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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 28, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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the gusts are expected to get much worse here. when the wind does pick up and you feel those strong gusts it is very very cold. you are going to want to grab the jacket this morning. it is only going to get worse in the next couple of hours. >> you are right. the big caution going forward is to just braced for it. >> 38 thursday night and friday morning is when the rain is really going to be coming into the bay area. they're concerned about low areas in san francisco flooding so they're handing out sandbags. you can have up to 10 free sandbags if you show your id. there about 6500 of the sandbags available. you want to get
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those in place if you have not already today. aside from all the problems ranking cause there's also a good side and that is the beginning be reservoirs' failefailed. there at 13 percent capacity right now and is entirely dependent on rainfall. if you look at them all together the 10 reservoirs there just 35% of capacity. they need the rain and get it we will this week. hopefully we will be able to make up this for what has not fallen this year. >> the fire at alameda high school is being called suspicious. it broke out about 4:00 this morning in the fire department jump on a pretty quickly. there is no estimate as to what the damage is but classes are in
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session today. the investigation is ongoing as to what caused it. 7 of 6:00 a.m. and the big story is the rain and wind it this morning. here's a live look at san jose. traffic looks ok and it does not look like they're getting any downpour's yet. my eyes are not great but you should be ready because in the next hour to everyone is going to get wet. we'll be right back. ♪
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30 minutes into the trading day in the dow does not look good down on hundred and 12 points trading at 12,766. apple has fired the person responsible for the troubled mapping software. williamson follows in the foo footsteps >> and egyptian state television says that its highest appeal court decided to suspend its work and protest of mohammed morsi is decorated give some self absolute power. police have been firing tear gas at people gathering in cairo's tahrir square. they want him
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to basically rescind his new powers. protesters were chanting in the street. tens of thousands of people packed to rear square and demonstration. it was mostly peaceful but we do understand that one protester died after a scuffle with police. it is 7:10 a.m. and we will be right back. there is a shot out of berkeley and the rain is beginning to fall there. there are major delays at sfo and we'll be talking with an airport representative in just a minute.
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offering some of our best values of the year. there's a shot of san francisco we finally have the clouds over the city and rain coming down. mike pelton has been out and has not seen much rain this morning but that last shot showed it really coming down. >> we may be able to salvage the rest of the day and then we have a big storm coming in on friday. let's get to america where we seem storms right now? >> we're officially under the gun as we take the storm tracker 4. a lot of yellow on the screen already. we are picking up some heavy rain in san francisco
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stretching down the daily city into brisbane. it is not really in the east bay inland valleys just yet. taking a look of the coast line at looks like pacifica is under a light rain. heavier rain is in the east bay. storm tracking to see when the heavy rain will arrive in your neighborhood and looks like 747 for alamo. be prepared for that the next 30 minutes it is certainly going to come down. san leandro looks like we're seeing some of the heavier rain right now. that is pushing its way into the san ramon valley. that is just a quick look at where their aim is currently falling and where it is expected to go. satellite and radar picture looks like most of the wet weather is still sitting off shore. we still have lots to come. future cast four picked out 8:00 this morning you can see a lot of heavy rain and the north bay. as we shift
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to 10:00 a.m. all the yellow dominates the screen encompassing the entire bay area. when the system is all said and done we are expecting about an inch of rain for the bay area. showers will taper off on the back and as we head into later this afternoon. it should be dry later on tonight. waking up thursday should be a dry one small potential for scattered showers. we have a second system rolling through and this one is stronger at but not as wendy. we will see a lot more moisture associated with that. by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow the yellow with a trait the screen. cloud cover is associated with this system and will continue to advance overnight. it is a slow- moving system. the 8:00 a.m. friday morning the north bay is contending with the heavier rain. it will start to cost the golden gate bridge and impact oakland and parts of san francisco. this will be the biggest system of the three. number
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one is when the and heavy showers out there as well storm number two begins thursday night stretching into friday. that is a slow mover and will continue into the weekend. no. 3 will rolled around as we push and closer to sunday. taking a look at sfo delays are almost up to four hours due to the high winds around the bay. 7 day around the bay forecast shows consecutive rain almost each and every day. also showers as we start the next work week. >> we're still not looking at any hot spots but we are starting to see things slowdown in bed. marin is probably the only area where traffic is slower than normal. the bay bridge toll plaza drive times are still running 18 or 16 to 21 minutes. we've been incident free on the bay bridge and that is why speeds are up. san mateo bridge speeds are down as we a been observing
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the 7:00 hour. that seems to be when things are peaking. we're looking at a 15 to 80 minutes drive time for the san mateo bridge. the golden gate bridge ride is still pretty steady begetting water here. this is indicative of the reins moving through the area. the drive time on interstate 80 is still only 18 to 90 minutes hercules to berkeley to 680 and the southbound direction on the 580 westbound is doing pretty well. so is 684 this an old grade. general slowing of south bay freeways and no hot spots here. the marin ride is 31 to 32 minutes. the southbound is four to five minutes have year than we would normally see at this hour of the morning. the sensors are updating adding a little more red indicating speeds are dropping below 25 m.p.h. now. >> a 15 year-old accused of killing a man and injuring a police officer in san jose
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will be tried as an adult. he and his alleged partner jonathan will banks will be held for murder arm robbery and the attempted murder of a police officer. with a video of will banks to assure you he was in court last wednesday for the november 60 crimes that they allegedly committed together. will banks is 26 years old and did not enter a plea and will return to court on december 5th and we will see if he enters a plea then. >> family of a nine year-old girl was killed by a drunken driver on a motorcycle has reached a $675,000 settlement with the city of about zero. here is a video from the accident scene back in 2009 when melody of trough was killed. her father was also struck by the motorcycle and had to have one of his legs amputated. edward schaeffer of the motorcyclist to you see here was convicted of murder and vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. he later died at san quentin prison where he was serving his sentence.
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the family of a girl who died sued the city of about on claiming the city had not properly maintain the road or the crosswalk. they win $675. $675,000. >> at one. the suspect is no point the gun out the window at the car. they demanded their cell phones of the victims refuse. open police say that is something you do not want to do. >> because life is for far more valuable than property. and this case they are lucky that no one got injured or killed. we want to stress and what is really care my here is that property is not worth your life especially when you have an armed person who is demanding something from you. in this case it was a phone that contained a video of
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criminal activity. it is not worth getting shot or killed over. this particular couple is very lucky that nothing happened to them and they did not get injured. we want to stress your safety is paramount. we now want to see anyone struggling over property which can be replaced because of life cannot be replaced. >> the people that took the video turned over to oakland police and investigators recognized one of the suspects. the track them down and rest of the people inside just a couple hours after the video was shot. >> it is 7:20 a.m. thanks for waking up with the kron4 morning news. you are waking up to rain in parts of the bay area right now, it started in the north bay. we're getting a little bit of a break with this live shot of 1 01 southbound toward the golden gate bridge. the golden gate bridge is the atmosphere in the past hour. we will keep track of the rain for you, you sit back and wait through these commercials and we will be right back.
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we are watching the weather and rain is coming. everyone is bracing for an especially in daly city where they continue to work on the side of the mud slide. and was caused by a water main break earlier this month. the city has spent $497,000 to replace the soil and vegetation near hillside park where an age 8 in. cast
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iron pipe burst. the rupture caused the 45,000 gal. of water to pass over the streets. the drains in the area have been cleared and they are also monitoring the entire neighborhood to make sure the runoff goes where it's supposed to go. >> a lot of people are not paying off their student loans or falling behind by 90 days or more. the percentage of student loans that are more than three months past due is at an all-time high. this is according to a new quarterly release from the federal reserve bank. it says that 11 percent of all student loan balances are 90 or more days delinquent. student delinquency rates have never been this high since the fed started keeping track of them in 2003. >> the u s g s says a magnitude 5.9 earthquake has hit the eastern part of indonesia this morning. there are no reports of any immediate damage but we will keep an eye our eye out for
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that. the quake was centered about 35 mi. under the sea. it was initially reported as a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. twin car bombings in damascus severed their that city have killed at least 34 people. the news agency said to park cars packed with explosives detonated this morning in the capital's eastern suburb. the blast comes just a day after rebel fighters took over to military bases in syria. >> the time is 725 a and we will be back in a couple of minutes. we'll be keeping coverage of the wind and rain. san mateo bridge within the and our go dry and now wet. your committee what if you're heading out the door now so we will have more on the timing. there is another strong will head the
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bay area on friday morning. and after our show is dr. phil. julie and might say their 16 year-old daughter brooke looks sweet and innocent but she is really a mess. and out of control teenager fighting shoplifting and dating older man. and dr. phil or help the family out? you'll find out later.
