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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  December 18, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> pam: a rally against what they say is an eye justice in regards to minorities with the justice system. black and armed suspect being shot by white police officers. justified >> and unnecessary killing. of brown and black men and boys must stop! >> pam: the action by the public offenders office was joined by public defenders and another of bay area counties in protest of this is the third rally today. groups in san jose and in oakland also help protest today. >> jacqueline: more rain is on the way and in fact it is just a few hours from now.
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again, dry pavement but mostly cloudy and we did see a few sunbreaks but not right now. the rain just off shore to the north about 10:00 tonight she showers will begin tonight with the main bad coming through in the morning. pretty much an all-day thing tomorrow threat rainfall of very for about 1 in. in the valleys. nicosia a little bit more and a few isolated places. saturday, and a chance of showers in the north bank derrick--north of day. north bay. >> jacqueline: we are calling to time it up on futurecast and show you what to expect coming up and just
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a bit! >> pam: take a look at this thrift a dangerous rockslide and the oakland hills. giving way because of a day of rain. it is now for rock slides in rainy seasons. the crew was cocky and too retrieve the debris away from there. >> pam: highway 1 near muir beach remains closed in both directions because the soil underneath the roadway washed away during last week's storm. >> pam: here you can see what it looks like. >> pam: caltrans says they need to wait until the soil dries out so it will likely be march or april before they can fix the problem. >> pam: kron4's maureen kelly reports that has some residents of muir beach concerned because the detour
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road is also badly in need of repair. >>if it falls we are kinda stuck. >> reporter:victoria ordway isn't talking about already closed highway one.where some of the ashphalt has already fallen away. because there's no earth underneath to support it. >> reporter:she's talking about the detour that drivers will need to take to access muir beach from southern marin likely for the next several months. >> reporter:it's called franks valley road.and it too is suffering from erosion in several places. it's been like that for so long there are these markers keeping cars off it's most vunerable places. >> reporter:victoria keeps her horse at the golden gate dairy stable.and she and other riders worry about getting supplies for her and her horse if franks valley road gives way as well. >> there road is kind of sketchy to print is very minimum supplies we do now have gasoline either. we have to go really far to get these items. >> reporter:a worker at the pelican inn says they are trying to get the word out that they are still open and
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accessible to their customers but business did slow down after the closure and there were some cancellations. >> reporter:a landscaper enjoying lunch there says travelling to and from muir beach been an inconvience to his job. >> reporter:off camera i spoke with some which can still get visitors.they were about being a little more cut off than usual. >> reporter:and this dog trainer enjoying muir beach also seemed to enjoy the main closed. >> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam:and a reminder. you can get weather alerts, forecasts, check radar and more. anytime. with our *free kron four app. >> catherine: the fall-out from the sony hacker break- in and the accompanying threats continue. despite mounting evidence - the white house has not yet publicly blamed north korea. >> catherine: and the problem goes a lot further than killing off a movie. in fact - some say the tactic could spell the future of warfare. >> catherine: as this banner for the movie "the interview" was being removed today. >> catherine: it's becoming increasingly clear that what started as an embarrassing
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prank is now an international incident. >> catherine: the movie is filled with jokes. jokes at the expense of north korea and its leader. >> catherine: the sony hack started with the release of embarrassing emails. >> catherine: and got more serious with the threat of physical harm against americans who planned to see the movie. now some u.s. officials are pushing for tougher sanctions against north korea. >> catherine: but past sanctions haven't done much to change north korea's behavior. and the attack shows how vulnerable we all are to cyber = threats. >> no bank is to deal with three jean in north korea. >> catherine: that kind of investment might become increasingly necessary. >> catherine: meantime - more former employees of sony pictures entertainment are suing the company. arguing it could have done personal and financial information being stolen.
