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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 2, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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we're learning this uc berkeley student is one of the victims. good evening, i'm jay stone. justine waldman is off tonight. the bangladesh prime minister declared two days' of mourning after 20 captives and two police officers were killed in hostage situation that lasted for hours. in the end police rescued 13 captives and killed six attackers. one was captured alive and we begin our coverage with scott mcclenen-the interests were packed with polir a hostage situation inside an upscale cafe. the siege ended with 13 hostages saved, but 20 others dead at the restaurant. some victims managed to dodge bullet and escape. >> they were shooting in the air. they didn't shoot to hit anyone, just to create fear and later the guests were all laying on the ground under the
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chairs and tables and we escaped in whichever save way we could. authorities say two officers were also killed during the siege that isis would later claim responsibility for. the bangladesh prime minister condemned the attacks. >> we don't want these terrorists in bangladesh. this type of situation is the first type of this situation. what they did here was a very heinous act. the former u.s. ambassador to bangladesh believes that the targeting the foreigners was intentional and they view their action as justified. >> the message this they are sending to the people of bangladesh is look, we're good museums and we don't kill good muslims and the second was to the government of bangladesh, it can't protect citizens of other countries within its own the tonight. a uc berkeley student was one of the victims shot and
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killed in the attack. kron aleesha reid joins us live. how are the students dealing with are? >> reporter: jr, word is spreading across campus and it's a tough time for students. she was in her second-year at uc berkeley:people in the uc berkeley campus are mourning one of their own, tarrisha jayne was inside a bakery down when a group of men stormed in, took hostages and had a 10-hour long standoff with police. >> it's unfortunate. she became a victim of that kind of violence and in any wahkiak life you never know what may happen to you. so you have to treat, you know, every day like it could be the last and just enjoy yourself every moment, you know? and just cherish the days that you do. authorities were able to kill six of the gunmen and free the
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surviving hostages. jain wasn't new to bangladesh and, in fact, the indian national completed high school in dhaka before studying at u.s. berkeley and the chancellor has been in contact with the family to provide assistance in any way that they can and that the school is working closely with other students currently in dhaka to assist them in staying safe. here at home, people on campus are keeping all of the victims in their prayers. >> different attacks on people regardless of, you know, age or who they are, just like innocent civilians is really horrible. the school is offering counseling for students, faculty and staff. a memorial is also being planned for jain. >> j four days after the suicide bombing tacks in turkey, 52 people are still being treated in hospitals, 20 are in intensive care. the bombing initzan ball ataturk airline
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airport, one of the world's busiest killed at least 54 people and turkish authorities have can detained people in raids in several istanbul neighborhoods with possible connections to the attack. it was carried out by three suicide bombers armed with assault rifes and close joy of and they are focused on a czechech extremist with issis ties. memberships have doubledded in a nationwide lgbt progun right organization. pink pistols has grown from roughly 1500 members to over 4,000 strong. pink pistol members say the organization encourages legal use of firearms for self- defense against individuals who fear or dislike the lgbt community. pink pistols president says he even owns a semi-automatic rifle, similar to the weapon
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that the orlando nightclub shooter, omar mateen used in the historic massacre, two of the pink pistol chapters are in san francisco and san josi. holocaust survivor and nobel peace prize winner elie wiesel has died. today the israeli prime minister announced wiesel's death "known for writing dozens of books including "night "about his experience in auschwitz. he was freed in 1945, but his mother, father and sister died at the handful of nazis. wiesel taught others about the horrors of the holocaust and was a leading advocate for human rights. wiesel was 87 years old. the israeli prime minister released a statement a short time ago saying, "the state of israel and the jewish people express sorrow over the death of elie wiesel, a master of worlds gave expression to the victory of the human spirit over cruelty and evil with his
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unusual personality and captivating stories." . well presumptive democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton was interviewed today by the fbi. it focused on her use of private e-mail server while she was secretary of state, but will anything actually come out of this interview? chris frates with our partners at cnn with the impact it could have on the race for the white house. >> reporter: hillary clinton came to fbi headquarters behind me on saturday, to sit for a 3-and-a- half hour interview with federal officials who are investigating the use of her priority of e-mail serve are. clinton campaign tut putting out a statement that read," secretary clinton gave a voluntary interview about her e- mail arrangements while secretary and she is pleased to have the opportunity to assist the department of justice to bring this review to a conclusion out of respect for the investigative process, she will not comment further on her interview." that was from spokesman, but what we do know, this is say
