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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 23, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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>>darya: morning >>mark: a good day before christmas eve >> james: this is that adds up to date riklis has taken this item as a folk. and a cloud in the sky so why men are missing delayed as the fall on his visits to a potentially 23 minute delays because of construction is not whether it is something else. >> james: that is the cab to the pacific northwest that
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is what to break down this a little bit as we get into more and for that reason we have rain in the mix your christmas eve for task. their christmas eve to have light rain in the afternoon hours. prisms they the rain is all we're back to is sunny and mild for as a cold glass of breast ourselves the timing of the ring >> james: here is a glance at whatever to look like in the afternoon were looking to lead to up six is generally around the bay, 715 not to traffic. >>george: much better conditions at the bay bridge we saw we did have a backup
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in the heart of the toll plaza no back of no delays no waiting no problems to macarthur maze is not as bad as it now as it was yesterday at this hour so perhaps you see an easier ride today if you're heading for the golden gate is started at all deep but it is a beautiful trip as to come in from the golden gate bridge and not through marin county is still under 30 minutes from highway 37 to the seoul plaza >>will tran: is a monumental
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event because we stop this to love related headed to new york will talk to them and just a little bit this busy air every hour started to run around as well to hundred and 50,000 people expected to go through as a folk on the way to the destination and that is you can i get more days off work it was all the data
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we could go that have the traveling comparative to go she even has a up lately. it says ... nixon may >>darya: if you're heading over to open at 4 park is offering free ride to the creek kids. it's a dog you
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get two free trips a runs through january 4th a one- way trip is $6 and you want more information on that go over to the web site are to dock the of/airport. other news reader following new crime information shows which stations are the most dangerous the enough to look septimus of crimes that and they found a silent cry when of 5.6% last year and all of our station that will overall crime but the baker bar station had the most violent crime. >>mark: to documents have been released in the raid mcdonnell sexual assault investigation you're different to what happened last and then back at his home in san jose they're
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cutting ties was set ray mcdonald. >>will tran: in in the alleged rape victim says he has sex with after they had been rented her head and passed out. she says she sustained a had long and apparently there are witnesses to that. he find statements made by mcdonnell and the search warrant puzzling why would you even think it's you could deny to a person who was conscious and aware and able to consent. live why would anyone think they can force someone >> reporter: she says she
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will go naked in his bed and no memory of what happened if he was redeemed will be a violation of his probation if we consume alcohol or not he definitely would be if you were present for petals says that only shows the obvious the most afford evidence is still his examination and video made down the list and are charged with any crime. >>darya: the family of the window washer who fell 11 stories in san francisco now talking about his recovery we will hear what they have to say coming up an airline baggage and the car running a gun smuggling operation on
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passenger planes will have details on one of the biggest and for security breaches coming up watching weather and traffic for you on this to the morning is quiet and the golden gate bridge.
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start a revolution a revolution in coffee quality with the finest nespresso coffee blends. a revolution in technology with unique centrifusion. a revolution in taste with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee. >>george: here's a live look
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at the senate sale reds a quick check of the traffic here just 11 minutes and returned from a so pleasant outsource and sell this morning on 92 was about a much lighter than usual ride out will have a complete traffic coming apart up. >>darya: >>mark: over the 18,000 mark for the first time ever the dow of 17%. is growing at 5% annual rate for the u.s. economy for the past 11 years the largest growth. the dollar rally close to a thousand points in the last weekend and have the doldrums and the average and new record high territory of 18,029. >>darya: does airlines airbus is helping to run a gun smuggling operation aboard a flight between atlanta and new york federal authorities say you jean
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harvey and former does the employee mark carey used tear our luggage to transferred weapons they say one of the guys at mr. bringing a team does seven of them loaded onto a flight to new york included an ak- 47 and a all 15. authorities investigated cell phones to the sermon he conspired with the other was to get the firearms has security to talk more about the bridge to talk more about how it work hot is transported is on plays the key barfly on maybe lead on to that. >> james: we have you covered live from there is ride on the way for christmas eve will talk about the timing coming up.
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>> james: here is a lot of the outside as to talk about the weather really a pretty good conditions we have so went out there this morning we have the last day of the king's side still on 23 this afternoon low the normal ties this afternoon and that will cause recurring affect
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them to try and of the four is the low fifties in the high pressures that so far been keeping the wet weather to are more will begin to break down here between now into our afternoon and that will allow wet weather to our north we may varices the rain to more lawful light rain to fall first in the north that about 11:00 or so in the morning will look for that to affect the bay area after 4:00 p.m. we will be left was a really strong when 40 to 45 mi. from our the to bring down tree limbs and possibly some power lines as well it was
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awfully chilly for tomorrow afternoon when a system rose to two tomorrow evening at the heavy snow will fall between four-8:00 p.m.. >> james: web slated 6 in. or maybe even a foot or more will have rain turning to snow this led to his continuing thursday we have that 242 paris 7 they're on the bay for task after christmas we look fantastic less the sun sank highs covering the upper fifties to low 60s not to traffic. >>george: we are seen a
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pretty good ride around the bay allies to the usual run the bay that of course means an easy ride for you this morning take a look at the bay bridge and the west about commit another meeting last activated at the normal time this morning and we did have that up. virtually all the land is no backup or delays and you're ride for 92 san mateo bridge we do not have the usual stop and go traffic it did get a little crowded desk alighted unusual in your trip to the golden gate bridge 101 an easy trip across to spend if you're heading into more red hair to look after ride across the richmond bridge in the commune still pretty small is still for this move here for the west about ride and you can see that there are no delays of the toll plaza and that means backing of their latest of
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interstate 580 west arm and you had a cross checking the traffic map for you and looking at the trip to the dublin interchange definitely atlanta the usual ride here for interstate 580 in the westbound direction south bay freeway early morning reports of scattered fraud by traffic lookit that just a little shy and yellow. >>george: were amassing the usual delays of 85 or even 280 this morning mid peninsula traffic looks good it for the 1 0184 and 1 0192 interchanges >>darya: he and his offices are grieving after the two new york city police officers who were killed and their families he said the officers are now hyson the alert here headley said francisco support they should call for back up whenever necessary elsewhere combinations is weigh
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heavily on all police departments >> reporter: police are angry and the distress of turner's personal attacks against them in the days before the police officers murdered place in your cabin consulted during process on the brooklyn bridge and appestat island ferry. the tensions escalate to is increasingly point the blame in new york mayor bastille and closing of being less a supporter of the doubt on
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the bosnia come to the line of duty they turn their backs of the mayor on saturday there is angry outbursts of this union chief. the blood on hand stops on the steps of city hall in the office of the mayor he calls an overheated and irresponsible now and i'm as concerned from foreman howard safer the our concern someone is a cauldron there's a dispute that pull up to the apartment in the records unsubstantiated. is a safer
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and them believe they were headed back to their word but how pleased i was to behave if he is situations in that it seemed to feel appreciated.
