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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 25, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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dramatic details of the c=h=p officer who shot a suspect who allegedly hit him with his car. >>coulda been a lot worse >>whoosh >> steve:a bay area landlord facing criminal charges. what investigators say he did to get rid of rent- controlled tenants. >>whoosh >> steve:the baby boy abducted from a the sierra today. find out how the three day search came to an end. >>whoosh >> steve:and it was billed as the october surprise that would end hillary clinton's white house dream. then the space aliens got involved. >> steve:you're watching kron four news in prime time. return >> steve:now at 8. a traffic stop takes a dangerous turn. a -c-h-p officer dragged by the car he was trying to stop. this is video from our
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helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7. >> steve:thank you for joining us i'm steve aveson. >> pam:and i'm pam moore. while that officer was being dragged. he managed to shoot and hit the suspect. driving the car in san francisco both are in the hospital tonight. >> pam:that's where we find kron-4's ella sogomonian. she is live at san francisco general. ella why were police tracking this driver? >> reporter:three officers assigned to three different san mateo county agenices were part of a vehicle theft task force that followed a wanted car into the oceanview neighborhood. return to >> reporter:officers approached the honda at the corner of capitol and montana - after which shots were fired at about 3:30 this afternoon. the driver of the stolen car was taken to sf general with life threatening injuries. one officer with non life threatening injuries to his head. >> reporter:it has not been confirmed how the suspect o the officer got hurt could have been from shots or a
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crash. a criminal investigation is now launched by the das office and sfpd. neighbors say regardless of the reason they're tired of police resorting to firing off a gun. >>"out cue: excessive force." >> this is not the first time and i am sure that it will not be the last time. i think it should all stop and take better key as to what is going on before they start to use excessive force. >> reporter: the san francisco district attorney's office has now lost a criminal investigation into this matter with this develop the news. once we get the details will be sure to bring it to you at 10:00.
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>> steve: ella, thank you for that report. >> steve:we first told you about this story as it was breaking around four o' clock. stay connected on breaking news by downloading our free mobile app and getting push alerts on up to minutes news updates. >> pam:new at 8. a landlord and his son are facing criminal charges for allegedly threatening their tenants. >> steve:police in east palo alto say the pair intimated residents at the stanford garden them to leave their rent controlled homes. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in san mateo county with details and a look at surveillance video that appears to show the landlord smashing his tenants car windows. >> steve: charles, is that correct? >> reporter: ye. >> reporter:yes.
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>> reporter: >> reporter:on september 21st, an arrest warrant was issued for nemit the stanford garden ave in east palo alto. maleksalehi is charged with property in what authorities to force tenants to move out of their rent controlled apartments. >> reporter:tuesday afternoon, a resident at the complex provided kron 4 with this surveillance video which appears to show maleksalehi shooting out the window of a tenants parked car. >> reporter:in the video, dated maleksalehi was allegedly seen entering the parking around 934 in the evening. he is then shown making several passes back and lot. then around 940, the prius pulls up behind a row what appears to be a weapon out the driver side window and shoots out the back window of a parked suv. the glass window shatters and the prius drives away. >> reporter: >> most of the neighbors are terrorized here. >> reporter:the neighbors
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are all terrorized tuesday afternoon, several residents at the stanford apartments told kron 4 that they are afraid of their landlord. this women declined to show her face on camera fearing he may retaliate against her. she says there is pattern of intimidation. >>i'm kinda scared. he hardly comes here but when he does, it's like my heart throbs. >> reporter:nemit maleksalehi's son, auria maleksalehi may have also tried to keep residents from helping authorities who were investigating the case.he has been charged with misdemeanor attempting to dissuade a witness from cooperating with a criminal investigation. both men have plead not guilty to the ch arges. >> reporter: and san mateo county, charles clifford. >> pam: thank you, charles. >> pam:tonight. a sonoma county baby boy is safe. after his mother. accused of allegedly carrying him
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around in a duffle bag. >> steve:the arrest was made today in month old is in protective custody. grant lodes has been tracking this story and is here with the latest. return >> steve:grant? >> brittney: >> grant:there had been an amber alert issued. and it was an alert grocery store clerk today that recognized the suspect in a store in downieville. now.35-yearold hannah ashley is being held at the sierra county jail under a 140- thosand dollar warrant for kidnapping. >> grant:her 7 month old son, henry okay. he was evaluated at a hospital after deputies showed up near the grocery store. there was a bit of a struggle, according to investigators, before they got ashley into custody.and got little henry. >> grant:sonoma county officials say ashley took her son from his crib early sunday, at his grandmother's home in guerneville. the grandmother said that ashley has previously threatened to take the baby.court records show ashley has previously been convicted of dui and drug posession in sonoma county. >> grant:both ashley and