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routine part of the investigation. hillary clinton's aides have been brought in and talked to the fbi. this is part of what happens at the end of an investigation, when the fbi brings in the subject for an interview. in fact, sources telling cnn that right now there is not enough evidence to charge hillary clinton with any crimes and barring any big game chainers in the interview today, they don't expect that there will be any charges brought against hillary clinton and they may announce that in the next few weeks. that would be welcome news to the clinton campaign and democrats who want to put this issue off the table before the democratic convention in three weeks. republicans continue to hit hillary clinton on this issue, and in fact, donald trump tweeted this on saturday, he said, "it's impossible for the fbi not to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. what she did was wrong, what bill did was stupid." donald trump talking about bill clinton meeting with
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loretta lynch at tarmac to have a social call with loretta lynch and came under huge criticism for that as the attorney general loretta lynch is overseeing this investigation. but certainly republicans are going to continue to hit hillary clinton on this, no matter what the outcome of this fbi investigation is. chris fratess cnn washington. fallout tonight from the police sex scandal that kron 4 broke last month. we have learned two officers from the richmond police department have been reassigned. the city's mayor made the announcement today. one of the officers implicated will no longer serve as manager of the youth and special service division. the other is no longer the school resource officer. now as we have been reporting the scandal started with the oakland police department, but the self-proclaimed call-girl at the center of has through text messages that other officers from other lawsuit agencies are involved. a water-main break in pleasant hill has an entire
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block closed off in one direction. most of the businesses in the thick of the flood welcome closed today. the break happened on contra costa bloomfield near gregory lane. cures are hoping to get things taken care in final tonight holiday. kron 4's spencer blake with teil details:00 it looked like a natural disaster. rising water gushing inches deep along contra costa boulevard friday night. some people even thought it was a sinkhole. but early this morning, water crews figured out the problem, a cracked water main underneath the street. >> when the break happened, the amount of water that is going in and mixing with the sand and the rocks and soil that are underneath the pavement, that will cause the pavement to rise. and then mud and the rock will come out underneath the pavement, and that is what you see out on the street. >> reporter: this afternoon mud caked the streets, sidewalk and parking lot in this strip mall. the owner of the fast and ezmart says today has been hard
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and not only are they without water, but a lot of customers didn't realize his store is open. >> no, i had to park all the way around there. >> reporter: meanwhile crews have making quick work of the problem. earlier today crews were getting through the cracked part of that main. right now they are starting to put in the brand-new sections about 10' of pipe. but even once the pipe is fix and the water is on, there is plenty more to do. >> there is some buckling that happened and that whole area will need to grind it down and repave. >> reporter: and then there is the clean-up. inches of mud that have to be pressure washed away and succeed up by some of the world's strongest vacuums. the city hopes that everything will be done by the end of the day tomorrow. in pleasant hill, spencer blake, kron 4 news. thank you, spencer. the in the south bay a man was busted for creative attempt breaking into a
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change machine. milpitas police say customers heard banging noises behind the machinery and called police. they found 36-year-old hemmingen hiding and carve a hole no get to the machine. however, he was unable to bust in and get the money. hemmingen, who is on parole now faces burglary charges for this attempted heist. well, california fish and wildlife officials joined forces with police to capture a mountain lion. the call came in yesterday morning reported a big cat was in a tree at a home in oroville. there were several attempts to tranquilize that animal, but it kept moving away make its way to a nearby backyard where officials are able to capture the feisty animal. officials say the cat is estimated at 70 pounds and had the ability to seriously hurt nearby neighbors. >> hearing our efforts to capture this thing, there were people out of out of houses and people on streets and this thing could have taken a bad
