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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 21, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>vicki liviakis:new york police officers are honoring two fallen members of there were tears on many faces during a final salute to wenjian lui and rafael ramos, whose bodies were borne away in an ambulance. good evening. i'm vicki liviakis. kron4's alecia reid joins us now.with reaction from the officers' families on the tragic deaths. police are beginning to paint the picture of the man accused of shooting and killing two new york police officers. before turning the gun on himself.
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>>alecia reid: officers were ambushed while sitting in their police car. the shooter hit them at point-blank range and then committed suicide in the nearby train station >>: this tragic loss of life has been unacceptable but we wish to move forward in peace >>alecia reid: 32 year-old officer will has been part of the force for several years and
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it was wed just a few months ago >>: we ask every person in the city to doubt their heads tonight and pray for the families of the police officer and their families and the family of police officers on patrol today was in danger. this was a cold-blooded assassination like we haven't seen before. >>alecia reid: officers may not have seen the killer nor have time to pull their weapons. here in the bay area several police organizations have given their condolences to the families who of the officers were killed.
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>>vicki liviakis:detectives say ismaaiyl brinsley had a troubled and violent childhood. that ultimately ended in more violence. but before he took his life and is suspected of taking the lives of two others. police say he spoke out on social media. >>: most of his postings and grants are on the instagram account. have some anger against the government where he burn the flag and made some statements. specifically mentions michael brown and eric bernard. >>vicki liviakis: the shooter told passers-by what he was
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going to do right before he did it. shooter also served a prison term two years in georgia from 2011 to 2013. president obama issued a statement while on vacation in hawaii condemning the the murder of the officers. the president says there is no justification for the murders. he went on to say officers risk their own safety to serve and protect their communities and that they deserve the public's respect and gratitude. mr. obama also asked americans to reject violence and harmful words and instead.embrace words that heal. we will continue to follow this
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developing story. for the latest updates you can visit our website at kron four dot com or visit our facebook and twitter pages. in the bay area a gruesome discovery a lot in the bay area a man who is dead >>phillipe djegal: the unresponsive person police were called to check up bond at i 80 turned out to be a dead man. investigators are looking into this man whether he was murdered >>: is a very specific suspicious death >>phillipe djegal: the man was alone and didn't have a car in the morning >>: the man had some facial injuries >>phillipe djegal: we don't know
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if it's a hit-and-run >>: we do not know the official cause of death >>phillipe djegal: those who might have seen something suspicious in the local area please contact the police immediately >>vicki liviakis:officials are warning boaters and beachgoers to be careful of the so-called king tide along the coast. these high tides are expected to peak tomorrow. and last through tuesday. officials say swells could rise to around 7 feet. it is likely that there will be flooding in low-lying areas along the coast. the king tide is caused by the earth's alignment with the sun and moon. and is expected to create some of the most extreme swells of the year. >>brian van aken: the threat is going to stick around for another two days, the next two mornings. as long as the sun and moon are in alignment like this. this causes the tides to be enhanced. there is a coastal
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flood advisory in effect for tomorrow and tuesday. going from high tide in the late morning to look tied in the evening there is more than 10 ft. in the tide level change. high tides and generally taking place in the afternoon with the low tides closer to the evening. whether why is we had some sunshine this afternoon with temperatures in the '60s close the '70s. and we can expect morris of the same as a going to the beginning of this week.
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a special north bay and east bay valleys however will have some fog and we might have temperatures in the '70s fought in the warm spots today--in san francisco. a processional marked the nine- month anniversary of the death of alex nieto. san francisco police shot nieto at bernal heights park back in march. police say officers opened fire after nieto pointed and fired a taser gun at police. nieto was a student at city college of san francisco. and he worked as a security guard.
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a 21-year-old man is suffering from a gunshot wound. after he was shot last night outside of the concord bart station. police say the victim was waiting for a taxi with friends. when a car pulled up in the taxicab line. they say someone from inside that car shot the man. after they got into an argument with him. the car was a black or dark- colored 4-door sedan. police are still looking for the shooter. a utility pole, large boulder and rocks are just some of the obstructions blocking roadways throughout the bay area this evening, according to the california highway patrol. it tipped cruise about 2 1/2 hours to clear the roads. additionally a possible telephone poll is blocking both lanes on tennessee valley road in marin county.
