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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 17, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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. not eight what all week it just won't stop operating. it just was operate indirectly here with forecast >> : new allegations could sink his career hollywood blockbuster canceled a surprise but who is behind >> : stanley roberts roberts people taking sheer awe of the policies and >> : another wave of reyna and the bay area tonight some tracker for was lit up like a christmas tree during the evening commute now the rain is a bit more spotty but does not signal the end of
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the shower. chief meteorologist jacqueline tracking the storm j.r. stone live in san francisco scott with lavender and will start with you in the north there and now >> : the rain still very study >> : in about a cut in the session is started and has not let up pretty consistent throughout the evening sabah the lake and really see a pounding cold stinging rain golden gate bridge off in the distance traffic moving very well at this hour earlier that was thought the case. the deal here this i shot up in tirana earlier this is the coat shopping complex as the spot or flooding as a big problem as but a big problem is whole month of december for business owners here shopping center setbacks debt already go for another round of showers all week long and more potential flooding. this could not get
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a break up there and to run the area and our earlier this looked like a long 11 use see lots of traffic very slick runway it was a mess and also falling 3:00 this afternoon really it's like this all over the north bay seeing slick roads water on the side of the roadways and several contras crews are out and about looking for a hot spots. we come back alive at the golden gate bridge can tell you chp monitoring conditions so far have not needed the close a major roads because of a new major flooding at and are watching that my driver's policies and as a good rating year slowdown be careful really pay attention on the roadways cousin there still wet and still potential hazards of lead were team coverage and out dry our live in san francisco was a like a city renowned lawn raise the
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coming down to tell you it's drizzling out and that is good news because we're not saying the hard downpour's so we sought in previous day nonetheless people are messing around and we will notice some video that we shot the last couple of hours you can see all the umbrellas here out " so bundled up as the commit was like the last couple days that mix with cold weather in u.s. see something else here in the area of 17th hole some of the cafe is it's one of the stable cafe far from stable this evening this is a cafe that was flooded out last thursday and a cafe that is still close this evening see some of the steal it put up if they get another downpour i will be flooded until next week and they were flooded last thursday and thursday before militants was video
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boards to be ripped out in the area because the wood and all that wall a had to be looked out and again just seeing drizzle that is certainly good news. throwback to you in the warm cozy studio. still seeing rain-hour on after half cut is seen steady light rain over the bay bridge now really moderate at this hour. >> : the rain is lingering or early tomorrow morning rainfall totals of around live in these ranges here the hills and mountains between cap half inch of rain and rain. that includes what is saw earlier
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today and also the only up to half inch of rain there. storm no. 3 comes through friday don't put those roles would just get more rain on the way and you can get all after this storm tracker radars to live up pretty good out there right now mainly with the green. recessing moderate rain out there on your screen hero in east bay. and those of our san ramon and the walnut creek livermore and its lead up in your pocket the water and batted. over the delta letter rain as well. coming down pretty good. all the golden gate kermanshah and you conceive great are showing agree it's coming down pretty steady and definitely need the umbrella wiper's out there this evening especially over the richmond center fell golden gate bay bridge all under right now >> : to assure every of redwood city pol auto down the south bay mostly dry the sour you
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see here pushing to the south the central valley >> : still in the wake of that wave you conceive feature cast 8:00 tonight. actually and now in the patterns. that's exactly where were seeing rain right now as a move the dialer scared now isolated and far more and a little dry and to the morning commute. you got the door tomorrow morning will be a far cry from days past and look at those more in writing approaches. temperatures tomorrow out the door miles '40's '50's things to cloud cover 52 san francisco 45 in san jose afternoon highs bring a few
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the '60s mots on totally helping up a little bit of the more comfortable now coming up a bit talk a bit more about storm number three on friday a week and forecast and its struggle with the landlord to get the problem fixed >> : all this debris came tumbling down after the ceiling collapsed all started out as lead to the roof for some rain storm hit the bay area with all this rain we've been getting this is what tends turn now left to deal with. >> : debris soaked electronics and possible mold this living room is no longer livable. the landlord missing since all this
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happens and her sister chris had say they cannot get a hold of their landmark answer really the goal kicker thus telling people with year after his arm just winged figure out what happened i called her before a zero and choose christians here and iraq's second be all kinds of stuff having asthma being pregnant really bad for the same this environment than a ton of problems she won't fix issue after issue she will deal with only time she
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gets in touch is less time for the rent to be paid. >> : the shot the landlord when the ceiling will be fixed so far have not heard back >> : if you have a story would like us a check in to visit our web site at kron kron-4- dot-com look under by kron 4 story tab and then send us your idea >> : of north idaho indian near where high 1192 intersect about 5 mi. south from sfo and steadily reining in cemetery since 3:00 p.m. very steady but never rains extremely hard. the people who live in this area are really grateful for that because look at this video of what happened last night if to to think what highs to pete. residents of this