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>> jackie sissel is out in san sfo tracking a couple of conditions. one the roads are getting a little slack in to the winds are starting to build.
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>> yes you concede the rain on 1 01 southbound traffic had reheaded towards san rafael. there rain has started coming down substantially in the last 10 to 15 minutes. it probably last a good hour or so. it is still riding the just not as heavy as it was earlier this morning. we will get a lot of it all morning long. right now we are caught up in a low for the north bay. we along with a go until it gets better. the commuter traffic is starting to slow up because of the wet road way. >> you hit the nail on the head that rain is just going to have and flow. >> right now is heaviest in the east bay walnut creek concord, a lot of it still sitting off shore. the
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yellow jackets said he was catching a little bit of a break but that will not last for long. it is raining along market street, 19th avenue park presidio as well. most of san francisco is contending with wet weather. a little bit happier as your purchase half moon bay and portions of highway one. -- have the ear between eight and 11 is win you have the heaviest parts in that area. and in all right now it is a little lighter as a moving closer to berkeley. we are seeing some yellow on the screen right now for san leandro san lorenzo portions of the nimitz freeway and the rain is not so bad in spots of a south bay. heavy rain right now for northbound 1 01 and parts of highway 237. the yellow on your screen at the 2371 01 interchange. whether headlines look like widespread wayne for the
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rest of the morning. the wind advisory expires at 11. and to the after the we will see often on showers the potential for some thunderstorms exist. allow the instability is still out there associated with the system. later on tonight it looks to be a dry one as we start to taper off. >> we are not yet seen any hot spots the we are more more starting to feel the effects of the grain moving through the area. speeds starts to gear down. quick commute check shows the bay bridge is still doing reasonably well. the good news is we have not had any incidents on the upper deck so the drive times are still running 18 to 21 minutes. the san mateo bridge however speeds are bogging down. we're seeing some speeds go down to about 20 mi. per hour. i at the base of the high-rise. the drive time is up to 18 minutes. the
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commute on 1 01 golden gate bridge is a wet weather as you can see. traffic is starting to get more congested now most of the way across the span. the updated marin county drive time 1 01 southbound is running about 34 minutes from the data to the golden gate bridge. >> the storm coming with rain and winds. gusting as high as 50 mi. an hour. yoli is live and pacifica this morning. i can see it is wet and windy there. >> that is correct the rains came down maybe about 45 minutes ago. you miss the the really heavy downpour about 10 minutes ago. it is still coming down and as far as the wind is concerned it comes almost like and waves. that is like a big gust of wind will coming kind of push you over quite a bit. a few minutes ago there is one
7:34 am
of those such winds that came by and you saw the tart and a yard time it blew up been floated up because of the win. when you're on the coastline just expect to be prepared you know because these winds can be pretty strong. it'll come right behind you and just kind of push to so be careful if you decide to take a morning walk along the coastline. >> not a great day for a walk with the dusty road wins in the rain this morning. we'll continue checking with our reporters are around the bay to see how this continues. >> of redwood city neighborhood is a look morning the death of a 14 year-old girl. she was hit by a truck while hitting her bike to school monday morning. there is a makeshift memorial that has been set up and growing near the accident site. woodside high school freshman leyla beban. flowers have been
7:35 am
left accompanied with notes to the victim or her family. most of people we chat with said they did not actually know personally but they were moved by the stories of the came to pay their respects. police are still investigating the accident. they do not think drugs or alcohol were a factor. a judge has ruled the city of san francisco can require handgun owners to keep their weapons locked when stored at home. the city can also ban bullets that expand our splinter on impact. it does not inhibit people from using having guns at home are using them for self- defense. this is protected under the constitution. this ruling maintains public safety and a matter that is reasonable and constitutional. >> present obama will meet with middle-class americans today in an effort to urge the public to press congress to protect tax cuts for families earning $250,000 or less. the president will meet later on
7:36 am
with corporate executives to. the white house democrats and republicans have yet to agree on how to avert an economy crushing a series of automatic tax increases and spending cuts that are due to take effect in january. tracking gas prices against the bay area for you in the state average is $3.73 a gallon. bay area prices are averaging $3.82 a gallon san jose $3.67 and in oakland $3.71. i always like to take a mental note to know which gas stations to dry by if you're looking for cheaper gas. >> mega busts a company that offers city to city services for about a dollar is expanding to california. it will allow you go from oakland california san jose and san francisco to los angeles. also sacramento and the reno sparks area as well. they cam but " cal for
7:37 am
a trip starting today but they do not actually start running until december 12th. the company will be offering trips where dollar transfer its first week of service. >> will be back with more of the team coverage of the storm in just a couple of minutes. rainy and windy and the bay area. a live look at the other summit and they still have fairly clear skies. this is all goodness for skiing. we always look for more snow than add to those totals since a lot of resorts opened early. they are already up and running. we will be right back. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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where are america most attractive people? readers rain to 35 metropolitan areas on qualities such as people watching walkable
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streets and hot music scene. the top 10 cities with the best looking people. 10 is minneapolis st. paul no. 9 is how low eight savannah 7 austin 6 national 5 at los angeles for two san diego one miami. sampras's coach came in at 11. voters said we were cool and an edgy way. we also did rank in the top five for five dining ethnic cuisine and cafes. >> 741 a m right now we will be back in a couple of minutes. the big story is the weather so let's take a live peak at pacifica. you can see the waves turning out and it's a great start to the day. we would get more in the next couple of hours as well will see the rain the heaviest and
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a live look the storm tracker 4 just an interesting note looks like we have picked up some lightning strikes just outside of stockton. in the bay area we are contending with a lot of wet weather as we zoom in here on the bay area we are tracking some pretty heavy rain right now in san francisco. right around the 281 01 split that
7:45 am
stretches down into south city. heavy rain for pacifica and portions of highway 92. it really just depends on where you are located. that system is pushing its way east and it looks like we are going to see some heavy rain coming to the east bay. right around 817 plo is headed your way if you're located in alameda. the rest of the bay area as light yellow color on our screen and that is impacting highway 1mara felle golden gate bridge. this looks like it is continue to make its way east. the heavier rain will hit pinole right around 813. a 14 for the hercules area. we're tracking had potentially hazardous driving recoconditions. the 1 01 right around the airport. that is something we will continue to monitor. future cast four shows we're still
7:46 am
contending with moderate to heavy rain. it could down four times beginning at 8:00 a.m.. 10:00 a.m. is on the block bulk of the wet weather will fall in the bay area will be blanketed. in the afternoon hours scattered showers at best. this is the back end of the system. the wind advisory expires at 11 and looks like we will be dry for about 24 hours. future cast four says thursday at 5:00 p.m. at moderate rainfall for santa rosa. the second system will approach from the north bay and continued to shift its way south. this one as a slow-moving system and a lot of moisture associated with it. it will last until friday afternoon. satellite and radar shows what is impacting the bay area right now. a second system is on the way and because of the high winds we have delays averaging around for hours at sfo right now. call ahead and check with your carrier to make sure that that does not impact you. 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain
7:47 am
pretty much each and every day. consecutive rain does equal the potential for flooding and mudslides. the third system roasters sunday and we have the potential for scattered showers as we head into monday and tuesday. looking at the snowbound that comes the report i checked with caltrans you will not need your chains. there will be a rams nomex, maybe 5 in. above seven out of ft. kevin lee reporting a base of 24 in. north stars base is 20 to 30 in.. no new snow within the last 24 hours. more on ski conditions and what is happening in the bay area coming up in just a bit. >> i wind advisory and place for the bay bridge as well as the richmond center fell bridge. backups are still not that bad this morning. 16 to 80 minutes for your ride. slightly more if you're coming out of the macarthur maze but the backup is not through the maze for the bay bridge. the
7:48 am
san mateo bridge has slowed from 18 to 20 minutes drive times in he there incident free across the span steel hit heavy traffic at the 1 0192 interchange when you get off the span. the golden gate bridge is a pretty wet one and speeds are down of that now. we have been seeing that through marin and thorough the telecommuted thus bay have the much commute through the north bay. interstate 80 and the westbound direction and nec's body swelling here on south bay freeways. though big accidents as slow the ride. the north bay commute drive times are still hovering between 38 and 42 minutes for 1 01 southbound the marin county 37 down to the golden gate bridge. >> good morning gary how are you? >> getting ready for the rain. >> absolutely, you have been watching our show good.
