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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 26, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PST

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fifth i>> erica: malloy is a cod out their temperatures had dropped into the '30's we are hovering near the freezing mark over the next
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couple of warning to deal with some of the most coldest temperatures of the season thus far perry you noticed as alive at the golden gate bridge to your up now you think it is called off his way into the next couple of hours for very cold conditions around most of the bay and its even san francisco has seen a significant drop fanned temperatures over the past couple of days so few vehicles look at those numbers for richmond 49 degrees 42 out the door and santa rosa concord right now faldo in the upper 30's will continue to lose a few more degrees over the next couple of hours. as a second look at track and a high off yet another court day for most locations in the upper 50s for richmond 5756 in concord that the city certainly on the chilly side at 55 and upper 50s down and san jose and sunnyvale. >> erica: you notice dry conditions, activity for the entire day of grammar for him. the cool air mass from
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the other day is really dropping down low temperatures would not be is of our attitude, some areas of fraud or the next couple morning's suspected of an unrelated for granted the seven were recorded readings serious will continue a loss of sunshine and drive of this is a to the afternoon and the club will hold on to the drive had and as director of 2014. for now to look at traffic around the area the bay bridge right now is in my right now you'd think that the camera was frozen water looks like a lot of people are still off because of the christmas holiday san mateo bridge when i anticipating a live look at the golden gate bridge not occur within
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camera shot. . >> reporter: we had shut the demonstration in oakland on christmas. r. ehrlich even christmas trees laxer rest of formants the small crowd attacked multiple businesses offered them that comes where broken windows the subway stores was also vandalized and this doctor was set on fire there were no reports of any arrests last night amid
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international controversy the move we interviewed it hard as a feared cross- country yesterday the screens come after sony release the film. >> reporter: people waited to see the controversial movie the interview the movie opened his wallet there is nationwide. this is america were allowed
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to see what we want i don't think we should clear. >> reporter: the interview did not get real or credit the man eagerly and allen was said there were pleasantly surprised. casas' countries reviewed i was blown away i was very impressed talent always come back and see the yen and they're not sold out. >> reporter: it is sold out. that's so and it is an immense
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>> reporter: the minister ride appears at a midnight screening in los angeles. they were expressing their support of his shattered surprised >> reporter: to people accused to defend the of forgers this in the next century. area. there also from the suspects' car it was full of stolen mail and packages from several cities including around lafayette redwood pleasanton and livermore. so far at a cheaper returned about for holiday gifts yet more than
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60% of shoppers do not return any thing many retailers like best buy keep it gives you do not like and there is the packaging that would help any issue that will arise when it is time to make a return. >> reporter: different seats to the stores is a good idea to know and is that store policy to you know who pays shipping and ready eye and should be returned to >> reporter: going up north to grab cash after a false out of trouble to you where it happened and how much money was spilled was as dramatic christmas rescue for the california coast all caught on camera here is a live look outside and december sale bridge and
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deadly breezy and foggy. will be right back after a break.
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>> reporter: million of hong kong dollars were 1.9 million u.s. dollars all scattered on one of the busy streets and hong kong. is that all proceeds after three cashboxes fell out of armored van madrid the money has returned or recovered nearly 1/3 people have voluntarily handed back the money to authorities it will not is a punishment please have arrested two people accused of taking the money and hiding it in their homes. >> reporter: flames shooting
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out of this oklahoma as witnesses watched in horror early thursday morning in the wee hours of christmas. inside four people escaped include one man who jumped out of the second-floor window it was said to the hospital with a broken leg to dolls for not so lucky that cannot get out the fire grew more intense a spread to this house next door his mom was inside he read his
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eyes and hope that these claims had not made their way into the house that the group been acted here so when i went to the door i concede that the flames from the other house started to come to my mother's bedroom the five search out the window it was a moment and she thought i was still stuck in the house and they told everyone is still alive. >> reporter: coming up war
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two veteran has a christmas he will never forget to check in with her after the break.
