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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 20, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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a construction crew have appeared to punch this line right here. our ricans the gas bubbling up. >> reporter: 40 to 60 people would have been evacuated. >> reporter: so far there's no threat you're at the mall. >> pam: are wrong will check again with you. >> pam: in berkeley. one >> pam: at city hall and
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police found itself trapped in the eight elevators. --in a elevator. >> reporter: a mysterious do as been threatening birds year on. >> reporter: racine where this school has not been spotted. . >> reporter: hear a kindly point and foster city. it >> reporter: coyotes killed
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park.. >> reporter: most of the birds that have to do on them are dead. will it coca coca coca caucus.
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>> reporter: vanadate on the causes year. >> reporter: years of video gear coming from sacramento. -- heres. >> reporter: crews are still all here and it should have new affirmation year tonight at 8:00. >> reporter: looking at the
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bay from afar looks pretty nice. the clock here has broken up. >> reporter: we had partly cloudy conditions for tomorrow and thursday as wall and was the afternoon clearing. >> reporter: were haven't a record breaking in january. january exports the warmest january on record. >> reporter: happening now we are less than an hour away from the president's address is the union. >> reporter: he is going to
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push some long kept held galls. --goals. >> reporter: were less than an hour away from the president's annual state of the union address. seen last year. >> reporter: tonight president obama will be meeting a skeptical congress on the home turf. --on its own turf. >> reporter: he will try to capitalize on the economic recovery to push some.
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>> reporter: he may still be here but the president will be talking about initiatives that have little or no chance of being approved by republicans. that's partly because the sum would be paid for by news taxes and fees on the wealthy. all of this is against the backdrop of a modest bike and his approval rating. as the economy continues to improve, and unemployment seems to 5.6%. >> reporter: the president has called for higher taxes on the rich in each of his earlier state of the union
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speeches this year, with republicans controlling congress its is even less likely to pass. but his smaltite part proposal is likely to surface again in the period in the next presidential race. >> reporter: the president wants to change where our taxes go and where it comes from. a white house fact sheet starts off advocating a similar tax code. but in is up in a forest of is scary acronyms like e i a t c. ctc. and see the ctc. >> reporter: more on what
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the state for the president. >> reporter: the biggest rise of the year hitting the big area right now. a look at when the next team tied will relent. and at 530 surveillance camera catches a frightening car robbery at a south bay store.
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you've probably noticed that you're surrounded by people with a nasty cold or the flu. if you haven't been sick herself. there's a lot of coughing. >> reporter: and that's resulted in some pharmacies running short on prescription strength cough medicine. but here and installed southern california. the kind used for upper respiratory infections.
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>> reporter: it has been a year since did these three oakland teenagers have been murdered by drive-by shooting. >> reporter: diagnosed. "a 13-year-old was murdered and his brother and his to be solved" >> reporter:it has been a year since were gunned down in a pair of separate drive by shooting incidents here in east oakland. opd investigators say the homicide cases of lee weathersby, lamar brussard and derek harris have gone cold and are asking for the community's help. opd homicide commander roland holmgren >> reporter:
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>>:"it doesn't have to be the responsible for these crimes" >> reporter:tomeka rothschild says her son derek harris was killed while sitting in a car here on longfellow avenue on january 19th 2014he was 19- years-old >>:"we're living in a city where you commit a crime people see it and they act like they don't see it" also shot to death while >> reporter: seated in the same car was 19-year-old lamar brussard. it would be a double dose of devastation for his mother who 3 days earlier burried her 13-year- old sonlamr's brother lee weathersby iii, who was gunned down a few blocks from here while walking home from the boys and girls club on new years eve of 2013 >>:"somebody seen something somebody knows something so therefore please i'm begging you, this is lee right here and they did this to my 13- year-old baby and i want somebody to come forward and say something" >> reporter:oakland police and crime stoppers are
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offering a reward up to 30- thousand-dollars for information homicde casesin oakland haaziq madyun kron4news >> reporter: employee unions and residents started a petition against a raise this against the boards will still be the topic for next month's meeting. >> reporter: if you want to get your bachelor's degree. now maybe the time. the chancellor of california's community college system. selected 15 schools he thinks should allow the degrees. until now the state has only offered associate's degrees and certificates. at community colleges but last year, a bill to establish a pilot
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program that will allow 15 schools to offer the bachelor degrees. the board of governors is scheduled to vote on the proposal in march. >> reporter: a spokesperson detected a problem in the apology line, most did not mind the inconvenience. >> reporter: the highest tides of the year hit the bay area they are called king tied. >> reporter: take a look at what high tide looks like in high.
