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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 9, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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top stories we are following on this monday, december 9th. as you step outside this morning be prepared for below freezing temperatures. we're live with team coverage. hearings will take place this week in washington, d.c kron4's yoli aceves is
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also watching the weather out and lafayette. yoli? >>: for some reason at james today fills colder than any day in the last week. if we have been going through this kolffs streak for about a week. today feels like it's cutting right through these layers of clothes. i have the gloves and hats of hoodie. it's not enough. for as you walk outside this morning you will feel a hard freeze definitely and especially here in the north bay or temperatures could go down as far as into the low 20s. out here in some areas. you're not supposed to be burning in what today also pripet you not only steve frost on the ground and to find ice on windshields. i had to scrape off that tab for about 10 minutes.
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>>: there's no wind to speak of. no clout in the sky. >>james: thanks yoli bundle of red >>anny: the freezing cold temperatures results in some homeless deaths over the past few nights. at least five homeless people have died over the last two weeks. the most recent death happened behind an empty
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storefront on village parkway in dublin. police found the body of a man at around 12:30 friday afternoon. many outreach workers we spoke with say they are working hard to steer people into shelters.
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since november 28th, four homeless men died while out in the cold in santa clara county. three where living in homeless in an open air garage. new this morning, a human skull, a tennis shoe and other skeletal remains have been found in a northern california park. the sonoma county sheriff's office says a hiker and his two children spotted the skull and shoe in a creek bed in shiloh regional park yesterday.
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deputies plan to continue investigating later today. causefederal investigators will interview dozens of experts and witnesses this week, to try to determine what caused the deadly asiana airline jet crash at s-f-o. officials with the national transportation safety board already have named several possible factors in the crash that left three dead and 181 injured. those include problems with the boeing 7-7-7's automatic throttle and communications issues among the cockpit crew of the south korean airline. but even if the board's hearing tuesday and wednesday in d.c., tightens the focus on those factors, many experts already believe human error was to blame. 49ers got a huge victory against their rivals the seattle seahawks yesterday. first quarter.there was not much scoring. two phil dawson field from 28.another from 48. and in the 4th quarter.6 minutes and 20 seconds left to play in the game. the seahawks would get a would need a big beat the hawks' narrow lead. and they would get it from hist to set up phil dawson's 4th field goal of the day. winning the game over the seahawks at 19-17
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this was the second to last regular season game at candlestick park. the 49ers are going to tampa bay next week to take on the buccaneers. and you won't want to miss sports night live hosted by gary radnich. and featuring gary's radio partner larry krueger. kron 4-- we'll have lively debates.and big time interviews. the show premieres thursday night at 9pm. coming up on the kron four morning news. a new survey finds one in five americans get rich at one point in their lifetimes. we'll tell you who exactly is included on the list. and there's a new species of cockroach that can withstand extremely cold temperatures. live look outside at the bay bridge approach. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train,
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and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent. but anyone can help a foster child.
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welcome back. now to the latest on the worldwide mourning of nelson mandela. yesterday marked the beginning of one week of memorial events honoring the former south african president. flowers and memorabilia have been set up all across south africa. mandela died late thursday at the age of 95 wednesday and thursday, mandela's body will lie in state in pretoria. a state funeral is planned for sunday.