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turn and luckily, it didn't. >> glad they did it and nobody was hurt. >> police say the mountain lion has been tagged and collared and release back into the wild. the latest on a northern california that has already destroyed thousands of acres. also we talked with someone who is rumored to be a possible vice president candidates for hillary clinton and some funny moments in aspen colorado and what vice president joe biden had to say
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firefighters say containment. trailhead fire remains at 12%. but the size has grown to over 3200 acres. the trailhead fire is burning in the placer and el dorado counties of northern california. and it's threatening more than 2500 buildings in the area. see the flames here. crews have been dealing with high temperatures, and strong winds since tuesday. nearly 2,000 firefighters are battling these flames. many local bay area departments are helping, too. the rugged terrain is forcing fire crews to rely heavily on air support. no far to builds having been burned and no word on what caused the fire to start. the deer fire in southern california just southeast of bakersfield has grown to over 1800 acres and is 20 percent contained. the brush fire is threatening as many as 300 buildings and
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evacuations have been advised for residents in the area. officials have opened the local middle school as an evacuation center. over 300 fire officials are fighting the flames on the ground and from the air. that fire broke out yesterday. hi i'm meteorologist larynkarnow notice kron 4 weather center and we have clouds moving back in tonight a couple of patches [ unidentified speaker ] sneaking inside the bay and seeing more of that over the next couple of days. today's highs came do you know just a bit. it is still on the warm side inland, 89 degrees in livermore, 6and cool though in san francisco and that fog rolling in late in the day, and the winds really helping to cool those temperatures down. 81 in santa rosa and 81 degrees in san josi. out the door oright now we have mild numbers into san jose at 74 degrees, 61 as you make your way into oakland, 69 degrees in concord and north bay temperatures running generally into the 60s, 68 in fairfield, but we have got some changes on
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the way. low cloud and fog will return overnight tonight and thick enough we may see drizzle especially along the coastline. tomorrow we're starting with low clouds and fog bimming mostly sunny by the afternoon. hey, we have got the 4th of july coming up, a very important forecast and skies becoming mostly sunny and we'll have to contend with low clouds and fog how to. here we go on the big- picture, high pressure kind of backing out of way and little trough along the coastline bringing fog along the coast. thunderstorms in the sierra- nevada and computer models picking you more fog along the coastline tomorrow and looks like into the 4th of july, finger of fog lingering around 8:00 in the evening. fog lingering there and i think it will be a factor heading into the 4th of july overnight tonight, in the bay some of the coastal valley as well and see that beginning to break up towards the afternoon, but still the temperatures are going to be down a bit. plan on 60s towards san
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francisco and daly city and warmer as you make your way inside the peninsula. south bay temperatures will be warming up quite a bit, aseeing 80s soldiers san josi 83? santa clara and 85 in cupertino. 87 degrees in livermore and 82 in concord. maybe 90 degrees in brentwood tomorrow and 71 degrees in fremont. further north we'll see sunshine in the afternoon and plan on temperatures in the 60s and 70s. inland areas in the 80s getting close to 90 degrees in vacaville. as we look towards the next couple of days we'll see a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. foggy conditions in the morning hours. temperaturings cooling off through wednesday, jr. . well with the democratic national convention just weeks away, hillary clinton appears to be close to picking her running mate. kron 4's
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national correspondent jim osmond to spoke to someone who could be on ticket. >> i'm here today, because i'm with her. >> reporter: hillary clinton does have a hort-list for vp or what her campaign has leaked to reporters. mount pleasant senator elizabeth warren, elaine castro and brown and virginia senate tim kaine who spoke to us one- on-one. >> i was vetted in 198and i feel the same way, i love being netanyahu and i hope to be here for a very long time and i will do all i can to help hillary rodham clinton win in virginia. >> kaine was said to be the second choice for vp and currentlily senator prings a treasure trove of experience that could help in an important swing state, such as virginia. >> in clinton wants to woo the left, she want choose brown. >> have you been vetted yet? >> i'm gotting to do engage in speculation, sorry. >> senator brown did stop and take our questions and hey,
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listen, joe biden even demurred before president obama picked him as vice president. as for the list of potential vps for hillary clinton, there may be other names out there that the campaign has not released. sea, for example, former maryland governor martin o'malley. chief national correspondent. days before he campaigns with hillary clinton, vice president joe biden was at the annual innocent institute festival in colorado. he joked about the perks of the vp jock and teasing a potential republican vp returning mate for trump. newt gingrich was in the audience and isaacson calls him eye nuttie, are you going to do it? [ laughter ]. >> the question was should i -- should he be vice president?
