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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 3, 2013 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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pete >>erica: let's take a closer look at afternoon highs today. santa clara at 96 degrees, 102 in los gatos. plenty of sunshine but excessive heat. and he advisory has been extended until thursday night opposed to win today. we still have a couple of days of triple digit readings. antioch today at 1020 and 105 livermore. san leandro with high of 86 degrees. los 70's for downtown san francisco and upper 70's for those of you in burke clique. -- berkeley. as we start the next work week expect morning fog, afternoon sunshine. temperatures flirted with 90 inland, will 70's around the bay and its '60s around the coast.
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>>haaziq: those are folks clapping during the standing ovation of the families of the 19 firefighters killed battling a wild fire on sunday and arizona. a vigil was held celebrated the lives of those men. members of the hot shot team of prescott arizonas firefighting scott. they died on sunday when win certainly change directions and trapping the men in that fire. --anny: thousand commuters.
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they were responsible for getting close to wildfires and creating a barrier around them. they died on sunday when the fire they were battling trapped them. about 5 seconds of nats of applause before vo please re-05we the arizona community is rallying around the families the 19 firefighters killed in the line of duty. after a vigil in yarnell celebrating the men, the families left to a standing ovation. the requirement that
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businesses provide their workers with health insurance will be delayed by one year. this is a key provision in president obama's sweeping health care law. the treasury department said that the plan for the delay came after the administration received requests from business groups for additional time to comply. under the affordable care act, businesses employing more than 50 - full-time employees must provide workers health insurance or they could face penalties. those penalties will now begin in 2015 after next year's congressional elections. a >> a >> >>anny:now to the latest on the george zimmerman murder trial. the judge today will hear arguments about whether to admit evidence on a criminal justice class zimmerman took that included details on florida's self-defense law. prosecutors say school records show zimmerman knew about the law, even though
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he claimed that he did not. prosecutors also want to introduce a job application zimmerman made to a police agency in virginia and an 3 application to ride around with sanford police officers. the defense meantime, says witnesses have supported their argument that zimmerman shot unarmed teenager trayvon martin in self-defense. yesterday, a medical examiner testified that zimmerman's wounds were not life threatening and didn't reflect a person whose head had repeatedly been "slammed" against the ground. that's a key reason zimmerman has given for shooting trayvon martin. >>mark: >>james: the army psychiatrist accused of opening fire at a texas military post in 2009 was back in court today for a pre-trial hearing. major nidal hasan was originally expected to enter a plea but refused to do so. the court entered a plea of
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not guilty on his behalf. hasan is accused of killing 13- people in a november 2009 murder spree at fort hood. dozens of others were injured in the attack. if convicted, hasan could face a death sentence. n-s-a whistle- blower edward snowden has cast a wide net -- but is still stuck without a country and sitting in the moscow airport. he has now requested asylum from 21- different countries. russia's president has said that he can 'not' have asylum there unless he stops divulging u.s. secrets - so snowden has now withdrawn his request to enter russia. president putin met with venezuela's president today -- another spot where snowden is hoping to go. that option has not been ruled out. here is a map of the countries where he is seeking asylum. that list includes india, china and several european countries.
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russia, poland and india have basically said "no." other countries, including germany, say, he can't ask for asylum unless he is within their borders. ecuador also says, it is considering snowden's request, but he needs to reach its territory before officials there can make a decision. hours after egyptian president mohammad morsi refused to bow to a military ultimatum, military leaders are declaring that the army is willing to die to defend the country. the military has given morsi a wednesday deadline to find a solution to the violent clashes there. tens of thousands of people on the streets of egypt protesting morsi's leadership. the president's supporters with the muslim brotherhood are also demonstrating but there numbers are not as large. twenty three people were killed just yesterday, sixteen of them in clashes at cairo university. meantime, officials in israel are worried that a collapse of the islamist government in egypt could threaten the delicate peace treaty between the two countries.