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house some corners crush flooded out. -yearly last night is fine all a sudden in in our water surprising in rising in an windigo do something about mario called fire department they cleaned it the drains and support couple of hours but they got the water to recede. they did the job efficiently and are going to grab sandbags and bring them back. >> : see all the damage in which it is hoped they to work like this is >> : mario his family prepping for friday morning the next heavy rain. but more sandbags tomorrow to really gear up for friday >> : had re mcdonald's no longer forty-niner of investigation for some of its team to release him talk live with
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retired police investigator who had a previous rape allegations of 40 niner on how old case might affect this new one >> : breakthrough in relations between eyes its cue of president obama new approach little means for cuban goods but those famous cigars >> : took its toll on a major motion picture the ominous threat that showdown >> :
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mcdonnell does not been arrested but it does appear that this incident was the final straw for 49 hours. kron 4 mckee is here with the details >> : half half police
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investigator handle yet another for daughter player break allegation before talk with him a little background on today's scandal. and mcdonnell longer 49% jose police named him as a suspect tx often by on monday at his home. although he is not been arrested 40 niner's journal manager suggested pattern of bad behavior. >> : this is football team no longer daughter in >> : here and adult the silver creek on tuesday revealed nothing about what if anything was found to >> : no one answered the door neighbors say that members and all the place on tuesday you may recall citing a lack of evidence recently declined to file charges
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against donald. in connection with the domestic violence case with his fiancee during a party. and enough is enough. he is a good friend to a lot of people on this team. and yet in sight on the probe the sf tv it sees here with us this evening. and explain that >> :
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and before the super bowl and investigator had a light at the sky is the kid gloves or did you actually it harder on them >> : many more harder to be >> : in the case. if it's a focus library or any other kind of loan person. so it's little more tension than normally have a case like this >> : top u.s. that sime clear. >> : playing in the super bowl 40 niner's and as we mentioned earlier sexual assault our
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obligation not the first time ran installed the investigating by police so last month sackler d.a. it declined to charge against him in light of evidence in the but while the case has been arrested back in august after alleged argument with his fiancee >> : in that domestication they learned about another disturbance at would policy once before his arrest and believed to be his fiancee told a gun on him. and you see back from like that you see history does that influence how hard you're going to go after this person. >> : it might influence in the history of sexual salt
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allegations of course some of the police to search warrant about the alleged victims' statements to be drugs the call. anything i could cooperate or exonerate of its rugby that. >> : it could be consensual goes into whole other unravelling as i get solve any time soon. still ahead
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the bay area landslide in danger sliding even farther. but the depressing as a about a hacker attacks and threats against movie theaters that led to a controversial film demise >> :
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of the traveling in north korea did interview kim john
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own scenes from movie might never the see to that study says no for the release plans for the controversial plans called interviewed >> : cancellations of the plan comes after federal investigators determine north korea was behind sony as ever attack against sony pictures is threatened the nine of the attack of the movie was released that prompted many major theater owners to postpone or cancel christmas day premier stars of throw again came controversial because it's plot involving the attempted assassination of its caribbean dictator can now known they have no credible evidence to indicate active plot against solely exists >> :
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are clear physical threats and homeland in recent threats against greece years at this time when a specific credible threat to these reports >> : still had tonight find out what the bay lights project will be able to keep its shimmer and outrage over the " had decided the departure blind boys from its behaving >> :
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to keep trying eliminated our project on the bay bridge say they will find a way to keep the lights on all loans to private donation and the deal with the bay area coal authority. the lights will go out next march in that system, and the cable then will go back up and currently be gifted to the state of california. there are 25,000 lights on the western span against is a foot apart and insulation is a work of a near artist >> : price to move across the bay area right now. pre-war scattered definitely lighter but still ongoing. talk more about this wave of rain and another wave coming later had to peninsula community battling and flooding >> :
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side clara and my report bay area landslides' cut off for a popular area >> :
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because in more problems tonight and leading to a popular hiking trail and mill valley closed because of a landslide engineers blocked off tennessee valley road and it's extremely unstable and potentially life-threatening. the earth is saturated with water and still shifting. possible for mudslides could collapse even farther. >> :