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baby henry are said to be in goodit's unclear if and when the baby will be returned to his grandmother. >> steve: thank you, grant. >> steve:another incident of racial graffiti--- this time at a high school in east bay. it happened at california high school in san ramon. these two photos were posted to social media, showing one urinal for whites, the other for non-whites when it was reported to school officials, they say they checked and the graffiti was no longer there. >> reporter:the second incident happened monday students entering a bathroom found this. notes using the n-word. >> steve:district officials are reacting to the graffiti. return to index
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ofthe incident is still being investigated. return to >> pam:a berkeley resident says, he heard a loud rumble right before a giant 55 - foot elm tree. came crashing down through his apartment complex. this all happened on monday on college avenue. and luckily the man. nor anyone else inside the building was hurt. >> pam:city officials sa, y the wind is to blame for the uprooting. and possibly some rotting in the trunk of the tree. crews were on scene late last night and into today. they have removed most of the debris but have roped off the sidewalk to complete repairs. >> brittney: another round of rain by thursday, thursday night and friday
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bringing us heavier rain at times. as far as the next two hours, by 9:00 p.m. we will be in the 60 degree temperatures. the low 60s if you are closer to the coast. high 60s in hayward. and i am tracking how much rainfall will be coming up in my next forecasts within the next 10 minutes. >> pam: thank yiu, brittney >> pam: thank you, brittney. >> pam:one person is dead. .after a plane crash in concord. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c- 7. police say, the plane went down around 12:30- this afternoon. near kirker pass road. >> pam:officials say, the aircraft may have clipped power lines before crashing.
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the pilot of the single- engine beechcraft bonanza. died no one else was on board. >> pam:the f-a-a and the national transportation safety board.are investigating the cause of the crash. return >> steve:steph curry and the warriors kicking off the season at home tonight. fans getting their first look tonight at the warriors off-season acquisition --- kevin durant. kron-4's j-r stone joins us live from roar-acle arena. >> steve:j-r this has got the fans pumped!
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>> reporter: yes! >> i think they are going to go over--under the seat-- underfeated >> steph curry will always be in my heart. i'm a basketball player myself. >> reporter: lives at oracle. j-r-stone
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>> steve: suspects have been identified by police. the community's help that led to i-d-ing the two suspects. now police are asking for the community's assistance once again. investigators have released new surveillance video of the two suspects.kron4's haaziq madyun was the first video.and now he shows it to you.
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>> reporter:what am i looking at there? >>"this is the pittsburg is coleman leaving with a cart full of items, followed tv, that was purchased from cards from walnut creek" >> reporter:this is new video showing alleged credit card fraud.that was the motive for several wallet thefts restaurants over the summer police. >>"very prolific, they have been very busy" >> reporter:lt. lanny edwards says tips to identifying 32-year-old 47- year-old eva coleman of fairfield as the wallet thefts and credit card fraud suspects >>"we have warrants in regards to 4-different incidents in walnut creek, then there is another half dozen in other county, alameda county and santa clara county" >> reporter:this video is from the rooftop restaurant. it was recorded back in august. investigators say it shows the two suspects taking a wallet from a victim's purse on the floor while she is having dinner. >>"their m.o. is pretty unique and is the same at all the different jurisdictions, people see this video of people spending their time and energy to victimize others and they're not going to tolerate it" >> reporter:in fact he says several tips from the community heled to identify these two suspects. >> reporter:now that coleman
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and pratt have been identified, walnut crrek police are hoping that someone in the community will give investigators the tip they need to track these two wallet theft suspects down and get them behind bars before they strike walnut creek haaziq madyun kron4news >> pam:san francisco police have identified the 2 officers who shot and killed a man earlier this month in thepolice say, officer nathan chew and officer paul dominguez. shot nicholas mcwherter. after he opened fire on police. >> pam:the shooting took place following a disturbance at a big 5 sporting goods store. on sloat blvd. officers say, mcwherter was mentally disturbed. >> pam:during the shoot out - mcwherter shot another officer- kevin downs- in the head. the injury has left >> pam: partially paralyzed. >> pam:today we learned officer nathan chew was involved in another confrontation. involved in the controversial 2014 police