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i tell him, anyway, it's a helluva job. get a big pay raise. it's all worth it. >> the vice president will join democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton to campaign next thursday. most prominently in pence has a home state and where clinton's father grew up. well next on kron 4 news at 8:004th of july can be loud and exciting, but also dangerous forour pets and what you need to know about keeping them safe? several stations are closed for repairs. we'll explain later in the show.
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well, fireworks can be fun, but they can be very frightening to pets. dogs can get scared and run-off and injure themselves trying to
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escape the noise. kron 4 terisa estacio with steps to keep your who family including pets it safe this holiday. for shpets the crackle and pop of fireworks can be like being in a war-zone. >> their hearing is way for sensitive than ours and they are hearing tones above and below the ranges that we hear. so these noises are what they feel are life-threatening noises to them. >> reporter: doctor sandy block is he one year she had had to treat a dog who ran through a sliding glass door. >> it can be horrible. >> reporter: but the good news is that you can take some steps to take care of your frightened four- legged family member, for starters, turn the radio or the tv on. give them their favorite toy to keep them calm and try not to be nervous yourself, because they will feel that. you can put cotton in their earses along as you remember to take it out. >> reporter: giving your dog a lot of exercise is a great way to help
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them outlater in the evening and then there are toys and treats. >> if all else fails we do have medication. >> reporter: in very severe cases dr. block says new medicine on the market can help. >> brand-new medication that is on the market in the last month that is terrifically for formulated for this. so we're really excited to use this year. >> reporter: she says this is one of their busiest times of year with dogs that get freaked out packing their facilitys. >> it's important that your dog is identified, microchip ideally in case they get out of their collar, but should have their collar on with their tags. i think the big thing is to keep them as calm as can you. if you know your dog has this, don't believe them alone. they showdown be left alone. they are scared. >> in scan ramon terisa ehasho. >> our coverage starts at 9:00 p.m. and live along the embarcadero in san francisco, as with well
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as other locations throughout the bay area. well, coming up at 8:30, if you plan to take bart to go and watch fireworks this weekend you may want to reconsider. there are several station closures due to repair work and we'll tell you which runs. and if you plan on setting off fireworks this weekend, listen up, fire department has a message for you. live coming up.