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president obama and the first lady leave today to join the dozens of dignitaries honoring mandela tomorrow in south africa. a south african soccer stadium that holds nearly 100,000, will serve as the backdrop for a national memorial service for the anti-apartheid icon. former presidents george w bush, bill clinton and jimmy carter also expected to attend. george herbert walker bush will be the only living u.s. president not to attend. they will join tens of thousands of mourners at the stadium. a cockroach possessing powers to withstand harsh winter has made itself at home in new york city. rutgers university biologists say the species is well documented in asia but was never confirmed in the united states until now. they suspect the little critter was likely a stowaway in the soil from ornamental plants. the newcomer was first spotted in new york in 2012. the scientists say while it is too soon to predict the impact, there is probably
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>>james: here's another shot. by sliding off the
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roof of a building. but it didn't happen just once. the sheets of ice and snow on rooftops got so big and heavy, mini avalanches fell to the street. take a look at some of the damage it caused. across the country, the weather caused thousands of flight cancellations. stranded drivers on roadways and unseasonably freezing temperatures. >>anny: we are tracking those icy winter reconditions. erica is forecasting where they are. >>erica: keeping an close eye on baltimore maryland and washington d.c. bridge a quarter of an inch of ice accumulated over the next several hours. pretty rough conditions as we head into the afternoon. 8 in. of
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snow above you think it's frigid here in the bay area this is nothing compared to what other parts of the country are facing we have
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the freeze warnings in effect until nine. the national weather service will be issued a free sworn in by 10:00 tonight stretching into 9:00 tomorrow morning we are talking one more morning of freezing so below temperatures. looks like antioch topping out at 45 degrees. frigid conditions return. by 8 this evening looks like most conditions are dipping well into the '30's. we will keep clear skies around the that trier mass to collect after 7 day around the bay forecast. most of us have been very patient with the subfreezing temperatures that it will be back in the '60s we are
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looking for showers once again. right now it's looking like a 10 percent chance. i guess the trade- off is we could see some snow and the area. now to the traffic center with the band. a motorcyclist loss control on highway 116. that ice is still out there. certainly travel through that area of the north bay westbound for just after bailey rode. just the westbound lanes from about a street. bay bridge toll plaza not loosening up and operate the meeting whites are on parade your backed out well beyond the 880 past. golden gate bridge no
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delays in either direction of watching wall street this morning after a big day on friday. the dow jones industrial average breaking a five day losing streak. the previous five trading sessions. the dow now sitting above the 16,000 mark. the s&p 500 climbed back above the 1800 mark. we have news on friday the u.s. economy has added about 2000 jobs a month for the past three months and the u.s. employment rate patrick fell from 7.3 to 7%. the federal reserve will start tapering back to its massive bond buying program by the end of the year. in fact the fans got over three + six trillion dollars on its balance sheet right now. at a recent survey suggests economists think 62 percent of them think the bonds will
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be tapering at the end of 2014. another third the% thinks it will happen in the second quarter. it's like to be kind of ugly as the festers to taper is bound by program. the real concern is what will happen with interest rates. we get a jump or rise slowly. >>anny: of 2014. a new survey from the associated press finds one in 5 americans become rich for parts of their lives.
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the group is made up largely of older professionals, working married couples and more educated singles. many of them earn a household income of $250,000 or more at some point. they are liberal on issues like abortion and same sex marriage, but they are also wary of any government role in closing the income gap. experts say these people see affluence as very attainable, even if the dream has become more elusive for everyone else. even outside periods of unusual wealth, members of this group generally hover in the $100,000-plus income range, keeping them in the top 20 percent of earners. >>james:former san diego mayor bob filner will be sentenced monday on felony and misdemeanor charges. filner pleaded guilty in
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october to charges related to placing a woman in a headlock, kissing another woman and grabbing the buttocks of a third. in a plea agreement, prosecutors say they will recommend that he get three months of home confinement and three years of probation. the 71-year-old democrat left office august 30, amid widespread allegations that he sexually harassed women. i love watching tv outside.
