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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> killers used military style assault weapons, to kill as many people as they could. another reminder that in america. it is too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on a gun. , san bernardino and the rest of the country waiting to hear from the president to what steps the government will take to keep people safe. he will do that tomorrow evening from the oval office. he is expected to talk about the nature of terror, how it evolved and how he plans to defeated.
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how this underscored the need to make it harder to get the guns calling on congress to pass tougher gun-control legislation.>> killers used military style assault weapons, to kill as many people as they could. another tragic reminder that in america. it is too easy for dangerous people to get their hands on a gun. for example, right now people on the no-fly list can walk into a store and buy a gun. that is insane. if you are too dangerous to get on a plane, you are too dangerous to buy a gun. i'm calling on congress. >> several new developments tonight in the rampage. some of the weapons were purchased by an acquaintance and given to the couple. the fbi raided a house next door to where the family lived but the agency is declining to discuss what they were looking
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for. the home belonged to an old friend of the government. neighbors essay armed fbi agents broke windows. it used a cutting torch and isis aired a statements saying the mass shootings in california were carried out by two. supporters of the extremist group. when the president speaks from the oval office tomorrow at 5 pm our time. kron4 news will carry it live. there is supposed to be a major announcement about the attacks and counterterrorism measures in the us. tomorrow at 5 pm pacific time on kron4. the fbi is leading the investigation into the deadly shooting wall. more details are being released to the public. anxious times for those who live in san bernardino. our partners at cnn report on a city that feel they have jitters, but are not letting up. rortmac san bernardino on edge after they evacuated a ups facility and called the bomb squad to investigate a package
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that was addressed to syed rizwan farook. it was safe posing no threat. the mass shooting is now being investigated as an act of terrorism. >> we are spending a tremendous amount of time, the last 48 hours, trying to understand the motives of these killers and every detail of their lives. for mac another investigation revealed that tashfeen malik posted a pledge of allegiance to an isis leader on facebook. while the shooting was happening. the mass shooting may have been inspired by isis. but the terror group apparently did not -the attack. it may be a case of self radicalization. a possibility that leaves the fbi baffled.>> the night before i called him to see what he was doing at what he was a up to it
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if i had any inclination i could have stopped it. for mac the police are downplaying the possibility that he was angry would he left the luncheon. and returned heavily armed. >> we had initial information from someone that he left the party and it appeared that he was upset or under some sort of duress and there is an indication that there is nothing out of the ordinary and suddenly he was gone. >> since the massacre people in the bay area are on alert and they are taking an initiative to learn how to defend themselves. we visited in the space shooting range today to talk to concerned families.>>it does hit home. rortmac target practice, learning how to load and shoot. many are on alert. >>it has become a need. people need to take the initiative to be prepared.
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>>reporter: the shooting was only three days ago. since then, bay area firearms say their phones have been ringing nonstop. >> we had a big influx of people calling in acquiring trying to schedule classes to be prepared for any instance. rortmac at target mountain west this father and son came into practice.>>you have to be on alert. rortmac they also want to know what to do if they find themselves face-to-face with a mass shooter. specialist say there are three things to remember. run, hide, and if the need present itself, fight. alicea agreed kron4 news. breaking news overseas. we are learning about a huge
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explosion that has killed the gov. of aden and six of his bodyguards in yemen. the gov. was traveling to his office in a convoy sunday morning when the explosion took place in the southern part of the city. employees are investigating. we have some wet weather. that was in the bay area for tonight. the heaviest rain north of the bay area. we have some heavy rain around eureka. a few light showers, more like sprinkles from santa rosa to cloverdale and from the system that is coming through tonight, quarter inch expected into tomorrow morning by the bay, higher mountains and in the south bay. i will have more updates on the storm system coming up. still ahead, another record- breaking win for the warriors.
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a stanford game tonight at levi stadium, there was an extra level of security and the events in oakland that led to a deadly fall. ok, we're here.
