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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 6, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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protexters rallying on the streets of berkeley, and there are reports of violence. one officer was injured after some protesters threw rocks at police. police say that protest has redoused to only a couple hundred people. at one point, it was almost 400 people participating. this is the latest bay area demonstration after the chokehold death of eric garner. protesters are rallying on the streets in neighboring oakland. it is quiet after protesters yesterday clashed with police for a 3rd night.
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5 people taken into custody for several crime including vandalism and refusal to disperse and assault. since wednesday, 7 people have been arrested in oakland's protests. that's in comparison to last week, when police arrested nearly 170 people. back to thisbergly protest, that protest forced the downtown own north berkeley b.a.r.t. stakes to shut down. we are seeing video of officers taking protesters into custody. this video was around 9:00 tonight, showing someone being arrested around telegraph and bancroft street. dozens of law enforcement officers surrounded the crowd of people, forming skirmish lines to prevent people from marching any further. there have beenst also been reports of damage during the march. this is a twitter picture of the damage to a trader joe's
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store. can you see windows smashed, glass all over the ground. we will continue to monitor this breaking news situation and bring you updates. around the world, people are gathering over the grand jury decision over eric garner's death. in paris, people took to the trocadero across the sein river to protest. protesters held a die-in in atlanta. did youens of protesters lay near a sidewalk on an overpass. on west coast, people chanted from the hollywood boulevard to the highland intersection just before a man with a knife was shot and killed by police in the same intersection. the bay area seeing a break in the rain. crew have. repairing a large sinkhole in
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the last storm. first, deny grub network v is tracking the latest batch of storms. when will it start? >> it looks strike will be monday for the most part. as can you see, some of us will still see some rain. this is pushing ahead to 8:00 tomorrow morning, where you see at least light rain throughout the north bay. that will start to dissipate throughout the day. the morning fog will still burn off. you can already start to see another krill moving towards us by sunday evening. we have some widespread showers, not the moderate to heavy stuff, but trace at least. we'll i'll talk about how much rain and how much more we can expect coming up. >> continuing our team coverage, we join willie sheergal, who is live where crews were earlier repairing a large sinkmoment have they made
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mini progress? >> reporter: crews wrap up here around 8:00. 2 crew members have stayed on- scene. they'll be here overnight to monitor the equipment. pg & e says it has repaired the gay lines here at 6th and lake. as you can see, most of the hole has been covered with dirt except for the part that you're seeing right now. we're on day 4 of the project. at one point, the sinkhole was 9 feet deep. the intersection is still blocked off to traffic. crews do make a lot of noise during the construction, but most people are trying be patient about it. one neighbor sum up how most of the people we've spoken with
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have. she says crews are are working at a quick pace. >> i think it's incredible how fast they've fixed this. this is a sinkhole the size of a big swimming pool, and it's already almost fibs. i'm really impressed. they've been working non-stop. >> reporter: we're toll crews will be back out here tomorrow to work on completing repictures to the student lines and ten the hope is that the street will be covered with concrete on monday and that the road is scheduled to reopen on tuesday. live in san francisco tonight. crews in berkeley spent today taking apart a tree that fell on top of a house. this was the scene earlier. you can see the giant pipe resting on the roof. people inside escaped with only pie nor injuries. tree services had to work to remove the tree. they say the weather is to blame. over the past 3 day, there
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have been 7 fatal car accidents in the bay area. all but 1 of the accidents occurred in the east bay. the first one happened thursday afternoon in hayward. police say a motorcyclist died after krarving in a car on b street. san francisco police are investigating an early morning hit and run. the victim in that case is in critical condition tonight. the driver is cooperating with police. with the holidays fast approaching, some kids are getting a new set of wheels. in san jose, a thousand volunteers put together hundreds of bikes. this is their 10th year of giving bikes. many volunteers return each holiday season. they say it's all about the kids. >> when you come down, you feel like you're helping out. it's a family atmosphere. it's really cool. >> a lot of fun. the kids get a great price christmas.
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>> by the end of the day, athey semiabled 2600 bikes. coming up, the police force that will soon have body californias. and rain after a long dry spell in yosemite. and raiders officials beefing up security for rivalry game against the niners tomorrow. why oakland's mayor say it's not raiders fans security should be concerned about. we'll take you live to berkeley where there about 75 protesters assembling there. they are being held, boxed in, as they say, by police. we'll have details coming up after the break.
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extra security measures will being put in place for sunday's game between the raiders and 49ers. this was the scene at candlestick the la time these 2 teams played. several fights in the stand, a
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brutal beating in the bathroom, and 2 people were slot in the apartment. mayor quan says raiders fans are not probable. >> when we were in san francisco, people threw garbage at us. we have a much more peaceful crowd at the coliseum. we have not had much violence at all, ever. >> oakland police say they are ready to handle the crowds come sunday. still ahead e, a daring rescue mission couldn't stop the killing of an american terror hostage. and a city plans to give place offers more than 100 body cameras. we talk about decision next. >> wait until you see what we have in store if next week's weather. i'll talk about that after the break.
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you are looking live at a picture from our helicopter partnership with abc news. one police office injured after protesters threw rocks at police in the city of berkeley. some businesses were damaged, a trader joe's a radio shack, and a well fargo bank. that group has dwindled from 400 people to 75. in light of the reinofficer- involved deaths in ferguson and staten island, there have been called for police officers to wear body cameras.