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close to 500 key gene customers lost our overnight and morocco the scene and rain drive one of the reins and the soil under mess of pine tree bringing it down on high-voltage power poles and the genie workers remove the tree mannish repair the line >> : still seeing ran at this hour turning the bill later in the going for the drug trade are a ceo as more moderate cells to look here over the east bay and we do have a couple moderate cells near san ramon dublin just south of livermore. things really lightening up and live more for missing a little bit break and the rain light showers continue all away from vallejo down the concord and see also seeing live rain over sentences go mainly here in the parking bureau near 18 t park and on the south bay as
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well. as a look on the peninsula things dry out all little bit and still seeing rain and the coast line continues to track the southeast all this year will be along the peninsula 15 ministers of don self they mainly light showers some light rain now. moving down to the south bay and then still on wake of that. still more rain and later in the week. we take a look of future tests coming up. >> : jacqueline mention the south bay it does continue their at this hour spotty showers continue for the rest of the evening just bush joins us live and santa clara what's it like >> : on the and off-again
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situation all night long with regards to rain down here in santa clara rallied. and last half-hour was not raining at all in this about five minutes ago started coming down is very light very thin rain very different on our go to the video we shot just than any conceives coming down pretty good this video shot just down the street over the parking lot levi stadium any conceive a drainage it are getting a workout. as far as drivers roadways completely covered with rainwater and drivers having to sit a little extra precaution i can tell you from my drive from san francisco high won a one it was stop and go traffic trip people so concerned about the rainbow for now like i said rain coming down are slightly but consistent way. >> : flooding nearly a week ago forced evacuation of the entire mobile home park and
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belmont. almost all those residents finally been allowed back home but as felipe it reports some people fear a repeat of a problem with return of the weather >> : but no one cares about are >> : at the marina and her husband and other families stiff ticket to home park were left in the dark if itself to to storm caused major flooding in the community because until planning building department says the drainage system didn't work properly and shoe and the underground electrical grid submerged in water >> : and now the water has been brought in and some the drains cleared pg&e was all but one of those have been green tag with family is
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allowed to return if hope is that these forms now blocking the front entrance will keep water out and new strains leading out toward the freeway stay on block to >> : meet holiday lights to stay on for good fit to to fact after we have those pumps to keep working all the time >> : they attention to exchange of money along one block from memorial church sentences go >> : its that time again time for buying selling of normal government into tyrannize the closer >> :
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near be too close >> : and santa news to say she's not selling and she's written >> : at the sky as the seller >> : that caught having badly she is a buyer unmoral church gives food to the need many end up going to the greedy usually same people >> : all times >> : , and on even almost back- to-back >> : you see them running on the corner of the back again with another ticket this man has teabags of donated food meant for one person so busy
8:36 pm
he fails to notice of standing over him recording some removing stand good civic and more raw chickens and that has often discarded on the street simply thrown away >> : these and volunteered as a test of wrangling discarded cans >> : like last year this canful throw cans and the beginning to look all times >> : the city of sit there and not affected for she could get one >> : some people in need never got a bad because people were free again >> : price pictures a school here is mother's fear when she learns her blind kidskin was
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replaced with a pool toy >> : and big changes wrought today's united states policy of cuban on squirrel lives spotty little bit lighter right now notary had to do and will be coming up >> : female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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development and relation 50 years president obama announces a major policy related to that nation today and ran but dole says the story of american hostage that led to this hit a two month start of the jewish holiday a miracle for the family bond rose so far the best tonic cut >> : coming to back after being convicted of attempting this internet setting up a internet illegally
8:40 pm
dispersed the start of a president obama starts the normalization of ties between the countries >> : 50 years have shown isolation has worked time for new approach >> : includes reopening embassy easing travel economic restriction americans use a credit the cars in cuba along them to return to the states with cuban goods like world-famous cigars >> : he was real leader give credit to president obama for finding a way to for the two countries to work together >> : and respect our people but a historic move number without skepticism about with republicans including cuban- americans center mark of florida fans ministration lead the people to be done than what politics continued player on a world under
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roses to eminence sinful for this very first that the election and crucial to survival knowing now is not forgotten >> : and continues at this hour will spotty brighter but more rain is on its way on forecast as a few minutes when month there is up next a sports giants finally make an off-season signing airways and on low-rated
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letter lot more spotty storm tracker raid are still seeing plenty of areas experiencing that rain is a star in the east bay you see that here over double in pleasanton and more modern and heading toward a more. lighter showers the 0680 a to conquer also light through a into out vallejo you consider a shift to southeast saw up to north bay a few such showers and
8:44 pm