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a teenage get together and it in a tragic loss of life or in oakland text student. his friends are grieving. we caught up with some of them at the location with the tragedy happened in oakland. rortmac a tree collapsed into the life of 16-year-old jack lewis on the night of innocence and adolescent celebration. after sunset on friday evening high school friends gathered to acknowledge a moment in their lives. >> it was a girl's birthday and there were a lot of people here and a lot of people were over there at the park and we were coming over to meet up with everybody. >> they waited for everyone's
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arrival the adventure some members of the group climbed into a tree on the edge of the lake. >> there were three people sitting on the branch and he jumped up to hang on it and it fell. >> saturday morning. those friends that to mourn their loss in creating makeshift memorial and what remained on the tree. >> we waited until we were able. it just doesn't feel real. >> he was a super handsome dude. he was super nice to me. every time i talked to him. he was super nice super happy to see me.>>in oakland, jeff pierce kron4 news. still ahead on kron4 news , one silicon valley community is getting creative nonstop a holiday theft. so my county couple caught up to a thief robbing their gifts
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and packages. to make an active storm track of the ocean and a lot of this is going to affect the weather next week. i will have your seven day forecast coming up. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
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>>golden state warriors just keep finding ways to win and keep their unbeaten streak alive. warriors are 21 and zero. they did it on the road tonight against the toronto raptors. they look like the warriors were going to cruise to an easy victory but they were playing with a small lineup and they struggle to keep pace with the raptors. curry led the team with 44 points for the warriors win tonight set the record at the best ever start by a pro-team in any major american sport. the worst play tomorrow in new york city in the tipoff time is 3 pm. tonight. it was a packed crowd at levi stadium for the showdown between the north and south impact about college football. in the end stanford pulled out
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a win over the southern california trojans 41 to 22. we will find out if it was enough to send the cardinals to the rose bowl. this is a critical game amidst growing concern about terrorism. >> federal agents came through sweeping this area with dogs. i am told the security level tonight at the stadium was normal metal gates and parking lots and known as a labyrinth it is no easy task for fans to get into levi stadium. >> i understand heightened security. >> metal detectors were used and blankets unrolled and pockets emptied in beer chugged before anyone could get into the stadium and santa clara police look on. this woman was turned away because her purse violated the strict bad policy.
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>> to be told i cannot enter because i am an inch and a half over a guideline is just ridiculous. >> the stadium band bags over 4.5 x 6.5" unless they are in plastic. and so compare this to the tsa. this is nothing compared to the ocean of police officers. we are told to anticipate for the super bowl next year. three weeks ago the stadium held a massive security training exercise was to be open to the media book after the terrorist attack, which included suicide bombers near a soccer stadium. most fans are in their seats agents brought bomb sniffing dogs. taking every precaution to take tonight's game and make it a safe one. every event is seen as a practice leading up to the big one, the super bowl next year.
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reporting at levi stadium kron4 news. we have a storm system headed our way. it is not a big storm. actually, it's not going to be a big storm here because we're only tail end of it. there is some heavy rain coming down in some spots. but as this eventually meanders into the bay area. there will be very little, especially east of the golden gate bridge. a few sprinkles in north bay between santa rosa, windsor, cloverdale in just a little bit of light rain that will be picking up as we get into late tonight and early tomorrow morning. it will spread south with showers tomorrow morning and by the afternoon. it is done and out of here. future cast there is some rain it takes forever to get down here and eventually by 5 am
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pushing into san francisco and oakland south bay and east bay 7 to 8 mb nine steady rain is over and we have scattered showers to contend with. very light off and on friday. also possibly a few breaks of sunshine. we have those breaks of sun for the afternoon and for monday there is another storm coming through but they are getting pumped up into the split- pacific northwest will have a break with clouds and sun in the same situation on tuesday the temperatures warming up close to the 70s and some spots and another system arrives for wednesday but that one brings a slide chance for a little bit of rain and that one will be north of the golden gate. a stronger storm possibly an inch or more and another one on saturday.
