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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 8, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>reporter: new tonight east bay mud crews and oakland are cleaning up a huge cement fell which is filled more than half a mile of the glen echo creek. this could take days to clean up charles gifford is live in the is that with the story was sick only on kron 4. >>reporter: one of the contractors will working right behind me early this morning i to them to double to 120 to 170
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cubic yards of concrete in the flow of about half a mile downhill through glen echo creek. >>reporter: according to east bay mud around 930 wednesday morning the construction crew was replacing some old pipes along clear would drive and local taxes and less about over on the concrete mixing truck as result of some of the cement poured into the broadway branch of clinical creek he lives down string was the first person to notice the problem. >>: a letdown and discovered it was a chalky from material slowing down the ticket. >>reporter: the about the turn of just before noon unfortunately by then the cement his film about a half mile of the creek with a thick to do some physical the 2 ft. deep east bay mud inspectors spent several arles' assessing the damage. >>: anything underneath the from probably have died at this point we do not know if there any fish in the creek none of
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the creeks and is the have a whole lot of water because of the drought but the insects that were hit here died. >>reporter: 3:00 p.m. crews started shoveling and sucking up the spill concrete it to about three days to completely clean up the spill the also said that look into how this happened in the first place. >>reporter: this is not good we have inspected out in the field will use contractors and this was a terrible mistake that we have to fix immediately and not let that happen again. >>reporter: because the spill did occur and a woodland california department of fish and game was there also the modernistic are doing water testing to insure their and the contamination in the water and is a charles clifford kron 4 news. >>reporter: novello police shot and killed unarmed resistance also a liquor store the man was armed with a knife and an officer shot him to talk to your was taken to hospital where he
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later died. the officer was responding to a report of our market at the liquor store this uzbek subject was armed with a knife here arrived on scene contacted the suspect in the alley and the shooting occurred as all the details we have this point. >>reporter: not how many shots of fired officers were injured. >>reporter: changes the come to a south carolina police force to settle the lettuce racially charged police killing bridge has been following the story. >>reporter: we saw the video and other things will be changing buy camels all cops now once all troughs and officials of the video they moved quickly filing this guy officer michael slater charge him with murder in the victim who was black was in this report over for a traffic violation in the video walter scott was not armed was running away as he shot eight times gunshot (8)
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to 26 such fires subject is down. >>reporter: dispatch call he made after the shooting claims that he grabbed his taser during a scuffle over the weekend of the video scene to show the taser was on the ground behind the officer who then appears to the pates lenexa his lifeless body and in state agency and the fbi and not investigating today city officials were shouted down protesters yelling at a press conference saying black lives matter know just is no peace the police chief did get a few words in. >>: 51 to be honest with you give me just a second the honesty comes to my heart i have watched the video and i was sickened by what i saw. >>reporter: north charleston mayor along with the police chief from we just heard met
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with the victim's family the mayor also bought a robotic cameras on every single officer on the streets and a strong stand. >>reporter: survivors of the boston marathon bombing say they are grateful after the jury quickly convicted the 19 year- old ex college student will he face the death penalty? the center will deliver that the vote unanimously for a death sentence is the nearly two years since the bombing survivors say they are relieved by the verdict. >>: i may be standing on one fake letter but i am standing here stronger than ever because someone tried to destroy me and he failed. >>reporter: matter what happened next the survivors said they want to focus on their own lives now not him. >>reporter: the fbi's san francisco office are looking for the so-called clean cut banded he is wanted in three bank robbers in the past two weeks police said the robber had been
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a u.s. bank last monday citibank thursday and bankamerica on tuesday. he pulled out a knife into those robberies the man described as being in his '30's and '40's about 6 ft. 2 he might also have tattoos on both arms. >>reporter: unspecified reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. >>reporter: recounting a pretty good shape when it comes to of the drought the reservoir to tidewater 94% capacity 2% more than a normal amount this time of the year good news but is not stopping the district from imposing some new rules for all residents to allow the use of water filled with additional water director says no more warming yards with drinkable water with a range or for two days after it rains and no more warning yards more than three days a week. they're ready had ruled between 9:00 a.m. and 7 and at the new was rose to the effect immediately.