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>> reporte >> erica: that the reserves as a lure to the valley's most of this is however in the upper thirties to low '40's by lunchtime will all of the chilly temperatures this act in a high sense of in the mid to upper 50s the city closer look at those numbers for today's santa rosa you're at 40 and is like copper has opted to the upper 30's. right now at 41
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degrees and 45 out the door and sunnyvale web once sea temperatures continue or wanted sale of a couple more agrees fairfield 5553 year- antioch 58 year high in oakland and 65 in daly city. there was a look at the bigger were the story high pressure over the eastern pacific is keeping us drive. in the store will be guided to the north will not see any wet weather in the bay area of release for the next week. we do have a poor air mass lots of sunshine and dry conditions this keeping my will see over 9 more that coming out the moment as he
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mentioned we do have problems and a 80 northbound right at bascom after it actually a seller has been put in the fact all is currently locked ride down in the cyber rig haven't read all of lands their reporters as early back of the sea its feet and diverting traffic off bascom. >> erica: like skis are above 50 mi. from our this is something will continue to monitor not only if it is cold out there but land when the--to the fore on the stair well as you work your way of the city. >> erica: the times of the 13 minutes between 1 01 no as it is a reporter to remain quiet conditions
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>> reporter: there is a distress call a man on his elbow was taking on water the transmission of to the coast guard tax them to never ever to find a mole of the land to the chopper and get him to a hospital. >> reporter: all the people visited memorial chris is a to your police officers killed in their patrol car inside blue river to every poll in the neighborhood leading to the search warrant officer tallow was being held people in the community as a tribute to the officers of solidarity with the nypd. will they heard we heard with them.
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>> reporter: with senior is doing what he is spend more than two months in a hospital because of bronchitis his self is a form of parkinson's disease his use of the school or a wheelchair for less obvious. >> reporter: president obama was then vacation in hawaii in him and the first lady. president obama thank the marines for that should news service the first family was expected to be in white the early january.
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>> reporter: all the day of infamy i was 20 years ago he was never served a war two battlefield it is not consider himself a year of its services company by keeping communication lines open he is proud of it. the greatest experience of error had with military what he did not have was up to he and 68 years ago he was ready to leave the military, as is behind and come back to louisville.
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you have to give so another these are your original papers you aren't more than the meritorious service or those are all the medals and ribbons you earned while serving in world war two >> reporter: a family friend and military have find the metal and mounted to seven fell into the 68 years to figure out all this. another sunny co. hat
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was a you which one and an ally of the outside at the toll plaza will talk more about that after the break.
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>> reporter: son is listed in that or was taken down so the next box next word most also makes tentative people
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will try to the movies online at, for a billionaire is at it again this time he wants to launch a rocket and that is slightly differently. he will build transferred from sentences go to look at nonstop. more detail later on today we take a look at
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how were leaders take a look at how this all read out of a san mateo bridge looking good so far so good if you're traveling across highway 92 will talk more weather and traffic after the break.
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>> reporter: destructive demonstrations on christmas. they use the slogan no time off and add the tech winds officers with and their families on christmas. out store when the road and fired lead to the christmas tree was damaged as well. a
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few hundred independent there is across the united states started showing a guest today sunny in this league as the company's service for had some local store like a seed of them say it was more than just a few live they supported free speech and to people have been arrested and accused the impact of just off porches and livermore residents to flee china suspects the suspect's car also stolen mail and packages. we have a check in with air cover. >> erica: it is colder temperatures will continue to drop and that is going to be the trend began to the weekend we are talking about the coldest ever to readings of the season thus far right now it is not too bad. some of the protective
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valley is will happen right now north of the golden gate bridge will be a little bit surprised if you come across this morning for the facility that in mind in addition to the record temperatures and is still wendy especially higher helped where talking about 70 mi. an hour and fairfield a 12 down and redwood city is a little reason out there that will continue in the afternoon. >> erica: centers not as warm as as they so christmas was a breeze and we're really seeing any '60s whatsoever-most of his will be in the midst of the '50s to the antioch is high of 54 and 15 in oakland downtown san francisco received a high of 57 degrees and 594
