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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 28, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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and it's over tonight. >> they're searching for pearl penson, she was taken during a kidnapping and the suspect was killed during the week during a police shootout. >> we're looking at what happened today during the search. >> reporter: the rescue crews covered 25 square miles today and 70 people took part, combing through the bushes. >> let's find her and bring her home. >> reporter: from early friday morning to about 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon, crews dressed in orange bright suits and checked up and down the creek and along the highway 101 and the banks of the river.
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>> there's been numerous tips and leads that our detectives have been following up and this is an area they felt we needed to check were. >> reporter: she was last seen on her walk to high school and that's when a man pulled a bloody and kicking pinson over the highway. the suspect was killed in a shootout in southern california hours later but pinson wasn't with him. back in caitlyn jenner they've still searching. >> we're searching in the area that we think that maybe the suspect went to. >> reporter: investigators are still hopeful they will find
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her alive. >> there's a memorial at the overpass where she was last seen. >> we have talked to the family members and how they're hopeful that she will come home. >> reporter: family and friends of pearl pinson continue to search for her and they're holding on hope that she's found safely. >> the family is standing on the very spot she was last seen. >> i don't see how someone could do this to a 15-year-old girl. someone knows where she's at. >> reporter: with signs in hand and the makeshift memorial, they're all wearing pink, her favorite color. >> we've been out here since day one and we want to bring here home. i know what it is to lose a child and i'm praying for the best and praying that she comes
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home safe and i'm scared. >> pearl was in danger and i didn't understand how much danger she was in. >> she's full of happiness and happy all the time and just an outgoing girl. >> for all we know, she's locked up somewhere and waiting for help and scared -- if there's someone that knows anything, we need her home. >> we'll stay updated on the story with our mobile app and sent a push alert this morning with the new developments and be sure to download that free app to get the latest breaking news. let's look outside right now and we're wrapping up yet another beautiful day around the bay. we're here now with the forecast and it was down right
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hot out there. >> you thought there would be records right out there. >> i did. >> we're looking out for a few hazy days but we're working on a fantastic evening here. the temperatures are very mild, 70 in san francisco and 76 insan jose and 81 in concord. so we're looking at a great evening tonight and boy, we had a lot of thunderstorms tonight over in yosemite and once that happens, it looks like we'll see a lot of storms rolling by. in the bay area tonight the temps stay very mild. the early part of the week, some patchy fog and very hot,
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moving into the 90s into the week. we will see the clouds coming in and that will keep us much cooler heading into next week. well it's winner or go home as the warriors take on the thunder. the oc is currently leading them and the score is 84-78 and the warriors are down in the third quarter so fingers crossed. >> so it's clichi to say, bus it's back to the walls. >> they have to best season record all and there's a lot ofcritics and we just hope they pull through. a deadly shooting in antioch, this happened at 4:00 a.m.
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this morning in front of a home right near antioch high school. we don't have any suspect information right now. well the sheriff's office is thanking the public for tracking down a hit-and-run driver that hit and killed two dogs. a truck hit the dogs and dragged them. the woman held on to the leashes and the dogs so badly hurt, they had to be put to sleep. now the driver is behind bars thanks to the public. in decision 2016, threely three dozen arrests were made -- three -- >> and officers are wearing riot gear and the trump supporters were getting into it
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with others. let's look at what is going. >> reporter: hundreds marched through the streets in what started as a peaceful march. demonstratedemonstratetors held up signs. inside, people were cheering for him. the event itself didn't go without interruption. >> get him out, get him out [ applause ] >> reporter: the situation only escalated from there and once the event was over, the san diego police attempted to seal off trump supporters from protesters. a few scuffles broke out and at
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least 35 people arrested. trump later applauded the police and said thanks to the police that got the thugs out there that tried to disrupt the rally. sanders is back in the area speaking to thousands of supporters. he's not phased that hilary had the lead. one point is when sanders talks about the decision of trump to back out of a potential debate. >> he initially said yes and then he said no, then he said yes, then he said no. so i think for a guy that changes his positions so many times i would hope he would change it one more time and say
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yes. >> sanders will finish his swing through southern california this weekend and will be in oakland on monday. he will be jayne king a al temple church on monday. well a deadly accident left a 27-year-old woman dead and her friend charged with manslaughter and driving under the influence. >> this is coming as yet another bay family is mourning the death of a loved one, killed by a drunk driver. his mother talked only with us about how much their life has changed since then. >> it's just very hard.