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shooting of alex nieto in bernal heights park. >> pam: >> steve: a little preview of the san francisco international airport the san jose international airport welcomed the latest innovation in air-travel today. >> brittney: thursday is a different story. we expect to have heavy rain. killers afternoon and evening, lingering and two friday with a common moisture associated with the other storm a test on to the north of us. as we go into the rest of tonight we will see clear skies. tomorrow, we will see some and the north bag. -- north bay >> brittney: right now it looks like everything is nice and dry for us but our
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future test shows us what is in store for us tomorrow. as we go into wednesday night's clear skies but thursday afternoon, as early as 10:00 a.m. for santa rosa l. livermore the rain will begin at 10:00 a.m.. but 815, still dealing with rain showers in parts of the north bay. and it was started seashell is moving out into friday. --and we will start to see rainshowers moving out and beginning amber--and beginning friday. >> brittney: coming up! we would take a closer look at what you can expect to see for your 7 day forecast and the weekend >> pam: thank you, brittney. >> pam: the san jose
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international airport welcome the latest innovation in air travel today. >> steve: the airport welcome the latesttheir names are norma, piper and amelia. and they are here to help. the robots have been introduced to help travelers navigate through the airport. they feature a large touchscreen. and can communicate is six languages. >> steve:travelers can use the robots to find coffee, locate from the t-s-a. you can even take a selfie with it. >> pam:still ahead at 8. thousands of veterans asked to pay up money they got before going to war. what the pentagon is now saying about the snafu. >> pam:and next. a man claims he has an october surprise for hillary clinton. who is behind the whistleblower accusations . >> gary: we will have sports story straight ahead
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later on in this broadcast! >> steve: thank you, gary! >> steve:here's what we're tracking tonight at ten. if you child plays sports.listen up. a new study suggests just one year on the playing field can damage young brains. especially if they play football >> steve:the doctor's dire warning.tonight on kron 4 news at ten. warning.tonight on kron 4 news at ten. we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. so vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts, without raising taxes on anyone, and with strict accountability. budget forecasts show if we don't pass prop 55 big cuts that hurt our kids are coming, and california will suffer budget deficits all over again. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive.
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>> pam:most people can agree that this presidential election has hit all time lows. kron 4's vicki liviakis is here with a stemy story you may have seen at the supermarket check out stand. >> vicki:yes, pam. it's hard to resist. >> vicki:the national enquirer - front cover - hillary hitman tells all. maybe you've seen it.
8:24 pm
now - the so-called hitman is revealed. on the tv show - hannity - the alleged "fixer" nickenamed "mr. fix-it" who told the national enquirer about goings on with the clintons is this man. >> vicki:sci fi writer jeff rovin. world news. it folded back in 2007. but who could forget covers like "bat child escapes". >> vicki:there was also the edition of "hillary clinton adopting an alien baby". and another - "bill catches hillary with space alien." >> vicki: he has paid off, mr. fixer that is of not--of stories to and not report on the clintons. >> vicki: during this bazaar election cycle. with two more weeks to go! pam and
8:25 pm
steve? >> steve: okaty, thanks so much... >> steve: thousand of veterans are being forced to repay money to the u-s government. now defense secretary ash carter is vowing to resolve the conflict over re- enlistment bonuses. the pentagon says at *most 65-hundred national guard soldiers were asked to repay their bonuses. >> steve:this is less than the earlier figure reported of 10-thousand soldiers. the bonus snafu stems to an investigation of fraud and mismanagement by california national guard officials. >> steve:the california guard's retired incentive manager, toni jaffe, pleaded guilty in 20-11 to filing false claims of more than 15 million dollars. that money went to pay for bonuses for ineligible veterans. >> steve:jaffe was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison. >> pam:ahead at eight. >> pam:one clown is not
8:26 pm
laughing anymore. after his stunt leads him to face a barrel of a gun. >> steve:sexual transmitted diseases hit a record high. what could be behind the spike in cases. >> pam:and next. how donald trump is taking on president obama. in his campaign for the white house. >> brittney: and, i am tracking another storm system as we go into thursday. coming up right after the break
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>obamacare is blowing up. the rates are going through the sky. it is crazy. return tojust two weeks before the election. donald trump hoping the big rate increases in the president's affordable care act health plan. will be the october surprise he needs. >> steve:catherine heenan has the latest from the campaign trail. >> catherine:the republican nominee began his day on the friendliest of turfs. at his own golf course in florida, workers. >>" i support him from the first day, and i love it." >> catherine:trump tried to make a political point.