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santa rosa the big weather stores said a letter shows like this over the week of the tightest of california. a strong wind of high lew massey any rain for the future will maintain definitions in the tactical air mass is here to stay with the storm door officially closed were really not talking about any right whatsoever we will however continue with very chilly redding's whatever to dipping below the freezing mark in this light we had into next week same pattern of our 52 year afternoon high lots of sunshine and track and this is as we wrap up 2014. >> erica: will continue to monitor that right now traffic we have a potential hotspot a settler in effect about a 80 right after moscow. google the small back of early this morning
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and is like this is our law or reflecting its a little delay for about a 80 caltrans have been called to the same goes with they're on there will surely right now is take a look at the red eye with advisory affirmed were we the scare will free it was sponsored over the cemetery already and have been reports or delays here traffic flowing freely at the toll plaza my best guess is a lot of people are still offer the christmas holiday to your pardon on the any traffic to the golden gate bridge to when i to be supplied of which seem more traffic in the northbound direction as if a live look at the richmond center for a bridge you're good to go just a few cars making that westbound trip to give your plan on taking public transit most agencies are back on and on schedule. >> reporter: christmas is
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use this festival one organization the organizers did yesterday. >> reporter: everyone was full of holiday cheer added 28 and ill prisoners are everyone he bent. when service when 2003 thousand people it is pretty much a one-stop location office christmas everything is free we have here as a huge room at 11 and landed smack level clothing room with 2000 piece of clothing you can imagine there is a lot acetyl volunteers at a level long line to lose his presence. not too bad again
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at this time to enjoy a full course christmas dinner. we're serving turkey that came from cost of we have a crew outside of the kitchen that has made the stuffing in the dams of our food is home cook. >> reporter: if economic a to the location where delivery today a hundred and 80 a homebound males to the shut and a hospice in the mills on wheels appliance we have transportation if you not driver to pick you up is that kind of going that extra mile effort that has made the christmas for everyone he bent a holiday tradition for the folks here. it is a lot of wonderful people here kids it gives everything is wonderful every year we are here. >> reporter: a decade after islamic killed or remain
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people today marks a year since margaret created mass waves which up more than a dozen countries. the line >> reporter: you soon realize a few of them are older than 10 because some years ago a tsunami killed most of the kids in this village and also why the other village with this boy lived didn't play soccer on the beach when a way to assure his father three weeks later somehow still alive still owns the four to new jersey was found and. the images continues to go or startling but you clearly show the scale of the devastation wrought 15 7 million people displaced was to on the 27,000 policemen died. for weeks for the missing and list of names paper bulletin boards and
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thailand and it is people were found. >> reporter: 30 order of every quarter measure at a gnat with a magnitude 9.1 as this place several feet of water across the sun and miles in the ocean floor and the resulting wave is the mass of hot dry water away from the shore for him and the coastlines of 14 countries in southeast asia a second way would have followed moving any parliament england. the damage was incomprehensible to years later the damage has been cleaned up and how seven rebuilt with the emotional and psychological scars remain. >> reporter: still ahead as we approach the end of the year with a look at the evolution of what most popular and said if people behaving badly coming up here is a lot of blood outside of the golden gate bridge will see some slow traffic there is one car maybe two hours good
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condition to which it on the coming up.
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>> reporter: and their brothers and sisters have a christmas thousands of gathered to hear pope francis's blessing he uses influence as the spiritual leader of all catholics around or world to affect clinical outcome this year most recently played a major role that accident to save to look over our brothers and sisters closer to home
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he delivered the midnight mass of st. patrick's cathedral i suppose that is why you are here as we faced a sentence and divisions and our beloved city as you in so many other leaders ims to invite as a dialogue instead of shouting to work together instead of a cuban the president at his call for cooperation. president obama and families with a framing the cross country is suffering the birth of jesus the message that his chance the world to resell the hundred >> reporter: the fairness of a lot of free access involved in the boston terrier of 13 you're of
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survive a 15 story fall from a balcony that land for eyesight in the first place they think the hot tub for wrecking his fall he had a loss of the status woman to cut it out he swam three times downstairs who is a fog. he suffered a cracked pelvis and broken ribs and is expected to make a full recovery if you plan on staying home and join gary and george from big new year's live show local and live celebration in the entire bay area mean you can enjoy the fire show from the comfort of your home is always a lot of fun and is thus a 1130 will be right back.