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the raiders played the last home game of the 20-14 season today.and they did not let the raider nation down. kron-4's scott rates was on the sidelines and he show us what fans think about the big win and their concerns about the team possibly moving. >>scott rates: hey look the raiders are here on the to game the home turf winning streak
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raiders would who got the victory. >>: i am a greater nation die- hard fan and we will support the raiders. this is their home this is for everybody loves them and where they're known for. >>: i live in l.a. and i want them to come back to l.a.. >>: despite a push to get a nfl team into l.a. by 2015 this will not happen, soonest any of the teams looking to move to los angeles would be 2016.
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>>scott rates: the raiders are eager to get wind the last home game of their season and are happy that they did get the win . the raiders did sign a one-year lease with the coliseum to keep them here for 2015. >>vicki liviakis:coming up at eight. people at a san francisco tech company say. they have identified a woman accused of breaking into their office. and they did it by using -- the popular dating app, called ' tinder'.
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>>vicki liviakis: people at a san francisco tech company say. they have identified a woman accused of
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breaking into their office. and they did it by using -- the popular dating app, called ' tinder'. police say, the woman has been caught on surveillance video burglarizing the company. as kron 4's jeff bush reports. the startup, called - buildzoom. came up with an idea. >>:she cleared out this entire building. she got 11 computers and tablets from us. she kept coming back. >>jeff bush:david peterson is the cofounder of buildzoom.his company is just one of several that had property stolen by a mystery woman. david and his partners were meeting with the staff and someone came up with an idea to find out who this woman is. the planput her picture on the dating app, tinder. >>:we wanted eyeballs on it so we created a tinder profile and we put her face on the profile and thousands of people saw it and someone emailed us a suspect who looks just like her. >>jeff bush: here's a screen shot of the tinder profile. it says "i rob offices in sf. $5000 reward for identifying me.
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david's company matches people with contractors for jobs. >>:all we do is find the best contractors by using all the tools and data out there and i figured if we can use technology to find the best contractors there has got to be some way we can use technology to find criminals. >>jeff bush:david said that when he took the new information to the police and identified this mystery woman they said that they already had an arrest warrant out for her for for different crimes and, now, she's wanted for these burglaries. i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron four news. >>vicki liviakis:authorities say a man has barricaded himself inside a northern california home and has exchanged gunfire with law enforcement. lt. john poretti of the placer county sheriff's office said sunday that the house is on fire and neighbors of the auburn home are being evacuated. residents called the sheriff's office at 10:45 a.m. to report gunfire coming from the property. poretti says that they are not releasing the man's name, but he is described as a man in his 50s. poretti says that the man
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appears to be alone in the home, and deputies are not able to communicate with him. he says the man has fired over 100 rounds through a window. he says deputies have fired tear gas into the home. and officers have since killed him the average price of regular gas down 25 cents a gallon. to 2-dollars-47-cents. analysts say prices will likely continue to fall. lower crude oil prices. an abundant oil supply. and the rising price of the u-s dollar are driving gas prices down. the lowest average in california was in sacramento. at 2-dollars- 58-cents a gallon. this is the lowest it's been in more than five years. >>brian van aken: we have sunshine coming back into the bay area and some nights nice weather for traveling and holidays. here's a live you out at the bay bridge and we are mostly clear by some clouds for tonight's.
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tomorrow look for some low clouds and possibly fog at the ground in the north bay and east they and then that will clear up in the afternoon to bring sunny skies with mid to upper 60s even some low '70's. things will be about the same tuesday but will change once in thursday. we're going into the last days of december and things are drying out. in the first couple weeks we have had lots of rain with up and over 10 in. in some areas with over 15 in. in santa rosa. this has put our rain over 200 percent more than previous reign averages. we are making up for historical
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dry droughts. here's the satellite view, of the rain through the bay area with this storm retreating going into washington and oregon. it will dump its reign there and stay there. there is a storm system coming in mid-week but it will only cool down temperatures.
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>>pam moore:like a bolt out of the blue lightning struck fans outside the stadium >>stanley roberts: coming at i saw some people abusing the free food area at a church a hot chocolate? ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0.