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annie anderson has the story. >> reporter: the richmond police department got a big delivery earlier this week, 120 body cam perhaps sargent nicole betkoff believes it will protect police officers and public. >> it will protect against false act says against police officers. i also believe that it will also help alleviate any issues to where if we do have officers that are not conducting themselves in a less than professional manner. >> reporter: but there's still the poll for some incidents not to be recorded. >> they will not be required to have them on the entire time they're on shift. they will be utilized when an officer feels that it's necessary, such as during the contact of a suspect, during interviews that are necessary, during an investigation. >> reporter: for the most part, residents support using body cameras. >> as long as it's portray in the real way, and not kind of
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edited or whatever to put it in one favor or another. as long as we always get the full picture. that's what we need. >> reporter: officers will not have direct access to the video. it will go straight to the cloud. : this week's storms replenish the waterfall at yosemite national park, creating some gorgeous fewviews. the area received quite a bit of rainfall. it cleaned up the air around the valley and revitalized the park. the wet >> falls are flowing once again. this drought year, they are a welcome sight after running dry for about 5 month. dan? the rain has cleared out most of the bay bridge toll plaza. we have collie conditions there
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and fogs in the area. isolated showers and a system tomorrow morning. thursday is the big evnchlicious ada. we have high rainfall total. i'll talk more about that in a minute. sitting the 5 in redwood city. those are the stowal on friday. that encases the storm on thursday. the bay area getting upwards of 5 inches anticipated from now to thursday's storm. the peninsula been over 2isms projected. the east bay is looking at over 3 inches of rain.
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it will dry out briefly, but not for long. afternoon high, we'll stay pretty warm. 66 for union city, 62 will be your afternoon high if hayward. north bay peninsula, 54 for pantaloona, oakland should reach 68. kron 4's 7 day around the bay forecast, dry after this sunday and after monday' cell moves out, we'll get dry for a bit. don't get used to it. on thursday, the big storm is coming that will loom into friday. patalooma police are looking for a group of burglars
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that were looking for unlocked car door. they got way with money and garage door openers. authorities say the suspects used garage door openers to steal items from a few garages. 3 cars also had their catalytic converters stolen. sapp o say police are also investigating a fatal hit and run. the woman was taken to the hospital but died at the hospital. an american held hostage by al-qaeda has been kill. luke summers was working as a photojournalist in yemen when he was kidnapped. he was shot as u.s. special forces tried to rescue him and
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another hostage. the rescue mission was the sec attempt by the u.s. to rescue summers. nearly 11,000 american troops will remain in afghanistan at start of 2015. that's about 1,000 more than previously announce. defense secretary chuck hagel explained the new plan at a joint press conference with the afghan president. hagel says the increase in troops is due to the late signing of a security agreement between the nations. we will be back right after this.
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we continue to follow breaking news tonight on the streets of berkeley. you're looking live at a picture there our hell copper partnership with abc7 news. 75 people are assembled there. 2 officers have been injured dug those protests which got violent, including one officer who had to be hospitalized for a shoulder injury. this is at telegraph and durant streets in berkeley. police have these protesters currently blocked in. a kincaid county prosecutor announced an officer who punched a handcuffed woman will not face criminal charges although his actions may not meet the department policy. that does not mean however that it was a criminal act.
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>> reporter: first came the kick from a handcuffed suspect, then the punch from police officer adl yerks shepard. seattle police released this in- car video from the early morning hours of june 22. >> you pouchinged me for no reason. >> stay put. do not move. do not kick. >> reporter: app incident in south seattle escalate. >> my jaw is jacked. >> reporter: the woman says the blow broke an orbital bone, but officer shepard's attorney, eric makiss, says his tape did what he needed to. >> this was a combative, resistant, violent suspect that was being taken into custody.
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she assaulted a police officer, and he used appropriate lawful force to subdue the situation. >> reporter: officer's actions after he was assaulted were inconsistent with train and policy. the prosecutor examined the findings and said there was not enough to prove the punch was unreasonable. the officer will not face criminal charges. >> he's very please god exonerated. >> reporter: bosl yerks' attorneys are disappointed and say they will pursue alterative avenues to exact justice. >> the union says officer shepard should be returned to full duty as soon as possible. : a tab by cat is considered a
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hero and was the grand marshal of the bakersfield grade. this is after she fought off a dog that was attacking a 4-year- old boy. how much would pay for a slice of royal wedding cake? one unphone person is paying $750. the fruit cake is what he bought. it was put up for auction on friday. it's ripe now, i guess. it comes with a blank invitation to the wedding on the queen's stationery. my goodness. we have another storm system coming in, apparently the calm before the storm? >> and i don't mean to gloss over that storm system sunday night into monday, but that's really the smaller of the two systems we'll have.
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on thursday into friday, we'll have very he supply rainfall total, and also strong win as well. even it's coming at a tough time. we want to take you toback to the live shot of protests in berkeley. 2 officers were injured there. at the high of it, it was about 400 people. it's whyed down to about 75 people. this is a group near uc berkeley that's assembled. we'll stay on top of this story and have much more tomorrow morning in the kron 4 morning news. have a good night, everyone. that's it for kron 4 news at 11.
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