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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> the rain has started falling as we track the storm system. it is wet and windy on wednesday periods we will take a look at the rain and it is heaviest and we would tell you how it will be when it will hit even harder for the second punch of the day.
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>> storm tracker 4 on the left side shows you that yellow where the heaviest is coming down right now. the golden gate bridge is moist and went on the deck but as the rain falls it is that the north bay at this time. san mateo bridge does not look that bad at the moment. let's start in the north bay and because they are expected to get about 10 in. a rain in some locations. >> we actually had a full start at just about an hour ago it started raining lightly and did let up. we are starting to see some real rain fall on 1 01 near the civic center. it has been steady for about 10 to 15 minutes and you can see it coming down. it will
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obviously get worse before it gets better. usually the north bay is the first one to get it. >> i was out of people were by wide for blades and pretty much it will be a sloppy commute. >> this is just round one and we will have a series of storms. the heaviest rain is slated for thursday and friday. we was see the heaviest rain and it will occur between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.. this is the window of the downpours. you probably want to stay off throwaways at these hours. >> we're starting to catch a break for parts of san francisco. we are same lybrand closer to the sunset area. the green indicates
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light rain and this body along the coastline and the peninsula. we do have heavy rains sitting off shore when the main front regis landfall. winds will start to pick up as well. >> where are same light rain and there is a dry break for highway 92. just because you are seeing a break does not mean that this will be the case as we head into the rest of the morning. we do see heavy is rain to come are around 8:00 a.m.. we do have a wind advisory in effect and it is set to expire at 11:00 a.m.. >> we are watching and waiting for the weather to have an impact on the commute. so far it is still a pretty good ride around the bay area. we are not tracking any hot spots. >> san mateo bridge is that
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11 minutes. the slow traffic is still confined to highway 4 and interstate 580 for the east bay. >> let's continue our coverage of whether a traffic. we did have a live report from jackie. now let's head out to the east bay where we have mike pelton standing by in berkeley. it >> is just garden to drizzle and san francisco is and the distance. it tapered off and this is what i have seen all morning long. it was start to pick up and then that would taper off. the storms are expected to pick up an issue low occupancy the water and the shot may start a little bit because i have bumped up the camera to show you the water. it is not too bad this morning and we actually died down. it some of the
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water and waste in the bay here at the berkeley marina. the wind--if you are a morning person that you like to draw this to be the best time for you to do that. i saw a few people heading to the marino with fishing poles and i'm not sure whether not they will be on a bold but this certainly is not the best bolting weather for youatub weather for you. >> this is a one-two punch and the biggest punch will come into thursday into friday morning. a lot of people do not want flooding and in san francisco you can get free salmon eggs if you live in a low-lying area. this about 6500 san bed are
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available, but they are only for sampras's go residents. residents much show their city issued identification in order to get sandbags. and there is a limit of 10 per household. >> aside from the problems it can cause. the rain is welcome and per haps a bit overdue and the south bay in particular. take a look at uvas reservoir in the foothills of the santa cruz mountains. west of gilroy. here is just 13% of capacity right now and entirely dependent on the run off from rainfall. if together, the 10 san to clara valley reservoirs' are just 35% of capacity periods >> new this morning. investigators are calling a
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fire at alameda high school suspicious. if the fire started inside a classroom or kron4 this morning. the fire is out and no one was injured. it is unclear what the extent of the damage is to the classroom. >> gilroy police are investigating what they're calling a gang-related drive-by shooting, although no one was actually shot. a 4 month old was among those inside the home. it happened overnight in the area of 10th street and glenview drive. officers say an unknown number of gunmen fired into a home. if two people were injured. no word on their conditions. officers are searching for an early 1990's red honda civic hatchback that was seen leaving the area. >> will be right back.
