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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 4, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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jeweler. at last rain on the way and lots of it. and what one north bay community is doing to minimize the danger of flooding. as california's measles outbreaks spreads, state legislators talk about making vaccines a mandatory. what bay area mother says and no way to know how. >>reporter: that dramatic video of an airliner caught willing over a roadway. a week slammed into a taxicab. you might be amazed at what happened to people inside survival stories in the midst of tragedy in a full hour of your choice of prime time news. >>pam: good evening everybody i am pam moore. >>pam: the search is on for three men who drew got and robbed a prominent jewelry store
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today. it has been at tiffany's and co. in san francisco where kron 4 is jack bush joins us live >>reporter: 7 we're investigating this crazy daytime, but it's a place inside the mall. it was just after 3 in the afternoon the mall was full of shoppers when three men entered the tiffany and company store in the west feel mall and help place up. according to police the men produce a gun and ordered everyone on the floor fix that one employee. that employee was ordered to open your cases and the three made off with an unknown amount of your repair area the suspects fled into bloomingdale's. it happened about 2 minutes ago. the blinds were drawn after the
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robbery. i carried a guard was at the door to keep everyone out. the store is on the 34 away from the main entrance white next the bloomingdale's. i was on the part floor away from the main entrance third floor away from the main entrance.. kron 4 was mahon monitoring transmission at the crime was being recorded. unfortunately nobody was hurt. >>pam: will the long wait is over a storm is coming in starting late tomorrow. and brady weather is expected to continue for several days beyond that. we have to the coverage.
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the nasa with the forecasts is ready triggering floods war eased worries in north bay communities. >>reporter: with all the rain that is expected there is now off last flooding morning in a fact it starts at 6 and last 24 hours. >>reporter: helen silts is referring to the last rain storm that hit the bay area of. see was like many other residents to experience flooding near her home. >>: it was like when is this gonna in and we were gonna get a canoe for ourselves because we were in the middle of the hill in round was pretty bad >>reporter: this stretch mall
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also saw a pretty heavy standing water that flowed right into the roadway. scott moll strapped mall strip mall >>reporter: helen is planning on getting grabble to help prepare for the storm. others that i spoke to today are planned the mahon lange's sandbags down first thing tomorrow morning. >>reporter: were tracking the first of to storm that will bring as five consecutive days of wet weather. is about 6 mi. off the coast line and is heading into a tropical and torture that straining all the way down into why he. it has a lot of jews. juice.. we have a
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flash flood watch double go into effect late thursday night. these will be when driven wanes when drivenwind driven .. and higher elevations will put up about a foot of rain. >>pam: 90 tonight 8 fresh information on the story of the suitcase with body parts scott spoke with the attorney general that's connected to the gatt case he's like a hall of justice tonight. >>reporter: a spot to the father on camera ease remain hopeful that that is not the body of his son. he's very frustrated that
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the district attorney cannot press charges in this case. this is the father of the victim. >>reporter: a week after the body parts were found and ups at suitcase the question is who that person is is that all marcia what does been missing. omar shahwann >>reporter: these are all questions that the the attorney would like to know. all in what add hone the person is i dress was arrested last fought friday but released after 48 hours after the case was reviewed and gave it to be not enough evidence to charge him carry it
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mr. on dress >>reporter: are you expecting more charges against them later. >>: we have material evidence that he was in possession of the body parts. >>: i haven't seen anything other than just a pope photograph was published. >>reporter: are you worried at this got my split town right now and take off. >>: will be continuing to mobile with the investigation and we are we are trying to identify load this person is >>reporter: and looks like they
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may have to rely on dna evidence and that could take some time for them identify the victim >>pam: emeryville please tell the news conference today with an update on the investigation about the of shooting the deadly officer involved shooting of a woman. >>reporter: police said the incident began about 1230 wince at the suspect was detained outside of home depot for allegedly stealing knives at one point she broke free from the store's security. at that point police said the suspect's head south on hollis street and attempted to carjack several vehicles including one at this store for us that storage facility. it was very bad to emeryville police officers caught up with the suspect.
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>>: we have witnesses that tell us they saw or raise the gun and pointed at the officers, the gun came up to our officers they fired at hirsch striking her when she and she went down. >>reporter: the suspect, a 38 year-old african-american woman from oakland died at the scene and all loaded revolver was found nearby. police said a white female officer fired guns and an african-american male officer fired six times. both have been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation the male officer had a body cam but it was not turned on until after the shooting. >>: we have not deployed body
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cam and as the department wide program as of yet of the one officer that had the camera was on part of our field testing of the body cameras as a result we have not done any training on it we do not have a policy in place to activated. >>reporter: both officers have been with the department of more than seven years and both of them placed on administrative leave at this point there are three current current investigations emeryville police oakland police and alameda county d.a.'s office. >>reporter: the decision by the terrorists are crisis to burn to death the jordanian fire pilot is igniting out raged in all around the world particularly in jordan where to g hiatt is pregnant prisoners were hung in retaliation.
