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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 23, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PST

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this morning on the kron 4 more news public-service announcements against gun violence is creating controversy since it was shot and not and has cooled. here the film maker of test kit with gsa. tension between please communities has not caught away in york but they have taken on the run town following the deaths of two nypd officers find out how. and then sfo officials said today to be the busiest travel the unseasoned level again as of those morning are in a talk about what your color a travel weather conditions will be like in just a minute. >> : the morning everyone tuesday december 23rd and think for joining us this morning. begin the hours left like to do with the check whether traffic. and will head over to any new life sitting foggy
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conditions against out tuesday morning. and also going to see that sort south bay as well level of the golden gate bridge we have fog this morning so expect fog this morning commute as well. here's what visibility and now but down to less than a mile but no problems yet with fog and sfo probably change to malls for half moon bay less than half a mile and san jose. yesterday we had no foggy conditions problems say but it were seeing it and the dawn for malls and fairfield. also still watching the coastal flood advisory still in effect through today till 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon. also expect higher than normal times as king tide's coming. that means also sing ocean waves over 20 thieves with the watch for the possibility of flooding in the low-lying areas. this is where the coastal morning and unpacks the entire san francisco bay area. specially that shoreline of huge cast for tracking
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showers for but potentially tomorrow for christmas eve. tomorrow morning those of us looking o'clock deconditions the clouds are will hold moisture while o'clock or sing the showers move into the north bay. then by 1:00 potentially to severances go east bay and peninsula and redwood city also heading out of the area of the will bring the house will showers for the area could impact folks is heading out of town for the christmas holiday. 49 and now but. 52 san jose and the board. showing today we're seeing temperatures in the upper 6 is once again for oakland as a warmer spot 66 in san jose. 66 also and
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more low season and yet 69 and now but. 64 in san francisco and in daly city. his kron 47 day on the bay forecasts of you conceive again tomorrow generally after showers as well or looking at. that whole lot but we're definitely enough to see what the roadways and the christmas day will have sonny's guys are really nice afternoon and notice temperatures cooling down and made upper 50s. starting christmas a day and looks like will stay dry for the rest of the week in two weekend. and the possibility of a winter storm and packing the tahoe area. take a look at your bridges on this tuesday morning. on the bay bridge no fog here yet but remember yesterday in the fog rolling in very quickly right now were seeing clear skies and no problems across the bay
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bridge in the downtown san francisco and also seeing a little bit of thought here but not to dance quite yet. as we head into downtown san francisco. a major hotspots also one look at the richmond center fell bridge here also is seeing traffic very light no problems get across as well. for details coming up a little bit later. in the meantime a good time believe the house and testing but the rainbow on christmas eve. the huge rainmaker subtle think it will be a huge caused major delays but definitely a little end of my cleared donald to hopefully get out of here before then. >> : the impact the news now growing concern about growing controversial in north oakland community charter school of the message against gun violence but kron 4 release your read reports officials
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filmmaker are telling from stories. but what the school moved psa was being filmed on campus and lime it should of not access set up for grabs a home and not be able to do this >> : that is reggie not all of the message. that's not not for kids to take the guns to school and give it to the teacher that's what i'm showing kids not shot have access to guns at home >> : s should be locked up >> : had a hard time finding a school that was ok with shooting this type of message. but north local committee charter school approved the script and gave her the ok. over the schools as it do director of the crew allowed access to a show psa on school grounds but the school did not review approved or endorsed the video and that north oakland community charter school does not condone support bringing weapons of any kind with the real or
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replica of the school. and as the producer move the school's name from the video. >> : esses but their name on the credits so we can remove it. >> : and the toy gun was used in the psa and secured through off filming all students tested after actors all message also meant for parents keep the guns locked up. what sit for world for the kids and the producer believes the message is getting a lot of backlash because it's being taken literally. new life were always in the york have taken on a different tone in today's after to nypd officers killed in brooklyn and ongoing tensions between police officers and the communities that protect. angie spencer shows how many people simply calling an end to violence across the board. >> :
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both families >> : is the victim's relatives grieved several communities have come together to offer their support. some voice stress. >> : surf others quiet and lime organizers of the silent walk for solidarity's said it wanted to focus on justice for all races honoring the two officers killed yesterday as well turn gardner michael brown. an event in harlem what organizers emphasize all but lives matter and very local support for nypd. >> : as with a blow the trumpet and justice anywhere is injustice everywhere. as wrong. >> : this is in between police
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community not gone away after the killings officer rafael ruml's but if you ask the sister of the boat and is and those tensions were not the cause. >> : has nothing to do with police retaliation. this was a troubled emotionally troubled kid. he needed help you didn't get it. if the get arrested this my times is a question why would the but the tip releasing have in the streets and isn't that a problem let the justice system should be asking >> : the us >> : supporters and across the states have protest against police far different from ambushing police officers. and police chief him and officers are grieving for the new two-year police officers and his officers now on heightened alert but believes that people in san francisco support the department. >> :
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expect a do any differently >> : sphere and secular men's officers shouldn't go anywhere along and should call for back up whenever necessary. the tech a quick break coming up here on kron 4 more news severances copley's officers remembering those officers killed eight years ago and light duty entirely offices have a say in the state of the force today. quick look outside cemetery bridge cameras showing are right on highway 92 moving well the major issues up this morning. four hayward temperatures above 53 degrees right now should warmup to mid-60s a drum set in. more on extended forecast as well as we look out toward christmas and the coming
