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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 24, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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travelers trying to make it in and out of sfo in time to open up presents for christmas morning. and a christmas miracle when mother nature comes knocking at their front door. this is a full hour of your prime time choice for news. good evening. it's christmas eve. a good time to get comfy with your family. but in many cases, to run around trying to finish your job. we're live in albany. jeff has been talking to people who fall in the second category. >> reporter: the clock is ticking. you can see that this parking lot is about 25% full of last- minute shoppers. most of them men. let's take video we shot a short time ago. you can see the people were coming and going very quickly. they had a very focused look in
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their eye. people were coming here to take advantage of this target in albany and they knew exactly what they were here to get. >> i have to start shopping. we've just started. target is open until 10:00 tonight. we're real excited about that. we have checked online. i have a couple of hours. maybe three, four. i should be able to get it all done. >> reporter: how long is your list? >> long. i have four sisters and one brother. they all have kids. >> i got some practical great stuff. got some heaters for people who need it. jeans for people who they had them. >> i didn't get out until this evening. i was working all day. trying to pick up last-minute goodies for my family. >> reporter: how was it in there? >> it wasn't bad. not a whole lot of people. i knew exactly what i wanted. i wanted to pick it out just like a guy and i walked out. >> reporter: tart stores here in the bay area open -- target stores here in the bay area
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open until 10:00. a little less than two hours still. we did see a little bit of rain and that rain sent shoppers running for cover. this is the scene at the livermore premium outlets earlier today. some people came prepared with that umbrella. we did see the wave of rain earlier today. it was very fast moving. we didn't pick up a whole lot of rainfall accumulation. look at our totals from earlier today. just a few 1/100ths throughout all of the bay area. but we did see gusty winds in the wake of the storm front. you can see clear skies over the bay area. snowshowers continuing over the sierra but those will be winding down in the next couple of hours. wind gusts are still going strong in a couple of places. 35-mile-an-hour gusts at half moon bay. 33 at sfo, still in the 20s in the north bay and santa rosa and novato, also vallejo, concord and san jose, still seeing those gusty winds. but the winds are expected to
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die down tonight. the calmer winds and colder air from today's storm around the clear skies will lead to chilly temperatures out the door tomorrow morning. if you have plans to head out, meet the family early, it will be really chilly in the 30s and 40s through much of the bay area. only a couple of places will be in the mid- to upper 40s. i will have the weekend details coming up. a lot of people are celebrating by taking their families to see the christmas lights and decorations. we have a live picture from alameda. this is showcasing one of the beautiful neighborhoods. people go out creating a very
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picturesque scene. this is thompson heavy right off high street. most of the homeowners on this long block get together every year to put on a big light show. you can walk. you can drive and look at the lights. it's usually really packed. kids sell popcorn and cotton candy to visitors. donations are accepted to help light up the median area of the light which is city property. we talked to some of the people enjoying the sights. >> this is great. so many people come down here to see the lights. it's nice to have the enterprise here and some folks. it's great. it's a tradition. every year we come down and see the lights. see santa. >> we'll go back to the live pictures. if you plan to see this in person -- and a lot of people do, you see a lot of kids walking around -- do remember, it tends to be bumper to bumper. but as you see a lot of people
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park somewhere else, get out of the cars and wander around happily looking at all of this. you can also see more of this on kron4. we'll be bringing you this live picture and other looks this neighborhood throughout the show. new developments tonight and new images from berkeley, missouri two miles from ferguson where a vigil and protest are being held. this is a die-in in berkeley, missouri. the demonstrations there followed the death of a black teenager shot dead last night by a white officer. there was also a vigil tonight in berkeley, california, but tensions in the greater st. louis area are still especially raw following michael brown and death and the grand jury ruling that followed. protesters have shut down roads, part of interstate 170 shut down. they've been mostly peaceful and mourners are lighting candles for 18-year-old antonio martin whose killing was partially captured on the upper left-hand corner of