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>> the fiscal cliff remains the focus today, as investors awaited further news on the negotiations. u.s. stock futures are lower in early trading. u.s. stocks ended the day lower, as read some comments sparked a late today sell- off. on tap for today,
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investors will get a look at the health of the housing market, when the census bureau work release of october's data on new home sales. later this morning, the federal reserve released the october edition of its beige book, a survey of regional economics. apple has reportedly fired the manager responsible for its troubled mapping software. richard williamson, who oversaw the mapping team, was pushed out by senior vice president eddy cue. will some follows in the footsteps of i o s software head scott forstall, who was fired a month ago after
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refusing to apologize for the maps launch fiasco. >> protesters are calling on the president to scale back his new powers. take a look at video from protesters last night. tens of thousands of people packed the tahir square last night in a demonstration that was mostly peaceful, however one protester died in a scuffle with police. >> we have rain coming all over the bay area in the next few hours we're tracking the latest with erica. will have your latest updates in a minute.
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>> it is 6 5:10 a.m.. >> we have storm tracker 4 showing that there are a lot of things going on. some of the wind gusts could be up to 50 mi. per hour. >> last we talked to him they stated that it was pretty gusty. >> it is still very gusty. lookit this person who is pretty bumbled. it is pretty
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dry right now for the moment but the wind is really getting high. it will get pretty bad and when you have the rain things get a little complicated. when you have wind and rain it just gets worse. for the moment pacifica is dry but the wind is blowing pretty hard. >> erica is keeping track on the radar. >> let's take it out the storm tracker 4. we are dealing with a lot wets weather. the yellow on the screen is still sit off shore but it will even chilly hit land. we are picking up rain in santa rosa. san francisco is starting to dry out and some of the showers are passing over the bay bridge. downtown is dry and we did see some that impacted the sunset district and portions of 19 ave. there are spotty
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showers from the pacific stretching into berlin gained. >> it is rain in the santa moon valley but not over the minute freeway. we're catching a dry break stretching into hayward and there's no right to talk about right now. it is rain in pleasanton and parts of the south bay as well. milpitas and the start highway--is contending with gramm. satellite and radar shows that a wider view of the wet weather instrument into the bay area. not only are we concerned about iran and its impact but the wind gusts that can reach up to 70 mi. per hour along the coast ridges. as we looked we do have a wind advisory that is an affect and is set to expire route 11:00 a.m..
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the heaviest rain will fall anytime from 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.. futurecast 4 will walk you through the timing. >> as we put the clock and a motion at 10:00 a.m. it will start to shift its way south. the entire bay area will be in downpours and this is not the time for you to be out on the road. the showers will start to taper off by 3:00 p.m. today. it looks like it will be mostly dry for tonight and tomorrow morning. but as we take a look into thursday at 5:00 p.m. it does indicate that there will bay heavy rain approaching from the north bay. for this will be the second system of this tumul one will be a lot stronge. >> right now we do have some delays atsfo due to high
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winds. you should call ahead and check with your carrier if you're headed to the airports. 61 degrees for concord and 63 is expected for san mateo. the kron47 they are round the bay state's that it will rain pretty much every day this week. today's system when it is all said and done will bring about an inch of rain and a little bit more for the north bay. we're looking at rainfall totals and it will be probably five to 6 in. for most of the bay area. tens of 15 engines for the higher elevations. >> we have not say any major problems developed as a result of the weather. traffic still is moving pretty smoothly. the major relies have been activated. there's already a backup. but we are is a difference.