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gov. jerry brown said emergency for four counties in part by this month's rain storms and issues an emergency from iran. some retail ventura counties. each county the put severe damage on highways because of flooding russian culture has now formally request a meeting of federal assistance. speaking of lot weather forecast the of more shower stall on the way for you the christmas to the level that sematech bridge right now assessing fog here were seeing clear skies across the bay area and also seeing some fog develop as well but were said to look at the visibility is poor recede temperatures also
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getting into the 6660 and tx 647 cisco and looks like rusty temperature is pretty comfortable and his look of visibility argument which improve a little bit just over mohel no problems yet at sfo and oakland as well in the south bay. also seeing some fog and then some spots especially down south 880 in the san jose so a lot less than half mile visibility in san jose this morning. if mark carter conditions then charge criminal and o'clock for the north bay starting center rose substantially in annapolis by 1:00 fairly widespread but fast-moving systems now holding a lot of moisture by 3:00 to resign for itself in the south bay
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for the most part out of here by than >> : then looks like to be drier for christmas eve and be driving car show reconditions especially living in the afternoon. and just right now local in chile for some spots including sen rose a nap but the '40's. 49 also an oakland got scared and will 50s and livermore and in san jose. house for today will be fairly comfortable because a lot of sunshine expected once again on fog burns off in the afternoon hours and then mostly generally in the 6 is 64 san francisco 66 and san jose. having been taught how bring those chains because chin restrictions to be in effect to 6 in. above 4003 in more than foot at the crest. if you're leaving early
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tomorrow morning for tahoe whats ok also that should be rain with them on rain change but with snowballed late afternoons see forecast but this tale looks fine tomorrow bring change in the snow than on christmas day only slight chance for some snow and temperatures really drop special by christmas day highs only in the thirties compared to 50 is especially applicable. con 4 sunday run before test. temperatures cool off in the bay area by christmas day talking generally what mid- 50s by thursday friday. alex again the transfer some afternoon showers will arrive on wednesday tomorrow. some also see winds pick up but nothing too strong right now snow impressive amounts of grants associate with tomorrow storm. but to go quickly get traffic on tuesday morning no major hot spots to report but we're definitely seeing fog out there is that as the main traffic headlines for this morning live look at your bay bridge approach to the
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toll plaza. this is you very light traffic still some is from the macarthur is downtown san francisco golden gate bridge ryan also light easy right now a little bit of thought here but not too dense yet memory aestivate fog formed very quickly vest with a matter of minutes that could happen to you driving first of the going gets the morning hours keep you posted live look at sfo you can see here clear skies right now but no reports of any delays as glad to look ever consider fell bridge and see here traffic also very light at this hour. >> : mobile app airwaves step with the stars the once implemented tomorrow but also travel a lot trouble the talk about here with the system while the other right now threatening travel plans for millions try to get
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around for a holiday party colorado blasted by snow yesterday was a warning is issued in colorado utah. more snow forecast and heavy rain high wind expected along eastern seaboard as well some areas the rain will turn the snow which could make air travel tough on christmas eve holiday travel edition bay area with officials say that could be the busiest travel day of susan just bush when their questions as to what travelers can expect >> : a big increase in travelers' airport manager says roughly 130,000 people traveled into out of the sfo. despite the large number the public found the six brands to be used once overall. if there more than
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four passengers unusual were unclear to this nation's when portland's messages house now deal with the weather as probably raining parents are tracking and data center >> : that dropped off since some checking at the big board showed on-time flights of for a few doorways of less than an hour but there were few are long delayed flights coming from new york. mostly a good time for traveling >> : and could not been better >> : if the documents released in the remic all sexual assault investigation the pain different pictures of what happened last sunday night
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at his home in san jose. the forty-niners cut ties with mcdonnell last week it one day after his home was searched for evidence conformity choses investigation is ramping up >> : the copy of san jose will please report the alleged rape victims as three mcdonald's had sex with her after she had some drinks and hatter had passed on >> : to such a sustained head wound apparently witnesses to that. >> : 46 investigator or who handled by clemens and other 49er who was dropped hisself statements made by mcdonnell and the search warrant puzzling >> : me smiles about them having sex until finally he gives up. so kids dead and one and think that was afraid of being 41 think they could
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fool somebody >> : woman woke up again but has no memory of what happens >> : beckman also mentions her kron 4 09 aldens but on probation be like to mention also out at mcdonald's house. the fee was drinking a violation of his probation on but not consumed all of that we would be if he were present but knowledge of the obvious and the most important evidence to a combat would be examination of any video >> : mcdowell's or charts and kron >> : the lowest is a live look at the oakland approached the bay bridge current temperature oakland 54 should warmup upper 60s letter on today
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>> :
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lost a month since a window washer fell from building in downtown severances go family now talking publicly in may remember the price fell from roof back in november landing on a moving car pri kron 4 has a has more on just how difficult to his recovery as then. there callisto have our bad >> : press is not nicole's her deadpan drove a window washer surviving: story fall from the san francisco high- rise husband about months since the accident occurred marcus says her dad on the road to recovery. small things the show is covering >> : however her dad does not remember anything from that dreadful day >> : to remember even though he worked that they >> : this vehicle broke the fall
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sitting his left eye and had left him with long list of major injury broken pelvis had to get mileage sphere country artery internal bleeding >> : list goes on than there is this injury to her father full-time provider for wife and three daughters left his family and financially difficult position >> : despite having to drop out of college two weeks left in the semester such to pick up more hours sudden up my mom pills have dreams of becoming a health-care professional but had put those plans on hold second of the my family mom had to pick up extra shifts at work and come to mind is not cover half of what my dad used make >> : we notice all things he does for us and how much really need him. hard having him around >> : good news hard as doctors
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have high hopes for overall recovery. so nearly as is the interview in the sun high tech.