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>>reporter: it was barbaric was terrific pam when it comes to extreme groups of isis the most recent act of barbarism. terrorist terrorism experts here in the u.s. are finding themselves in all whole new territory. >>reporter: professor michael not is a terrorism expert here at uc-berkeley is goldman school for public policy. from the headings now to burning a man alive. in stomach churning but he says it is the strategic and frighteningly effective. he disagrees with the fox network for showing isis propaganda village video but agrees that the orchestrated or isis uses is also dealt galvanizing some previously passive players.
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>>reporter: professor not also added that the accurate arm we will be increasingly faced with pressures of how much personal privacy we intend to give up to maintain security against homeland airstrikes. >>pam: ahead tonight a incredible images of that deadly plane crash in taiwan. what we have learned about the final moments before the plane went down. they end of an era is underway. the demolition of candlestick park. but first more to medicine about how they wanted change vaccinations law because of the measles outbreak in our area.
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what's that thing? i moved our old security system out here to see if it could monitor the front yard. why don't you switch to xfinity home? i get live video monitoring and 24/7 professional monitoring that i can arm and disarm from anywhere. hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit >>reporter: this just can't hack
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asdic names birthday's addresses and social security numbers of patients medical a information and financial details like credit-card information are not affected according to this report there's been a major hack >>reporter: our skies are stuffed with clouds keeping temperatures on the comfortable side. 56 and all: 54 in san jose and 51 in santa rosa. a 56 in oakland. it's been mostly a great day mobile also say drive the only exception is the north bay as a system approaches the california coastline it will be some scattered showers as early as 4:00 p.m. before the winds
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pick up in the heavier rain comes in around 11:00 p.m.. you concede there is a band of rain northwest about midnight tonight. as early as 5:00 a.m. you might have been isolated sprinkle. most of the rain held off until we get closer to about 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon on thursday. the wins will pick up on the south southwest. the winds will take up pickup. then the star to drag insecta the south southeast. the what is time for the city will be friday afternoon. the wettest time for this city will be friday
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afternoon. storm no. 2 will be coming into the bay area on sunday. will have widespread high winds. store no. 1 is thursday night into our friday and this second storm is sunday into monday >>pam: 99 cases of measles in california 14 of them in here in the bay area. new statewide total was up by seven justices monday and include the third case in sematech hill as well as solano counties cars. as the middle outbreak continues to grow in california one local mother is among many who say we do not look for her to
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vaccinator son any time soon. >>reporter: and the california apartment california law paris and i'm out of having their children vaccinated. in sacramento wednesday to legislators proposed a new bill to do away with the with the ability to deny their jobs in vaccinations. also on wednesday california senators dianne feinstein and barbara boxer said the ladder to the state to read exactly investigate the vaccination policy. we believe there'sto be no such thing as the philosophical the decision
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regarding vaccinations. in san mateo county there have been three confirmed cases of measles in adults. that is proper principle from the pacific school district to saddle nose letter she said that if any child is dying coals with measles and all children at that school that are not vaccinated will be required to stay at our own for 21 days. >>pam: and as the measles outbreak continues to grow in california while local mother says don't look for her son to be vaccinated anytime soon. >>: my son is never been vaccinated for anything >>pam: ahead and just when demand is why this more ran mother believes getting the measles may be better for child
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been getting the vaccinations. and a good samaritan hears cries for help and springs into action. also in the way that hollywood may have brought little bit of too much attention to what california trail and hikers are getting the brought in and of the deal. >>gary: tonight and oakland and the scores. where is nude's godson gonna play college football. snoop dog son where is he gonna play college football. and the fired or not to be fine that is the question
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female announcer: save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >>pam: a labor dispute between employers and west coast dockworkers could lead lockout in this few as five days at the two sides do not reach a new
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contract. the port of oakland said today if one west coast port shut down 73,000 bay area jobs could be at risk. they had of the maritime association which is negotiating a new deal says employers will not keep paying workers who are not moving cargo at the normal speed if the ports become much more gridlock. >>pam: and martina hasn't the store or a refinery will shut down entirely amid a workers' strike. the company had been coming off of a maintenance worker but due to the strike to sorrel decided the safest option would to be suspend all work. the united steelworkers union called for a strike after a fourth contract offer was rejected about 400 employees at the martinez refinery are off the job.
