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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  November 30, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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monday. bryan and mariah spent 30 minutes on the beach and mariah with glass in hand looked on as bryan played with the kids' toys in the sand. 46-year-old mimi in her blackmon owekiii and the 35-carat wedding ring, and struck a pose for a photographer who was on hand. >> he does have a crush on her. you saw him. he's want leaving that easily. >> it is this a showmance for mariah's world which is still shooting. >> here's what mariah said when our carly steel sat down with her 12 days ago. >> bryan, of course, he's a hottie. a lot of speculation whether you are dating or not. you have chemistry on the show. >> you have to wait and watch the show. is this a potential --
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>> i'm very blessed, very lucky and i'm very fortunate. >> and fortunately, we're all getting to see the smooches, mariah. this is not the only relationship that's got people talking and we were with katy perry and orlando bloom one day after katy sparked engagement rumors by wearing a huge rock on that finger. >> i'm with my girlfriend tonight which is very nice. >> orlando, why is it so good to have him by your side tonight. >> he knows it better than i and i've only been a few years. so he's shown me some of the ropes. >> it's the first time on camera katy and orlando have spoken about their relationship, and what does she call him? her teacher? >> everyone is a teacher in a relationship. that's how i see it now, and we've caught each other a lot. >> kabloom showed up together and walked the carpet about five minutes apart. katy wearing an irdesent
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grecian-style gown and we're wondering where was the giant diamond ring katy was wearing on that finger the night before. you know, the one that sparked engagement rumors? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it looks like they want to keep us guessing on that one or maybe katy didn't want potential "i dos" to distract from getting the audrey hepburn humanitarian award and check out katy's face when she was surprised by her girl crush hillary clinton who gave her the big honor. ♪ ♪ >> there's a lot of rejection in this world, in this weird world that i live in, and you can see easily live in a bubble and be self-absorbed and make sure that it's just you, you, you. but i have so much shine, and it's nice to take that spotlight and move it to a need that needs it more. >> that's the best possible way
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to use your celebrity, giving back. we have news on another world-famous couple, prince harry's girlfriend meghan markle has hopped a plane out of hollywood. that has everyone asking is meghan headed for a romantic royal rendezvous. >> she's wearing a ball cap holding her ticket as she clears security at lax there's speculation she's meeting prince harry. >> he is on day 11 of his two-week tour to the caribbean and it's a big one. ♪ ♪ >> tonight, pop royalty rihanna will meet up with the royal prince at an event. harry is set to deliver a speech tonight before rihanna performs. ♪ ♪ >> speaking of umbrella, ella, ellas, she needed one yesterday. it rained hard in barbados and that's the princees caravan getting a good soaking on the island and he carried out most
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of his royal duties indoors. it looks like meghan's royal romance is boosting her career. >> i love you, too. >> this is the just-released trailer for the british film anti-social and makes his u.s. debut in january. meghan plays a high fashion model in the film which explores the world of jewelry thieves. >> and just a few hours over from barbados, brad pitt has been getting some heart to heart in turks and caicos. >> we are getting to the bottom of a new report that angelina is keeping brad from the kids. >> brad is working and you're with the kids. >> yeah. >> when you're working brad is with the kids. >> i'm with the kids. >> we're not sure if brad got to see his son. >> i think of the joy that we have in our family because we are together. >> "e.t." can confirm pitt was not present for a family thanksgiving. instead, he hit up a luxury
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resort in the caribbean with a male friend. brad cut his trip short to see the kids for the holiday only to have angie abruptly canceled. a source tells "e.t.," that's false because jolie and pitt never agreed on a visit. if she wanted him there he would have been there. she is excluding him. >> i think the actions are setting the stage for a major custody battle. >> currently, brad has joint legal custody, but has asked for joint physical custody. he can only visit his children with a monitor present. angelina has sole physical custody. >> when a parent has the physical custody, she in the driver's seat in determining who the kids see and when and how. so although there might be other therapist involved, miss jolie really is in charge. >> one source disagrees says it's all determined by the children and family therapist, not angelina, but attorney ambrosio rodriguez who does not represent either party says if
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angie is excluding brad there could be repercussions. >> if a judge finds that one of the parents is using the children as leverage, the judge will punish that parent with attorneys fees and with taking custody time away from that parent. the court will want to make sure that both parents have access to their children. >> can i just say i'm getting a legal education because of this? >> right? >> i learn something new every single day. >> it's a lot to take in and it will continue. >> we want to bring you the latest on the passing of brady burn mom florence henderson. a public service will take place on the weekend of january 5th. >> we will miss you. kanye's family breaks his siel owns the breakdown, what kendall jenner only told "e.t." >> he'll be okay, won't he? >> michael phelps has 22 gold medal, but can he teach his 22-month-old how to swim? you have to see this adorable