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morning news. outside. toll plaza >>erica: welcome back. i will have details on when of
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the cool down is going to occur after all of this excessive heat coming up in my next report. >>james: homer bailey has thrown his second no-hitter in 10 months and the first in the majors this season, pitching the cincinnati reds to a 3-0 victory over the slumping giants. bailey became the third reds pitcher with more than one no-hitter, joining jim maloney and johnny vander meer - still the only big leaguer to toss two in a row. the right-hander walked gregor blanco to lead off the seventh, the only giants batter to reach base. first baseman joey votto threw out blanco as he tried to reach third on a grounder. bailey finished it off by getting brandon crawford on a high comebacker, striking out tony abreu and getting blanco on a grounder to third. derek norris hit a three- run homer with two outs in the eighth inning, and the athletics rallied to beat the chicago cubs 8-7 to
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regain the al west lead. norris sent the 2-2 pitch from james russell over the left-center field wall for his fourth home run this season. josh donaldson and chris young also homered to put the a's a half-game ahead of texas, which lost 9-2 at seattle. dan otero pitched one scoreless inning for his first career win, and grant balfour finished for his 20th straight save this season and 38th overall. >>anny: timer now is 4283 we will take a quick break. but a live look outside at the bay bridge. kurds are
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already starting to back up there because we are already in deep three of the bart ñáçwçñ. --
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>>george: writes now we are not tracking any delays. i
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want to show you the macarthur maze. your quick commute check shows alike traffic around the bay. we don't yet see any slope building then for interstate 580 or for highway 4 through pittsburgh or antioch for the westbound ride and like conditions for the south bay peninsula and no. i rise on was that-north bay rides as well. >>erica: you'll notice that it is much cooler than it was 24 hours ago. we have more of an onshore flow so that is keeping temperatures cooler especially along the coast line. waking up too high clouds, patchy fog along the coastline of high pressure still in place which means excessive heat will continue into the
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afternoon. brentwood at 105 degrees, 103 in pleasanton. triple digits through the san ramon valley and low 90s for those of you in her rent a pre temperatures you will see is mainly '80s along the east bay shoreline. to the south bay, shipping of to be a gorgeous and hide day with mid-90s for cupertino, triple digits in los gatos.
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>>james: bart and union representatives have returned to the table to continue contract talks. here's the latest on the negotiations. although it is a good sign that bart management and bart union members are meeting for the first time since since the strike began two days ago. it seems no deal has been reached at this point. bart has not received any word that workers will return to work at any point today. commuters should expect similar conditions they've faced the past two days. however if a deal is reached -- bart officials say they will get the trains back up and running as soon as possible.
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both sides say they will continue talking and negotiating. and here are some of the sticking points in the bart negotiations. the unions says workers have not received a raise in 5 years. they are asking for a 4.5% annual increase over the next three years. but bart has only offered a 2% increase. the strike is costing the bay area 73-million-dollar each day and affecting 400- thousand commuters. the longest serving member of bart's board of director was on the picket line yesterday supporting workers. the strike is costing the
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bay area 73-million-dollar each day and affecting 400- thousand commuters. and there were long lines as commuters waited to board ferry's crossing the bay. the san francisco bay ferry service reported that on monday there were 17- thousand 9-hundred passengers. that's three times as many as a normal day. the service expects that ridership levels will continue to soar as long as bart workers are on strike. commuters said yesterday that they are eager for bart and the workers to come to an agreement so things can get back to normal.
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and like other transit options. cal-train is seeing an uptick in riders since the bart strike began two days ago. cal-train says it carried an additional 45-hundred customers yesterday. typically the 4th and king cal-train station in san francisco serves between 11-thousand to 12-thousand riders each day. on tuesday -- more than 11- thousand riders had already passed through the station before noon. cal- train has put and half additional staff on duty to help those who have questions at the millbrae station. we will continue to follow the latest with the bart strike. we will be providing updates on our 24-seven bay area news channel, comcast 193. we will also be providing updates on our facebook and
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twitter pages.
