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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 20, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. i'm jeff bush where two men are hit by a cal train. we will have a live report and give you the details. in oakland a mother loses both of her sons to violence in east oakland. i will show you her heart breaking story. kron4news at 11:00 starts now. one person is dead and another injured after being hit by a cal train at the santa clara station. jeff, what is the latest on this story. >> reporter: they are still trying to piece together what happened and what the circumstances were that led up to this tragic incident at the santa clara station late this
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afternoon. between the north bound and south bound station. >> there was no scheduled stop at this time. >> reporter: the train could have been traveling around 70 miles an hour when it went through. you can see in this video video provided to kron4news they were gathering facts. the trains slowly got back on schedule. the question is why the two men were on the tracks in the first place. >> there will be a lengthy investigation because it is -- the circumstances are unusual. we need to understand what went on between the two victim and whether there was something more that needs to be investigated. that's one of the things that we will be able to talk with
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the second victim when he comes out of surgery. >> reporter: david was on the platform when it went down. >> it was oooh, disbelief. the person was looking for something. i took note of that. it surprised me. >> reporter: train officials say they have a camera mounted on the front and hope to learn more when they get their hands on that video. live in santa clara. a mother has lost both of her sons to violence in a 3- week period. she has a strong message for her community as she mourns her lost sons. >> reporter: it is apparent
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what has happened has not sunk in. she would not have imagined this. >> i am still numb from the first one. >> reporter: it is something nobody expects to do let alone twice. >> my 13-year-old was murdered and then my 19-year-old. >> reporter: her sons she can no longer hug, hold. >> i can't say god was involved in this. >> reporter: he was shot and killed walking home from the oakland boy and girls club. tragedy would strike again 3 weeks later. 100th avenue in east oakland when another car pulled along side of the one lamar was ride
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riding in. gun fire filled the car. the glass still fills the sidewalk. as a student at laney college he was working hard to turn his life around leaving his mother with an emotional plea. >> no reitallation. whoever is caught we want the criminal justice system through the court system not through street retaliation. it will just hurt another mother like it is hurting me. >> reporter: right now they say they have no leads. scott rates, kron4news. big waves turn deadly in marin county. a man was trying to retrieve an
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ice chest. this is video over the scene from the national sea shore. he disappeared in seconds. the coast guard and sonoma county sheriffs have launched a search. ocean beach surfers came out to enjoy the sights. the largest waves were 15-feet high. equipment like this surf board snapped. today's conditions were perfect for them. >> i continuing think it will stay consistent. it is almost like surfers paradise. >> they will be larger later this week. >> reporter: another day of record-setting temperatures. we were in the low 70s for the
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most part. we had a little bit of fog keeping half moon bay in the 60s. we tied a record and set one in oakland. livermore also had a new record. it will be clear and chilly. tomorrow will be another warm day. we have high fire danger later in the week. san francisco city hall there is a rally planned. they are calling on the city to take action and adopt vision zero. it is improving intersections and adding protected bike paths. 21 pedestrians have been
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killed including a 6-year-old girl killed on new year's eve. the rally tomorrow is scheduled for noon. the groups plan to attend the mta meeting at 1:00 p.m.. still to come an oakland council woman and a flyer and why it all happened. the bay is paying a high price to go across the golden gate, you may have to dig deeper. we will feature the top 20 new gadgets at the consumer electronics show after the kron4news at 8:00.
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. driving across golden gate bridge could get more
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expensive. the bridge district is going to hike fares $2 over the next couple years. fast trak users would pay more and regular users would pay $8. the gotten gate bus and ferry service and the reconstruction of doyle drive. dr. martin luther king junior. one day after the nfc championship game. warriors continue to receive respect on martin luther king day. it is an honored place to be. the 49ers we haven't forgotten yet. later in the broadcast.
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stay tuned for inside education after ed digs -- edition after the news.
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. a city councilwoman targeted. someone put up flyers with a swastika on libby schaaf's head. >> i have jewish heritage on my
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family. this was particularly painful for me. >> reporter: mayoral candidate libby schaaf posted on flyers with a swastika on her head was painful. >> it was painful to see these papered where so many people go to enjoy the farmer's market and that wonderful commercial area. it is where i bring my children and my family. >> reporter: a clue could be found below the photo. it says stop the dac which is the domestic awareness center, a federal grant funded, super surveillance network moving through the legislative process with majority approval with her staff and council members.
