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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 26, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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way to close for comfort a mountain lion the main suspect in the death of a deer right next to a bay area home. a band of brothers and sisters all local officers and their weight to new york to help water to officers ambushed in their patrol car. but just watch out for the deadly caramel apples disease the issues on new warning today and is it gets the card craziness as shoppers flocked to malls and stores have that in much more and a full hour of your choice of prime time news. >> reporter: the call below advisory comes when temperatures drop below 38 degrees. this the sudden drop in tempters is catching people off guard. >> reporter: the storm with all come to so quickly on christmas eve brought a
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sudden blast of cold air. even to this morning it cappings little bit warmer than it would've been and that was because we had wince but winds are now called hist the winds are going the temperature is going to drop into the 30's and due to go nowhere end the temperatures will be colder. >> reporter: temperatures will take and nose dive into the thirties tonight. very cold with a frost advisory in effect what for the delta area. this will between the between four and 9:00 saturday. we're talking about bill ball to the mid- 30s. the low 50s and a
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number of places like the end and valleys in the calls line. coast line.... >> reporter: we do have a slight chance of rain for next week. >> reporter: pup at christmas frenzy for sapping was all over is just the beginning this is another big shopping day today people looking to return to exchange guests or spend those give karst you bet stores will be packed this weekend to do a test on discovering the rush live in emmeryville. >> reporter: it was a very busy afternoon here in emmeryville. 75 percent off by for 27 deals were everywhere according to
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shoppers in emmeryville. people showed up in numbers on friday some said they had a plan from the start. >>: my plan was sustained to account christmas decorations but this is that. >> reporter: traditionally the day after christmas is one of the best deal days of the year. three for 33 at victoria's secret. i book gives part a lush. >> reporter: sunday to return others to use give cars and many for well as essential items. i received a sweater for christmas and i like this so much i had to come back and
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buy three more. dorsum items that so many things i told my mother does not see this. i call this a success >> reporter: these discounts have gone from being christmas dills to end of the year deals it will go through the weekend and some weren't just for today. >> reporter: we know you had it tough time getting is from your hands on some chaps stick to the avenue lot there tonight. >> reporter: i went somewhere else to get and i had to pay around $9 to get it. >> reporter: polities and holidays may be winding down but the work is not
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over for delivery drivers. ups says it expects that handle a whopping 4 million holiday return packages by the end of the first full week in january. the company has declared monday january fix ups and national returns day. ups says it expects people will send more than 800,000 on what gets back to stores and sellers that bailout. >> reporter: please are reminding people tonight that this is a busy time for criminals and home break-ins as our tech reporter takes light tells of an action is simple as putting out your trash and recycling can advertise the burglars what new expense of guess you now have in your own. >> reporter: palo alto police the promise that out of face book tweak today
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advising people to cut up old bought boxes for expensive items that to receive for christmas so that would make them harder for the burglars to see what your throwing away so that would prevent home break- ins. i didn't see boxes that showed an expensive appliances most people were not worried about that issue but a few residents didn't think it was a good reminder all on behalf of the police. scenes like common-sense that you would want to put a big boxes of christmas presents showing people what you have your home. >> reporter: another tip from authorities if you got a big box to check to get rid of and you don't have the time or means to cut it up just watch for the recycled truck as a passenger on what it out so the ticket in our thinking
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>> reporter: i do not lie in deciding on the peninsula this happened right outside of families home. >> reporter: residents in hillsboro are nervous after its attack of a mountain lion. and the fighter block of el cerrito avenue he heard a hop high pitch sound a screen. friday morning he went out and found the carcass of a baby deer. as the actual spot rate came down and the dragon will be here. >> reporter: officials at
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the hillsboro police department were not able to find a mountain lion but it does look like it was a mountain lion attack. police >> reporter: will be stepping up patrols in the area and they set on a countywide alert to be on look out for mountain lions. we won our residents to be safe but also out the need to know what to do when they do see a of a mountain lion. make a lot of noise to try to scare away and do not run from it. >> reporter: police insist was an isolated incident am pleased to want to not leave pets or children out of doors. >> reporter: the cdc is now warning about a seat suite street this link the five deaths commercially made
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prepackage caramel apples as contaminated with listeria a woman come from santa cruz was one of the victims. >> reporter: carl apple are very popular tree during the holidays but they sang with the cdc is now saying the streets could be a health hazard. the prepackaged caramel apples bulls could be contaminated with listeria. is the fee is advising people to avoid the prepackage i apples and apples. at this point the exact cause of the contamination has not been identified. >> reporter: theses warning only involves prepackage caramel apples. no one's
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here at the fudge house and san francisco are not included. and the owner of the business of the cdc warned does not seem to be impacting our business said she does not sell prepackaged apples. >> reporter: they will hold up and to keep the children would not eat them and is mulling a route for a while. >> reporter: and one of the thought people that has died so far as was an 81 year-old lady from the santa cruz area she got that apple from a safeway sold stored just before halloween. her family is now put in a lawsuit against safeway. >> reporter: a small group of protesters gathered at union square today to protest the death a black man by police across the country. san francisco
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police were on hand to keep the peace there no reports of any damage or rests and protests are also planned in berkeley and oakland over the weekend. >> reporter: last night demonstrators in oakland left ball quite a bit of damage behind after christmas night protest. cellphone video capture these images of anti please protesters that delights in the holiday tree and jack london square christmas night. workers spent the day after cleaning up the mess left behind the site of the damage was disappointing to some visitors. >> reporter: the tore down the lights across the ornaments protesters also battle eyes more than two dozen windows at a subway stop in another business about a block away surveillance video is out of the at of the incident is being reviewed by police.