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>> grant: some prominent actors have been tweeting. michael more produce their high 911. >> grant: another tweets come from then stiller it is hard to believe that this is the response to the threat of freedom of speech here in america. >> grant: castling the edge to do things like a complex president >> grant: their height in 1911, there were threats to
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studios when michael more was going to release it. cinema's added extra security in which along with the plant as plant. --along with the plan as planned. >> pam: today was the best day in 3 years on wall street. the down jones industrial average surged more than 400 points. the market built on gains from yesterday, when the federal reserve indicated that it was in no rush to raise interest rates. >> pam: here's a look at the final numbers. the dow closed up 421 points. >> pam: the nasdaq was up 104. and the the s&p 500 gained 48 points. >> pam: coming up. >> pam: a mystery at an east bay outlet mall. police are trying to figure out how a woman was hurt >> pam: next new research on
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>> pam:new research from harvard university suggests that air pollution could be a cause of autism. >> pam:the study found that women who breathe in elevated levels of smog are more likeley to give birth to a child with autism. >> pam:the research found that in some cases a woman's chances could almost double. researchers say air
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pollution is the most damaging when a pregnant woman is in her last trimester. >> pam:the study found that the harmful pollution comes from power plants, cars and fires. >> pam:still ahead. a brawl onwe will tell you what caused a fight between some women on a flight to hong kong. >> pam:plus. >>"we here for you, dzokhar. we know you're innocent." >> pam:plus protesters show their support for the man accused of bombing the boston marathon.
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>> pam: >> pam: mysterious death of it on a lot of livermore has brought police help. discovered unconscious in a parking lot of a livermore premium parking lot. on december 9th. she was suffering from head injuries. she'd been fortunately died. waiting for someone to come forth with information because police did not know if it
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was a victim of foul play or simply an accident. >> we cannot tell if this is a crime or accident. we are trying to find out what happened and we are hoping that someone at had so something back to help us move along with this case. --hoping that someone could help us move along with this case. >> pam: charges will not be filed against a richmond police officer who took home four-pounds of marijuana. the contra costa district attorney's office announced that decision today. >> pam:prosecuters say officer joe avilla got the marijuana while responding to a call from a packing company that reported it hidden inside a package. >> pam:they say avila took the marijuana home to train a police dog instead of turning it over to police headquarters.
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>> pam:prosecuters say avila's actions violate police policy but are not illegal. >> pam:the oakland police department says it had no idea the c-h-p was using undercover officers during the berkeley and oakland protests. >> pam:that's after one of the officers was photographed pointing a gun at protestors back on december tenth. >> pam:the c-h-p says the officer and his partner were outed as police and attacked by one of the marchers. >> pam:they say the officer was trying to protect himself and his partner. c-h-p officials say both oakland and berkeley police departments were notified about the operation. >> pam:investigators say a lit candle is to blame for an early morning house fire in emeryville. fire officials say the candle was left burning overnight in one of the home's bathrooms. >> pam:the fire was reported around five o-clock. >> pam:firefighter arrived
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soon after and got the blaze under control. no one was hurt. >> pam:fire officials say the building suffered significant smoke and water damage. >> jacqueline: rain at the very top of your screen here. up north but still several hours away. the core of the storm is up to the north all a part of the tail end of it. biggest this body) that is behind it which indicates showers will fall towards the end. >> jacqueline: this evening a few studies showers in the north the bay. our mountain p.m. and 2 midnight was the moderate right and that as well. largely impacting the north of that and to see some of that more moderate rain over the coastal waters i do believe that it
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will be more widespread them with the computer model is showing. >> jacqueline: again, use the more moderate sales with hayward, oakland and fremont of getting in on the action. the rain sliding down towards the south and futurecast model put it to quickly which i think will leader more with the showers on the back side. would take a look at rainfall totals and the sierra forecast with snow, we will see more of it coming up later in the hour. >> catherine: three people are dead after a car slammed into a group of pedestrians last night in redondo beach. >> catherine:eight people were injured -- some of them seriously. police say it happened outside a church - where a christmas service had just ended.