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>> erica: his ally of the outside again this has a clear lead to a pretty reason conditions like badminton is close to have leaped 7 to start and jackets for christmas you would definitely needed to adopt tempters are developing kron 4 as the already dropped into the low 30's. some of the tech the valleys here is < land 70
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mi. an hour and they're filled 13 in redwood city looks like 60 mi. an hour or half moon that the sickly breezy along the coast as the headed to the afternoon will continue sea pretty when the conditions into images will not be as warm as will be experienced as a. >> erica: effect web when to sell off a couple of degrees here will maintain track and this is there to look at satellite redder we have high pressure will be guided to the north that storm the aircraft that the league: on as it will follow with the time extended for special dry conditions loss of sunshine take a look at over milo saturday and sunday some of his could actually
4:46 am
drop below freezing and the sled was december conditions as we get back to work on monday. that is something will be following for you we still have the seller always block right now know about a 80 ride at the belasco. your detour back onto the freeway their records a small back ups they're indicating that of course you encountered the problem is of delays because of the detour in place over a double the clear surely if that is your commute this morning as to take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza when advisory in effect for the span pretty reason this is to keep a farm or on the steering well to the volumes on the right-hand side a little reluctant to see a
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much will commute this one in a live look at the golden gate bridge into said there is some activity that could attack the old lines right now southbound direction however asa slid between cars and drive times with five minutes out of navato into the city and a look at the richmond center for a bridge. >> erica: pretty easy convincing figure was about to to lot of people will probably be taken public transit this morning may be the at stopping all returns we want to take a look back a one of the most popular segments. >>stanley: of it was any hot industries is a things like that mr. bradley hail not acted badly
4:48 am
>> here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly! >>stanley: if you have got the golden gate bridge there are few things that you might not expect a cent at the motorcycle in going along with instead i know i'm here except why do you like to come we'll be here? he ran for the arts across two lanes of traffic to and what i am killing him. if that did not like my answer on the road or at the july day but it refuses which i did last the camera and
4:49 am
people's faces. >>stanley: as is walking away decides he is not finished at a good day search for every action there is a reaction to react said the motorcycle was bay watch another camera the one in this building to the golden gate bridge for troll quickly caught up with him at the watsonville the driver was issued a ticket for coming down on the on ramp that is an exit no insurance its idled a suspended license u.s., and
4:50 am
the more cycle will come to sit alongside over 30 days. in my big lead did to follow the road are rewriting very had kept his helmet on a broadway he would only be a brief mention in this the people be a bad section but instead he has all home the interesting part about that one yet 2.3 million views on you to and just 40 hours people be embedded in on the same back to 2006 to july 1st people behaving badly ever >>stanley: and what i found surprising in fact did not take long for me to start shooting bills second half hour wrap o'clock this man using the corner of the old police station as a urinal to cut this guy the man in the western his urinating in play public view and if he finishes his thumb was away pastille unzipped. watch as
4:51 am
he bounces off the fence is passed a wide open and a few said a letter he bonds of the cyprus again >>stanley: was sensitive problem is that the alcohol and this area. the story of going after is the one classify case in point is guy. the school record the l mosser guy was the first to get national attention on what was his filmed was ever since of the guy refuses to sign the ticket and as i talk to him first i want to talk to him and then the rest is history. >>stanley: put it in my car it will get broken. and i get the ticket? >>stanley: on the bizarre behavior that led off the direct and go to the officer riding the sec it this is not one of those stories this man wearing a alamo
4:52 am
shirt on call all the star of the street on ramp park as a soldier this particular car pulling requires three people the driver was alone now number it is to be as upset about carpel by letters except the disaster and make suggestions on how to make myself better. >>stanley: is what people behaving badly what about people or eating? what about that >>stanley: by lettuce it is five the dollars that problem is the started pouring in i don't matter eye and say what you drive? i miss you live not the nice cars already 57 years old and is it not for if you got one goal. >>stanley: that is why out of video taping you're on a real job. then all the
4:53 am
committee in shogunate and data going on a little small things that might upset them the most. did i get caught behaving badly because i will put you on tv >> reporter: coming up look back at the top social trends from 2014 will deprive the outside and sit with the richmond center for a bristol and the state will behavior to say this morning will keep silent
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>> reporter: the topsails and made a platform and 2014 have was more glamorous life without a 14 golden tweets.