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no trains will be running through the south hayward, union city and fremont stations, bart is doing repair and maintenance work all through the 3-day weekend. there will be free bus service between those stations. bart says people should expect delays. service will be restored though those stations on tuesday. well, still ahead it's the time of the year to celebrate, but every year dozens are
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injured setting off fireworks and more ton this year's warnings five are dead and after a nasty wreck in florida. and supreme court justices are on in summer recess, but we'll look at some of the landmark decisions that they made this year. s can
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this is the bay area as you news station. kron 4 news continues now. well, the 4th of july is just two days away and pacificca is among the few cities in the bay area following safe and sane fireworks, and designated places where they can be set off. live in pacifica, where conservationists are reminding people to keep the beaches clean. >> reporter: that is right, jr, after every busy day the beaches are often left a mess, especially after the 4th of july fireworks are
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the main culprit. so remember, whatever you buy, just remember to throw that stuff away after lighting the fireworks up. >> see this has been in the water and we find a lot of toothbrushes believe it or not and a lot of bottle caps it's like a second home for linda adams the president of the beach coalition and adams and dozens of others in the organization routinely walk the sand, picking up the trash and keeping it out of water. now ahead of the 4th of july, a reminder to people who plan on visiting the beach monday to throw your trash away, and pick up after others, if need-be. >> think about the fish. and anything that any debris that they leave behind would go into the ocean and kill fish. make sure you are safe and leave no litter behind. >> reporter: there are several firework stands along highway 101 and they are business and open to close. what is sold here is considered safe and sane, and anything else is illegal.
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if you are caught with illegal fireworks could you face a fine and possibly spend up to one year in jail. just make sure you follow the rule and only light the fireworks in the designated areas. >> the safe and sane fireworks are allowed in the beach at linda mar between the restroom that is behind you, and to talkf taco bell. it's marked here. is there is marks on the beach. also, there are two parking lots that are open to fireworks. one is on the other side of taco bell, and there is one at rockaway called the south lot, that is available, and people can go there in the parking lots to do fireworks. >> reporter: the proceeds collected from this booth will go to the pacifica united soccer club. they close at 8:00 tonight, but they re-open at the 8:00 in the morning tomorrow as well as monday. live in pacifica tonight, philel djegal kron 4 news.
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governor brown signed a bill allowing permanent housing for the homeless. the $2 billion spending plan will help those battling a mental illness and senate democrats say it will improve the lives of homeless. under the measures counties are obligated to provide services with those housed with state aid. more than 29,000 homeless in people in california are a mental illness. well, at least five people were killed in a fireiv highway crash in florida this morning. police a say semi-truck slammed into a bus and then both vehicles struck a power line and burst into flames near tallahassee. at least 24 people were injured including seven in critical condition. first responds ares he had to shut off power in the area to fight the flames. the bus was transporting migrant workers from haiti, who were headed to work. supreme court left this
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week for a 3-month summer recess. it spent the year mirrored in police controversy, but found time to make landmark decisions. kron 4 national correspondent chance seals breaked down how the the they stacked up. >> reporter: this fished anyway flurry of big decisions. with only eight justices left following the death of antonin scalia a 4-4 court deadlock on immigration, effectively killing president obama's program to safeguard up to 5 million illegal immigrants. and a 5-34 majority struck down a texas law that forced at least half of the state's abortion clinics to close, calling it an undue burden on women. >> you don't mess with texas women. >> reporter: a 4-3 split alone the lone star stake to continue race- conscious admissions program and ruled that misdemeanor-
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level domestic abysses abusers and making future corruption cases harder to prosecute. the sudden death of antonin scalia rock the court in february, jeopardizing several cases that once looks like conservative slam-dunks. >> today i am nominating chief judge merrick garland to join the supreme court. but the nomination of garland to replace scalia is still on ice. >> so this vacancy will not be filled this year. >> most senate republics still refuse to meet the d.c. circuit judge must less confirm him saying they are waiting for a new president in january. reporting in washington, i'm chance seals. >> well, more to come on kron 4 news at 8:00 ever thought of zip lining through a major metropolitan area? it's happening in one city and we'll show you where later in the show. >> listen up, parents in the east bay, there is a non-profit
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program helping to teach teenagers how to cope. their workshops are low-cost and in some cases, free, that is coming up on kron 4 news. and fog and low clouds starting to rogg roll back into the bay area and we have the 4th of july forecast coming up in a few minutes
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well a violent storm has torn through parts of new york, leaving behind a big mess. residents of the schenectady area now have no choice, but to spend part of their 4th of july weekend cleaning up. eyewitnesses say one after another that is trees that is, ripped from the ground, some falling on to homes. strong winds took down dozens of power lines, that landed right into the famous central park. residents say when they woke up this morning, they barely recognized their own neighborhood. >> the hail was coming down with the rain and wind and i
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saw my garbage can go flying past me and i went inside the house, came back outside, and all of this had happened. >> homeowners weren't the only ones busy cleaning up today. police say they asked tourists to stay away from central park, so crews could clean up the storm damage there. joined by meteorologist lawrence karnow and lawrence, you are the man of the hour all eyes are on you. >> put the pressure on me [ laughter ]. >> do we have to go out of city to see fireworks this year or what? >> it's always about the fog on the 4th of july and is that cloud deck going to be low or note? it's going to be tough to see the fireworks as you get inside the bay pier 39. but i have good news. i think the fog is going to start to lift a bit and right now temperatures outside, 63 degrees in san francisco, still 72 and comfortable in livermore and 70 in san josi and 71 degrees in concord.
