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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 20, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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gaining entry. i will tell you whether not this will impact your holiday shopping. >> all local father will be in court today, accused of kidnapping his own children. we will tell you about him as he faces a judge. >> when it is very important and traveling you need to know about the wedding the other. but morning erica. >> good morning to area storm tracker 4 shows is pretty hit or miss out there. there is light rain in santa rosa and portions of highway 1 01. sir francis drake floor of boulevard and the 1 01 from san or fell he will make use your windshield wipers of your heading across the region sambar fell bridge. we are also seeing light rain in parts of san francisco.
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satellite and radar shows the wider picture where you can see the relatively complex cold front pushing through closer to our area. with that gusty winds will pick up and clouds will increase. i will walk you through the timing of this system coming up an hour at my next report. >> the volume is increasing at the bay bridge and it is not too bad yet. the meeting lights are not active yet. the quick commute check shows the only slow traffic is really in the east bay on 580 and highway 4. there's a little slowing on 1 01 from iran but not enough to but delayed the drive. -- moran >> airports are expecting to be packed again today so let's start there. jackie sissel, our team coverage this morning live as if all. it looks like it is wet. i'm always nervous when you're clouds and rain delays, what is going on?
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>> no delays but there is a lot going on. lines are long and there lots of people. friday was actually the busiest day and after it set thanksgiving on saturday will be a busy day as well too. this is a busy as i have seen it in a while. as of those expecting to see a 3% increase in air travel season this year. one thing i can tell you as i saw lots of families. lots of little kids in strollers and car seats. that really is the issue today. a lot of families are traveling light. cross-country in fact. a lot of people were travelling across the country with very small kids. i had a chance to talk to a couple of moms and were traveling with very small kids, this lady in particular. i ask what they expected further day of travel? >> i don't think i am prepared for this. last
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thanksgiving travel with two kids under 2. i just hope that the other passengers are patient and that we do not have a lot of delays. >> it is always very challenging to travel on the busiest days of the year. we have a three year-old and a one and a half year-old. thankfully my husband is traveling with me today. i do this alone all lot. this is going to be luxurious for me. >> i don't know about luxurious but it will be easier. it is raining out here and i looked at the big board and there are no delays at this point. obviously this could change as the day goes on. the best he can do is obviously call your carrier. >> when i traveled with my kid i used ask people if anyone would like the switch seats and said nextel them. >> did that work? >> no.
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it now we have a strike to contend with. >> you are right it began about 9:00 p.m. last night. will tran is joining us live this morning. i see the pickets eyes behind do well. >> that is right there are about a dozen people here they started gathering at about 530 this morning. there in front of the entrance to this place to send a message to the port of oakland. the truck drivers and the background cannot go through at this time because they are afraid they may hit the workers which is why they're out in front. they cannot pick up or dry drop off their lows and that could impact holiday shopping. whether and not these items will make it to the store shelves. and joining me is that had of the s e i you is the vice president. those watching might be wondering well little johnny get his way is and what other people be able to get their holiday deal or shopping going on?
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>> it is not our intent to keep little johnny from getting his christmas present. we certainly hope that he does. we do want to say that our workers here want to be able to give their little johnny and their little susie christmas presents to. with the mounting takeaways of the board has put on the table from the beginning of nose against negotiations more than 16 months ago, we would certainly like to be able to get our christmas for our children as well. >> having that being said will you allow the truck drivers to come through? they are independent contractors. >> we do not want anyone to be injured but we will continue to protest as we are. obviously if a truck driver decides to push their way through we will not have anyone did injured in this protest. >> will you willingly part? >> i believe our workers
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will begrudgingly but they will part. >> i notice the word processing at oakland international will that affect air travel? >> no that will not affect air travel. we when i keep from grandma and grandpa during the holidays. but we will continue to pick it out there. we want the employees to join in solidarity with us. >> we plan on being here all morning to get more reaction from the protesters as well as a truck drivers, many of whom are not happy this morning. >> thank you for that welill >> connorses are set to walk off the debt off the job for the second time this month. registered nurses and eight hospitals operated by fetter house and to san jose hospitals operated by the hospital corporation of america will be going on strike in one hour. they're
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upset about staffing levels the police and other issues and. the strike at the san jose hospital of schedule for one day. when the strike is over would be time to go back to work because be naso has hired replacement workers for five days. they said that the workers will not be allowed back until sunday. >> redwood fire is assisting with the water main break at brewster. we can see the video showing the damage on the roadway. this came in about 3:00 a.m. this morning crews said they did have to evacuate some of the nearby homes but the evacuation order has been lifted. in a dance by a ruptured and it has been capped. >> 6 of 7:00 a.m. on the kron4 news and we'll be back with more in just a few minutes.