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>> reporter: the rate down investigation and chinese doctors get punished for taking self fees during surgery the together for like the ones to see here we see that doctors and nurses and scrubs next to a contestations holding up peace signs and a series of this fall was recently circulated on a sign is more or block in sight and out of you're a public health at second asked for these photos taken in august removing three top executives for administrative duties and at the privately run hospital the others that they should in these totals have been reprimanded and dr. lee must pay the hospital issued a public statement to explain that its laws were taken to
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pressure ridge that is what to allow the wet weather for to start second on the coastline and is impacting us in the bay area this in time for christmas eve problem around the afternoon hours a day we had early pettifog relative sunny and mild afternoon primarily between one and for the north they may seek it a little bit sooner than that in the wins will be whipping up pretty good for is a 40 mi. car when it was the granddaughter tree branches and power lines. >> james: and of course christmas they will be really nice sunny and mild weather returns cold eyes up and down to low '30's as for today we're looking at mid to upper 60s very similar to yes to that this is a rainy weather for christmas eve we're watching. will have all the decisions need to
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know to get a christmas eve and christmas day. >>george: it is a lie ride we are not tracking any hot spots to that means your web to have an easy trip where you're heading what little back of and are less fat is gone now there's no waiting at the toll plaza no back up to the macarthur maze. that is an easy trip here was a ride on highway 92 that is a pretty good ride is well it is a little slower than an hour commute drive and not much at all and tracking you're ride to the golden gate bridge here you see smoke the distance of about no longer any fog so the tree looks great for highway 101 and through marin county the drive times
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are still under 30 minutes getting into more account here is a look at the ride tear risk and britain even though we are thinking of just a little back up here at the so flattered that does not mean it is on interstate 580 west dr. richman is definitely a lot to the user ride. >>mark: esposito coming less left for the people evacuated from a mobile home park sematech atonic residents of a local home party. it has been a hectic few weeks for the residents displaced by the flooding and that room building has been especially tough on the children living in the part of this place just before christmas. it was very sad including me in this situation. i saw mom and dad's plants flowing around loss of two ways that are being left out that floating away.
7:33 am
the san jose to a drive need your help. >>mark: donations are needed is still being accepted. >> reporter: toys level continue letter to this morning meeting of to christmas we saw real strong support from community guest today despite yes it is the nation's they're still well short of a goal of over 17,000 a little is the mayor is expected to be at this location to let his support to the toy drive helps to generate more lessons children wendy for the holiday. >>darya: his family is speaking out about how he's doing pedro perez survived that 11 story fall his
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daughter monica says is a miracle that he is a live in is on the verge of recovering and he does not remember a thing about what happened that day he suffered a broken arm and a ruptured artery and internal bleeding among other injuries before the accident he was a full time provided for his wife and three daughters and now she had the job out of school to pick a more hours at work have to put those plans on hold so i support my family my mom has that to pick up extra shift at work to our income combined does not cover half of what my dad used to make. >>darya: the doctors have high hopes and he will have a full recovery and should be able to walk again. >>mark: new flows of two women's from their cell
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phone to his cell phone he is close to accepting a plea deal. and is affirmed that he said the total to to see if the officers and sellers so far only a 10 has been charged prosecutors and other people could be charged in the best is to continues another hearing is set in the case for january 27th. happening today please in the east are hosting a press conference announcing a new war and huckleberry homicide case. david was killed two days before things giving what he was hiking on a popular struggle front it was a well-known educator of the husband's father and grandfather in this clinton thousand dollar reward was offered for more information in this case. >>mark: still ahead of public service announcement against gun violence creating a stir since it was shot in an oakland school you will hear what the film actor has to set a lot of information from a career hacking sony entertainment
7:36 am
why sony is not releasing the movie is to build plus the latest on the use internet out is in north korea.
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>>george: here is a live look at the preview at the bay bridge toll plaza cleared out and about 30 minutes ago we're not tracking any delays westbound the list at the meeting lies were still on what they could even be turned off sometime later this morning. >> reporter: here is what the senate also some media the has been pleasantly saving money to buy his self up to 2004 as to use this
7:40 am
money to buy other things it decided to buy him one cannot wait to get it to him days before christmas tree is panels exactly what is in that he completely lost it will be open up the present the funny thing is before the open the presence of agency he is delighted with the generosity and also had to sell or that he loves her and there is you concede he is very happy >> james: have rain and bounce to a practice of christmas eve will talk about the timing coming up in just a moment.
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>>george: good morning we are writing traffic there's not much of the death of course is great news we my seat a little lighter than usual traffic this is the work and got exactly that way tech a look at the bay bridge in the west about ride know that the right now and that means no delays come from macarthur maze to ensure freeway come from the nimitz freeway so ago and not stopping the traffic that is not the case this
7:44 am
morning the one on ride for the golden gate bridge fall early this morning is taxi a beautiful morning here at the toll plaza and the conditions through marin county are pretty good as well if you're heading as a more random richard reyes here's a look at the west about ride at the toll plaza and because there's no back appeared that means there is no delays of 580 come through richmond for the west about ride that's a bit 7 drive times for you as the tech the traffic map east stressfree wake under 20 minutes. >>george: from hercules to berkeley south 680 looks great to and through the san ramon valley and you're ride through 580, was about to alter my past much lighter than usual this morning will on the for the minister drive time from the alta mild out to the double into change some of the freeways we have reports of scattered fall early discordancy its fee is not a betting conditions there so we could have some falk here in the all mountain valley
7:45 am
where highway 85, >> james: here is a quick look at the forecasts will have live sat here the bay bridge approach to use the default out there is still laboring in spots and some places that the protective valley could be a little dense this morning the careful when you're driving out and about this relatively clear with that morning sun up here is a quick look at the conditions will expected a high tide is going to be uncharacteristically high higher than normal high tides possible flooding in low-lying areas that will affect about three this afternoon here is where tempers are this one is still an upper floor is a low 50s the have not won a whole lot but they will >> james: will sea temperatures in the range mid to upper 60s is an optional 65 to harris' 65 sole hayward 66 in san jose today will be nice and mild
7:46 am
it is tomorrow that we are keeping an eye on we have what weather to our north which will be kept there by high pressure for over the next two to four hours the ridge to begin to sag little bit it will begin to allow some of those rights is to come our way. lewis was to feature task for which set the clock for 10:00 a.m. tomorrow cloud of the point will be building and by 11 the rains will be in the north may you to see that will advance to three in the afternoon we have a deficit of over the bay itself and by three in the afternoon it is impacting the south bay by four and beyond is gone between one and four is on the majority of the the area will see the rain that will be lights atop water to to maybe a quarter of an inch bass and the winds will be strong. >> james: we're looking for a 45 mi. per hour when certainly taken down a tree branches and like to pass laws will have some power outages a brace yourself in a committee may be impacted by that come when some like
7:47 am
christmas eve night no less the good news is by christmas morning a christmas day parades along the way to settle down and the days natural off in fact you're heading up to this year were live in a really fantastic weather there for you here is a quick look at the snowballed up comes the report and we will check all we will expect in terms of the resorts have norstar to 7 in. of what is of new snow in the next the last 48 hours. 44 is this on the ground right now answer the ball they have not had any in the last couple of days we expect to see some with the system will proceed bringing snow to the sea area. >>mark: dassin to be some controversy over all public service announcement that was shot at the charter school is was to be against gun violence school officials and the filmmakers are telling the stores along with the score new public- service and onto the field on camera
7:48 am
>> reporter: this is not built have access to guns at home the message is not for kids to take the guns and take a to school and give it to the teacher my actual message is kids should not have access to guns at home i do not feel safe with the gun in my house it should be locked up. >> reporter: had an all-time finding a school that was ok with shooting this type of message but the charter school approved the script and gave her the ok however the school's executive director says that did not review the approved or endorsed the video now of the committee charter school does not condone or support bringing weapons of any kind were the real or replica to school that also as a producer to remove the school's plan from the video that adds a to put the nail on the credits from the
7:49 am
beginning since the toy gun was used in the psa the students were casting actors messes also for parents keep their guns locked up i want a safer world for the kids the producer believes her message is getting a lot of backlash because it is being taken literally. >>mark: we want to know what you think it to check out the entire public service announcement. >>mark: there is a new terror warning and are surely a. prime minister tony also sang a terror attack is likely so it will be increased accuracy and sydney.