7:49 am
>> i think other stations are carrying covering it to. i don't think kron4 is the only one >> at no no 1 covers like we do and you know that. >> we will probably stay on the air nonstop until it stops raining. >> is a slow day for news as well as boards. if thursday as barry bonds i guess that'll be released about 9%. we can vote on all whole steroid question because you have bonds clemens and sells all eligible today. >> out of the three and think very will get the most votes but you need 75% to get in. i think they're going to make him sweat for a while. >> in the past we have seen other guys come out and not get anything but 12 percent. >> he is by far and away the best guy and that as a basis interesting. he is you know
7:50 am
he won seven mvp is and people won the one of italy's three of them before steroids. before he started beefing up. >> i have no isp. this is what i listen to end. >> what it is raining i don't think you can hear anything. >> i want to bring up this thing about football that is bothering me. michael they spent last night getting fitted for the special kevlar concussion protecting helmet saying. the couple of things i thought first a lot if you have to wear one of these then i don't think you should be playing football right now. you are not good enough well enough meaning san and why do have that on the first place? >> that is a good point. you talk about making and gas from 3,000 mi. away but his coach of the guy who had been his champion when he was imprisoned made sure that he gave him another
7:51 am
chance and all the stuff and be read is probably gonna get fired at the end. andy read. >> i was just thinking to myself that when we talk about all the concussions. today we will find out that last night he gets it for this thing. i'm just going he shouldn't be, remember tiny room all have the rib protector made of the same stuff. they should not be out there they're going to get injured >> maybe he's doing this to say i'm going to do all i can to save this coach's job. let's see him play first. i think the eagles, is pretty tough for them to make the playoffs. this might just be a symbol that he is doing all they he can knowing that read is in trouble. >> i think we should do all we can before they get in trouble with their concussions. why don't they just where these in the first place?
7:52 am
>> you are absolutely right and i know we say this all lot of that is why parents if your kid unless he is one of the select field that you know is in terms of size and speed and ability i don't know why you'd want your kid got to play something where that had is such you know is an open target. >> how about money? how about coaching? i was looking at the price and i almost as confirmed but they won't talk about about arkansas' offering lsu coach $27.5 million. you could be on the sidelines and doing the coaching and 27 1/2 million for a five-year contract. >> that is less miles he is at ms you now. i would offer one of those college kids is the kid was really good 27 million to play. just the top side of sout -- just to topi
7:53 am
don't know > when there is not a professional team in your area it is wide open. that is why college sports as a pow for prospective. the 49 as a lesser extent and the raiders but if you go to a area where there is no prose and they are treated as such. >> i understand you're saying. here's the thing you get to see someone who is a real pro and how you behave? i know we'll go for autographs but i did not realize that players themselves ask each other for autographs. is this right now? the chiefs lose and the chiefs' players and a couple of them as a man right there and after an hour after they get killed can i have your autograph?
7:54 am
>> yes they waited outside. i was talking about this last night. i just cannot imagine going over the channel five and waiting for burn to come out in know? >> you cannot do that >> and baseball >> ask the attendant to go to the dugout and ask another player to sign. i did not know that this went on. >> i think is the principle of the thing, you just lost a game and your soul and oz somebody -- and oin awe it looks bad to me. >> i and other guy got his picture taken and said it was for his mom. >> do it after the game but don't put on your it street clothes and stand outside. i've not been able to sleep
7:55 am
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a live look this morning at some of the whether we're following around the bay. the storms have begun to roll and and you can see on the left side berkeley marina upper right-hand corner we have sam francisco and lower right we have pacifica. will have a full wrap of the forecast coming up.
7:59 am
8:00 am
(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news the top story this morning is the it wet and windy weather we are starting this month wednesday morning off with. we have crews all-around abated tell you what is going on and around the neighborhood. the yellow uc
8:01 am
and the map is the heaviest rain falling this hour. the golden gate bridge is looking pretty messy right now as does the san jose and the lower right-hand corner. >> eric that it looks like we have a nice line of showers working its way through. finally in the east bay >> yes base did have a break this morning and that is where the bulk of the moisture is currently falling. concord december fell over the ridge as ever fell bridge. parsons of interstate 280 and highway 1 01. san francisco's starting to dry out a little bit. the coast looks like it's getting some light rain from pacifica highway one stretching into berlin game. san mateo hazardous driving conditions along the san mateo bridge. starting around pinole working its way down the east shore
8:02 am
freeway is where the heaviest rain right now is in the east bay into berkeley over the bay bridge toll plaza. not to have the but you still need to use your windshield wipers for walnut creek into the san ramon valley. turning our attention to the san mateo bridge and dumbarton is dealing with some pretty heavy rain. do not be surprised if you run into some delays on the roadway wet weather will continue. a am the current our all the heavy rain will continue into the 10:00 hour. and to the after and the showers will taper off and i will show you what to expect later on today as we head into the weekend coming up and my next report. >> we're starting to get reports of roadway flighty for marin county. also sir francis drake boulevard. lucky drive. those are two locations reported to be can i find it to the left lanes. line one and to answer fans as drake boulevard 1 01
8:03 am
northbound southbound traffic no reports of flooding but even past central sandra fell because of the heavy rain we are picking up a sore right the seven marin county >> wind gusts could get as high as 50 mi. an hour today. let's go to yoli are so report it and it pacifica this morning. >> it was really sneaky almost like a rogue wind. it got really, for men and then out of know where this big gust of wind nearly knocked me over. here comes one now. it is kind kind of hard to demonstrate to show how wendy it is the you can see on your screen you can see everyone's file is really going up in the air because the wind did so caught up
8:04 am
under it. it is really when the out here. you need to be careful i have seen some people walking along the beach here. i'm telling you these big gushes of wind really do sneak up on you out of nowhere. they give you a good punch and will stick you over. it is really strong, i nearly fell down. >> i can really hear it, i think your microphone is the best demonstration of how gusty those winds are. >> the raid has moved and we will see what the situation is in berkeley. mike pelton has been there all morning long gauging conditions. the of the watching the water gets out here in top gear as the morning progressed >> it has been, and now it is not the case. as i cannot hear you can see the waves are really starting to pick
8:05 am
up. the win every once in awhile we will get a guest that is very cold. not really any sustained winds are anything yet to worry too much about. as far as some of these waves in the past half hour to an hour we have seen a lot of whitecaps pick up here in the bay. it is tough to tell at home but i can hear the water slam against the rocks here outside of the berkeley marina. you may be able to see sam francisco on a lot of the storm front there really swallowing up the city. a short time ago you could see all the buildings and everything was clear and not the case at least for not right now. he conceded clouds just breaking there a little bit of blue skies and the sun is coming through. we have not seen that all
8:06 am
morning. it may be a good sign of the rain is definitely coming down and berkeley. >> people may to just brace for it there. >> and sampras is go in some of the lower lying areas are getting their sandbags ready. the department for public works you can get a city if you show a city issued id you can get up to 10 free sandbags there. it will help you prepare your house in case you are afraid of your house or business flooding. the big rains will be heading friday morning. >> will be tracking more the storm throughout the day. investigators are looking into a fire at alameda high school saying it looked suspicious. it started in the classroom around for this morning. firefighters put out quickly and no was hurt but it is unclear to the extent of the damage of the classroom. class is in
8:07 am
session today. again they're looking for the cause and they think it might be suspicious. >> the time is 8:06 a.m. and we will be back in a couple of minutes. no new contracts for the u.s. for b.p.. we will tell you why a couple of minutes. a live luck and on the lens even see the bay bridge approach and we do have a little bit of battles. it looks like they're getting a break for the moment. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today?