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as we look towards tonight, low clouds and fog surging back into the bay and some of the coastal areas as well. tomorrow, waking up to some clouds early on, giving way to mostly sunny skies, except some lingering clouds along the coastline. for your 4th of july it will become mostly sunny after patchy morning fog and in the evening hours again the fog and low clouds will surge through the golden gate once again. what is interesting though, we have a trough of low pressure that is beginning to carve itself out along the west coast. that is giving rise to some thunderstorms in the sierra- nevada and fog along the coastline. that starts to deepen and that means the base of the colors on 4th of july are going to come up a bit and that is good news if you want to see the fireworks. we'll see the low clouds and fog overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning and through the day, lingering along the coastline and that will keep the temperatures down near the beaches. high of 63 degrees in san francisco and 63 also in daly city. about 61 degrees in half moon bay and inside the bay you will
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see 70s towards san mateo and further to the south, 7878 degrees in sunvelle and temperatures in the 80 ns most of the south bay. 83 degrees in san josi and 83 in santa clara. east bay numbers will be on the warm side 897 degrees in livermore and 75 degrees in hayward. further inland, maybe as high as 90 in brentwood tomorrow afternoon. temperatures in the north bay in the 70s for the most part towards santa rosa and further inland, 89 degrees in vacaville and 83 in fairfield. the next few days we'll see high pressure give way here, that means that temperatures will cool down, but that is good news for the 4th of july. yes, we'll have to contend with the fog, but looks like on the 4th of july we should have a nice good 4th of jewel firework forecast. temperatures cool in the upper 50s jr. >> fingers crossed. morph to come on kron 4 news at
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8:00 great white encounters usually happen in the west coast and "usually iowa is the word and more on the great white encounter off the jersey coast
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now time for the kron 4 tech report with gabe slate. east bay non-profit is doing its part to change the diversity in balance, plaguing sarah palin silicon valley and the tech workforce and giving the kids the hoy tech training that they need to find a good job. technology reporter gabe slate met up with black girls code a program that teaches minority kids and teenagers cooing skills through workshops and camps. >> my favorite place is design, because i like to make stuff loo good and i like to go over the codes. the code is kind of hard, but it's easier when you keep coming. you have to keep come back to
8:46 pm
learn more. she is 12-year-old and i was wish i was like her at 12 and she knows what she wants to do and getting the skills to happen. >> i wanted to work at google for a long time. so i definitely want to pursue this job, or any other company or start my own. >> reporter: black girls code has given her the confidence and self-esteem to pursue the kind of job currently dominate by white and asian males. >> if you struggle, they will help you and eventually you figure it out. >> a lot of times parents say their girls are shy and don't talk at school and it's a safe space where they have other techies. we are really encouraging girls of color to take the move from consumer to creators of technology. everything from workshops with robots to building a game in a day to mobile apps. >> reporter: if you have a kid or teenager in mind, in between the ages of 7 and 17, that you think would be interested in this program, and learn how to code, here is how do that. >> we're workshop-based
8:47 pm
organization. so we host saturday workshops in addition, to summer camps in certain cities. our workshops have a nominal fee will $35 per workshop per a day and summer camp fees vary. we offer scholarship areas and sponsorship and understand that the needs of some families and we do for each workshop provide a certain amount of scholarships. ghraib for information on how to get your kids coding through this program, or if you are interested in donating to this non-profit, just visit gabe's tech page on our web page at or our mobile app and you can add him only facebook, follow him on twitter or e-mail slate@kron 4dome. >> it you are baking this july 4th weekend, check your flourish. general mills is expanding its recall of certain flours following an ongoing outbreak of illnesses relate to the