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which means it's timeson for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf.
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if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. >>stanley roberts: no one will ever admit what they're doing but you can see with your own eyes. she says in cantonese that she is not selling. >>: i got caught behaving badly
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>>stanley roberts: every year this church gives bags of food to the needy a lot of it go to the greedy >>: they have food and shelter on the corner and the people who get the food turnaround and sell on the corner >>: you can see them turn around and sell the food and then come around and get some more >>stanley roberts: the food is meant for one person and we had to stand over someone's shoulder to see them do it firsthand. these volunteers are task with
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ringling the discarded cans. however this is filled up with kansan gets filled up with cans multiple times. >>: they cut us off every time so i came early. >>vicki liviakis: we will call this the list of shame as we look at passengers behaving badly on planes. and the first functioning hover board.
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>>vicki liviakis: the north korean government claims that
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the white house is behind the movie of the interview of the hack group "guardians of peace" that took credit for the recent hack of sony say. their biggest attack will be against the white house. and the entire u-s. on friday the f-b-i says they found evidence that the sony hack came from within the north korean government. something they deny. the hack led to the film's release being canceled. in a statement on friday president obama said the decision to shelve the film was a mistake. inside north korea, news from the outside world rarely reaches the average person. one north korean defector is trying to change this. using a simple but ingenious technique. cnn's kyung lah has that story. >>: he wants to kill the leader of north korea? >>:americans won't see 'the interview' in theaters. but park sang hak pledges north koreans will. this plastic bag is packed with western news clips about north korea's brutal atrocities from
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labor camps to attacks on south korea and music videos of how the west views the regime. for years park a north korean defector has launched the bags across the border. these giant balloons drop the bags into north korea with the hope of reaching the average citizen. and when it does it challenges the sole image north koreans have of the regime. this is all north koreans see their entire life. only one state controlled television station exists in north korea. kim jong un is god. his citizens expected to worship devout and loyal to a frenzy or pay the price of betrayal. the interview shatters the revered image of the regime, says park a silly comedy to the west a powerful tool for this defector. he waits and hopes sony releases on dvd. it's deeply personal. 20 years ago he read a
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south korean leaflet and he realized he needed to flee north korea. is this how you see the regime crumbling? "single" "this will change how north koreans think," says park. "when you know the truth, it will bring change. we want north koreans to gain freedom and topple the regime." "sony pictures" sony pictures caved to north korea believes park. a regime so dangerous that two bodyguards who asked to not be identified for safety reasons travel with him. north korean spies have attempted to murder park. already heavily sanctioned and isolated the u-s has few options in dealing with north korea. but park believes he can get even put the very movie the regime tried so hard to block. right in their own backyard. kyung lah, cnn, seoul. >>vicki liviakis:
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a florida police officer was gunned down in the line of duty this morning. now this man is in custody charged with murder. a homicide unit and forensics teams have spent all day investigating. in what is typically a quiet neighborhood. adam winer explains what lead to the murder of officer charles con-deck. >>: why would someone shoot a police officer? why? >>:the pinellas county sheriffs office thinks they know sheriff gualtieri says their suspect ? has already admitted to shooting tarpon springs police officer charles kondek. >>: he took his gun out which was a 40 caliber handgun and had seven rounds and fired the mac officer >>:it began at 2 this morning ? as officer kondek was called out to grand blvd near the spring bayou for a noise complaint. witnesses tell police that moments later ? shots were fired. >>: and then he puts the card
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reverse and that's about of the driveway and runs over the top >>:kondek was rushed to a local hospital where he died. police say the shooter. marco parilla. then fled. >>: as he turned north on athens he struck a power pole. he careens of the power pole into a car parked truck. >>: i can't believe what he did to a father has it as children and to his wife. the shooter apologized to the family of officer kondek. he says it was not his intention to kill the officer. kondek was a 17 year veteran of the force and was previously an n-y-p-d officer. he was the father of six children. eleven people are suffering minor injuries. after they were struck by lightning next to the tampa bay buccaneers stadium. it happened shortly after 4 this afternoon. in a nearby parking lot. officials say it doesn't appear that anyone was directly struck