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late theft quite quickly to keep our eye on that this morning. invisibility not too bad about all clear in adenopathy of miles us about 10 mi. no issues here yet. that could change very quickly the south bay definitely seems of fog down to less than half mile visibility san jose here in san jose area see more fog this morning compared yesterday big change for you and look of the forecast tracking showers for tomorrow. the morning clara conditions expected but then we will see the shower is starting to arrive in north bay center as a pilot o'clock by lunchtime 1:00 showers moving south and the san francisco. fremont and the livermore valley parts of the east bay filly fast- moving system by 3:00 most of it should be out of here but it's mostly seen lingering showers generally in san jose area area south of san jose. after that
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christmas eve. should be dry and clear skies out there temperatures also dropping. chile conditions virtually location especially those in the upper 40's include oakland 49 conquered as welfare field 47 in san rose up. san francisco and 51 in san jose and if the to the more sun shines a day to and clear skies temperatures also holding and san jose and daly city. in downtown san francisco. scott for sunday on the forecast tomorrow we see showers arrive in the afternoon. that could impact your ride and heading out of town for a christmas holiday fast- moving system that system also brings some snow and
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light tahoe area by the late afternoon evening hours and let's when we have a winter storm watch and fact keep that in mind spending chains just in case justin case snow is expected enchain restrictions could be affected. and keep you posted on that. quick check of your traffic for this tuesday morning. sitting areas of fog this morning. bay bridge and of thought here just yet but remember yesterday morning the fog develop really quickly as the bay bridge and clear skies and no problems getting across the macarthur maze and the downtown section and scroll right now. live look at the golden gate bridge still seeing fog here and not too bad right here but drive time for sausalito downtown san francisco also very light here as well. in both directions and light easy ride also heading over
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across the bridge from the center of the bridge as well. one mentioned in milpitas also some dense fog reporter and for dixon landing road will tractions keep the mind heading up the door. and visibility at the yesterday where find the this one definitely season fog out there. built for that later on. annie they queued up for get also give more whether traffic on the day down loaded and mobile app free and available for apple devices. a personal favorite is a live radar and i keep pushing that don't lie when the rains come through great to have in the palm of your hand. on to what we're expecting here more the storm damage recovering from. people back to where for mobile home park in the belmont. the back home this morning dozens of home adults had during reason rain storms. the are stunned had was special homecoming ceremony less nine >> :
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lots of toys that are being left out. and floating away water route to really see and wasn't see through because it was really high >> : as well look like the bell mobile home park two weeks ago. that is now back in their homes but has been a hectic month of rebuilding for everyone. including the little ones and those like 9 year-old david diaz. >> : is all preset for everyone including me shoe was the situation at the time. monday night, calling party was organized by officials. it there is christmas caroling through grocers given santa claus man special appearance for the youngsters. and fact we've and bought presents >> : a monster vs. alien >> : holiday cheer for the young
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flood victim's who at warm poland would not know it's the place: were you worried about it happened where brokers us a little bit >> : so we weren't able come back. >> : for for like all those things on coming back >> : well does this morning u.s. official source said was that anything to do with the internet outage in north korea but said strict on for hours yesterday that, now but south korean officials say some of the web sites to shut down north korea's official central news agency and north korean newspapers >> : are main channels for official north korean news >> : is still plans to release some of the interview on clear when it will come out and what platform. it denied reports it release reports for free on the web site
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crackle owned by sony. would be released in peter's through cable video-on- demand service or on my answering service or details from sunny on that we have the way but they do plan making it available for viewing. happening today police in east bay outpost in a press conference to host and the reward and huckleberry a homicide case. their no. 6 year-old david run cell was robbed killed two days before the skimming hiking on popular trail in oakland. he was well known as an educator off their husbands. and grandfather a nationally at $10,000 reward for more information in the case >> : claws enable the climbed less costly how the work and local doctors how it they predict that the season what they're recommending >> : a live look golden gate
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bridge can motherless the fog rolling in much like it did yesterday more on forecast keep you updated throughout the morning as we looked the north center rose a currently 48 degrees on the chilean side should were mumpsimus upper 60s later on today >> :
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to a reporter if you're a law embarcadero san fransico thousands of people jog every day not everyone that discipline sunday personal trainer to push us motivate us but that's not that easy can be very expensive and very convenient to try to meet up with someone so want to show you what i think is a cool mobile app it's easy affordable to hook up with personal trainer >> : and application gets personal workouts for everyone it's fun affordable workouts that cost 15 front sports works activities on the man's future use. and
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download the than add to your phone and give your boss of a better and demand personal fingertips. and it's a lot cheaper than in gems. so much more convenient >> : is t.r. exhort guts balking boxing martial arts and see it burning on present whenever tech work out they are sometimes they offer and cummins your home office and anywhere in public for one- on-one session. no cash exchanges hands >> : everything in terms of payment communication is handled to the application and have to be their focus on work done >> : william as a boxing trainer and working out great meeting people wherever they want >> : people intimidated the law personal willing to try out >> : talking to the get go gloves
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his demonstration the paddles with slots to allow climbers that with the backs of them. and sits as the entrepreneur the rock climbing at nassau also an interest in these gloves at what to grab things in space. not bad to take a quick break stick with us of your back >> :
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to the quarterly at a total 40 coastlines to buy king ties is the conceit here and some always a came crashing on shore. putting waves all the betide solomon and brings most extreme swells of the year and can be dealing with this morning.
