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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>darya: is fake movieland. >> james: it is, within a lot of things around the bay area its common and
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lightning and everything else. if you have any flight out of sfo is hard already you have problems because it was shut down early this is dark they're trying to get the power back up this is the wider view this switch over to storm track for. >> james: the rain is coming down and the navato doesn't have and to rein in our dressing rain coming down pretty heavy at times adjutancy for closer to the golden gate bridge this is what we're talking about the last of that we have a relatively mild conditions
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where another self maters heavy rain and into the half hour it is awfully intense places like mill valley sausalito of golden gate bridge and for some sentences will just get on a tip from getting pretty intense hours coming down at any moment the sec another look at what will see from other parts of the bay as the system is heading in that direction toward oakland. >> james: looking for things to get awfully wet for the bay bridge side of women in east began to moderate to heavy rain redwood we also have to rain down there danville. staff
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light to moderate in heavy rain toward tracing. in love to sit along there is a good chance to have standing water for the freeway. we're watching for that to continue the bay area this morning the flood advisory >>darya: they're in marin county this morning is one of the hardest-hit areas ever was getting wet if
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>> jackie sissel: a lot of water a marin city is also little. tiff i have distilled i got stuck in that and it was intense some of the hardest rain we have seen in years because of the drought conditions we have been under ims and the house out for 30 seconds is coming down extremely hard rate there is street flooding here in marin city and on 101 southbound as you approach the walled old gray the right lanes before the marin city exit the shutdown of the railways are actually on the water at this point the intersection from marin city to the 11 is also flooded out here if you're someone that are normally
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travel give yourself an least 45 minutes because the rain is coming down hard people are driving 45 mi. an hour on the freeway at this point >>darya: i did not know the error flooded if it weren't for a car that was stuck with the lid on in the middle of the highway and that is the only reason i did i get stuck i think as we get more traffic to this you see the car in front of you get sprayed in go-slow examine our no traffic so it comes out in the your and recall >> jackie sissel: you to realize it is coming. not a
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job ran in and monthly seconds it had done so hard i had a run back to the man second get an intimate the so-called is incredibly intense rainstorms coming down here and make. >>darya: it is so heavy inflows the street like that >> erica: san francisco do with the word of it because of the poor drainage issues we have several areas of roadway flooding the we have a lot of minds block was such a freeway northbound 101 am mayor also will have a downed tree reports of a landslide blocked in the lanes are not saw about 10117 overturn vehicle blocking the right hand lane 280 is probably a better alternative than about a correction we do have an injury accident docking many of the lines
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the sea is his acid to find an alternative route if it could set off the freeway it or maybe the best advice amounted vehicle crashed it bought in the left lane but so far the tracks and is moving pretty slow for the accident in the '60s are adopting down to 25 mi. from our a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is backing up at into san francisco. >>stanley: we are relying on you of your ticket was follows and videos to assure us this morning that allows us to give us and was never an increase in the name i was slated to to picture a video the easiest way that you can mail to reckon with the mobile application is awesome that is the easiest
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way to your bust up or bundling of the cares and about to leave on a commuter please send it to us it will share it with you and with everyone else this morning will continue our team coverage in just a few minutes as the continued track of you for you to a lot of people have a hard time it looks like a river and out there and so on roadways. the we have no information on the numbers of people that are arrested and openly to ferguson protest will be back with that >>darya: you consider morgan was heavy movie downpours that for the heaviest is coming down to counter never uttered a will to your the storm is moving and ago stop the bay area alt route is more intimate will be right back.
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>> reporte>> erica: on the othee of the freeway southbound on one of many and overturned car blocking one of lancet you are at 280 is a better option think again of my 280 we have an injury accident blocking multiple line to c h p access to a fine of 10 raw.
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>>darya: read or to have a full set of the forecasts as a second live look at the red are here will tell you where it is planning the heaviest does not affect the income you will be close to sfo because of this land that whether at 630 a car on fire in the east bay and to people are caught inside and at 640 the bird was caught off surveillance video rental home selling bibles that are behind bars now.