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>> catherine:police say the 56-year-old woman who was driving is suspected of being intoxicated. >> catherine:police later said 13 pedestrians were in that group -- including children. >> catherine:she was arrested and is being held on 300-thousand dollars bail. >> catherine:she's scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. >> catherine:the boston marathon bombing suspect has made his last court appearance before the scheduled start of his trial next month. >> catherine:ja-har tsarnaev was last seen in court in july of 20-13. >> catherine:he's accused of the bombing which killed three people and injured more than 260 when two bombs exploded near the finish line of the marathon in april of 20-13. >> catherine:there was a strange moment today -- when a woman began shouting out support for tsar-naev during the hearing... >> you have a lot of
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supporters and we prayed for you as a nation point we are here for you! the strong sun! >> catherine:it turns out the woman is the mother-in- law of a man who was shot and killed at his florida home while being questioned by the fbi after the bombings. >> catherine:as for tsar- naev, he faces the possibility of the death penalty if convicted. >> catherine:since president obama is trying to normalize u-s relations with cuba -- does that mean cuban leader raul castro might visit the white house some day? >> catherine:the white house press secretary was asked that question today. this is castro - greeting some cuban prisoners released thursday as part of the new policy. >> catherine:the white house is making it clear it's 'not' ruling out a visit. >> i do not know if mr. castro has admitted the
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desire to visit the white house. for that reason i would not rule out a visit from president castro. >> catherine: while that's not exactly the same thing as president obama rolling out the red carpet just yet. it's considered significant that the possibility is being acknowledged. >> grant:a crying baby on an air china flight sparked a brawl bewteen three women. two women confronted another the mother.and the three chinese women eventually came to blows. >> grant:you can see one of the women involved here.her head preswsed up against the overhead luggage area. the pilot warned that he would make an emergency landing if they did not settle down. >> grant:the plane touched down in hong kong as planned.and police interviewed the women. this is the latest example of people behaving badly on flights in china. >> grant:two.on two separate
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flights.opened emergency exits.while on the ground. >> grant:and this flight attendant on yet another flight was scalded.after a woman threw a cup of hot noodles in her face. >> grant:the reason: the attendant wouldn't let the woman sit next to her boyfriend. >> pam: next. if you use the golden gate bridge there are massive closures coming in just a few weeks. what you need to know is coming up. >> pam: and caught on camera. a california bear who is not in the holiday spirit. >> pam: more of this video is next. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. tests but >> pam: right now and five other we live look at this them to the bridge tonight things are moving smoothly a break from all of the way that we have had over the last few days. i am here with chief neurologist jacqueline she is here to talk about the next band of rain. >> jacqueline: was able to go outside without getting drenched and i was able to have some gardening time. late tonight and into tomorrow will receive the bulk of the action. what store no. 3 coming through. this will go pretty much all day through the evening
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>> catherine: there is progress to report an regards to an barack on the bay bridge there was concern if they were dashed by corrosion. there was special inspections and now they are expecting the rot and try them out and will apply
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paste special layered for colo collusion corrosion protection. >> catherine: the sponsors for the light show on the bay bridge are continuing to find ways to keep the lights on. they have pumped money and will find more. they will allow the bay lies to keep shining. it will be turned off for a few months next year for bridge maintenance. the artwork is made up of 25,000 lights, strung along the bridge a bird of vertical cables. >> catherine: today said there are committee services in san jose handed up boxes of food to low income families. volunteer started working at 9 this morning. families were able to choose between a chicken, turkey or a ham dinner. sacred heart
5:37 pm
is expected to have bought a total of 3300 food boxes between today and tomorrow. for some families this box of food means more than just a holiday meal. >> catherine: those families can also enter a toy giveaway. they receive to choice and a book. but that event will take place on monday and tuesday of next week. >> pam: coming up at 545 insider report on how much money sony close. could lose. >> pam: next, the health scare that have some schools closing down early in the holiday season.
