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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 24, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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the traditional midnight mass is about to get underway in the bay area. kron4's jeff bush is live in front of grace cathedral in san francisco. jeff? jeff bush>>: i just went inside
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grace cathedral a few minutes ago, as a gorgeous. and there are colored streamers coming down from the setting, everyone is just out. we just about an hour away from midnight mass that will be held here. tonight pope francis said mass
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at the vatican - for his second christmas as pope. eight thousand people were at st. peter's in rome. and thousands more watched from huge screens outside in the square. the pope had personally requested a performance of mozart's mass in c minor. the music director of the pittsburgh symphony conducted the event. thousands of christians have gathered in the biblical town of bethlehem for christmas eve celebrations. this is video of midnight mass from the church of the nativity. it's been a difficult year in the region. peace talks between israel and the palestinians collapsed last spring, and israel fought palestinian militants in the gaza strip during a 50-day war over the summer. a brief and blustery christmas eve storm brought rain and wind today - as it blew through the bay area. the storm moved out almost as quickly as it moved in.
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kron-4's chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett is here with the christmas forecast. we only picks up a fehundred jacqueline bennett>>: we will see some blustery conditions in the next couple of hours. in no tapering off in the sierra in oakland as well as installing san jose, will be when it's but they will be coming down. temperatures in the morning drop into the '30's and low 40's. stormy weather is bringing fresh
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snow to the sierra. which is good news for people planning to ski over the christmas holiday. unless you have a vehicle with 4-wheel drive and snow tires -- you need to bring chains if you're going to be on i-80 from kingvale to the donner lake interchange. several ski resorts are open this weekend. elevations over 4-thousand feet are getting snow. happening now. the c-h-p is cracking down for christmas. with what it calls a "maximum enforcement" period. officers plan to be highly visible out on the roads. and they're asking bay area drivers for their help in spotting potential problems. "we want to remind everybody that this is a joint effort. if you see anything suspicious, just call 911. that will allow our officers to
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get out there and help that person that is impaired." last year 5-people were killed in bay area accidents over the christmas holiday. the enforcement period lasts through the weekend. in missouri - a black teenager who had pulled a gun on police was shot and killed by a white officer last night. it happened in the small town of berkeley - two miles from ferguson. there were protests in the town - and clashes with police --- several protestors were arrested. police say that when they were responding to a robbery call, 18-year-old antonio martin pulled a gun on an officer. grainy footage from a surveillance camera caught much of the incident. after the shooting - there was looting. and protestors threw fireworks at officers. local officials are calling for calm. meantime, 'occupy oakland' is planning a protest tomorrow. with the announced intention of ruining christmas for police. an occupy blog says its members want to make sure bay area
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police don't get time off for the holiday. the downtown oakland protest is in response to what the movement feels is police brutality across the nation. the presidents of the three biggest northern california police unions are speaking out about the recent protests against police. the union heads representing san francisco, oakland and san jose published a letter today. saying the demonstrations have gone from being about free speech -- to villifying officers. the union leaders say they're concerned about the safety of police.and are asking for more constructive talks. still ahead.the little dog in sacramento who has astonished everyone by being around this christmas. we'll explain. a warm-hearted holiday tradition in san francisco is in its final hours. how you can still join in. and critics aren't exactly
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tickets to watch the the controversial movie "the interview" are selling fast. the christmas day release was shelved after a cyber attack and threats. then sony admitted that was a bad move.and the movie opens in limited release tomorrow.. some bay area theatres will show the movie.which is getting a lukewarm reception from critics. in petaluma - a lot of people said they're still looking forward to seeing it. you can also watch the interview online -- it's available on google play, you-tube and microsoft x-box for 5 dollars and 99 cents. experts say you don't need to worry about hackers targeting you if you stream it.
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former president george h.w. bush is still in a houston hospital tonight. he was admitted yesterday - after complaining of shortness of breath. his spokesperson tweeted earlier tonight that the prognosis for the 90-year-old remains very positive. doctors say bush senior was hospitalized as a "precaution." it's a san francisco christmas tradition that's going strong. tonight -- lefty o'douls is "still" accepting donations of toys.. and why the sacramento owners of a near-sighted little dog named 'sammy- didn't think he'd be around this christmas eve.