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@ñ >> the man accused of kidnapping his two young children for less emphasis go home in september will be in court for a preliminary hearing this morning. 43 ron christopher laissez was arrested after a four day pursuit by authorities after he stole a yacht and dump them with his kids and took off. the yacht ran off of gas out of gas on the peninsula and the children were found on board and
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safely recovered. he pleaded not guilty last month. >> hewlett-packard has reported a huge fourth quarter loss. the palo alto based company says that a british company said it bought for about $10 million last year lied about its finances resulting in a massive breakdown of the business. they're not calling it fraud per say because there were " serious accounting improprieties, disclosure failure and outright misrepresentation. there's an $8.8 billion charge and it is off almost 11%. we'll talk about it when the markets open at 630 with rob black. >> a judge found that apple did not violate patents owned by sam songs and making the iphone the ipad in the ipad. a final
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decision is expected in january and if apple is found to and friends and it could be banned for sale in the united states. apple and samsung have been taking their bruising patent disputes to through 10 different come to it countries. connecting the facebook will be a little slower for people but there is a valid reason. it is moving its users in north america to a internet connection that is not as fast but more secure. it will be an age dpp pass connection instead of the http. this will slow things down only slightly. users who do not like it can opt out. >> this is 6:12 a.m. and we will have a full check on the weather coming up in just a few minutes.
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>> rain has pounded the pacific northwest. we have video coming in of the wet roads in portland oregon. some of the streets are flooded out to. it is not just raindrops. the storms ls 200,000 people without power and at least one death is connected to the storm. nearly 2 in. of rain fell in just six hours yesterday in one neighborhood in seattle.
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wet weather will continue and they are supposed to be getting down forests not like what they have seen but still severe weather. >> that same system is going to lose its intensity and an impact of the bay area. we could do it could see some heavy rain overnight starting later on today. we have a little bit of light rain in santa rosa right now and highway 1 01 you can see the green on your screen. this is more like a heavy spring go. a little bit of wet weather over san rafael. he will certainly need to use your rental wipers for highway 1 01. the light rain is over st. francis drake boulevard. that rain has crossed the golden gate bridge now and portions of downtown san francisco. a wider view of the satellite and radar shows exactly where the cold front is situated. is affecting parts of northern california. is a slow-moving
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system so we should see later on tonight heading into the overnight hours. more wet weather on the way as we make up tomorrow morning. future cast four shows we will see by 6:00 p.m. tonight ranges north of the golden gate bridge. we have the potential for a sprinkle just in from the system. 9:00 p.m. the yellow on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain. this would continue despite its way south overnight and in fact the south bay waking up tomorrow morning. it could be a messy one out on the freeways and we of course will be tracking at 40 right here on kron4. afternoon highs looks like everyone is in the '60s. looking ahead gusty winds and cloudy conditions. morning showers on tap for tomorrow but it will taper off by the afternoon. into thanksgiving in black friday fair weather returns to the bay area and sunny skies will prevail. 7 day around the bay show's
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pre dry weather that has tomorrow. >> we're still presiding over a pretty good commute there was an accident on highway 4 i will show you in a moment. otherwise not looking too bad the bay bridge metering lights have been activated. the backup is forming and is already backed up to the 880 approach to the bridge. the 880 over crossing. drive times are about 14 minutes now westbound. good cycling on the lights. san mateo bridge is a problem free with no delays either was down or east down. there is a stall on the shoulder and the ninth commute direction. the golden gate bridge ride as you come in from marin there is a wetback year but no problems because of it. there's an accident on highway 4 on will cast road here and the westbound direction. there'll be a secondary slowdown as you have bailey rode. highway
