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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 18, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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to call me and tell me that. >> relationships are more important than punchlines, you know? >> a source close to kim tells me it was a last-second decision. first, here is how the feud started with taylor and kanye fighting back in february over lyric. infamous moment at the 2009 vma when kanye's song came taylor's spokesperson called the lyric inappropriate and saying, kanye did not call for approval. kim addressed taylor's version of events last night on "keeping up with t kardashians." i thought she knew about it. >> she did. she was acting like she didn't. > he have a recording there? >> for a documentary one day. >> the camera crew filmed him
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speaking to taylor and got their full conversation. >> i she got freaked out by the reaction. >> the phone call did not air on the episode but kim did leak a series of edited videos on snapchat. >> i want to make you feel good. it's very tongue and cheek. >> taylor fired back on social media writing, i wanted us to have a friendly relationship. you promised to play the song for me, but never did. >> where's the video of telling me he was going to call me "thatbitch" in his song? it doesn't exist because it never happened. >> she made it seem like she didn't know anything about the song and was outraged by the song. >> why would kim release the phone call? >> well, a source close the reality star tells us kim is fed up with taylor's actions an doesn't regret it, adding she is so upset, she was willing to
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risk a lawsuit over thematter. >> i'll do whatever to protect & my husband. >> well, b now we got bad blood. a whole lot of >> here is a question though, do you think this is going to hurt taylor's image? if you look at this, the twitter reaction from last night, i would say,yeah, it's put a dent. it already has. >> she is beginning to see the long-term effects of this. taylor has scores of fans. they areloyal. those that love aylor and they love taylor. >> they'll stick by her. pt makes you realize how much she thinks about her image. >> they all do. >> they all absolutely do. >> there is another big controversy tonight. this one involves last year's playboy playmate of the year danda dani mathers taking a photograph of somebody in a gym, body shaming them.
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>> that was wrong and what i meant to do. >> an unid woman in the locker room at the the caption "if i can't unsee this then you can't either. appalling? definitely." could mathers face criminal charges for it? s she might according to ghorria allred. >> essentially, if she filming someone and that person has not co it's a criminal act if there is sufficient evidence to prove it. >> this s not the type of person i am. dani unleashed a firestorm of criticism, including calling for her arrest for pri violation. this morning it had 26,000 signatures. the gym l.a. fitness took swift action against dani, banning her for life and reporting the incident to the lapd. >> the would also have a
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right to file a civil lawsuit. she could sue for invas of privacy. >> we've be liberal people. i love beautiful woman. >> that's mathers last year unveiling her playmate of the year cover us to. back then she was aware of her image. >> i need to be selective with what i do with my self branding and how i represent this brand playboy. >> while she apologized, calling it an accident, some thought she was just sorry f getting caught. she's been suspended from her on-air hosting job at a los angeles radio station and could face serious repercussions. >> if it's the first tooffense, up to six months in county jail and/or a fine up to $1,000. she needs o make it seriously. >> think before you snapchat. movie news, jennifer lopez went solo to the premiere of "ice
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age." jennifer lopez glowed on ice blue carpet. >> hi, jennifer! >> and continued send inspirational message from h new song with lynn miranda "love make the world go round." >> i feel the world needs that message right now. love is the answer, love is the key. that makes world a beautiful place and makes it goround. >> also making j. lo's world go round, her 8-year-old twins. >> this film deals with the empty nest looming. is that something you thought of? are you dreading? >> you think abou the minute they're born. oh, they are going to leave one day. >> let's do >> i love the "ice age" franchise. it's all about family. >> why we deal with the apocalypse like a normal family? >> the fifth installment out friday. >> i'm getting nauseous.
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>> it was his 6-y daughter lilly who stole the show. >> that was such an adorable red carpet moment. >> i said want tt come down? >> this is the first movie he's made lil is old enough to watch. "the big short" was beyond her grasp. >> you've got to meet the new youngsolo. >> he's 26 years old from los angeles and single. aldon is about to become insanely po >> sometimes i amaze even myself. p> aldon was first to audition for the part of young hans solo out of 3,000. screen test happened with chewbaca himself. >> i never acted with a wookie. it was amazing. we did the whole costume and everythingg
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>> you'll have to find that harrison ford swagger. >> laugh it up, fuzz ball. >> i thi he'll find it already. somebody else who has some swa is jon stewart. he is joining steven colbert to cover the run national convention. >> my hereby honor to launch and begin the 2016 republican national hunger games. >> decked out in red, white blue, colbert was shooting skits for "the show" airing live from new york city starting tonight. >> i'm not s to be up here. neither is donald trump. >> just make the jokes first. that's it. all you wa do is be the first guy to think of something. especially with the trump campaign. 24 hours later, he's going to say somebody totally different. >> this week about trump but hillary is not off the hook. colbert will continue to be live next week when democrats ta over philadelphia. >> the democratic convention might be easier to prep for.
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republicans don what's going to happen at the republican convention. >> the next two weeks include jeff daniels, allison janney. >> sir? i'm not saying you're commander in beef, you're very sexy but goldwyn, yes. >> that leads to "scandal." up next, i'm with meghan trainor as she kicks off her tour. >> you all ar seeing everything. >> backstage with the single star. how she is getting love life help from famous friends. >> where is my boyfriend? why can't you findhim? >> later,inside beyonce's world tour closet. >> that's so pretty. >> so good. we go inside a "bigbang" star's trekkie
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wouldn't want to be meghan trainor? she kicked off her u.s. t and the house is packed with fans singing along with everyhit. it's all about that face but about getti a big exclusive and all-access pa to join meghan backstage. >> y'all ready to have a good night? >> backstage meet and greet. yes, meg wearing a onesy. >> some of her fans get rea emotional. >> the last girl was a mess. here we go. this is our one opportunity to get an amazing selfie, okay? we'll lick our teeth and wipe these t and have the best smile we got. you ready? she's like,okay.