7:50 am
we don't know when and how an attack may come we do know people with the intent to carry up for the tax >>mark: hundreds of people attending a memorial service for a cafe customer and attorney and mother of three was also killed >>darya: u.s. officials are not say when they added thing to do with the internet out is in austria the web sites will shut down there for hours as today south korean official said that web sites that were affected were of north korea's official news agencies and north korean
7:51 am
newspaper and those are the main channel for officials of career news meantime after the government here says that no career was possible for the saw the attack sunny picture says it still wants to release the movie that made a career man over the weekend sunny denied reports it will be using is web site to release this movie could be in theaters the game of hide and seek quickly becomes a search and rescue >>mark: a boy was special needs in florida >> reporter: take a look of these was pretty dense in that little boy was out here all by himself playing a game of hide and seek and that they quickly turned into a panic because they could not find him for an hour but now he is home safe offense of four-letter
7:52 am
officer. helicopter video capture in the rescue after he wandered into the was to play hide and seek on saturday morning at the ending for the stairs family she track for 1.5 mi. for gps and is like for one hour to watch a stay with them is like a prize was a smaller body she did not want to use bluestem a dog which might remember from back in 2012 when a sheriff's office that the bloodhound and had to name
7:53 am
the up the facebook campaign not amber is 2 1/2 years old is the top dollar for the department. as little vincent till you see stickers and the firemen had for being so brave is them is looking forward to a merry christmas his mother says she suffered just minor cuts and bruises and a couple of and buys but otherwise ok she says he loved playing with amber will also be played indoors for a while after christmas that will be having a nice big dinner opening presence is being together as a family.
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>>darya: berettas us to want
7:57 am
to announce a one-year extension on the lease at the coliseum the biggest setback to move to los angeles there are three potential sites but no deal and place this gives the city of oakland more time to come up with a plan to keep the team in the bay area for the long run. >>mark: the golden state warriors blew out 128 to 1 08 last night playing in place of the war is the the big lead for most of the way 23 wins and 30 losses the latest blowout loss the warriors the warriors are 16 straight over the kings going back to last season with all that disappointing
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>>darya: midmorning >>mark: good morning >>darya: more on bay area weather and traffic >> james: nye ciskei's know the latest today is going to be a busy travel day so far so good at as a full and open and san jose and oakland by the way. we have nice stable area of california kids in the what's the to the north that is what to the changing here on the course of the next two to four hours come christmas eve we have by rain in the forecast for the afternoon the good news is it will leave was before the end of the night christmas
8:02 am
day by late looking great the sun is backed mild weather returns cold nights will talk more about that these upcoming up in just a bit will looking for mid to upper 60s, 15 not to traffic. >>george: much better news for the ride to the bay bridge this morning not only did we star would buy traffic but now they have turned out the meeting like for the westbound ride it is light enough now there are no impediments to your trip across the upper deck ever in the drive times that down to 11 to 12 minutes even out of the macarthur maze for the west about bay bridge ride for the west down 92 ride in the san mateo bridge equally good in this is here again is about 11 to 12 minutes commit time with none of the usual slowing before the toll plaza or along the flat section of the bridge. >>george: the golden gate
8:03 am
bridge stutter of faulty but it is clear. if you're heading into marin county the richmond bridge is light enough this morning there is no back up on interstate 580 west buyers were we did find some slow traffic this morning or else the nimitz freeway a little crowded this morning but even with this the drive time at about 28 minutes much lighter than usual hitting up out of hayward into downtown oakland. >>mark: people leave for the christmas holiday on of the busiest travel days of the year. >>will tran: 11 to start off at 8:00 and show you outside sfo people dropping of not this is will we saw a lot of these officers not having to walk a to anyone and telling them come on let's keep moving because we need to make space is starting to die out just a little bit outside we are going to walk in the we have
8:04 am
an outside for the past 15 minutes or so let's see if it had picked up or started down here is well here's the version of america as that is will we saw around 7:00 to adjutancy is still a line here we do know about a hundred and 50,000 people expect to go through sfo just today alone the second busiest travel day during the holiday season of course is the day after christmas this year with a walk and talk to somebody. i'm going to boston >>will tran: would be a thing about the crowd not to read it is passing to bad but i am not at the gate gets to see how that looks >>will tran: this applies to if his surprise that today is the busiest day of the christmas recess >>will tran: did you go wide today >>will tran: good news is you will not have any problems that is a security
8:05 am
checkpoint look at that marked it is in the lobby is nostra stop to the outside of terminal to run out of the slack things are going smoothly of course will monitor the situation for the rest of the morning. >>darya: if you're going to open is therefore barred is offering free ride for kids under 12 to have to use a flash pass and be with an adult who pay for the ride and is available for two kits per paying adult the pros and kicked off over the weekend and runs through january 4th the four of $84 million airport and at the open last month a one-way trip costs $6 if you want to learn more about this and how you get a free ride to hit mark dodd of/airport. >>darya: new crime information shows that the are the most dangerous the sec lookit the analysis tend most crime statistics by of the crimes rose 5 1/6% over the last year that is
8:06 am
at all bart stations batteries or a 26% calls for help and 0 were up by 10% the powell street station had the most overall crime the bay thurber station had the most violent crime. >>mark: officials have announced the tight security for the new year's eve ball dropped in times square is an attention for the shooting deaths of to your police officers as alison the phils' explained as a result of ongoing threats against police. >> reporter: this morning police officers-alert as he condemns the 10 killings of nypd police officers calling an assassination in a sack of them was an attack on all of us. they're trying to ease tension the mayor has not shown support for police say his sympathy for what they call as i please demonstration have helped pave the way of the death of the officers on monday
8:07 am
the blossom hill meeting with the families of the slain officers the mayor calling for urea and respect by halting process until after the funerals in this tragedy maybe we find some way of moving forward that will be inappropriate way to honor these fallen officers and their families are paying right now. >> reporter: new syringes video captures him three hours before his deadly rampage carried a styrofoam box please believe with a gun inside officials not asking for the public's help in tracking is where about living up to the attack authorities believe based on social media post he wanted revenge against police for the deaths of michael brown and eric. the estranged family speaking out for the first family does latin as a troubled man whose life spiraled out of control. this was a troubled emotionally kid he needed help he did i get it.
8:08 am
>> reporter: monday night vigils lighting the city in the public for their support and the police department. this a difficult time for both of our families will will stand together and get through this together. >>darya: and airline baggage handler call running a gun smuggling operation on passenger planes will have details on the biggest airport security breach coming up and we are watching the weather and traffic on this tuesday morning with the sun is shining and there's not much traffic on the golden gate bridge will be back with more.