4:56 am
in the year's biggest has had >> reporter: the debate over separate the nine can them rich failed occupy central that advocated for a mature reports in hong kong and here in the united states the protests and ferguson misery after the of the shooting of michael brown the grand jury decision not to indict mr. wilson and november were debated and discussed the year's top will searches also took a more serious tone the most are talking about a 14 after robin williams suicide on august 11th also in the top three ebola was targeted as a sad affair with the rival of the first diagnosis of u.s.
4:57 am
>> reporter: the were caught caught in brazil in addition to ebola the lessons the somber tale as eyes but the challenge rounded out face looked out five topics around the globe as sunny california the justice buyers that chaucer's about 14 the most as the gramm spots of the year disneyland >> reporter: how to make returning your gift to the store a little bit easier another christmas is over plus dramatic christmas day rescue caught on camera alabaster member to most of what the people we lost the 2014. no matter who you are, if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle
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>> erica: good morning at think code is wanted the word here because it is one to continue to be free chilly around the bay area where temperatures only dropping over the next couple of days where talking about some of the code is ratings we notice clear conditions as we look at as
5:04 am
a fall this morning concord at 3731 out the door and santa rosa fare from your at 46 degrees and look like heyward has also drawn the club adopted to the upper 30's. keep in mind is not a morning low centers will continue to drop as the head and go to the sunrise. a cold start and not be surprising to continue as a sled that will be the case as we wrap up to about 14 now look attractive wood doors. if >>george: starting off in this hour and this was somewhat better knows about our hot spots in the south bank the sailor has been cancelled for 880 north lawn at baskin road had coughed all lands have been reopened. fifth and never did at the very much as i
5:05 am
was the any more in a way of the level of south it is really thought only a slight timmy is when it was close to the were taking traffic off at the basketball floor and putting it back onto the freeway. but again all eyes are open in the accident is the clear. let track an accident 17 in the northbound direction is that what is this one lane is blocked here so there is a back up heading through the mountains this morning for the long bond arrived fitted for the neighbors this morning not much in the weight of heavy traffic and i will not be surprised if we saw another exceptionally light ride this morning perhaps not quite as like as we saw on christmas day. his once the allied view clear from the bay area. >> reporter: 41 as a broken and fires lit even a christmas tree in jackson square was charged last night life to rip off wall ornaments crushed a small crowd attacked the bottom portion of the large tree is
5:06 am
the minister is coming just two days after a 10 year-old black man was shot and was sorry if that he pointed a gun at police officers. multiple businesses also damaged as well as images from the chronicles some mosque showed the bedlam and joplin's where a broker one of the subway store there was also an alliance and is done to set on fire to reports of any arrests last night the as i please protesters led in part the active file: use the slogan no time off an effort to bring police officers away from their families on christmas day in fact onto the street keeping the streets of oakland secure. >> reporter: interviewed hundreds of theaters across the country yesterday and came after saudi released the comedic film pressure directed at theaters could agree to show the movie.
5:07 am
this all into his to support the freedom of speech. >> reporter: there lies along the l what did as they waited to see the controversial movie cut the interview with a central goal and set road and the movie opens today at smaller debtors nationwide after larger theaters because of threats to 911 attack on there's for some of the people they came to see the movie that thread: the move from their this is exactly what brought them out at thing is deaf >> reporter: to others in
5:08 am
line apple filling into the niagara rebuke from film credits the man who saw the movie of them was ever pleasantly surprised. we did about the production it was a very good movie it was not what i expected to say the trailers and you get a glimpse of what is about what i was blown away looking online casas' a controversy reveals that was very impressed i didn't want to come back and see it again and they're not sold out not >> reporter: with a holiday over and is not time to get back home and that means many bay area airports will be hopping. >>will tran: one the busiest
5:09 am
days of the christmas holiday season this is almost a definition of dining and dancing all christmas last night alive was suggesting a few hours ago you concede is delta and the stretches all the way back where walk ashore possibly can we do know that the busiest day was on tuesday before christmas of course not reported to get back to the decimation of their homes as it began to use someone live on ctenophore here is a nice man here excuse me why did use today you have saturday and sunday to return this is a day hours of is my family and you want to visit family we're on the way out your family lives in the bay area we're visiting the family in the midwest is a
5:10 am
liberal, is visiting family after christmas. what is it to today to lead. because i can get a flight. finn is a busy day whether you're visiting family today for this is the easiest way for you to get on your plan and get out of here get the sea already they spent about 70,000 people to that report to be here to monitor the situation at talk to some wary travelers this is fairly this definition of dining and dancing. we'll return right after the break.