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>> meghan calls this the "untouchable" tour and living a dream. >> my security guard was like do you want me to come with you? no, dude i walk in there and i was swarmed. i was like, maybe i should have had you come with me. sorry. >> meghan, you are famous. you're on t cover of billboard magazine. >> it looks so good. >> isn't that cool? that billboard story made folks think she wouldn't be voting in the upcoming election. >> i'm here to clear it up. what's up? i to learn more about both parties. it's one of the biggest elections of all times and such a big deal. i figured out. i'm r ready to vote. >> and she is ready start looking for that dear future husband, double dating with her besty. >> where is my boyfriend? where is he? why can't you find him? >> what do you look for in a
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guy? >> i love a sweet, sweet guy. who is nice that will open the door for you and stuff. >> and he's got to download your music. >> he's got to know my songs. >> meghan once had a boyfriend who would not sp $1.29 to find out about "all thatbass." >> we've got another rare backstage lookahead. inside beyonce's dressing room, how do they those amazing costumes? >> why is this big bang star dressing up as captain kirk and mr.spock? hollywood's ultimate bromance, rande gerber tells us the craziest clooney story. >> we don't have helmets.
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♪ i see your true colors ♪ shining through ♪ i see your true colors
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♪ and that's why i love you ♪ so don't be afraid ♪ to let them show ♪ your true colors ♪ true colors ♪ true colors ♪ are beautiful a behind the s look at
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beyonce's formation tour fashion. >> the fashi designing this tour came from the movie. there was an antebellum feel the film. >> when you're the queen bee, you call the biggest designers from fashion houses. >> we what we like, what we didn't like, what we can phange and send it back to them and we decided which pieces we wanted made. >> it's not just beyonce who gets the royaltreatment. >> the girls don't wa come in one color. >> but the most iconic accessory to come out of th formation tour is the wide-rimmed hat one to >> nowhere in the world do they make these hats. this hat maker literally drove to mexico to buy a sombrero.
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>> her formation tour is in milan, italy and they got in retail therapy before the performance. no one lives a glam life more than amal and george clooney. th are always hanging out with rande gerber and crawford. >> we were shooting a movie in new york. i owned a bar at the ti he was coming in. we would have a couple of drinks at night. >> their bond began over drinks, but now he and the superstar are best friends, road trip buds. >> we et on the bikes and we go. >> and busin partners in a tequila company. it starts in these fields in mexico. >> they are big and like laysor blades. we are like, let's go through the fields. it will be so c
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george says, you're serious? we don't have helmets because there's no helmet laws. you really wa to do this? let's give it a shot. he's like, we are only going to have one shot. if we godown, we're done. there was a little bit of blood. not much. my arm. wasn't bad. >> do the wives feel about their antics? cindy can be hands-on with the business. >> we come up with ideas, i pass stuff by her >> is it safe to say when you and cindy and george and amal are on the town, casemigos is swelling? >> always. >> her oscar-winning husband turned into a master marketing hustler for the company. he is a walking billboard. walking the logo and talking tequila. >> happ hour somewhere. >> dollarsflying. >> he sits in all the creative meetings if we find out we are
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disagreeing on something, we'll usually have a drink and another and another, and at the end, we've agreed somehow. >> that will do it. that will do it. randy and cindy's two kids are also helping out the c they sit in on the social media meetings to give theiradvice. love that. >> no denying the impact of "star trek" and miayim bialik i feeling i >> she is channeling spock, captain kirk in watch magazine. >> i kn what kirk looks like from a collection of dozens of episodes. i'm a classic person. i'm a kirk person. i hope that doesn't lose me fans. i don't know how that works. >> this year the franchise is
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celebrating its 50th anniversary. >> my "star trek" is experience is mainly "star trek." i grew up in the '70s and i saw "the wrath of kahn" when i was a young child. it scare me so much i had to call my parents to pick meup. my most potent memory, sheer terror. >> how amazing she looks. there is ex "star trek" news. paramount announced a fourth movie is on the way. chris hemsworth will be back as captain kirk's father. >> a lot of people will be happy about that. this wednesday, kevin rasier willlbe official red carpet host as "star trek: beyond" kicks off comic-con. "e.t." takes you inside the comic-con chaos. with hollywood's hottest stars.
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fans losing their minds. star-struck celebs. we are in the middle of the madness with floor-to-ceiling coverage multiple platforms as it happens live. if you're not hanging with "e.t." you're not a part of the action. starting thursday. k" star?
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kevin frasier is playing poker in vegas with mat he'll be back tomorrow. i assume he will be back tomorrow. >> i'm betting on it. we have an exclusive look inside matt'porsche. >> he's back as jason bourne looking sharp on "gq" m how to look tough without ever having to throw a real punch. >> if the camera is in the right place, it looks like we know what w doing. >> honest, handsome and humble. he may just have a future in ba dancing. >> tough a hollywood actors try to pretend, they are danc
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