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surveillance video that you are about to see. keep your eye on left. the officer is retreating. falls down as et fatally shoots martin. police were responding to a call about a theft at the convenience store there. they say martin pulled a gun and pointed it at the officer. after the shootings, protesters threw fireworks at officers. there was looting, really mayhem and now many local activities are calling for calm. >> we're talking about violence. we're talking about people throwing rocks. that does not help the cause of folks who are rightfully fighting for justice and reform. >> the investigation is ongoing. tonight, the main differences between this and the ferguson case, the suspect here last night in berkeley reportedly armed with a gun and, of course, there's video. however, better video might have been available but the officer involved left his body camera in his cruiser. well, the presidents of the three biggest northern california police unions are speaking out about the recent
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protests against police. the union heads representing san francisco, oakland, san jose, they got together to publish a letter today saying the demonstrations have gone from being about free speech to vilifying officers. union leaders say they are very concerned about the safety of police and they are asking for more constructive talks. occupy oakland is planning a protest tomorrow with the announced intention of ruining christmas for police. an occupy blog says they want to make sure that bay area police don't get time off for the holiday. the downtown oikd response is in response to what the movement feels it police brutality across the nation. today in san francisco, protesters shut down the octavia offramp from highway 101. about 200 people blocked the intersection demanding more accountability from police. they were organized by a group called sf for black lives.
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members marked the intersection at market with a pink triangle an icon of the lgbt movement. >> as a black man, i have a lot of anxiety walking down the street every time i see a police officer. today could be the day they decide to shoot me and there would be no justice. i'm here for myself and people who look like me. >> the group marched down market toward castro and they say this is no file for a celebration -- time for a celebration. the chp is cracking down for christmas. it's what it calls a maximum enforcement period. officers plan to be very visible out on the road. they are asking bay area roads for their help in spotting potential problems. >> we want to remind everybody that this is a joint effort. if you do see an impaired driver on the road, please call 911, provide us with the location, direction of travel, the information about the vehicle including the license plate and what you see them doing. that will empower our officers to get out and be there to take
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care of that person who is impaired. remember, there's not enough of us to take care of the road alone. >> last year, five people were killed in bay area accidents over the christmas holiday. the enforcement period will last through the weekend. meantime, a lot of people still trying to get to their comats derkerations. charles cliff clifford is -- christmas destinations. charles cliff order is live. how is it going? >> reporter: i think most people have made it to their destination for christmas eve by now. but earlier today, sfo was experiencing delays between 30 minutes to an hour, peen the amount -- between the amount of people and the clouds causing delays. maybe an hour ago, i couldn't find any delayed flights. things are looking pretty good here at sfo. there are some hearty souls traveling late on christmas
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eve. i spoke to one couple from seattle. another from new york who said their flights were full. >> maybe yesterday was busier. today was supersimple. seattle, we got there early expecting it to be crazy busy. a geest town there and it's kind of a ghost town here. >> not too bad. it's okay. long flight. >> reporter: all right. san francisco is one of the busiest airports in the country. sfo representatives tell me they expect between about 2 million people to pass through the airport over christmas and new year's. charles cliff order -- clifford, kron4. >> this is reagan national airport in washington, d.c. nationwide, there have been nearly 13,000 flight delays since monday. more than 1200 cancellations. and some high winds and stormy weather in the midwest that's now moving east.
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more delays are expected. some storms this week have been very destructive and deadly. tornadoes in the southeast killed at least four people yesterday and there's now even a blizzard warning in hawaii, of all places. several mountain peaks on the big island could get up to 8 inches of snow. a hawaiian airlines flight diverted to oakland has made it to honolulu. flight 19 from sacramento, they had a mechanical problem. the captain decided to land at oakland's airport and get that fixed. the plane took off again this afternoon, landing safely in hawaii just within the last hour or so. coming up, another possible case of ebola in the u.s. we'll explain who is under quarantine tonight. and how a run-in with a criminal signs to have turned an average student -- steams have turned an average student
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into a genous -- genious. and they are down to hours for collecting toys at lefty o'doul's. but first christmas carols. ♪
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volunteers are spreading christmas cheer with the annual christmas eve toy drive at lefty o'doul's. annie anderson reports from san francisco's union square. >> reporter: there's about three hours left for the official toy drive at lems. they are only two third of the way to the goal of the toys. >> it's all part of what the spirit of san francisco is really about during the holidays. you share what you have with those who have less.