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>>anny: good morning. as the bart strike continues, alternate ways are continuing to be used. kron4's will tran has an update. >>will: least charter buses will take you for free. they can only accommodate though only 20004000 passengers. i did have a chance to speak with the first man in line this morning he got up to
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out early simply because he cannot be late to work. >> i had no game plan because i was fortunate we offer the past two days to read it today is my first day dealing with this so i am sort of in the dark. i had to schedule ahead of time and make sure that i was no. 1 it today because as soon as i see other people i'm dropping out of the car and getting in line for whatever needs to happen. >>will: here at west oakland, 32 charter buses will run until 9:00 this morning but officials say it here well before 8:00 to make sure you can get one of these buses because it is first come first served. >>anny: thanks for that live report will.
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>>james: ac transit has also issued their trends base service. kron4's will tran is live at one of the most popular places to get on the bus. >>will: for many people, this is the last stop. we're here at the uptown transit center. if this is any indication, they're off to an even faster start today. you can see they are already six or seven people across the street just a hop on the bus and get going. you can see. we did see crowd until about 5:00 yesterday morning so at least 30 maybe 40 minutes earlier today then even yesterday. here is a video. we sought allies start of war at about 545 on tuesday morning 3 it that was different from late monday night because everyone had this bright idea that i could beat the crowd if i
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get here earlier this the only problem is, everyone thought the same thing. people are telling me to stay with the lot worse than it monday. here is zachary jones. talk about yesterday's commute. >>mark: it definitely worse then it monday. people had the idea that they could get out earlier and it was just more attention yesterday. the lines were long for and everything. and >>will: nobody is benefiting from this. you're either losing sleep. >> its more people and tensions are high and it is
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more crowded. even if bart was open, that's usually how it goes. monday is usually okay and as the days progress, more people thinks it crazy. the bill >> what time did you get back to oakland yesterday. >>mark: about >> about three hours. people were throwing around racial slurs, cutting lines. >>will: ac transit is adding more buses. they are continuing to negotiate and
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they are not going on strike. they will give a 24 hour notice before they decide to go on strike if they do. yesterday we had just missed that some people were trying to hawk on to the back doors of the bus. on any other day deputy said that they would have given people ticket but today and yesterday he knew people were losing their cool, for gave them and told them to get back in line. >>james: we were anticipating that each day, people would get more and more frustrated and looks like we're starting to see that. thank you will. >>anny: we will take a quick break. at the time now is 447.
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>>george: welcome back to the kron4 morning news. we are keeping up with traffic ramifications during this bart strike. a full hour ahead of schedule how is a back up forming here at the bay bridge toll plaza for the westbound ride. the other approaches to the bridge and still look pretty good. you can see the east shore freeway is not backed up. 24 to 580 looks clear. 580 is clear if the downtown oakland and there are no delays north tried to get to the bay bridge toll plaza. headed to the san mateo bridge, and lots of views yesterday as an alternate and right now traffic is very light three it would be a good time to head in that direction. the golden gate
4:51 am
bay bridge is a foggy but quiet and of the toll lanes are open after yesterday's incident. heading back to traffic maps, looking again at some of the freeways and drive times at 14 minutes, the e shore freeway has not begin to slow. at 24 west probably the hardest hit along with interstate 580 of the strike is completely clear. the right of 580 west, a little congested and at the 2 05 interchange but we are in today freak read your ride to the south bay is problem free as well with no delays 01284 highway 17. >>erica: theories have increased their service to
4:52 am
every 45 minutes. keep in mind there is limited parking at so if you can have someone drop off at the ferry building, that would be your best option pripet your best bet is to get there early once again has lines will fill quickly. focusing on your wednesday forecast, looking into mainly clear skies with the exception of the coast line parade into the afternoon, and another day of extreme heat and let. drink plenty of water especially if you suffer from any he related illnesses. the national weather service has extended the heat warning until thursday night focusing on the today's numbers. by lunch time, already plenty.