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>> erica: happy friday call centers today in fact we are already in the upper '30's and concord 47 out the door in oakland and san jose and
5:14 am
your at 42 degrees keep in mind the the not the early morning lows. it is also when the up is to receive higher elevations. the winds are starting to die down a bit will continue to a serious freezing conditions as head afternoon will be cooler we have the cool air mass associate with that cold front. 55 and fairfield a really chilly 54 or ran into up 57 and both fremont and san jose high pressure building and the strong bridge of not going anywhere any storms originating this contract is a tactic lunacy any rain in the bay area.
5:15 am
>> erica: will be there for december to 7:00 a.m. on the bay for fast lots of sunshine tempted won't concede the job as we headed to the weekend the lows are freezing marks. >>george: rest of tracking a very light ride around the vent who might end with a couple of incidents here like this early recurring accident on a a northbound and bascom the incident here on highway 17 northbound in the fast lane still is not slowing traffic very much dislike for the 17 of bonn ride is just minutes away is likely will see this completely cleared away
5:16 am
before very much longer looking at a writer on the bay where not track in the delays at the bay bridge that camilla's good for your eye to eye with 92 this is an easy trip as well for westbound and he stopped laughing in the back of soviet crude hitting or from a were from highway 92101 in the golden gate bridge to have not yet set up a bridge to the commute that this is a there's a of a plan on the span here at the risk in reds like traffic for the westbound ride from the back of on interstate 580 westbound. >> reporter: new video from a christmas morning coast guard rescue mission 75 mi. off the coast of monterey it was a distress call from a man on a syllable to taking on water the transmission dropped off to the coast guard at others in the area to help them and with this sellable the cold
5:17 am
war was able to find will live the man into the chopper and get him to a hospital. making national headlines friends and family members are still grieving for the two new york is also to our murder in the patrol car last weekend >> reporter: my thoughts and prayers are with the families people assemble solidarity for the nypd whether they heard we heard with them is this what the
5:18 am
process still not built to do what they do i give them a lot of credit, the same call for unity in prayer for peace a steady stream of visitors to decide even on christmas day as the out for
5:19 am
>> reporter: 90 a was hospitalized tuesday that second recall answers and he is doing well he expects net to month's announcement about to take americana's related calls and health problems the president suffers from parkinson's disease which for some to use a motorized scooter will cheer the last couple of years. >> reporter: president obama and the first letter on the case in hawaii the first family is expected to be cut and like the early
5:20 am
january >> reporter: on the day of infamy i was 20 years of you and never served on the war to battles in the design of systems of the year of the search is what you like to the communication lines open and is proud of it the greatest experience i've ever had was a military history daughters the old horror stories that when looking for a story of their own. he was ready to leave his military compass is behind the commensal low a had a girlfriend back on that he was very much in love with this have to be
5:21 am
our mom i am anxious to see how he's going to take it you learn more than a dozen service or.
5:22 am
i am innocent that was worth all the trouble. >> reporter: the war is over we are going home will keep our taps on coming up. asked
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>> reporter: in his budget will appear across the u.s. guest today and the place in that work was taken down so the x box network-and you
5:26 am
available because headed for people who tried to view the movie online that families possibility this time was to launch a rocket and landed in a design a rocket that in theory will be able to travel into space and land softly and safely on a barge in the less emotion is and will be a major step forward for the program and space flight in general they're also about 31 of the vehicles the rose the most tedious today it will be able to travel to san francisco last out below 100 research 400 mi. more detail to come later today say with
5:27 am
us as we continue and will be back right after the break.
