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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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two fallen members of the force. there were tears on many faces during a final salute to wenjian lui and rafael ramos, whose bodies were taken away in an ambulance. good evening. i'm vicki liviakis. kron4's alecia reid joins us now.with reaction from the officers' families on the tragic deaths and how the city is remembering the officers. beer reportgo re
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reporter>>:, a makeshift memorial sits next to the scene at the shooting. commissioner bill branch and attended a memorial for the officers. the two men were ambushed while sitting in their patrol car. he posted on his social me the media site that the murders for a retaliation. both of the officers lived in brooklyn.
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gm says he was the best father. i can ask father. reporter>>: and the officers may not have seen the killer,. here in the bay area several police agencies have given their condolences.
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the ra reporter>>: police are beginning to paint a picture of the man accused of shooting and killing two new york police officers. before turning the gun on himself. detectives say ismaaiyl brinsley had a troubled and violent childhood. that ultimately ended in more violence. but before he took his life and is suspected of taking the lives of two others. police say he spoke out on social media. new speaker yonew speaker: "he y mentor's michael brown and mary gardner" c dura reporter>>:brinsley also told two passers-by to watch what he was going to do. just moments before shooting the officers.
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he also told them to follow him on the social media site. instagram. brinsley had been arrested at least 19 times before the shooting. he served a two-year prison term in georgia from 2011 to 2013. yesterday's shootings also sparked anger in new york. former new york governor george pataki accused mayor bill de blasio of putting police officers' lives in danger. de blasio had supported recent peaceful protests against police following the death of eric garner at the hands of an officer. yesterday. police officers turned their backs on de blasio as he walked by. however. the mayor called the shootings an "assassination." we will continue to follow this developing story. for the latest updates you can visit our website at kron four dot com or visit our facebook and twitter pages. a gruesome discovery along interstate 80 in vallejo this morning. kron four's philippe djegal reports a man was found dead and investigators have not ruled this case out as a homicide.
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phillipe djegal>>: the unresponsive person police were called to check-up on, westbound off-ramp leading to inerstate 78 turned out to be a dead man. and, vallejo police lieutenant kevin bartlett says investigators are looking into weather or not this 48-year old man from vallejo was murdered. sot- "it's a suspicious death and we're not classifying it either at this point." the discovery was made just after 7-30 in the morning. the man was alone didn't have car. and, lieutenant bartlett says sot- "appeared to have fallen face forward and had some facial injuries." at this time, police don't know if the man is the victim of a hit and run collision. sot- "we're waiting for the coroner's reports on official cause of death. some injuries may not to be so apparent." investigators are hoping witnesses who passed through this area and may have seen something suspicious. call police to help solve this case.
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reporter>>:a 21-year-old man is suffering from a gunshot wound. after he was shot last night outside of the concord bart station. police say the victim was waiting for a taxi with friends. when a car pulled up in the taxicab line. they say someone from inside that car shot the man. after they got into an argument with him. the car was a black or dark- colored 4-door sedan. police are still looking for the shooter. a utility pole. large boulder. and rocks are just some of the obstructions blocking roadways throughout the bay area this evening. caltrans crews cleaned up a rockslide along state highway 1 in marin county this afternoon. it took crews about 2 and a half hours to clear the road. large rocks also blocked both lanes of highway 1 in sonoma county. crews are still working to clear the roadway. additionally. a possible telephone pole was blocking both lanes of tennessee valley road in marin county. two cars hit the pole. but no one was injured. lastly. a large boulder is blocking the westbound lane of st. helena road near calistoga. it is still unknown when that road will be cleared.
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a man in auburn is dead after a five hour standoff with police this afternoon. police say he barricaded himself in his home after firing a gun battle with police. around four p-m the house caught fire. escalating the situation. police shot and killed the man who refused to surrender. police say he continued to fire as police tried to get him out of the house. gunfire. pistols, shotguns
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police were called the house around 11 a-m. after reports that he'd attacked his girlfriend with mace. she was able to escape the house unharmed. police say the man used a pistol, shotgun, and automatic weapon in the incident. you used to sleep like a champ.