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>> it's great for the kids and everybody has one more chance to give toys so we can make sure every kid gets the manic at christmas. >> reporter: the san francisco police department was 150 toys in their toy drive. lefty o'doul's donated 150 of their toys to the police department to make sure all of those kids get toys to open tomorrow morning and lefty o'doul's is not the largest bar size-wise. so toys have gone out. >> we've taken some to the hunter's point area. we're excited for those will get them. >> reporter: right now, what lefty o'doul's are need for gifts for tweens. that can make mean makeup, small electronics. gift cards are great. anywhere from $15 to $25 although any amount will help. now, this toy drive technically end at 11:00 p.m. that's when the fire department
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will come pick up the toys in their fire truck. if you can't make it here by then, that's okay. they will keep accepting toys until the bar closes at 2:00. there is a drop off on geary street. we did see a little bit of rain out there today. it was fast moving. it only brought us a few 1/100ths of rain. we did see winds along with that front and also still seeing gusty winds right now. 37-mile-an-hour gusts at half moon bay. still seeing gusts in the 20s in novato, sfo, oakland and in concord. those wind gusts are gonna start dying down as we head into the overnight hours which is going to lead to chilly conditions tonight. the cooler air that filtered in from the storm, plus the clear skies, plus the calmer winds. we need all three for these temperatures to drop in the 30s and 40s. christmas day will be sunny but chilly, only in the 50s. that's what we'll be seeing through the extended forecast. >> no more rain in sight.
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at least not for now. so the wind gusts ongoing. you see at 10:00, the blue on your screen represents wind gusts in the 20-mile-an-hour range. after midnight, things start to calm down and you see by 7:00 in the morning when we hit our morning lows, we are going to be seeing calmer conditions. that is going to allow temperatures to drop in the 30s and low 40s. if those winds die down a little sooner, we might see more 30s across napa, vallejo, fairfield and also concord and down into pleasanton. 37 in livermore, 39 in sunnyvale. a little bit more mild in san francisco. that's to be expected. 46 there. the afternoon brings us turns in the 50s. in the south, 57 in san jose. 56 in los gatos. low 50s tomorrow for antioch. brentwood will be in the low 50s. mid-50s in fairfield. 56 in vallejo. 56 oakland and san leandro. 50s at the coast, down the peninsula and in the north bay tomorrow afternoon.
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as for snow in the sierra, it's still ongoing but it's wifernding down. you see the whole region basically only seeing the snow. the green shows rain. snow levels have dropped to lake level. so we'll probably pick up anywhere between 1 and 3 inches of snow at lake level and up to a foot in the higher elevations. that includes what we've already seen out there today. we'll have some snow early tomorrow morning. and then clearing skies but pretty chilly, in the 20s -- in the 20s tomorrow and friday. on saturday we'll start to warm things up a little bit. here is a look at your extended forecast, christmas day, sunny skies, but chilly both in the morning and the afternoon. we'll stay cool into friday, saturday, and sunday. in fact, very similar weather expected all the way through the extended forecast. a developing story, a lab technician working at the cdc in atlanta might have been exposed to the ebola virus. that person now being
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monitored. the person was working in a supposedly secure lab. but might have come into contact with a small amount of a live virus during an experiment. this is not the first time there have been potential problems of this kind. in june, more than 50 cdc workers had to take antibiotics as a precaution after all being potentially exposed to anthrax. the colorado christmas miracle. the freak occurrence in one family's front yard. coming up later in sport, a bowl game ending that you have to see to believe. jim harbaugh responds to michigan's birthday treecht. when it comes to the red kettle campaign for the salvation army here in the bay area, donations are way down this year. i will tell you why this may be the case in my story up next. 7
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new at 8:00, you have probably heard the salvation army bell ringers. well, now we're learning learning that donations are down by thousands of dollars in cities across the bay area. jr stone has more from union square. >> ho ho ho. merry christmas. happy holidays and god bless everyone. >> reporter: his name is john the bell ringer, a marine veteran who you may have seen ringing his bell next to his red kettle in union square. >> you get out here and at the end of the day you could be a little hoarse. i can recognize one of these bells from miles away. but it's worth it. >> reporter: this year donations are down all across the bay area for the red kettles. >> we're down as much as