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>> erica: 5 will not see any delays on arriving flights faugh treasury amberjack is far from it even had so the coterie of these appearances here to alone accounted the doubleness will dollars
5:30 am
>> erica: lots of sunshine is like conditions in all the silly side. work on to continue with this trend as into next week >>george: will get a pretty easy rider on the bay area of not tracking any incidents here at the bay bridge toll plaza is one easy ride was bound so far no indication will be saying in a web para traffic if you're heading for the golden gate bridge 101 of about and southbound both looks pretty good. and of the blue sea and in normal levels of traffic on the golden gate or any of the upper register for that matter this morning. >> reporter: it was all about opening gives is all about boxing is also about
5:31 am
returning gives. >> reporter: they're also opening up early it easier the normal 7:00 this morning up close of 9:00 would normally open up as retells across the country out of their doors early this morning to try to cash in all of the christmas fast if you get to the stores you see a variety of different shoppers with different goals in mind you find some shoppers out looking flights after christmas sales is like a black friday all over again. perhaps one of the biggest reasons we get this story today to return or excess as gifts from christmas may be is the wrong size along color or maybe you do not write this letter granma bought you. this year to return about $65 billion worth of holiday gifts as a come back on a
5:32 am
life which over the 7:00 this morning where one to talk this out a lot of morning. >> reporter: christmas is huge in the east bay is as if one organization would organize a guest said a rueful volunteer to the 28 annual christmas to everyone and the new of the international church in concord is pretty much a one-stop location all things christmas. we have a clothing rule 20,000 people when havel present room
5:33 am
where everyone gets a new president and a lot acyl volunteers what you got to give it is time to enjoy a full course was the inner reasserting ham turkey will have a crew outside of giving the kitchen has made the stuffing in the dams. all the food is home cooked. it's economic to this location were delivering today a hundred and 88 homebound males to the senate and the hospice and the meals on wheels clients. >> reporter: we have transportation for those who do not drive we pick them up. they're mad as a 71 event holiday traditions for the folks here. august every
5:34 am
year we are here. >> reporter: a hidden asset label has police on on the the driver who took off the crash happened on the spot 80. he presses are gone out and left in a different vehicle para the legislative the car police are looking for that drove off perhaps of as cameras at the toll plaza six y s l s x 725. they do not believe anyone was hurt in a crash in edmonton years is the tsunami rep to parts of southeast is the killing of a core million people in the effects are still visible in the indonesian village very few of the children are older than 10 years old but to the kids and a village were killed and a tsunami were the ones with 7 million people lost their homes was
5:35 am
abiathar largest earthquake. she is led to the damage had been cleaned up and homes have been rebuilt with the emotional and psychological scars remain. >> reporter: from robin williams to joe rivers and a tribute to those lost in 2014 and is a level outside to check in with george after the break.
5:36 am
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.♪ thene wi do altogeer. treats tes...ets.teet.. ah, ok athis iteemsike e be milyradions.... alys srt ithe tche happholiys fm ricerisps. art ur mningffayteak ghthitand eese with jcy, zzlyteak stackehighith oteipack egwhit, meltchee andhater se y lov likealapos ospinh -
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all war toay flbrea suay. t frh. >> reporter: that use the occasion to spread a message of hope and unity. their brothers and sisters have a christmas thousands gathered in st. peter's square in vatican's city this christmas to hear pope france's blessing he uses influence fed especially of all catholics along the road to affect political art from this year's most recently he played a major role and of normalized relation between the united his mission to bring hope to people suffering from growth. ax the saver to look for our laws and sisters " for such a long time has been full of the effects of all going to
5:39 am
protest in a city as he delivered a midnight mass has suppose that is why you're here as defense into the division and our beloved city saw scheduled summit of leaders try your best stuff to enlighten us a dialogue to listen as the shelling if to work together instead of accusing. >> reporter: the president echoed his call for corp. president obama offer and would join millions force the country to celebrate the birth of jesus the message and change the world to reach out to hungry the troubled and above all else to love one other as we would love ourselves.