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>>reporter: the city of mountain view has been commended by the state water board putting in a good job for conserve water the city has cut back 15% over the last year saving about 600 million gal. with the water board's mandatory cutbacks that will have to do even better and that within this note target of 20%. other cities have not been doing nearly as well the have along with to go montague meantime is looking into expanding its use of recycled water. >>reporter: recycle water is used primarily for irrigation but we see how the contains the water quality and use it for 20 flushing and indoor plumbing and possibly other industrial uses such as cows perry >>reporter: mountain view one of the few cities to have mandatory outgrow water restrictions people in all water their gardens three times a week and that could be reduced to only two days if the new restrictions are approved. >>reporter: with spring just
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beginning a news that was not a virus cases in california hit a record high last year. the health officials on alert for this year. the 2014 california had the second-highest number of human cases of the virus since the first invaded 12 years ago several records broken and 31 people died exceeded all previous years the numbers of infected mosquitoes and dead birds also a record high scientists say the ongoing drought could affect the problem. >>reporter: renovation come to the company bought station-- workstation people to talk about the content of the sea change like salinas by security better pedestrian access barred says is focusing on safety and paris and overall customer experience-bart station chipping connection between the station and surrounded in for good. >>: the main this could be
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stepped up a little bit like bathroom's ago to the bathroom and outside all my goodness and people have their bike stolons. more security for our bikes. >>reporter: the customer says that the main goal that want to have a better connection with neighbors you have any ideas of possible improvements to the station you log on to and take the survey >>reporter: that pick up the claim because she had cancer she you the traumatic experience to help fight disease their remote from alaska airlines flight from hawaii to san jose you see them here been escorted off. the plane said wei was wearing a mask and she told airline employees and she felt weak and did not have a doctor's note saying she was fit to fly. alaska then remove the family faces apologize and they found the defendant unexpected hotel stay once they were booed off the plane hours ago that posted
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on facebook that she had decided to donate the money that the airline different to cover the hotel cost of the multiple research foundation for cancer. the woman from sacramento on presence is what's have silver linings she hopes the airline will look at future events with increase wisdom and sensitivity. >>reporter: coming of heated debate over a bill that is required california school children to be vaccinated a south bay women catch is a man breaking into her home she was there alone but surprisingly what he got and the changes come immediately to ease the neighborhood after kron 4 pose an accident waiting to happen.
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>>reporter: most attractive residual moisture over the course of the day and to the south bay as its temperature wide mid to upper 50s as we speak to bay area wide and talk of an extra four hours dry air will begin to seep into the skies as a result will be a chilly night tim to tumble into the upper '30's and '40's by tomorrow morning is to help the door into the afternoon will notice mild conditions is the sit with from the coastline tempters are moderate as a into the first part of next week we are tracking in a distant storm system as of now is quite juicy on the model so we'll keep that in sight to look at storm track of for satellite and radar this is no flights for just over the southern the battle. on the base
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of the storm system most declares badges off to the west over the next 48 hours to let it warm afternoon to the system i see bird talk to two separate pieces as we into the upcoming weekend will bring this periodic when's out of the north. >>reporter: 80 of the storm system acts to push the statewide average the past to a vote of 3% currently tech and 8% on average would pick the to italy to feet of snow about 7,000 ft. new territory >>reporter: timber to will be in the upper 30s in the mid to lure for is as we had closer to the water by noon will be slightly more with a coastline and into the afternoon hours will be and