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$50,000 in san francisco. in oakland, we're down around $48,000. >> reporter: san jose is down $10,000. as to why the giving may be less this year, a couple of possibilities. >> we had a superstorm and several rainy wet days and passersby don't want to fish money hout of their pockets. the protests in oakland prevented us from having kettles along the broadway corridor. >> reporter: ask john about those numbers and his experience about the salvation army, and this is what he will tell you -- >> my life crashed and burned and they picked up the pieces. got me back on my feet. i became a salvation army soldier. and they put me back together again. i don't know about particular numbers. i just know what i -- what i see out here and i see people, cheerful givers. >> reporter: jr stone, kron4
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news. still ahead, after a wild ride, "the interview" is owning in theaters -- is opening in theaters. a woman who lost her teenaged son lets to hear his heart in another man's chest. and look who is doing a double take in ann arbor. and this is thompson avenue in alameda. and we'll be right back.
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coming up, how you can see the controversial movie "the interview" from the comfort of your couch. also, shoppers in a last-minute rush. what they are after as the clock winds down on christmas eve. and a freak storm blows in, bringing down this huge tree. seems like a recipe for disaster, but not here. we'll talk to the family that avoided disaster. we saw some rain out there today but it was very fast moving. it only lasted for about 30 minutes to an hour in most places. we only saw a few 1/100ths. we're still seeing the effects from that storm. i will explain -- coming up. the holiday season is here,
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which means it's time for the volkswagen
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sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. well, a family is thanking their lucky stars this christmas eve, that huge tree nearly fell on their house. but everyone who lives there,
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they are okay tonight. kron4 shares the amazing story from morgan hill. >> reporter: well, the gentleman that owns this home tells me that he's been putting out decorations in his yard for several days. he stepped out for a moment and that's when a storm blew through tropling his 60-feet tree in the yard. he said the tree missed his house, didn't injure anybody and missed the three wisemen in his backyard. he said all of that was nothing short of a christmas miracle. >> i went to the bank about 3:00 p.m. the storm ripped up. the rain was pouring down. the wind was blowing. i came home and found the tree laying there. my wife pointed it out. you can see how close it was to the house. the only -- you can see the only spot it could fall without doing any damage was right there. if it had gone back there, it would have wrecked the fence or the backyard. there is a sidewalk over here.
8:31 pm
somebody could have got hurt. you look at the wisemen, they didn't even -- barely got touched. so to me, it's like a christmas miracle. we are celebrating the savior's birth, i want to thank god nothing bad happened. all the chaos that goes on in the world, it's so good to see that something decent happened for a change. >> reporter: mr. jones feeling very fortunate this ended the way it did and that nobody was hurt is nothing short of a capacity miracle ear on christmas eve. he says over the next couple days, they will be enjoying their christmas. some of them have to work. he will get out here with a chainsaw and cut this up and maybe use some of the wood for the fireplace. back to you. stores have been packed all day. a lot of people doing last- minute christmas shopping. stan talked to shoppers at the livermore premium outlets. >> 'twas the day before
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christmas and all through the mall, the shoppers were out having a ball. >> we bought everything. nothing left. >> reporter: at livermore's premium outlet, sales were brisk. >> i just got a new pair of nike shoes. >> reporter: on sales? >> it was a good sale. >> reporter: some shomers were here because they had no time in the past. others were here because they liked to be last. >> it's just the best way to shop. less crowds. lines move faster. people are nicer. >> reporter: others who looked like they would never stop had very calculated reasons for this last-minute shop. >> my wife keeps a good eye on the account. the best way to surprise her is to get something the day before. >> reporter: now time has run out, closing time is here. if you finished your list, you have reason to cheer. back to you. you can see now the movie "the interview" after all of the fuss over the cyber attack, the accompanying threat.