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today the third file day of the king tide here in the bay area. take a look before kelson talk specifically about this week leading up to christmas thursday. showers on the rise and kicked expecting that means no unlike tahoe area and talk us therefore tell us in just a matter lies level of sfo had at the door to catch a flight and the hollywood destination right now clear skies now fog report added at the airport yet but could change those morning progresses and fought for parts of the north bay not nevada right now clear visibility sensing sfo san jose down to less than half a mile visibility definitely seeing some dense fog for parts the bay and supports the south bay san jose area this morning. and south bay your fine. also have coastal
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flood advisory in effect still to o'clock today and still going see higher than normal times the general as to the morning hours late morning hours an ocean wave is over 20 ft. possible definitely have to watch over flooding in low-lying areas. and this is affecting the entire bay area as a conceive across from the north bay impacting san francisco parts of the peninsula where along the shoreline. the trick as it tracking showers for tomorrow and o'clock in the morning. should be dry card conditions a pilot o'clock potentially to the center rose area parts of the north bay and then farther south and more widespread but fairly fast moving system 3:00 should be out of here few lingering showers and areas in the south bay after that looks like we can see dry evening ride home and try evening ride hay out of town for christmas eve. live
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look at temptress right now chile for some sponsons including center rows of 47 degrees over '40's and oakland conquered some detail san jose and 51 degrees and the foggy conditions highs for this afternoon highs once again if you'll see the sun and especially by the afternoon our 64 year high in san francisco opera '60s and oakland 64 in fremont 16 antioch pushing close to 70 up north in nappa. also watching a winter storm heading this way for the tahoe area by tomorrow but we can see with this storm watch has been posted as tomorrow afternoon and evening hours of rain in the morning hours and had in the tahoe in the morning should be fine and fairly mild. heavy is no until 8:00 tomorrow. and three to 6 in. above 40,000 ft. and then 1 ft. at the crest. and then this is your forecast no
4:49 am
problems today had up there. tomorrow once again mainly in the morning hours should be fine bring a chance for that snow arriving late afternoon thursday for christmas day is slight chance for some snow for holiday. and kron 47 there on the forecast. showers arrive tomorrow and mainly in the afternoon hours barely fast-moving systems temperatures also cool off a little bit starting christmas day. the system tomorrow winds pick up like a little dusty out there keep that in mind and still may be breezy on christmas day under sunny conditions as you conceive a weekend is going to be a lot cooler breezy should be tried heading back home for the holidays the road looks like rain should not be a problem in the bay area. quick check of traffic on your tuesday morning no major hot spots to report and follow seen for some parcel day they bridge this looks good right now and looking at the very light easy ride across the
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bay bridge into downtown san francisco now major slowdowns and also the golden gate bridge tracking some fog not too bad here and still seeing fog out there and looks at the fog can get tense. it can be thickened very easily this morning and keep in mind heading to the north bay into san fransico. i've looked at cemetery rind and it's a very light easy here as well no delays here. it's and freshman center fell bridge as well. and fog reported hearing a major hot spots as well. is to want to mention quickly highway 87 south of the dense fog reported there. and also self seeing some pickpocket's of dense fog this morning. ahead stay updated on the weather the commute for that matter developing throughout the day downloading the mobile app is free apple enjoyed devices and both platforms give them a try. this on a more headlines across
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california to men in the dead the bank robbery should not happen this sunday and stockton with 20 year-old ramos 21 year-old pot low cost listed in the indictment ramos is the only one of the suspected robbers actually survived and police believe he drove the men to the bank. back july 16th to on armed men robbed the bank west branch taking to bank employees customer hostage at customer killed in the crossfire between the robbers police and the two employees injured but did survive. another headlines this morning part to see is still the number-one killer of americans as holiday season when i give a loved one give help protect the heart. hendricks has more in today's hollywood minute >> : gets for family friends can be straight from the heart to heart as cardiologists the not and everyone can benefit weather 8770. how
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healthy holiday gifts for children baseball's the bicycles. children start out with health habits in childhood carry them out until adult lives. she is that she suggests and all that left like tight and those who aren't. everyone is ready for exercise program some people need so star was walking and grit wait so have as a pedometer. i deal but at a much lower number. on that on the go is as out and the candles and things to help them and why. even though you may come home to relaxes saw the of the car all day long blood pressure has been high >> : to to keep in mind a tree tell them and set loose so much and stay healthy for a long time. 6774. for today's health net nuance to the
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season here per virus is spreading fast afoot 36,000 die each year because of a fluke doctors and the bay area could be especially bad and urging people to the flu shot forced to wait. sec says the target widespread in 29 states. and not yet in california. you still have time celebrating for 53 coming up a convoy morning news fans and friends are remembering winning singer joe we have little will be back at this review and level parts of the board approached to or showing was bound 80 by looking pretty
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to take a break a 456 coming up to place a delta baggage handler helped run and gun smuggling operation on a flight from atlanta from new york of the story with details coming up and brought in connecticut's this christmas day off the ceiling to grandson's learn a sense of closely how happened and also keeping an eye on bay area weather aborted takeoff for the holidays leveled sfo we talk or your travel forecast in just a bit. sam eh, a, aualli doone.