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>> reporter: lot of deep water covering the roadway. >> reporter: some of these cars are creating even a little rain. >> reporter: the water is about a foot. >> reporter: the drivers should really take it slow here. >> reporter: i'd say the water is illiterate like to see here. -- 2 feet here. >> reporter: try to keep
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people from barking where the water is. >> reporter: high tide flooding is expected wednesday as well. >> reporter: this picture here shows the problem see all this week brown mud right here. ? >> reporter: its web site states its slopes are closed right now. down a ski ranch in lake tahoe. >> reporter: several feet of snow right here if you do not have your own snow all
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you can do is (for more snow. >> reporter: touching on the key tight--team tied to it. -- king tides. >> reporter: this is a gorgeous shot of the east bay here. . >> reporter: tatar's right now 56 and staffers cisco-- san fr--san francisco. >> reporter: not many calls at all right here. --
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clouds. >> reporter: afternoon highs we have 52 and oct. 61 for walnut creek. >> reporter: still stand cool for non will that can change. >> reporter: kron 4 shows little more sunshine. >> reporter: back in business and a popular san francisco store opens its doors.
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the port authority of new york and new jersey. is still trying to find the person who called in a bomb threat. 28 delta air lines plane that left it as as whole to jfk. the plane landed at this safely at jfk around for 40 yesterday around--afternoon. it was then scheduled to fly to a vip. authorities say the plane from san francisco was still in the air at the time of the threat. >> reporter: at canine search the airplane. and no bomb was found. authorities now say, they are trying to find the source of that
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threat. >> reporter:
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an armed man storms into a 711 and robs it. the entire incident caught on camera. >> reporter: surveillance video shows a mass gunmen in a 711 just after 830 at night. >> reporter: flashing a done and it tells of the tailored to give up the money. >>: he tells me to give me
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the money or otherwise he will shoot me. >> reporter: after cleaning out the first register the gunmen threatened them a second time. >>: once again he told me to give me the money or you will shoot me and then he showed me the peso. then he got all the money. >> reporter: the man disappeared no description of the diamond is available. >> reporter: a popular store that sells upscale scopes
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and out portiere. >> reporter: open and still standing strong. >> reporter: robbers crashed into the sports store and grabs whenever they could. >>: i do now. >> reporter: people--police
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have recovered the you all. >> reporter: at least 70 people were on the san mateo bridge for processing. >> reporter: the drivers were backed up a little bit longer. >> reporter: this was the scene as the san mateo bridge 5:00 p.m. monday. 68 people were rest arrested at the scene. >> reporter: 10 of them were as the. meet >> reporter: police were
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trying to prevent protesters from blocking. >> reporter: the vehicles were continuing without stopping. >> reporter: this particular process cost collisions with minor injuries. >> reporter: protest participants. >> reporter: those arrested were charged with creating a public nuisance. >> reporter: will turn the the case over to the san
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retail district. >> reporter: staffers cisco at 68--san francisco. >> reporter: not as much salt--f o g. >> reporter: 60 to forecast a marked by the weekend >> reporter: a gas leak has forced a evacuation for a number of businesses. >> reporter: still a very
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active seen at the intersection and we do not smell gas as of right now. >> reporter: across telly year they are digging up with it appears to be a high-pressure gas line. >> reporter: earlier you could actually see gas bubbling up through the water. >> reporter: this all held --happened are wrong for 30 this afternoon. >> reporter: there have been evacuations for a number of businesses about 56 people. there is no impact.