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8:10 am
thank you 6:00 pm. new this morning bp is temporarily suspended from new contract with u.s. government. according to the epa, two
8:11 am
weeks ago bp agreed to plead guilty to charges involving the deaths of 11 workers in the deep water rise in oil trade. that's the rig that exploded in april of 2010. setting off the nation's largest offshore oil spill. bp also pled guilty to lying to congress about how much oil spewing from the blown out well. the epa says that the suspicion is due to be peace " lack of business integrity. >> egyptian state television says the country's highest appeal court has decided to suspend its work to protest president mohammed morsi . decrees giving himself nearly absolute power. take a look at the video in this morning. police have been firing tear gas that people gathered in cairo's tahir
8:12 am
square. protesters are calling on morrissey to scale his new powers. and take a look at video from the protests last night. tens of thousands of people packed their tahir square last night in a demonstration was mostly peaceful, however one protester died in a scuffle with poll police apple is reportedly fired the manager response for its troubled mapping software. richard williamson, oversaw the mapping team was pushed out by senior vice president a cue. winds of follows in the footsteps of i o s software and gets caught forrestal, who was fired a month ago after refusing to apologize to the maps lodged fiasco. >> will be back in just a moment with more news ahead on the kron 4 news. >>
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
and we are back still watching the weather at the bay area gets hit with a round of wet weather. daly city continues to shore up the site for that cost mud and water to flow down through the neighborhood and earlier this month. so far the city has spent about $497,000 to replace the soil and vegetation near your side part. are an inch cast- iron pipe burst on of of the 13th. the rupture caused a mudslide when more than 45,000 gal. spread out over several streets. fifth impression for this week's storms, trades in the area have been cleared and monitor i to ensure that any
8:16 am
run off from the rain has a place to go. >> that could give up to 10 in. of rain from the storm systems let us go live to the north bay 101 south bound with jackie sissel. >> it looks like you are getting a break. >> we are getting a little break we started around 5:00 a.m. this morning here in the north bay. for the last five or 10 minutes it has gotten a little bit of a break. if you look back to the west and to the north into the dark clouds surrounding the north bay. it will not last long probably. the wind has picked up and it has gotten colder and it has remained wet. south bound 101 near the civic center the rain started to pick up around 5:00 a.m.. we have had a low
8:17 am
for the last couple of minutes but it is not time to put away the umbrellas just yet. >> we have not seen the worst of the storm which could be friday morning. i am sure there will be even more flooding. you always see the puddling and deep water on 1013 marin county. >> it is at sir ffrancis drake boulevard that we have got the report first report of flooding. it will be a problem this afternoon but not for the morning commute so much. south of 580 on 101 that is the result of the rain. we continue to see slow traffic on 280 in the southbound direction from san francisco for daly city down to san bruno pretty early occuring problems with an accident near the 380 interchange jammed up the ride. 101 is backed up into san carlos from s f o, a much slower than usual
8:18 am
right. typically heavy traffic at the 10192 interchange and now the san mateo bridge is becoming a hot spot with drive * running over 18 minutes. >> we will see big delays in the northbound direction. the of the valley to saratoga and continue to cupertino. we will have really heavy traffic on 280 up to los altos. the 101 gets heavier for the northbound ride getting up from the coyote valley towards santa clara. the bay bridge not doing too badly although there is a high wind advisory. the drive time in less than yesterday's 22 minutes. the san mateo bridge is a hot spot as well with 22-25 minute drive time. the golden gate bridge relatively problem free but a wet ride. let's go over to the weather center and get more on the rain here is erica. >> good morning george everyone is talking about and wondering about the rain. spotty heavy showers
8:19 am
it depends on where you are located. let us zoom in around the bay. it is raining but not as intensely 15 minutes ago. it does not look like it is raining in burlingame but it will start up in the next couple of minutes. in the east bay concord into walnut creek stretching into the san ramon valley we are under the yellow which indicates heavy to moderate rain. oakland light rain along broadway, park boulevard as well. as we take it over to the southern half of the east bay union city under some heavy rain now. these showers are continuing to push east and actually north. heavy rain over most of highway 237 starting in milpitas. that approaching highway 101. we do have some rain, we also have gusty winds. a wind advisory is in
8:20 am
effect until 11:00 a.m. today. we could see when a gust up to 70 mi. per hour and 50 mi. and other spots. as we advance o'clock a.m. that is when we will see most of the bay area under heavy rain. it will probably be the worst of it. the showers will taper off and the cold front will push through as we head into the afternoon. potential for spotty showers on the back in. drive waking up tomorrow. we will start to see rain first for santa rosa and this system approaches from the north it will continue to ship southward. that system will be stronger and weather. a lot of instability associated with it. messy conditions for friday it is a slow-moving storm. storm 3 will grow around as we head into the weekend around sunday. not as intense as the one for thursday and friday. lingering showers as we start the next work week.
8:21 am
we have delays at s f o departing and arriving flights. those delays now averaging four hours. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows consecutive rain does open the door for potential for flooding. also for a mudslide be aware of this as soon as this is said and done starting the next work week about 6 in. of rain for most of the bay area. 10-15 in. or the higher terrain. temperatures will be in the mid-60s to start your work week. we are moving in the direction of a dry pattern by wednesday. as we take a look at your snow on .com snow report. with a base of 18-24 in.. north star their base is 18-30 in.. >> i wonder how they are total so far. let us check with jim mc alpine. it is
8:22 am
starting again the rainfall that is what we like to see. >> i see some stuff on the shoulder but not a whole lot on the road. i take it higher up you have the snow. >> the biggest concern is that the storm would be warm. looking today it looks like it has cooled off today. even if it is raining at the base we will get some significance know at the top of the mountains. conditions were surprisingly good last friday. >> you guys got a lot of action early on which was great. and we have not talked about snow up until now and this weekend. how is this starting to build consistently? >> yes you want wewet snow to start and heavy snow to get to the base and get the light stuff on top of it. we want to get a good base and then we will get the light fluffy stuff in a few weeks
8:23 am
are the resu >> are the results doing anything special to get the business. >> they have specials on tickets. north star and sqwaw looking good but they have less people. >> we will talk to jim for out the species and and he will give us the updates. >> we will take a quick break it is 8:22 a.m. we will be back with more in just a minute.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
new this morning the white house says president obama and mitt romney are going to have a private meeting tomorrow. this will be their first encounter since the election. the meeting comes as the president a republicans to negotiate a solution to the fiscal cliff. the white house as the two will be in the white house's private dining room. >> president obama today is meeting with middle-class americans in his effort to press congress to protect tax cut for families earning too much and $50,000 or less. and increased taxes on the wealthy. the president will meet later today with corporate executives. they are still attempting to hammer this out before this series of automatic tax increases and spending cuts
8:27 am
are due to take effect in january. >> tracking gas prices of around the bay area we have seen the average of prices across the state. this morning 37 $3.73. the prize in san jose also down a penny at $3.67. oakland maze at $3.70 was sent this morning half the stations can be cheaper than what you see on your screen. >> if you are more than 90 days behind on your student loan payments you're not alone. the percentage of student loans more than three months past due is at an all-time high. that's according to the latest quarterly release from the federal reserve bank of new york. exactly 11 percent of student loan balances or 90 or more days delinquent. student the link to see rates have never been this high since the fed started keeping track in 2003. >> a. 27 a m and we will be back and a couple of
8:28 am
minutes. we are checking conditions of the bay area. does go to the south bay along highway 17. we actually have a shot of berkeley and arena you can see though wind as are picking up. we have widespread rain we will be back with more of our team coverage and a couple of minutes.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. we are live at the way to centeweather center. >> probably aroun 108d 10:00-- the us take a look of the heavy stuff will hit your
8:31 am
neighborhood. as we start to track conditions we are seeing some heavy rain 4101 around sausalito. that will hit north beach around a 40 5:00 a.m.. within the next 50 minutes it will eventually make its way to berkeley. --teen minutes 15 minutes. light rain for highway 37 in the bottle. contending with wet weather. you can see in cupertino and sunnyvale that will continue to push its way north. we could see heavy rain in san jose the downtown area right around nine:03 this morning. showers will taper off as we head into the afternoon. we have a wind advisory in effect. that will expire around 11:00 a.m.. widespread rain from the bay area temperatures in the 50's and '40's. clearer and
8:32 am
drier conditions as we head into the evening. full details on what to expect coming up in just a bit. 8:31 a.m. on to traffic with george. >> we are monitoring hot spots like marin county 101 at the francis drake boulevard. it is confined mostly to the off ramp in the left-hand lanes. we continue to have major delays on the peninsula. 280 in the southbound direction getting a little better down to san bruno. not much better at all on 101 south bound heading toward san mateo. slow from as at all. south bay freeway still grinding along. once again to 80 is jammed from the 17 interchange heading north out towards cupertino. 85 heavy out for the west valley from the allman valley into saratoga and there from cupertino on to mountain view. >> thank you george. let us get back outside as we
8:33 am
continue our coverage of the storm. yolai has been following developments there. >> hello yolai. >> you can see how wendy is is shaking my camera. the rain has stopped for a little bit. i feel sprinkles but i do not know if this sparkles from the sky or maybe because the wind is whipping so fast some of the ocean mist is hitting us. the wind is really picking up in the last hour. i was telling darya earlier you get a really big gust of wind like a roll wave. all of a sudden you get punished with the win pretty some stronstronger.
