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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:16pm PDT

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taken. we can't just go to the store and buy a new one.>>reporter: on the neighborhood app, next door police released a picture of a white chevy pickup truck recently seen in the area. the burglars may have been driving it. schultz said neighbors have taken to the apt to warn others. >> the house on superior, regent, polaris, how many houses burglarized will it take before we aren't getting the patrols. >>reporter: police acknowledge an increase in residential burglaries. an officer talk to us on the phone was unaware. since the burglaries schultz has installed motion sensor cameras. he is still frustrated, worried and scared. >> we are still not feeling safe in our community. we are not getting word from
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our community leadership, the city council or the mayor.>>reporter: j.r. stone kron 4 news. police in richmond are offering $10,000. corey mattie was gunned down while she was riding her bicycle on 24th street and nevin earlier in the month. the suspect vehicle is a newer model white honda accord. mattie had no criminal history and the motive in her death is unclear. anyone with information is that to contact richmond police. still no arrest in the drive-by shooting in san jose, the victims were two brothers. tonight a roadside memorial grows outside a home on south eighth street where they were gunned down. police say last night a car rolled up opening fire. the brothers are arturo and
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michael ramirez. police will not confirm whether the shooting is gang-related. those are this 32nd and 33rd homicides surpassing all of your slow -- last year's. the san jose police are in crisis. >> the number of police patrolling the streets is at an all-time low.'s today officials met the chief of police and the police officers association. alesia read. >>reporter: street patrols are in dire straits. >> we are talking about over 340 10 hour shifts that need to be filled every single the -- week.>>reporter: the mayor doesn't believe the department will survive the next six months. officers are worn out working doubles and covering shifts on their days off.>> to have as many officers, it's not safe, the officers or the
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community.>>reporter: monday's meeting was the first step, the city manager, chief of police and police officers association are expected to talk over the next couple of days. the number one concern is safety for the community and safety for officers.>> the options are pulling detectives out of the detective bureau and the bureau of investigations, it's also pulling special operations officers out which incorporate our metro unit or our gang unit. we will fill the gaps.>>reporter: the department has it issues for years. >> the residence should not suffer. that is why we call for augmenting the police department with other agencies.>>reporter: the
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sheriff's department is understaffed right now, chp is also struggling. these are normally decisions the mayor can make with the police department. when the word emergency is introduced the city council can get involved to make changes. alecia reid kron 4 news. the self-described call girl who had relationships with bay area agencies said she is going to rehab. she met with haziq madyn and had a text conversation after allegations of oakland police officers in richmond firefighters having sexual relations with her. at the time she was a minor, she will be treated for sex edition and substance abuse, richmond will pay for some of the treatment. she believes it is good first or she can get away from what
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she describes as all the mess. she heads to rehab in florida after her 19th birthday. kron 4 was the first to break this story involving several bay area agencies. on our website we of an entire section dedicated to this ongoing scandal. our exclusive -- with celeste co-op's grandmother. it's all just a click away on in berkeley a little girl was hit by a car in this crosswalk in march is now getting ready to go back to school. she is still in physical therapy but starting to get around without a wheelchair. she will get a fire truck escort on the first day of school. the city council member has
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told her parents more than $300,000 has been set aside for safety improvements at the crosswalk where she was hit. spencer blake in berkeley kron 4 news. a bartender loses his finger after an angry patron bites it off. it happened here in san francisco's marina district. this is surveillance video of the suspect police say they are hoping someone will identify the man. it was back in july the suspect got mad at a closing time and attacked the bartender during a struggle he bit the man's ring finger off. he now must get a prosthetic. if this man looks familiar call the police. trip to throw -- bart is spending $2 million on improvements to keep their elevators like smelling -- from smelling like toilets. it will be coded and an epoxy that absorbs liquid. they are trying out a prototype at civic by putting a mister
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that sprays a bacteria enzyme meeting enzyme. cooler temperatures across the bay area as students head back to school.>> we have to get over to lawrence karnow he will tell us what's happening.
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what can we expect in the morning. >> a fast-moving day around the bay area. the high country had some thunderstorms and hail and lightning. that will settle down and we don't have to worry about that here. it was fascinating to see. we may see pop-up showers, this was quite a shower that moved way too late tahoe producing
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hail and very strong down drafts with heavy rain. those are fading away as the sun has set and it's losing energy. the low clouds and fog are sweeping back onshore and we will see more clouds overnight. it should break up and more sunshine tomorrow. in the week ahead it will feel like fall in the latter part of the week. temperatures 62 degrees in san francisco, 69 in oakland, 77 and san jose 86 in livermore and concorde. all these temperatures are slightly below average for this time of year. around the bay area now we are looking at 61 in mountain view, 61 in oakland and 58 in napa valley. high pressure will take care of us for another day or so. it will strengthen slightly warming the temperatures. in the central valley you are pushing near 100 degrees in
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fresno in bakersfield cooler on the coastline 65 and monterey bay. in the high country, no thunderstorms tomorrow just partly skies. the clouds will gather along our coastline overnight and push into the bay early on. overnight lows dropping down into the 40s in the north bay, a taste of things to come. i day we will find plenty of sunshine and the air quality is better. mid-80s toward livermore and concorde, 70s inside the bay 60s along the coastline, looking out the next couple of days we will heat up just slightly and then cooling back down. of fall feel towards the weekend. join us here tomorrow morning first things at 4 am. take us on the go wherever you go with on your smart phone. comfort food...
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♪[ music ] baby trapped underwater. >> how they saved little kennedy. >> saved our world. >> then zika virus panic. these pregnant moms refuse to leave their homes. >> i haven't been outside in three weeks. >> three weeks? >> and exclusive. leonardo dicaprio's car accident. then, it's war. donald trump vs. morning tv hosts. did he really just call her neurotic, and not very bright? and ryan lochte's apology tour. is it enough? >> i was highly intoxicated. >> the two major companies that just announced they


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