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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 18, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> grant:now at eight: breaking news out of richmond. where chevron says it is "flaring" at the refinery. it has everyone thinking there's a fire. >> grant:another round of rain about to hit the bay area, as one community says it hasmillion dollars in damage already. >> grant:want to catch a suspected burglar in the act? >> grant:apparently, there's an app for that. we'll explain. >> grant:a "touching" story out of sacramento has one family saying "hands off" their beautiful baby. >> grant:this is a full hour
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of your choice for primetime news. >> pam:breaking news out of richmond. >> grant:we're getting reports and images from our viewers concerned of a fire. actually appears to be flaring at the chevron refinery. >> pam:grant lodes is here now with the latest. >> grant:a brief break from the wet weather -- but more is coming. preparations ahead of the storm are underway. >> grant: we will continue to stay on top of this and bring you updates throughout the show. pam? >> pam: the bay area is gearing up for another round of rain. to end out the week. >> pam: good evening, i'm
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pam moore. >> pam: tonight several cities are bracing for more flooding, mudslids, downed trees and power outages. we have team coverage. >> pam: kron 4's chief meteorologist is timing out when the rain will arrive. >> pam: let's first check in with j-r stone. >> pam: he is live in sonoma county -- an area where the last storm caused an estimated 18 -million dollars in damage. >> pam: j-r, you're in healdsburg tonight. most of money loss from that last storm. happened there. >> reporter: now, more rain is on the way. >> i am big between both locations we are at $80,000 in damage. >> reporter: you heard that
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right, the $80,000 in damage. then garden properties think we're about and water damaged walls. >> by 645 you cannot drive down the avenue it was flooded all went through the fire station to north the street. >> reporter: more rain is on the way and business owners are keeping a close eye on the forecast. >> we can look to see what the estimates are. >> following the lead of the other parts. for--merchants >> reporter: snow for the sierra.
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>> we get a couple days of rain and then a couple days of sunshine. but that is perfect, that is what we need to that we do not have a drought next year. >> reporter: 7 good to hear the news from the business owners who are well aware of the weather situation is pretty of them, that i spoke with are keeping a close eye on forecasts. no need tonight for sand and backs. --sandbags >> jacqueline: not as bad as what we have seen in the last few weeks. we are cloudy all your right now taking a wider view here is the tail end of the storm. cloudy or spotty storms
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behind it. we will see shourd up there at the north bay probably about 2 to 11:00. she--10 to four11. >> jacqueline: on saturday and we will see my and the no. the bag. it should not go south of the golden gate. here is the look of a future test still cloudy right now knowing just yet as we pushed through the midnight hour. showers pick up over the north ave. here is the main band of rain right for the morning commute. s >> pam: kron 4's haaziq madyun shows us the cleanup efforts underway in the oakland hills. after a slide came >> reporter:-drivers on snake road in the oakland hills had to navigate their
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way around a rockslide thursday. a dangerous situation >>"because it's a blind curve" >> reporter: this man has lived at the bottom of this hill and across the street from this location for the past 33- years and says he not surprised to see a slide here after so many consecutive days of rain >>"in this location it is pretty common, the rest of snake it doesn't happen very often but it does happen in other locations up the hill" >> reporter:you can see the runoff here still trickling down the hill. with another round of rain in the forecast there is concern that even more of the mud will give way >>"this happens on this particular property frequently" >> reporter:a civilan oakland police vehicle was first on the scene and positioned between traffic and the road hazard.
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>> reporter:an oakland public works crew was called in to clear the roadway. they used this heavy duty front loader to scoop up the debris and load didn't take long before the road was reopened. in fact these workers say it has been non- stop for them in recent days responding to weather related incidents throughout the city and they are bracing for another round of potential road hazards with more rain in the forecast. >> reporter:in the oakland hills haaziq >> pam: angel island state park is closed to the public this weekend. due to waste water overflow. >> pam: park staff found the overflow this morning. and determined that the park will remain closed this weekend. >> pam: the closure is needed to allow the system to recover from an excess of water from the recent storms. >> pam: the overflow is being re-routed. and is not in danger of flowing into the bay. ferry service to the park. has been cancelled this weekend. >> pam: highway- one near muir beach remains closed in both directions. because the soil underneath the roadway. washed away during last week's storm. >> pam: cal-trans says, it needs to wait until the soil dries out. and it will likely be march or april, before crews can fix the problem. >> pam: that delay has muir
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beach residents voicing concern, because the detour road to muir beach is also badly in need of repair. >>"sketchy too" if >> pam: you can see in this video. suffering from erosion in several places. >> pam: today, representatives from marin county public works, state and national parks. were all out assessing the detour. >> pam: they say they are still seeking funding to fix that stretch of roadway. >> grant:still a long way to go.but we're chipping away at this historic drought. the latest drought monitor map is very different than last week's. >> grant:we went from 55 percent of the state in exceptional drought last week. to now just 32 percent of california is experiencing exceptional drought. >> grant:the bay area was directly impacted.most our area has been downgraded from exceptional to severe.