8:33 pm
some people streaming it online. it's in limited release at some theaters where they are selling a lot of the tickets. at a berkeley system, so much interest, the online system crashed. in petaluma, you are looking at a lot of people standing in line and a lot of people will be back christmas day to see the movie. the comedy has had a wild ride with hackers threatening violence is sony released it. >> i thought obama was very smart how he looked at. you know, regardless if north korea had anything to do with it or not, the fact that, you know, we should not have to succumb to being intimidated by outside sources say we're gonna do this or that. >> they say, you know, it's unfortunate that all of this happened. political things have to get in the way of entertainment. i think the two should be separate but that's the world we live in, i guess, unfortunately. strange things like this happen from time to time, i suppose. >> here in petaluma, the movie
8:34 pm
will officially open tomorrow on christmas. at least ten theaters in the bay area and the monterey pay region planning to show it and you can check out we have posted a full list of those theaters. grant? and you don't have to venture out to check out "the interview". it's available online. people can stream it. ♪ >> want to go kill kim jung un? >> totally. >> it's available on google play, youtube and microsoft x- box. $5.99 will get it. if you want to open it, keep playing it over and over, you can pony up $14.99. you just watch this thing from the comfort of your home. it's sort of like watching katherine and gary and george do the fireworks. you don't have to go out. just watch it from home. experts say regarding "the interview" don't worry about hackers coming after you for streaming the movie. they point out that the cyber attack targeted sony and that there's no virus or malware in
8:35 pm
the movie itself. >> thanks for the plug. still ahead -- he says that he only got a lot of people from friends and now he can do complicated geometry. and christmas eve around the world with the pope celebrating mass at the vatican. we saw rain out there today. you can see we're in the clear. stitch seeing snow in the sierra. i will let you know -- you know how your christmas is shaping up -- coming up. and a busy night for santa. the u.s. military tracking santa and his reindeer. they are making their way from the north pole to deliver gifts to around the world. you can track santa, too. head to our weeks, we have the latest information on where he is right now.
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this is beautiful. we're gonna check in again live. this is a neighborhood on thompson avenue. people love this. they bring their families. people who live here go out on christmas decorations. traffic tends to be bumper to bumper but some people also park nearby, get out of the car and go strolling through and you see that here. a lot of families show up. either way, it's a favorite christmas stop. tonight. tonight pope francis said mass for his second christmas as pope. 8,000 people attended. thousands more were watching from screen in st. peter's square. the pope had personally requested a performance of most
8:39 pm
mass. thousands of pilgrims are filling the streets of bethlehem. it's decked in lights for the traditional ceremonies. it's celebrated by christians as the birthplace of jesus. palestinian authorities have tightened up security around the church of the nativity. and in new york tonight, christmas eve's mass at sant pate patrick's cathedral. people come to pray to celebrate the birth of the christ. this is a very popular mass. you have to get ticketed ahead of time. we saw a little bit of rain out there today on this christmas eve but a little bit are the operative words. it was a very fast-moving storm. really the biggest effect that we saw was the gusty winds which we're still seeing. clear skies over the bay area now. snow still going in the sierra but you can see it's starting to wind down as the storm front
8:40 pm
pushes to the southeast. still seeing snow, down to lake level. temperatures were a lot cooler thanks to the storm. we hit the highs at about noon before the storm rolled in. we saw a lot of low 60s but take a look at the difference from yesterday. a big departure. 11 degrees cooler in half moon bay and in santa rosa. 10 degrees cooler in oakland, sunnyvale and livermore and down 7 degrees in redwood city. and fremont. but the winds have been a big issue ever since the storm pushed through, especially in half moon bay. wind finally getting below 40- mile-an-hour gusts down to 32 now. 24 at sfo. 23 in oakland and gusts to 23 also in concord and in portions of the north bay. so tonight, these winds are expected to die down. they will start dying down after midnight which is gonna help lead to very chilly temperatures overnight. 30s and 40s. your christmas afternoon also on the chilly side in the 50s but it will be sunny. and it will be try.