8:34 am
>> when we were chatting early with mike pelton at the berkeley marina the water was getting choppy. what have you noticed that appear? >> it is a little choppy but none of the big the big waves. bear with me it is a little slow. it is a little choppy but none of those big, huge waves that we sometimes find in pacifica. it is just a little choppy and big swells like that, nothing big and maj. >> very good. thank you very much. >> our team coverage continues. >> good morning doarya. it
8:35 am
was dry until about 730 then it looked as if it is busted loose. >> on highway 17 you are looking at the northbound traffic coming into the valley at bear creek road. you can see it is fairly heavy although it is moving along. what it looks like is heading south bound on the left side of the picture coming into san jose heavy rain against the backdrop of the redwood trees. fairly slippery. we have had a few minor fender benders. there are warning signs warning drivers to watch their speeds. chp drivers standing by a few tow truck going by. so far not much in the way of wind we are still waiting for the wind to come in. i
8:36 am
think we've lost some highway but not in the way of slide activity. that is where we stand now. fairly heavy rain with no win for the moment. >> very good crop. a very thorough look at the conditions. things are really moving fast with the storm you are right. >> we will keep you covered as our continuing coverage will along. we have deadlines to get on we have a redwood city neighborhood mourning the death of a 14 year-old girl she was hit by a truck as she was writing to school this was on a monday morning. a makeshift memorial is growing near where the accident happened. for the woodside high school freshman lay luck beban .
8:37 am
>> been deflower some accompanied by notes to the victim or family or left. most of the people stopping by the shrine deny know the girl personally, but where will to pay their respects. police said they're still met today in the daily traffic accident. >> the judge says the restriction does not prohibit san francisco for having us that some federal judges ruled that the city of seven to go can require handgun owners to keep their weapons locked when stored at home. the city and also gamble is that expanders before contact. san francisco city attorney says the ruling maintain public safety in a manner that's reasonably constitutional. >> former giants slugger
8:38 am
baseball home-run king their bonds is set to appear on baseball hall of fame ballot for the first time. if the dollar will be released later today. all suspect on melissa's outfielder sammy sosa and former cy young winner roger clemens. all three have been dogged by accusations of using performance enhancing drugs during their playing careers. vons was convicted of a felony count of obstruction of justice for his role in if an investigation into spirit of professional sports. >> off we will get a look at the james lick freeway we see traffic moving on very well wet roadways will have more on your forecast in commute and just a moment. >>
8:39 am
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welcome back to the kron for morning new spirit deteriorating conditions on 92 the san mateo bridge the traffic is practically at a standstill. 22-25 minute drive tons for the westbound san mateo bridge. it is definitely want to avoid this morning. >> thank you george 841 a m the marines are lifting one more restriction placed on women recruits in 2014, off the marines will be required to perform pull ups during their annual physical fitness test just like the
8:42 am
men have to do. it is the latest wave of changes the marine corps is making to break longstanding gender inequalities. over the last year, dozens of jobs have opened up the female marines that used to be off-limits. this decision was announced the same day that for female veterans to the defense department our policies that restrict women from some combat positions they are giving you more opportunity at the same tie for example you have to the plus now women do. and anybody who has done them know they are difficult. equal standards of what they are trying to have. >> annie. >> where are america's most attract people to travel and leisure just released its annual favorite city survey in which readers write 35 metropolitan areas for qualities such as people and not musics things peop. you're the top 10 cities with the best in people. minneapolis st. paul no. 9 hulloo number
8:43 am
a savannah no. 6 in asheville and coming at 5 is lost angeles for charleston no. 3 in san juan pr to san diego, and a one miami. a lot of how people in miami. in case you are wondering san francisco came in at 11 we just barely made the top 10. voters saying we were cool in an edgy way we did however rank in the top five for fine dining good cuisine and cafes. >> the time now is 8:42 a.m. we will be right back.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:45 a.m. right now the big stories we're following the rain and the win. now in the bay area we have a video from highway 17 and the santa cruz mountains. you can see the rain coming down. our reporter on the scene said it was not usually wendy but we are expecting strong and gusty winds throughout most of the
8:47 am
bay area today. the bigger rainmaker in on friday morning. before it worse commute i morning. in the meantime incorporation for that some people live in low lying areas of severance and scope are preparing with sandbags. the city the department of public works operation are is giving away of to 10 bags sandbags you have to show the i d. about 6500 bags are available but they are only four san francisco residents residents machaut's the id to order that stashed in order to get the sandbags and there is a limit of 10 per family. >> there are 50 flight cancellations f s f o four hour delay is. it depends on what carrier you are flying. as usual they put this
8:48 am
delayed flight operation it goes into affect. the ground delays. it could affect you take a look at storm tracker 4. i see red. when yellow says a downpour red says it is extreme. >> the read that you do see darya is sitting offshore will make its way to the bay area. as we take a look at storm tracker 4 and zoom in on your neighborhoods and rain for pacifica portions of highway one. rain south of walnut creek potentially hazardous conditions in to the san ramon valley using interstate 680. as we take a look at oakland a lot of green on hours green indicating light rain. as we shift our maps and take a look at the southern half of the east bay heavy rain for union city. the lower half of the 880 corridor. we are seeing heavy rain over the san mateo, dumbarton cannot
8:49 am
be surprised if you encounter delays. when the system is said and done we will see about an inch for most of the bay area and a bit more for those of you located in the north bay. here in the south bay we are picking up rain in mountain view. it is on of the yellow. as resume in we will see light ride under the green 4101 for this effort cisco airport. it depends on where you are located. is raining we have gusting wind as well. the wind advisory for the san francisco-based expires at 11:00 a.m.. we have had reports of downed trees and power lines. i would not be surprised if you want intrun into power outa. the orange color indicates moderate to heavy rain. the showers will taper off to the back end of the system as we head into the afternoon. dry conditions expected for later tonight. it should remain dry for
8:50 am
about 24 hours. we have a second system which is to offer a lot more more associated with it. it will approach from the north. 7:00 p.m. thursday yellow on your skin indicates moderate rainfall this is a slow- moving system that will continue to drag itself overnight. 10:00 a.m. friday morning across the golden gate bridge impact parts of oakland and san francisco. we do have strong winds now. that is the main take away point for this system. more wet weather on the way as we head into storm no. 2. the third one is going to arrive this weekend. it will be a sunday event. the showers will start to taper off as we start the next work week. your afternoon highs mostly cloudy conditions could tugriks of sunshine. sixth of two for antioch and fremont. 60 in san francisco. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain consecutively 45-
8:51 am
6 days. there is the potential for flooding with that. also we have seen it down trees and power lines and could see that. when the storms are done we could see about 5-6 in. for most of the bay area. 10-15 engines for the higher terrain. we will move toward the drier conditions as we head towards the middle of next week. more on your forecast in just a bit. at 8:50 a.m. on to traffic. >> we are tracking a number of hot spots most of them weather related. we are likely to see heavy rain and heavy traffic on both the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. 22-25 minutes drive time. flooding for the north bay. 101, sir francis drake boulevard slow traffic exactly the same location south bound there could be some high standing water as well. big and delays for the lord is sure freeway. the drive time is about 32 minutes from hercules the
8:52 am
berkeley. and earlier occurring accident at northbound and market street has the nimitz slow 580 is still jammed getting out of san leandro for the ride into downtown oakland. we still have a big it jammed up on 101 the bayshore freeway as you head south coming from for s f o. all the way to san mateo, in fact to hillsdale just south of highway 92. 17 northbound leading to interstate 280. 280 is still jammed from the guadalupe parkway towards the lameness. at the bay bridge the west down ride back up to the edge of the macarthur maize. the drive time is 18-21 minutes. the golden gate bridge ride is heavy but steady in the southbound direction. >> thank you george. when it comes to renting an apartment bay area getting a good deal is tough. it can depend on who you know and
8:53 am
what giono. there is a new app that hopes to change that. kron fours tech reporter gave a slight pass the details. >> you have to know when the listing is up because each of the listings has 50 request within the first five minutes. >> page lane is one of the thousands people the bay area hunting for a pardon. you have to be the first person to call when a listing goes live. you can download the new poll at lovely. blake pearson is the founder of lovely. >> it is important when the new properties come on the market had to act on it right away. it would be great if you could pay someone win an apartment comes on the market to do
8:54 am
your search. you can take your favorite searches and put them into push alert and see what listings come on the market. what is important that in san francisco most people are pretty tight, budget constraints, location for strict. there may be one or two apartments on the market that fit your budget the location your interest in the neighborhood. it is important that when a new listing comes on the market in that area you get notified right away. that is what that allows--app allows you to do. the lovely app give you listings from craig list and other entities. >> it allows to bring in a rental entities from across the country into our web site. >> why not just use craigs list? crakes listed not have
8:55 am
an official mobile at. >> lovely is mobile it can go anywhere. which could give an advance over people who are altamonte rex's. gave slate kron 4 news--ga be slate. a family says they're out of control teen runs away from home life to fight and that older men. can doctors feel help this family will find out on the kron for morning new. >>--dr. phil.