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>> grant: investigators making the announcement, just minutes ago. the fire is still under construction apartment complex was badly set on fire in downtown el a next to the want to hand. look at that. the flames are still big that they did not even touch of breaking windows estimates of the damage in the tens of million dollars. no arrest has been made in this arson. >> pam: expressing outbreaks of influenza and has become so bad in some places that school and sometimes entire school systems are closing for the week because so many people are sick and georgia
5:42 pm
the polk county school shut down for the remainder of the week. on tuesday, 1300 students and 78 teachers stake at home. --stayed
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>> pam: for the first time ever. robin williams oldest son is talking about his father's death. 31 year old is the ak opened up about his loss to people magazine. robin williams was founded four months ago in his two brought home the death was ruled a suicide.
5:46 pm
>> pam: we've told you all about the allegations against bill cosby. more women are calling for accusing come the end of sexaul also to them now in exquisite in view the latest accuser is sharing her story with dr. field. dr. phil >> i wanted the police to be able to confront him and let him know that i did or mayhem know that he did something wrong. --let him know that he did something wrong. >> pam: now that's funny picture has shut down the release of the interview. we are learning new details about what went into that decision. the insider lewis has more from hollywood.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: and no international broke out. --roll out >> reporter: known that fixed but the reasons for this cross platform cancellation may not be as obvious that it seems. tonight we will go inside whites-only is really silencing the interview cree >> reporter: sony surrendered to hackers dominating the airwaves coast-to-coast. but it is hollywood that is perhaps most out raised over sony's decision: rob lowe and
5:48 pm
steve carell, ben stiller have all spoken out against on the producer judd apatow, who first discovered sept grogan and james franco to " permit >> reporter: when we kate to threats to trace people to threaten us and it will hit other industries. >> reporter: so far neither franco have publicly commit to it on sony's decision. >> gary: and what the daily beast report the state department played an active role in the film decision to include the assassination scene and into the state department representative denied that report. >> jacqueline: rain will
5:49 pm
vary depending on the location. under an half an inch of rain a sum could exceed the amount in certain locations. the storm will move largely to the north bank. it should not go south of the golden gate. it is still to the north of the spirit so let's get right to tracking id on futurecast. it should kick off in the north that and then by midnight we should see showers as the organizer ramose and grit--organized grain moved in. --rain. >> jacqueline: oakland,
5:50 pm
concord and the peninsula should be hit. through quickly with a slower amount of that and it was the scottish hours behind it. it should be widespread about 9:00. continuing into the evening. so, take a look at the rainfall totals bayside we could see more and in the hills an inch and a half. and in the north they would receive more rain as well. >> jacqueline: would not see a lot of warming tomorrow it will be it " they're keeping us in arrau fifties with a couple of '60s. as for the sierra we are expecting sonoma early in higher elevation. and lick level. an inch to which could be a stretch. it could would be
5:51 pm
sunny and warmer into sunday. it was a weather advisory is applied with up to 6 in. of snow. extended forecast a storm of the three come in tomorrow. largely in the north bay. now, let's get a check on the sierra. what snow flurries,,, >> jacqueline: if you like more affirmation just log on to
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:now at six. >> pam:the calm before the storm. the bay area braces for another round of wild weather. >> pam:good evening, i'm pam moore. >> pam:tonight seveal cities are bracing for more urban flooding, downed trees and mudslides.are also a big concern. >> pam:meteorlogist jacqueline bennett has your forecast in a moment, but first, kron 4's haaziq madyun shows us the cleanup
6:00 pm