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>>reporter: caught in a while the fact the release of the reason weatherspoon will be wild about a woman's solo hike on the pacific crest trail as so many people wanting to hike the famed mexico do kadar route than new permits and hiker limits are being put into place. the pacific crest trail association announced today it will only allow 50 are 50 hikers to set out from san diego county each day. hikers will have to schedule their start date and check the crowd through an online application process the trial starts near campo california and stretches 2,650 mi. to the canadian border. the trellis association said the apartments are meant to spread the hikers out in recent years the assembly began doing the
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same thing craft don't. palme as are required to the time when the cable or up the cable allow hikers to scale half domes safely. a maximum of 300 hikers are lack of their per day from mid may to mid october to reduce crowding. >>reporter: the wall street journal is reporting that and some the nation's second largest health insurer has been hat. the report says 80 million customers and employees aren't are affected. the breach was discovered last week. the journal said the breach expose is nanes birthdays and addresses and social security numbers of patients. yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves.
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scandaltexting scandal... and how bay area woman help catch her neighbors suspected they'd is. as coming up next
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>>reporter: we're following breaking news this out of washington d.c.. two students have been shot during a basketball game and was shot outside fred frederick high school that sent suburban baltimore. there's a high school basketball game going on at the time this happened. the two instalments were shot their injuries do not seem to be life threatening the shooters have not been caught so far police
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secure the building and they're not questioning witnesses. as soon as we learn more will bring it to you live >>pam: an airliner crashed caught on video this story is still developing its i want to night. gramm lotus texas to the dramatic events. >>reporter: some was actually winning still witnessing that as they were driving their vehicle just imagine driving down highway where cameras on the- this recording old thing. the plane plunged from out of the scott it had just taken off and the pilot may date anise six seconds it was all over. folks went down to search for is as for survivors. a tiny child is
8:32 pm
pulled from the crumpled fuselages and brought to shore. 16 of the 58 people on board the twin engine turbo prop survive the impact, some of them actually able to walk away. drawing footage show some of them waiting away from the wreckage from the elevated roadway you concede this shallow river where the airliner came to rest partially submerged in body block muddy water. the album is a metal came from a taxi clipped by the plane's wing right here. the taxi show the damage from the impact. it's hard to believe the driver in the two passengers were not seriously hurt. the airliner was just a few minutes into its flight when the pilots reportedly radio that one of the engines have stopped working.
8:33 pm
the plane's black boxes are being examined. as night fell giant cranes brought the body of the plane to the surface with some of the dead still strapped in their seats. >>reporter: the death toll is now the 26 with 16 missing and presumed lost. when you see this video it's incredible and that's more like it's incredible the more lives were not lost we will play it in full speed first this slowdown the aircraft starts out almost level but then and a matter of seconds in one wing is almost one to the ground we freeze that has to concede the wing clipped beard watched the guard rail the wing it rail the most dramatic side of all those who witnessed it especially the person and the vehicle. >>pam: no affirmation on the deadly train crash in new york the investigation is now focused on what a car became stranded on
8:34 pm
the tracks before the collision. witnesses say the suv drivers stop to examine her car after the crossing gates came down around it but then she mall ford as the train approached. one crowded commuter train plowed into the car and dragged 1,000 ft. down the tracks. investigators say fuel from the as you beat triggered a massive fire. six people died including the driver of the suv. 50 others were hurt. ntsb is investigating. >>pam: the end is near for a san francisco icon. today crews started tearing down candlestick park. the red seats which were a staple of the stadium are not caught up in a heap. officials say in the next few weeks and they will bring in heavy
8:35 pm
equipment to start tearing down sections of the structure. there was talk of blowing up the stadium but that a deal with shelved after present residence living nearby i spoke up concerted what that does would pollute the air and potentially make people says sick. crucial to have the work completed sometime this spring. housing, all hotel and shopping center will be built on the site. >>pam: also still ahead tonight the incredible thing that happened weekend of golf per took aim at dangling target from the ground. but first wanted that grandmother thinks children are better off cashing the disease which doctors say they should be vaccinated against. taxing the diseased
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which doctors say they should be vaccinated against taxing the disease
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>>pam: california has more cases of the measles that all states combined. with 92 confirmed cases of the debate over vaccinations is a red eye and the golden state. a local mother said she is firmly against vaccinations. >>: my son has never been vaccinated for anything. >>reporter: see as a single mother in marin county that has refused to vaccinate your children she is one of many. we try to understand her concerns about immunizing her son. >>reporter: when people see this tonight they make accused of
8:39 pm
being an irresponsible parent would you say >>: if i believe that my decision was doing actually doing any harm to the children i would not make this decision but i do not believe that. >>reporter: kelly says she is convinced that the vaccines can cause multiple applications like cancer optimism. she said it happen with one of her friends' children she feels it can cause cancer, ought to is some autism >>reporter: this is of a fear that is completely the bought by the medical community debunked by medical community