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>>darya: here is was somebody shot gary at ninth street some time you see a glistening when it acts as a giant bottle and saw an ambulance that was half way covered stock and roadways. dickinson the laws and breaking news at kron 4 that come and another great way is with our mobile application all you have to do is hit a special tile the system that story or follow the mixing will be easy we have a few technical problems as well the best way for us to get coverage is with your photos and videos this is new asphalt
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avenue in san francisco isn't around 330 this morning able >>darya: that is another problem this morning is a san francisco with more on that story >>will tran: flooding taking place all over the bay area all over san francisco and at the chavis are flat overnight three cars unknowingly came down here saw the water are or have the not sit because a lot darker the water caused their engines to go out and you can see those cars are still stranded when you're looking at now is a lot better them what we saw just a few hours ago and as you can see at one point the water was even higher look at all the garbage the water has brought down just
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a little bit but this all flap is closed this is simply too dangerous for a car coming down would also get stranded and if they happen to get through there will slam into those cars as well. >>will tran: a tow truck to come down here move all the cards this is just a snapshot of what is going on instead francisco so much more that the department of public works whenever they see flooding they're making sure that there's glasses and less on the ground to mention the the jurors know one clever does not even know what was tried to go through there is another drive looking he and nancy the darkness in the water so he also was tied to go down as well unfortunately sort of and i so not to go through is a lot going on in
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san francisco right now at this point is not rated below more rain is it our way >>darya: i was driving to recall that maybe i should not have it is too late you go through your not quite sure you have a little car forgive it is a live look at the satellite render. >> james: the brunt of it is right here in northern california lake tahoe given the fairly strong showers will take a closer look in- store track for one to zoom in at the north by reverend and a bottle--navato is the
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consummate rainfall rates that will redressing the rain for re not to in 3 1/4 inches per our falling right now that is a heavy heavy bit of land is falling this is all track in the direction of santa fell they're not already when they would get very wet. this will receive some of the heaviest rain is also little sentences on of the disaster showers between the two of you and the impact in the bay bridge at the moment as we look at he said last of the law off the heavy rain in the delta. >> james: 26 and showers in a dublin presence in the area of the civil war that is attracting a flock to the east not terrible we have san jose was half the
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city's auto loans got those is to go on sale at the bottom of spine of this work in the direction of cupertino and sunnyvale this is will we have said already in the last four hours already just about 4 in. of rain in the north bay and santa rosa area almost 2 in. in san francisco was more probably a to is marked it is what out their teeth that in mind and keep our mobile application with you wherever you go today for the rest of the week does agree with keep you updated weather and traffic in the time of the day another big impact of this rain is on a flight and then out of the sfo.
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>>darya: with some more than a hundred flights canceled they're also cancellous this morning 26 departure cancellations and 26 arrival cancellations at this time to shut off flights up and down the list goes that may be a possibility the courts devices sit with the carrier's assets you're flights before you come out.
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although no flights in and out of their not have any information on any flights from burbank. >>darya: is not a power problem is just the one with configuration we just a hint of that number of flights coming in and out the to whether and when with the sfo water canner their rivals are stricken a little bit we have when from a different direction that's what i have to use the different to restrict our rates if you're not flying in or out what you're probably not your problem second occurred credited to school or work in was not an easy
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drive metal >> erica: we already mentioned delays on as a full the two wins and we have a when affecting drivers is well pretty much the entire bay bridge ride started from a 80 and over to fourth street when avenue accidental from a 83 plans are blocked with injury accidents. it speeds down to 15 mi. from our it is a rough ride as you work your way into san leandro skimmers in crews are currently on st. for san francisco several problems down tree landslide blocking the right time the seven a problem for the past couple of hours. southpaw won a one
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are returned vehicles blocking one of the lanes 11 is looking pretty bad if a doctor want to use the no. 1280 instead we have injury accidents. >> erica: is about 11 and march of the senses are picking it up trapping was almost at a halt making your way of the peninsula >>darya: we cannot time
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exactly right for you in my be a good time to drive things are changing as we go through out the morning right now at this year among major currencies san rafael the red is really pouring the yellow is a heavy downpour the bring your just getting wet san francisco the livermore in concord the bay can be done for will be right back. ♪
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nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful home. >>darya: we are getting this new video and to kron 4 she sent the entire intersection at lake mille wrote and adelman is on the water to shock this bill for us and you can submit your picture and video is it to our mobile application or sending it to the breaking news and kron 4 that, will be right back.
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>>darya: they're getting their they started and in the bay area you're turning it did a study in the rain.
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mcallister and larkin street across from the asian art museum in the sea allow water on the roadway to allow so much water along the muni bns the mill is closed as this high-tech care of the flooding that time to mention the backing get rid of the post in case they need to pump it out. and rupert also you and i get stuck in the pounding. let's take a look at what he has. >> reporter: along that commute is a lot of lighter
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than it was early this morning. it was really slow going on my way over to the east bay. we saw a huge amount of pundit on the seaway and a lot of drivers was hit in the pools of water for months or longer because they did the season and had to berkeley i have not seen so much on the water from the rain has some less intensity a lot of people are coming to any of 40 mi. from the freeway and not 5565 that of the alliance of connection time this morning >>darya: mrs. one of the events here and certainly
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if a little slow and to myself phil allowed herself to get through some of the puddles a lot easier to move the smaller vehicle for getting stuck. until the sun come love you kelsey all of a huge puddles of water and is not a street light next today >>darya: >> james: we have a
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real peace in line here for moderate to heavy rain almost 1.8 in. per hour. mercies of the pri to one- half inches per hour as the rain fall great.