4:53 am
putting the clock into motion, triple digits are to fill lamp lighter afternoon highs and then looks like clear conditions and warm temperatures even by the evening hours. campbell at 98, 94 in san jose plenty of triple digits in the east bay. well 70's today for downtown san francisco, low 80s expected an oakland. your 7 day around the bay shows much cooler conditions into the weekend. it will be toasty for july 4th weekend but temperatures will gradually cool as we start the next workweek. >>james: 450 is the time. here's a look at your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. look like we're on our ahead of schedule in terms of back up forming.
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>>gabe: we have a bart on strike section on where you can get updates
4:57 am
on everything related to the strike. we have resources on alternate routes of transportation, the videos on all of our reports thus far, photos, slide shows, and all of the twitter feeds of the alternate transportation services and around the bay area that can help you during your commuting. >>james: we will take a quick break. >>james: we will take a quick break. ññ; du
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our top story we are following on this july 3rd. bart workers are striking for the 3rd day. this means commuters will have to plan extra travel time into their day once again. good morning, im anny hong. and i'm james fletcher. we continue to follow the bart strike, which is now in it's 3rd day. we are following traffic with george will is monitoring everything. >>george: the approaches to the bridge still look pretty good. here is a real time look at traffic flow on the
5:01 am
e shore freeway on 580 coming--24 coming to 580 from the call to cut. we have seen the traffic of backing up to the 58013 march at the peak usually around age 30 to 840. yesterday it quickly dissipated. your alternate to, the san mateo bridge is still a good choice. right now it is easy traffic conditions here. let's take a quick look around the bay to see if any traffic patterns are changing. we still look good for the upper east shore freeway for westbound 24 as out 680. the 580 is starting to slow as you come to all to month passed. --all to my past. >>mark: one big alternate
5:02 am
has been a.c. transit. let's get an update with will tran at 20th and broadway. >>will: you can see behind me this one guy over here. that is the bus stop taking people from oakland and san francisco. we didn't see the crowd or anybody pretty much until about 5:00 yesterday morning. these people started showing up around 430 and the morning. if that's any indication, today could be even rougher then at tuesday. here is video that we got at the height of the commute on 20th and broadway some tuesday. monday was terrible for a lot of people so a lot of people thought they could show up 32 an hour earlier but everyone had the same idea. so lines were wrapped around all the way around a
5:03 am
corner to the paramount theater. we talked to some people who said they would try to hop on buses even sooner than 20 of and broadway. perhaps, today could be a little bit lighter because possibly people will take off due to july 4th holiday. we talked to one woman who's been taking the bus this sense the strike. she said tuesday many people were losing their cool, racial tension, confrontations. now because of long lines, the bart strike is going into day three it looks like people are really losing their cool. they're not taking sides. all they care about is how i get to work, school and how do i get back home. >>mark:
5:04 am
let's go live at jacqueline and square with kron4's justine waldman who is monitoring the ferry services. >>justine: what i want to show you is the very long lines we saw yesterday during the peak of the rush hour commute. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. you will see that the line stretches all the way down jacqueline and square. there was a little delay with the service because there was more than expected traffic on the water with extrabold out there so the series did have to slowdown which cause delays and back up. we are expecting more
5:05 am
lines today. the ferry service has tripled its passengers and then on an average day. as we come back out here like you can see that there are about a dozen people in line right now to take the first ferry that takes off and 6:00 this morning. the ferry service still anticipating increased passengers so there on that these schedules running series every 45 minutes. the rabbis refuse to get here one hour before the ferry departs. you should buy your ticket before you get on the ferry or you can use your clipper card. they don't to the park here because the lots are filling up fast but you can bring your bike on the ferry and here we are a day three of the bart strike and you can expect things here at the ferry. long lines and frustrated passengers. i will keep you updated. a live in oakland, justine waldman, kron4 news.