8:48 pm
strain of the deadly e.coli bacteria. 10 million pounds of flour is being recalled and includes general mill, gold medal, signature, signature kitchens and wand raw brands, federal health officials say tainted flour is the likely source of 42 illnesses in 21 state and general mills says the expanded recall is prompt by a new illness that appears to come from consuming raw dough or batter link to the flour. big boost for angel island to tell the stories of struggles and successes of early pacific immigrants coming to marker. governor brown's new budget gives almost $3 million to finish restoring the pacific coast immigration center. the funding will help the foundation preserve the area's history of immigration and for the public, help open a state- of-the-art exhibit to tell the history of the first asian- pacific immigrants to this country y. a 20-year-old man
8:49 pm
was arrest after refusing to climb down a roof in southern california, martinez was taken into police custody after officers helped himself get down. you see him up, there just sitting around? start as routine 5:00 a.m. friday when martinez reported jumping on people's roofs. martinez was on top of one roof for six-and-a-half hours before officers eventually got him down. there you see him again. one homeowner says she had no idea what was going on. >> i just thought maybe it was something going on my roof and thought it was a cat at first and then it was a loud thump. so my husband got up and just checks it out and he did see somebody up there. so i called 911 right away. >> the incident police had a felony warranty out for martinez' arrest for domestic violence. they took him to a hospital for treatment and booked him in jail. he is charged with domestic violence along with new charges of trespassing and resist ing arrest in indyes, california.
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>> the natey's elite blue angels are returning to the skies at the national cherry festival in travers city, michigan. physician their first show since captain kuss caskilled during a practice in tennessee. the investigation continues and the blue angels wrap up their season after the michigan air show with performances in indiana and florida. the concept of zip-lining going urban and sliding along the side of a skyscraper in the heart of los angeles a thousand neat above the ground. our partners at cnn was brave enough to try it out. whoo! a new thrill meant to entice you into the heart of downtown los angeles. it's a ride suspended nearly
8:51 pm
1,000' in the sky. >> see you down there -- whoa. >> welcome to the sky slide. 70 floors up, 45' long, and affix to the side of the tallest building west of the mississippi. >> we're standing on the 69th floor, and we're on an outdoor terrace. the slide actually transports people from inside the 70th floor to the outside of the 69th floor. >> i didn't want to do it, but -- oh, lord, i made it! >> to get it in place took a helicopter and all hands on deck. >> we booked a fire department helicopter, and we airlifted the slide up to the terrace on the 69th floor. from there the process got even more complicated. it entailed a lot of geometry, and manual manipulation. there were no machines used in attaching the slide to the side of the building. >> for safety's sake glass is
8:52 pm
special 3-fly glass 1.a25" thick sustaining wind speeds up to 110 miles per hour they say and hold more than 10,000 pounds. but how did they test it? >> basically it was loaded uch the glass slide with a bunch of full sandbags. >> how much sand did you use? >> yes, it was in the magnitude of 10,000 pounds and i have been told we can hang two blue whales from the slide and they won't budge. >> reporter: oh, this is insane seriously, you can see to the bottom completely clear view. here i come [ laughter ]. that was actually fun. all right. it is worth it. it's fast. so we, and everybody else had to try it again and again, and again. this is suspended in the air
8:53 pm