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>>mark: we're watching a big day on wall street the dow was up 18,000 marks big news on the gross domestic growth of the highest level in 11 years and with that wilson the dow rise close to a thousand points and the last weekend and have for the year is up 8% in the dow over the 18,000 mark for the first time ever. >>darya: does airline baggage handler busted for helping to run a gun smuggling operation on board a flight between atlanta and new york federal authorities said they you jean harvey
8:12 am
use a carry-on luggage to transport with vince. when the man admits to bring a team done seven of them loaded including an ak-47 and ar-15 onto a flight to new york and therefore 7 is video secure directors determined he conspired with harvey to get the firearms pass security prosecutor on to hold a news conference later this afternoon to talk more about the bay bridge. >> james: where second live a tear as i read our to our more will it stay there know we have rain in the mix for christmas eve for the cells trip ahead. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season...
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>>mark: 4, is his hard by the big storms are ran the san mateo is tommy has severe damage to roadways and tile is because a floating a rosen caltrans amount full request immediate federal assistance because of the actions and about whether the threat and travel plans for tens of millions of americans time to travel for the holidays for colorado blessed by snow yes today were still in the forecast and then heavy rains and high winds expected for all the major cities and some areas the
8:16 am
rain would turn to snow >>darya: and looking at is going is the best that issue was to give me a new by for christmas and given to me today in the milk and then now to see how nice it is in case there is a bike under the tree and the same open it early. >> james: it is beautiful today was tomorrow with the rain coming in dowry is not one to blow out is one to be gone before the festival is really star of christmas eve night we have the live view showing us less clear to this and around the bay if we are dealing with the flooding in low-lying areas because of the rival because of the king tied was excessively high tide and onions legal tide when you get when the sun the mall in
8:17 am
the arts are an alignment and gravity pulls on the air is this a little bit more than normal today is less that a vessel we do not have were brought to our attention and therefore is a low citizen of the more on real to loss 58 warmer of has begun in the east leg and we should see the one of levels by 3:00 this up terrell led to widespread ms. upper 60s 60 in oakland ms. of the '60s of the animal back and 65 in san affair and is 69 and apple will be hit in the tech temperature range--napa >> james: that is one to slowly degrade and that was to allow some of the wet weather to are not to sit down closer and closer to the bay area when will it arrive in the slide between 11 and the morning and 4:00 p.m. and the bulk of that will be between one and four. it will be like in
8:18 am
asia but it will run with a very when the conditions that to vero bring him down a tree branch or two and a power line or to pull flee we get it back on quickly and then after that storm rose through we're looking it really cold nights bird denied that is christmas night and friday night inland valleys could drive down to low to mid-30s that will be awfully close to picking up if you're hitting a to the sea air we ever want to storm watch in effect for wednesday afternoon as soon as long the role of the the bay area three to six is about if you're heading up there on christmas eve after that it will be fine when i come back in about a half an hour will have the snowballed back, ski report.
8:19 am
>>george: 0 did a quick mentioned to shore talking about this year there are no sham requirements currently reviewing bias when you are traveling in going up over the holiday and no back appear at the bay bridge toll plaza take a look at this was a lot like the metering lights are asked to turn off almost an hour ago this out like the traffic is an even the san mateo bridge-92 has been enjoying a good ride we nevertheless is just a 4 7:00 was instead things have been steadily improving and at the golden gate bridge we started off with all would not even have that worry about now it is like traffic not only here but through morgan county and headed into iran to richmond bridge by enough here that we have not seen any backed up on a 580 west palm this morning from have seen some so traffic is tear off on the nimitz freeway so the interstate 80 ride is a
8:20 am
little sluggish north lawn as you get up as the colosseum to a high street but even with that this is a lighter than usual ride. >>darya: new documents have been released in the mcdonnell sexual assault investigation if they take different pictures of what happened last and then i've fought the former 40-home in san jose and-good ties with him last week one day after his home was searched for evidence this is a look at what the message is is doing now >> reporter: at the alleged rape victim says ray mcdonald has sex with her after she had drinks in her head and passed out she said she sustained a head wound and apparently the witnesses to that. they have the the rate claim against another 49 a which was dropped the fine statements made by mcdonnell and the search warrant puzzling he made the
8:21 am
niles about having sex until finally he gives it up this is ok we didn't know what to think that i was afraid why would you think that you could deny to a person who was conscious and aware and able to consent to me as an investigator the wild and one thing that could force someone she says she will of naked in his bid but has no memory of what happened the document also misses the current 40 niner the law forbids it for you i was also at mcdonald's house if he was drinking that will be a violation of his probation. >> reporter: that only shows the obvious the most important evidence is still to come in that will be
8:22 am
examination paris and it also some media the target data going wire rope featuring a unique child model last sunday you may have sent our this new ad for children's activity cute featuring this to your old model her name is is a bradley of still water minn. she has down syndrome it was chosen for the ad after the giants' team reached out to the down syndrome diagnosis network looking for child models in this decision is a big step raising awareness about the genetic conditions in the reaction of what has been very very positive here was a look at the tweets loving the awful target advertisements that features a young girl with down
8:23 am
syndrome this holiday season here is a look at another twist in reaction nice clothes started an advertising campaign to tell us what to think about the started add like teaching us at kron 4 news. >>mark: there is a recall you need to know about you find out which machines curette has recalled. flytrap what a beautiful looking they are around the bay few pockets of dense fog warmer temperatures for more rain will arrive for when this christmas eve.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>>mark: taken over he is played for water during the minutes) system that's been about 90 reports of bird related injuries the recall bruce have i.d. number starting with the 31 at the bottom there were sold on- line and in stores and the u.s. and canada 2009 to this year and contact your rig for fear their. >>darya: says the students are talking to companies on the product design that enables people to climb glass walls if you ever
8:27 am
wanted to climb a glass wall there are called dekko gloves. here is the interesting thing because the suit is the one to meet with how to pronounce next month talk about using this closer rock climbing nasa that is the thing the rain forced a lot of their homes they're coming back to get adjusted time for christmas. will have more on the timing of that for new year's eve
8:28 am
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>>darya: of the avenue leading to the malls i'm so crazy i want to see what is going to happen. >> james: will have clear skies over the golden gate bridge is also same beautiful weather at sfo no delays a lot of people have trouble plans for today getting out of san francisco there is some stormy weather backed he said in in the upper portions of the great lakes which you just have to deal with that as you get their hair is what looks like clear air keep the thing is
8:31 am
nice mild and dry the wet weather to our north over the next two to four hours things are going to change is one to start sliding down to our never would want to be impacting us come christmas eve we have a life ring in the mix to the afternoon hours on christmas eve the good news is that land to be dissipating by 4 5:00 in the afternoon with the us with a much milder christmas eve as with the christmas one of look a first summit in mild days. >> james: adjutancy not bad mid to upper 60s before tech coming up in just a little bit. >>george: cannot be a better ride at the bay bridge amelia so even turned off for the westbound ride there is no back of the latest we have been tracking fairly
8:32 am
like this and all around the bay area and while you're for a writ was heavy traffic and the san mateo bridge and highway 92 it did not last very long and right now it is an easy chair west still looking at about an 11 to 13 minute commute time getting over to san mateo for the ride out of hayward even the 90 to approach to the toll plaza looks good if you're coming from iran, and is still under 28 minute drive times come from navato to this building a bridge adjutancy we are delayed for a as you head across the span with no problems getting into san francisco along with the city apart with. >>darya: if you're a second of the skies you need to know we have been showing you the crowds at sfo all morning long >> jackie sissel: i got there about an hour ago is