8:56 am
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welcome back. our eyes on the weather. that is our big story today here is a live look at the berkeley marina. the lens has a few drops. we are seeing off and on rain
8:59 am
all over the bay area we will be back with our team coverage and one minute.
9:00 am
9:01 am
(male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news deny a.m. start now. >> good morning we have team coverage of the storm hitting the bay area looking for a loop wet and windy commute. we have crews all around the bay to show you the conditions. we are looking at the framed starting today and even though it will stop at times we are still looking at the storm stretching over the next five days at least. a big hit on friday morning. you can see we have storm tracker we are looking at the traffic we have seen accidents people sliding out that of thing. on the right you can see san francisco one of the areas that is giving free sandbags to people because they are concerned about low lilying area flooding. >> when you see the yellow
9:02 am
out towards the coast after seeing the heavy stuff coming in i think the heavy precipitation we have seen some of it this morning with more of it is coming this way, especially if you are looking at the coast. that will be coming this way in the next hour or two along with the high winds. zoom in to show you where some of the henry rain is taking place. this just updated we are now all in the yellow we're seeing moderate to heavy rain for much of the entire bay area. vallejo, san raphael looking at for the good rain as well. let us take it back to radar to show you where the rain is really coming down. for parts of the north bay as well it looks like temperatures are on the cool side. our storm tracker 4 and we are looking at right around san rafeal the yellow is also coming down.
9:03 am
richmond would have rain as rail. let us go to the east bay where we have a pretty good fog coming true. now you're looking at the green and more like modern rain. heading to the east bay danville, san ramon, dublin you are looking at some pretty good false coming through. wind gusts up to 40-50 m.p.h.. at palo alto and sunnyvale, milpitas you're looking at light rain but we also seem showers go through. whatever rain is in the forecast. >> let us go to our futurecast. 10:00 a.m. you can see will be in the yellow. this is when we will see the release moderate to heavy rainfall come through this morning we are not done it just yet. this will be coming in in the next hour or so. expect more heavy rain to come through. by the afternoon you may see scattered showers may be a couple of thunderstorms. the heaviest rain should be over with. that is round one. we will talk about around one,
9:04 am
too, and three later. >> first here is george with your traffic. >> the san mateo bridge is getting hammered. no movement at all. there's nothing wrong with the camera the traffic is just at a standstill. for westbound said mateo bridge. we have not heard reports of incidents on the bridge this is just heavy traffic try to work its way across. forget drive times now. there is no driving so there are no drive time. if there is no movement at last check it was running between 22-25 minutes. hour of the hot spot continue to be flooding in the north bay on 101 at francis drake boulevard. extremely heavy traffic for the west 80 ride. west 24 improving a bit. westbound 580 out of san leandro and northbound 880 out of san leandro still way behind schedule as is the ride on the bayshore freeway and 280 south bound boat peninsula commute in the southbound direction extremely slow. we
9:05 am
will continue to have major delays through out the south bay out of downtown san jose on 280 northbound heading out toward cupertino. from the all with invalid to cupertino heading north on 85. >> our team coverage continues of the storm the wind gust could be up to 50 mi. an hour and our solo reporter has been out in the pacific this morning. you felt a few of them sneak up on you use a one of the blue you over. how is it right now? >> you just missed a good one. i zoom in and you could see the camera shaking back and forth. a bit of a light sprinkle. that is not so much an issue but it is the wind. it still keeps coming like in waves. the big a gush of when coming around is not so bad but and you will get hit out of nowhere and you will see by camera shake around. if you are
9:06 am
walking around on the coast line for what ever reason be careful of this land because it is very strong and it does sneak up on you it may not you off your balance. >> thank you. let us keep our team coverage going live from berkeley. our other solo reporter mike pelton. at the berkeley marina. >> a the first time in several hours we are actually sing a little bit of a break it has poured here all morning in berkeley. just in the past 5-10 minutes it has eased up and stop rain for now. by the looks of the clout that would not last for long. as far as the winds go nothing to sustained. everyone's and a while i will fill a very strong very cold gust of wind. nothing sustained although, the wind is
9:07 am
stirring here in the bay. you can see a lot of choppy water a lot of white caps out in the bay this morning. i saw a boat go out a short time ago and what is clearly not the ideal voting conditions. of course in the background you can see san francisco swallowed up by the storm. a lot of thick clouds and fog in between the building. it is difficult to see. although it darya the web weather and wind conditions are not as bad for everyone. i saw a man coming by in short so i guess it is not too terrible weather for everyone in berkeley. >> that is the best running weather this morning. thank you mike. our team coverage will continue in just a couple of minutes. >>
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> it is real important for washington. it is time for all of us to work on what we agreed to. that is what our economy needs is what the american people deserve. if we get this part of it right then all lot of the other issues surrounding deficit reduction in a fair and balanced impossible way
9:11 am
will be a whole lot easier. if we get this wrong the economy as a plan to go south and it will be much more difficult for us to balance our budgets and deal with our deficits because if the economy is not strong that means more money is going out and things like unemployment insurance and less money is coming and. it actually makes our deficit worse. we need to get this right. i need help from the american people. close on members of congress's facebook wall used twitter. we have a few things to get done and we could get it done tomorrow. optimistically i don't think will get it done tomorrow.