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not to have him in our life because of a mistake. we hope that others don't make that mistake again >> reporter: for her, it's a reminder of the day ten years ago when her life changed forever. >> it feels like yesterday. >> reporter: her son 25-year- old jacob martinez was only a few blocks away from his home. >> the tow truck was only a moment away from him. >> reporter: everyone in the car of the driver survived. >> she only got two years for what she did. >> when my dad was here, he was the best dad ever. >> reporter: now he's a 17 year old and had to grow up without
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a dad. >> it's put a burden on your life. >> reporter: for years she couldn't drive on the freeway. >> now i drive by and say i love you, and blow him a kiss, it's all i can do. >> reporter: the constant pain and depression is why she supports the senate bill 1426, if passed would require people convicted of drunk driving would have a vehicle lock. >> most have been convicted three to three times and if that is what its takes then it should be passed.well. coming up, why a vintage
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plane crashed here. several cities evacuated after severe flooding in texas. we'll be right back after the break. =
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now we go to new york where that vintage plane crashed and
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killed the pilot. >> an army corp of people pulled that plane out and now they will do an investigation as to why it crashed. the vintage plane went down on friday after a distressed signal sent out. >> the pilot died and he had 25 years of experience in flying. it was taking part of an event celebrating history of the plane. severe flooding in texas and now several counties have been evacuated. you can see search crews rest crewing people from their flooded homes and emergency crews will continue to search tomorrow for two missing people in the austin area. people say that a number of cities and towns are calling
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for voluntary evacuation because of the rising rivers. scientists say we could see more hurricanes this season. we normally see 3 to 4 during a season. hurricane season begins this wednesday and is over at the end of the november. nearly full for the first time in years here. >> could you talk about better timing? we're looking at how people are enjoying it. >> reporter: it's safe to saythat the unofficial start to summer hasn't looked this great in years. >> we're so excited to get out there. >> reporter: the boat has been sitting so long it's needed to have some fixing. >> we're trying to fix two to five a day. >> reporter: compared to?
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>> one to three. >> reporter: a 100% boost in business. >> everybody has had their boats put away for years. >> reporter: they had a record low last winter and look at it today. even the parking lot is over flowing here and has become a beach. >> this area was dirt and no water and now it's wonderful i, i love it. >> reporter: this family set up a private picnic here. >> this is the first time we've had a nearly full lake in five years. >> reporter: they expect the lake to average 100,000 people a day this holiday weekend, with the crowd comes increased patrols. >> we have been increasing the number of employees here to include park maintenance and
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officers and kiosk workers as well. well you may have a barbecue planned for the weekend, so to impress family and friends take notes here. >> are you ready for this one here. >>. >> i don't think we're allowed to grill at my place. >> well it's worth it to spend a few extra dollars, for meat, also 30% fat content. produce a mare made marinade or rub and let it rest after you take it off the grill here. >> i'm getting very hungry. >> hmm hmm. >> well, i brought this up earlier, baker beach, sometimes
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i get worried here. we see a little bit too much skin, but never the less, beautiful outside. >> i'm jealous of them and it was hot out there today. >> it was very, very, nice andwe'll see that all weekend long. most forecast haven't been out in quite a long time. >> right, i agree with you and i'm one of those people. >> looks like we're working on a great weekend and really a nice kickoff here to the weekend. we are enjoying the sunshine and very nice weather outside. i think mostly clear through the evening here and then patchy fog along the coast. we're seeing that in the monterey bay but not in the coastline just yet. tomorrow sunny and warm again. there's going to be a little bit of patchy fog out there,
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but that's it. hot temps, 90ss and cooler to the coast line. 72 in the bay area, 63 and coolin half moon bay. so we're seeing the cooler temperatures right now and 84 in the napa valley. we're talking about all the nice weather and we're looking at the tropical storm here, bonnie. it's making land fall right now in the carolinas, so barely tropical strength. but nevertheless, it will drop a lot of rain there. so if you head in that direction, be extra careful and likely to see the thunderstorms. otherwise, the high pressure is building in here.