8:33 am
pretty quiet out here but its started to pick up a little bit out here in oakland airport less face is nothing like it is over at sfo is starting to pick up video from inside the terminal unarmed than according to the air force based at about 25,000 people to come in and out of oakland airport on a day like today one of the busiest in the entire holiday travel season they said they expect about 40,000 people to come in and out of the airport which is about a third was to see over sfo but still for oakland it is a busy day for letting people know that out is the will plan ahead to get here a little bit early as far as charles go is traceable looking inside. >> jackie sissel: is jesse early in the morning we did have a chance to talk to travelers some who were really happy about being here today. this is the
8:34 am
worst that the shovel i try to stay home this is a day as soon as not to travel there and nobody knows how to work the sea its a lies they're not this is an amateur week but i am here not by choice i'm one adopted for my son out of college to write to a home for christmas. he loves to fly down to los angeles and they pick up the sun and drive back tonight is to get his son home for christmas they're awesome deals here to oakland international airport including art the knicks did tenders opened last month they're having a deal of kids under 12 is free you have to pay if you're looking for ways to get to the airport bart is a great way to get here. they also have big deal for parking out here almost up to three days free. >> jackie sissel: they say
8:35 am
is all there obviously is a little different than a dozen sfo but it is getting busy >>darya: what a great picture to see the sky for this holiday weather. it is a nice day if you have to go somewhere for the holiday. >>mark: special homecoming for the people evacuated from a flooded mobile home park bathroom and was is a welcome home party it has been hectic few weeks for residents this is by the flooding the rebuilding have been dispensed a tough on the children living in the park this place just before christmas. well it is sad for everyone including may who was in this is your wish and at that time i saw my mom and dad plans floating around lots of toys that are being left out and floating away. >>mark: santa clause that
8:36 am
gives all the children last night. >>darya: growing concern about, the recipe as saying that was shot at no. open committee charter school is also send a message against gun violence. public-service announcement >> reporter: kids should not have access to guns at home that should not be able to do this that is regina's all to the message the message is not for kids to take the guns and take it to school and give it to the teacher that is what i am showing my actual message is kids should not have access to guns is should be locked up. no or committed charters or through the script and gave for the ok however the
8:37 am
school's executive director said the crew was allowed access to shoot on school grounds but this did not review or endorse the video and of our community charter school does not condone or so before bringing weapons of any kind with the real or replica to school that also had to produce a to remove the school's name from the video. that access to their name on the credit from the getting so we can remove it >> reporter: the toy gun was used in the public service announcements and was secured from filming all this tutors to cast of actors the message also met for parents keep their guns locked up. i want a set for for the kids the producer with her message is getting a lot of back less because it is being taken literally reported in oakland. >>darya: would you think about the public service announcements how you take
8:38 am
it? >>mark: marseilles and that he did today with the dow jones industrial average crossing the 80,000 mark for the first time ever we have news that it grew 05% rate from july to september the highest growth in 11 years to the united this economy now sitting over the 18,000 more will see this is the highest point it has ever reached.
8:39 am
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♪ that's how it goes whenever it snows. ♪ ♪ the world is your snowball just for a song. ♪ ♪ get out and move it along. ♪
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>> reporter: here is what the senate also is a medium target at one buyer or a mcdonald's investigation and trip advisor is been slapped with a fine for on fair trade activity in misleading consumers and adlai the less i will find more the center without dollars by the italian cover to support a direct letter complained people reading divisor is a worm able to distinguish between genuine and fake reviews posted on the side the also said they represented, its aggressive action to fight it plans to appeal this is imperial >> james: see the rain up
8:42 am
near seattle the sun is to our will get some of the christmas eve the four for test ahead.
8:43 am
8:44 am
every day is a new opportunity to help make life better right here in san francisco. whether it's helping local businesses like the fruitguys grow and prosper, supporting nonprofits like juma ventures as they fulfill their mission or helping neighborhoods like the tenderloin become vibrant communities. if there's a way to help the people of san francisco thrive and succeed, we'll find it. that's the power of local connections. that's bank of america. >>mark: a beautiful day out there today. >> james: as a look up to the east you see crystal clear blue skies above some sign we do have issues like
8:45 am
this to lead the kings tied still in effect for today it will be the last day of the steadily warming 50 a little more so we all woman of nicely there was in december just probably max out in the upper 60s to this is this the others will look for 64 in san francisco and is some places napa up to 69. the a high pressure in place that is keeping everything nice and clear the wet weather stand to lock but over the next two to four hours will begin to deflate it as it does it would give the
8:46 am
weather a chance will see it come christmas eve take a look at the timing. >> james: so far so good read as we approached the 1:00 hour of north and now the good news is by for it is basically out of the picture as we advance for the evening time the rain will be with us to the afternoon is to clear just- in-time for christmas eve task is obliged to been be ready was of less less a case power goes out to begin tomorrow afternoon will
8:47 am
agree to 6 in. above 4,000 ft. and is 7 in. with an inch of new snow here in the last 48 hours more fresh snow on the way just-in-time for the christmas holiday weekend. >>george: it cannot be better year in the traffic center were looking ever less conditions all on the bay area we did have slowed
8:48 am
traffic at the 63640 time checks the golden gate bridge is a beautiful ride is on the nimitz freeway for the northbound 880 ride also know where all lighter than usual and highway 85. >> gabe slate: of the people
8:49 am
dog a really cool mobile application a mix easy the personal workout for everyone funnel for work of the colts' 15 activities you can look on the man if you download event after year from the get yourself a better chance of getting into a that said times the
8:50 am
conjoin in with a group or you can have the come to your home office or meet them anywhere outside the public for one-on-one session no cash exchanges hands everything in terms of team in communication is a boxing training has been working out great many people wherever they want. there intimidated by the sport of boxing listed on a more or to leverage their will to try it out. >>darya: is in the months in the window washer fell from the building pedro perez survived the 11 story fall it actually it is the key from all the way on the roof and landed on a car you can see right there they're broke his fall his daughter monica says it's a miracle he is a life is on the road to recovery does not remember anything about the day he fell he suffered a broken arm ruptured artery
8:51 am
and internal bleeding among other things the family is having a lot of family coping cuts before the accident he was the fourth time provider are his wife and three daughters and now monica said she had to drop out of school to pick up more hours at work. i have dreams of becoming a health-care professional eye to put those plans on hold my mom had thick of extra shift at work. are a combined is not cover half will my dad made. this city should be able to walk again. >>mark: there's a new terror war in australia. they also set a terror attack is likely so there is increased security across sydney. we do not know when and how to
8:52 am
attack may come will you know there are people with the intent and the capability to carry out further tax australians go about their lives as normal because what pterosaur try to do its a scarce item being ourselves me what people in sydney are remembering the two hostages killed in a downtown cafe last week from memorial held today for the cafe manager at a church on the corner where the sea to place orders of people also to nomura server for capt. customer who was killed 38 year-old attorney and mother of three. >>darya: and world news u.s. officials are saying if they had a thing to do with an in-house original script key web sites will shut down for hours just to let them back on line now software for system the way to the shutdown of north korea's official central news agency in an uptrend newspaper was of the main
8:53 am
channel for official north korean news. >>mark: will be right back after the right to ally of the outside could this is a round of a loss of sunshine and for alleged habit here at the san mateo bridge.