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time stars falling in the kron 4 more news public- service announcements and gun violence is creating controversy for being filmed that no zero locals school and then weather ahead of the christmas holiday and
5:00 am
rain in the forecast >> : getting closer. this for the kron links it with you for coming kron to susan reed for lawler is busy travel dates and iman then the moment. james fletcher right now with one forecasts christmas eve frames it seems to feel >> : that is the potential right now. a subtle fall sometime between 1:04 p.m.. tomorrow but the good news is at this point that all commuter malls are in agreement that the weather which could go out in time for christmas eve and of course for travel and light and sued christmas morning. once again waking up to fog once more with conditions that will be spotty at first but will be done is where we do see the fog to take a look of visibility charges half mile visibility and nappa. heading down toward san jose even less than 1/3 mile visibility three times down and the san jose center
5:01 am
clara valley and is really heavy out and the sandlot team and sacramento valleys as well sit your morning travels to to a 599 s not fall out there for deaf and dealing with the king ties to the final day of look for are the normal ties if possible flooding low-lying areas. coastal flood advisory in effect for shoreline communities local commanders allowed 3:00 today. the comeback of the 15th hole to the forecast talk more detail about the rain that's expected for christmas eve and the timing of that talk about how much we expect in just a little bit. and get the roof first at the hour. ninth and it's pretty quiet start to the morning commute and may be dead and a ... all the above fog south bay. tell your earlier problems highway 85 also a see the south bay. also reporting dunce fog with reduced visibility at
5:02 am
the unusual that it will start if there the morning of the event in the north bay but that does seem to be the case pre tracking rights to the bridge's south things look pretty good at the bay bridge like traffic now weighs here for westbound ride. at the golden gate bridge we do not see a cruise we do see the crew is working on land and reconfiguration and see fog starting to appear. trip to san mateo bridge ride highway at 92. it conceive a westbound rise still looks good though problems here with just another minute drive time for the west on trip leaving over a cemetery. >> : autobus justin for that is giving also intends to the family again today is the busiest travel days of the year people leaving for christmas holiday will trend sfo with more >> : family and mine sent a fielding family if you want
5:03 am
to travel today as the day and they start this to be the busiest day of the christmas holiday and starting a ground ball put behind the ticket counter already very busy sfo. good news your have any problems yes foggy in the east bay came over from fremont sematech a brittle the foggy in the area for sfo not problem and then i can prove it. the reason why will swing the camera over here show is that ticket counter what it this rival's departure is everything on time on time. and then another thing what you know it's moot because being outside only heard one person talking, talking and another car off to a good start sfo. take honors security checkpoint line. the problem as well. or living on in our sow should be ok morning rush should last two or three hours. the lines got teletext a
5:04 am
>> : good alternative but with weller protestors is morning >> : first on for growing concern or controversial psa shot at no. oakland community charter schools the viral psa is intended to be a message against gun violence but is a danger or the technical school participated in this psa showing avoid taking a gun from his home bringing it to school and then turning it over to his teacher. producer regina says that the chapter the charter school approved the script and gave her the ok. school's executive director says they are only allowed access to should the psa on school grounds. the school did not review approval endorse the video. and as the producer to remove the school's name from the psa. >> : messages not for kids to take the guns and take this will give it to the teacher that's what i'm showing potential messages kids
5:05 am
should not have access to guns that home. should be locked up >> : since it says of his " gun was used in the psa secured throw the following message much for parents to keep guns locked up in the on as a responsible adult that is the point of the psa. we want know what you think check out the entire spot kron 4 kron-4-dot-com none of it check on the facebook page pre >> : jerry brown and declared a state of emergency for four connie's by this mutt friends from its issue of that some emergency for marin san mateo and ventura counties strange county has severe damage and rows of highways and because of flooding and erosion. caltrans note formally request for assistance >> : and information this morning. stations was dangers for you and for your car. the analysis looks set 10 months of crime statistics for bar police. and violent crime rose 5.6 percent over last year all
5:06 am
and all our stations. serious injury assault up 27% battery up 26%. a cause for help to%. >> : overall crime and then the fairfield partition most violent crime. >> : and now is a new york ticking on a fontana after to york's the police officers were killed. in brooklyn ongoing tensions between police officers communities protect many people are simply calling for end of violence >> : organizers of silent walk for solidarity says it wants to focus on justice for all races honoring those two officers shot killed with a point blank range saturday as well as michael brown >> : an oven in harlem organizers all lies matter. some offered very local support for the nypd >> :
5:07 am
injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere it is wrong. the art mayor creating a climate of mistrust contributed to the officers killings please unions a petition and bening mayor from place to funerals >> : news across the services still have seen protest against police and as ford from abusing police officers actually violence against them. police chief says that he and as officers are grieving for the two new york city police officers and a family and officers are now on high alert that he believes people severance cisco's support the department. -safety alert means of the chicago and our lawn and call for backup whenever necessary still had on kron 4 morning news family of the window washer
5:08 am
fall of the stories in san francisco is talking publicly about the recovery and what is coming up >> : than the baggage handler and gun smuggling operation on passenger planes details of biggest airport security breaches had >> : heaping on some bay area weather pockets of very dense fog out there this morning and keeping an eye on rain and winds for christmas eve. >> :
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:11 am
this morning of the airline's baggage handler boston allegedly helping on gun smuggling operation above any plan to new york federal authorities say jean harvey former delta employee mark henry use a carry-on luggage to transport weapons one suspects 18 done 7 loaded onto a flight and york including ak-47 their assault rifles stories investigated henry cell phone airport surveillance video security is a sermon he inspired the what are we to get firearms pass security escort prosecutors holding and taught mutt the bridge >> : still had documents released in mcdonnell sexual assault investigation 49ers reveal what happened last sunday in san jose and will have the latest. and being called surgery sulphate salts picture the picture that doctors in trouble >> : and some hot weather ahead