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a perfect is with the sea breeze to the 50 mi. per hour along the coastline on the bay who toppled from the upper sixties or seventies as a head and the ticket a look ahead mild afternoons thursday to saturday late saturday some respecting wendy and cool as we headed to the upcoming weekend-the wind as we head into the first part of next week we are tracking showers late monday night and another bank and widespread scattered showers and into tuesday. >>reporter: 8 in only on for some the problem of the stricken street that has local neighborhood very upset up last night we took it to broadway terrace and winding roads even more hases by shrubs and going onto growth. divers have to bear into the oncoming traffic on all returns from residents have been trying to
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get this for months something is being done he is live on broadway and opened a lot has changed in the last two to four hours. >>reporter: is certainly has caprine a lot of their concern and is out here about this the car shut up and down broadway terrace is us to the very narrow and it may not sound like much having some brush and chevron conditional on the this could cause in the driver's to cross the to to divide is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt maybe even seriously the to concern to the city they got nothing until our story aired yesterday now refers look into this too was concerned lost relatives in areas where plans were much closer grown out of the st. never say it is definitely a cause for concern. >>reporter: here is the of the today are received an e-mail from the public works department oakland they tell me that they
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will be addressing the neighbors' concerns out here the first that will be to clean the berm that the the roadway will clear the debris of their. do we taking from there and looking at the situation as it goes. they're understaffed that is 60,000 calls for service three-year they get about four people working the phones. it is what the problem solved out here along broadway terrace. >>reporter: knew what had the dog runs free standing sudden parks despite a proposed ban to keep them least the cost of your will be more expensive.
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>>reporter: music producer was wheeled into court today part of a bizarre series of events for his case and related to the murder charges is also facing deputies say he told them that one side of his body was paralyzed so the push to men in the wheelchair and come to that he denies he said a thing about being paralyzed as for the wheelchair and trent he was serious in getting that it returned respect of and embarrass him and reminded him of the scene in silence of the lamb.
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>>reporter: the court was cleared including the camera operator so that he could walk in on his own the formality in addition to his robbery case for which these accords also concede murder and attempted murder charges for running over to people allegedly with his truck to earlier this year. >>reporter: the two people rescued from a burning building last night into the downtown los angeles the fire broke out in the fifth floor of the six story building this search for
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trained people and rescued richard mulligan and his wife vivian. the building was built in 1966 to the have the sprinkler system that is not illegal because of the building's age. >>reporter: live by stadium is being covered with dirt 5 plunger cup low birth been brought and to make a trap for monster trucks are the preparations for monster gem 7 at the tech to start at $10 for kids $20 for adults on week after this motorcycles the tech to the third from mostar energies to cross. still had thousands of goldfish take over like running an entire ecosystem the so-called hooch camera technique on the family of bay area burt's parents asking lawmakers not to force them to vaccinate their children.
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>>reporter: crime you're sent us the video showing the smoke from the scene that the report about 1245 is spread to the attic the
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war was ended. coming up a bar fare hike was more a low-cost the woman made to feel safe in a home until this happened some of that room records an intruder called the police what happened when he tried to break into the room where she was hiding and would pass on as a doing to reserve the right to let the dogs run free concerts in parks.