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>> reporter: the lights are back on and on am and 1 north bay community p g and east as power was restored to residents on lucas valley road in grant county just before 6 this morning. powerful winds knocked a tree on some power lines to a wednesday afternoon that stretch of road was closed for several hours while crews worked to repair the outage. >> reporter: on the a look out after a potentially violent crisp chromate on this day out of jail. we have a frost advisory covered much of the bay area women and temperatures in the 30's.
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>> reporter: peeled a look out for this date in may he broke out of the gel in montgomery county jail on christmas morning he scaled a ventilation duct and salinas he broke a small window and climbed onto the roof this is a 23 year-old freddie swanson. he jumped off to ruth and hasn't been seen sense. swanson was taken to the medium-security facility just last week. he was arrested last friday for a hit-and-run crash and a high-speed chase. what this charged with drug and gun violations and officials say he should be considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: will be dropping into the low '30's in a number of places. let's take a look at a glance tomorrow. we have even some
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subfreezing temperatures for our inland valleys. snot warming all that much in the afternoon with up in about lota mid-50s. very cold temperatures tomorrow morning. scud-b below freezing in napa and san rosa same thing in fairfield and pleasanton. >> reporter: last night it did not get as cold as we expected because the witness had not fully died down. winds did not fully die down.... with the debate and allow low to mid 30's. this
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frosted eyes three is from 4 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. saturday. frost advisory from 4am to 9am... >> reporter: knit the upper 50s inside the bay area the. a 55 in san francisco and mid-50s to the north bay. single-digit temperatures in the morning in the afternoon about 10 degrees different. >> reporter: than forecast will have really cool temperatures out there tomorrow sunday is not good be that much better. but
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winds will start to pick up again we do have a slight chance of rain on tuesday but other than that is gonna be dry and chilly for the next few days >> reporter: new york police in full dress uniform carried the casket of officer raphael ramose to his white today rebels and his partner officer lowe were gunned down last saturday the shooting was apparently motivated by ongoing protests over police killings in new york and perhaps and missouri. now the concern is focused on copycats. >> reporter: new york's mayor bill the black the hell is the target of police our rage. does badder and over the hudson today is as our backs have turned on it to you. that the police union has blamed the mayor for the two officers death because he tolerated the
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anti police demonstrations. >> reporter: as they prepare for tomorrow's funeral new york police remained on high alert. the 79th and 81st precinct were on alert after this warning was posted on twitter. all morning that members of the prison based am baltimore black guerrilla family planned to storm the buildings and shootout with police. spell in of concern that the fire department move an entire engine company from an adjacent fire house. >> reporter: seven people have been arrested for making threats against the nypd. 34 posed and threats of social media. to or from making fake 911 calls. police found weapons and a bulletproof vest in the home of a queens man who they track down after a good
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samaritan overheard talking on the cellphone about killing cops. >> reporter: 1 interested for making threats against hundred fourth precinct in queens another against the 84th in brooklyn or to assassinated officers worked. officer ramose is family came to the 84th precinct on christmas. his eldest son justin calling his father and here rawls said i'm going to mess his loving presence and can't even begin to fathom what life's going to be like without him the memorial to the two officers grant in response to the sorrow felt citywide. >> reporter: police have come to the memorial sometimes alone other times in groups all in a show of respect officer ray most will be buried tomorrow in queens new york buys president biter and mayor of the city are expected to
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attend a funeral along with some 25,000 police officers from around the country. san francisco police spokesman says as as pd officers are paying their own way with some help from their union. it >> reporter: a sheriff's deputies face things alone it thought felony charges of napier's before judge what happened court and what his lawyer is saying about it am wheeled back on a tumultuous year in news some of which should be worth quite literally. >> reporter: more info coming up about jim hahn bargains last stay with 40 niners.