syria put his long ocean beach down into the city here shortly another round rain had direct for the state's shoreline. it's also francisco dons sematech up a would city as well as paul october seeing light rain right now and really small area more moderate rain heading towards the east bay shoreline and self they seeing here will at this hour. live satellite radar picture waves impacted earlier and that's pushing down to the southeast seeing just a few spotty showers filling and in the wake of that. still seeing some scattered snow showers and continue as well as to tomorrow morning with a future cast the rain returned not only spotty but also isolated to a head and later evening hours early tomorrow morning. airline morning commute tomorrow really not all that bad. few isolated showers sexually the summer sun breaks in the south bay in the early- morning hours and the the sun is rising as a move in the afternoon still tries stay dry much of tomorrow but as we had insulator
8:45 pm
evening hours the seattle reign approaching no. day as star #three starts to impact the bay area and early friday morning. tomorrow out the door a bit mild cloud cover sticking up to much of the night and in the 40's low 50s out the door tomorrow morning 53 richmond 60 oakland and will kuehler said jose 4544 livermore. for afternoon highs temperatures still on the cooler side especially the north but to use for more than what we saw today low 60s expected down to the peninsula down the south bay again sing some bricks there tomorrow afternoon. for the sierra we continue in early after the early-morning afternoons not sunshine of friday and also-rans nomex and the elevation by saturday drier conditions are expected. his look year extended forecast still seeing showers in this very early tomorrow morning been very light tomorrow evening for dry much of the day but nephritis iii girls and it
8:46 pm
could see a few lingering showers in the saturday we gimmicks largely dry as we do see early next week >> : good evening everyone the forty-niners want get their good image back and said very well may of started today. right or wrong in not taking any prisoners sort of speak cleaning it out. anyone with questions surrounding them ray macdonald released after 49 hours a little late this morning suspect an alleged sexual assault. not arrested yet or charged mcdonald informed of his release of a phone call after with 49er measured tread your member who just recently mcdonald's seemed to be unclear. a similar case that you nation today though was less strong >> :
8:47 pm
certainly believe in due process and demonstrate the overtime. but there becomes a pattern of my poor decision making as in this case become a time when lives with no other decision be made but the one we made today >> : be says it's the microphone in front of any of the forty-niners and say. quarterback well what a cabinet thing. >> : the friend to allow people no one ever thought better of him. here's a good person everyone around here so hopefully put just misunderstanding. the organization if it won't have a high standard. psst yet to be able to abide by that >> : fact to billion dollars stadium pushing to $1 bottle of wine michael mean up
8:48 pm
people would rather have mature clientele believes in what you're selling. if you play the high rate game have to have people feel good about the product putting out there and the work- family muffler around this is above all this is a family now a good take an active role in making the 49er image hopefully clean again >> : were the show you something if people devalues you your do what all show you. >> : jamal boat talk he's gonna be fired and no you do believe this out harbaugh offered six year $48 million deal the coach university of michigan. according nfl network even for a portrait not saying jim call me up your out of the guys i be working for a and it will
8:49 pm
go one more in bozeman is called the from michigan no they're out there other in the forty-niners face horrible car mechanician 1983 to 1986. in other words you'd sit there and let them fire you but you strategizing. >> : the hang been distressed look at me and got michigan >> : that half a fire sergio was a benefactor is off-season his cultural surf your medial to which hon. edges of the eighth inning but 14
8:50 pm
the giants not find anybody but here he goes $15 million to year's sergio rommel will stay with san francisco giants basketball stanford beat law lot and no six and two. steve will not have an open tomorrow night and a host oklahoma city. 16 game victory streak last night but kirk and still >> : a valid business is run this for anything. and since haven't nurses 9 after games that likely where he from two years ago chasing down what is we were still warm even halfway there >> : kings needed new coach mark jackson broadcast the game
8:51 pm
last may and then when back in a locker room with chris mullin to sacramento adviser general manager pete and supposedly talk a little bit basketball to dallas and 14 also took the team's best player cousins with them for rides is talking at this 0.6 seconds it's a holiday party that's what the sharks did today giving what people in the community and a little joy to folks who appreciated this time of year >> : and thus you again until all on the americas is happy to you >> : and still going on at this hour indefinitely turning more scattered going to be more isolated into tomorrow morning there's more rain had this workweek final day weather coming up >> : as close as a tick away a blind boys came when
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happened after masters got an earful from that boys series mother >> :
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wrote about a monday night at 9:00 the country has been found as a career out area wife another nine months pregnant with missing back december the six car was an island in in elk grove parking lot late monday night woman's body found inside today the court are identified that that body as that andrews detectives trend to determine her exact cause of death and is reportedly had a history of depression among kansas city the school calls connecting line tells came stallone's school officials say the cut had another child on the bus using a cane so they took away the boy's mother
8:56 pm
says of the cane as his eyes and needed to get around as plates the school gave the boy is willing pool noodle cut his mother says the school took away the one thing he needs the most from through so much rv eight years hands and a like someone else price on the opposition >> : school representative man a surprise visit to a code is home to return the can smother says she is very grateful on jacqueline as back as an update on our rain for tonight and into tomorrow. and now definitely more scattered and more isolated is to move in the overnight hours still seeing heavy rain hayward union city letter rain on san francisco of the heavier rain just picked up over east bay shoreline more rain on the way not so much tomorrow largely dried but friday the expecting storm
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