8:40 pm
>>: us seeing children with brain damage from measles. >>reporter: what you say to those that says that that seems a safe >>: think it's a very difficult for me and many other people in this country to trust the medical system when x is largely become a for-profit industry. >>reporter: kelly says she is not insisted that this she does does and what her son to have those vaccines. >>reporter: how you feel if your son infected somebody else with the measles and caused their death how you handle that >>: that would be absolutely
8:41 pm
awful is something like that happened just like to would-be absolutely awful if i absolutely if by accidently hit a car and my child died in that crash. >>reporter: anise a lot of people out there that feel the same way as kelly and we does want to know why they feel the way that they do. they're actually third world countries that have more children vaccinated. been marin county. a lot of four countries have higher vaccination rates than some of the areas here in our area >>pam: will continue to track the spread of measles here in california in here in the bay area and you can check our kron- 4-dot-com. for more information >>pam: quick thinking help put a
8:42 pm
couple burglary suspects behind bars the woman whose name was carol said that she had just jumped a car after the battery died today and a neighbor ran outside and said the two men had broken into her home. what was a 20 year-old from menlo park and what was a 15 year-old boy from east palo alto. they left with jewelry and electronics and other items carol herds our neighbor to call for help she chased down the guys with a broom. by then the neighbor had already called 911 carol jump in the car and truck and followed them down the street >>: i started chasing them but they were too fast for me. the job to fences and jump into a neighboring yard. they jumped over the fence. i definitely got
8:43 pm
the slowdown the firemen were there and and actually about with an amended of them jumping the fence the police were there the police were able to catch them i think that everyone should be involved in making these burglars know that they can't get away with breaking and their home and do whatever they one in broad daylight in no is not gonna happen in my neighborhood. >>pam: both suspects aren't facing felony burglary charges. they believe that a third suspect got away. >>pam: snoop dog son is the top football recruit and is deciding where he's gonna play ball. gary has more information about the sports coming up next.
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>>reporter: with tracking to star systems that will be impacting us over the next five days. true systems told the not so systems 2 systwmsems... for tonight over into mar we can't
8:46 pm
rule out isolated isolate a rainstorm. the heaviest rain does not arrive until after 11:00 p.m. thursday night. it was sad towards the south and east. with its heavy rain the wins will pickup. it will be when driven rain wind driven rain... by friday evening we will continue to notice the wet weather throughout the lunch time on saturday before we drive out. the mid to upper '40's for the north bay 47 in the south bay area cooler conditions tomorrow. 63 and the city 64 in
8:47 pm
half moon bay. the rain will thursday night will be moving into the north bay are next door and is expected sunday night into monday next storm is set for sunday night into monday >>reporter: he hit the drone it went down there were shooting in adidas commercial and this was as crazy stuff for all your weekend have packers thought to enjoy out one >>gary: aren't redeeming everybody on hearing grant grown over there grown groan... are
8:48 pm
you feeling ok what your problems on never gonna be paid the. you're never gonna beat the a.m. pam... out ways to >>gary: when you the chance of care how cold is people are gonna come out and say hello. there they go to the pager is robert kraft taking a stroll through boston today. the bella check the whole gang paid-up richard sherman rakowski is the star. he is the person that
8:49 pm
everybody relates to. rakowski if you saw him last night on jimmy chemo he is really living the life these days. tom brady with his son and los much from the lombardi trophy they are indeed the world champs. the best turnout today considering a subzero temperatures and i think that stuff about the display gate is totally wrong about the penalties would be coming but at the very least that would examine it but seems like the nfl as saying that brady is a big shot and let's just let this stop things slowly fade away or talking about does let debt deflate gate...
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>>gary: marchand lynch for a filled his obligations by showing up. the brand of cat and their license by the nfl. the brand of cat chp c a p. of violation of the nfl's rules providing electronic communication. browns' general manager speaking of twain's we had a good thing going to night twwets... we've got sometweets ... save you and pass to get a shallow pam should know
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something add to. >>gary: margin pleasantville is this simeon and to. if you're upset that i set grant up for ridicule placed with us there and i'll take the fall some nitwit where pate said it would turn out tweeteritter >>gary: the club said you doing
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fine of brian jones lebron james wanted to come off the bench that out much as coach said know. snowed dog has a son who plays footballsnoop dog.. >>: and of backing up a thousand percent on go on the ucla got a thousand times cordele brought this is a wide receiver. >>pam: coming up next the cell phone whale failed
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>>reporter: justin to the kron 4 news from the alameda county sheriff's office and made an arrest in the night is set molestations case. you may recall that a man approached a young girl and fondled her. the girl separated from her mother at the time. these are surveillance images of the mahon his name has not very least he is doing court tomorrow. >>pam: this next video approached the rear glued to our self wrongs. he's looking at a sailboat fixated on this fall a humpback whale is this feet from him and he is oblivious. he did not look up during the impact the entire breach his friend the
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