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video. >> and reba mcentire opens up about being blindsided by divorce. do you want to find lova, gen. >> arrow is celebrating a milestone. >> what can you tease about the 100th episode. >> we are throwing nods to season one. there are a lot of familiar faces. >> 100 episodes and that's five seasons of shirtless stephen amil as the hooded vigilantt. there's something else to be excited about. >> you're going to see some kick-ass four-way action in a good way, in a safe, fun, family way. it's never been done before. a four-night crossover event featuring all of the cw superheroes. as they fight alien invaderses to save the earth. >> seriously. you ask for my help and we end up up the creek! closed captioning provided by --
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the palm springs international film festival just announced it will present
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so which star of "mean girls" is having a baby? i'm going to keep you guessing just a little bit longer because kevin frazier just got the first kardashian to talk about kanye's mental health battle. starting tonight's show and tell kendall jenner breaks her silence. >> how is everyone doing? how is kanye? >> everyone's okay. everyone is doing okay. yeah. just praying. >> he'll be okay, won't he? >> yes. of course. >> any of the family members coming tonight? who's coming to support? >> it's just me this year.
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you guys just get me. >> kendall isn't by herself in paris, bestie gigi hadid is there along with sister bella secret debut. >> how cool is it to have her walking. >> it's a dangerous thing with my sister because i'm going to get emotional, and i just got my makeup done. i am so proud of her. >> bella's ex is also there as a performer. >> he's the best. we're great friends and i'm excited. it's the second show so i know he's going to kill it. >> mean girls star amanda seyfried is expecting her first child. >> on wednesday -- >> the newly engaged actress wore a black givenchy dress to debut her baby bump. she's been debuting life in pieces, they got engaged in september. >> it's like i have espn or something. >> michael phelps teaching son boomer to swim may be the cutest thing you'll see all day. >> he doesn't want to get wet
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and he doesn't like to get his face under. he's like dad, i guess. >> he's holding on for dear life. >> while getting introduced to the water y the olympian and his wife nicole. >> he will not let go. >> are you hurting daddy's ears? >> he's ready for a nap. >> still ahead -- ♪ ♪ >> behind the scenes of the unauthorized britney spears movie, reliving her darkest days. >> it was very sad. >> plus, reba mcentire on grandma duty. does she agree with her daughter-in-law's kelly clark n clarkson's strict parenting style. >> oh, no, girlfriend. >> make sure you see the crazy stuff we uncovered on the most out of control christmas party ever, "office christmas party". >> i hope their office christmas party is exactly like this one.
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or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. i'm doing all i can. that includes brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. oh! oh! oh! oh! >> snow angel! >> ellen, she is so good at games. things got a little craze owe the show today when she faced off with jennifer aniston with a game of charades. everything is a lot more fun in assu sumo suit especially an ofe christmas party. >> in my field, i've never really been to an office christmas party, so this is a >> i think that's polite, for sure. ♪ ♪
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>> people are giving themselves the excuse to hook up with the other co-workers and wear the most flashy outfit they have and to drink and debauchery is rampant. this movie is every office >> olivia munn danced in giant snowman costumes and there is christmas tree jousting and a slip and slide in the snow. don't try this stuff at home, kids. ♪ ♪ >> if they could edit about eight movies out of the stuff they shot. yikes. >> aniston is the buzz kill. she said she based her boss lady role on the character she played in the '90s sitcom, "ferris bueller." >> imagine jeannie bueller grown up. that's carol. >> i am a senior, you are nothing. >> she didn't develop her soft, fuzzy side. >> behind the scenes there was improvising and surprisingly no injuries on set. >> i hope the audience has their
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ccristmas parties be exactly like this one. maybe your last job, but it would be a fun last job. >> everyone in the film is absolutely hysterical. this is the third time jennifer and jason have been in a movie together and the switch and the breakup. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> britney spears and her co-star in the video, and he even instagramed this picture which he deleted later, and forget about those romance rumors because britney's entire life hassmade headlines and now she's getting the lifetime tv movie treatment and only etonline was on the set. ♪ ♪ >> i watched every video i can, every interview i can and just immersed myself into britney land. >> australian actress natasha basset plays the pop princess in lifetime's britney biopic. she certainly has the floor crawl and hair shake down.