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>> reporter: big hit a unmarred gas line were working to determine what the size of that gas line is. >>: out your own tully road undetermined the time to turn off the gas line. the wind is moving. >> reporter: san jose fire captain on the senior try and get this thing capped live in san jose. >> reporter: 30 minutes away
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from this >> reporter: happening now we are less than 30 minutes away from the state of the union address. president obama will lay out this--his plan to move the country forward in the final two years of his administration. this is the deal of last year's address. >> reporter: the president is expected to highlight economic growth and the united states, and his plan to lift up the middle class. he is expected to face stiff opposition. joining us now our political analysis might michael yankee. >> reporter: with you look
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at the overall goal of tonight message? >> reporter: what do you think's the goals of 2016? >>: he came in with eve--a very sick economy. >>: his confidence is at all-time high. >>: his middle-class economic works. >>: the republicans have are reset.
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>> reporter: let's talk about the tax proposal issues. will supplement some tax cuts for the middle class. he is trying to make some political points here. >>: trust funds which have in enormous loophole. it goes up to 100 million. >> reporter: his approval rating is improving year. >> reporter: there are more jobs gas prices are low. as the nation on the president's side tonight at--?
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>>: this is about everything president obama tried to campaign about. >>: >>: everyone in america should be benefiting from at the same time. >> reporter: kron 4 will carry the president's state of the union address. >> reporter: coming up at 545 americans are living these low gas prices. the good times will not last forever. >> reporter:
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>> reporter: one of the will to win directly under his board--whales. . >> reporter: a gorgeous sunset under way. it's not
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one to feel whole lot of plain but high temperatures getting warmer will touch on that in just a little bit.
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>> reporter: prices. >> reporter:but the former president of shell oil is sounding like a wet blanket. he warns that the joy ride might be ending sooner than we think. >> reporter:john hofmeister says the next round of high prices is likely to start later this >> reporter:crude oil prices go up. >> reporter:and worse yet -- he says 5-dollar gas is on the horizon.although he says that could take several years. >> reporter:he's painting a
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gloomier picture than many analysts. >> reporter:it's worth pointing out that in 20-10 he predicted gas prices would soar to $5 a gallon in 2012. >> reporter:prices 'did' flirt with 4 hofmeister was still wrong. >> reporter:walmart is looking to cash in on tax season. >> reporter: minor flooded advisers 3 will expire by tonight. >> reporter: on thursday we will see partly cloudy skies. >> reporter: we have a significant warming trend up way. low clouds will turn in
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some high clouds. >> reporter: a big gap of will not will hold lot doing a% participation. >> reporter: 62 and paula also. in the steep. >> reporter: no. they we might see some patchy fog paddle llama. >> reporter: you will see the warming trend in the '70s. >> reporter: people behaving
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badly necks. --badly.
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>> reporter: they'er speeders and they just don't care whats going on at all >> reporter:she is referring to cyclist on this mill valley bicycle trail where now due to construction the speed limit has been reduce to 5 mph >> reporter:so these bikes come through here pretty fast oh it depends upon the person you know just like with anything some people go fast and some people go the correct speed i have no idea >> reporter:i asked the rider how would he know if he was going 5 unless you have an odometer you never know but its pretty darn slow >> reporter:so i asked him to show me what he thinks is 5 miles per hour >>:probably something like this pretty casual >> reporter:actually a person walking at a normal
5:56 pm
pace is 3 mph i learned that while using a lidar to gage speeds so 5 miles per hour is someone power walking >> reporter:this whole area is under construction because so that changes can be made since a kid what hit by a speeding bicyclist a while back the kid suffered some major injuries including a skull >> reporter: be a thing of the past in hopes that it will make it safer for everyone .for the exclusive bike path it's a multi-use trail >> reporter:so right now during the construction just how fast are some riders traveling >>:when they had it blocked off it was better they put that new circle in hopefully it will slow them down but it dosent appear to be doing so >> reporter:so why is this a problem >> reporter:the issue is that all the parking is one side of the path and all the soccer and all the kids activities are on the other then between the two are the bicyles >> reporter:the bikes are going so their hitting pedestrians and kids and dogs >> reporter:now i do
5:57 pm
understand that the 5 mile per hour sign has been altered with duct tape and most people arent actually reasing the signs like here where is >> reporter:this story is not over i guess i will have to return construction is done to find out who is really doing the speeding >>:sot: the bikers are blaming tourist are verry come through here and they don't pay any attention to anything >> reporter: >> reporter: the president is expected to be and at the top of the hour.