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by the lightning. however. it did kick up rocks and gravel. and knock a few people down. spectators ran to help those affected -- before the ambulances could take the to the hospital. >>: we were all on the ground and people put raincoats and jackets over us >>: we have for people who left the scene prior to our riding at the scene to take people to the hospital >>vicki liviakis:no one is suffering serious injuries. president barack obama says he still wants to close the detention facility at guantanamo bay. as a candidate, he promised to shut it down on his first day in office. but congress passed a law that blocked that possibility. by forbidding the transfer of some detainees into federal supermax facilities in the u-s. still, as he enters the final stretch of his second turn, that campaign promise is still on his mind: "i'm going to be doing everything i can to close it. it is a -- it is something that
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continues to inspire jihadists and extremists around the world, the fact that these folks are being held. it is contrary to our values and it is wildly expensive. we're spending millions for each individual there. and we have drawn down the population there significantly." >>vicki liviakis:many of the detainees housed for years at guantanamo have been transferred to other countries. president obama also says that he questioned the wisdom of spending millions of dollars housing prisoners there when - quote -- "we have a way of solving this problem that's more consisten with our values." cars with no one behind the wheel. self-driving cars may be the vehicle of the future. but the dmv can't figure out how to regulate it. what's the hold-up, up next. >>: you are looking at the real hover board and that the implications on how it could change our lives. >>brian van aken: and the river
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of moisture that has been drenching us for the past weeks is now moving up the northwest and bring sunshine to
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>>vicki liviakis:the california department ofend deadline to adopt new rules for driverless cars. regulators are still trying to figure out how they'll know if the cars are safe to drive. self-driving cars have an array of sensors that promise to have superior road awareness and reaction time. however. the technology is so new that there are no accepted standards to verify its safety. d-m-v officials say they won't let the public get the cars until someone certifies that they're safe. >>brian van aken: i wonder if the windshield wipers are anabatic also! we have dry weather coming our way with a lot of low sunshine even up into the '70s as we draw closer to christmas.
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looking at the golden gate bridge things are clear with only a few clouds here and there. after midnight will have some local labs developing only the surface. the dense fog will be for the north bay and east bay. after that into the afternoon there'll be sunshine and blue skies all over the place. we also have this coastal flood and fire it buys three which remains in effect for two award the days. for tuesday there will be fought in the morning once again but there'll be lots of sunshine.
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there is a storm that will remain in the north of the area with no rain was in gusty winds and cooler temperatures. >>vicki liviakis: the first
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and cooler temperatures. >>vicki liviakis: the first functioning hover board i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
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>>gabe slate: ever since marty makes wide jumped on that hover board in back to the future myself and millions of people has wished that that has become a reality. it seems like something hundreds of years from now but i tell you the future is now in a silicon valley startup. seeing is believing. ms. this we'll have our technology in action. sport is hovering off the ground. >>: the cover board is the first
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step and is driven by electromagnetic technology. we are matching much bigger than however board. >>gabe slate: the cover board will be in the future for extreme sports with enthusiasts. tried in it was crazy like riding in the air. they have plans and way beyond hover board and see this technology keeping us say for natural disaster. >>: in a cost-effective way of protecting buildings we can't protect them from floods and hurricanes and that technology is out there. >>vicki liviakis:with less than a week until christmas, millions of americans are hitting the mall for last minute gifts.but with online shopping becoming more popular, malls dont have nearly the same influence they
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once did. very few traditional shopping malls have opened over the past decade.the result of a major shift in how we shop. the reality is grim for many of these malls. some experts believes higher- end malls are the future. so what can these malls do to survive? --consider adding grocery stores to attract a steady group of regular spenders and offering services people can't find online. after more than twenty years together and a civil partnership ceremony in 2005. sir elton john and partner david furnish are officially married. a ceremony was held today in great britain. the couple have two children -- zachary jackson levon and elijah joseph daniel. madonna gives her fans an early christmas present. dr evil pops up on snl and this week's box office results. nick valencia has more in today's hollywood minute >>:madonna is giving her fans an early christmas present.