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for westward has are giving clear from the line over to the shoulder. the east bay ride is not too bad, fairly normal here. 1 01 which was starting to get a little heavy at last check has already cleared out in the south bay. the north bay ride we have for a little while some slowdowns southbound but they have just about disappeared as well. stall a little under 25 minutes from the bottles of the golden gate bridge. >> a live look this morning after bay bridge approach and the toll plaza. you can see traffic added to the old handbag as you can call it because a new span has just hit a milestone. the weight of the entire span has then transferred to the suspension cables. all 32,500 t of that back which had been temporarily supported by the structural scaffolding. over the last month are to they have been transferring the wake of the entire structure on to the
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cables in itself and have just completed that task so it is now fully sell suspended. this just and we wanted to let you know what was seen fleeing the doors to follow up on this and a bit but there has been a fatality on the caltrans system that happened around 6:00 a.m. this morning. a pedestrian near palo alto. there is a fatality on the tracks and both tracks remain close at charleston avenue. we are trying to get more informations. >> art is changing up a schedule and preparation for the busy weekend. today and tomorrow from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. $3 blue tickets will be available for the arab are sold to the oakland airport. on
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thanksgiving day art will run on a sunday schedule and the service will begin at 8 in the morning and on friday the day after bart will run full links trains starting at 6:00 a.m.. there is concern over the type of pipe that chevron plans to replace the one that broke last august causing the huge fire at the richmond refinery. preliminary findings of says corrosion caused the pipe to rupture leading to the august refinery fire in richmond. chevron ask the city of richmond for a permit to replace the pipe was something better a 9 percent chromium steel alloy. the safety board is not sure bethat it will prevent any future accidents. >> 7 cisco supervisors ours going to said an ordinance banning nudity. although
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initially resisting the band he felt compelled to put the act forward after constituents complained about naked man in their neighborhood. the ban is sparking protests and lawsuits. prosecutors will not charge a man when security found the man wearing a device that look like an explosive device it was a watch. he said he had a dozen of them and gave them to friends as art pieces. when he tried to pass through security with the ornate watch that had wires and switches and uses it actually did look like an explosive device. the bomb squad was called in to take a closer look at it in a determined there was no the close of materials on the watch. he was released over the weekend after posting an hundred $50 $150,000 bail.
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>> an attorney representing the police say it is unfair to blame only the raking child to for the reform. it takes nearly 10 years to make those changes. >> the question is as anyone above the rank of sergeant lieutenant? are they being held accountable? i'm not talking just about the police department but the entire city of oakland. and their elected officials. are they being held accountable? let's talk about the people that supervise those cops. i'm not talking about a sergeant are lieutenant or captain or a chief of police. everyone in the city of oakland. who manages the police department? >> the place apart the union does not say and advocates the federal control but it could happen with the sente of the plan is to not reach an agreement. >> we are going to take a break is 6:23 a.m. and we will be back in a few
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>> half of all americans are in favor of skipping christmas. >> what? >> yes they took a poll in found that 45 percent of people say that the holiday season brings so much financial pressure that they would prefer to skip it altogether. half of those polls say that their stress related to holiday expenses as high or extremely high.