8:54 am
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8:59 am
>>darya: the morning and thanks for joining us on
9:00 am
this to the morning. >>mark: that you for being here >> reporter: it looks pretty good year we are looking at clear skies the beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge loss of sun sign still things of areas of pettifog including napa and san jose visibility and not too bad most locations are looking to clear visibility including as a folk when you're down to 71 mild and fairfield 9 at san jose and to otherwise russ and plenty of sun sign out there we're still watching closely advisory that expires at 3:00 p.m. today we all know them as the team tied looking for ocean waves over 20 ft. will still see more flooding in the low line errors more details on the christmas eve storm that is headed this way will time out to shower for you in the to know how they impact
9:01 am
holiday drive for christmas. >>george: we have been enjoying a great ride around the bay area we have not track any hot spots and we are definitely looking at lighter than usual traffic take a look here at the bay bridge it was of around seven to seek a familiar ring lights were turned off after having been on for just a short period of time about an hour and a half or so really remarkably like a guest-like conditions >>george: very like conditions just before 6:00 a look a little cloudy with and it cleared out and then we have been enjoying great conditions as well for the 101 ride both through marin county and here for the golden gate bridge in fact look at how few cars are heading south bound right now if you're heading for the city for marin you have
9:02 am
an easy ride. >>mark: his monasticism sun sign one of the busiest travel days of the year people leaving for the christmas holiday. >>will tran: no drama in the reason why is < no fault line and to see the board here that is why everything is on time we are starting to see it is really still down the reason lies in the rest of 56 7:00 it isn't the 9:00 hour this is when it starts to die down just a little bit in the afternoon rush when it picks up they do pick about a hundred and 50,000 people to come through as a folk the today and by the way the second busiest travel day of the holiday season is the day after christmas to your leaving now you're in good luck you'll nicosia
9:03 am
on land or to try and say there is no line as a security checkpoint. >>will tran: mayor christmas everybody there's is the perfect time to kick off if you will saw what the suns i looked outside blue skies. >>mark: thank you for the update will check back with him ... like a smooth sailing will check in now local airport. >>darya: you're traveling out of oakland there's an added bonus you get to ride bart station for free as long as the adult pays you get to kids under the age of 12 that will ride for free and the charges listed dollars for passengers on the board of quince service that is not a bad deal. the for more than for men dollar connective prizes open last month's to learn more about
9:04 am
this deal go to bart station that com/airport and more about bart stations in crime there's a new started a soldier with stations have the most crime of ron howard has gone up. >>darya: there 10 months of statistics office is the sense of our stations crime has gone of serious injury and start a stock is up 27% calls for help the most overall crime was at the powell street station the most violent crime happened at the bay they're barred station. >>mark: as a to inner-city police officers were shot and killed in brooklyn and ongoing tension in the committee that the sec and justice shows how many people are simply calling for an end to violence. >> reporter: this a difficult time for both of our families as the victims' relatives greece several committees have come
9:05 am
together to offer the support some oysters-- moisture's dollars a quiet >> reporter: organizer of the silent walk city wants to focus on justice for all races the two officers killed saturday is lost erik and michael brown and an event of harlem they decide all lives matter offers some very vocal local support for the nypd. >> reporter: tension between police and the community have not gone away for the killings of officer its u.s.
9:06 am
sister of the victim of the tensions were not the cause. this is nothing to do with police retaliation this was a troubled emotionally troubled kid he needed help he did i get it if he got arrested this man is times that the question of why they would not have helped small but the cab of releasing him into the streets so isn't that a problem that the justice system should be asking not us. >>darya: committees across the united states including san francisco a central to as a guest list is far different and sing violence against police officers as we have not seen any of that in the bay area were san francisco's chief says they have an officer recall the new europe is also there were killed they were on heightened alert--alert by way of the folks on as
9:07 am
out there keep the committee say if i think officer lou officer rameau's are doing just that seven officers and a bay view that every dead and i do not expect that they would do any differently. i'm >>darya:-secular amazing also should not go anywhere along and is to call for back up whenever necessary. >>mark: a big story on wall street the dow jones this over the 18,000 mark. the dow of 78 will have more on the reasons for the rally in the dow or 18,000 for the first time with the financial expert raw black.
9:08 am
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>>george: 11 at the bay bridge toll plaza the meeting was seventh turned off is an easy 11 minute drive times we are not tracking any hot spots where there will have a complete check coming up. >>darya: a dozen airline baggage handler busted after queues of running a gun smuggling operation were fought between atlanta and new york federal authorities said they you jean harvey
9:11 am
and a former delta employees are can reuse carry-on luggage to transfer the weapons police said that one of an ad blitz to bringing 18 t including an ak-47 and ar-15 and seven of the loaded on a flight to new york. they determine that he conspired with the other guy the two of the conspiring to get those firearms as security and on board the plane in carry-on bags prosecutors are holding a news conference this afternoon to talk more about how they pull this off. >> reporter: we have lost a son sign on the susan morning to some areas of fog along the fault has burned off more details ahead on the christmas storm that we are tracking on the kron 4 morning news continues after this break.