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police are on the lookout for a shooting at highway 42. it shut down part of that highway. one man was hit by gunfire. several times while driving between grant street and concorde avenue. people into cars exchanged gunfire around 330 around 3:30 pm this afternoon. police say the person that they are looking for might have been driving a silver suv. some it is the season for shopping in a local police agency is getting creative when it comes to warning shoppers about keeping their cars locks. >> the palo alto police department is taking to social media and getting their message across in their reminded people that this holiday season how side in the parking lot. it is important to remember to keep your doors locked. spirit there are two types of burglars, those pulling on door handles looking for a vehicle that has been left unlocked. when they find something they want, they break in and take it.
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>> the message from this new video is clear. while you are shopping inside the stores, the thieves are doing some of their own shopping in the parking lot. >> there are window shoppers. >> we showed the video to shoppers and some say it is great and others essay what is in the video is common knowledge. >> i think it is a standard that you would always know that but it is good that they are putting it out there but that's something i would do anyway. >> do you lock up your car when you go inside? >> yes i do. >> these shoppers say they won't forget to keep things safe. this holiday season. >> i make sure my very special items are covered as much as possible and i always make sure i lock my doors. i don't keep a lot of valuables in there. i keep everything with me.
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>> holidays are fast approaching and so is the season for package. the spirit tonight a fremont family shares surveillance video of a man stealing seven boxes worth of $8000 and christmas gifts. and the hope is someone recognizes this man before he strikes again. >> caught on camera. this is the alleged thief and with help from neighboring surveillance cameras snapshots of the car. he used to pull the heist. >> he was driving past saw some boxes come up in a three trips to take boxes back to the car. >> dana mason filed a police report. after discovering the theft. she was away from her home when the man swiped of the boxes. neighbors found some of the ripped up packaging on the roadway, but none of the items were inside. >> they don't want to have packages with our name so they
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can half. use our gifts. but if they have something with my address on it. that could lead to a problem. >> despite a car being parked in the driveway and dogs barking in the house. this man walked up to the porch to grab packages not knowing he was on camera. >> we want him to get caught or to scare him enough to not let him do this anymore. >> a neighbor wrote down the license plate to a 2010 silver chevy equinox, but it appeared to be registered to another car said they think the getaway car is stolen. package that's our happening all over the bay area causing homeowners to take notice and change have packages are received or delivered. >> ship everything. fedex or ups rather than that home so then it is not a temptation to invite someone on to your porch and we asked them to put them in a place you can't see them and put a big
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yellow sticky on the front porch. the says don't leave packages here. >> we will take a quick break and more on the storm that is headed our way. are ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
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this just in crews are responding to a crash involving to calls and berkeley. california highway patrol said it elderly woman suffered
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injuries. it was reported about 10:15 pm on the eastbound lanes of highway 80 all the eastbound lanes were closed. they are now open. strike tomorrow marks the start of hanukkah the doesh festival of lights and members of the doesh community will be riding a menorah at union square. they celebrate hanukkah by lighting candles on a menorah. the event begins at lighting candles on a menorah. the event begins at 4:30 pm. soon it i think the rain will be over by then. mainly a morning event for tomorrow. mainly and overnight event and early and tomorrow. i think we will see things winding down. there is a storm system on the satellite view and we will see the rain pick up after midnight and it will be over the steady rain about 9 am.
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>> bundle up. that's it for kron4 news at 11 pm. get the latest news at kron4 and download our mobile apps. good night. see you in the morning.
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inside the home of the california terrorists. >> the place is a complete mess in here. >> the baby's room. >> inside the baby room you have good night stories. >> the photos. >> mother and child, mother and child. >> the mysterious crawlspace in the closet and the meal left half uneaten and -- >> you had seconds to react. >> how to get out alive if this ever happens to you. >> flip this table over and you want to get behind it and you want to be making a plan. >> and 14 lives cut tragically short, faces of some of those gone too soon. >> then sarah palin cancer scare. >> got something checked, came back


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