8:41 pm
dry weather expected through the extended forecast. here is a look at future cast, still seeing the gusty winds in the 20-mile-an-hour range now. it will continue through about midnight before things start to die down. you see it, it's already starting to die down to the north and then dying down to the east bay and south bay by the later morning hours which should allow the temperatures to drop off pretty significantly in the 30s and low 40s. as those winds die down faster, the temperatures in the low 40s will drop in the 30s. keep that in mind. as for the afternoon we're looking at upper 50s in the south bay tomorrow. 57 in palo alto. 56 in santa clara. 56 also in los gatos. 50s for the east bay as well. 54 in antioch. 57 in richmond. 58 in union city. 50s at the coast. 50s through the north bay. 50s all around tomorrow afternoon. at least here locally. in the sierra, still seeing some scattered snowshowers. right now it will continue past midnight tonight. so early-morning snow followed by clearing skies for
8:42 pm
christmas. cold temperatures, though, in the 20s both christmas and friday before things warm up a little bit into saturday. your extended forecast, tomorrow, christmas holiday, chilly in the morning, chilly in the afternoon. it will stay that way through the next several days. very similar weather expected throughout the seven-day forecast actually. it's a medical case. it's making history. how a college dropout who barely got through high school but became a math genious overnight. and jim harbaugh fields questions about the birthday tweet from theist of michigan. and jason has the highlights on the bowl game and the sports ahead. if you are planning to stay home to ring in 2015, kron4's live celebration, you can ring in the new year with a live fireworks show, celebrate from
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the comfort of your home. join me, gary and george as we celebrate the new year. female announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale, get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. plus, free same-day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now!
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...guaranteed! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ imagine if you were mugged and uplife changed forever but for the better. that's what happened to jason badgette. one day he was mugged. the second day he was suddenly able to do complicated geometry. he cannot explain what
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happened. he said two men jumped him for a jacket. he suffered a concussion and says at that moment he saw a white light and now he's seeing things differently. >> went from being an average goofball to what? >> to just nothing but pondering relatively. movement through space time. what is space time? >> doctors say he's one of 40 people in the world with what's known as acquired sevant system. hello, everybody. five days from now, the 49ers will likely look for a new head coach. as for harbaugh's future, according to one report, his family was urging him to take the michigan job. today his brother jim, who coaches the ravens, says that's
8:46 pm
absolutely false. he says the family including jack the father has stayed out of process all together. they also wished him a nice happy dargt yesterday on twitter. he turned 51. harbaugh, the media hoping to get something out of him today, asked him about that tweet by michigan. >> le we've -- had a lot of nice birthday wishes. like i said, hopefully you will have the sale on your birthday. >> did you -- >> a glean in the eye, smile on the face. a few kind words. that's all you really need. [laughter] >> i wish you guy as very merry christmas. [laughter] >> yeah.
8:47 pm
check out this harbaugh imposter on the campus today at michigan. he actually reports for the wall street journal. he's a guy named jason gay. he's looking for any reaction he can get. he's running around with a football. he has the sharpie around his neck. the khakis, the black sweatshirt and despite, you know, wearing the entire harbaugh getup, he says nobody really paid attention to him. he got about one and a half double takes and took the selfie with that guy there. 49ers' running back frank gore won the lin eshmont award as the team's most inspiration player. only nobody bothered to tell him. >> i didn't know that. >> yeah, did you. >> no, i didn't. >> you didn't? >> i didn't. i'm happy now. i'm happy how the team look at me. appreciate it.