5:06 am
>>anny: although it is a good sign that union workers and management are meeting for negotiation. they are not returning to work as of today. however, if a deal is reached, bart officials say they will get the trains back up their running as as possible. both sides are saying they will continue to talk and negotiate. we will keep you posted on that as soon as we get more information from either side. j.j. >> >>jacqueline: >>james: to stay updated on everything related to the strike, had to kron4 dock,
5:07 am
where we have the latest on the strike itself. here is the bart strike linked. click on that and you'll get the latest on the negotiations because they did meet last night and hopefully they meet again today. there is a video player showing all the stories we've done so far to get you up to speed. all the articles being written about the strike as well as other resources. these all the links to the major players of the strike. all information on how to get around as well as our twitter and facebook posts from kron4 as well as all of the major players. we will continue to follow the latest with the strike on our broadcast and what are comcast 193 channel. that's a 247 news channel. so give that a sample brought the day today. facebook and
5:08 am
twitter will also be updating all those resources as well. ofs here's erica with your forecast. >>erica: we are talking to more days of triple digits of temperatures. the heat advisory will be extended into stay hydrated and stay cool. if you suffer from any he related illnesses i would advise you to head to the coast where it will be much cooler focusing on current conditions, mid-60s and fairfield, upper 50s for downtown san francisco. and on shore push should help regulate temperatures. it was not it is not as warm as it was 24 hours full details on what to expect that 7 day around the bay coming up in just a few short minutes >>james:
5:09 am
let's take a quick break on the kron4 morning news. we will be back in just a couple of minutes. here is the bay bridge approach we can see traffic started to build in the cash lanes. fasttrack plans are moving well as some point they will cover those to cash as well and we will see that the build up quickly in the center portion of your screen. we will be back with more stories and more coverage in just a minute. my name is paul ridley.
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>>erica: welcome back. keep you updated with transportation this morning we will have more details on
5:13 am
how to get away--how to get around the bay with this bart strike coming up.
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>>darya: we are back. let's get right to the traffic we're it is day three of the bart strike to george. >>george: we are probably just minutes away from seen the metering lights activated. yesterday, they were activated at 522. we are looking at 516 now so it is likely that we are just minutes away from seen this back of the land. look at the 80 approach. i packed up and all lanes and very unusual to see that already for the west about right. looking at the approaches to the bridge as we check the traffic map, you will see we are still congestion and delay free for the loren e. shore. at 580 itself starting to slow a little
5:17 am
bit here around lake shore and as you head up the hill. 80 northbound is your best bet to the bridge all day after day. already started to back up at the toll plaza and the westbound direction. early delays for the westbound bay bridge ride. your alternate route to the san mateo bridge still looks good. we are problem for your pre no problem on the west or east end of the span. one quick check around the bay as we update the commute on the e shore freeway permit the drive time here is just 15 minutes from hercules to berkeley. no congestion building in there yet. the right here on 580 westbound is only a little slow through the altamont. not bad at all. southbound freeways look great. not tracking any delays in the north they ride is 25 minutes from a bottle to the golden gate bridge. if you need to get
5:18 am
to sfo and you would have otherwise taken bart, here are some options for you. >>erica: good news. it is trying to get to sfo from the peninsula site, caltran is currently running on time. caltran it is also running on--sam transit is currently running on time. in addition, at the caltran millbrae station they are running freak shuttle buses to bart sfo. everything is currently running on time and we do have that free additional service. more on your public transit options coming up in just a couple of minutes. i do want to focus however on wednesday forecast. much colder this morning with a low 60s and concord, upper 50s in downtown san francisco. tracking temperatures throughout the day, futurecast 4 highlights the
5:19 am