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85 percent said they planned to spend the same amount of money are less on gifts this year than they did last year. half of the consumers say between there trying to put their items on my way. >> we were curious to see what you thought about this survey. i got the conversation going on our kron4 facebook page and one person wrote and we don't buy gets any more. we use that money to give to organizations that help the needy and homeless. we have everything that we could ever want. another one says that once you forget their real reason of christmas you can be stressful. it's the presence are that important. skip christmas? that is crazy. someone else said even self find ways to make gifts or be creative and find a way to tell someone
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that you care do you have the holiday humbug? and join the conversation at facebook kron4 not found. >> we will have the it opening on wall street when we come back. rob black will be joining us in about 15 minutes and we will break down all the latest news from wall street this morning. we will be right back.
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>> storm tracker 4 is showing some light rain in the north bay. expected right around santa rosa with the green on your screen. a lot of viewers are
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describing it as a heavy sprinkel. you will need to use your windshield wipers. also backing of some light rain in downtown san francisco over the bay bridge in our last report. some of that live rain has made its way into the east bay. expect some wet weather on the east shore freeway highway 13 and in parts of interstate 580 as well. the wider view shows the cold front is a slow-moving system pushing its way closer to the bay area. because of all the cloud cover associated with this system we're now seeing delays at sfo averaging 163 minutes. a lot of folks heading to the airport with more on what this means rare thanksgiving holiday coming up in our next report. >> there's a backup at the bay bridge for the westbound ride and there are major caltrans delays. a fatality
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this morning on northbound train 1 03 striking a pedestrian near palo alto near charleston. all service has been stopped in both north and southbound directions. between palo alto and san antonio there is no train service. northbound or southbound no service. a bus bridge is being set up. the first train will not arrive for another 10 minutes. if you scouts train you will be delayed this morning either northbound or southbound. >> a lot of trouble in the news today as we continue our coverage on the latest strike that started at the airport last night and stretch to the port of oakland this morning. this is all in conjunction with the same union and will tran is live at the port of oakland. it just aren't pouring too well? >> absolutely. they are protesting in the rain. i
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can tell you two questions people want answered at home is one there is a strike going on right now at the oakland international airport but according to the picketer as they are not getting in the way of travelers. you should be able to come and go without any problems. that is not the case here at the port of oakland. and a perfect world they should be open at 6:00 in the morning to allow truck drivers to go through the gates are still closed. this means the truck drivers cannot go and ordered to pick up or drop off. we do not know what that means for holidays applies to bring to the stores. this is supposed to be 24 hours so perhaps there were just be delays. a couple of truck drivers said they just simply want to go home because they do not want to run through and injured anyone even though they said they understand what they are doing. there are fighting for a new contract they haven't had won 16 months but they are independent contractors. if they do not work they do not get paid. but at the risk of
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getting arrested for injuring someone that they are all backed up right now. it is hard for them to get up and make a u-turn and get out of here. but the situation here is just one interests. this is maritime. we saw a few dozen over the past 10 minutes or so go through other instances as well. this has spread throughout the port of oakland. they once of port of oakland to basically reveal their information so they can go back to the bargaining table and bargain in good faith. none the less we do not know as far as supplies whether this will be long-term delays or just a one turned away for holiday shopping. obviously this is what a lot of people are concerned about at home. there're a lot of people from the union showing up and possibly before it is all said and done for 500 people trying to shut down the port of oakland. >> it is all about that report of fact. when they do get that going how long will it take to get to the stores? stuff the they need
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on the shelves today like grocery stores today and tomorrow to? >> they will be so backlogged with stuff that some things will not make it for thanksgiving. we talked about groceries and we do not know what is in the containers but perhaps turkey. a lot of places could be running out. we do not know the ripple effect but we do know that if they're not coming and going and things are not coming and going as well. >> and other headlines this morning president obama is sending secretary of state hillary clinton to the middle east in hopes that maybe some how she can alleviate or help bring about an end to the conflict in israel and palestinians in gaza. national security adviser says the clinton will the port today from cambodia where she has been with the president on his southeast asian tour. to begin her mideast diplomacy meeting with israel's prime minister and jerusalem. she will then meet with the palestinian side before she heads over to egypt were she
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will meet in cairo with leaders there. in the meantime the 14 accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 67 year-old woman in vallejo last week made his first court appearance yesterday. we have some photos to show you of his appearance. prosecutors said they will try cabiri king as an adult. because of the violent nature of the crimes. they'll is set at four and a half million dollars. he faces 10 counts of attempted murder and torture kidnapping and rape. six of those accounts are a possible life sentence if he is convicted. he could enter a plea next week. >> and congress based are trying to set ad deal for the fiscal cliff in january. as of late last week the country's debt was $154 billion below the 16.3 trillion dollar debt ceiling. they expected the legal borrowing limit by the
6:37 am
end of this year. the can stave off the risk of default until sometime early in 2013 through the use of " extraordinary measures. it will temporarily suspend investment in worker pension. >> we will take a break and more news straight ahead. at a 6:36 a.m.. and cloudy and starting to get a little wet around the bay and we are expecting more rain to build throughout the day. we will be right back.