efforts underway in the oakland hills after this slide came crashing down >> pam:drivers on snake road in the oakland hills had to navigate their way around a rockslide thursday. a dangerous situation >>"because it's a blind curve" >> reporter:this man has lived at the bottom of this hill and across the street from this location for the past 33-years and says he not surprised to see a slide here after so many consecutive days of rain >>"in this location it is pretty common, the rest of snake it doesn't happen very often but it does happen in other locations up the hill" >> reporter:you can see the runoff here still trickling down the hill. with another round of rain in the forecast there is concern that even more of the mud will give way >> reporter: >>"this happens on this particular property frequently" >> reporter:a civilan oakland police vehicle was first on the scene and positioned between traffic and the road hazard. >> reporter:an oakland public works crew was called in to clear the roadway. they used this heavy duty front loader to scoop up the debris and load it into this dump trunk. it didn't take long before the road was reopened. in fact these workers say it has been non-
6:01 pm
stop for them in recent days responding to weather related incidents throughout the city and they are bracing for another round of potential road hazards with more rain in the forecast. in the oakland hills haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam:meteorlogist jacqueline bennett is tracking the next storm headed our way. jacqueline.when can we expect the next round of rain? >> jacqueline: we are looking at the golden gate bridge. it is to try out there. the rain will move back and again. let's get a look at what we are expecting with our land headlines. the big band of rain will not come again until tomorrow morning after that we will see showers into friday evening. it will be an all day he did. generally for our valleys about a half inch of rain. the hills and mountains to get up to an inch and a half of ryan. a storm will miss us could be as in the north
6:02 pm
bay with a few showers. just the big increase in clout the rain still to the north a bust it will not moving and tilton o'clock as the earliest and then maybe later than that. this is the till and with the spot and showers behind it. --spotty showers behind it. >> pam:today's break in the rain was welcome news for one north bay town. san anselmo has a history of flooding. >> pam:and in response, businesses are embracing sand bags - lots of them. practically every business in town has a sand bag in front. >> pam:merchants say it got a bit scary last week, but so far they are doing alright and hope people will keep coming during this critical time of year for them. >> pam:with the rain expected to return tomorrow, some merchants say they will probably get some more bags and put up flood gates just in case. >> one of the last of its
6:03 pm
kind. to stay open, we like to keep our doors open. >> it has rained a lot. it is scary for a minute because we are a foot away from the creek wine but we are very thankful to stay open. >> pam:highway- one near muir beach remains closed in both directions. because the soil underneath the roadway washed away during last week's storm. >> pam:here you can see what it looks like. >> pam:cal-trans says, it needs to wait until the soil dries out. which will likely be march or april, before crews can fix the problem. >> pam:and that has muir beach residents voicing concern, because the detour road to muir beach is also badly in need of repair. >> pam:
6:04 pm
>> a little worried about the franc valley road and this is the is the only deli we happen and we would have to go through a different route and that road is also pretty"sketchy too" >> pam:you can see in this video that franks valley road is also suffering from erosion in several places. today representatives from marin county public works, state and national parks were out assessing the detour. >> pam:they say they are still seeking funding to fix that strecth of roadway. >> grant:still a long way to go.but we're chipping away at this historic drought. the latest drought monitor map is very different than last week's.
6:05 pm
>> grant:we went from 55 percent of the state in exceptional drought last week. and now just 32 percent of california is experiencing exceptional drought. >> grant:the bay area was directly impacted.our area has been downgraded from exceptional to severe. this weeks storms.and tomorrow's big one.will only help the situation. >> grant:and a reminder. >> grant:you can get weather alerts, forecasts, check live radar and more. anytime. with our *free kron four appr phone and tablet. >> pam:happening now. >> pam:protesters in san jose tonight demanding a police officer be fired over his controversial tweets. >> pam:officer phillip white has been placed on leave for the tweets aimed at people protesting police brutality. >> pam:now the calls are getting louder for him to be fired. kron 4's daniel villareal is live in san jose tonight.