12:00 hour. take a look at all of this raid on the screen. were temperatures will already be climbing into the '90s for places like livermore, concord, napa up. to the to the low 80's and 70's for beach peninsula. as we head into the evening hours, by 8:00 p.m. tonight, temperatures to slightly cooler but still won the war masai with temperatures may lead in the 70's and low 80s. as i break down your afternoon highs,. i really think hot spots are going to be in your east bay anterior valleys. we still have an excessive heat warning in effect and that is set to expire thursday evening so that has been extended not as warm and berkeley today at 78 degrees in los 70's for downtown san francisco. if you are headed
5:20 am
to any fireworks displays would like a partly cloudy skies in the san francisco. by friday, we are talking much cooler conditions and that will last into the weekend. so by saturday and sunday expect morning fog and afternoon sunshine. temperatures in the mid '80s in his 60s for the bay- judge coast creek >>anny: kron4's mike pelton is live in oakland with an update on charter services this morning >> reporter: right now there are no problems in oakland. the first charter bus left about 15 minutes ago with only a dozen passengers on its. all right now there are plenty of charter buses ready to take passengers
5:21 am
across the bridge. i talked some passengers. >> i normally. i got up at 4:00. >> what time you normally wake up? >> 7. >>mark: >> i am sure that by the end of the day, my stress level will be at 20. >> reporter: it is a free round-trip service but it is on a first-come first-served basis. at least here at west oakland, they will stop running a charter buses at 9:00 this morning so did i get here any later than nine if you want to use this service over into san francisco. speaking with a bart to rep helping coordinate all of these buses, he tells me if they have any additional buses after 9:00, he will direct them to nearby ac transit
5:22 am
stops to help pick up some of their passengers to take them into san francisco every 15 to 20 minutes or salt is the expected time for the buses to arrive and take off. once they felt, they get out of here but as of now, no wait. >>james: patient but if the transbay typically the 4th and king
5:23 am
>>anny: france's government has criticized surveillance of allies. but has not offered public support for snowden. >>james: >>mark: and a possible " that could take place. the military giving more see this wednesday deadline add to find a solution to the
5:24 am
clashes. thousands of people on the streets protesting the president's leadership. morrissey supporters with the muslim brotherhood have demonstrated but are a lot smaller numbers. 16 people died yesterday. path >>anny: time to take a quick break right here on the kron4 morning news. a live look outside. here is the bay bridge approaching the toll plaza. you can see cars are backing up and as early hours. fast cash and lanes have not been pushed over completely just yet. we will return in just a minute. ññ; du
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call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. with qualifying bundles. bottled at the mountain source. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. then we deliver it directly to you. >>george: the metering lights have been activated now. we are checking right
5:31 am
now to see what the policy is going to be. as i see some of these planes starting to fill land. that is an indication that they are possibly staffing them again. and the early hours this morning, it appears as though they are reserved for fasttrack users. we will see if that's the case today. i am continuing dialogue with the folks at caltran to see what their strategy is this morning taking a look at your approach to the bridge and tracking the ride out of the macarthur maze. you can see that 580 is already backing up into the maze here. that is where the
5:32 am
backup begins. at macarthur boulevard. 580 west about coming up for lake shore has not begin to back up. the nimitz on the north approach is starting to slow a little. your approach to the san mateo bridge is already getting a little heavy in the westbound direction with drive times at only 11 minutes. >>mark: bart officials are officially on day three of their strike. kron4's will tran is alive where there are pictures. the tinters. >>will: there are front of the lake merritt station where they have been here for an hour but they have
5:33 am
not chances since there is audience. they're holding their picket signs are hoping they reach a settlement. i tried to go down to the lake merritt station but the doors are locked. no one is allowed to go inside this particular time. we understand that negotiations took place late last night. perhaps there will be back at the bargaining table and if there is a deal reached, they could have the trains operating shortly after that. for a lot of commuters in the morning, it is too late. they are already at the ac transit center of town. people are off to a fast start. they saw what happened on monday and tuesday so wednesday, we saw people early on for--early at 420. i can tell you land. if you are leaving now from oakland
5:34 am