9:12 am
but if everybody here goes out of their way to make their voices heard and spread the word to your friends and family and co- workers and neighbors, i am confident we will get it done. we will get america back on track and not just heard next year but for many years to come. thank you everybody. >> (cheers & applause) >> we will see if the compromise will in fact happen. the time is 120 9 ft. and we'll be back in just a quick moment.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
among winners and losers on wall street joining us as rob black with the break down on what you're seeing out there. let's begin with one thing in your loser, which is the october new- home sales. not as impressive as somewhat of both what do we see in this report? >> one month loser, six month winner. purchases of new homes was less than expected in october. a little that can be blamed by super storm sandy duncan brought to you by weekends. inventory just 4.8 months so it is a very slim inventories. it is a home
9:16 am
builders' market at this point in time. the average, the united states averages 210 to $220,000. this is a good number, not a great number but a good six month number. >> for housing let's go to discount buying. we have the ceo of a group voon he could be on his way out. >> he is much maligned. small businesses are shying from a completely at this point in time. andrew mason could have sold the company to google for 6 billion it is now worth 2 billion. the board of directors are meeting today and tomorrow and basically will decide his future. i think he has run out of time and i think he is too young
9:17 am
to run a multibillion-dollar company. >> you don't like his style >> yet he has bier in the company refrigerator. when you're at home drink as much as you want and when the public is the owner of the company, i don't like it. it is a bad signal. we will drink beer and have fun >> with your money >> right. >> now we have the power ball jackpot at half a billion a year in dollars people are buying tickets by the fiscal trying to make a buck. you don't like that idea. >> now >> there tried to invest in their future >> how high. it would be better if they bought something local made. anytime i see someone at a convenience store buying lottery tickets it makes me unhappy. they are the fool. you have a one and a hundred
9:18 am
and 75 million chance of winning the power bod jackpot. the odds of getting struck by lightning is one and 5000. you have a much better chance of getting struck by lightning. a lot of people that wind immediately go broke. a man when the lottery and he was divorced lawsuits were thrown at him and his granddaughter died of a drug overdose. a lot of these people vote broke within several years. >> which boggles the mind. most people say i would never lose that much money. i would love the chance to find out but that happens. >> for $2 you can get a pretty good dream of what you would do with that money. >> let's ended up with one other thing on your loser column. starbucks is trying to expand their business. the only downside is it will cost you seven bucks. this is in your loser column why? starbucks to make a lot of money with test.
9:19 am
>> starbucks is a great long-term investment. would you buy a $7 cup of coffee called geisha? it is 40 bucks for a half pound bag six bucks for a talk up seven bucks for a ground day. it is only in the it southwest right now. who can afford seven bucks. that's 1400 bucks a year. >> are they targeting people are ready by the $5 cup of coffee? it's only $2 more. >> i tried to impress checks by having a status symbol. >> some people feel superior. not everyone can afford it. >> i went on a date with a playboy model and bought a $60 cup of coffee is so i can impress her. somebody
9:20 am
has that at a circus and a monkey takes up to and they knock it off the beat and make the coffee. idiots like me will buy it. >> don't forget their robbed joins us each morning monday through thursday for a break down of the markets. >> first of all its monkey poop coffee and you need a separate up for that. >> it's actually a lemur not a monkey but it is a small difference. >> whether is the big story today and we're looking in the north bay that can get 10 in. of rain when it is all said and done. they have first this morning. jackie sissel is out there and has been from the get go this morning. we will check in with him and see all belated coming down right now >> we may get 10 in. in the
9:21 am
next five minutes. is pouring in the north bay right now. i'm out in the north bay on 1 01. i've been out here since 4:00 this morning. it is in steady rain mostly but right now you can see it is coming down in sheets out here. the wind is blowing and everything everybody has anticipated when we started the day off. this is as hard as it rained all morning long. obviously we will not have this sustain all after know. hopefully not. if we do there will be serious problems. >> this is something we are watching closely because as they have been telling us friday morning commute will be much worse than we are experiencing right now. >> also we have the saturated soil by dan and any rain that comes we will worried about mudslides the
9:22 am
next couple of days. you could see the elf on the coast starting to make its way here a little more in mind. you're looking at basically some pretty good rain's coming through from the south san francisco. samper foul stinson beach you see the yellow and that is heavy rain falling for you. sandra foul is getting pounded with rain at this hour. -- san rafael moran added to the south bay. atascadero is looking at some rain coming through as well. this is a fast-moving system so it will not last much longer. the next hour to and after that we will see some scattered showers. we have a chance for a couple of thunderstorms this evening. the rain tapers off in we will see mostly cloudy
9:23 am
conditions. this is a juicy system coming through and we will have more showers coming through tomorrow night. coming through the weekend as well. we have ground to and around three coming. -- round we have a high wind warning for the coast. and the mountains we're looking at a winter weather a advisory as well 18 to 24 in. in squaw valley almost 2 ft. they will be added to that over the next few days. temperatures are now mid-50s in downtown and san mateo. 59 in oakland. future cast 10:00 all of us and have a to moderate and yellow. it is put in motion by noon and will start the pullout and we will see scattered showers in the
9:24 am
afternoon and evening hours. basically scatters the for the rest of the day once the heaviest stuff goes through. the next hour or two and then by we will see, our conditions. 7 day around the bay of little break during the day tomorrow and more rain in the north bay and in very wet and on settled through the weekend. >> the hot spots the nimitz freeway in the 580 commute both of those through downtown oakland still jammed up headed toward the downtown area. 1 01 the mid peninsula is still a solid backup and two san mateo from before sfo. the ride through the south bay's is only slightly improved on northbound 85 and northbound interstate 280. we will take a quick break in the kron4 morning news will be right back.
9:25 am
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>> crews in daly city are continuing their work to prevent a mud slide. the city hasn't spent almost $500,000. the cast iron pipe burst and mud spewed down the streets burying cars. there about 45,000 gal. of water that spread into the mud which spread into the streets in preparation for the storm that they're getting right now the drains were cleared. there monitored to ensure the runoff will have a place to go. the storm is upon us and berkeley. there is a live luck is uc berkeley marina and they may be getting just a little bit of a break. you can see storm tracker 4 and who is getting the heaviest rain at this hour. we will be back in just a couple of minutes.
9:29 am
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>> we want to go down to the south bay where our team coverage continues with rob fladeboe he is in santa cruz now. >> heavy rain here in the santa cruz mountains. chp is keeping tabs on things this morning and so far so good. i'm not sure what that was about, we will be checking it out of the not too distant future. up until now it has been fairly smooth sailing both ways on the summit. they have the big message boards lit up and starting drivers to watch their speed. particularly around the curves. all but dry until about 730 this morning and in the rain started picking up. moderate to heavy rain until about 930 or so and now we're seeing sporadic instances of
9:32 am
rain. not too much in the way of slight activity. -- slide so far so good on a rainy wednesday commute in the santa cruz mountains. >> and now we're live with any as we take a look to where the storm is moving out. >> we're looking at more moderate to heavy rainfall this hour. this is a fast- moving system so the next hour or two we will see most of it coming through. pacifica is still getting pounded. we see the yellow. we'll still see pretty moderate to heavy rainfall. severance cisco's bailey cities sausalito you have a storm approaching you shortly. between san or fell in bay city you're looking at a pretty heavy fall as well. berkeley and oakland
9:33 am
and is looking at really heavy rainfall right now. concord is looking at light to moderate rain. in the south bay you're looking at light to moderate rain but look what's happening at the coast. this stuff will be moving towards you in the next hour or so. get ready for more moderate to heavy rain. you can see the bulk of this system is coming through on the back edge as well in the next hour or so. it will start to wind down around lunchtime and that is around one. round to i think will be even stronger. storm no. what is today and wind advisories and a the fact until 11:00. storm to arrive tomorrow and a messy friday morning commute. storm three this weekend and we are talking possible flooding and mudslides. when you see these colors you can tell it is just a nasty day out
9:34 am
there. snow was coming up through lake tahoe today. 59 of can't oakland mid-50s for sam francisco and a bottle. at 10:00 we are all in the yellow. that is moderate to heavy rainfall. it is fast moving and moves to the east and south. this evening we will see a few stray showers all lot of this system will be winding down and getting ready for round two. a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast around to arrive tomorrow starting with the north bay. friday and saturday will be much more wet. i'm concerned flooding in more downed power lines and trees. maybe even some mudslides for friday and saturday. the entire weekend is looking unsettle all the
9:35 am