6:06 pm
>> reporter: they had been different speakers and went into chanting and marching inside the county building and then on to the police department in san jose which is about in half mile. they have more tokes and the use the protection device. officer phillip white has threatened tweets and use them to project on the wall. it was a very peaceful protest. they march and left a few minutes ago. you're looking at 100 people out here. very quietly and thinking the media for being
6:07 pm
here. >> pam: the dickenson man on the sign that they left behind. and also, as you are doing that any indication of police authorities removing the officer who caused this controversy? >> reporter: some of the speakers, said it will wait for due process to take its course. at pale. --pam. >> pam: asking that he be fired for controversy will tweets that he sent out, officer white. >> pam: lawyers from the public defenders office in san francisco joined protesters on the steps of the hall of justice today to add their voices to the protests across the nation in the wake of unarmed black men shot by police. >> pam: they called for changes beyond just police departments.
6:08 pm
>>.by the police >> pam:public defenders offices in several bay area counties held rally's in front of their respective court houses. >> york city's... more fall out for sony said the decision to stop a film from being shown. >> pam: and mysterious death of a woman in the bay area shopping center. she was
6:09 pm
here on a business trip >> pam: not an oversight panel would decide how to move toward with a fix for the bay bridge. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee.
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get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. >> grant: tonight new development on the bay bridge bolts! the bridge has
6:12 pm
more than two dozen rockets and bolts. maybe most importantly keep it that steady during earthquakes. that could mean more taxpayers' money. and oversight committee including caltran overseer will consider the report and all elements on the million dollar project. >> pam: authorities are trying to piece together how a woman from arizona and is up mortally wounded outside a shopping mall.
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>> jacqueline: again, and all the key that patrick rainfall total was less is generally under a half inch of rain and the police. phillips the exception of a couple of locations in the north bay creek platform hills and mountains favored 1.5 in. in the hills and santa cruz mountain spirit here is a look at temperatures up the door pretty wild or mild in the '50s. and to the afternoon derrick keeping us in the '50s and most sixties. >> jacqueline: as for the sierra just a little bit of snow. then we have in winter
6:20 pm
weather advisory with an injury into saturday however, most of the wicked is dry. looking at the extended forecast saturday was the shower is mainly to the north could be the north bay cree >> catherine: was started as an embarrassing frank frank has become international incident. after but threatened violence >> catherine: evidence is largely circumstantial but the power behind has a lot of people worried.
6:21 pm
>> the pit are able to disrupt a film what they can imagine to do our national defense capabilities. >> catherine: another movie regarding north korea has been scrapped in the wake of the interview cancellation. new regency would not take any chances here as well. calling it a sad day for creative expression. >> grant: michael morris is dear some hackers says you run hollywood now there should be more romance movies. >> grant: sad day for creative expression from steve carelle
6:22 pm
>> grant: doubtful from rob lowe the actors want and victory for them. while. ,wow. >> pam: coming up on the insider which starts at 7:00 tonight. another woman comes fourth accusing bill cosby. >> i wanted the police to be able to confront him and let him know that i know he is something wrong. you can watch tomorrow on dr. feel.
6:23 pm
dr.phil >> pam: later, here is the season for giving. thousands of people in the sulfate will wind up for food. -- line up for food.