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the san mateo bridge has no problems it is an 11 minute drive. the golden gate bridge ride is still a little damp but it is also a problem free. as we update the drive time 1618 met is the commute time from hercules to berkeley. if we're starting to pick up a little bit of slowing their. the south bay freeway is still a pretty good. if the north bay ride is still pretty simple, down from the golden gate bridge. >> 6:19 a.m.. the family of nine year-old girl who was killed by a drunken motorcyclists has reached a $675,000 settlement with the city of about zero. if this is video of the crime scene back in 2009. melody osheroff and her father were
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struck by at worked schaefer's motorcycle . melody's father had to have one of his legs amputated. the man was convicted on charges of murder and vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. he later died at san quentin state prison where he was serving his sentence. >> a 15 year-old accused of killing a man and injuring a police officer in san jose will be tried as an adult. he and his alleged partner jonathan will banks are being held for murder, armed robbery in the attempted murder of a police officer. if this is video of will banks who was in court last wednesday for the november 60 crimes that allegedly committed. he returns to court on december the fifth. >> two armed robbery
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suspects are in custody is after a cell phone video is used to capture them driving erratically and east oakland. it happened monday run for p.m. on high street near foothill boulevard. at one point the suspect's pointed guns at the two victims, demanding their cell phones. however the victims refuse. something the oakland police department does not recommend. that video was turned over to local police. investigators recognize one of the suspects off track and down in the vehicle and arrested the two men about two hours later. this is not worth getting shot or killed over and this particular couple is very lucky that nothing happened to them. at the same time we want to stretch that your safety is paramount and we do not want
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see anyone struggling over property that can be replaced because your life cannot be replaced. >> this video was turned over and listened to this. investigators stated that they saw them in the video and they did attract them down and arrest them. >> it is 6:22 a.m.. as we take a look as storm tracker 4. you can see the rain is still falling pretty good. to the north and down to the coast and moving into or san francisco. we will wait to see when the rain will hit the south bay and later on this morning. we do have a major flight delays on arrivals at its sfo it is now nearly four hours.
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>> new this morning. >> if you are more than 90 days behind on your student loan payment, you are not alone. the percentage of student loans that are more than three months past due is at an all-time high. that's according to the latest quarterly release from the federal reserve bank of new york. exactly 11 percent of all its loan balance as are 90 days or more delinquent. if still in the league was see rates have never been this high since the fed started
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tracking the figures in 2003. >> the u. s d s/a magnet to 5.5 earthquake has hit the eastern part of indonesia this morning. there are no immediate reports of damage. indonesian seismologists say there is no risk of a it to something. they view as dss the quake was centered about 35 mi. under the sea. the quake was initially reported a 6.3 magnitude. >> serious state run media says twin car bombings in a the mic this server has killed a least 34 people. the new agency says to part cars packed with explosives detonated this morning and
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the capital's eastern suburb. the blasts come a day after rebel fighters took over to military bases in syria. >> we will be right back. jack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item.
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>> we are back. the opening bell has just run out.g. futures were-will see where they go today. >> the big story that we are following is the storm that we are tracking. this is hitting the north bay or we have areas that have been seen rain all morning long. they are thinking that we may get 10 in. of rain out of the system.
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>> here is a live shot-- >> we are starting to get a start of the 10 in.. the traffic is headed southbound 101. iran started about an hour ago and we have really start to see it pick up here. 101 is slick and wets and we do obviously have a long way to go. what the problem will get uglier. >> it is going to get uglier on friday. >> we are not in a thick of it. most of it is off shore and it is not making landfall. where jackie is it really is not coming down
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that part as to what we are sing. with this current system we are expecting about an inch every where else. you will need to use your when the shell white births and where a set alight ran for the richmond district. for those of you drive along market street perry ed heavy rain can still come but you will catch a break. we turn our attention to the east bay there is light rain for highway 4. you will need your umbrellas for the rest of the morning. we are not set any rain right now but the dumbarton is gonna pick up wind. it just depends on where you are. as we take a look at the headlines we do
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have it when the advisory that expires at 11:00 a.m.. >> we can see the dust up 2--tomorrow it will be dry for the first half of the day but a stronger system will roll through. i will walk you through the timing when i have my next report. >> the back of this building at the bay bridge and the drive time is about 18 minutes. the heaviest traffic right now is in moderate conditions for interstate 580 and highway 4. the south bay is still pretty light. >> let's continue our team coverage of the storm system. we will go to berkeley were mike pelton is joining us. >> it just bart to taper off
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a dead at has been doing this all morning long. there is not a lot of fault expos 2--there rain keeps coming down and wanting to pick up and keep going. as far as the wind is concerned it has just darted to pick up. i will show you some of the way some water in the bay. we have bumped up the camera just show you some of the waves. some of the order is moving quickly but there are a few small waves. a couple of people along the pier are getting their morning started with their jogging before iran really picks up. the rain really picks up. >> the joggers are die hard.