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>> reporter: president obama prepares for his annual state of the impress. we are just minutes away from the president's speech. >> reporter: a quick look at some of the top stories. and say--san jose. >> reporter: construction crews hit a tight firefighters report to the scene. >> reporter: california what--wildlife.
6:01 pm
>> reporter: and honor of the state of the union press. >> reporter: record- breaking january one of the most dry as january's we've had yet. >> reporter: closest to the women's weather on record for the month of january 7th for cisco--san francisco. >> reporter: coming out we can anticipate some record- breaking weather. >> reporter: toman 62 degrees 63 thursday 67 friday.
6:02 pm
>> reporter: very nice weekend we should have very nice weather lots of sunshine not only in livermore. >> reporter: the president's state of the union address will start any minute now. >> reporter: will talk about president is expected to say. of course the overriding message the issues addressed in the middle class. >>: equality is what he concentrated on last year. >> reporter: hamstring about
6:03 pm
the economics last year. however will yield to do with this congress. >>: he's put up will markers out there >>: and tax reform and the top of the bracket. >> reporter: of course we have heard a lot of the republicans say taxes taking more money from the upper class. >> reporter: middle class is dead and water. >>: others have made it very clear that there's always talk about taxes.
6:04 pm
>>: the question is will he be able to create something along the lines of a better fit balance income distribution. >>: >> reporter: will see if any of those issues will make a difference. >> reporter: standing waiting for the president to be an ounce. everyone stands in a plot will commend the president at this annual event. >> reporter: tells about the whole cabinet survivor tradition. >>: when cabinet member who
6:05 pm
is qualified to be president they get all of a visit--benefits of the president. >>: the secret service and forms what is called it d'avenant survivor. >>: they're funny stories of those who did not understand that so they walked out. >>: their secret service was gone to attack the could not get a taxi. it is one of those interesting things read >> reporter: let's listen.
6:06 pm
>>: the president of the united states. >>:cheer... >> reporter: are right and watching the president walked in. i love this tradition on no matter will of the president. >> reporter: that is what it is so special of our country. --about our
6:07 pm
country. >> reporter: this is the person who has been elected to lead this country. >>: it is part of a tradition. shall from time to time inform the state of union. how presidents set their agenda. >> reporter: again congress lawman barbara lee. >> reporter: members of both sides of the political aisle aisle wants to shake hands. >> reporter: we should stay in the gallery tonight a normal. --sacramento with
6:08 pm
all her husband died. >>: president reagan restored the tradition and pointed them out during the speech. >>: americans who they want to recognize for doing something extraordinary. >>: the most obvious one end. >>: you'll see there's
6:09 pm
counter programming tonight. >>: senator from florida has read in it will note who's suddenly died. >> reporter: let's talk about some of the issues that we were dealing with. >> reporter: were looking at what happened up paris and other issues around the world. >>: this is one area where the president has serious. --issues. >> reporter: and there he is now walking to the podium
6:10 pm
just listened a bit. >>:cheers.... a loss-- applause. >>: the president of united states applauds.. >>: thank you so much thank- you. >>: members progress my
6:11 pm
fellow americans. >>: we're 50 years in this new century. 50 years of terror touching are short-- shores. . >>: vicious recession touching and nation. and has been in still is our time for many. >>: but tonight we turn the page, but tonight a great year. >>: our economy is creating jobs since 19901. 2 of lost-- applause..
6:12 pm
>>: our unemployment rate is not our lord then the financial crisis. a lot of people are not sure than ever before. >>: cheers.. >>: we are is free from the grip. >>: 29, the first time since 911 are missing from afghanistan is over.
6:13 pm
>>: 60 years ago and nearly 180,000 troops serve in and then stand. and we salute the courage and sacrifice of every man and one it. >>: we're very novel and grateful. --humble >>: lost--applause.. >>: america for all we have endured art work.
