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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  July 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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now at 11, terror in bangladesh. isis claims responsibility for a deadly siege the cafi. tonight we're learning this uc berkeley student is one of the victims. kron4 visited the campus today and tells us how students are dealing with the loss. >> reporter: people on the
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campus are mourning one of their own. tarushi jain is one of the hostages killed. he was inside a bakery downtown when a group of men stormed in. took hostages. and had a 10 hour standoff with police. >> it's unfortunate that in any walk of life you go out and never know what may happen to you. you have to treat every day like it could be your last and enjoy yourself every moment. and cherish the days you have. >> reporter: authorities were able to kill 6 of the gunman and 3 of the surviving hostages. tarushi jain wasn't new to bangladesh. in fact the chancellor has been in contact with her family to provide assistance anyway they can. and they are working with students currently in bangladesh
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to keep them safe. >> different attacks on people regardless of age or who they are. innocent civilians. >> reporter: the school is offering counseling for students, faculty and staff. a memorial is also being planned for trent 26. -- . fallout from the police scandal. to police officers have been reassigned. one of the officers implicated will no longer serve as manager of the youth and special service division. the other is no longer the school resource officer. we have been reporting the scandal started with the oakland police department, with a self-proclaimed salt -- call girl the center of it is revealing to text messages that
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other officers from other agencies are involved. staying in the east bay, a water line break in pleasant hill. some businesses and roadways are left underwater. >> reporter: in pleasant hill an entire block is closed off after a water main break from last night. it happened at 9 pm. southbound traffic between woodworth and gregory is completely blocked off. it sent water gushing into a strip mall. mud all over a parking lot. the district says they hope to have it fixed, cleaned up and cleared up by tomorrow. fire crews in el dorado and potter county are working to contain a wildfire that has been raging since tuesday. officials say the trailhead higher northeast of sacramento has also -- has already earned 3200 acres. tonight it's threatening nearly 3000 homes.
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>> we are concerned for our friends. back mandatory evacuations are in place in parts of placer and el dorado counties. as well as voluntary evacuations in other areas. the rugged terrain is forcing fire clues -- fire crews to rely heavily on air support. it's 12% contained in the area has no structures damaged and no word on what caused the fire. another major wildfire in central california is threatening up to 300 homes in a gated community. fire officials say the deer fire again yesterday afternoon and has grown up to nearly 3 mi.2. firefighters are focused on keeping the fire from climbing over a ridge and potentially threatening and dozen homes in the bear valley spring. officials say the fire is torching an art -- a large
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number of dead trees caused by the four-year drought. there is 0% contained in. the story of the night, maybe the solution is to watch fireworks -- >> head further inland. the fog is very thick outside. look at the golden gate. we're hoping on monday that lifts. it's great toward the beaches. likely some drizzle overnight along the coast line. the fog returns for tonight. tomorrow mostly sunny after patchy morning fog. on the fourth of july we start out with fog which begins to break up in the afternoon and comes back onshore as we head into the evening. let's see if we can time it out. low clouds and fog along the coast line. hanging out toward the beaches the better part of the day. as we take you into the fourth of july, you can see the fog along the coast line. for the evening hours, around
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forecast, you get the fog and low clouds moving back onshore. we're not going to be fog free, pick and choose where you want to go. temperatures for tomorrow in the 80s. 60s along the coast line. over the next couple of days the temperatures will be cooling down to below average. the fog along the coastline will be cool and breezy and expect some of it inside the bay. the fourth of july is 2 days away. pacifica is among the few cities in the bay area allowing safe and sane fireworks. there are a few designated spots on the near the beaches were fireworks can be set off. phillippe djegal brings us more. >> reporter: crystalline the rest of her family are counting down to spending the fourth of july on the beach. the experience is like none other they say. >> we were here last year and it's amazing.
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nonstop fireworks. >> reporter: independence day along the water has become a family tradition. the hope is that everyone decides to visit the beach does so responsibly. especially well shooting off fireworks. >> we are in the beach area but it's still dry. there are a lot of children. it's important to make sure everyone is protected. i lynn says that means keeping the sand at beaches claim. >> it's important to bring in extra bag and picked up as you come off the beach. >> reporter: she is president of the pacifica beach coalition. it's important to be mindful of the fish and animals. >> a lot of times the sand toys get broken and get left behind. small pieces, those in to be taken back. >> reporter: there are several fireworks stand along highway 1 and they are busy open the close. what is considered safe and sane, anything else is illegal.
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if you're comes illegal fireworks it could face a fine and possibly spend up to one year in jail. make sure you follow the rules and only light the fireworks in the designated areas. >> safe and sane fireworks are allowed in the beach between the restrooms behind you and to talk about. and it is marked. also there are 2 parking lots in pacifica that are open to fireworks. one is on the other side of taco bell. it's called the pump parking lot. there is a south lot as well. people can go there to do fireworks. >> reporter: the proceeds from the fireworks booth like this one goes to specific organizations, this one that pacifica united soccer club. they will reopen at 8 pm on sunday. don't forget kron4 is bringing the fireworks show to your home. we will be live all over the
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bay area. fireworks shows from around the nation as america celebrates its 240th birthday. right here on kron4 starting at 9 pm on monday. we will be back into minutes with our last check of your holiday forecast. you're looking at a live look the bay bridge. it looks like traffic backups.
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we're talking about the holiday. no pressure. everyone is hanging on your word. >> you want to play it safe you head inland. maybe down toward san jose. anywhere away from the immediate coastline. it's a question of how long the death of clouds is going to be. it looks like it will be cooler through the middle of the week.
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>> music >> this is a look behind the scenes of a television station. >> kron 4 >> the back story >> the newscast >> day 26 >> justine: it's appalling. >> justine: it's just when i see the dog do this ... that it's scared. >> justine: it knows that something bad is about to happen. >> justine: and, it's fearful. >> justine: you just can't hit dogs and throw them on the ground. >> justine: unacceptable. >> justine: we need to either find the woman in the video. we need to find the person that took the video. or, we need to find the person that owns that dog. >> justine: and, that's what the humane society is looking for, they want to see if the


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