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this is not the best day for your exercise. the >> a redwood city neighborhood is mourning the death of a 14 year-old girl. if she was hit by a truck while she was riding her bike to school monday morning. if a makeshift memorial is growing near where the accident happened. for the woodside high school freshman leyla beban. many flowers some accompanied by notes to the victim's family were left. most of the people stop by the strike did not even know the girl person. if police said there still investigate the daily traffic accident. they do not the drugs or alcohol were a factor. >> a federal judge has ruled the city of san francisco can require handgun owners
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to keep their weapons lot when stored at home. the city can also ban bullets that expand or splinter on contact. the judge says that the restriction does not provide the san francisco if people from possessing guns at home or using them for self-defense. >> president obama will meet with middle-class americans today in an effort to urge the public to press congress to protect tax cut for families are into a and $50,000 or less. if the president will later meet with corporate executives. the white cells, the democrats and republicans have yet to agree on how to avert an economy crushing series of automatic tax increases and spending cuts due to take effect in january. >> former giants slugger and baseball's home run king
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barry bonds is set to appear on baseball's hall of fame ballot for the first time. the ballot will be released later today. also expected on the list is outfielder sammy sosa and former see why young winner roger clemens. bonds was convicted of a felony count of what structure of justice for his role in hindering an investigation and steroids and professional sports. >> we have a shot with our live jackie sizzle where it is rain and it is heading south. we will have more on the movement of the rain in a few minutes.
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you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. available but there are only four san francisco residents. residents must show see issued identification and there is a limit of 10 per household. >> aside from the problems it can cause of and the rain is welcome to and perhaps a bit overdue in the south bay in dependent on a run fall from rainfall. together the 10 santa clara valley reservoir is are a just 35% of capacity. those are our top stories. i'm james fletcher.
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thank you for watching kron 4 urs 247 bay area new area >> >> this one will be more
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intense than the showers that we are saying today. wet weather stays with us right through the weekend. we will get a de tell in just a bit. where are america's most attractive people? >> travel and leisure just releases and will america's favorite city survey. it which readers weigh 35 metropolitan areas for qualities such as people watching, what will streets, and hot music scenes. here are the top 10 cities with the best looking at people coming in at 10 is as many minneapolis st. paul. no. 9 is honolulu #8 s savannah #seven is awesome and number
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six is an asheville. san francisco came man at 11 am voters stated that we work role in the bay area. we did however ranks the top five for fine dining and good cuisine. >> we have our team coverage continues. will be right back.