6:14 pm
>>: the saddle crisis has passed and the state of union is strong. it >>:applause... >>: at this moment the ground, and economy. booming introduction introduction >>: is now to us to who we wannabe--choose who we want to be over the next 15 years. >>: applause
6:15 pm
>>: will approach the world fearful dragged into complex that strainer military? are we leave--lead wisely? >>: will we allow each other to turn against each other. ? >>: into weeks i was in this congress a budget ideas that are practical and not bargain some. >>: so tonight i will focus less on the check list of
6:16 pm
proposals but focus on the values that our state. seven >>: years ago rebecca and then--ben. >>: she waited tables he worked construction their first child that was on the way they were young, and love in america. and it does not get much better than that. >>: if only we had known that rebecca and will to me last ran what was once a happened. >>: he took will drop--he
6:17 pm
took with jobs to define. rebecca took out the longest and rodent to community college. this sacrifice. >>: they purchase their second son--their second home and had their second son henry. >>: it is amazing when you can accomplish. >>: we are strong tight knit family who has made it through some very hard times. america rebekah's story is our story that
6:18 pm
resist the millions >>: you are the reason that i ran this office you were the people are bored i was think enough. >>: it has been your effort that has made it possible for our country to emerge stronger. >>: we have created more than 11 million jobs. lost >>:applause.
6:19 pm
>>: we believe we protect our planet and today america is number one in oil and gas when power we bring on more solar power more than in 2008. >>: we should save more than $750 at the gas pump. >>: we believe we kitcat prepare our kids for more work. >>: are high school. >>: shill family to ariane-
6:20 pm
ruin-. >>: abuse of credit are part practice. >>: finally decent health care coverage. >>: of lost--applause. >>: we were told our goals were misguided are too ambitious and will crush jobs. instead we seen the most economic growth in the decade.
6:21 pm
>>: of lost--applause. >>: this is good news people.. laughter. >>: the verdict is clear expanding opportunity works in these policies will continue to work as long as politics do not given away. we cannot slow down business. >>: we cannot put families at risk by taking away their
6:22 pm
health insurance. >>: there is a bill that comes at my dad's that tries to interrupt--interfere with these things i will be to lead. -- >>: today due to a growing economy touching more. >>: but here's the thing those of us that are here tonight we need to set our sights higher then make sure the government does not mass things up.
6:23 pm
>>: tonight to together less do more to restore the land between hard work and run opportunity for every american. >>:applause... >>: because families like rebecca still need our help she and ben are working hard as ever they had to forgo vacations in new cars just to forgo just to survive. >>: like millions of hard-
6:24 pm
working americans rebekah isn't asking for a handout but she is asking that wheat held--help. >>: this country has won three gold axed. to carry the medicare medicaid. >>: will give our citizens schools and colleges tools they need it to make it. >>: this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot everyone plays all the same rules.
6:25 pm
>>:applauses.. >>: 1 everyone not to share at but to contribute. --and the success. >>: first middle class economics to help people support child-care and more. >>: putting thousands of dollars back into their pockets each year. >>:applause.. >>: having women like my
6:26 pm
grandmother and the work force was a national priority. >>: having both parents in the working force is economic necessity. act >>: itapp--applause... >>: it's kinda nice that have its a must have is time we stopped treating child care as a side issue. in treelike.. as a world necessity for all of us.
6:27 pm
>>: and that's why my planned will make child care at available and affordable. >>: up to $3,000 per child a year. >>: today we are the only advanced country of ours. >>: 43 million workers have no paid leave. --six least. -- sick leave. >>: let's put it in a vote
6:28 pm
right here in washington seven days of paid sick leave. it's the right thing to do >>:applause.. >>: nothing helps families need,, let's make sure lawmen is paid the same as a man when it comes to work. >>:applause... >>: its 2015 it's time we still need to make sure employees get the overtime they burn. --earned.