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this week's storms.and tomorrow's big one.will only help the situation. >> grant:and more good news today from the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. who relased this new outlook and march. >> grant:the forecast for the bay area and most of california.calls for above average precipitation this winter. the bay area expected to get 40 percent more rain and snow compared to normal years. >> pam:you can stay on top of the coming storm.with our free kron4 app -- that's where you can get all the weather alerts, forecasts, check radar and more. >> pam: union city police are looking for a man who was caught filming women inside a walmart restroom. this a picture of the suspect taken from store surveillance video. >> pam: police were called
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to the walmart on tuesday night, after a woman found the manpolice say, the suspect got away before officers arrived. >> pam: a notorious burglar who targeted a startup in the bay area. has been identified using -- the popular dating app, called ' tinder'. >> pam: police say, the woman has been caught on surveillance video burglarizing a company. >> pam: as kron 4's jeff bush reports. the startup, buildzoom. came up with an idea to help find the suspect. >> reporter:take a look at this security video from last julyyou can see a woman who stole several laptops and other expensive equipment from several tech firms in the same south of market building. >> reporter:she cleared out this entire building. she got 11 computers and tablets from us. she kept coming back. >> reporter:david peterson is the cofounder of of the hardest hit companies. david and his partners were meeting
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with the staff and someone came up with an idea to find out who this woman is. the planput her picture on the dating app, tinder. >>we wanted eyeballs on it so we created a tinder profile and we put her face on the profile and thousands of people saw it and someone emailed us a suspect who looks just like her. >> reporter:here's a screen shot of the tinder profile. it says "i rob offices in sf. $5000 reward for identifying me. david's company matches people with contractors for jobs. >>all we do is find the best contractors by using all the tools and data out there and i figured if we can use technology to find the best contractors there has got to be some way we can use technology to find criminals. >> reporter:david said that when he took the new information to the police and identified this mystery woman they said that they already had an arrest warrant out for her for for different crimes and, now, she's wanted for these burglaries. i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron four news.
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>> pam:members of the san francisco public defenders office. were joined by dozens of protesters on the steps of the hall of justice today. >> pam:the rally was against what they say, is the injustice toward minorities in the criminal justice system across the country. the rally was held along with other similar protests around the bay area. in san jose and in oakland. >> pam:a group protestors gathered outside san jose police department headquarters today. they demanded an officer be fired for his controversial tweets about recent protests. >> this is going to continue to happen again, again, and again. >>"no justic no peace" >> pam:as of tonight officer phillip white has been placed on leave. but tonight protests delivered a petition signed by over 13-thousand people asking for him to be let go. >> pam:police say the
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protest was peaceful and that no one was arrested. white's tweets are being investigated by san jose police internal affairs. >> pam: coming up. >> pam: more fallout following the sony hacking. the plot to kill the movie at the center of the international scandal. >> pam: plus -- a rat infestation. the bay area problem scurrying around. especially during this rainy weather. >> pam: what you need to know. but first. a california family's heartbreaking story. >> pam: a baby's rare disease. that makes hugging too dangerous. next.
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>> jacqueline: rainfall will definitely gary. we could see more isolated spots. certainly not as strong as other ways as we seen this week especially last week.