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>>reporter: the fight over proposed broad ban a petition to
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allow dr. room free in the golden gate national recreation area brought in thousands of signatures many of the people think the national park service is not listening >>reporter: 979 the national park service for totally regulated man known as the golden gate national recreation area and the plan and were still set new policies for how and where and most of the roughly 80,000 a. of land living a dog roam free would be banned bridge. many dogs on a consensus among a district that in animals roam free and knowledge is always a walk in the park. a
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facebook page from the bay area public officials believe the vaccination released 90% is necessary of the disease outbreaks that passed the measure >>reporter: during the first hearing on the bill that requires schoolchildren to be vaccinated upon as a vexing to
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be just as dangerous foe
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complete sow and the community talking about crime in the area of the city where musicians was recently killed by a stray bullet and opposite was packing up after a show at a local club >>reporter: i can tell you we just kept out of here from the marriott in downtown oakland is a packed house inside this meeting with several scheduled weeks ago it was unfortunate killing of the bass player at apple the course of the weekend the solidified the senses you to see about hundred people easily showed up to show their support hit the batter member from he
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was shot and killed accidentally they said the violence here in oakland has stopped. unfair and wrong best the words coming from a security guard intended local police their lives into the community they're given their feedback as
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of yet we do not have a suspect description of the suspect in the mail killing. >>reporter: 10 15¢ that will start next year in january and they will increase by 3% the pentagon the distance of the trip the same berkeley animal carcass station for example that will cause passengers 10¢ more longer stretches like the ride from hayward to the embarcadero will go off 15¢ the agency says the extra money will help pay for things like real cars and an automated control system. >>reporter: very unlikely shark hunter captured our camera also the doors design problem at kron 4 viewer says a lot of a man broke into our home a huge go for its invasion at like how they got there and the drastic measure to them might be taken to stop them.
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56 degrees knockout in sight this evening with a show you want to inspect one conditions and when moran will be on the way all this coming up after the break.
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>>reporter: clear skies the possible date area--bay area low pressure that has sent them to stop the two northern crossties write off sure slightly warm afternoon over the next two days however this will break into two separate pieces the
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storm system as it continues to break will squeeze the pressure that will bring us the three conditions late saturday that is on the cool down will commence. dry air beginning to filter into the satellite temperatures will drop into the upper 30s in the 40's will met for chilly start to our thursday as we speak to taking a look into tomorrows morning lows it will be quite to limit should to blow up the other cause killing of the to the northwest the saudis tim is a full from intimate '30's a bit more comfortable should i say in
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the mid to low '40's as the into south that were looking at most a blue sky 66 in redwood city san jose look nifty a degree temperatures will after being were looking as 67 degrees for the daytime high of the '60s for you and not but in downtown will toppings of and a low 60s 58 degrees expected in ocean beach it will remain cool away from the coastline really a mild afternoon thursday to saturday. >>reporter: the winds will pick up out of the north sightly course sunday and as we head into monday tracking what looks impressive storm system will be showers and the north bay in that moisture will trickle to the south and is reaching not the the bay area bike tuesday. >>reporter: a legged carl has
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been invaded by gold fish that may sound fairly harmless but experts warned it had to be a disaster for the environment >>reporter: from a distance the let me look like any other walk a little closer just on the water is an invasion it and see all the corn is become a giant goldfish bowl this said the invasion started a couple of years ago probably someone of about four goldfish now is 4000 to consider them all over the place they definitely in always any time and reproducing the pet fish is upsetting the natural valley drain the resources for native fish and birds with the
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other pets low considering the and that to the other 12 thousands of course it would take to overcome the birdlike they may do the same thing here or there may have to drain the entire lake that can be taken to other waterways as well this could spread word is spreading fast about the invasion or maybe about the test of the day. >>reporter: i can almost imagine about take on a to the lake all the gold fish and a bobcat with cancer goldfish doing what can you a imagined catching this a small shark than a bobcat hot in florida this is at the beach yesterday photographer john
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bailey took the picture on and i found about 50 ft. from the bobcat areas and he saw the cash stock in the strike in shallow water and then the kept count on that and trotted off however one seesaw battle with the photographer says he dropped a sharp and ran off he says he took off as well >>reporter: took a slight push for a burglar to break into a home to a locked door was called there saw the woman is a village idiot called attention to security problems you might have this for seven of the on the giants and a's.