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>> james: this is a light sour an activity for the bay bridge antioch an imprint would have your grades are beginning to push off to the central valley. we are seeing it begin to taper off just a touch. he pretended to kron 4 will keep you updated on the rain we do still have a flood advisory another half hour so we will see that it is extended fantasy rainfall just to it's for our we saw that
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with the live simply with a moment ago also ponder on the road in him by reporters talk about how there's a lot of standing water out there and urban flooding was misleading and the city every intersection is seen some form an intersection flooded out will be more than coming as our reporters continue to give us the story. >> erica: is not a start up there and the cars are starting to solve our will not see all the hydroplaning in overturned vehicles received the past hour to about 880 and in this freeway right at a street in the southern vehicles archrival we will not need to allow trucks will have the weight in the back of that is good news there. new
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exodus of for southdown to 80 in moderate if you're headed to the bay ridge the drive time of the 23 minutes out of the macarthur maze it into san francisco >> erica: keep in mind you can download the kron 4 mobile application >>darya: read on to talk live with the sea its fee in check in with them to see how they're trying to help you get through the rain. if the plo have it down for red and that is the movie stuff that's when the sky is open and it sounds like a jackhammer on the top of your house. will be back in
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not if you keep interrupting me, i can't. everything is lined up a little bit with the rain. we have had a few extra accidence we want people to slow down and tried ease
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... city streets are a lot of flooding at the intersection. the normal speed limit you're not prepared for. >>darya: even a highly whether the puddles or they would know if they did come out.
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the city on a sure thing have a public members to report >>darya: will be back with more live tv coverage and a minute.
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>>darya: we're doing it with
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your photos and videos into are sending and look at the big tree to give you a really good perspective. the trouble in the air continues at the airport and the roadways are not much better >> erica: not only are we going to bring this morning a pretty strong winds we
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have a wind advisory affecting the dumbarton bridge area also of the and access to out in the lines i was hoping for better news said that 88092 interchange. we're still seeing these go to the five m.p.h. as well the better news to the rain is not as widespread we're still dealing with however a significant area of pounding is a little worse in san francisco the to for drainage. subplot 280 will have some flooding their so certainly drive the extra caution. difficult diving
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conditions for both 101 and 280 in san francisco in getting into the south lawn 11 and highway in sausalito we do have a partial flooding to the lands are currently blocked off. >> erica: bay bridge is a slow ride traffic is at a halt for 88580 pretty much of the approach to minimize or on and drive times for 04 of 25 minutes from the maze getting you into the city the golden gate bridge is looking good. we're announcing are stressing around heading into san francisco the tech a look at how slow traffic is at the richest ever fell bridge. keep in my you can get a base at any time a kron 4 like--application >> james: the cellaret are a
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strong light to moderate rain the tech a quick look at the rain fall and just a moment we are seen rain coming down and about 3 in. per hour for that stretch that is what we're seeing the rain from the heaviest you see red also falling down in the area santa forcing it to to keep that
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in mind there is more intense hours and in that way the next 15 to 20 minutes were watching that very carefully the open side is doing all right. we of pleasanton and livermore starting to see that the stresses on to the office with 40 of jamaica went around the bay >> james: where say some i'm beginning to fall that is what we're saying outside of the door is a quick look at which can expect a flood advisory would affect for it is another 10 minutes was so
6:51 am
intense rainfall rates on the on the role certainly you're on to run into that and see if you're heading into san francisco fusilier seen in the past two to four hours this is quite the rainmaker will keep you updated on the forecast >>darya: it was right after i went through the tunnel that it was halfway up to my tire. >> jackie sissel: conditions have and crew but there's still lots of flooding around the bay area hit the video that i shot just a little bit ago southbound
6:52 am
101 @ morgan city the right place as you approached the on and off ramps are such down because of the flooding is not only there was no one but is also on the surface streets i ran into several firefighters from the mel valley immigrants sitting fired are made to see them there they're working to get in the sections the sections cleared they cannot handle the amount of water that was falling i left about at 330 this morning and it was coming down in sheets of will to petaluma the southbound 101 was completely shut down here the video of what the right look like this is near hamilton in 101 the southbound traffic at that point the conditions or almost unaffordable. >> jackie sissel: traffic on the freeway was traveling for the 40 mi. an hour and that was almost too fast the
6:53 am
condom on the freeway the one to walk the cannot keep up it was coming down as such an extreme right opposite conditions were unsafe at that point. the good news is that conditions have improved on what one can concede some of the sales weren't there the good news is that the conditions have improved a little bit at least at the golden gate and is an hour-and-a-half to our conditions for almost unmanageable for people on the roadway. >>darya: on-again off-again you could run into heavy downpour definitely i leave a lot earlier than today and take us with you are mobile application not only is it good for you it would give you the weather and traffic on the dow it could help us with our coverage your car or coverage and a big boy today if you send us video and pictures to conclude by
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dealing but also with the mobile application is great because of the to push the tile this is share your picture will be back with more and a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: i hope you're getting an earlier start of the day here as it is taking a lot more to get around the bay


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