5:40 am
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>> reporter: will backed them shredded lettuce are by octopi oakland using no time often answered to said police officers away from their families on christmas. so when a broken fire lit the christmas tree as jackson square was also damaged. conversely, the interview with nine parents a few hundred and attended did a study showing
5:43 am
salinas's plan to show the film that after the company's service for at some local to wind up seeing the film sang is more than just a few laps they're supporting free speech to prevent the arrest accused of stealing packages off porches and the more reticent is finding suspects fulfill mail and packages now we're going to take a look at the weather. >> erica: 71 is still heading home. if you're living house for this morning check it out concord it in mind they're not any more new lows
5:44 am
temperatures will be on the cooler side yes it was free chilly air on the bay area we're going to shave off a couple of more agrees high pressures billion over the eastern pacific. lots of
5:45 am
sunshine and the weather afternoon highs only oppressed the upper '50's that is a look at whether this see how the rosa are doing. >>george: where i sit on pretty well this morning not tracking much in the way of incidents where not look is so traffic will take a look around the bay though let's start with an update on some drive times cheerful the opry stressfree wet believe or not it is still just a 12 minute trip times hercules to berkeley for the was down 80 ride 50 minutes of the san ramon valley even 580 west some 21 minutes of the commute time from the alta not pass at the dublin a chance and is almost as good as it is a recurring problems and san jose clear on a 80 northbound at bascom and maintenance of ride this problem free for 101287101 was good of the 92 and
5:46 am
change and iran is still under 25 minutes trip time from highway 37 and about the down to the golden gate bridge at the bay bridge the westbound ride in the back of already the meeting last have not been turned on the ghost of and is the trip here with a delay for in both directions would like traffic and led to the westbound 580 ride >> reporter: as we approach the new year will take a look back known for her on a
5:47 am
called comedy john rivers was the queen of red carpet she was also an actor as producer and writer 1986 and '91 is sustained oscar winner the rules vary widely from a nurse to a nobble instruments olein >> reporter: you would know her distinctive voice anywhere. actors lauren bacall best known for her leading lady role every man
5:48 am
actor james garner started hit tv series almost 20 years apart in the late '50s and the road for files and the '70s with new actors and a davis taking one of 40 movies by the time she was 12 years old that the nine decade career out. he became
5:49 am
an advocate of its a gun violence his death and all of this was ruled as a homicide to the fight for education and civil-rights.
5:50 am
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5:53 am
>> reporter: their sophomore free accents and causing the boston terrier the 30-year dogs to ride a 15 story fall from the balcony of land for eyesight that they have so far bricky is all he suffered a cracked pelvis and broken ribs and is expected to make a full recovery. chris is a miracle a woman goes into labor on this subway train employees separate deliver the baby tech a look of this surveillance video needed on to win a train in and help and mother officers closer to the birds than the average of a baby boy and his mother got safely off the train and into the
5:54 am
hospital will are said to be doing just fine. >> reporter: people took to face with twitter and as the gramm to sound off on the year's biggest evens controversy and personality. the socially a platform to about 14. >> reporter: how was was a glamorous night for the 2014 golden tweet officers) the general share a star-studded self the door be reached with more than 3.3 million times more than any in a history despite the craze the year's biggest the reflected concern at the tomorrow the world. bring back our girls to pull mass kidnapping in nigeria the debate over scotland this separates the united kingdom which failed. occupy essential in the number of the revolution advocated for in the tort reforms in hong kong. and here in the u.s.
5:55 am
the process of ferguson missouri after the of the shooting of michael brown and a grand jury decision not to indict mr. wilson in november were debated and discussed around the black lives matter the year's top will searches also took a more serious toll the most as capital to about 14 after robin williams also in the top three ebola pesticide scare for the rival the first diagnosis on u.s. soil in september giving will and facebook activity to kick. the world cup and brazil. in addition to ebola low water the election and robin williams the summer payless eyes but the talent on the facebook for about five topics on the global his son in california just a to despite its assets the most
5:56 am
is the grand spots of the year disneyland and dodge city and los angeles. >> reporter: for the week ahead you see a lot of sunshine their slight chance of rain coming monday aside from that is a dry week also cool-box for that very chilly conditions chilly again today will be free tabs on the coming up after the break to take you to the rest of the morning coming up as six will take you live to sfo a lot of people travel back home for the holiday plus we have details of what to do with your christmas tree without sending it to land filled is amazing you need to know is something under the tree was not just right before you
5:57 am
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>>darya: is the header on the holiday vacations after backing of the trip will is a chilly out there with into whether in a minute cassette a look at the chapter which i assume is going to be in our law get caught returns >>george: less to see much in the way of traffic as a little busier today than yesterday that is exactly what we're saying here at the golden gate


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