6:29 pm
>>: if you still believe you can support a family with earning 15,000 years try it. >>: these ideas will not make everyone rich would relieve the hardship that sought the job of the government's give working families and working shop. --shot. >>: will still need laws that trancing not weaken
6:30 pm
unions. >>:applause.. >>: things like child-care and sick leave and equal pay and a higher minimum wage these ideas will make a difference in people's lives. >>: second to make sure people keep earning higher wages down the world. help americans upgrade their ire skills. >>: america drives in the 20 centuries. >>: will your head of the
6:31 pm
kerf but other countries on. >>: we need to upgrade and we need to do more. >>: 2 and three job openings will require higher education education >>: it's not fair to them in a sure is not smart to our future. >>:applause.. >>: keep my 40 percent of our college students choose
6:32 pm
community college. some are young and starting out and some are older in looking for better dropped summer veterans and single parents. >>: who will read our this is your chance. >>: chicago a city with a democratic leadership are showing that free community college is possible. i was there that all across america. cut >>: free as high school is to that. will stay ahead of the curb. >>: and i work with this
6:33 pm
crown--contrast to make sure we do this. >>: things the vice- president. >>: 29 i'm also asking more businesses to offer more a better education the chance to earn a higher education job. >>: as a new generation of veterans boson we owe them. >>: to many veterans waiting
6:34 pm
years to get six benefits they need. joining forces national campaign by michelle injured--deal by then. >>: think you michelle think you'd jail. >>:applause... >>: so every see old in america let me repeat if you want on that is one to get the job done the right hire a veteran. >>:applause... >>: finally as we better
6:35 pm
trained workers we need a new economy was better wages. >>: america has put more people back to work. >>: >>: are manufacturers have more than 8000 jobs like ronald industry are booming. --auto. >>: no one knows what industries which generate the jobs. we know we want them here in america, we know that
6:36 pm
>>:applause. >>: the third 21st. >>: the fastest training in the fast as internet. >>: let cedras standard tire. --hire.. >>: let's get it done as it down
6:37 pm
>>: 21st century businesses including small businesses. >>: exporters tend to pay their workers hire. >>: we should read those rules, which level the playing field. >>:applause... >>: i'm the first ones will
6:38 pm
admit the fast--has plainfield's have not always live up to the height. --hype. weaken >>: not close ourselves off from those opportunities. >>: 21st centuries businesses will rely on science and technology and research. >>: one that delivers the right treatment at the right time. >>: and some patients with
6:39 pm
cystic fibrosis,, i want to clear--cure diseases like cancer. >>: we can do this it. >>:applause... >>: i intend to protect the free open internet extend its reach to every classroom in every community and help folks build the fastest networks. so that the next generation has a platform to generate our world. >>: bring some light into liquid feel the veteran who
6:40 pm
gave his arms to the country. >>: pushing out into the solar system not just to visit but to stand. >>: and into months to prepare for those missions scott kelly will begin a yearlong state and space. >>: so good luck capt.. >>:applause... >>: knowledge of this when it comes to a situation like
6:41 pm
infrastructure. >>: we too often run of the rocks as americans we do not mind panurge airfare taxes, but to--but far too long some pay nothing it and others paid off for rate. >>: this year we have the opportunity to change that let's close loopholes so we. >>:applause..
6:42 pm
>>: less use those savings to rebuild our that infrastructure. >>: but close the loopholes that we took in a quality on a cumin made it well. -- accumulated wealth. >>: we can achieve that together. >>:applause.. >>: helping our working families and meat. given
6:43 pm
them the tools for full-time jobs. >>: this is where america needs about i believe is where the american people want to gopeople >>: will make our economy stronger from your not 15 years from now and deep into this century europe,. -- here to come. >>: in doing so the question is not whether not america needs a new world. >>: 1 the first resolve is the challenge to sinning our military there wrist bent
6:44 pm
to unnecessary conflicts. >>: that's where our enemies want and still i believe in the smarter leadership. >>: we know that our fears blindness for the opportunities that this new century prevents. >>: that were doing around and around gloat at it is making a difference. >>: we stand united with people around the world who >>: will continue to hunt down terrorist. it >>: take out terrorist that
6:45 pm
oppose threats. ..applause.. >>: at the same time we learned some costly lessons around years hit >>: we train their military forces in there now taken the lead. >>: instead of sending large brown forces overseas. >>: in iraq and syria american leadership colluding our military power. >>: destroy this--terence
6:46 pm
group. >>: this effort will take time will we cry your focus but we will succeed. >>: we need that authority. >>: second, were demonstrating diplomacy. >>: reassuring our nato
6:47 pm
ally. >>:applause.. >>: last year as we were doing our work, but as we reassuring our present with the front-line states. >>: a massive display of shrinks--strengths. . >>: that's how american elites not luster. -- bluster bluster.. >>: and cuba we're ending.