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people at a san francisco tech company say. they have identified a woman accused of breaking into their office. and they did it by using -- the popular dating app, called ' tinder'. police say, the woman has been caught on surveillance video burglarizing the company. as kron 4's jeff bush reports. the startup, called - buildzoom. came up with the idea. she cleared out this entire building. she got 11 computers and tablets from us. she kept coming back. david peterson is the cofounder of buildzoom.his company is just one of several that had property stolen by a mystery woman. david and his partners were meeting with the staff and someone came up with an idea to find out who this woman is. the planput her picture on the dating app, tinder. we wanted eyeballs on it so we
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created a tinder profile and we put her face on the profile and thousands of people saw it and someone emailed us a suspect who looks just like her. here's a screen shot of the tinder profile. it says "i rob offices in sf. $5000 reward for identifying me. david's company matches people with contractors for jobs. all we do is find the best contractors by using all the tools and data out there and i figured if we can use technology to find the best contractors there has got to be some way we can use technology to find criminals. david said that when he took the new information to the police and identified this mystery woman they said that they already had an arrest warrant out for her for for different crimes and, now, she's wanted for these burglaries. i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron four news. officials are warning boaters and beachgoers to be careful of the so-called king tide along the coast.
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these high tides are expected to peak tomorrow. it is likely that there will be flooding in low-lying areas along the coast. the king tide is caused by the earth's alignment with the sun and moon. and is expected to create some of the most extreme swells of the year. reporter>>: the tie 8 is really fluctuating quite a bit. the difference between highty- tighty antelope time is 10 ft. and we could have some dense fog as we go into tomorrow morning. low clouds and dense
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fog can limit visibility. whether it will be in the '70s, we will see the same on tuesday. all the grain is moving up to the north, there are a few showers around eureka. we'll have a dry weather continued in, for tuesday '70s again i, after some fall in the morning.
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look for highs into the weekend. the reporter>>: the north korean government says. the white house is behind making the sony pictures movie "the interview." and now hackers are threatening a cyber attack on the u-s government. the hack group "guardians of peace" that took credit for the recent hack of sony say. their biggest attack will be against the white house. and the entire u-s. on friday the f-b-i says they found evidence that the sony hack came from within the north korean government. something they deny. the hack led to the film's release being canceled. in a statement on friday president obama said the decision to shelve the film was a mistake. a florida police officer was gunned down in the line of duty this morning. officer charles kondek responded to a noise complaint at 2 a-m this morning. witnesses say moments later shots were fired. the shooter marco parilla fled. and ran over officer kondek. already shot. the officer was rushed to the
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hospital where he died. parilla was arrested after hitting a power pole. he's already admitting to the shooting. and told police why he did it. speaker>>: yothe shooter apologe family of officer kondek. he says it was not his intention to kill the officer. kondek was a 17 year veteran of the force and was previously an n-y-p-d officer. he was the father of six children. eleven people are suffering minor injuries. after they were struck by lightning next to the tampa bay buccaneers stadium. it happened shortly after 4 this afternoon. in a nearby parking lot. officials say it doesn't appear that anyone was directly struck by the lightning. however. it did kick up rocks and gravel. and knock a few people down. spectators ran to help those affected -- before the ambulances could take the to the
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hospital. good news from former n-b-c anchor tom brokaw has good news -- his cancer has gone into remission. in february, the 74-year-old was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. which causes cancer cells to over-run healthy cells in the bone marrow. he says doctors are optimistic that the cancer is gone. and that he's going on a regimen of maintenance drugs to ensure the disease doesn't come back. brokaw retired from anchoring in 2004-- he is now a special correspondent for n-b-c.
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gary radnich>>: suddenly the raiders don't look so bad. that set up but james jones touchdown.
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new speaker"even though it's not been how you want it to be, but if we keep fighting. all those things austin important in building this franchise." gar gary radnich>>: to reduce closeout the season in denver.
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speaking of arizona,
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dur 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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>> the weekend insider with perspective on this week's top trending stories. how are you feeling tonight. >> she's polka dotted. >> brad and the kids fill in for an under the weather angie. >> that's part of your good week. >> bad week. >> now he should get a part. it wasn't about that. >> mark on his plea for forgiveness. and more fall out for "the interview" investigation. >> as the sony scandal continues to make headlines, five things hackers do not want you to know. >> your information could be more profitable than the drug trade. >> i visit ground zero for a tour of world trade center. >> and with


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