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>> catherine: the legal fuss over keeping martin beach open to the public is not over. the beach is in half moon bay--and the owner has been fighting a recent ruling to let the public have access. >> catherine: now the billionaire property owner has filed a motion to throw out a judge ordered that he is open the gate. that upped the ante in what has been
6:27 pm
and long-running dispute. the motion was filed in this week in san mateo county superior court. california laws protecting to the demise to visit the calls the case has drawn international attention. >> stanley: people behaving badly coming up! >> jacqueline: right now, to the north of thus impacting as friday. with time out of futurecast coming up in just a bit! ♪ it's the time of year for making lists... at chevrolet, we've made it onto a few lists ourselves. in fact this year,
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bye! (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: here at the premium all its livermore at a dead woman and a mystery. police say to 15 in the afternoon she was found in the parking lot on the
6:31 pm
ground suffering from head injuries. at this point, please do not know if it was about play in golf or an accident. nevertheless, she died of those injuries. police are hoping that someone from the public can come forth and shed light on what happened. " we do know is the issues from arizona and she was a secret shopper for ralph lauren. >> reporter: drivers have to be careful in negotiating their way behind or round the blind occurred because of the rockaway right there. in oakland public's work crew was called in to clear the roadway. responding to weather-related incidents like this throughout the city has been popular. along with another round of potential road hazards as wearing rolled back into the bay area. --rain
6:32 pm
>> reporter: closed in both directions of highway one. the recent rain the beach residents are concerned that the main road for as other marin is a long francs of valley road which is and that we need of repair. others say they welcome the fact that the location is not a little bit more isolated. maureen kelly kron4 and it is >> reporter: most of the businesses here downtown as decorations and send a bad spirit the merchants tell us it has been challenging situation to deal with all of this rain on or during the holiday season in. they are trying to remain positive and there is no major flooding to deal with.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: to have just as cleaning up. now more rain is expected for friday. officials, say the only extant about an inch and attention as we saw last week. j.r. stone kron4 news. >> reporter: more rain is on the way. >> jacqueline: we have seen increased in cloud this evening and we will see the cloud moved and largely into tomorrow morning with showers as body pattern to back here. so let's get a look at futurecast. ahead of the band of flying as we move past midnight. he does to this body activity 4:00 in to see the main point band of rain with moderate
6:34 pm
rain with this. why disparate 6:00 in the morning oakland, concord in fremont kelly and down into the south bay. >> jacqueline: lee was the showers throughout the afternoon. we will see showers throughout the afternoon. some consistency in little bit more than that. as for the sierra, we will see snow with the lowest elevation at an inch or so. half a foot for higher elevations. drier conditions on sunday the same thing going locally except in the north bay and try into next week. --dryer
6:35 pm
>> jacqueline: 24 in. of snow at heavily. if you like more information you can log on to snowball that kind. >> jacqueline:www.snowbomb .com >> stanley: pay attention to the exchange of money going on one block from glide memorial church in san francisco is that time again, time for buying and selling of free food. >> stanley: no no one will
6:36 pm
ever admit that is what they are doing but to see with your own eyes but let's get closer. >> stanley: all know! >> stanley: she says she is now selling at she is right this guy is the seller. >> i got caught, i come clean and i got caught. i got caught the aging badly. the hay been badly >> stanley: they get booed and selling it down there on the corner everything they get and that bag they put it out there on the corner and sell it. >> stanley: every year glide memorial church givebacks of food for the needy but many of the back end up going to
6:37 pm
the gritty usually the same people and in multiple times. >> stanley: i would do in crowd control and you see a lot of the same folks coming for several times even almost right back to back. the and what they are doing is grabbing a bag and then you see them run on the corner through quick and then they are back again with another ticket picket. >> pam: >> reporter: you heard of a shaky the next big thing for the 3 d. i am sitting here in front of a three the scanner and pull both of the future. the discontent and the results is a figurine of yourself. be sure to two man at 8:00 p.m. i will tell you more about this. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen
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sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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6:41 pm
>> grant: the accident westbound 80 right before treasure island creek the three left lanes are blocked by an accident involving the vehicles creek all the vehicles are needing to merge right. and motorcycle may have been involved splitting lanes right before the accident. we do not know the extent of the injuries or when those three lanes will be cleared. right now emergency crews and parties involved are on the left three lanes of 80 before treasure island.
6:42 pm
>> catherine: giving away boxes of food for families. opening at 9:00 this morning families were able to choose from chicken turkey, ham dinners and more. expected to hand up from 300 food boxes through tomorrow. instead of the growing economy, a lot of people still need help. people can register for a toy giveaway. giving one book into toys away monday and tuesday of next week. >> pam: jim harbaugh possible coaching moved to michigan. gary has clear reactions at all of the spores are next. sports!