5:12 am
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humbug from mother nature christmas eve busy travel day well weather for travel plans are millions of americans coming home for the holidays for the color autobus about snow yesterday blizzard warnings issued in colorado ute saw then more some of forecasts for rain high wind expected along the eastern seaboard and the entire eastern half of the nation's major cities there remains no wins in that will make air travel hentoff on christmas eve christmas day. almost all who want cv has family in town or as a travel it's like a boy too much family and other not watching can talk like that about family and its christmas for all here and
5:16 am
on one get together as i can rain on to much real the moving and fog the pressing matter right now and once again you conceive somehow decide what's more golden gate bridge complete least here in all of the fog also seeing really heavy to out in the balance. and sacramento valleys and say it's getting to family means heading out toward i 599 then run into the fog and at the san jose in a moment. initially high low tides was on the kansai possible flooding low-lying areas similar breaux was light yesterday else that these areas in green are along the bay shoreline north bay
5:17 am
shoreline along the coast as well. the sole exception side temperatures right now poolside 48 right now 45 vallejo mids 57 cisco 50 is renowned san jose. later on sunday night's sleep lot of members exceeds 60 oakland's and 64 san francisco's 66 san jose. all of locations around the temperature arrangement upper 60s. we are keeping an eye on whether to our north. right now high-pressure doing a nice job protecting us from it but as we go into tomorrow that actually weakens a little bit and allow showers happening in pacific northwest sink down far enough in and northern california we very well could see some rain tomorrow. and talk about the timing of it here. fisher taskforce effort to may and christmas eve at that point is just clause as with a sport in time at 11 and begin to see showers pop up in the north bay. and bulk of the bay area heaviest
5:18 am
rain sometime between 1 and 4. 1:00 we have not rain widespread and pretty much center over the bay area by about three impacting the south bay 4:00 p.m. beyond it begins to push out. this looks like christmas eve afternoon rains it will sell less level flight and not too much away flooding and christmas eve. the mark and i talking could very well see strong winds with the system is the could be 40 to 45 mi. an hour sustained strong enough to see the tree limbs come down. as we know from past history when tree limbs come down sometimes parlance come on with it. he prepared for that possibility christmas eve and power outages as a result of that when we keep an eye on forecast to the tune here covered as we work our way through the christmas eve storm. this purpose as a day and alex fantastic of sunshine here in the bay area and in the
5:19 am
afternoon and thursday friday night temperatures dropped way down in the overnight hours. and it even lower '30's there's a night and friday night. a skit on with the outlook for the commute. chp topsail fogs and off the south bay stretches highway 85 interstate 880 and allman vallate scattered through the south bay so bad enough your visibility reduced the chp somewhat concerned about it. in see traffic pretty light and in fact expected. and we would of had the same conditions yesterday. looking at your read the bay bridge and in turn is a 80 on tracking any problems here pretty light easy ride so far. as had been for the golden gate bridge were
5:20 am
seeing fog here now and truck over last half-hour has really become more dense piquancy big changes highway 92 san mateo bridge no delays here. now fog so that makes it pretty good ride. and heading into marin county here's a look at your right across interstate 580 bridge and center fell bridge. no fog here not much in the way of traffic either. no back up the way that means an easy ride on the interstate 580 westbound. >> : the end of zero small the window washer fell from a building downtown san francisco his family is now speaking about it. and fell from roof back in november 11th stories and landed on a moving car has each has more on just how difficult pres recovery has been. window washers surviving of the story fall from san francisco high-rise a video from the scene as an
5:21 am
ahmanson sex occurred marcus says her dad on the road to recovery. the things you didn't do the day before saw little thing as a show a loss he's recovering. however does the does not remember anything from the dreadful day. he doesn't number needing going to work that day. ecclesia here broke the roof to fall more than likely saving his life but impact left him with a long list of major injury >> : broken pelvis no rods and all of that fractured arm ruptured artery internal bleeding. this goes on and then there's this injury to the father full-time provider for wife and three daughters left thumb and financially difficult position despite me having dropped out of college is two weeks left in the semester. so i could pick up more hours for marks to cover amount of bills. i
5:22 am
have dreams of becoming a health-care professional and had to put those plans on hold so it could support a family. >> : the imam has had to pick up extra shifts at work and our income combined is not cover half of what my dad used to make >> : lightly without has been hard and we notice all the things he does for us and how much we really need him. it's hard not having him on as >> : good news is that the best doctors have high hopes for overall recovery. >> : if everything goes as planned he should be able to walk >> : saw trading this morning and try not doctors in trouble. punished for taking self pictures during surgery take up the photos going a viral across blocks. now executives a team of medical staff chinese hospital took these group photos like the ones you see here in the
5:23 am
photos in see the doctors and nurses holding a piece i'm told next on consultations in these photos circulated on chinese micro blocking sled so the republic health took action for these photos taken and august as it and of top executives from the administrative duties and a hospital. other staff and news photos and reprimanded docked to must pay a hostile bid issue public apology saying they were sari and that doctors defend themselves the to these photos is a less than a hospital before moving to the new one that allowed people are now blocking about that. >> : so had the kron 4 more news north korea back on me and after countrywide outage. u.s. behind it? >> : learning more possibility release will be the interview details coming up the lines san surf fact
5:24 am
5:25 am
before if to
5:26 am
5:27 am
welcome back to world news u.s. officials still not saying where they had anything to do with internet outage in north korea. he also struck us for hours just entered. the back muscles cream officials some upset stripped-down if north korea official news agency and not a tree in a newspaper which were the main channels for an official north korean news. sunny picture says it still does plan to release the movie the interview i got it into hot water with north korea was the assassination of confront own on clear when this will come out and what platform over the weekend sunday denied reports released molly for free on website crackled owned by sony could be released in theaters cable video-on-demand service or armand streaming when i flex to do. so much publicity created still ahead new tarot warning in australia