6:48 pm
>>: tension. >>:applauses.. >>: will will you join that has not worked in 50 years is trying--it's time to do something else. >>: removes a phony excuse with cuba. >>:applauses... >>: diplomacy is the work of small steps the smallest
6:49 pm
steps have cut--data. >>: welcome home not ledger here. --glad your here. >>:applause.. >>: for the first time a decade. >>: between now and this spring we have a chance to. create a process that
6:50 pm
eliminates nuclear systems. >>: a new sanctions passed by this congress at this moment time will all but guaranteed that the diplomacy will fails. >>: ensuring that are wrong starts up its nuclear program. >>:applause.. >>: that's why i will veto that progress. >>: i'd stand--true to that wisdom. >>: no four nations no
6:51 pm
hacker should be a will to should down our networks. >>:applause.. >>: somewhere megastore government prevents cyber threats. >>: finally pass the alleged collation we need >>: protect our children's affirmation. >>: if we don't at we leave market nation in country
6:52 pm
volatile. >>: arched troops and sciences doctors and nurses >>: stop the blood and the spread of disease. >>: i could not be prouder of them. >>: the job is not yet done. >>: investments more developed and relevant extreme party. --r.d. >>: disaster relief and no
6:53 pm
challenge no challah poses a greater asset--threat and climate change. >>:applause.. >>: 2014 was the planets mormons' year on record. >>: one year doesn't make a trend but this does 14 of the 15 of the warmest record on year. >>: i hold some folks tried to dodge their evidence will have enough evidence evidence >>: i'm not a science is either but i know
6:54 pm
it really did scientist at nasa and universities. >>: if we'd known at fourth forcefully,, marker hotter keep waste. >>: and that's why.. >>:applause >>: we dove more than ever to combat--done. >>: i will not let this
6:55 pm
congress in danger the health of our children. >>:applause.. >>: in beijing we made an historic announcement announcement >>: the world's two largest economy can gather other nations are not stepping up. >>: the world was finally reached the group an agreement. >>: will last seles's of our leader. >>: as americans with respect human dignity even when were threatened.
6:56 pm
>>: make use of our drowns. >>: it's why we continue to reject the fences of muslims. >>: that's why we defend free-speech. >>: and defend the persecution of women. >>: gays and trans genders. >>:applause... >>: as americans we have a
6:57 pm
profound commitment. >>: it makes no sense to spend $3 million. . >>: are real difficulties. .. >>: is not we are. >>: applause.. >>: we need to uphold that commitment babylon maximum corp. from other countries. >>: some have moved on from the surveillance of our programs.
6:58 pm
>>: i have not >>: next month will issue a report on how we are keeping our promise. >>: looking to the future instead of the past. act >>: make sure we mastercard with the palma. --match our pou.. >>: that's why we have to keep strong. >>: this over a decade ago i give a speech in boston.
6:59 pm
>>: there's no black america or what america but united states of america. >>: i said this because i see it in my own life detonation gave someone like me a chance because i wrote in a white--hawaii barrett act >>: i sit in small towns the rich farmlands some of the world's great cities. >>: the people of every creed ethnicity. >>: years. >>: ironic they say that our
7:00 pm
policy is more divided than ever. >>: it's proved that the vision itself is divided, 9 east. --nieve. >>: i know not sending such citizens may be. --i still think this city cynics are wrong. >>: i still believe that together we can achieve great things. >>: in my six years in office i have seen


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