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the singer released 6 new tracks from her new album, rebel heart, slated to come out in march. the release is in response to a leak last week of unfinished songs. the pop icon said in part. "i would prefer my fans to hear completed versions of some of the songs instead of the incomplete tracks that are circulating." doctor evil is back. snl alum mike myers made a surprise appearance as the character to give his take on the sony hacking scandal. "let's start with you nk, you are one of the most evil countries and your act of war is to kill a movie? butt to 23:32:58 "come on sony, you thought it was joke to have james franco assassinate kim jong un? the man single handily almost killed the oscars." >>:now to this weekends box office. peter jackson's "the hobbit: the battle of the five armies" earned a little over 90 million dollars, making it number one. fox's night at the museum: secret of the tomb" came in a distant second and sony's
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"annie" took the third spot. for hollywood minute.i'm nick valencia. >>vicki liviakis:with christmas just around the corner.most children are focused on the presents they hope to receive. but one little idaho boy is thinking more about the christmas *spirit. he wants to bring peace and love to *everyone . even the grinch! caiti currey explains. >>: for a year-old jacob has encountered the grinch >>: jacob is one of santa's biggest fans. >>: i was mad at the grinch for ruining my fun time. i wanted santa to be at the greenwich.
8:49 pm
>>: i decided that i would love him and be like cindy lou hill. >>: since the original letter was ari on its way to santa he decided to write another >>: dear grinch i was mad at you for being naughty to stand that and now i just think he needs some of love. >>: we are taught to be patient for give and be kind and preschool things adults need to learn more of. >>: merry christmas grinch!
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>>pam moore: >>vicki liviakis:stanley roberts may find people behaving badly. on the ground. but, coming up. we're going to show you people mis-behaving up in the air. passenger shaming - next.
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the >>vicki liviakis:you've probably seen it before -- passengers behaving badly on a plane. earlier this year, jeanne moos spoke to former flight attendant who created a facebook page featuring photos of the bad behavior. we take a look back at the story -- one of the favorites of 2014.
8:53 pm
>>:passengers, prepare for shaming. especially if you're not in the upright position and your feet are on your tray table. "yikes." >>:"it's so yikes. it's so beyond yikes at this point." >>:former flight attendant shawn kathleen created the facebook page "passenger shaming" showcasing photos of passengers behaving badly.leaving dirty diapers in seat pockets and going shirtless. how far we've flown from the elegant old days. >>:"the travail has been taken out of travel." >>:instead of pearls check out the altitude of these shorts. >>:"it's getting worse by the minute." >>:her personal pet peeve. >>:"socks stay on." >>:except they don't. sure it's funny when john candy does it in a movie. " dogs are barking today. that feels better." >>:but who wants to let barking dogs lie when they intrude from another row. "we recommend you keep your feet covered and your hands exposed."
8:54 pm
how gross is it to see a guy sleeping with his hand shoved down his.avert your eyes. but shawn kathleen has seen passengers do worse. >>:"he caught his hair on fire in lavatory while smoking crack." >>:sort of makes gum left in the safety card seem quaint. "and whatever you do do not get nailed using clippers." why don't you just skip the in flight manicure. no one wants to see you caring for your feet at 30,000 feet.. >>:"and there was a gentleman treating his warts with compound w.yeah that happened." >>:shawn kathleen quit her flight attendant job a year ago to become a nurse practitioner. she'll see plenty of naked men in nursing but somehow looking at this. >>:"i can't." >>:seems worse. a passenger using a pillowcase to cover his eyes while uncovering the rest. >>:"come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away."
8:55 pm
>>:sure, let's fly, but don't leave behind your boxers, your dentures, your toenails or your wig. jeanne moos cnn >>:"come fly with me!" new york jason and bit will be in a break down the big raiders win and discuss the coaching future of jim harbaugh that king tied was really impressive. >>brian van aken: the gravitational forces of the moon and sun combine grided team tied >>vicki liviakis: your help and so much brine in the weather department because the weather is going to turn very warming
8:56 pm
sun shiny. >>brian van aken: the weather will turn up to the upper 60s even to this subject to these and some parts. the big storm is going up north and we're going to get the sun. there's a storm system coming wednesday and thursday and all will bring his coal lands but no rain that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. goodnight.
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