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85 in santa clara and as you head into the bay, that breeze still 69 in oakland. 80 in union city. 90 degrees in antioch. about 59 in half moon bay and in the north bay, a little toasty, 85 there. the next few days we'll heat things up and the mid-90ss and then we cool down slightly wednesday and thursday. that's a look at weather, back to you. coming up, how many calories and sugar and fat, it's really confusing to read the labels. after a major redesign, we'll like at what the different here. we're going talk warriors right now, the warriors are down late in the fourth quarter, all the highlights coming up in just a bit in the
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show. =
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the bay bridge bike path hours are extending their hours and will now open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 9:00 p.m.. the idea is to provide moreenjoyment for people. the extended hours continue all season long until labor day and runs along the east span here. the food and drug administration recently changed their labels for packaged foods. this label, the first one here, companies are now required to list how much sugar has been added to a product and how much a person should eat every day.
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the percentage day values are also shown first. coming up late are on, how these messages will get to the veterans in the armed forces. going strong in napa here and we're looking at the line up of the show. =
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hi. is the internet still out? yes! i have nothing. come on! work together. work together. work together. do you got anything? i don't have anything. no i don't have anything. please come back internet. i love you. i love you so much.
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just come back. please. please. he's streaming a cat video. (family laughs) and the whole party is looking... can i take a look? mitch come on! get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. well, still ahead the golden state warriors are in action tonight and we have a live report next. getting ready for a huge party here in san francisco here on sunday, a look at the 2016 carnival and the closes that closures here. and we're also going into our investigation here on the back story of the school. =
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well, a nice day around the bay. i think that people are getting tanned and a little bit burned too. >> a little sun burned. >> well, what nice weather, i don't no if this is the beginning of the summer, but all things are coming up here. >> the carnival. >> and we made the wrong choice with pants this morning and we got fooled. >> well, you won't be tomorrow. >> tonight a nice evening right now, you can see over sfo, and look at that, hardly any traffic out there tonight, people are watching the game tonight. we have some patchy fog around the coastline and then we have morning clouds. then we crank up the heat here.
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temperatures today well above the average. 88 in concord and 82 in exland and oakland. a lot of 70s inside the bay here and cool 50s along the coastline. we have some thunderstorms here in the sierra area. we'll see mostly clear skies here and then not much to it tomorrow morning. just like that, it will go away, so with that in mind, maybe as high at 85 and the cool temperatures of 65 in san
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francisco and santa rosa. well the golden state warriors are in action right now and we're getting updating from online folks right now. >> let's go to kate and she's at the viewing party happening. what is the energy like? >> reporter: it's simply insane out here, less than 3 minutes left here. steph curry just hit a huge 3 pointer to tie the game at 99 points. everyone inside is going insane. take a look inside here. >> reporter: it was a game so important. >> it's do or die. >> reporter: living the championship dream. while they took on the thunder,
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their fans staked out the home turf ready to watch game six. >> how would you not like it, the environment is awesome and the electricity. >> reporter: that's right and every basket and turnover the crowd was right. >>. >> we'll scream so loud they can hear from us kansas city. >> reporter: the crowd went crazy when steph hit that 3 pointer. >> make some 3 pointers and win. >> reporter: with the warriors trailing most of the game it was tough to stay positive. >> oh, not even close to feeling this, last year. they weren't even close to elimination. >> reporter: we are still tied
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at this point, 101-101, with two minutes left in that game. i will go back inside and people are screaming and running, so i will let j.r. take over from here, back to you guys. >> most people when they see people running and screaming, they go in the opposite direction. >> [ laughter ] we'll keep you updated, thanks kate. well the annual carnival festival -- i'm all wired right now. the parade is actually tomorrow ask it's a two day event and the biggest multicultural festival -- we're getting score updates here. >> 104-101. >> so there's music and crafts
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and lots after fun. >> well, that, you'll see here, an oscar and latino musicians kicking off the carnival. following the police chief's ousting, a parade will be head tomorrow with civil rights activists who is very much involve in environmenttal action. >> it will kickoff at 27th and bryant street. you'll see all the floats and that will start at 9:30 a.m.. the parade starts there and then snakes down 24th street before turning right on to mission. so seven blocks of mission street that are closed and then turns on 17th and ends on
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harrison. well make sure you leave time to get around the closures this weekend. floats will travel through the mission slowly like three from last year. several streets here, no access and parts of mariposa and they continue all weekend long into monday. so good food and good wine and music here, it's happening downtown napa right now. stevie wonder hit the stage tonight and then the red hot chilly peppers close out the event on sunday. it's sold-out, unless you can scalp some tickets. traffic getting there is really slow, so if you go, leave
