. this green around the san francisco would not some much of the east bay a bit more in concord and a bit dry with some sprinkles and showers but it is beginning to intensify for san francisco. the yellow brick over the golden gate and something near the presidio and 19th avenue. but if this drive through downtown but we do have more rain on shore. this batch of moderate/heavy should clip san francisco but the brunt of it will move towards the headlines towards marin county some areas of sonoma county could even receive three addition -4 in.. take
8:46 pm
a look at the james lick it is still wet. and by midnight and until 2:00 a.m. we will see steady rain fall and will become a more showery in nature before tapering off. and sunday, we have that the next system that will produce some showers. however sunday afternoon looks pretty nice with a mixture of sunshine. not the entire weekend will be the rain out. monday looks decent with a mild today and the satellite with the bulk of this system is moving onshore. this is about as bad as it is going to get. this next system will drop and over the northwest. coming in from the gulf of alaska, the a snow levels at 7,000 ft. will drop to about 6,000 ft.
8:47 pm
by sunday. with 6 in.-12 in. in the high country with a winter weather advisory in effect and the futurecast. 9:00 p.m., there is the rain fall and it will continue north of the golden gate. notice, becoming more scattered in nature with a break for the afternoon. and a watching in the early afternoon. 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. the next batch of rainfall for the north bay. temperatures in the 40's and the '50s. her readings in the '60s and into still mild. your kron 4 7 day around the bay sunday, all of morning clouds wednesday, before thanksgiving there is another system that will bring rain fall. but it will be light. >> on good evening,
8:48 pm
everybody the warriors their three game his off to a good start. one of their most underrated cities is minneapolis, st. paul. >> and to control in the summer. >> david lee and charles jenkins, curry with the lead. 18 points, nine rebounds and jackson. with this victory over tonight. >> i think that it is going to be below zero with snowstorms. --98-92 warriors. also, the warriors. not to mention,
8:49 pm
the stanford women a major victory tonight. that was from hawaii. and also, california beat denver. brian as always, what was the weather for the weekend in denver? >> spectacular, sunday. 80s. >> when we do highlights and then get a regular report to. and when you started something new. >> i promised check in the box to be innovative and they've made a short t mak sure- to use bryantwhen jack and the box signed us. a lot
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>> jim harbaugh. of everything is normal. and we had a little bit of in a regular heartbeat that i have had before. . an irregular heart beat and a cardo vert gets the heart rate back to normal. and the game is at candlestick park on monday night against chicago. and he has sustained a concussion of cutler but campbell will start for the bears 5:20 and melky just got a two year contract for the toronto blue jays. and toronto play
8:51 pm
and a dome. we do not have to worry and if they do not even have to worry about that but all of that the cheating. look at what he got, 60 million and also pyson ross was traded to san diego tyson--now he is a member of the san diego padres. when we come back is e-mails with the coaches and the athletes trussitrusting the media? >> what i always say about catherine. >> elegant, graceful. and the grace kelly of news. we will take a break and as i mentioned if you have a relative, and if you need to mention, we
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love our viewers jack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item.
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i give you... flap jacks. hmm! thing is,
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i don't know if i'm comfortable with people eating my face. how 'bout a loaded breakfast sandwich with country-grilled sausage, bacon, ham, two fried eggs, and melting cheese on toasted sourdough. don't do it. don't eat my face... do not eat my... you ate his face?! banf >> from a radio, television, you are going to rip me, but i was looking forward to alex smith taking the chicago game off and kaepernick starting..
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>> let us lay off alex smith and that i am alex strapped. i do not want people like chess putting and. and let us just talk about alex-smith. >> and keep this moving. he has a winning record. >> i agree. please! nfl cut out all the health concerns? hitting and violence is what sells. >> billy, not to me. i argue about this on the radio. when you are on the couch it is nice to see someone get it but i enjoy the passing, and the lack of the other term, and on the artistry of
8:56 pm
the game. i think that people like to live a for the violence. >> fair enough? >> and moving on to the media they are on the wild west. >> let me give you the old days but before, this was just a couple of television and radio, and newspaper. and you knew who the good guys were, the bad guys or who took the cheap shots. but now these people are riding these nasty things in their mother's basement. and the players are saying that they are not going to talk to anybody. where there will tweet it out themselves and dismisse-i have missed it. >> and it is a whole new media world. >> and ryan says that as a
8:57 pm
long term giants follow or how would you rather watch dam buster than-buster posy que >> and i will say the greatest of all times. and it has always made me watch. and ray says that to end on a high note. and is his hair dyed? >> we are out of time [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
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