above l.a. . time now for kron 4 sports. well, it's not often that we leave sports with tennis, but when the biggest news is from a san francisco guy at wimbledon, that is just what you got to do. sam querrey from san francisco taking on novak djokovic, the no. 1 player in the world. he can't handle querrey's serve. looking good. 4th set tie beaker and querrey with the hard forehand and it's going to be eventually just a bit too much for djokovic. then match point. we're seeing here long rally back and forth. djokovic send a forehand wide and that one would put it over. you will see it right there. 28-year-old querrey, who is from the bay area, wins this thing. querrey moved from san francisco to santa rosa with his family at the age of 7 and at that time he learned how to
8:54 pm
play tennis at lacantera racquet and swim club in santa rosa and talks about his win against the top player in the world. >> i mean, it's definitely the biggest one i had ever and it's been exciting, but i hope -- there is another match after this and hopefully i can keep it going and you know, make a quarterfinal which i have never done before, but to -- it doesn't really -- i think it's not career-defining, but it's really exciting. it's something that i will always get to have, which is great. >> time between los angeles and vegas, the 6'6 sam querrey advances to the fourth round and he takes on nicholas mahut out of france. >> turning our attention to nba basketball. all the news in the nba over the past 24 hours has been about kevin durant, the star forward for the oklahoma city. he is a free-agent this year as you watched some of the highlights. over the past two day's met
8:55 pm
with a slew of teams about sign auk reportly met with the warriors and steph curry and draymond green and klay thompson with all there and reportsolt l.a. he was blown away with his meeting with the los angeles clippers and reports out of boston, not only did he meet with the celtics, but patriot's quarterback tom brady was there as part of the effort to bring durant to boston. at this point no decision has been made. going into this free-agent report out of oklahoma was that durant was 90% certain he was resign with the thunder. take a look at, thises r a shark sighting, but not just any shark. >> it's a white -- it's a white shark. >> it is. >> a great white shark turns out it was a juvenile feeding off of an enormous school of bait fish in a reef three miles off the new jersey shore because the fishing family was the first to spot the almost grate while and got to name it
8:56 pm
-- those are the rues of the massachusetts shark research program. what do you think they named it lawrence, any guesses here? >> whitey. >> monstro, no, they named it carlos. >> of course they did. that makes perfect sense. take a listen. >> he is white shark. he is a white -- he is a white shark. >> it's a white shark. oh, my gosh. >> why do we keep hearing that sound? i thought they were going to say why they picked carlos? nevertheless man of the hour meteorologist lawrence karnow, now i'm even more worried after seeing your forecast about the possible fog. >> the fog is going to be a factor. i don't think there is any getting around it and just how high the fog base will be -- it will lift a little bit and we'll see fog over the next couple of days, night and morning hours and 4th of july, i think we're going to have to contend with fog into the bay but we'll see a lot of clear sighs in the interior valleys and should be a nice 4 4th of
8:57 pm
july and temperatures mild. >> fingers crossing and thanks for joining us this,000. we'll be back at 10:00. i pinky promised my little girl a fabulous
8:58 pm
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♪ >> fourth of july flashbacks special. >> ho ho ho. >> i look like my younger brother. >> big tv reunions from home improvement and that 70s show and ashton kutcher and danny master son both grown up and raising baby girls. >> but the wonder years winnie cooper. >> could you ever have a wonder years reunion? >> and is a friday night lights reboot in the works? >> who's in charge here? >> then i'm returning with my all my children co-star susan lucci, watching our bedroom scenes. awkward. >> good awkward. >> and throw backs zek aids later. >> you used to be the object of every man's -- >> stacey dash's stories f


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