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lingering showers in the north bay are expected. but let it will close the north bank. a statement of the golden gate. we do have the clout increasing at this hour. >> jacqueline: decease body shall work pattern behind the main wave. >> jacqueline: the shares are starting at the north bag. the main wave is coming through grew in the morning commute to see the ring pushing through at that hour so that moderate rain can move down into san francisco. >> jacqueline: at 7:00 in has not reached the south bay yet in this is what i was telling you earlier. as
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we look ahead at the morning hours rain down to the south bay. you see this body showers filling in behind. --spotty showers of filling in behind. >> jacqueline: this talk about temperatures out the door. 50 degree temperatures and some '60s. temperatures 50 but a couple of low 60s are expected. faul >> grant: we are just learning that the people was bay area quality district are telling people if you
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are sensitive to air conditioners is recommended that you stay inside. there is not a shelter in place. stay inside right now. these are pictures of what people have the city asked. they have seen flames for more than one hour now. >> grant: and quality management has just tossed us the air quality management has just told us to stay inside and will have more updates on that situation next pam? it >> pam:a placer county couple calls it the worst disease you have never heard of. a rare skin condition makes their 9-week old baby. literally untouchable.
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>> pam:mike teselle sat down with the parents. about why they hope telling their story, will lead to a cure. >>q."never heard of." >> i would never wish at this upon anyone to live a life of pain. >> reporter: born with a rare skin disease. many that her skin is so fragile the pants of a diaper or even an hut can cause her skean to tear off or form blisters. >> i cannot reach underneath arms it will cause blisters. . >> reporter: her own sisters who have to be careful touching her or it will cause blisters.
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>> reporter: for now there is no cure they spend one to two hours bandaging her fingers and toes individually before completely covering her hands and feet from hurting herself. >> we definitely keep praying that she would heal. >> reporter: until then, and the same room where it famine advertise tux and above all else love. this mother moves for more than she may not ever be able to touch her baby the way most other mothers to every single day. >> pam: the family is scheduled to meet with medical experts tomorrow. at stanford's children's hospital. doctors at the university of minnesota say, they're trying to work on some kind >> reporter: have you heard of a shapie! it could be the
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next big thing. its a 3 d the drain. you could get this coming up in my tax report. --tech report! >> gary:guess how much for a sweaty baseball cap?
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. (foreign language) (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: you step before
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>> grant:now - another movie about north korea has been scrapped. a comedy with actor steve carell -- called "pyong- yang. >> grant:in the wake of 'the interview's' cancellation -- the studio new regency is apparently not taking any chances. >> grant:carell called it a "sad day
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>> grant: you can see this video showing a wall of fire and to the sky. prompting many people to fear the worst people calling into or news room to find what is going on. ifs >> grant: what to see is called flaring. it is a pressure buildup. >> grant: what can you tell us about what we are seeing tonight? >> i am sorry i am getting an echo.
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>> grant: we would try to turn the volume down. and try john one more time. we have been reporting on this all night. recommendations if you are sensitive to air- conditioned please stay inside because there is no shelter in place has been ordered. >> i can hear you. i did speak with chevron. according to house letters materials division there was a problem in the unit at the refinery. causing emergency flaring treat this is not normal flaring it emergency planning to minimize something worse from happening.
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>> and hazardous materials division tells me that the firing yvette had stopped-- eve thatevent. >> other compounds were released. they had inspectors on site monitoring. they determined that due to the conditions there was not a need to have a shelter in place. they will continue to monitor the situation. and we will know as the evening moved on. >> grant: is there a concern that the refinery is so close to so many people? the modesty flaring taking place
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again, not that it happens all the time cree. >> always had the potential of health the risk. also individual sensitivities and how close they are, and the land condition accurate--and the wind condition. >> they were monitoring the defense line monitors and did not see anything at the ground level. not that they were not hazardous materials in the ear creek so that will be further analyzed. but the health conditions in the course of the evening. they didn't tell me that the gas and smoke was beginning
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to dissipate at the flaring in date. --as the flaring into it. >> grant: 9, and you are now see that the flaring is out and the gases will continue to subside when do you think that the potential problem for people who are sensitive to these issues will be over? >> continue to monitor and as i was told, the flag itself has ended but not bad there aren't still hazardous materials in the air. it will continue to monitor and the time that they shelter in place is required. >> grant: week really
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appreciate your time tonight with contra costa county. >> grant: we will continue to monitor the situation and half of dates for you during the evening and offline as well. >> pam: coming up. a mysterious death at a bay >> reporter: 8 typical day we would get one or two calls. we caught up with rat specialist well responding to a house call and one that creek. --walnut creek.