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than the last minute comeback.
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am i welcome back as 640 a m with a live look at the golden gate bridge. the deck as well as you conceive of these cars headed through sam francisco. it is looking like 67 degree a high of 64 deg a magazine that named san jose as the fittest city in
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america. among the reasons as to why san jose was stopped on the list is that women in san jose will exercise. one of the ways that they're getting into it is blue jammed sweeping across the city. we spoke with the founder. >> what is going on behind me is not a flash mop it is you jam in san jose. susie this is your baby. >> we burn about a thousand calories in every class. for body lower body, a total workout as well. >> i got my dancing shoes on, let's go. >> you can watch the full episode of the doctors starting at 3:00 this afternoon on kron4 .com. >> will become back will be visiting with financial
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expert rob black as the dow is off to a negative start 60 points down. we will be right back.
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am not live from the port of oakland he conceded there about 200 workers on strike right now. this is part of the same union that is tracking if the oakland airport starting at around 930 last night. they're protesting unfair labor practices. there is concern that it will this cause disruption at the port. a water main break at 3:00 a.m. this morning has been stopped. and 8 in. pipe they were able to put a cap on at. and the intersection at brewster street is remain close.
6:46 am
secretary clinton is trying to mediate a deal between the israelis and the palestinians and the conflict. she is leaving from cambodia and meeting with the resumes prime minister and the palestinians before she heads to cairo. >> we have the diet without off this morning -- dow rob black is giving us a look at the numbers. >> of the financial report that came out was pretty optimistic. >> is trying to put real americans are real jobs. best buys lows not best buy home depot and lowe's. just get an absolute win. there
6:47 am
at a four year high. there is a household formation situation that is happening on the positive. this is more important and what we're hearing out of china or europe or the fiscal cliff. this is american jobs. permits are still solid, i'm not jumping up and down the this is good. i think of the next several months we will see permits go up not down. >> especially the campaign season leading up to the last election a lot of the economists are saying the world markets are up but america and the u.s. economy is action won the best performing ones right now. this is just another sign that enforces that. >> we're playing rock scissors cliff with automakers in china and home builders are more important. you see how it goes. >> let's talk corporate news, best buy also in the news this morning. what you
6:48 am
have? >> change their name to worst by. it is not good. they lost their $10 million this quarter and it is getting worse and worse and worse. they told us the numbers were going to be lousy and they did not disappoint. people are going in and taking a picture and going to amazon and wal-mart and price checking. i do not see ed future for big box retail but small box retail. best buy sells products made by intel h-p and microsoft. yes they have some apple exposure but not enough of it. >> have they jumped the sharkey think? >> i think they have. wal- mart is selling groceries and everyone else is getting innovative. >> we have h-p what is a word with them this morning? >> i'm going to use the word fraud. they are not using that they're saying the
6:49 am
acquisition of autonomy and mismanagement and proprietaries represented misrepresentation underlying financial metrics. but they are riding over $5 billion. ets was a disaster for h-p. this is a big win for apple. if we had apple instead of h.p. or intel or microsoft the dow would be an all-time highs. this is the reason why you don't go by the dow industrial average. cash flow is the only thing positive in the number. everything else is in the wrong space. the >> how does something like that happen? a lot of smart people there. where the numbers all made up? >> autonomy searches data and the one so it's a bell in h-p in the original
6:50 am
