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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  February 14, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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oo a firefighter in jail on drug and mres station ch. >> thousands of pounds are illegal shark bins a seized. . stunning allegation about a firefighter. he's accused of selling mt. ing meth -- the allegation have rocked the close-knit department. >> it hurts. we are like a family. it's something we don't tolerate.
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it goes against everything this badge stands for. >> we're an gri and shocked. >> he serveded for years at fire station one where he recently assigned to the out reach program. and the department of justice spokesperson says there may be additional vi. >>reporter: neighbors tell me that he lived in this neighborhood directly behind me with his parents. they say that under cover offices raided his house thursday taking out computers and other items as evidence. friday i went to that house to get answers. family members were inside i could here them laughing as i walked to the door. >> no comment there at this time. >>reporter: did he live here.
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>> there's no comment at this time. the family is upset. there's no comment. >>reporter: neighbors say he lived at this house off and won his parents. a house that is in clear site and within a couple hundred feet of two sc. students that walk by his house every day just shook their head in awe over the charges, the accusations and his proximity to youngsters. >> you're supposed to be saving lives. >> it's a lot of drugs going around here. you wouldn't think a grown man is doing that to tine teenager boys. >>reporter: those are sadden.
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>> this shouldn't happen. >>reporter: j.r. stone. >> a police chase in oakland has led to a possible crash. details still coming in. we'll stay with the story and bring you the latest information. announced the arrest with two suspects in the series of burglaries in a pest control office. he's a former employee of the pest control. officials say they collected evidence at torres's home which amounted to $15,000 of commercial grade pest. a major bust by the california fish and wide life. collecting more than a on the of
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banned shark bins for sail. it's the largest bust since the ban went into affect last july. >>reporter: california fish and wildlife offices were tipped off in january that this restaurant was selling shark finish soup. when they arriveded at the restaurant the delicacy was on the menu and being openly sold to pay reason tos. >> in the investigation it reveal where he obtained those shark finishes to begin with which is a fish wholesaler out of san francisco. >>reporter: officer discovered
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thousands of pounds of -- finishes. the company's owner was sited -- cited with a misdemeanor and released. the charge could land him in jail for up to six months. some say that is a light sentence. when voters passed a law that went into affect last year. the reason many passed that law is cruel in harvesting the finishes. the case is now with the district attorney's office. >> the man charged with a brutal attack during pride weekend in san francisco. the district attorney's office found him guilty of -- a group of suspects robbed the victim's purse and knocked her to the
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pavement. one suspect was seen kicking the victim in the head while she was on the ground. the victim did not suffer lasting injuries. he is expected to be sentenced. >> still 57 degrees in san francisco. 56 in san jose. here's a look on satellite and radar picture. we still have rain well to the north of us. tomorrow that rain is finally going to move down to the south and into the bay area. tonight it's going to be mostly cloudy a few areas of fog. for your saturday a chance of showers in the morning. i think the rain is going to start 6:00 in the evening and continue into sunday. coming up we're going to talk more about tomorrow's rain and how it will impact the chinese
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new year parade. >>. the president addresses the nation about the drought hitting the state. sfwl and a gunman walks into a radio . >> the programming note. if you like dogs the next special is all about dogs. we will take you behind the scenes of the dog show. hosted by our own friday february 28 here at kron 4. [ male announcer ] fact: the 100% electric nissan leaf...
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cool. and heat. from your phone. fact: leaf never needs gas. ever. good for the world. built in america. now, leaf's an easier choice than ever. ♪ shop at ♪ we're learning tonight the man who robbed the radio shack thursday morning was look for specifically apple products. it was after o 10:30 in the morning when he walked in with a
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mask. he asked for iphones and eye pads. he -- the police describe him as a heavy set infringement meal and -- african-american male and six feet tall. >> we're 24 hours from the chinese new year parade. the all star league is under way. we'll show you opening night soto speak. and the story in miami. the ugliness of richie incognito.
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they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. . as much as the country is dealing with a winter storm like very few in history the state of california is in the midof one of the driest times. president obama president obama visited the -- fresno area. he pledged federal money to the golden state to battle. he said all americans will have to make difficult choices on how
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to use water. >> i'm directing immediate steps to curb wate. >> the overal federal package is aid for the most extreme areas. >> the possibility of rain is not putting a damper on the chinese new year celebrationen have you had o'. hundreds of thousand expected to be -- it's taken place annually for 150 years. dan rueben has a preview of what you will see. >>reporter: the night before the chinese new year parade, peer 54 is loud -- pier 54 is loud.