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when he woke up he was all alone locked inside. he says he remembers taking off his hat after boarding the flight in lafayette and goes off in his window seat near the back of the airplane. he said he will go to a cold pitch black cabin in houston thought he was dreaming when he made a frantic call to his girlfriend. she thought he was joking but later, workers boarded the aircraft to see he was the lone passenger. they have launched a new high-tech 3 d like to show called nutcracker under the dome bridge the westfields centers don't originally built in 1908 is quite something when it's transformed into a state of the arts surround sound theatre. this show nutcracker under the dome is inspired by the san francisco ballet permit it to integrate actual performance footage of san
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francisco ballet dancers as part of the light spectacular. san francisco bay creative technology studio conceived and created nutcracker under the dome using the latest interjection mapping technology. it took three days of filming up with 60 ballet dancers to capture 16 hours of dance footage for the six minute show. the team of obscured digital clock in over 1000 hours of post-production and animation to transform the raw footage which was captured in slow motion at 90 frames per second. it's really special grid is one of those only in san francisco kind of shows. it's 3d but you don't need glasses for it in person, it's really cool. my video camera can quite capture related imagery i was seeing. this magical experience plays every half hour starting at 5:00 p.m.
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nightly now through december 31st. these unique attractions-attractions will get you in the holiday spirit and its free. >>anny: it's free. i love the nutcracker pripet watching gas prices this morning. as the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline is up three cents. according to triple a fuel gauge, the national average is at 3-23. here in california, we are seeing a state average of 3-59. in san francisco, 3-65. in oakland, 3-56. and in san jose, 3-55. watching the cold temperatures once again this morning. live looks outside on the left side of your screen, the bay bridge approach. happening right now. on the it's something you'll want to keep an eye out for on your morning commute.
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we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter] opening bell on wall street.
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on this monday morning looks like another morning of the gains. the dow climbed almost 200 points on monday prince american airlines on the right hand side coming up listed on the nasdaq as they make their way through bankruptcy and a major merger. minimal gains expected the dow futures of 10 ahead of the opening bell. >>james: let's keep an eye on temperatures. here's a live look outside on the left. we have the bay bridge and on the right to have highway 24 through lafayette. it is bone chilling cold. >>erica: that's right the james. in fact over at the bay bridge toll plaza and lafayette its warm compared to other spots in the bay area% petaluma officially down and the teens. santa rosa hovering right at 20 degrees for a slightly warmer. caused 25 of the
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door and half moon bay bridge still in the upper 20s and campbell. several locations all across the bay area dipping down to the twenties. another subfreezing they will continue into tomorrow morning. as to take a look at your temperatures bridge the morning is very cold. temperatures in the teens but we will see for these approaching lunchtime and '50s into the afternoon. it will seem warmer weather later on today. i walk into your full 7 day around the bay in just a couple of minutes. dan? then we have a new hot spot westbound highway 4 just passed bailey rode creek a big rig involved in chp saying possibly five cars involved in this accident. they're calling a major injuries. ambulance is in route. the two left land at this point are shut down. we are backed up all the way from a street grid expect that to get a lot worse. no estimated time when that is expected to 3 (bay bridge toll plaza we could say at a crawl back up
6:32 am
into the macarthur-san mateo bridge excuse me to read started to see some westbound lanes and it is heavy up and over the high rise. >>anny: we are watching the freezing conditions. which means on the road is a black ice. want to keep an eye on that to on your morning commute 3 kron4's yoli assess has an update on that's out in lafayette. >>: they seem to be slowing down because there are more cars on the road but also because there seems sign to. you see that sign for it and says caution. black ice reduce speed freak you'll be seeing that on highway 24. in fact alecia use of video i got getting closer to the caldecott tunnel. i shot this about an hour ago and this is also a sign in the westbound direction that also cautions people to slow it down because of black eyes that was reported. this
6:33 am
seems to be a little spots. it's not a big stretch and looks like only little patches. scattered throughout. it's a very hard thing to do when you don't see black ice. until you actually hit it. the on the alert for it and be careful. haven't seen anyone at an accident so far right now. i've been in different locations. people seem to be driving pretty cautiously because i haven't seen anybody really messed up. are trying to get off the road. >>anny: ok yoli. a live and lafayette street morning that there could be some black eyes. >>james:the family of a man in critical condition from a hit-and-run is looking for the driver. pepe bolorinos was struck on the corner of oak and scott in san francisco's
6:34 am