5:28 am
people pay respects those: * c is not would tell you what it might mean for holiday travel coming up in a live report. a month
5:29 am
5:30 am
america con 4 morning news and an up day here in this half hour whether traffic >> : jams of more >> : is clive look at the cemetery bridge looking pretty good this morning visibility nice and clear up the case of the golden gate bridge and we have reports san jose the fall there is pretty heavy as well. depends on where you aren't as i was up there again this morning and it's typical for
5:31 am
you driving on. and pretty soon after and the ties that will look highlight the this talking and upper 60s 62 conkers 68 in oakland and 64 san francisco 66 in san jose on all not bad but not tomorrow is a different story do have some rain and on that of course christmas eve and a lot of folks might have traveling around and christmas day so detailed look at that the chess for in 15 minutes. and the timing of an all explain the rain and christmas ambiences to run all the coming up in just a bit. and it is foggy out there. ed fog advise re jackie along a 80 on the autumn all parkway and the conditions there right now. how far would you say it is right now. and usually the
5:32 am
north bay see the heavy fog and a 80 corridor through oakland san leandro hayward and going where i hit fremont to the seas patches of heavy dense fog out here. bush's surprising to me but fog advisory along a stretch all laid down the san jose traveling to grandma's house for christmas and up commuting on no committed date of the be where visibility at this point us and a half mile everywhere getting out there today >> : and so i >> : think now check in with georgian commute elsewhere on the this morning. >> : also talking about the fall for that since archer roadway interstate 880 also to portions of the south bay. for a 80 here around the 280 interchange for highway 85. and often delicate and all the present and other areas of the bay. the chp on top mutt become their that they are talking
5:33 am
about slow traffic stops here at the gold non-tariff at the golden gate bridge. it's have gotten worse as we move on and looking at the summer before o'clock hour it was completely clear. or the bay bridge over at the right and you conceive a commute here starting to build up but don't think it will be a horrible day for the westbound bay bridge ride. heading toward some detail bridge highway 92. pre the commute here and on the volume is building not tracking any delays yet and just aliment drive time westbound. >> : homecoming last my effort by to a mobile home park and belmont. sematech account today and at oklahoma party. food gaucheries and " hectic few weeks the flooding. and
5:34 am
rebuilding such a tough on the children displacers before christmas >> : stuffer said including me on eds plans floating around lots of toy is being left out. floating away does for other children >> : officer sean harrington is a charge with two counts of unauthorized access to computer copying data at >> : the prosecutor's evidence confirms and also said the photos to chp officers dublins. so far only harrington has been charged in the case prosecutors say other people could be charged as the investigation continues at another hearing on this is set for january
5:35 am
27th. ax fell on pleaded guilty to setting 13 fires more than a dozen places downtown san jose january. 49 year-old patrick brennan agreed to 40 years life in prison and police say the fire's cause $6 million in damage. see deal bread and has a third serve 13 years 15 years sentence an arson case another 25 years before he will even become eligible for parole. airline san leandro police investigators are working to track down whoever is responsible for releasing too aggressive tipples and those dogs attacking other dogs and people. this happened after six saturday sunday money sunday morning. this awesome what boat but those of out of a pickup truck. when pit bulls ran from the truck they attacked the joggers seven year-old couple. the dogs that have severe injuries from attack and had the euthanize to vicious dogs attacked two other dogs and their owner couple hours later and that man was taken the hospital waiting for update on his condition
5:36 am
arriving officers essentially shot and killed balls of those symbols to >> : 535 the time right now two men indicted and the deputy bank robbery shoot up the happen over the summer and stockton trade to year-old ramos 20 year-old pop low approval, both listed in the indictment ramos is the one suspected of robberies and police believe that mccaw but drove them into the bank. that july 16th 3 armand's aunt took to bank employees customer hostage that customer was sold in the crossfire between roberts police and to employees injured and then ramos use the customer as human shields. his are charged with three counts of murder >> : and world stories following new terror warning and australia. today the prime minister's security officials have detected an increased level of terrace chatter following the hostage siege in sydney >> : tony also saying terror
5:37 am
attack is likely so there'll be increased presence across the city >> : and how an attack might come. but we do know there are people with intense and capability to carry out further tax >> : assistance to go about their lives as normal. because what terrorists are trying to do is scare as art of being ourselves now people in sydney remembering the two hostages killed in downtown cafe last week. the memorial hall today for the cafe manager church from the corner from the truck a cafe or the scenes to place the people attending memorial service for the cafe customer barrister mother of two new life up said tv station in texas last week play what he says happened coming up one man and his grandson for getting
5:38 am
christmas day off work. with little boys said in his letter to sense the coming up >> : love what here pushed the bay bridge looks like it's nice and quiet for you visibility here is good but do have a thick fog and other parts of for driving on a day-to-day >> : on a day-to-day >> :
5:39 am
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meteorologist texas says that he does not know a man who shot him. tragically in the case study as to the
5:41 am
texas wednesday. it's one fire 13 shots of him shot twice their book races have done within one state about the incident that was reading online everything is then the shot may did not say words no interaction whatsoever it was he started shooting at me as i was leaving the parking lot of cases see a tv station no interaction did not know how know him hopefully description and gave texas rangers police the description will help to bring this person the justice for what he did in the kron that he committed >> : to is looking for suspects $10,000 reward out for information on the case >> : still ahead on morning news fog of apartheid is up the slickly of rain on the wages before christmas. more details in just a minute >> : details in just a minute >> :
5:42 am