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francisco restaurant and bar started more than a decade ago. and as kron4's annie andersen reports -- lefty's has reached its goal of collecting 10-thousand toys. 10,000 thousand. that's the number of toys lefty o'douls has collected every christmas for the past 14 years. "bovis" starting early christmas eve people started driving down geary street to drop off toys. some even stopped in to sing a few songs. "willie" "suhr" while there were some slow periods, the donations kept coming all day long and all night long.even after that 10 thousand toy goal was hit. not all of the toys stayed at
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lefty's the san francisco police department was short in their toy drive but lefty o'douls decided to donate toys to the police department to make sure all of those kids have toys to open tomorrow morning. "now the toy drive has technically ended, but people will be here at lefty of douls on geary near powell street to collect toys until 2am. in sf annie andersen kron 4 news" new at 11. some are calling it a christmas miracle -- a boston terrier has survived after falling from a 15-story high balcony in sacramento. rob malcom talked to the 'sammy's' owner. "you just can't imagine a dog going through that kind of trauma." if they say cats have nine lives, then bill's 13-year-old boston terrier, sammy, can certainly be considered to join his feline friends. "he actually got on the next balcony, trying to work his way back. he has a little bit of an eyesight issue." when that eyesight failed,
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there was nowhere to go but down. what bill says what happened next was a miracle. by all accounts, there's no way sammy should have survived to bark another day. "just a little bit to the east of this balcony is a pool and a hot tub, and the dog actually went directly into the hot tub." right about then, this sign meant nothing. "he hit the hot tub. he instinctually started swimming to try and get out. he swam it about three times, found the stairs. pulled himself out." suffering from a cracked pelvis and broken ribs, this is a healthy sammy, who's now recovering at v-c-a bradshaw animal hospital. and after falling from one of the tallest residential buildings in sacramento. "i've actually seen him stand up and walk. it's just, uh, it's amazing." we see it every year -- the people rushing around stores getting their christmas shopping done at the last minute.. some stores will even be open on christmas day. and food chains including dennys, mcdonalds and pizza hut will be open.
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if you need a drug store -- try walgreens. for a full list of stores open tomorrow - check out our website, kron4-dot-com. reporter>>: we did see a little bit of rain today, but the biggest impacts. it was significantly cooler warmer other yesterday. we're continuing to monitor the wind gusts right now. 22 mi. an hour when gus right now. they will be dying down overnights, temperatures
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dropping into the 30's and 40's, nine. dry weather is ahead. showing a few 20 mi. an hour wind gusts, especially in to the 7:00 hour things will be calling down. 37 in santa rosa, nine in such a bill. temperatures tomorrow afternoon will be in the '50s.
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as we head into christmas day, it will be clean but cold. phoenix will. warm-up into will doesn't look like we will see any rain in the next seven days, but we will she sunshine and chilly temperatures. ring in 2015. watch our big new year's live show. it's the only local and live celebration in the bay area. join me, gary radnich and george rask - on new year's eve
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- starting at 11:30.
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a hot chocolate?
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ho ho ho... we'll all have hot cocoa! ma'am, need a strong pot of joe. the all new keurig 2.0. welcome back everyone. a nice little christmas gift for 49ers running back frank gore who was honored with the len eshmont award as the teams most inspirational player. only gore had no clue.
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hello everyone. 5 days from now the 49ers will likely be looking for a new head coach. as for jim harbaugh's future. according to one report his family was urging him to take the michigan job. today his brother jim - who coaches the ravens - says that's absolutely false. in fact john says the family -- including their father jack - has made it a point to stay out of the process altogether. no doubt michigan hoping to land harbaugh. in addition the $48 million over 6 years they reportedly offered him. they also wished him a happy birthday on twitter. which harbaugh was asked about today.
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a great finish at the bahamas bowl. one second left.central michigan trails western kentucky by a touchdown 49-42.
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we know santa claus is busy tonight. but yesterday he took some time out to personally deliver a special gift to a football recruit at western michigan it's a scholarship for walk-on linebacker grant depalma. and a great reaction by his teammates.who mob de palma. then hoist him in the air. scholarship worth up to $20,000 bucks.
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so that's pretty sweet. this seems to be everyone's favorite story of the night.
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that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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♪[ music ] >> deborah: an incredible holiday story of giving. >> the mom who donated her son's heart. now it's beating in another man's chest. >> this is where they put his heart into me. >> plus, the desperate messages written on her umbrella. need doctor. hurt and bleeding. trapped in her car for six days. now, "inside edition" is there as she takes her first steps. >> then, from goof ball to genius? >> all i say was a big flash of bright light. >> how a blow to head turned him no a brainiac. >> and


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