lower height neighborhood while he was crossing the street tuesday night. witnesses say the car ran a red light at the time of the accident which left bolorinos in intensive care. the driver also hit a parked car and was reportedly fleeing from the scene. the car is described as a silver four door sedan and part of the bumper was damaged in the accident. family members are urging anyone with information contact san francisco police. lake tahoe might soon be using ferries for transportation around the lake. officials are hoping the summer of 2016.they'll have a pair of 120-passenger ferries shuttling people from the south shore to the north shore in less than a half hour. the ferries would travel between marinas at south lake tahoe and tahoe city. it's estimated that. during peak summer travel. the boats would make eight trips a day. >>mark:and it didnt look good for the riaders. raiders rookie quarterback
6:35 am
matt mcgloin - was pulled in favor of terrelle pryor after just four pass attemptsonly to put him back in late in the first quarter. marquette king -from his own end zonepunt is blocked and antonio allen recovers for the td giving the jets the 20-3 lead. marcel reece - delivered big time - the 63 yarder to open the 3rd quarter to make it 20-10 in the 4th the raiders try and strip the ball from chris ivory - but forget to tackle, and that touchdown ices it. final: 37-27 jets this is the raiders 13 straight loss in the eastern time zone major league baseball's lawyers say in a court filing that the oakland athletics' request to move to san jose was actually turned down in june by commissioner bud selig.
6:36 am
that decision just coming to light in a statement filed friday in u.s. district court in san jose. part of a lawsuit filed by the city against major league baseball. "mlb denied the athletics' relocation request on june day before this lawsuit was filed," "on that date, commissioner selig formally notified the athletics' ownership that he was not satisfied with the club's relocation proposal." mlb defines san jose and its suburbs in santa clara county as the exclusive territory of the san francisco giants. the city of san jose in its suit accused mlb of conspiring to stop the team's proposal to move to a planned ballpark in downtown san jose. the judge has allowed san jose to pursue allegations of contract interference. these santas ditched the sleigh and decided to travel
6:37 am
on foot. that story coming up after the break.
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welcome back. the lee santos decided to ditch their slaves. --these santas decided to ditch their slei ghs. you're looking at the annual running of the santas in philadelphia over the weekend. participants dress up as kris kringle but instead of delivering gifts -- they barhop.
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thousands of people joined in on the fun this year. the tradition has spread to cities across the nation. the holiday season is in full swing. and people across the bay area are decorating their homes with lights and displays. these are some photos viewers have sent us. viewers have sent us. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack.
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his pass bailey rode an
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accident involving a motorcyclist and five cars. expect significant delays. the bay bridge toll plaza not a whole lot of problems. right here we are back up through the macarthur maze. the metering lights, as you can see are on and it is slow on the stand getting all the way into san francisco. san mateo bridge has also been getting gum up grid we are seeing delays from about industrial. eastbound looking good grid back towards hayward critical to cambridge and the ship as well. erica? >>erica: and dan on this monday morning leaving the house with clear skies. it is another frigid start. live in the house 34 and copper. we have dropped down to 20 degrees in san jose we
6:46 am
are closer to freezing the top 26. closer to westport approves we are seeing the spread of temperatures in san francisco we will see temperatures for the most part are cooler than 24 hours ago. four degrees cooler out the door and no vital. today, make sure to dress and extra layers. we still have a freeze warning in effect for 9:00 this morning and then the national weather service will agree issue at 10 tonight stretching into tomorrow morning. this should be the last couple of nights with temperatures below the freezing mark. as we head into the afternoon upper 40's low 50s for everyone. oakland hitting a high of 52 and 50 expected in sunnyvale breaking down your 7 day around the bay forecast we do have former
6:47 am
weather on the way. looks like we will warm and to unemployment rate dropping from 7.327 entry and the like the trend we are seen. >>: in the last four or five years a very very slow coming. being referred to as a jobless recovery. the numbers are good. we are definitely happier
6:48 am
>>mark: seems to be raising optimism for accelerated growth. are you buying and to that or you still cautiously optimistic. >>: there's always things that could happen so don't count on every year. we're up 27% this year. december on wall street seems to start low-as slow and in strong live. japan's of 50% this year for it their plan of stimulus. we help the transition of jobs goes well we hope that we then create stimulus junkies. >>mark: the fed starts to on wind sprint keep hearing is there's no easy way for the fed to do desperate things
6:49 am
will get messy. with them up a winding down the bond buying program. >>: we went from 10% interest rates to 9% that's easy. you're going up 101112% but when you go from interest rates of 1 or 2% for its debts of 100 percent. mortgages will be quite a shock. which you can afford their share you may not be able to afford next year. there'll be some shock for shore. we hope we don't mess things up too much for it >>mark: thank-you rob for it we would check back with him with today's winners and losers. >>anny: weekend. kron4 scott rates was on the sidelines for what turned out to be the biggest game of the season of the 49ers so far.