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yourself extra time there i would need like 3 to 4 hours to get to that show. >> you want to be late tomorrow? >> well if someone has to go, i'll go. coming up a low sodium diet may be bad for you. and we have the best list owines for under $20. = -- of wines --. = p?p?o?gv
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well you may not believe this one, scientists say if you're over 60 and a regular jogger chances are you're burning oxygen at the same rate at someone in their 20s. it's kind of like a car's fuel
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efficienty, older runners adjust their levels of running and future studies will look at over exercises and see if they have the same effect of increasing the muscles. a new study showing that a low sodium diet could be bad for you. it could increase your risk for cardiovascular disease. people that ate less, had an increase of 28% of death or heart attack. researchers say that eating less salt does lower blood pressure. well the warriors are in action tonight and we'll talk about this team because at this point, they're up five and they may pull this one off with
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their back against the walls. it's 106-101, we'll talk about it after the break. =
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well, a big day for the sports here. you know where we're starting this. >> the warriors just pulled it off. >> they just won the game 6 of the western finals. that means this baby is coming back to oakland and they will play on monday night playoff. we just saw the 3--point game here, okay, we didn't really see all of that. but you can see steph curry hit
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the 6, 3-pointers. charles barkley, the guy that counts this guy out was a worried man. he was a worried man for good reason because they came out there in that second half and you see a man of clay thompson and he hit 11, 3s and you know what is great? we watched 3 after 3 and this a team that all of the national announcers counted out and you know what? they did not. >> warriors fans knew they would pull it out. in caps, best game ever. >> well i'm going to catch the highlights in just a bit. we'll stay on the warriors here. >> so we have a game on monday
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here at home. >> we had a live shot from the arena and they had packed that place, you had people all over the place. >> who wouldn't want to see that game unless they're here watching? >> especially seeing the game with all the other people, i was there when they won last year and all the other people. you had the cheerleaders out there and the announcers getting people going and it was a fun atmosphere and i'm sure it was fun for her. okay, let's talk giants because they had a huge game this evening. when we talk about this team, they have been red hot. they lost yesterday. but you've got to love this, buster posy, it was the buster posy show today.
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we go to the eighth inning here and these don't look like my highlights but never theless, they go to win this game, 10-5 and won 14 of the last 16. as for the a.'s, bottom of the second here and butler crushes that ball here. a.'s out in front early and then the bottom of the ffourthth, fourth. they were up 8-0 and they hit another ball, they win it 13-3 and that's a great win for them. we're now less than just 48 hours from the stanley cup finals. i don't know if you like
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hockey, but it's going to be great. the penguins take on the sharks. they open up with the game in pittsburgh. they finished off the blues in 6 games from the last series and pits burg. >> how the group had come together and how they play, i think we're all very proud of that in the room. the players and the coaches we play an honest game and win or lose, i think you can walk away with your head held high. we obviously want to win. >> the success you've worked hard for and you've got to compete and there's certain areas like that you don't want to slip in your game. >> okay, so here's the stanley
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cup finals here. the schedule back here in the bay area and then it goes backand and forth,. so we have the finals and game 7 of the western conference, i think we're all just really excited tonight to see the warriors and hit the threes be that team that we know. >> awesome. >> awesome, awesome. okay on to the next thing here. we'll certainly have more whenwe get back. it's definitely got a couple of bad apples i would say it a tree. >> we're back with a story and
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a special needs school and ashocking glance. a boy slapped who was handicapped by a teachers aide. >> was this an isolated case or a bigger pattern of abuse? >> we're investigating the school and we were able to track down former teachers and some are coming forward about what else they have seen. >> appalled by it, very disturbing. >> way out of line. >> it was way shocking to see. >> shock to maybe the extent of intensity in the video, but definitely not surprised. because working at the school, you do see there's certain staff that take things way
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overboard. >> reporter: four former aides agreed to come forward and talk about the school. they never saw anything as extreme as what was caught by a cell phone camera, but they all say they have seen other staff abuse their power over students. >> i've seen them hit students in the head if they don't get things right on their worksheet, i've seen staff contain students because the student is cussing at them and not being a threat, but because the staff was fed up. >> reporter: here one of the women is showing us a containment hold here. they allow staff to pin students down until they calm down.