to some francisco, not a problem. those people we talked to said not a problem but coming back, one woman said it took about three hours. people are very frustrated with what is going on. especially active the of town center where there are pictures across the street while people are stuck in line hoping that this is very quickly. back to mark. >>mark: >>anny: continuing our team coverage we are monitoring other ways you can get around the bay area. one of the options is taking the ferry across the bay. kron4's justine waldman is alive at jacqueline and square with an update on the ferry service. >>justine: we already have a line for the first ferry set to take off at 6:00 this morning the next one up leaving at 645. they are running at every 45 minutes. this is new video just into
5:35 am
the kron4 news room with a line started to form just before 5:00 this morning. these passengers saying they are not taking any chances. it wants to take a ferry from oakland to make their way to san francisco to start their morning routine. i got a chance to talk to the first passenger airline who says he is sick of of waking up so early in the morning and he is ready for the trek to be over. >> this is a bull crap. they need to nail it out. there are a lot of writers who depend on the part. get something together asap. >>justine: and a live look now at the line that has already formed at the dock at the stamford the scope bay ferry in oakland. all lot of people standing around and getting some work done already on their phones and tablets to make the time go by again, we
5:36 am
want to pass out the same advice we've been doing all week during the strike. if you are planning to take the ferry, the year at least one hour if not 90 minutes earlier to avoid that suggestion. the ferry service is still running extra faeries and they will continue to do so as long as the strike is the one effect so we will monitor the situation, keep talking to passengers who are exhausted at this point and ready for the strike to be over. >>anny: it's like going to an airport in the way. >>mark: >>james: here is the latest on the negotiations. although it is a good sign that they are meeting for the first time since the strike began to days ago, it seems that at
5:37 am
this point, no deal has there reached where at least not to the satisfaction of striking workers. bart has not received any word that workers will return to work at any point today. commuters should expect similar conditions that they face in the past couple of days. however, if a deal is reached, bart officials said they will get the trains back up their running as soon as possible to read both sides said it will continue talking and negotiating. >>anny: we will continue to follow the latest with the strike. we will be provided updates on our 247 news channel comcast 193 as well as updates on our facebook and with your pages as well. >>james: we will take a quick break from our coverage of a deep bart strike and had over to the weather department with erica who has our forecast on this wednesday. midway through the week. and midway through the heat erica, good morning. >>erica: take a look at
5:38 am
today's afternoon highs. livermore at 105 degrees. at triple digits also for antioch. temperatures are only at the low eighties for the east bay shoreline. downtown sector to go with a height of only 72 degrees. we will continue with the excessive heat warning that expires late thursday evening. you'll notice however into thursday, it will still be a toasty one. temperatures will drop as much as 20 to 25 degrees and some spots so definitely a dramatic cool down as we head into the weekend. i will have full details on what to expect as leisure independence day forecast coming up in my next report. >>anny: the time now is 5383 with a quick break but first, a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza where the approach right now looks like the past lanes- just the fast check lanes have turned into some cash
5:39 am
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>>mark: welcome back. watching wall street right now. dow futures down 45. we were actually up early 50 in early trading but then tension started to grow in egypt so that showed concern which amata's and up lower for the day yesterday. looks like a down day. things a bit quiet as investors are a bit nervous for the month of june jobs report in the meantime, dow down 42 yesterday and now dow jones futures down 45. we will return as the kron4 morning
5:43 am
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>>james: 545 is the time. all want to get right over to the traffic that's right now as the barge strike is impacting traffic everywhere this morning >>george: especially here at the bay bridge james. the local point for most of the traffic. backed up already and to the macarthur maze. the shore freeway back up to the berkeley curve. 80 completely backed up over the toll plaza for the west all right and so is interstate 580 through the
5:47 am
maze as these approaches start to get crowded. check your ride to the san mateo bridge as an alternate, we are seeing a little heavier traffic flow but still a good ride here so this would be a good choice for you know galazy at on the approach. and the golden gate bridge looks good. while southbound still quite foggy but like traffic and effect this week, the car and toll called for southbound traffic has been lighter than usual. let's check the traffic map and drive times for youths. westmount 24 has slowdown. we're picking up traffic coming up from highway 13 schedule leaves into-- leading to the macarthur maze. for your right here in san jose 101 northbound picks up a little slowing