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>> we were out here last week and this place had holes all the way through. >> everywhere from concord cop, to walnut creek. >> they have borrows up in the bushes and they start to give blood and wet and they want to get dry like meat and use of a moving with us and i am here to stop them from doing that. >> reporter: setting traps and covering up the holes. >> right here we have one bit wrote it and carry it-- one dead rodent, >> this looks good right
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now. at the go-ahead in like this up. >> read it can be in your attic get it into your he ducks in moving our around in it. you may be breathing in their stuff right now. -- heating ducks.
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>> jacqueline: for your saturday look like we will see more or showers. especially as we had in to next week. it is cloudy everywhere. we will see
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shower's kickoff in the north the bay in about one out or order to. moderate rain and that it will impact this for the morning commute. it is dried right now as we move past 10 showers will kick off in the north the bay. >> jacqueline: sh--still impacting in the north the day. by 7, will be in doubt and the east bay and the peninsula. it reaches down to san jose 9:00 in the morning but spotty showers. we will see the shourd pattering continue. keep the
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umbrella handy for the day. as for, morning lows tomorrow we will be pretty mild to start the day. >> jacqueline: still in the '50s tomorrow and chilly. as for this year we will cease now. as for saturday, a lingering snow showers in the morning but drier in the afternoon and into sunday. >> jacqueline: here is a look at the extended forecast creek store no. 3 will impact us tomorrow saturday, a lingering showers and to the north bay. it would definitely be dry bay area wide and into
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next week. >> pam: jim harbaugh is being asked about a possible coaching gig in michigan. gary has the sports next! sweetie, i'd love a hazelnut.
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary:good evening! >> gary:what about jim ha rbaugh going to michigan?
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>> i really do not want to talk about going anywhere else or any other process. >> we will finish this until the hand. until the end. >> gary: are you ready for a jingle of all harbaugh? about harbaugh? >>video fought >> gary: what are the
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warriors doing? we'll entertaining gang. but were down 15 now they're leading 6252. it is intermission. 60-52 >> gary: all right, here is spirit tim duncan want to bounce, about an ounce. settee the game into overtime. with a soft touch. there it is. one, two at three. >> gary: triple overtime that is the lexus ultimate high like. and the a's keep moving players and a movie all-star players. derrick norris, what word is that he is going to an different
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team creek he is the fifth to be traded. >> gary: they are moving, moving and moving. >> gary: at this point, you have to scratch your head and ask what is up? >> gary: you have a lot of money? this is what to do with it s... >> gary: supposedly, hitting the game when shot to win debt and c eight h a championship he was sweating in those shoes $33,000. >> gary:babe ruth baseball cap! worn through 1934 tour
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of japan! >> gary:back to ms. moore >> pam: the flaring of the chevron refinery more detail at that.
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>> pam: the homeowner sense that you can also make the lights advanced to let it go from the movie frozen. display of a hundredth of a light the light show has its most between six and 10:00 p.m.. member says they do not mind the lines or music. they use the money race for
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charities. --raised >> pam: joint our host vicki in jazz as they show you the biggest and best light displays and the bay area. what's amazing holiday lights tonight at 9:00 p.m.. >> jacqueline: uc the yellow on the screen that is what we will see tomorrow morning during the morning commute about 7:00 in san francisco but, this should be the last on for quite some time. try for your christmas a week it
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>> pam: stay in touch have a nice night. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
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anyplace. the suspect can leave the body anyplace, and they dump it on the only state land within hundred miles of here, making it ours. great. why is that a bad thing? oh, come on. you saw the body. (cho) it's a coincidence. (rigsby) nah. jane taught me one thing... hi. what do we got? the, uh, victim's name is emma plaskett, 19, local girl. first responder knew her from high school. lives at home with her parents, has an older brother and a twin sister, maya, who went missing at the same time. their car was found abandoned last night on the roadside, ten miles north of here. who's coordinating the local search? sheriff hardy here is in charge. ed hardy. good to meet you. lisbon. patrick jane. this is van pelt. well, we called in all our people, and we got volunteers rendezvousing at the station. all our resources are directed to finding the twin sister.


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