equipment manufacturers. but what they did was they sold to retailers like best buy. that helped install a software at much lower rate and they're paying cash in giving hardware away for free. this is going in very badly for executives at a tummy. >> 6:49 a.m. right now let's get a look at the weather. hi erica >> good morning daria we are picking up some light rain this morning. some people are calling it a heavy spring go. certainly be prepared for that. on the biosensor fell over the richmond center fell bridge as we zemin here we are picking up some light rain for santa rosa. -- zoom andin we're picking up a little more activity closer to san leandro and these
6:51 am
clouds will continue to push their way east this morning. the bigger picture satellite airshows quite an impressive storm front. that is pushing closer to our area but it is only impacting parts of northern california right now. the heaviest rain is on their way later tonight. the heaviest downpour probably what most of us are sleeping. future cast four shows a rise by 6:00 p.m. and this is the front of the system. yellow indicates moderate to heavy rain and it becomes more organized as we head into 9:00 tonight. showers will continue to sag their way south into the overnight hour and it could be another messy commute on the roadways in the south bay waking up tomorrow morning. in terms of numbers right now 64 oakland 60 per common hayward and san mateo and into the afternoon it looks like everyone is pretty much in the '60s. 7 day around the bay shows dry conditions with thanksgiving
6:52 am
black friday as well. that looks like newly sunny skies as we transition into the weekend. 6:51 a.m. and we transition on to george. >> first let's update our caltrans situation. there is a fatal accident this morning that occurred near 6:00 just about an hour ago at charleston in palo alto. northbound train no. 103 struck and killed a pedestrian. they have restored service and the southbound direction but there are major delays southbound. trains are running at 10 mi. per hour. and northbound direction there is no train service between san antonio and palo alto. a bus bridge has been set up. they party had one train pick up passengers at san antonio. there were no passengers on the st train injured as a result of this fatality but major delays northbound and southbound for countering this morning. the bay bridge and the west on ride metering lights cycle slowly but no
6:53 am
incidents on the bridge. the back of regis to west grand avenue 18 to 20 minutes drive times. the san mateo bridge highway 92 has been incident free so far. although it follows the pattern in about an hour we may see extremely slow traffic here westbound. the golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound is still a pretty easy ride. no delays the we have seen the suit that looked back wet with drizzle. these bay right even with a couple of incidents we're not looking at a slow traffic as we use the web. there was an accident at willow pass road but the drive time is only a little slower than normal from antioch to concord. westbound 580 livermore avenue el there was an accident but the drive times again are the seven minutes better than a normal commute day. light traffic for the south bay with no major delays. it green showing on the road with sensors. the same is true with marin county with 30 minutes drive times from a bottle to the bridge.
6:54 am
>> coming up on the kron4 morning news will continue with local headlines. also falling local weather as well. there's a live look for mt. tam where we have when the cloudy and in some spots around the bay wet conditions already this morning. it will only get wetter. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] steak combos. featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler.
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my nasa scientists say they found what could be a huge planet outside our solar system. they're calling it a super jupiter. they said is about 170 light years away and comes in at a whopping 13 times the size of jupiter. nasa says there is also a possibility that the super jupiter could also be a brown star which could be basically a start that collapses. they're still
6:58 am
looking into it but that is pretty impressive. >> tell me about it james. >> i like nasa news. >> we have a big stories we're watching this morning as we leave up to thanksgiving. the port of oakland were hundreds of workers are on strike and we will tell you what a good means to use your shopping are traveling this thing clinks thanksgiving week. we're looking at some major delays and we will tell you why. the lower right-hand corner is a big black this morning after the forty- niners when who should be the starting quarterback? we will be right back. sleep train has your ticket to tempur-pedic.
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