9:12 am
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9:14 am
>>george: you're watching the kron 4 morning news we are watching traffic in thankfully for you there has not been much of it take a look at the bay bridge the meeting less seven offices about 722725 we have been enjoying a lion easy ride all morning long since and tracking you're ride on 92 december sell briskly like conditions nonetheless even in the west palm or the east town council flow commute for the golden gate bridge it has been a beautiful light we start was to fall
9:15 am
but it is no longer a factor. we have seen no backups on 580 westbound hitting into richmond the quick look at some drive times for you like the east or freeway 16 minutes hercules to berkeley still just a 15 minute drive type through the san ramon valley for you're ride to delegate to change in the only real accidents that have been reported here have been on the guadalupe parkway in the northbound direction but even they are not causing any backups or delays for the south bay for a ride which still looks very good. > >> reporter: loss of some sign on this tuesday morning a live look at the bay bridge approach a look at all of that beautiful blue sky if you have some last-minute christmas shopping no problems with the weather today's temperatures ride now 55 percent francisco, 53 in san jose 06 in livermore and
9:16 am
pleasanton 53 and apple prices after note will be nice will not be saying record type. snapple getting close as 76 to nine degrees of the '60s and oakland. 56 degrees in san jose >> reporter: him look at our satellite and radar. here's a look at what can expect for this christmas eve the light rain falling as early as 11:00 in the morning primarily from the floor to make and then becomes the no. of the bay area. walesa also pick up we will see it of some 45 mi. from our will see some close allies such as thursday and friday low to mid 30's and one here was a look at to cast 11:00 you can see it comes and by 1:00 in san rafael potentially in
9:17 am
the downtown san francisco and oakland. you can see by 3:00 it is for the south impacting livermore valley. to clean parts of san as they added a four caught most of is to be out of here to see legal showers primarily in the south they did the sea by the evening hours no problem for santa to deliver all of those presence here is what the what to storm watch for lake tahoe area of the stars tomorrow afternoon continue it through the evening hours heavy snowstorm starts at 4:00 p.m. for to sleep is at o'clock tomorrow night expected three to 6 in. about 4,000 ft.. >> reporter: is a quick look at the kron 47 day around the bay forecast and will see the winds pick up back- to-back christmas day is looks really nice and they still be a bit breezy but a bit chilly and the conditions you see over the weekend was a dry cough and a little chilly or to specify those mornings. to test
9:18 am
>>mark: watching today's winners and losers we get it we finally get to 18,000 mark. >> rob black: it is exciting 17,999 18,001 is a nice big round no. we did not attend we blew through home people had a great year will disney nike microsoft and five great companies in is in a hundred and 70 days since we blew through seven sent out as been a very good year. >>mark: look at the numbers there of a percent now's the 1213% in has been a killer year. the growth of the u.s. economy 5 percent in this last quarter. >> rob black: is a bounce back from the bad economy. two percent on low and for some of the high end 5% is a little lost my preferences
9:19 am
5% in the guy was sitting next you in a cubicle was a loser who just got out of college and a loud mouth he believed the company can go to another company is too much for the employees also 5% great the number they're creating jobs which is nice is up to 5% we are ready had a number for about 4%. the rest of the world is now said to be keeping up. >>mark: the u.s. a coming sensitive place it for investors from abroad. >> rob black: this is to be the problem. those are better the historical norm some people think we are getting a little ahead of ourselves since they raise interest rates next year. >>mark: 00 is coming out with the latest
9:20 am
>> rob black: exactly what is safety? but in this year and now they're pushing up to next year who want to the site was safety is. the lead to greater world awareness that do not drink these cars do not tax great global a great feature into 2020. 20322040 kids will have good die because of on driving will decide safety to mexico the card would be the company? >> rob black: who have independent party in europe. >>mark: 03 they get a better card design is up about the voicemail coca-cola corp. doing away with voice mail and the company's
9:21 am
>> rob black: we listen to a voice to a you have that in a paper you have the right the things that is the daughter you did wrong information i have a voice of the have not heard in seven years someone could try to call me i have not acted up. it is a message from i did not listen to what is called come back. people under 40 does not use voice mail people over 40 are schizophrenic and frightened. we tech to e- mail we did not listen to voice mail. >>mark: by android from converse the message into text. >>mark: if you have a question for rahv posted on the facebook fan pays who answered here for kron 4 will be right back.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>darya: is an almost a month since i won a loss of fell from the building and sentences tell his family to
9:25 am
talk about how he and they are recovering pedro perez to a former ruth back in november and land on a moving car and broke his fall and probably saved his life. >> reporter: is a miracle that we still have our bad. -compresses that marital is heard that saliva in 11 stories tall some san francisco highrise. if >> reporter: this is video from the scene is about a month since the accident occurred this is said heard that is on the road to recovery. however the sea says her dad is not remember anything from a dreadful day. it is not remember even going to work that day the vehicle you see here broke pedro presents fall would likely saving his life with the impact lesson with a long list of major injuries and broken pelvis and so we have to get metal
9:26 am
rods he had fractured arms are ruptured artery in an internal bleeding. in the list goes on and then there's this injury to the father to the full-time provider for his wife and three daughters has left his family in a financially difficult position. >> reporter: despite having to drop out of college with two weeks left in the semester and so i can think of more hours from work so i can have my mom in the bills i have dreams of becoming a health-care professional at the foot of plans on hold so i support my family my mom has had to pick up extra shift at work but it does not cover half will my dad used to make. we know all the things and he's to do for us and we really need them is hard not have him around >> reporter: the good news is that doctors said they have high hopes for the overall recovery if everything goes as planned he should be immensely able
9:27 am
to walk. >>mark: will be right back into kron 4 morning news continues to live the outside is so nice to see blue skies lots of sunshine at sfo there for is for the quiet for now. if ♪ but that hast stpedme fm molingf my dtor ld m abt stara. it hps kp myskinlear. with only dosea ye afr 2 artedose..
9:28 am
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>>darya: were working up to the nicest and is one is that we have seen in the last two weeks is really great. >> reporter: a lot of people are saying yes today it is so nice to see the sun with a single block the sun sign once again today a live look at the bay bridge approach we have lost a blue skies up there some pettifog may still be lingering with overall and i say once again to the judge right now 55 in san francisco 53 in sandals a low 60s and livermore and pleasanton 56 in oakland 55 degrees of north and a napa area. it expires 3:00 p.m.
9:30 am
today the king tides' was again may impact it once again with higher than normal ties osha was over 20 ft. if possible were still watching for possible flooding of low-lying areas. >> reporter: are not it is bringing some ride to the seattle area is impacting us for christmas eve will talk more about that the timing of that will take a look at this year forecast if you're heading into sought for the christmas holiday. >>george: the rosa looking very well this one we are not tracking any hot spots we have not even seen much in the way of the lead for the ride nall all along the area to look at the bay bridge with the west about ride has not really backed up sister very early morning hours track after a meeting last activated by about 630 them back up started to dissipate by 7:00 it was gone and my seven to to to
9:31 am
the mid realize were turned off and has been like this the rest of the morning here on highway 92 the san mateo bridge again just before 7 was our rush of cars at the toll plaza but after that things have cleared out we have been enjoying liken this ever since. >>darya: assault more about travel not the commute to work or school a lot of people on vacation we have been looking live as a follow all morning long and over at oakland were jackie cicero has been. if >> jackie sissel: spill like in this is not that bad over the sfo at oakland international airport here is a video earlier inside of the terminal on a monday they spent about two to 5000 passengers in and out of the airport today they say they spent the sea 40,000 people
9:32 am
a significant increase been nothing like you see over at sfo where they sale hundred and $50 people were we going in and out of gas over the next couple of days is still busy enough a lot of people carrying packages the lies along with the normal i had sent to talk to some travelers this morning the person i spoke with was not happy he was here. i use the site is a home this is the worst into trouble i travel this a day i travel not to travel that none of hot and the bay is that the sec got left out this is amateur week i'm here not by choice i'm going down to pull my son out of college to bring them home for the holiday. >>will tran: hughes was a flight to l.a. for a
9:33 am
christmas dinner with his son. >> jackie sissel: was there also is free ride for kids under 12 of to to for a dog to you have a chat with an adult to get a free ride-- with an adult. it is starting to wrap up out here it was actually did when i got out here this morning things are started to pick up a little bit. it >>darya: yucatec the bar thing to the airport but if you tell your mom who was coming in from florida tech the airport shuttle you have to pick her up. >>mark: a special homecoming last eye for the people
9:34 am
evacuated from the mobile home park complete with carolers food and grocery even appears some sense of is and a to a few weeks for the residents displaced by the flooding. this place just before christmas. well it is sad for everyone including many who was in the situation at that time. i saw my mother and father's plans floating around a lot of toys the been left out and floating away. >>mark: santa had gifts for all of the children in attendance last night >>darya: the interview is going to hit theaters on christmas day but in my be hard to find in the bay area the studio said it cannot premier the comedy. they pulled out because of the threats to independent your
9:35 am
operators have stepped and and they have called out sony and they want to show the interview, on the day it was supposed to show which is thursday so far the only they're the same that confirms is going to show the interview is the alamo draft house a group of bidders and austin texas. there is a growing concern this morning about a controversial public service announcements saw at the charter school. >>darya: is supposed to be a message about gun violence they're telling if the store is about who knew what would this public service announcement kids should not have access to guns at home this not be allowed to do this. >> reporter: that is her ultimate message is not for kids to take the guns and take a to school and given to the teacher that is what i'm showing my actual message is kids should not have access to guns at home.