6:50 am
>>: this is a huge game for the 49ers. the camera ready to go and this one against a very tough seattle seahawks to encourage the candlestick was the loudest i have spurted all weekend. they even brought the up whistles to the game. here we go for it is becoming a very good rivalry today. coaches and players. first quarter not much going for it a game of defense. one from 28 another from 48 making it 6-03 the niners. second quarter of the seahawks would score. sean alleged made a touchdown for its next possession, the niners getting into field-goal range relied on the leg of dawson again and again. he would not to disappoint. this one from 52 yds in the cold with the wind. still,
6:51 am
dawson and least a mall today print same quarter, the seahawks would get another touchdown. this 1 39 yds to look wilson. seahawks take the lead just before the half, this eight year passed for it capping off a great drive by 49ers bridge which gives the niners the lead and the momentum going into the half. no scoring in the third quarter so let's give it print to the fourth quarter, 6 minutes 20 seconds left to play in the game, the seahawks will get another field goal. santa claus are not happy. seattle takes the lead 17-1639 to now need a big play and they would get it from frank gore. 51 yds on this one. 22 are from phil dawson again. the niners got it done again >>: this is one of those games where very little
6:52 am
talk are motivational talk. they didn't need to hear anything about how to play. >>: i loved it. >>: the greatest game i've ever seen. that a huge win for the 49ers bridge is the next-to-last regular season game here at the candlestick. it was a good one. they didn't disappoint the fans. next week the 49ers will be in tampa bay taking on the buccaneers for it reporting at the candlestick, scott rates, kron 4 news.
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welcome back. here's a look at how movies did at the box office this weekend. "frozen" led the multiplexes with a haul of 31 point 6 million over the weekend, taking over the top spot from the hunger games, "catching fire." the "hunger games" sequel had topped the box office for the last two weeks, but
6:56 am
slid to second with 27 million in its third week of release. relativity media's steel- town drama "out of the furnace," starring christian bale and casey affleck, posed no challenge for the bigger blockbuster holdovers. it opened with 5 point 3 million. many people took advantage of the cold weather this weekend here are some pictures sent into our newsroom. some of you decided to hit the slopes in tahoe and mount hamilton this weekend to enjoy the fresh powder although many of you were
6:57 am
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top stories we are following on this monday, december 9th. as you step outside this morning be prepared for below freezing temperatures. we're live with team coverage. hearings will take place this week in washington, d.c on the fatal plane crash of asiana flight 214 earlier this year at s-f-o. what investigators are now looking into. a big win for the 49ers. as they hang onto a potential playoff spot and save face against one of the best teams in football starting things off here in the weather center. we have erica tracking the number is amboy look at petaluma at 19 degrees. >>erica: yes, really frigid out there but the temperatures have pretty much bottomed out santa rosa at 20 degrees. vallejo you're out the door to 21. we are below freezing and several spots around the bay


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