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or concern over controversial public servant public service not announcement over the charts will psa intendant to be spent as it is gun violence with violence will purchase of their voyage to again from his home this will trade over to his teacher. and now is the architect and on the fronton in the days after to your seat sleepless officers shot dead wrong tensions and police officers and community many people calling for an end to violence. organizers of the silent the solidarity wanted to focus on justice for everyone >> : and new kron commission which stations are the most dangerous for you and your car at par. paul street station was overall crime in the bay for rescission most violent crime. airline crimes rose 5.6 percent over last year among all our stations >> :
5:46 am
time now 545 in a delicate whether traffic for you on this day before christmas eve getting close >> : to christmas eve eat day for everyone to say it and live look outside once again waking up to follow this morning. not widespread versing patchy but we where we are seeing is on the downside is see your golden gate bridge completely obscure chemical out also dense fog on the south bay as well. out in the central dallas so heading up that direction expect run into that. coastal flooding in issue once again and by israel and affects all to o'clock today his or temperatures are at the moment an expendable forties' conquered the 50s livermore low fifties in san
5:47 am
francisco and 50s right now center sarah's up until there for this afternoon walnut a pretty nice looking at a lot of the upper 60s now they play as sunshine to see it expected in oakland 64 san fransico 66 in san wrote cell was a. into an emotional the big weather story is: is the day. tomorrow though to things change and we have the rain to our north and so far as has been kept to the north by high pressure on the bay area and that's when we can hear over the x 2448 hours as a result weather has been said down and then when it does with the bill look forward to light showers as we head into tomorrow. here's what we're looking at here in terms of timing 10:00 a.m. wednesday evening and the law clause but they will build rain will begin to appear possibly as early as 0:00 the north bay. and for a majority of the bay area we see the rain really get in gear about noon to 1 and stay with us as we get to about 3 4:00 you receive
5:48 am
the test 3:00 p.m. has just the south bay dealing with this light rain. four- o'clock beyond a looks out of the area things clear up nicely here for overnight hours christmas eve and christmas morning. how much rain expect in this system not much anywhere from tons of the image may be quarter of a mansion on a big rainmaker but strong winds associated with that storm. as a result could have tree limbs down and bridges could come down with that could bring down power lines. we might have a chance the possibility of some power outages for wednesday night and thursday but good news coursework for a lot of children waiting for santa to arrive to figures crossette but sentiment among. beyond that weather looks great want sunshine to the holiday weekend with temperatures in the upper 50s and 60s and 40 pre regular day and day out. give an update on the commute and george following that >> : pretty easy ride so far and not tracking any hot spots for the economy or on the bay. still looking pretty
5:49 am
good as well for the rides to the north bay westbound bay bridge ride. and let's start with a look at the south bay conditions here and i think we have that for you. ride 11 hesitancy conditions still look good ferrite highway 80 we did get some fog reports in the south bay. what tracking any problems for you there. but now that the commute here interstate 80 looking at to commute on 680 southbound. were tracking pretty well and of the mansion's south bay for you look at the ride. scattered fog reported throughout the south bay. looking at your commute for a bridge and westbound ride. you can see not too bad back up metering lights have just been activated for a trip on the highway 92 you can see that the committee is still pretty smooth with no problems or delays >> : quick break now on the kron
5:50 am
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training and social me of this morning's surgery itself pictures are a target at and also borough christmas surprise check it out. pusses video and hurried to channel boyfriend has been patiently sitting is money to buy himself a p.s. for litton she decided to buy him one thing: when to give it to and so there she is gave him this decoy get first news something was odd then blot out the big box and what was there he is the new and half sold in the present first aegis said the stop everything and tells her he loves her presidency when they did open it up he looks like the biggest kid in a world where the biggest christmas present he ever wanted >> :
5:54 am
and he is open as presidents >> : google unveils a little self driving car as adorable. let's let the or handled >> : wearing a man looks emergency visit we call estimate sit and what mix of thing drug itself. >> : design without driving tools nothing wont even if one of the gas pedal polio. to comply with california state law still has to be removal temporary controls and have to be able to have those moneys to take the car can the road right. the goal is eventually have that up ninth on a sock about clear
5:55 am
thompson scored 25 points correlates well ... golden state warriors point test sector kings scored a career high 15 points and 06 rebounds and place in and wrote warriors will halt bleeding most loyal and state search nba best record now 23 wins and three losses. and the cousins had 22 points sacramento latest blowout loss in california rival and a warriors with the kingston and 2977 opening night sacramento and six consecutive games in a series including all for less season >> : how what the raiders good news for raiders fans the team is staying oakland for now over the weekend nfl commissioner roger dell told the raiders revs charters. no team would be moving to los angeles next year. according enough all the team will soon announce a one-year extension on its lease at the coliseum. beset
5:56 am
by been moving to l.a. is funding stadium and two potential sites there no deal in place this is a yoga more time to come up with a plan to keep the team in the bay area like maybe a nice new sitting here and troubled domestic violence as a sports store earlier >> : press collection the vote some editors news directors ranking the top san sports stars of the year domestic violence came as number one number to sports story was clippers owner donald sterling been for some of the nba after he made racist it ends. none of the news following >> : and grandfather in connecticut get from santa claus that he'll likely never forget and links to his grandson chilean banks took a look what julian says he did not ask for toys are anything for christmas this year instead are this letter to sense the asking for grandfathers' boss to give granddad the day off the >> : christmas day turns out was to have addressed the story tell you what else we know
5:57 am
about this avernus gets yet the day off the line time now by 56 and on so ahead here on morning news following several developing stories and fog earth from bay area love look here from 80 in fremont fog drifting in and out will have more on that coming up as we see another six fog and locations >> : and one the busiest travel days of the year the latest on us of flow as it people get ready
5:58 am
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