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>> this was a personal attack. it was tied to an issue. the betrayal of my position on the issue was not accurate. i said i will not support it unless our citizen's privacy is protected. >> reporter: they are investigating the posting of the flyers as a hate crime. i just want to do god's will. and he has allowed me to go up to the mountain. i have looked over, and i've seen the promised land. i may not get there with you, but i want you to know tonight that we have a people that will get to the promised land. >> dr. martin luther king junior and his speech.
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he was assassinated the very next day in tennessee. a last minute run in ticket sales on the train from san jose to san francisco to celebrate his legacy. this was threatening future trips, but as long as people step up the train will run. the 30-year-old tradition is the only freedom train in the country and com meme commemorates his legacy. they were surprised when 200 people showed up. a lot of the schools had the
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day off. she encouraged kids to show up. >> you participate in a community service activity. i wanted them to remember dr. martin luther king by doing something to help the world and our environment. >> volunteers covered 3 miles of coastline along the shoreline. it is one of the largest turnouts they have seen. seattle's win over the 49ers yesterday, today everyone is still feeling the effects. >> reporter: the 49er faithful bid fare well. inside headquarters players cleaned out their lockers and high hopes for next year.
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in the parking lot a few fans waiting for an autograph or a chance to say thanks. . >> 9ers fans were hoping it would be sleepless in seattle. with the loss, many of them went to their hotels quietly. one woman said it felt like a break up. some not even willing to say it was a great season. the loss was too raw and how close a came to winning in one of the toughest arenas. reporting from seattle national airport, will tran, kron4news. >> reporter: we have places in napa and livermore getting
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chilly. another day of record-breaking temperature and unseasonably warm temperatures. 67 for downtown san francisco. we will have records again tomorrow. highs on the left and the record on the right. we will have records in richmond. it will be by 1 degree. we will tie in mountain view and set records in livermore and nap napa. as the storm goes to the north and comes down on the back side, we will see gusty winds and high fire danger. no rain, but we need it really body.
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all of california is in extreme drought. we are very low of where we should be. as i mentioned gusty winds thursday and friday will will raise fire concerns. we will have mild temperatures bay-area wide. 49ers clean out their lockers. gary has highlights in sports next. good. good answer.
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good evening, warriors playing indiana at 33 and 7, best record in the nba. all-star vote voting in tonight. curry had 24 points, 9 assists. you don't see curry ever get up. what will stef do about it, but, paul george from fresno state. curry in transition rushes and forget about it.
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102-94. they are off until friday. minnesota at oracle arena. women's basketball, another big night, 30 points, 16 rep bounds, the first team all america. 80-54. stanford is 17 and 1. cal, any other area of the country when you have two teams like this you would be going cal cal cal. brittany had 24. they are 19 and 4. 79-64 over arizona. 49ers over. you figure more attention the sharks way. going to work against calgary. pevelsky will tie the game at 1
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in the opening period. here we go. we have joe thornton. great night, 3-2 sharks. pevelsky scored several in the game. the main conversation will be about navarro bowman's recovery. the typical prognosis is 9 months. we will see how it works for him. mike iupati broke his ankle. they will decide whether or not he will have surgery. the 49ers are saying he could be back for training in july.
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the 49ers are packing up. they will have 10 unrestricted free agents. he are player thoughts on the end of a good season but it ends short of the goal. >> disappointed. there is no message to make everybody feel better. >> we will continue to work hard and continue to get our body and minds right. >> it is funny we will have a show at 9:00 that will feature the 49ers and where they go from here at 9:00 on thursday night. where they go from here, kaepernick is back. harbaugh is back, defense is back. hey, some of the people, you want to cry for a few days. look to next year.
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all fall down! >> the barricade collapsed. >> and red carpet chaos. >> bradley! >> bradley cooper grabbed by the legs. then, do-over, kate gosselin's silent twins. what happened when they got a second chance? and the rant seen around the world. >> that's the result you're gonna get. >> what shellshocked sportscaster erin andrews is saying today. >> he lost his mind, it was awesome. >> and the hero quarterback, his connection to the "inside edition" family. >> oh my gosh! then, the disturbing new trend, can you believe they are snorting smartees? >> that's a re


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