way through next week. >> still tracking has bats and marin county in both lines of both directions. sir francis drake boulevard we still see some slowing on both the north and southbound side. we continue to monitor delays in the mid peninsula where traffic has been jammed up on 1 01 southbound for over an hour. from nearly san bruno all the way down to hillsdale. 280 is extremely heavy around 92 interchange as well. the south bay has not broken loose yet, especially to 80 in the northbound direction. still solid from 172 and highway 85 in cupertino. >> a sticky to berkeley mike pelton is out there looking at conditions. what do you have right now? >> it is an absolute downpour right here at the berkeley marina. it is by
9:36 am
far the strongest rate i have seen all morning long. this just picked up about 15 minutes ago. we had a little bit of a break in the rain stopped for a short time and that is not the case any longer. as far as the windows and no real sustained winds but once in awhile you get a strong cold gust of wind. it is still certainly mixing things up through the bay. this is the choppy as water by a seen in the past four or five hours. lots of white caps out here. the water is slamming against the rocks of the marina. this is the worst i've seen all morning long. it is mixing things up here in the bay. showing you the shot a sam francisco from across the bay, baird is now. you cannot see it. that is where we are this morning was storm is just
9:37 am
engulfing and swallowing severs says go -- san francisco. >> you've seen the jotters now do you? >> no they've gone back inside it is raining too hard. >> the thing is that gets you when you're trying to run or exercise and is stuff is the wind. we will continue to track the weather for you in just a couple of minutes. don't go away. [ crickets chirping ]
9:38 am
9:39 am
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9:40 am
>> at is 9:40 a.m. right now and we're looking at a back up to the bay bridge. we are continuing to see slow traffic. some accidents this morning and plenty of hot spots just because it is so wet and windy out there. bad driving conditions. let's go to the east bay hills
9:41 am
>> the wind is so strong i have to actually hold my tripod with my left hand. these pg&e workers you see behind me are trimming the trees back from power lines due to the strong winds. you can get an idea just how powerful these winds are as you see this workers struggle to get this road work sign in place. it is warning drivers to slow down as they reach this curve. pg&e crews are patrolling hills looking for potential problems with power lines touching trees and burning that before the wind brings them down resulting and folks in the hills losing power in this area. >> 9:41 a.m. and we will be back in a couple of minutes. here's another sample of our live cameras eric is sam francisco and you can see
9:42 am
we will have this weather for at least five days. you have to get used to it. we will be right back. ♪
9:43 am
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9:45 am
>> the golden gate bridge looks horrible right now. we started off this morning ok then now you can see you way rain wide spread across the bay right now. the national weather service issuing a high wind warning for the bay area. it is really lasting the whole week through the weekend. we have strong winds and rain and more rain. it will be a bigger problem friday morning ben today. this city of san francisco is bracing for this by giving residents
9:46 am
in low-lying areas free sand bags. you get 10 of them but you do have to show a city issued id. they have about 6500 to give away for the city. they just want to be ready for the big grain. if you look at what's happening today and then all of the saturated ground is gonna get another hit later on this week. that will be bad. >> and right now we have some pretty heavy rain coming from the coast. you can see in san francisco and san mateo and the immediate bay area we are looking for a very moderate to heavy rain falling. palo muslim out in about zero and richmond is being pounded right now. berkeley and oakland are in dll and some of the horns and that is really good rain. maybe to 3 in. an hour. danville and san ramon has a light to moderate rain. get ready for
9:47 am
the cell to move into your neighborhood. san carlos redwood city in palo alto and union city are being hit with really heavy rain. all this stuff is generally moving to the east. it is a fast-moving system so things are moving quickly as expected. this is around one of three storms coming this way in the next few days. we will see often on showers once the heavier stuff gets through. we have a chance for a couple of thunderstorms and a pretty dynamic system coming through. the rain should be tapering off. but expect mostly cloudy conditions during are little breaks. round two arad's sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening. the weekend is round three. here's a look at our airport delays. sam francisco sfo average life is almost four
9:48 am
hours because of the high winds. the temperature right now generally most of us are in the mid to upper 50s. future cast four breaks down hour by hour 10:00 we're still in the heavy rain when you see the yellow and you'll see this move is basically further east. by now on any i can livermore was still be in a moderate to heavy rain but around the san francisco and east bay south bay locations you will be dealing with some left over residual showers. 1:00 scattered showers as well and most of this should be on the light to moderate side. after that we would get a little break starting tonight. 7 day around the bay forecast shows a break in the neck system by thursday afternoon and thursday evening. it will be pretty heavy once again friday. more showers are expected and saturday lighter rain and then sunday as round three. will have to worry about maybe some
9:49 am
flooding and mudslides over the next few days. the time is 9:48 a.m. and here is george with your traffic. >> there is slight improvement in the house but we have been tracking. mid palance that meamid peninsula te has been backed up into mildred this morning. down hillsdale and a little later in the commute we picked up the southbound two 80 backups. northbound to 80 headed out towards cupertino and the west valley of los altos hills is still backed up at least to highway 17. it is sluggish coming from the guadalupe parkway. some improvement here for 1 01 and northbound direction. also 85. big improvement for some of the bridges. the bay bridge is not so much of a change here. we still have high winds and warnings about them from the chp. the
9:50 am
traffic backed up to west grand avenue 18 to 21 minutes. here is where the big improvement has been on the san mateo bridge. for the better part of the last hour it has been stopped in the westbound direction. it is now moving. the golden gate bridge ride is passed the peak for 1 01 southbound. it is still heavy for northern iran for the 1 01 southbound ride. >> maureen kelly went to san francisco street that lost power because of the storm. >> i'm on the 100 like a burr with dry in san francisco where 22 homes some of which your looking at right here are without power. this is a weather related problem that requires pg&e to shed the power off to the psalms. it had been right over here behind homes here. you could see it is a very overgrown area and that is the problem. pg&e crews i spoke
9:51 am
with said that an overgrown tree was pushing these wires together causing the power to park. that is why they had to turn off the power. now they're waiting for one of their tree trimming crews to come out here and tram back those trees and see if there's any more damage that was done. they expect the power will be turned on to this area by the end of the day. >> at 950 will be back with more and a couple of minutes. there is the james lick freeway and it is a slick ride right now. it is also a slow ride. we will be right back.
9:52 am
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and it comes to renting the apartment in the bay area you have to be the first to get a good deal. there's a new act to help you. gabe slate takes a look. >> i call a bunch of listings before and because i was the second person to call they did not take me.
9:55 am
they chose the first person i called. it happens a lot and you have to note right when the listing is out because each of these listings 50 are last in the first couple of minutes. >> she is one of the hundreds of people looking for rental and the bay area and striking out. you have to be the first person to call when a listing those lives. that is the point of the new app called lovely. >> we don't expect people to be in from other computers 24 hours a day in seven days a week. it is important that if something comes on the market you are able to act on right away. it would be great if you could pay someone to text to every time a new apartment comes on the market. this is essentially what the app will do. you can turn them into pushed alerts so you know when they come on the market. most people have pretty tight budget constraints and location constraints. if you look for
9:56 am
an apartment there may be whether to on the market at that particular time. it is important that when a new listing comes on the market in that area you are notified about it right away and that is what the allies you to do. >> if you like what you see you can immediately e-mail or call the landlord from the listing in the apps. very quick and convenient. it comes from craigslist as well as other entities. >> we have rental listings across the web on our web site. >> why not use craigslist? >craigslist is not have a mobile app. it will let you know where the opening is anywhere you go. >> right after the kron4
9:57 am
morning news you can watch dr. phil at 10:00. today it is julie and mike as a their 16 year-old daughter brooke looks sweet and innocent and she is out of control. she is fighting and running away from home and shot less and dates older men. and dr. phil help this family? you will find out right after the kron4 morning news at 10:00. our big story has been the storm that has hit the bay area and it is not really going to let up for the whole week. we will see a break but you can see storm tracker 4 with the bay area covered in that yellow. that means is pouring pretty good right now. we will get, the rain will stop this afternoon but we will not get a break because it will be rainy and get worse friday morning. stick with us. look at the extended forecast. rain every day until we get into mid week next week. we are looking at the mid-60s and the rain and clouds. the worst commute
9:58 am
day, worse than this morning will be friday. you want to make sure you tune into the kron4 morning news starting at 4:00 a.m.. we will give you more news weather and traffic than anyone on the planet. thanks for spending time with us and we will see you back in the morning.
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