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>> the big story that we are following s 6:45 a.m.. the camera is shaking a little bit. this storm is coming in with a lot of wind and rain. the national what the story has issued a hazardous wind
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warning for the bay area. this will last all the way to the weekend because this is a double storm and today and friday morning it will be even more rain. we are keeping our eyes out on this. the city is getting ready for it. there could even be areas of flooding and this is why the city of san francisco is providing sandbags for residents living el al lying areas. residents can pick them up from the department of public works operations are. they have about 6500 sandbags available and there is a limit 10 per household. >> this is starting to move bandit will talk about the timing. the messages will be right around 8:00 a.m.. this is what most people are
6:47 am
going out to work. this will stretch until 11:00 a.m. and this is where the main front will pass through peppery epo let's take a look at current conditions the storm tracker 4. we are picking up heavier rain in santa rosa. it is raining right now in the richmond district and it is dry right now for market street heading into downtown san process ". >>and the on yousan francisco. >> it looks like it is just a light rain for borrowing game in portions of the bayshore freeway. there is a dry break heading into walnut creek. as we take it over to the rest of the east bay we have not seen a dry break for quite a while. currently it is now writing
6:48 am
for the san mateo bridge or the dumbarton. it just depends on where you are located. >> as we take a look at the satellite radar this is the wider view and this is what is impacted the san francisco bay area. the showers are want to push their way north and there will be a lot of moisture. we could accumulate up to 10 in. of rain when it is all said and done. this is a storm #one. there are scattered showers on the backhand and we may see a few breaks of sun. the next storm will be much stronger about 5:00 p.m. thursday. it will continue to shift its way. heavy rain is expected for most of the north bay crossing the best-it will impact oakland and parts of san francisco. we do have three storms to talk about. >> this one is mainly a wind
6:49 am
gust. they're up to 70 mi. per hour. storm #two will produce more ran around the bay area and messy conditions for friday's commute. storm #3 will start this weekend and it will taper off as we start next work week. we do have wind related problems at spo. >fo. >> it looks like it won't be at 3 percent chance for showers as we start the next work with. >> we will start off on the bridges. the bay bridge is not tracking any hot spots and the bridge and drive time is running at about 18 minutes. this is a little less from in a stadium the shore freeway. the san mateo bridge we're still looking
6:50 am
at a pretty good ride. as the commute still clocked at 13 minutes. the golden gate bridge is still fairly easy from the marin county. as we look at the traffic map is still just a 16 to 18 minute drive from hercules to berkeley. the commute for 580 running at 34 minutes. south bay freeway is still a pretty big heavy otherwise it is good communing conditions and even where the rain is heavy is in the north bay it is still not a big impact on the south about commute. >> let's turn our condition to wall street. the opening bell just won about 20 minutes ago. the dow is we are r talking with rob black. >> let's start off with the
6:51 am
fiscal cliff. what is the latest angle. >> who cares. i am burned out on a. wall street is burned out on a. the ideal love it is not goal is to bay any thing that can be compromised. there will be a compromise in january but the problem will not have a pre january. the republicans want to get something out of this and they are both scrambling. we would just have to pay higher taxes. we did before will do it again. it is very sad because there's not very good luck in washington. >> what are the corporations and the 1% of people preparing for? >> corporations are calling wall street's and they're
6:52 am
basically stating that they will have to fire people as they do not compromise. we will see a slowdown in business activities and it is what to be expected because it is normal. we expect the worst and as far as corporations are concerned we saw a lot of dividends before the wal- mart family. wal-mart stated that they will pull for their dividends in january and they basically will pay higher taxes out early. >> there are a lot of family members who own shares. you may see apple pull theirs as well. >> let's talk a little about apple. they have a another shake-up. we did have a fiery and earlier and now there is a another one. >> this system for their maps are just not going right. the latest fall with
6:53 am
apple is that their maps are huge. >> mobil's are very huge on maps. to me i still have my global maps and you just need to a plugging your android fall. phone. basically anyone who took charge of maps they fired them. they figured that this was a big deal and this is telling me that there try to fix the problem. they can fix the problem and they do have the money to fix the problem. they do not have this problem apple is one of the stories where that one ever want to work separately and that want them to work towards together. >> we had apple down. down by 30%.
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>> he will be joining us again and he will break down the ups and downs at 9:15 a.m.. >> we will be back in a couple of minutes. make sure to catch dr. phil at 10:00 right after the kron4 nose. julie and mike say their 16 year-old daughter, brooke made look sweet and innocent, but she's really and out of control ting who fights, runs away from home, shoplifts and its older man. we will be right back.
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>> team coverage of the storm is our big story. coming up as 7:00 a.m. we will track the weather and tell you where it is raining and when it will start
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pouring within the next hour. we will take a triple look all around the bay. we will be right back.
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