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he's been making floats for 30 years. over 600,000 fire crackers. not to be out done by the floats. >> we're checking every float and light. crawling underneath the under carriage. >>reporter: hard work that gets harder. >> the sponsors say more, more. we're not going to turn them down. >>reporter: every generator, power drill, and staple gun only make his heart grow fonder. >> the weather looks great the parade is going to be magnificent. it looks like it's going to be a perfect day. even though the day is
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almost over, happy valentine's night. some in full wedding attire. others in informal sifrp pol. --. >> engaged and married in the sam. >> if valentine's day isn't enough the 14th of 2014 should help them remember. the annual flash mob style event kicked off earlier this evening. hundreds showed up to have apy low fight. the fun did leave behind a mess. the estimated clean up cost is more than $4,000. >> we continue to see high and
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mid level cloundz. as we wake up the temperatures will be mild. muggy out there. as we head into the afternoon tomorrow p the winds are going to be picking up as the storm approaches. the rain starting at 6:00 in the evening. temperatures will be largely in the upper 50s and low 60s through the afternoon tomorrow. yesterday rains helped our drought conditions little bit. you see the original compared to the red -- orange. exceptal drought is the dark the rain and we're going to get some more tomorrow. clouds incleesing still to the -- increasing. tomorrow it's finally going to sag sout and -- south and into the bay area. just seen the cloud cover. that's all we're going to see in
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the morning hours and into the early aefrn. as we hit the 5:00 hour -- we'll have light showers. also down by 10:00 we'll see showers down into redwood city. they'll continue through the 12:00 hour by become spotty at that time. we will see a couple more showers sunday. later morning hours for sunday things are really going to clear out. we'll see sunny skies and mild temperatures. i don't think we are going to see anything. the rain will move in about 6:00 and last until 1:00 on sunday. rain fall totals up to half an inch. we will see gusty winds for the
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afternoon and some periods of moderate rain. if you are heading to the chinese new year parade, bring an umbrella. it's going to be windy out there and a little cool. once the rain starts you'll be glad to have an um brelly. a look at your extended forecast. the storm you will see tomorrow will be quick. monday also dry, by tuesday, wednesday rain you re. rooks -- gary has the sports next.
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. this is nba weekend. with the all star game coming. some hall of fame talk. who came to this country to play basketball he's going to the nates smith hall of fame. along with kevin johnson. now the mayor of sacramento. they -- david stern full flej
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into the hall of fame. it's rookie verses a second year player. barnes look nice. he had 16 points tonight. oakland looking good. fooling around tonight. he had 13. the funny part he knows andre drumd drummed. he's a 7-footer from detroit. when they gave him the trophy, he dropped the trophy. a good time tonight at the nba frishman verses sophomore game. they also had a -- friday evening means women's college hoops. the landscape to themselves.
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that's lindsey. stanford dominates. tonight they handle arizona 65-49. stanford a winner big over arizona state. and speaking of arizona state, on the men's side they knock of second rank arizona tonight by a score of 69-66. and somebody is going to get hurt. friday night you don't want to have a moral lecture. any time you beat a team ahead of you. you think one time somebody is going to get stuck under there. every once in a while. that's a new thing. they lost tonight 23-2. everybody bum rushes the coach.
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young man who played baseball at sara high school went on to be a all star for the annings. and the angels to their first american -- fergosi passed away today at the age of 71. 50 years in baseball. jim fergosi as a player, as a ma executive. almost 200 pages of research proves incognito was as inhumane as speculated. nfl went full born into this
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thing. martin was subjected to racial slurs, sexual taunts. martin lawyer says he had been indicated a, great sense of relief and ready to get out on the field. incognito came out with a tweet that said don't hate. happy valentine's. you watch all these shows and they bring in former players. and the players in the last month or so, you tied was turning. even players say after reading this report and the visionens of it how the guy was thinking of committing suicide. incognito shouldn't play
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just revealed. rosie o'donnell's secret weight loss surgery. >> her big announcement. she's already lost 40 pounds. and carmageddon. >> you are lucky to be alive. >> what's it like to be inside this disastrous pileup? >> a lot of cars that are overturned. then why the nation's top weather people are defending their forecast. >> everything else i still stand by. and what a drag. did the air vents in this high- tech speed skating suit cost team usa olympic glory? plus, the death of julia roberts' half sister. exclusive. what the dead sister's future brother-in-law is saying about america's sweetheart. >> julia roberts didn't want to have a fat sister. then stoned on the ski slopes? >> are you high right now? >> i am. >> you won't believe what


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