8:48 pm
next question? [laughter] >> niners have one game left against arizona. they are 7-8. they can finish 8- 8. they will have a good chance to close out the season and on a high note, a great finish at the bahamas bowl. central michigan trails western kerky, 49-42 we a -- kentucky, 49-42 with a touchdown. six players, including the center touched the ball as they lateral it. the clock is expired. they have to get it in the end zone. davis finds the enzoned. you think you are gonna kick the point and send it to overtime. but no, they are going for two. pass incomplete. the great lateral play goes for not and they lose. western kentucky wins. fresno state 6-7 coming in.
8:49 pm
but those 6 wins qualify you for a bowl game. they didn't show up. jackson -- dreyfus jackson, the 69-yard touchdown pass to mario hall. that makes it 16-3 and you see the owls, they go on to win, they finish 8-5. we nissan da clause is busy. but -- we know santa claus is busy. we took time to deliver a gift to a western recruit. >> merry christmas. for you. >> thank you, santa. i appreciate that. [ cheers ] >> that's very cool. that is a scholarship for walk- on linebacker grant depal ma. about $20,000. look at the reaction by his
8:50 pm
teammates. they mob him. throw him up in the air. grant get as scholarship from santa claus. sharks' john scott has been banned for four games for this punch on monday to an unsuspecting tim jackman of the anaheim jacks. you can see the lower right of your screen. he will stay down for quite some time. he was hurt. scott, this isn't the first time he's been in trouble. he's considered a repeat offender. the four-game ban. what hurts, the money suspension without pay, about $31,000. and this is a dog riding a roomba. that's a cute dog. what do you think? what kind of dog is that? >> i don't know. >> take a close look. >> once i had someone dog sit my dog, they had a roomba, my dog had an accident and then the room da roomba took it around the house. i can't look at a dog and a
8:51 pm
roomba without getting the chills. >> this doesn't put a smile on your face? >> it makes me want to cry. >> merry christmas, they say it's a boston terrier. >> still my favorite story. next, a story about a donated heart that will likely touch your heart. it's still pretty breezy out there seeing wind gusts in the 20s, even 30--mile-an-hour range. the wind gusts will die down leading to chilly conditions for your christmas morning. i will have that coming up. female announcer: sleep train thanks
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all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies! thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa! and thank you for donating money. announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. thank you! thank you! ¡gracias por su ayuda! [baby cooing] thank you.
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see warm hearts at glide memorial. they held their annual christmas eve prime rib lunch today. the house of prime be rib, the restaurant on van ness, donated more than 2,000 pounds of meat for the occasion. tomorrow glide will host a christmas dinner of ham and turkey and plan to feed 5,000 people with the help of 500 volunteers. a mississippi recently lost her son but said he's living on since he donated his organs. and this is the first time that she is hearing her son's heart beating in the chest of a kentucky man who received her son caleb's heart. april was overcome with emotion. he was 16 when he had a series of strokes that left him brain dead. his family had to make the tough destoition let him go to donate the organs. the heart went to a psychologist. the transplant saved his life.
8:56 pm
those two families are very close sharing stories. they say they will be forever connected. and christmas looks good. >> pretty good. a little chilly, though. if you have any early-morning plans, probably want to bundle up. the brief storm system we saw earlier that brought us the quick rain and the gusty wind. the winds are gonna die down. we'll see clear skies and the cold air is in place and then when the winds die down, temperatures drop off. we're talking 30s and 40s tomorrow morning. christmas afternoon in the 50s. so still on the cooler side. but it is going to stay dry. not only tomorrow. not only through the weekend but also it looks like next week as well. so the sunshine is back, at least for the next seven days. but it will be on the cooler side. >> you've been doing really well with the forecast, rain when everybody is still off. >> i'm here to please. >> you are here to please and
8:57 pm
serve. >> get your big, ugly sweaters out tomorrow. all right, everybody. see you at 11:00. the holiday season is here, which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned... pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models.
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( crow cawing ) what the hell is this mess? she did this. it means something, the way it's all set up like that.


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