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>> are you a big britney fan? >> i listened to her so much growing up and i have videos of me as a tween practicing her songs in the mirror with a hairbrush in high hand. >> natasha had to change up her look and learn the moves. >> i'm not a dancer. i've never danced in my life. it covers all of the major moments like her romance with justin timberlake and nathan had to go through his transformation to become j.t. >> he has the hair, and we affectionately call it the ramen noodle hair. >> and we do this care which is the cap and highlight number and the darker look and the pompa dour. later. the 'n sync cassmates don't look much like the real deal and he does resemble kevin federline and the film will delve into her troubles after their split. >> i started to gain a lot more
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of an understanding of what she went through, and it was very sad. >> the movie does not have britney's blessing. >> are you hoping that maybe she'll see the movie and change her mind? >> i do. i really hope she watches the movie. i think she'd really enjoy it and it's a love letter to her and to her story. >> if britney does tune in she'll get to relive iconic moments like that kiss with madonna and her vma performance with the giant snake. >> walk me through that because i know that you had to re-create that scene. >> yeah, it was awful. i was crying. i'm getting -- like panic attack thinking about that snake. >> how does britney not watch this movie? that's what i want to know. britney is not the only superstar who has fought through difficult times. reba mcentire was devastated when her marriage to her former manager fell apart after 26 years. reba told nancy odell where she found her strength to move on. >> know you've been very open and you've had program things
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that you got to go through. what got you through? >> god, my girlfriends, work, staying biz. >> the dwoors was finalized last year, but she told me she's not giving up on love. >> i'm winging it, and taking oneeday at a time and loving life and enjoying being with my friends and family as much as i possibly can. >> do you want to find love aggin? >> think it's always nice to have somebodyomebody to go to d with and fall in love with. i don't see anything wrong with that at all. >> in spite of the splii, reba remains close to noble's son and his wife kelly clarkson. in fact, she's planning to spend a lot of time with kelly and her kids over the holidays. >> are you going to get to see river rose and remington? >> i will. i saw them at thanksgiving and i'll get to see them again at christmas. they're busy. she's really busy traveling a lot and she takes the kids with them all of the time. >> whattdo you love about kelly most as a mom. >> she's very loving, but she's loving all the time. she laughs and she makes them mind. oh, no, girlfriend.
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you're not getting away with that. >> don't look at me like that. >> she's saw saucy. >> she's very saucy. >> she's hysterical with them. >> the 61-year-old country star has been keeping busy and she has a christmas album out now. ♪ ♪ ♪ i'll be home for christmas >> how did you choose the songs that you were going to do that wound up on the album. >> just my favorite ones. >> there are 10 or 11 on there and they're my favorite christmas songs so those are the ones i chose. >> brooks and dunn is the longest-running country show in sin city. ♪ ♪ >> i understand you have big news to break to "entertainment tonight". >> we are. we're going to extend our residency in caesar's palace until 2017. >> yay! >> and we're releasing new dates. >> you're a vegas kind of gal. >> and hanging out with them, they're so much fun. >> she's a big music fan.
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she recently went and saw adele, and i'm saying no backstage passes and sat out in the audience and loved the show. >> i wish she would have taken me with her. we would have had a good time. which star of "the big bang theory kwot "once ranked as a junior tennis
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camera. sorry mom. >> see it all at primal consideration provided by --
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welcome back, everyone. in tonight's "e.t." birthdays was ranked as a junior amateur tennis player. that is kaley cuoco. the victoria's secret fashion show is taking place tonight in paris. tomorrow is our exclusive coverage. >> you do not want to miss it. >> only we are backstage with lady gaga, bruno mars and all the angels. plus move over, oprah. gwyneth paltrow is revvaling her holiday gift guide. >> that has changed my life. >> from fun stocking stuffers to the ridiculously expensive. >> steve:a double shooting
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triggers major gridlock on an east bay freeway. details on who was caught in the crossfire. police hot on the trail of the second escaped inmate and we sit down exclusively with the family of the other inmate.why they think he broke out of jail. i'm steve aveson. >> catherine: >> vicki:i'm vicki liviakis. the news -- at eight -- is next. >> steve:now at 8 a double shooting shuts down an east bay freeway during rush hours the violence triggering major afternoon traffic gridlock whoosh >> steve:one captured one still on the run. police edge closer to catching an escaped inmate. >> steve:where the trail led them today. >>whoosh >> steve:and only on four. the family of the other escaped inmate. why they say he broke free from jail.


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