8:30 pm
>>"all of my employees are having a tremendous problem with obamacare. you folks, this is another group, is that a correct statement?" >> catherine:as it turns out, the answer is no. >>"i'd say 99% of our employees are insured through the hotel. through our insurance." >> catherine:today, the trump campaign unveiled its own nightly webcast,. it's the candidate's reply to what he says is hostile media covergae, a study of post convention news coverage by the right wing newsbusters website found trump getting 64 percent more news converage than hillary clinton. >> catherine:but most of that coverage was negative. out of the 785 total minutes of trump news stories, 440 minutes were devoted to his controversial comments. >> catherine:and 102 minutes were specifically focused on his treatment of women. trump has spent weeks sexual abuse of women. >> catherine:today he told fox news he is ready to move on. >>i just want people to know i'm innocent, okay? nothing ever happened. it didnt exist. this was all fantasyland, i'd like to get off that subject because everybody brings that up,"
8:31 pm
>> catherine: catherine heenan, kron 4 news. >> pam:election day is just around the corner. and citizen are voicing security concerns. but f-b-i officials says they are ready. they will have a command center will be in place to handle any potential crimes. >> pam:and intelligence officials have been warned of russian hacking efforts. the department of justice says it will have lawyers on hand to address any complaints of voter fraud, intimidation or discrimination. >> pam:and there will be observers at polling locations. return >> pam:new emails uncovered from the wikileaks release of hillary clinton's private server. >> steve:they show a key aide was concerned about president obama's statement on the email controversy. one email said "we need to clean this up" adding that "emails from her" sent from clinton's non-government address. white house spokespeople say the president did send those emails - but had no knowledge of where her server was located.
8:32 pm
>> pam:when drivers get pulled over by police -- sometimes they can't help but plead their case. that's something that happened over and over again in a east palo alto police traffic crackdown. one driver's excuse was so unbelievable -- even the passenger appeared stunned. >> stanley: (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:i love it when a sentence begins with what had happened was because you know it's going >> stanley:i enjoy talking to the people who get pulled over just so i can get thier side of the story first off allow me to explain that's going on. i'm in east palo alto during the 10th monthly step crack down of the year, i'm riding with officer fal jean of the redwood city police department >> stanley:for those of you just joining is step stand for enforcement program
8:33 pm
this first driver ran a stop sign and was speeding and didn't have her driver's license >>i got it taken away but then my dad had to pay the ticket and then now it's getting reinstated so way was it taken away because i didn't pay the fine for it. >> stanley:and the stop sign >>the stop sign is a big red octagon but i stopped i thought i stopped >> stanley:and now the confession >>i wasn't behaving badly you ran a stop sign i didn't run it i jogged throught it i yellowed lighted >> stanley:this next driver >> stanley: >>you had your cell phone at your right ear if you have a comment or a story idea for stanley, you can e-mail us at m (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:let's talk to him i just got the call my job the one moment you get the call bam yea first time what are the odds the first time you get caught there os a camers and a cop >> stanley:but i think the
8:34 pm
most interesting was this stop . not the driver. it was the driver in this car who delivers for meals on wheels and she was lost >>why aren't you using a blue tooth i don't know the address for that area use your phone in a very safe manner please ok >> stanley:now while he was still driver she gets back on the phoneall the while sitting in the middle of the street i was up the street when i called and i'm talking and i'm looking for the address you didn't see the cops sais i'm going to go ask him i did you're right i did ok what was wrong with that picture i'm not supposed to that picture >> stanley:and even after our conversation she is still in phone firmly attached to her ear >>i can't >> stanley:in east palo alto stanley roberts kron 4 news return >> pam: a live look outside
8:35 pm
at the golden gate bridge. >> brittney: we will have a good amount of rainfall for the thursday into friday. you see on wednesday we do not expect to see any rainshowers. but thursday afternoon and into thursday evening rain will happen. in to friday and possibly the weekend. >> brittney: oakland and pleasanton, the temperature were as warmer tonight than it was yesterday. 10 barges mainly in the '60s. 67 degrees and mountain view and 66 in san jose. as we push into tomorrow. but this see similar temperatures. by 10 am, things will clear up nicely. heading into
8:36 pm
tomorrow, at the temperatures to start off in the '60s. partly cloudy skies and mostly sunny. for the coast and will 70's tomorrow. you will stay close to a beverage by 3:00 p.m.. >> brittney: by 3pm >> brittney: 71 high and that but, 71 in san mateo. -- and 71 in napa >> brittney: we are tracking a chance of lingering showers. possibly with more showers on monday and tuesday and we would take another look at the weather at the end of the show. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. >> steve: thank you,
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brittney! >> steve:coming up at 8. how this selfie could be a big star in legal trouble. >> pam:and next. a prankster may have gone too far. up. nearly getting him shot.