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>> reporter: some bay area public transit as agencies are going the extra mile to help revellers home on new
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year's eve. the money and assam trans will offer free rides on new year's eve from a o'clock p.m. at night till 5:00 a.m. on new year's day just done on technical picard you'll be charged if you do. the bart's says it will extend service until 3:00 a.m. on new year's eve. extra staff and trains will help people get home after a night out. trains will run on a normal weekday evening schedule every 20 minutes after midnight. trade debt and to san francisco will not stop at embarcadero station because of the fireworks show. if you plan to stay home to bring in 2015 just keep it here watched the fireworks on our new year's eve live show featuring gary rack nick george raft in more its starts at 1130 new year's
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eve night. >> reporter: coming up a 30 but stories are hillsboro's on alert tonight a mountain lion is by deciding on el cerrito avenue a dead deer also discovered would of been attacked by big cat >> reporter:
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as gonna be a cold night out there tonight lots of 30 to rob the bay area. lots
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of 30 degree temperatures throughout the bay area
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>> reporter: is 8:30 p.m. tonight the story hillsborough's on alert tonight a mountain lion was spotted today cited on el cerrito avenue a dead deer l.i. could of been attacked by the big cat. san francisco police officers will be in new york tomorrow to attend the funeral of officer raphael ramose. he was killed along with his partner in an ambush last weekend. vice-president joe biden and new york mayor will also be attending. >> reporter: and the centers for disease control warning people against eating any prepackage caramel apples. the agency is investigating possible wisteria outbreak. at least five people have died after eating the apples. >> reporter: a staff
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francisco sheriff's deputy accused of assaulting the may and pleaded not guilty in court today deputy basis for felony charges including perjury and filing a false police report. according to court records in chief of filed a police report claiming the victim attacked him with a wooden cane at as that general. but the prosecutors say video evidence shows the deputy initiated the altercation. his lawyers as a relatively low-level force was used by the deputy and that the charges are too harsh. >> reporter: the next court date for the case is in a couple of weeks. authorities are still searching for drivers who ran into a south san francisco police officer on christmas eve. they said the driver was in a white two-door honda accord with a
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license plate number with this license plate number the officer has since been released from hospital. >> reporter: this was a big year for a bay area and beyond full of amazing athletic achievements serious scandals of earthquakes outbreaks and heartaches so as we look forward to it will 2015 irresolute back a toast to 2014. we're looking back at 2014 and remembrance >> reporter: a sentence is boat project was destroyed in the spectacular fire. a plane in subzero temperatures landing in maui was a miracle landing area
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>> reporter: a state senator was the target of a massive federal stained. southern california birds and planes were driving people out of their home. authorities say runyon chamberlain had a remote-controlled bomb in his apartment. she provided the errant she injected him with a heroin. good morning vietnam mr. williams' life
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and it due to hanging. robin williams >> reporter: goodbye to let mike and hello to an icon could ruin a marty gonzales in the kron 4 newsroom this is the largest earthquake to hit the bay area is struck about 320 this morning.
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music played music is plain playing.... >> reporter: still had its release made international headlines the controversial film the interview from sony and how their opening day went. and now dusty diamond is in trouble with the law that information is coming up straight ahead. >> reporter: the readiness of the 30 summit show you
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>> reporter: in a can of the gunfire at a crowded mall. this was a gang-related shooting police are searching for two people that got away and they arrested two on the scene. >> reporter: in florida starling's light in that city of clear water. and found the body of a missing crew ship worker washed up the beachcomber may discourage discovery early this morning.
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>> reporter: the grisly discovery ended the search for the 27 year-old crew member. he was reported missing a week ago just before the house and america line cruise ship was due to dock in tampa florida police say either jumped or fell from the ship they see no signs of foul play. >> reporter: the interview bank almost $1 million at the box up box office on christmas day. that's from ticket sales in just over 330 locations nationwide many theaters reported selling out showings including berkley's al what theater. it a potentially make a lot more money on line. the movie was made available on net flexible plate microsoft x box video store and a special sony web site call see the interview dock, all nine numbers have not been released.