5:48 am
just before the 880 interchange. otherwise, we are at the limit and the northbound ride is still well over 20 minutes from a bottle south to the golden gate bridge. more on your transit options as we head over to air a cup. >>erica: let's talk a little bit about 3 servers which begins at 6:00 a.m.. the first vote will head out. --ferry services. --the first vote will head out at 6:00 a.m.. --boat. they are running every 45 minutes. these are kept that just this is where you can't catch it at alameda or jack london square. that is
5:49 am
certainly a good alternative and bay bridge for most of the couple of days. your forecast. here is a live look outside from walnut creek. traffic flowing quickly but it will be high to inland today. and he warning is in effect set to expire tomorrow night my best advice is to dress in layers, stay hydrated and if you can come ahead to the coastline with temperatures are much cooler. breaking down your afternoon highs for today, starting with hot spots, brentwood 105 degrees and same for those of you and livermore. triple digits through the san ramon valley, concord with a high of 97 degrees. it will be eight gorgeous afternoon for the east bay shoreline at present los gatos climbing to 102 degrees, 98 for those of you in campbell. another scorcher for the and lynn spots but take a look at the
5:50 am
coast line. mid-90s for those of your redwood city a low 80s and san mateo. last but not least, the north bank, had enough to wine country, not with a high of 86 agrees. for those of you headed to the firework display over the thrift is going to be a hot one but a around 930 when the fireworks are expected to begin, only 60 degrees up. so bundled up, it will be too warm and the city. your 7 day around the bay forecastles cooler conditions into the weekend. to go from triple digits in length, to mid '80s saturday and sunday, and mid-60's for the coast parade
5:51 am
>>anny: alternate ways during this bart strike is to take a charter bus across the bay. kron4's mike pelton is live in oakland with an update on ghostwriters services. >> reporter: there are still plenty of charter buses available at we are starting to see it as a lot more people. earlier, they're only a handful of people but not the case any longer. you can see the lines and building up. a lot of these commuters tell me they are tired of getting up at 330 and the morning. they does want is bart strike to be over. but even though this is day three, a lot of people are dealing with this for the first time. >> i normally like a path for clock--i normally with
5:52 am
the best 7:00. >> my stress level, it's at about a seven. i'm not yet because i have an experience to this whole day at. i'm sure that by the end of the day my stress level will be added 20. >> reporter: a.c. the passengers waiting to board the second bus at the san francisco. this charter service runs until 9:00 this morning but it is first-come first-served basis. there ought to rioting operating 35 of buses. officials say don't hear any later than 9:00 if you plan on taking these buses into san francisco. >>james: some commuters are turning
5:53 am
to casual car pool. these folks are getting into. for one woman says it was easy, but she has some concerns on how she will get home. >> cannot feeling too excited. i want them to get back to work like the rest of us. >> it's been hectic 12 and 13 hour days. that he doesn't make it any better but fortunately the shuttle buses have made it easier to get us back and forth to work so i am happy about that permit it's really
5:54 am
unfortunate. it's a lot of tension right now a lot of frustration and a lot of anchor but there is nothing we can do about it so i just try to stay positive. >>james: >>anny: the time now is 554. we will take a break and we will see you back and you kids should count yourselves lucky.
5:55 am
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>>mark: coming up. we will have the latest on day three of the bart strike. a big backup already building here at the bay bridge. the latest on the negotiations. the kron4 morning news continues in just a couple of minutes.
5:58 am
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>> looked at the big picture and look at what it's done up to the commute, the people who are impacted by it and what it means for those people who struggled with the lead with day care or other issues. >>anny: frustration is growing as we enter day three of the bart strike. bay area commuters have been forced to find alternate routes to get to work and other places. we will get things started with a check on traffic with a torch. good morning. >>george: in the bay bridge completely backed up through the macarthur maze. 58 is already backed up behind highway 24. slow from highway 13 westbound leading to the macarthur maze and esu


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