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>> steve:a former nsync band member. voting selfie he took. here about to cast his ballot.flew to his hometown of memphis, tennessee from california. to take advantage of early voting. rural >> steve: >> steve: instagram. appears to be a big "no-no". last year, tennessee's will allow allowing people to use their phones at polling stations for "informational purposes to assist the voter in making election decisions." while we >> steve: will rile >> steve:but it prohibits
8:41 pm
taking photos or videos. timberlake.has yet to comment on the controversial instagram selfie. return to >> pam:still ahead at 8 cases of potentially dangerous diseases. hit a record high. what could be behind a surge in sexual transmitted disease. and where they are at their highest levels in the bay area. return to
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>> pam:an alarming new report shows. sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in the u-s. >> steve:kron 4's vicki liviakis is here with more on these diseases many had thought were on the decline. return
8:44 pm
>> vicki:yeah pam, steve. with all we know about std's. and how to avoid them, you'd think fewer people would be getting sexually transmitted diseases. >> vicki:not the case. >> vicki:and young people are the most at risk. it's estimated that about half of the nearly 20 million new s-t-d cases reported every year are from people aged 15 to 24. according the c-d-c, reported cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis hit an all-time high in 2015. >> vicki:and here in the bay area - the rate of std's has been climbing steadily for years. >> vicki:altho san francisco is 2-3 time higher than the rest of the bay. all three stds can be cured with antibiotics, but the cdc says most infections go undiagnosed and untreated. >> vicki:doctors recommend using condoms. but aparently the message isn't getting through. >> vicki: pam and steve?
8:45 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich with sports! >> gary: good evening... >> gary: the warriors are trolling the spurs by at 18 points. --drilling disbars by 18 points. unbelievable. >> gary: man, it's stunning! >> gary: cleveland. the place to be tonight. receiving their championship rings. >> gary: lebraun had 19 points at he let every bows with forcing us is an best player and a worldly his best. --in the world. in
8:46 pm
doing his best. deduct >> gary:cal will be keeping its basketball coach for a whilecounzo martin head coach for the last two seasons was the 2020-21 season martin experienced a tumultuous season last year getting the bears back into the ncaa tounament and the national rankings >> gary:but he also had to deal with involved in a sexual harrassment scandal not to mention an earlier than expected exit from the ncaa tournament but with ivan rabb in berkeley for another season
8:47 pm
looking up under martin and he was rewarded today return >>video >> gary: two outs in that world series? >> yes.
8:48 pm
>> gary: if you have a good guy... hold on to him. >> gary:here is a real turkey of a youth coach he was fired after playing an adult believed to be 18- 20 years old in a football game for 13-14 year olds the capital city buccaneers of rhode island were losing their game so at haltime the coach puit in who was reportedly the older brother of one of his players >> gary:the 18-20 year old participated in several played before being kicked out of the game ater some parents caught on as a result the coach was fired and the team was banned from the league
8:49 pm
>> gary: if you are going to cheat. we can get caught. >> grant: 3 wins away from another championship >> gary: san antonio is pretty good. so it is not like they are playing a bad team. at one point they were down 20 so everyone discuss so waldo. -- just got so wound up.
8:50 pm
>> pam: mike kingston reminding us through out the news cast. -- keeps reminding us >> gary: yes, mike said let me see them first. on we were all hyped up about the new team. (laughter) >> pam: we will be right back! because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
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>> pam: just into the newsroom regarding a deadly shooting at 1:30pm this af ternoon. -- yesterday afternoon >> pam: >> stanley:tonight at 10 >>i was just straying, spraying hoping that it would stop him in is tracks it didn't stop him
8:55 pm
>> stanley:the iconic fishermans wharf in san francisco is having some issues. but there are two ladies who are refusing to be victims. i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. catch stanley roberts and all the day's big stories, plus, gary's sports. and brittney's four zone weather news at ten.right here on the bay area's news station. >> grant: a big tractor trailer driving is self. holding a bunch of beer throughout colorado. >> grant: a company that creates the trucks to drive its self. uber just purchased the company. they
8:56 pm
went to budweiser beer received 50 dozens of beer there was a trooper falling behind. the trooper said it is so great for a truck to drive the speed limit and stated its claim. there was a human inside just in case anything was wrong. looking for some publicity with this desperate 50,000 cans of budweiser. >> steve: thank you, grant. >> brittney: another chance of rain shower is on friday, saturday and sunday with possibilities for monday and tuesday of next week.
8:57 pm
>> steve: thank you for joining us tonight and we will see you back your at 10:00. how the good night
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