8:51 pm
but the former aides say theycontain them for minor infractions. >> if they talk crazy to you or challenge them, you put them on the ground. if they look at you crazy, put them down to the ground. that was the solution for everything. >> they would have like six staff on one student and it was to the point it's way out of hand. maybe if you need that many staff, maybe you need police to be call. sometimes they would hold them down 3 to 4 hours, switching out staff. >> reporter: in the video you can see an aide throw what is paper clips at the boy. at times aides have seen other staffers instigate them.
8:52 pm
>> maybe get them going to pin them down. >> reporter: not all the aides left voluntarily. >> i rarely contained students. i was called into the office and they said, surely you can't be doing your job if you don't ever contain a student. >> reporter: the director chose not to be interviewed but instead released a statement. "my life is to increase the access for students that need our care and others here have the same goal. staff must complete the training by a certified trainer which is approved by the california department of
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education. ". >> reporter: they added that to strength and security are on going and resolute. >> we go further into that school tonight at 10:00. >> well certainly a nice day at the bay, but let's be honest, -- >> those are dangerous words jr. >> well, most of us were keeping an eye on the game. >> we have got the beautiful weather outside and the game. maybe some folks are heading home after the great game. the high pressure is building in and the temperatures are still very mild and mid 70s into the san jose, still 81 in
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concord. the sea breeze is blowing around a little bit. maybe a couple of patches of fog out there on the coastline. we'll see some showers tomorrow by the sierras. 85 in santa clara and 79 in mountain view. temperatures on the warm side here. 73 in al alameda. 84 in walnut creek. ifif you like the cooler temperatures we have the 70s and 80s tomorrow. looking out over the next couple of days we'll see the
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hot weather and cooling down a little bit on wednesday and thursday. back to you guys. well we have a official list of the best wines all under $20. >> we have one here from california, ranking fourth is the bell ambien. >> two bottles from portugal and they're considering crisp and light flavors and you can check out the full list on >> you love that story don't you? well partnerships with the u.s.o. and they're rolling out the theme, i'm proud to be american, cans. they're in the nations colors
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red white and blue and will be in stores over the holiday. they also promote the campaign to connect. the group is trying to get 1 million messages for support of the armed forces. those messages can be sent online at well i know that everyone is preoccupied with the game but it was very exciting and i'm so excited for monday too. >> and we have clips here we'll just let play out. >> there's nothing like seeing the other team in on oklahoma city, with their heads hanging low and our head hanging high. and lawrence you were glued
8:57 pm
back there right? >> [ laughter ] right and what a better way to celebrate on monday night. >> i know what i'm doing, don't call me. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 =
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this memorial day weekend, news on nottest summer movies with "alice through the looking glass" star johnny depp's divorce. shocking photos of ex amber heard's bruised face. did he hit her? the attack she says happened behind closed doors. then -- >> people are excited about the film. >> people are freaking out. >> 'tis the season for explosion, hot bodies, and big box office battles. >> you had some major bruises. born, bad moms, x-men apocalypse. >> if it were the apocalypse tomorrow, ooh, i'd take this dress up. >> who are you going to call? >> ghostbusters. >> only "e.t." is on the set of "ghostbusters." the cameo, the cadillac, the


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