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>> reporter: hackers are to blame for shutting down exports slide in the place station network on christmas day while x box live is back, place station still remains down. a hacker drupe group called know and as the lizard's quiet claim responsibility for shot in the system down. however sony and microsoft would not confirm that intimation. the same group also took responsibility for keeping each network down earlier this month on separate occasions. >> reporter: were expected sop subfreezing temperatures low 30's. for tomorrow. as gonna look at the numbers tomorrow morning is gonna be frigid very cold freezing and pleasant
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and freezing all so unfair fill in santa rosa up. 33 for conquer 34 for a sunnyvale. we did see some wind gust that stuck with us through the night last night and that's what kept the temperatures from dropping faster but that's not the case tonight were headed for some very cold temperatures and we have frost advisory's in the area. >> reporter: as for the afternoon not again not a whole lot of warm expected the south bay is in the upper 50s will probably be the warmest area and the bay area tomorrow 52 in pittsburg 54 in pleasanton 55 and richmond and 56 in hayward. an ocean and beach
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were talking about 54 degrees. it's getting real cold up there tomorrow morning and pretty chilly sunday morning especially emlyn. inland.... we do have a slight chance of rain tuesday. temperatures will only be in the '50s and the next few days >> reporter: new details on the roads to retrofit that tassel motors ceo kent said at yesterday's the roadster is getting a battery of great for more energy. and aerodynamics can it to reduce drag and more efficient tires. the alders as the three improvements combined can exceed extend the car's range from 21 and 44 mi. to almost 400 mi. that's even better than the
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company's flagship models whatever range of two under and 65 mi.. the gall to get pat tone for the holidays whinnies based delta is offering in order to find loving homes for animals. and dustin diamond was no discreet ansett bought the bell was arrested. plus the warriors are back, and try and get back to their winning ways will have sports up next.
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>> reporter: is the most popular story today destined diamond was known as screech on the tv show save by the bell was arrested on multiple charges by wisconsin police. police say die man and his fiancee were arrested following the stabbing at a bar in port washington. what authorities pulled him over and they said they found a 4 in. blade in his possession. >> reporter: police a dime and his fiancee got into a brawl with some people at the grant avenue saloon. diamond claimed he was defending his fiancee but others say they started the fight. diamond is facing several charges including second-degree reckless and is in danger in safety his girlfriend was charged with disorderly conduct and
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released. >> reporter: 40 niners wrap up the season sunday. office office of coordinator greg run in and day this are not fans of each other. it was on of a member of the twitter see that set fire greg rodman. roman... >> reporter: 82 and everything nice to say don't say anything all and that was the case with davis. now take a listen to jim harbaugh and his press conference this sounds like a man this coaching his final game.
8:47 pm
jim harbaugh speaking i enjoyed the coaches i had a lot of fun coaching this ballpark. and entertain to have a good feeling of winning. >> reporter: and the university of michigan is already setting on harbaugh is gear. the t-shirts in hoodies have been on sell on the web several websites. michigan officials are already into, trying to lock up on jim harbaugh. if roberts and myself will have the latest on harbaugh and the 40 niners highlights. you do not one in this that we've got a full half hour of the sports needs on sunday night at 9:00 p.m. right after the news.
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>> reporter: alex smith has a lacerated spleen and up until today planned unplanned. but today he was put on the shelf so the chiefs will go on with jason daniels is and some much needed when to clinch the final afc wild-card spot. alex this weekend i had two good days of practice as strange to get this information this hendry athletically. >> reporter: the warriors are struggling without center andrew bogus. steve occurred in the warriors had back-to-back losses all in the second time this season the back in oakland today and they'll be back there for some time 18 days in six
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straight games starting with the timber wolves tomorrow night and the between 12 of the next 15 this is as the this is a golden opportunity for the team to get the remote job back. their mojo back.... and one time when everyone in those games as the could be pressure on the last >> reporter: and hockey the sharks are often nine the bill up against the l.a. kings tomorrow. of a was not happy with his deft gift... >> reporter: he's just
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discussed it that he get this in the crosbie jersey of course crossed the place where the pain winds. he thought somebody was trying to play a joke on him he was very upset barry discussed it. if you know hockey nut that's not the team that to lock like like.. >> reporter: is gonna be really chilly out there tomorrow morning were looking at temperatures in the 30's will have a final look at the weather coming up.
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>> reporter: whether your returning against or try to
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get one businesses in oakland have city on lots all operate perry made the parking free as a way to support a merchants. there's still time left to take advantage of free pet adoptions in the month of december at the oakland at a service municipal shelter. all last weekend it adoption even saw 16 animals find new homes in their more pages pets waiting to be paired with families before the new your roseanne. >> reporter: depending on the pet new orders to save over a $100 a shelter is
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offering free adoption of dogs that also comes with a license for your pet of spade and neutering surgery vaccines and a microchip. great savings and a great holiday get for pet lovers. >> reporter: 9 has been tucked into a third was still trying to train them is his dog are trying the other two. >> reporter: 80 gonna try and scheme this wind is could be perfect conditions after a good amount of powder falling see this tie hold area got a blast of snow. tahoe area got a blast of snow...
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>> reporter: the saloon this could be signing little warmer bring your shades of bring every later you confined because if you are on the slopes it will be very cold. >> reporter: bledsoe was 41 degrees already. vallejo is already 41 degrees as 30 degrees in now up will probably see a few 20's tomorrow morning. because there is no went out there like it was last night. no wind... we have a frost advisory in effect bring the dogs inside more volatile up. bundle up...
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>> reporter: stay connected on kron 4 dhaka on will see you later. kron-4-dot-com
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