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>>reporter: the terrifying moment of south bay women with the early to the morning command broke into her home she called police tried to hide it into a car screaming and an alarm to finally scare him off. >>reporter: i hear a noise outside my window at the it was a raccoon and when i pulled the
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camera there was a man standing outside my bedroom window on the other side of the wall where i was sleeping a heart stopped i felt like panicking and i immediately started tried to call 911 to three times because i can't misdialing from shaking in a rocking get through with a slight push if you do not have that the blocks on the door i never knew that it was a serious failing hiding in your closet with nothing to protect you by one operator said there is an officer write down the street the his the way for his partner because they have to come and choose the one to the cabinet he went to the desk drawers but of and that there was nothing else in here. it went through the doors on both the nightstands and the gestures chilly after he
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was in the house and realize he's got everything that room left is the one i'm hiding and he tried to get into the room by pulling on the door of the door was locked as i finally started banging on the door from inside and screaming at him he did run away once i started screaming it did scare me to see clearly that he was startled and that is when he ran away in jump the fence in left. >>reporter: she was not hurt and nothing was stolen i did reach out to the san jose police department to try and get more detailed in this case and have yet to hear back from them >>reporter: which set up the last door after viewers reached out to us if you have a story i
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did go to kron 4 account click on the my kron 4 story to some of your story. >>reporter: the sec a peek at how the giants a doing at this hour taking on the arizona diamondbacks more angelenos to the giants a living came he had an mri he is dealing with a mild or write grind strain he ended last night he will likely avoid the disabled list he did not start for the team today he was not in the lineup he suffered injuries last night in the loss to arizona meanwhile a couple of new faces to lead the charge for the a's tonight taxes all the rangers both look is picking up
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the first major league hit both of the hits coming into the third inning meantime he joined the a's after the diamondbacks his former team agreed to pick up most of the tab by most of it coming almost all that he makes 10 million a year the a's or only on the hook for five for the thousandth of that damage to diamondback to pay the rest by a half million dollars their pain to go away and live with aids. giants and of course always remember what he did for them back in 2010 the code they have a major bathroom problem to say the least of schism renovation left a minute bathroom's not functioning properly and fact, ms. o'connor against a law was there were so long as for the working bathroom's that some fans simply could not wait. >>reporter: that is not bear so
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they brought in and all of the porter parties and nothing would do that the 72 additional pour prices abroad and they had cast a yes it is game it was the rain out but they know it was at sea of bathroom problem there but the court applies to deal with the until they can fix their regular bathroom's there at wrigley field the warriors were try and stop the many to game losing streak five below the season average to try to win the westbrook our mvp we all know this stuff courage is probably to take home that honor. for
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the second overall play of seized great stuff out of the masters park 3 contest to that the time the biggest tomorrow against heart was joined by his two kids to your friend lindsey and his first three contests and 11 years since he is feeling great is backed feels good he is confident and ready if told his tee shot. >>reporter: his skin looks clear look how close it comes from going in from all in one he had a hole in 111 years ago 2004 when he played jack nicklaus stole the show in fire to a scene of the day he made his prediction. you have the run of the ground you can do anything you like he's never ever had a hole in 175 year-old golden
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bear high-five's all the way around it the gallery loves that jack loves and he's never had a hole in one the all-time major king he's been stuck on 14 on 17 years now footed and is wide receiver was asked what his quarterback who's been under the microscope lately. that is pretty good advice for anyone
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they're not listen listen to yourself you try to take advice from curt warner, who was working with him and off-season will see how does this year. she had officiated for a conference you as an she beneficiate nfl games starting this upcoming season in the first nfl female referee. >>reporter: coming up next will check out across camera as they call it and look at hawks nested on bay area.
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>>reporter: you have become the hoc expert. it entitles hot and
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knowledge take a look this is live night vision here on the talk at all right hand corner not moving right now but under that the gridlock to is not three x that is right the third year in the role of the hawks have decided to set up shop in this is at pnc corp's software company in sunnyvale and the employees on board and one is watching they would not let the washers get near schoolchildren are even turning in the to 247 i suggest you we do we and louis. out less as you can say is, was the babies arrive in about 12 days apparently busy to go talk to feed
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--how to treat junior >>reporter: we hope to see you at 11
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