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary: harbaugh going to michigan! he warned that a little bit today. >> i really do not want to talk about any other job than the one that i have. i do not want to talk about anybody else's process. spot >> schist >> gary: wait until saturday night. it is more interesting that the 49ers are out of it. harbaugh is cooling to love saturday if he keeps everything for everyone guessing.
6:47 pm
>> gary: shocked part of this video is encouraging harbaugh to return to his own monster. , modern--alma marter stock >>video todd >> gary: harbaugh is looking at. loving it. >> gary: and have to be giving these tickets away. good for them! >> gary: no andrew bogut for the immediate future he will sit what is known as
6:48 pm
runner's knee. >> gary: like howard missed 11 gas after undergoing similar treatment spirit of the want the team will be without the starting center quite a while. >> gary: there is bob myers and steve car they do not seem too worried. >> gary: taking up a lot of his work load >> gary: to cool accurate they are not glenn to cry over andrew bogut. >> gary:--going to cry.
6:49 pm
>>guys have to step up. >>be on the same page and bring forth that effort. >> gary: pam we have breaking news just handed to me! >> gary: norris will be the fifth phase all-star from the all-star team last year. >> gary: i get in trouble on the radio sometimes. we are just talking for a living parent--for a living.
6:50 pm
>> gary: does make you wonder what they are doing? >> gary: lee brand everyone that we are still 11 games for than the angels. >> pam: it would be a surprise. >> pam: last not imagine that. foppish >> pam: i would be gone too. stock >> gary: donating $10,000 to a donation. his running mate curry, consider the shelter in the league. it goes head- to-head with his coach steve kerr. he was in his day, a
6:51 pm
great, great shooter. he did not have all the all-around game experience but he could quit but he could ship on a dime for it. >> gary: 1 major national basketball league story. mundo is going to the dallas mavericks' print..rondo is going to the mavericks >> gary: he is a veteran had if he feels good he is off
6:52 pm
also, good! >> gary: a lot of us would get a car or pay off student loans. but to purchase the $33,000 for a pair of smelly old sneakers. first >> gary: sold at auction today for month $300,000 the navy blue hat blazing with a you as a local to be the only had the bay group toward brindle month along toward. --for a blazing hat
6:53 pm
that date route warbabe ruth
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>> pam: join host vicki in james fletcher as they show you the biggest and best holidays like this place in the bay area. watch the
6:57 pm
amazing holiday lights on december 19th at 9:00 p.m.. lucy was all the weather and sports tonight have a nice night.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> i'm afraid america has lost its first cyber war. >> can you imagine if we wind up in a war because of the guys from pineapple express. >> "the interview" cancellation makes waves. >> while stars are outraged and even the president is speaking out. >> my recommendation would be go to the movies. >> why is sony really pulling the movie? >> this could be a $1 billion problem. >> and more scandal with more e-mails leaks, was amy adams abused and denzel blacklisted. >> and now that the u.s. has opened relations with cuba. is a new hollywood renaissance on its way to hav >> and we go inside the big business of holiday music. >> do you see what i see ♪
7:00 pm
>> stars cashing in on your christmas play list. >> you won't believe the millions mariah has made. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> let's go inside. >> the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7, the "insider" together with yahoo! >> it seems everybody is in the holiday spirit except for sony pictures. the hackers officially shutting down the christmas day release of "the interview." hello, everybody. i'm louis aguirre. >> and i'm thea andrews. on the heels of more embarrassing e-mail leaks and threats of theaters being attacked, finally over for the seth rogan and james franco comedy. >> but the reasons for the cancellation may not be as obvious as it seems. tonight we go inside why sony is really silencing the "the interview." >> one commentator said the united states lost its first cyber war. >> sony erased any mention of "the interview" from its website, totally scrubbed it clean. >> sony surrendered to hackers, dominating the airwaves coast to coast. >> it could be deemed an act of war. can you imagine if we wind up in a war because of the guys from


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