9:36 am
it should be locked up. >> reporter: the charter school approved the script and gave her the ok however the school's executive director says there were allowed access to should the public service announcements on school grounds the the school did not review approved or endorsed the video and that not all committee charge would not condone also for brie weapons of any kind whether real or brought the come to school. there also ask the producers to remove the school's name from the video they ask us to put their name on the credits from the beginning so it's ok for us to remove with >> reporter: since a toy gun was moved in the public service announcement and it was secured throughout filming of the students were cast of actors. the message meant for parents keep your guns locked up. i want a safer world for the kids >> reporter: producer
9:37 am
believes the message is getting a lot of backlash because it is being taken literally reporting in oakland. >>darya: we want to know what you think are you want to check out the entire public service announcement? dunn, six on our face to face. if >>mark: will be right back
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>george: alive look at the bay bridge toll plaza which has been a very easy ride all morning long it did backing for a while in the 5:00 is 6:00 hour including a clear out very quickly. i will have a complete traffic check coming right up. >>mark: tear it is recalling 7 million sale serve often grim scenes
9:41 am
because it over he display will win water. that and about 90 reports of burning injuries. they're sold online and in stores in the united states with 31 at the bottom. you can contact them for a free repair. >>darya: the newsletter following stanford students are talking to two companies about a product that they designed that enables people to climb a glass wall before you this on a to.. >>darya: you can slide up with sheer wall how rock climbing that is axis up there thinking of the have a patent pending in that one to meet with dr. lenore next month talk about
9:42 am
incorporating it into rock climbing nasa and the lab are talking about using the version of them thinking they could help the astronauts to grab stopped in space. >>darya: global has unveiled this latest idea is to as a button it is the go global this is the car that will drive itself the problem is this one has no permanent tools no will or gas pedal the california law says you have to have it our law says you could use it if they're real person to step in a used car and an emergency a guest to go will be to fix the internal controls to get this rolled ready because it is not ready. >>mark: will be right back
9:43 am
at the kron 4 morning news continues
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9:46 am
>>mark: gov. jerry brown claims the of emergency for counties are by the storms this monday is to the state of emergency for marlin san mateo and return accounts. damage on rose on highways caltrans the formal request immediate federal assistance. >>mark: watching a big storm with what weather for the holiday in this tear apart the colorado it already blessed by snow yesterday and was it warnings is to college and you saw grass and heavy rains for the sioux have of the nation and some areas was turning to snow if
9:47 am
>>mark: >> reporter: when i want to see are all christmas storm here have a christmas eve with showers and also some snow in the tahoe area a live look at the san mateo bridge shot a loss of sunshine out there at not a whole lot of fog remains we are looking at still pettifog for some locations in the south bay like this all morning sunny and mild days of very similar to yesterday's and for christmas eve to migrate arriving for the afternoon hour and a christmas they sunny or a bit breezy at times and we will see cold nights after that right now is 58 degrees in san francisco 56 in oakland san jose 53 low 6 is already in livermore. so right now we're on to sea temperatures in the '50s and '60s we are warming up into the upper 60s for this is like an apple 69 degrees as what to feel nice 66 in san jose 65
9:48 am
in livermore and 64 in san francisco and daly city here is the store where talking about tomorrow. for the day of christmas eve 11:00 in the morning will see coming into the no to that about 1:00 maybe also in downtown san francisco and oakland. >> reporter: the peninsula and the south in red with city and 4:00 it should be out of here and clear skies tear for when it could this is potentially the rain down more trees and power lines yet the sea by late christmas eve will see clear skies and done with that red we are attracting more snow with this system up in the towel area with to storm watch have posted today the sunny and mild to let--when the house would find bring the change by the early afternoon or early evening
9:49 am
in them by thursday a christmas day if you have plans to go to mawson's offices they a great it will be in store for you. here is a kron 47 day around the bay forecast will not want to see a whole lot of of rain from at to in fact afternoon then chilly for the next few months after that in busy over the next couple of days you see sunny and dry conditions here is a look at just no bomb that calms the report. >> reporter: you're getting a lot its a snow. will be adding to that for the next couple days >>george: very well we continue to monitor are really good i which is interesting is that the first accident grassy going to talk about this morning is not even on the freeway is here also france's boulevard in a green beret
9:50 am
or an accident occurred is so the ride just a little bit from what they're drive leading out toward highway 101 and it could defectors should either to or from the freeway as far as the bridges are concerned we have been enjoying great conditions morning long a little slowing in one of the lines here and what's wrong with that is the first leg we have seen since the 7:00 hour and for 92 in december sale brings it was again the 7:00 hour that we lasted some so traffic in the westbound direction now you can see it is a like an easy ride both ways the golden gate bridge is a beautiful trip and a problem free so no delays to marin county in the richmond bridge ride as an exceptionally good this morning as well by another we do not have any backups on interstate 580 was about. >>mark: the new documents have been released in a re mcdonnell sexual assault investigation they have different picture of what happened last sunday night
9:51 am
at his home in san jose the 49 is cutting ties with ray macdonald last week was when they after his own search for evidence. the investigation is now wrapping up. >> reporter: is a copy of the police report in the alleged rape victim says he has sex with her after she had some drinks hit her head and passed out. she said she sustained a head wound up apparently witnesses to that. his a formal sex crime investigators to the acceptance of a police department he fine statements made by mcdonnell and the search warrant puzzling. >> reporter: he has mixed denials itself finally he gave up. why would you even think that you could deny to a person who is conscious and aware and able to consent to me as an investigator i am saying why would anyone think that they could fool someone. the
9:52 am
woman said she will of naked in his bed and has no memory of what happened the document also mentioned that turn for niners clair was on probation for driving under the influence mileage for his probation. he definitely would be if he were present and observe any contact with the victim and mr. macdonald he would be a with this. >> reporter: they're checking for the in a book that will only show the obvious the most important evidence is still to come in the examination in the video mcdonald is still not charged with any crimes. >>darya: good news for raiders fan the team is going to be staying in oakland at least for now over the weekend nfl told the raiders and the rams and chargers you're not going
9:53 am
next year according to nfl down they will have a one- year extension on their lease at the coliseum. no deal is in place of this is the city open more time to come out with a plan to try to keep the raiders in the bay area for a long time. the >>mark: warriors continue and the winning streak. 1282108. their high 15 points would rebounds and the warrants have a big lead in this one and is stressing his nba best record to 23 wins and three losses. this is the latest blow of the war is over the kings there with them on opening night 95% to 771 strips--six straight straight
9:54 am
>>darya: christmas just a few days away singing >>darya: is impossible for them to get any cuter. the guy is adorable >>mark: the slaughter is making a big comeback will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
9:55 am
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>>darya: that is a for this morning see you back tomorrow merry christmas yet detected any sign on the facebook pays kron 4 dock, or the kron 4 mobile applications.
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